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  • Joley Ran
    Joley Ran 8 minutes ago

    Is Jazz with the long hair, he acts on Dhar Mann's channel.

  • Mythic mexify
    Mythic mexify 12 minutes ago

    2:56 what’s the music

  • Sțar Boy
    Sțar Boy 47 minutes ago

    Holy shitttt...i feel bad for adam

  • Sțar Boy
    Sțar Boy 48 minutes ago

    Who liked anwars laugh after girlfriend left

  • Sțar Boy
    Sțar Boy 51 minute ago

    Anybody noticed anwars fake neck was doing this too👈✌👌😂

  • Adeel Yasmin
    Adeel Yasmin 52 minutes ago

    I was thinking kage bushin ninjustu

  • Sțar Boy
    Sțar Boy 57 minutes ago

    gangs: you are soft Actual soft: am i a joke to you

  • T1m3dO0F
    T1m3dO0F Hour ago

    COOL EFFECT 1:21 😎

  • Gacha wolfie
    Gacha wolfie Hour ago


  • YouTube Kaidoz
    YouTube Kaidoz Hour ago

    "Im gonna taze your balls of"

  • Rafajelo 11
    Rafajelo 11 Hour ago

    I got so into thebstory its amazing luv u , just when i saw this video i clicked SUBSCRIBE and with ALL notifications ON Bye Shut up BEN

    ASAFO AGYEI Hour ago

    Shut up BEN

  • Braydog06
    Braydog06 Hour ago

    I am a leo too

  • idontknowwhattocallmyyoutubeaccount

    "What's your favorite Ice cream flavor?" "*Baseball Ice cream.*" (It's from this line👇) "After we went baseball Ice cream?"

  • Elijah Burns
    Elijah Burns 2 hours ago

    Strange fact Batman beat Thanos in a battle using nothing but his speed and agility

  • Sileca Benjamin
    Sileca Benjamin 2 hours ago

    I enjoyed this🤣

  • Umar Mahmood
    Umar Mahmood 2 hours ago

    Hahaha the end 🤣🤣

  • Umar Mahmood
    Umar Mahmood 2 hours ago

    Hey Monica, we’re daaaaaane!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Irfan Danial
    Irfan Danial 2 hours ago

    Let's just say, you're not watching this

  • Andrew Suteja
    Andrew Suteja 2 hours ago

    This really reminds me of friends scene where chandler has a mole

  • bara asil
    bara asil 3 hours ago

    مافي عرب وين العرب يلي يحب أنور لايك ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Dome Chan
    Dome Chan 3 hours ago

    Hm Perhaps i should try Yoga too , there are some hot chicks 😂

  • Md odry
    Md odry 3 hours ago

    Who else is getting John wick vibes 😆😆

  • Common Man
    Common Man 3 hours ago

    Anwar I m your biggest fan from Pakistan but now a days you make me bore from your new videos please please make funny and more interesting videos..

  • Devil DJ
    Devil DJ 4 hours ago

    10 dollars.... Assalamualaikum... Lmao...

  • Kermit The Gulabel Frog

    When Simon says company and cereal bowl company do a colab

  • Aimbotned -_-
    Aimbotned -_- 4 hours ago

    It really hit me at the last

  • Nibhan Gamer
    Nibhan Gamer 4 hours ago

    1:43 😂😂😂😂😂 Nice ass !

  • PlayVLOG
    PlayVLOG 4 hours ago

    Im like every Superhero, just faster, smarter, stronger (and shorter) Hahahha

  • Charles Ebob Eyong Takor

    So no ones gonna talk about the dog😭💓

  • Sarah Plays
    Sarah Plays 4 hours ago

    2020 ❤?

  • V-a Ralte
    V-a Ralte 5 hours ago

    Admit it, it's not your first time watching this🤣

  • Abbas Ali
    Abbas Ali 5 hours ago

    0:59 The moment I realized that you are really Arab. . . "fibe" 😂😂

  • Steven Nunyabeeswax
    Steven Nunyabeeswax 5 hours ago

    Hannah's fake laugh is hilarious 😂😂😂

  • Aaron Love
    Aaron Love 5 hours ago

    I t was a litle gay at ome part

  • nangolo ndathika
    nangolo ndathika 6 hours ago

    One more for safeeeeeettttttyyyyyy

  • App Master
    App Master 6 hours ago

    2:32 cutest moment lolll

  • Joseph Tseng
    Joseph Tseng 6 hours ago

    I hate Anwar

  • App Master
    App Master 6 hours ago

    Shes so perfect as jasmine

  • Chonniez UwU Marquez

    I was it was man i ane't no snitch

  • jazzy101p
    jazzy101p 6 hours ago

    Oh my gosh the gay guy

  • Nguri Biley
    Nguri Biley 6 hours ago

    4:43 that look

  • Dachi Gaming
    Dachi Gaming 6 hours ago

    I have one of friend that does like Anwar. Its really awkward.

  • Time Flow
    Time Flow 7 hours ago

    0:39 how white people act like gangsters when black are around

  • Jairo Lizarraga
    Jairo Lizarraga 7 hours ago

    Unexpected ending lol

  • Shito Lkr
    Shito Lkr 7 hours ago

    Like that hanger bow

  • Dani Veliz
    Dani Veliz 7 hours ago

    I know the song it's hello

  • markue ••
    markue •• 7 hours ago

    wtf , those scene 😂

  • [EthiC] Phantom
    [EthiC] Phantom 8 hours ago

    lets just say this video was 4:30 seconds........ :O

  • George Depeyster
    George Depeyster 8 hours ago

    I want those piano notes

  • LuzyAGoat
    LuzyAGoat 8 hours ago


  • BF W
    BF W 8 hours ago

    Purr... 😂