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  • roblox bloxburg
    roblox bloxburg Hour ago

    Why so many

  • Owusu Obed
    Owusu Obed Hour ago

    Hello Dr i took sinus ct scan and it confirmed that i have Left maxillary sinus mucous retention cyst. Please what should to get rid of this.

  • Kelsey Espinoza
    Kelsey Espinoza 8 hours ago

    I am crying 😭

  • saniya .s
    saniya .s 17 hours ago

    I just did a hr ago

  • saniya .s
    saniya .s 17 hours ago

    I just did a hr ago

  • Badr A
    Badr A 18 hours ago

    ليش قلع كل أسنانه 😱؟!

  • Irene Buhayang
    Irene Buhayang 19 hours ago

    holy cow. that's painful.

  • georgia 100%
    georgia 100% 20 hours ago

    Adam adama deyir senom ağzini s... bax bu odu baxin. Bu nedi eeee. Callad yoğniiiii cellad

  • RL B
    RL B 2 days ago

    My teeth are ruined from chemotherapy. I'm in so much pain 2 years later. Nerves exposed. :(

  • georgia 100%
    georgia 100% 2 days ago

    I l9ve geo

  • georgia 100%
    georgia 100% 2 days ago

    Oporem ayqa

  • Mick levir Guimarães

    Aí que vontade de desmaiar 😮

  • shama parveen
    shama parveen 2 days ago

    Sir I have two milk teeth and I m 25. What the solution do you have? Is it possible that milk teeth come back after breaking at this age ..please reply ..☺

  • Abhinandan B
    Abhinandan B 3 days ago

    Tongue be like... " I wanna watch oooooo I wanna watch what's goin on..."

  • Gijiji Zerrin
    Gijiji Zerrin 3 days ago

    Когда лечить Зубы надо язык всегда мешает чё не изобрели ограждения для него?

  • Aizen Sousuke
    Aizen Sousuke 3 days ago

    The drilling pain sucks ass

  • pasteltutorials
    pasteltutorials 3 days ago

    I have had one before and I have some now to get filled but just to let you all know, I DOSENT even hurt u could now just calm down in the dentist chair and relax. TIP: the night before or the day of the appointment, think of a topic to think of and think about it in your head during the process. It helps distract you.

  • vindicator05
    vindicator05 3 days ago

    The most gruesome part of this video is the "music".

  • 3ullHrns
    3ullHrns 3 days ago

    My teeth hurts after watching this

  • Rehmat Fahaam Qureshi

    Not a good for patient

  • KOP
    KOP 3 days ago

    Oh god, I hope it had Anesticisia.

  • Jazzyspork
    Jazzyspork 4 days ago

    i had 14 cavities filled all with metal fillings I'm a walking mercury generator lol

  • anony mus
    anony mus 4 days ago

    ThIs d0uDe DeSenT f3El PAiN?!?!

  • 宮路次郎
    宮路次郎 4 days ago

    Thank You.

  • Xxxgaming3j
    Xxxgaming3j 4 days ago

    Last time I had a root canal but this time is a filling hopefully not as bad

  • Shelly Saunders
    Shelly Saunders 5 days ago

    Yikes. That looks painful. Is it harmful to just leave the roots in place?

  • ranjit singh
    ranjit singh 5 days ago

    Does d6057 and d6058 needs seat date?

  • DE51B0Y
    DE51B0Y 5 days ago

    Very good thanks, would loved to have seen a post-op radiograph

  • Mochi Mochi
    Mochi Mochi 5 days ago

    Just got this done. Had to pull a quarter of my tooth out because of a failed root canal, they filled my tooth and now i have to get root canal done again on the same tooth. Not much hope they said.

  • vindicator05
    vindicator05 6 days ago

    God bless the inventor of anaesthetics!

  • Hal I
    Hal I 6 days ago

    Who else can feel the drill by just hearing it? 😣

  • GamingwithCuyler6
    GamingwithCuyler6 6 days ago

    That’s nasty

  • FBI
    FBI 6 days ago


  • 100% Trash
    100% Trash 6 days ago

    All of my cavities are from not flossing, they’re small but I still have to get more filled🙈

  • Jamel Simon
    Jamel Simon 7 days ago

    Do they numb you for this painful looking mess?

    FIFAHERO90 7 days ago

    Just about to have this done in the next hour 😭

  • hannah josephine
    hannah josephine 9 days ago

    i just got a cavity filled 😳😳

  • Jisoo-ya
    Jisoo-ya 10 days ago

    After my recent fillings my teeth have been hurting so bad and I can feel a sharp thing on the back of my back tooth

    • Juddle Bot
      Juddle Bot 6 days ago

      It's normal give week or 2 you should feel better.

  • MollyBasketRabbit's Twin

    He was laughing bc of the medication put into the gums which is a injection from a needle. It really hurts so just a thumbs up

  • TLM
    TLM 11 days ago

    I’ve got 3 and I’m 8

  • chris WhorroR
    chris WhorroR 12 days ago

    Damn, I’m getting mines done tommorrow at 2pm. My front ones tho. They numb you up?

  • Sofia14_ E
    Sofia14_ E 13 days ago

    Is it hard keeping your mouth open for that long?

  • HanaF
    HanaF 13 days ago

    Just had a filling today, nothing scary but the tooth is really, really sensitive after the anaesthetic wears off!

  • Radio Raven
    Radio Raven 13 days ago

    So the blood comes later? Well not for me, I got gum covering half of mine. So fml.

  • ExtraRice
    ExtraRice 13 days ago

    is that a drill?

  • Leslygx3
    Leslygx3 14 days ago

    When the dentist numbed me at first, my heart beat a little faster and then calmed down. Then I couldn't feel anything

  • vovan3v vvv
    vovan3v vvv 14 days ago

    Почему optagate не ставите, удобнее же?

  • Matty McFly
    Matty McFly 15 days ago

    This video looks like it was shot in the bathroom of a Mexican taco bell.

  • yeet matt
    yeet matt 15 days ago

    I had to get mine filled if your nervous it doesn’t hurt at all trust me I was nervous!

  • k.p anurag
    k.p anurag 15 days ago

    ohh my god..

  • Fishy fish
    Fishy fish 16 days ago

    Im so nervous to get this done

  • jeff martin
    jeff martin 16 days ago

    Just had this done today, im 49 and was really surprised i still had a baby tooth.

  • Film IOS
    Film IOS 16 days ago

    This is a dead corpse lmfaooo 😭😭

  • greytiel
    greytiel 16 days ago

    i have to be honest. Getting you're tooth pulled is way better than a tooth filling. For me then

  • 宮路次郎
    宮路次郎 17 days ago

    Thank You.

  • Guangyan Lin
    Guangyan Lin 17 days ago

    I got my filling done My dentist is awesome I don't feel any pain except the numb shot lol It's really alot hard work

  • زهرة السعادة

    ربنا يساعدك يارب ويجعل يقوم غيرهم

  • Rajkumar Ratnasamy
    Rajkumar Ratnasamy 18 days ago

    Create fillings that are not only more attractive, but also add strength to the weakened teeth. There restorations are more durable and long-lasting due to improved bonding technologies. As alternative to the visual silver/mercury fillings, we in Rajkumar’s Dentistry offer tooth coloured fillings for more natural look. For more Details please visit www.rajkumarsdentistry.in/services-details.php?id=1007

  • Chu•es
    Chu•es 18 days ago

    I’m getting fillings today bro I hope it doesn’t hurt

    • greytiel
      greytiel 16 days ago

      I had my filling today and oh boy. i refused to get my teeth refilled because i saw the syringe and now im here with a hole in my tooth

    • Alex Baybee
      Alex Baybee 18 days ago

      Chu•es SAAAAAME!!!! I get mine at 3:00pm 😩.

  • Carl Grimes
    Carl Grimes 19 days ago

    Guys...stop arguing. For some people it hurts and for some it dont. It all depends on the dentist and how well they give the shot. After the shot it is usually fine.

  • Emptiness Form
    Emptiness Form 19 days ago

    Its safe to say im not getting a back tooth out now that my dentist says requires a sinus lift ... fuck that !! They just basically slaughtered that poor guy 🤮 lol

  • ebayerr
    ebayerr 19 days ago

    What was the model number of that last type of elevator that was used?

    • ebayerr
      ebayerr 19 days ago

      Dr. Amik Maytesyan : Thank you so much for the reply. I never knew teeth could be removed by prying them out. I thought they always had to be pulled. This seems like a more humane and quicker way of tooth removal.

    • Dr. Amik Maytesyan
      Dr. Amik Maytesyan 19 days ago

      Periotom form Schumacher

  • Paul Saavedra
    Paul Saavedra 20 days ago

    Sin aislamiento cono uniconkaka

  • Sheila Jahadi
    Sheila Jahadi 20 days ago

    Is he allowed to irrigate using the unit water? Its full of bacteria!

  • Dr. Ujjwal Azad
    Dr. Ujjwal Azad 22 days ago

    Sir could you please tell the name of instrument you are using for elevation of flap, this instrument is not available in India. Thanks.

  • Fábio Berté
    Fábio Berté 22 days ago

    No need for grafting?

  • ItsZeethebee
    ItsZeethebee 23 days ago

    i wanted to click off as soon as i seen blood

  • eniris
    eniris 23 days ago

    It's so painfull when they start drilling omg

    • Strangeluv
      Strangeluv 14 days ago

      I didn't feel a thing lol

    • baby e
      baby e 17 days ago


  • lina lina
    lina lina 23 days ago


  • Rapmonster is the kindest monster in the world

    This wednesday....

  • Janiaha Stephens
    Janiaha Stephens 24 days ago

    No no no no I’m so scared 😱

  • Roshnia Hendricks
    Roshnia Hendricks 24 days ago

    Wow this person is bave

  • Brianna Greene
    Brianna Greene 25 days ago

    I got mine pulled out last Tuesday and I’m doing damn good the first day sucked so bad tho I was crying I never wanna feel that pain again but it’s only been a week and it feels like I never got it pulled out

  • Sowati `
    Sowati ` 25 days ago

    Why why why do I have to do thiss

  • cat ah
    cat ah 25 days ago

    I just got it done and my tongue chin and bottom lip are all numb

  • xoNeneox’s Channel

    mine didn’t hurt at all because they put me on laughing gas

  • Muhammad Asif
    Muhammad Asif 25 days ago

    Why has been done extraction of all teeth ? Because here is rct also can b successful,

  • Kat
    Kat 25 days ago

    I'm having one out in a couple of days, it's impacted, laying down, and I'm told they need to split it three times to get it out. Great. And then in a couple of weeks I'm having the other bottom one out, that one's halfway covered with bone and the roots may be touching the nerve. I'm fine.

  • Eder Villalba
    Eder Villalba 26 days ago

    Always get a 2nd opinion when it comes to dental work, just because there is decay does not mean it needs to be treated. Once he removes teeth it's gone forever and your mouth will not ever feel the same.

  • Sassiest Scorpio
    Sassiest Scorpio 26 days ago

    To be honest it only hurts after the anesthetic wears off.

  • rahul gautam
    rahul gautam 26 days ago

    Sir I'm Rahul whn I childhood m teeth k bal gir gya tha front teeth p lkin ab mere teeth ka colour yellow ho rha h Dr n rct k liye bola h rct is necessary h plzz tell me

    • Haydar Alaidrus
      Haydar Alaidrus 20 days ago

      I would like to help if I understood what are you saying

  • Chernobyl Sniper
    Chernobyl Sniper 26 days ago

    About to get one filled I am SCARED.

  • JB gaming
    JB gaming 26 days ago

    Uhhh i can feel the pain

  • JB gaming
    JB gaming 26 days ago

    Oh my god

  • Chitchat Online
    Chitchat Online 26 days ago

    Sir I had a root canal yesterday and my doctor asked me to come today...and he wrote me a night guard which costed me 1000 rs. He did the same thing what he yesterday did! When I googled night guard ...it was something totally different thing. I don't know he had something new to my tooth or not. Is there anything like night guard which you require in root canal?

  • 프래디의 피자가게Fnaf

    And why is the music so bright!!!!!

  • 프래디의 피자가게Fnaf


  • Abigail Naomi Rodriguez

    I hope he or shes ok

  • Esraa youssef
    Esraa youssef 27 days ago

    نفسي قناتي توصل الف مشترك 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Ride The Lighting
    Ride The Lighting 28 days ago

    Idk if its me but i like watching teeth pulled

  • Marie Jopková
    Marie Jopková 28 days ago

    Ich habe aber gehört das wenn wird geneht Loch im diese Konchen wo Zähne waren sollte mann Enzündungs Tablette rein machen.

  • ReadRight GD
    ReadRight GD 29 days ago

    wish me luck, i’m might just die tomorrow

    • ReadRight GD
      ReadRight GD 27 days ago

      i sure did, it didn’t really hurt. the worst part wasn’t even in the procedure!

    • Miss Blue Nature
      Miss Blue Nature 27 days ago

      Did u survive?

  • m7d .i
    m7d .i 29 days ago

    Good job doctor 👏🏼 but how can the Pontics have roots ?

  • Dentist Mithun
    Dentist Mithun 29 days ago


  • Rahul Raj
    Rahul Raj 29 days ago

    Is this mini it looks maxy

  • Itz Angel_Gacha :3


  • Sherlyn Reyes
    Sherlyn Reyes Month ago

    That person needed some chapstick

  • Tindra.
    Tindra. Month ago

    I HAVE TO DO THIS?! oh thank god i'm the dentist

  • GMDkillerKZ Rubrub

    1:47 OH thats a CHONKY tooth 2:46 oh thats a better one and perfect shape 👌👌

  • Bambi Diamond
    Bambi Diamond Month ago

    Just had mines taken out on Thursday, this was worse than having a baby! I'm glad it's over, I was crying and screaming🤦🏽‍♀️