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  • Mellow Monkey
    Mellow Monkey 2 months ago

    next game of thrones book..? dont you mean asoiaf book? get your facts straight, wow

  • Fiberton
    Fiberton 3 months ago

    This must be one of the top to best marketing videos in history. +10. Hell makes me want to head to New Zealand.

  • Megan Dunklin
    Megan Dunklin 5 months ago

    I'll send Brienne to fetch him up and bring him here to NZ and lock him up in a somewhat citadel like Samwell Tarly if that book isn't coming out by next year. Especially since I've heard some rumours on how it really ends and it's somewhat of a masterpiece

  • Dr K.
    Dr K. 5 months ago


  • cliffedward
    cliffedward 5 months ago

    It gets harder being a Kiwi. We are such a desperate nation.

  • Ross Kelso
    Ross Kelso 5 months ago

    Lol #BringOnWinter

  • Somto Mbanefo
    Somto Mbanefo 6 months ago

    If he declines, request a trial by air combat. If he loses, he'd take the New Zealand black

  • Efo Dela
    Efo Dela 6 months ago

    I hope he takes this offer. We wait with unabated breath

  • Ose Ogbebor
    Ose Ogbebor 6 months ago

    Lmaooo help us beg him

  • Abid. Mohammed Hassan.

    Can someone guess the plot of the winds of winter

  • Jane Choy
    Jane Choy 6 months ago

    is this really from Air New Zealand though? it's not on their channel

  • angga septian
    angga septian 6 months ago

    Hahaha cool ad!

  • PaKLeAdR
    PaKLeAdR 6 months ago


  • Debo Datta
    Debo Datta 6 months ago

    I respect this

  • Crislane vieira
    Crislane vieira 6 months ago

    Zerou o marketing hahahhah

  • Bent Helical
    Bent Helical 6 months ago

    Now a computer company just needs to offer him a laptop so he doesn't have to lug his 1984 Amstrad cinderblock around with him.

    • Jens Raab
      Jens Raab 5 months ago

      @Bent Helical You don't have to worry about him lugging around his ancient computer - he only writes when he's come. :-/

    • Bent Helical
      Bent Helical 5 months ago

      @Aaron Johnson or because he's holding out for a free laptop.

    • Aaron Johnson
      Aaron Johnson 5 months ago

      I would assume that if he wanted to write on a laptop he could buy one easily. He writes on his prehistoric relic because he wants to.

  • Alex Torres
    Alex Torres 6 months ago

    Só vai George. Termina esse livro pelo amor de R'hllor!!!

    MIA IBARG 6 months ago

    He twitted about this, and we all millions of fans will go behind him lol

  • Charlie Danvers
    Charlie Danvers 6 months ago


  • Dionna O'Steen
    Dionna O'Steen 6 months ago


  • Davide Nicoli
    Davide Nicoli 6 months ago

    How to blast Australia 101

  • Liven on a Prayer
    Liven on a Prayer 6 months ago

    If it makes the Kiwi's feel better to take credit for All things Australian, that's ok BRO. We've got your back and your front. How did a flightless bird become Air New Zealand..... scratches head. There is an island that is even better than New Zealand. Its called Tasmania. Tassie Tuff is more Bro than your sister. We are all cousins down under. GRRM will make it to New Zealand when you Kiwi finally learns to fly....

    • Rafael Santos
      Rafael Santos 6 months ago

      damn...the salty on this one..hahahha

    • Diego Ferreira
      Diego Ferreira 6 months ago

      You need to see a doctor to help you with this burn, friend.

  • Erik Malkavian
    Erik Malkavian 6 months ago

    That's Freakin' EPIC!! Nice.

  • Zach Davis
    Zach Davis 6 months ago

    New Zealand... Austailia's best idea.

  • PhxtoNash
    PhxtoNash 6 months ago

    Give him time to do it right or we're going to get some crap like the television show

  • Benjamin Griego
    Benjamin Griego 6 months ago

    Thanks for taking the black for the good of the realm New Zealand

  • El Pablito Rodriguez Harrera

    The best marketing campaigne ever

  • Gonzalo Erreca
    Gonzalo Erreca 6 months ago


  • NetAndyCz
    NetAndyCz 6 months ago

    But if the Winds of Winters are released 2020, what about Dream of Spring? Do we have to wait till 2030??? I say once George gets to New Zealand, keep him them until the Song of Ice and Fire is complete. PS: Oh and if you build prison for writers, make sure you have room for Patrick Rufus as well. One year per book, he said:)

    • Ken
      Ken 6 months ago

      @Junohar Hopefully...if the Gods are merciful then winds will actually be released in 2020 and George survives to write dream 2-4 years later....

    • Junohar
      Junohar 6 months ago

      I kinda imagine that A dream of spring will be easier to write, as a lot of things are coming to head in The Winds of Winter. I honestly think that Winds of Winter is the hardest book he has ever had to write, simply due to the volume of it.

  • Ed Fortune
    Ed Fortune 6 months ago

    I mean a quick Google would have shown that he's Toastmaster at Conzealand in 2020, but congrats to Air New Zealand on flying fans over their for Worldcon next year.

  • Andxel2
    Andxel2 6 months ago

    I swear to R'hllor, if George won't finish the book by July 2020 I'm going to personally drive to Santa Fe to chain him to his desk. Jokes aside, great video NZ.

  • Tristan of Númenor
    Tristan of Númenor 6 months ago

    Is this terra morasin? (jango fett)

  • Ethan Aw
    Ethan Aw 6 months ago

    oi the pavlovas ours stop lying

  • Logan Nugen
    Logan Nugen 6 months ago

    I love all the GOT references :).

  • Alejandro Liévano
    Alejandro Liévano 6 months ago

    Brilliant, genius! I love these marketing ideas!

  • Sebat Hadah
    Sebat Hadah 6 months ago

    Lol. Watch him die before the book is complete.

  • otter7467
    otter7467 6 months ago

    This is 10/10 marketing

  • TheiLame
    TheiLame 6 months ago

    Haha. Good one.

  • Io
    Io 6 months ago

    Here's his answer:

  • marsnz
    marsnz 6 months ago

    As far south as south goes.

  • Kailash BP
    Kailash BP 6 months ago

    Aye mate!

  • ronb2008
    ronb2008 6 months ago

    This is the greatest thing I've ever seen. I love when companies add a little personality to their ads.

    • Io
      Io 6 months ago

      Don't you Wanna Throw in another Superlative? It would be more exciting then- probably, may be or may be not? Better Forget about superlatives, it Would make you so much more credible.

    • marsnz
      marsnz 6 months ago

      Their ads are great but the company itself remains a huge burden on the NZ taxpayer.

  • Joey S
    Joey S 6 months ago

    He said he won't be able to make it, which is a shame so I volunteer as tribute!

  • Joshua Flores
    Joshua Flores 6 months ago

    I would gladly be part of the group to go down in his stead!

  • jason ortenberg
    jason ortenberg 6 months ago

    I’ll go in his stead! for GRRM, or JRRT.... I’ve always wanted to explore NZ... and not just because I fell in love w/a kiwi woman once....

  • Kalem Babar
    Kalem Babar 6 months ago

    Congratulations. George accepted your invitation and even gave himself a deadline for Winds of Winter at the World Con that's taking place in New Zealand in July 2020. Fingers crossed.

    • Kalem Babar
      Kalem Babar 6 months ago

      @Sendoku Yeah my bad.

    • Sendoku
      Sendoku 6 months ago

      @Smoke.Jaguar ? He still declined.

    • Smoke.Jaguar
      Smoke.Jaguar 6 months ago

      @Sendoku He accepted them flying other authors out as he can afford transport readily ;)

    • Sebat Hadah
      Sebat Hadah 6 months ago

      Hahaha watch him die before the book is comolete.

    • Sendoku
      Sendoku 6 months ago

      Actually, he declined. He said that he will come in 2020 for Worldcon, which is in NZ.

  • vinay koti
    vinay koti 6 months ago

    to make it to north you have to go south... Quiathe is from NZ

    • avada
      avada 9 days ago

      @vinay koti It's cool that whoever wrote this read the Ice and Fire books.

    • Sam Struyven
      Sam Struyven 6 months ago

      wait, she was Jacinda Ardern all along? 🤔

    • alpha omikron
      alpha omikron 6 months ago

      My thoughts, almost exactly.... Actually thoughts were "oh this is Quiathe's plan"

    • Kalem Babar
      Kalem Babar 6 months ago


  • Chris B
    Chris B 6 months ago

    If George can’t make it I’d be happy to fill in! 😍

  • Jean Carlo Bona
    Jean Carlo Bona 2 years ago


  • Cookie
    Cookie 3 years ago

    well that was.... dissapointing...

  • Xmoonsheep
    Xmoonsheep 6 years ago

    You know, I always thought Darth Vader was smart. Now I'm not so sure.

  • Zmashpotato
    Zmashpotato 6 years ago


  • Zmashpotato
    Zmashpotato 6 years ago

    are you from AIS?if you are, whats your name and class?

  • guineapig trash
    guineapig trash 6 years ago

    this is sooo cute!!!!!!

  • joanne batt
    joanne batt 6 years ago

    this ones wet and this ones wet and this ones wet this one is wet this one is wet did you dry these in a rain forest?!

  • Eyvind Eternal
    Eyvind Eternal 7 years ago

    "Fine then! , Death by tray it is!"

  • nzranga
    nzranga 7 years ago

    It was pretty good, all three bands were amazing

  • Therd232
    Therd232 7 years ago


  • Jared
    Jared 7 years ago

    Loved this night, it was awesome!

  • Stupendous Steff
    Stupendous Steff 7 years ago

    My boyfriend loves this song! :P

  • Nerlin Flood
    Nerlin Flood 7 years ago

    that was sooooooo funny

  • MP
    MP 7 years ago

    this is big comedy nzranga

  • conioos
    conioos 8 years ago

    Austen Tayshus

  • someunknownuniverse
    someunknownuniverse 8 years ago


  • somerhalder1995
    somerhalder1995 8 years ago

    i LOVE this ad.....

  • piethecool
    piethecool 8 years ago

    darth vader has to kill 3 ppl with a tray

  • kenethregala
    kenethregala 8 years ago

    LOL :))

  • Anthony Estevez
    Anthony Estevez 8 years ago

    lol this is so funny

  • Carson Gaffrey-Kruse

    good video and realy funny!

  • ronaldo65ful
    ronaldo65ful 9 years ago


  • VidTMArchive
    VidTMArchive 9 years ago

    really great one =)

  • Magic Burden
    Magic Burden 10 years ago

    that was fucking soooo funny man i LOVE it sooo funny man you rock !

  • wookie9121
    wookie9121 10 years ago

    very funny.u rock!

  • nickni4
    nickni4 10 years ago


  • nickni4
    nickni4 10 years ago


  • joNAS
    joNAS 10 years ago

    from who comedian is this?

  • emzirek
    emzirek 11 years ago

    What comedian was that?

  • fenderbender92
    fenderbender92 11 years ago

    pretty nice vids...especially the gingerbread one

  • fenderbender92
    fenderbender92 11 years ago

    well we all have our days right?

  • nzranga
    nzranga 11 years ago

    yeh spose so lol

  • fenderbender92
    fenderbender92 11 years ago

    lol me too, hell there both good why should we argue?