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  • nathan Soares
    nathan Soares Minute ago

    No seu auge foi o maior !! Sem comparações

  • Dont Think TRY IT!
    Dont Think TRY IT! 59 minutes ago

    Imagine Benzema had scored 5 Goals in the first half

  • I came straight from England e

    Do full games please

  • Blue Mist
    Blue Mist 2 hours ago

    Seeing Son crying broke my heart

  • Nemias Clemente Huaman

    puyol se acuerda de este partido

  • Otaku Anormal
    Otaku Anormal 2 hours ago


  • ROCKcazin
    ROCKcazin 3 hours ago

    3+ haha Real Madrid gol in 97 hahahahahahahahaha fuck this

  • 20sentryboy
    20sentryboy 3 hours ago

    Ramos prob one of the worst defenders ever.

  • animelandia network
    animelandia network 4 hours ago

    Este partido me demuestra el odio la rabia la envidia la falta de respeto y sobre todo la profesionalidad de pique...como un niño enseñando la mano pfff estoy muy agradecido con dios por no ser de este equipo🤢💀☠

  • Wardana Situmorang
    Wardana Situmorang 5 hours ago


  • Chijioke Ochubili
    Chijioke Ochubili 5 hours ago

    bro most of Ur recent videos lack audio. Try work on them and keep up the good work.

  • TheUndyingHype 0012
    TheUndyingHype 0012 6 hours ago

    It is the most hyped and worst match the el classico it is more than football it is some kind of a fight

  • MrKaravaj
    MrKaravaj 6 hours ago

    5:46 brilliant from Xavi. He had 4 assists in this game

  • drc 42
    drc 42 6 hours ago

    Q folladon por dios

  • Dávid Balogh
    Dávid Balogh 7 hours ago

    Messi free kick OMG OMG OMG😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Thomas Sokolis
    Thomas Sokolis 7 hours ago

    Take number 7 out pls it's a football disgrace

  • Mr. Anonymous
    Mr. Anonymous 7 hours ago

    No more Ronaldo effect I guess. Poor Madrid, I hope you find peace.

  • Roxas
    Roxas 7 hours ago

    Con Messi o sin Messi, Argentina pierde, Brasil nunca necesitó drogas o trampas para ganar la Copa del Mundo como los argentinos y Maradroga.

  • esi tank
    esi tank 8 hours ago

    anulan un gol al madrid, echan a ramos... aun asi el real madrid gana! puta barsa ladrones bales goal is legit, the fucking referee kick ramos with no reason.... real madrid still win, barsa robbers


  • jefri simbolon
    jefri simbolon 8 hours ago

    jaman dulu Madrid sangar juga ya

  • 구글짭본사
    구글짭본사 8 hours ago


  • MA2I
    MA2I 9 hours ago

    Oh God why do you have to play this type of background music, such a spoiler

  • Life
    Life 10 hours ago

    Motherfucker ramos

  • yovani cool 153
    yovani cool 153 11 hours ago

    messi también pudo no nomas banega

  • Kik Skil
    Kik Skil 11 hours ago

    Только Барселона может забить 5 реалу!!!

  • Active Speed
    Active Speed 13 hours ago


  • Hfhdh Chfhfhfh
    Hfhdh Chfhfhfh 13 hours ago

    hfhdhchfhfhfh fn.Goodreads idhr!flvjfe😄😅

  • Robi attar
    Robi attar 15 hours ago

    Messi jago banget si

  • racso
    racso 16 hours ago

    El número 7 gol de ingesta no debería de estar fue uno de los atracos más grandes en la historia del fútbol y el número 20 tampoco debería estar ahí otro atraco más, vaya que curioso, los 2 atracos más grandes de la historia de la Champions y en ambos está el Barca vaya asco

  • StealYourLife102
    StealYourLife102 17 hours ago

    We all know that number 7 was bullshit 2:17

  • Guadalupe del Carmen Arias Crúz

    Hoy veo la miniatura y me da tristeza.

  • Julio Sica
    Julio Sica 17 hours ago

    I like these highlights without commentary i like to hear the fans

  • Julian
    Julian 17 hours ago

    This time psg will beat Real Madrid! At least I hope they do!

  • Andre Rasel
    Andre Rasel 17 hours ago

    dembele miss

  • Manu Leal
    Manu Leal 18 hours ago

    7:15 sad moment (jesus dt benfica) :c

    MOUNKETA BIEN 19 hours ago


  • xAlvaro x
    xAlvaro x 19 hours ago

    Bruh both these goalkeepers where on point 👍🏽💯

  • Ricardo Mares
    Ricardo Mares 20 hours ago

    Paris and germeny got lucky because cr7 didn't go so hard

  • Tommy:u
    Tommy:u 21 hour ago

    ni se oye como gritan el gol estos gallegos

  • cRiTiCaL GamerX
    cRiTiCaL GamerX 21 hour ago

    This was the most boring final, I litteraly trained cause it was getting boring

  • Stanislava Moralyiska-Nikolova

    5:38 Toni Cross its a GEY !!..

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay 23 hours ago

    That's some of the worst refereeing I've seen 🤣

  • joselee
    joselee Day ago

    Que potencia en carrera ronaldo

  • Brian Muema
    Brian Muema Day ago

    Wow!! A very enjoyable channel keep it up

  • sherlock pato
    sherlock pato Day ago

    Ulan benzama dünyaları kaçırmışsın

  • christian lian

    Bale could’ve scored Hattrick 😂😂

  • Anthony Ghantous

    Paris SG 2-1 RM

  • Areesh 500
    Areesh 500 Day ago

    James is so underrated

  • Selinor578
    Selinor578 Day ago

    2:26 The humongous cheating spurs player. The Liverpool guy barely made contact.

  • Artem FOX
    Artem FOX Day ago

    Реал сосать

  • Pritam Kar
    Pritam Kar Day ago

    4:50 coutinho ??!

  • Sekou elhadj Coulibaly

    Sans messi

  • sei yonemura
    sei yonemura Day ago


  • Andile Mzobe
    Andile Mzobe Day ago

    3:24 is a classic example of how a world class defender does his job. Ramos took that line (to go between Pique and Rafinha), why???... He wanted to be able to challenge for the ball, no matter who Suarez chose to pass the ball to. amazing stuff!!

  • KingSweat TV
    KingSweat TV Day ago

    Di Maria was the Unsung Hero of this madrid team for years.... He had a way of best the very best attacking player in the biggest games.. Without him.... Madrid Nothing this game!!! No madridsta EVER outshone Di Maria in an El Classico he played in... Not one!!

  • matt ko
    matt ko Day ago


  • Jeevan Punekar

    08:19 And people call him Legend 😂😂

  • Arya Ajisyahputra

    Chelsea specialist last minutes game

  • XTP_ nobita
    XTP_ nobita Day ago

    Real bỏ ronaldo là mất một huyền thoại

  • Matthew Williams

    Anyone who opposes VAR should watch this game. What in the fuck were half of these decisions? Ronaldo didn’t get a penalty and that definitely wasn’t a penalty let alone a red.

  • KingCalv 10
    KingCalv 10 Day ago

    Football is beautiful!!!!

  • arief nana lovers

    xabi alonso when livepool vs ac milan at 2005 in istanbul (miracle of istanbul)???

  • Anees Baloch
    Anees Baloch Day ago


  • Azriel Abimanyu

    Moment tebaik real madrid Formasi terbaik real madrid Pemain terbaik real madrid pada masa itu 👍

  • Jedieel Benjamin Lopez Isidoro

    Well we lost to 12 men then one got sent off #Barca

  • Cathal Dowdall

    Best friendly ever

  • flashé
    flashé Day ago

    Con equipos de otros continentes no te puedes dar el lujo de sacar a Román

  • Leo Chen
    Leo Chen Day ago

    5:38 pique had me weak😂 My dude is just clapping 😂😂

  • GizzyVevo
    GizzyVevo Day ago

    Bale dey run sha😱

  • Rh Rasel
    Rh Rasel Day ago plz watch

  • Yasin
    Yasin 2 days ago

    Turkey vs Croatia 2008?

  • Andrea熙
    Andrea熙 2 days ago

    benzema suck my dick

  • Āåmīr Hūssåīn

    Barcelona winner real madrid losser

  • Alexandr Troyan
    Alexandr Troyan 2 days ago

    Шевы нет и всё....

  • Binh ane
    Binh ane 2 days ago

    too boring. perfect to watch before going to bed.

  • Noreen Sameem Butt
    Noreen Sameem Butt 2 days ago


  • Байалы Азаматов


  • 銀時坂田
    銀時坂田 2 days ago


  • 銀時坂田
    銀時坂田 2 days ago


  • Oskar HD
    Oskar HD 2 days ago

    Vaya chorreooo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ntar derick
    Ntar derick 2 days ago

    Who else noticed Marcelo's strength at 5:00

  • Sandesh Thapa
    Sandesh Thapa 2 days ago

    Do you have 2018 world cup final match full videos.....????????????

  • Kaya Tuzu
    Kaya Tuzu 2 days ago

    360 p de izliyom mw

  • Churchill Army
    Churchill Army 2 days ago

    Beckham And Rooney two golden players of this decade I still miss Wayne Rooney on England team it was brilliant footballer him Beckham, Cole and Now Captain Harry Kane

  • Churchill Army
    Churchill Army 2 days ago

    Best era for England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • Eloy
    Eloy 2 days ago

    7:13 Messi es un copión,le copió a Marcelo la celebración

  • Bava Malabar furniture narikkuni

    Messi fans like adi

  • Bava Malabar furniture narikkuni

    Barcelona daaaaa

  • Natalia Cassine
    Natalia Cassine 2 days ago

    Que golazo minuto 1:18

  • Luiz Fabiano
    Luiz Fabiano 2 days ago

    MSN - messi suarez neymar

  • きも子
    きも子 2 days ago

    ほんと、どっちが勝ってもおかしくない。 頂上決戦だよなぁほんと

  • Bisma Batara Nawawi

    the king

  • TNT:- 78
    TNT:- 78 2 days ago


  • Jitendra Rana
    Jitendra Rana 2 days ago

    My faburet rolando

  • Himanshu Gautam
    Himanshu Gautam 2 days ago


  • Cancer Cancer
    Cancer Cancer 2 days ago

    always play back this moment .... YNWA

  • Firos Shanu
    Firos Shanu 2 days ago


  • andre young
    andre young 2 days ago

    Barca fans: We will be UCL winners this year 🎉🎊🎉 Alexander Arnold: Hold my beer 🤣🤣🤣

    • nashwan Gamer
      nashwan Gamer Day ago

      Naschan greatest in only laliga,but the ucl ....😒🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣

    • Naschan
      Naschan 2 days ago

      Liverpool is 3 season wonder team but barcelona is the greatest of all time