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  • Magic Mike
    Magic Mike 20 minutes ago

    Illionois is actually one ofthe flattest states in USA

  • Tarz_Travel
    Tarz_Travel 27 minutes ago


  • Ator-Criador
    Ator-Criador Hour ago

    Well done, amazing video, grreat idea; wauting another one........

  • JavierGM
    JavierGM Hour ago

    2:26 who is there?? The light I say. Sera Un ovni u otro avión?

    MAROKI GAMER 2 hours ago

    SMARA belongs to Morocco not western sahara!!!!

  • 2012MrBurns
    2012MrBurns 2 hours ago

    É decepcionante que um monumento icônico como a Golden Gate Bridge não disponha de sistema de iluminação da sua estrutura.

  • Gergő Ozoray
    Gergő Ozoray 3 hours ago

    No matter how many times I am visiting Dubai as a tourist, I never got to land on 12L we always land on 30R... :DDDDD

  • azri_master
    azri_master 3 hours ago

    Whos here after boeing 777X did its first flight and landing?

  • André Pereira
    André Pereira 4 hours ago

    Magnifique, Magnifique, Magnifique :)

  • Jeremy Prince
    Jeremy Prince 4 hours ago

    Amazing to watch thank you for sharing

  • Jayden _Playz
    Jayden _Playz 5 hours ago

    50 40 30 20 10 butter c’est super!

  • xerox3333
    xerox3333 5 hours ago

    Landed so smooth i couldn't even tell when

  • Luis Oyanader C
    Luis Oyanader C 5 hours ago

    El piloto dijo... No se ve ni pico.... (pero en frances)

  • Rob Wever
    Rob Wever 6 hours ago

    Fantastisch deze route informatie 👌

  • Richard mashamaite
    Richard mashamaite 10 hours ago

    06:50 was amazing for me

  • sathish nagaraj
    sathish nagaraj 10 hours ago

    Super landing

  • DJ francky by virtual DJ Remix. PARIS. FR.

    super compil merci .......

  • UKArtlover
    UKArtlover 12 hours ago

    Ladies let's finally put to bed the notion that men cant multitask.....seriously !:)

  • Adolfo Retamal
    Adolfo Retamal 14 hours ago

    Nunca me imaginé que se iban a encontrar casi de frontón con la pista! Que profesionales

  • Balogh Norbert
    Balogh Norbert 16 hours ago


  • comicus01
    comicus01 16 hours ago

    First few shots are flying almost due north. First shot is Huntington Beach, you can see both the pier and Beach Blvd. Second shot has Joint Forces Training Base Los Alamitos (NOT Long Beach Airport, that's off to the left, it's actually in the shot for a few seconds but very faint and not really recognizable, about 4 miles to the NW), the 405/22 is the freeway just south of the airfield. Third shot is where Cerritos, La Mirada, and Santa Fe Springs all meet, with interstate 5 running diagonally. Fourth shot is still pointed north, with Whittier and Los Nietos below, the Whittier Hills just above them, and the San Gabriel Valley to the north of the hills. Fifth shot is finally pointed west towards the airport, from above Downey/Bell Gardens, with Florence Ave being the most prominently visible street, and the LA river running across the bottom of the shot. The 6th shot has the 110 Fwy running across the bottom of the shot, and Hawthorne Airport is just visible on the left side (you can see the approach lights blinking). The rest of the geography should be obvious to those familiar with landing at LAX...

  • Martin
    Martin 17 hours ago

    Absolument incroyable. À couper le souffle. On dirait presque le ciel est faux tellement il est parfait et qu’on a pas l’habitude de le voir comme ça depuis le sol. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Airwipe
    Airwipe 18 hours ago


  • Fazal M
    Fazal M 18 hours ago

    French piloting 777? Superb!

  • Puta Gonta
    Puta Gonta 20 hours ago


  • kiskipuich1
    kiskipuich1 Day ago

    La.mina el acento como el piko....

  • kiskipuich1
    kiskipuich1 Day ago

    Tbis is because of the zombies blocking the visibility by burning churches,hospitalsand businesses. They call it the "awakening"

  • parfenyj
    parfenyj Day ago

    Gorgeous! ... and many are probably wondering what's the song? (sounds like maybe from a production music library...?)

  • mikelange
    mikelange Day ago

    Tout est beau, la musique a fini par me faire pleurer, vous avez du talent pour arriver à nous offrir toute cette beauté. Merci.

  • Fraghead
    Fraghead Day ago

    the best channel on you tube

  • Tahitianwings
    Tahitianwings Day ago

    9:17 « c’est controlléd » 😂

  • Iqbal Ali
    Iqbal Ali Day ago

    Amazing.... Do more of this kind of video...

  • Cristobal Nirrian

    Csm yo hubiera aterrizado en vespucio... 😆😆No se ve ni una wea

  • Gustavo Andrade

    wow, amazing landing.

  • JJ Flash
    JJ Flash Day ago

    Well Done. Fantastic video. 1,000 likes!!

  • ACHEI 57
    ACHEI 57 Day ago


  • eyeqew
    eyeqew Day ago

    So calm. No one marshals you in to the stand?

  • rebel xena
    rebel xena Day ago

    hey salut gg tt ses video top top vivement la suite des aventures genial ;-)

  • rebel xena
    rebel xena Day ago

    hey salut gg super cette video top top ;-)super beau en plus génial l idée

  • _Anthony_
    _Anthony_ Day ago

    Alamrd los chilenos hablan muy rápido ajsjaja.. 242 conrntiwbs a alsls q7273 JAJA

  • OHA
    OHA Day ago

    Bravo pour ces belles images !

  • juan jo tm
    juan jo tm Day ago

    The personnel working in the Control Tower must be English.

  • Jules Cordeau
    Jules Cordeau Day ago

    Vous voyez Mr.Laffon un timelapse d’un vol n’est pas si long, il vous suffit de mettre le décollage au début, et l’atterrissage à la fin. Sinon super vidéo

  • John Hendrik Arnold

    One of the most beautiful things I saw on youtube. Thanks.

  • eugenio ambroso

    great video!! really amazing! you should do more often! after all you work in the best office"in the world! overtime something different but amazing!!

  • Luis Angel Medina Guzmán

    Clear Landing

  • duaa aljuneidi

    Good luck Guillaume

  • Bertrand Moinil

    Trop beau

  • rodrigo fuentes

    La gracia del video que no se ve nada.😂😂😂

  • Julie L.
    Julie L. Day ago

    Awesome, I build the fuel nozzles for this plane and it does make me happy that I do. Many times where I am building a nozzle, I think this; this is going to help bring smiles to peoples faces when they are going on vacations of a lifetime. It is rewarding.

  • Tarang Sharma
    Tarang Sharma Day ago

    I think I can not survive long haul flights.

  • Toki Hokuto
    Toki Hokuto Day ago

    "On a consommé 500 kilos pour l'instant" XD ce genre d'information qui te remet les choses en perspective

  • Rory True
    Rory True Day ago

    Why from the cockpit of a 777 @ 35000 ft can I see stars?. But when I watch NASA imagines from low earth orbit they seem to disappear.

  • AlienDriver
    AlienDriver Day ago

    dislike ? omg guys get life lol,its a fucking awesome videos

  • Captain Fly
    Captain Fly Day ago

    Quiétude Sérénité, quelle merveille la Terre ! est ce que l'Homme la mérite vidéo ..

  • Odul Deps
    Odul Deps Day ago

    Trop court😉! J’y resterai des heures à regarder.....

  • 幸福ᴀsн.
    幸福ᴀsн. Day ago

    I want to be pilot someday

  • Jean-Luc Coulon

    Très beau, beaucoup de poésie finalement.

  • 34500dauphin
    34500dauphin Day ago

    Toujours au TOOOOP!!!!!!!!!!! amities from BZR/LFMU Dominique



  • General_Aziz
    General_Aziz Day ago

    Très beau !

  • Jack Johnson
    Jack Johnson Day ago

    UFO left side real fast at 2:20-2:21 mark

    • JavierGM
      JavierGM Hour ago

      Yes, I see that. UFO or another plane?

  • Masher D 841
    Masher D 841 Day ago

    Love your videos. The time lapse was beautiful. Where was you destination on that trip?

  • walden douglas

    Très belle idée, techniquement c'est excellent et inédit.

  • TwoBuck Chuck
    TwoBuck Chuck Day ago

    Another amazing video.

  • Penelope
    Penelope Day ago

    I loved this: "NICE WATCH"

  • Penelope
    Penelope 2 days ago

    Thank you, Mr. Guillaume.

  • Guitars Cover's Kevin

    A M A Z I N G

  • Glideslopes
    Glideslopes 2 days ago

    Intense. 👍

  • 황승민
    황승민 2 days ago

    Such a nice clip which enhances my passion to become a pliot

  • 吳旻兒
    吳旻兒 2 days ago

    Handsome Guillaume😍👍

  • 吳旻兒
    吳旻兒 2 days ago

    ♥️♥️Thank you for sharing😊

  • 吳旻兒
    吳旻兒 2 days ago


  • Pascal Chauvette
    Pascal Chauvette 2 days ago

    Cette musique!!! Quelle est-elle?

  • Sandra Diaz
    Sandra Diaz 2 days ago

    Gorgeous landscape

  • Glynn Bradley
    Glynn Bradley 2 days ago

    Beautiful. Thanks for sharing a bit of your life with us.

  • Advait Vaidya
    Advait Vaidya 2 days ago


  • Raúl Carbonell
    Raúl Carbonell 2 days ago

    There is no doubt and those videos confirm the earth is not spherical, it is an immovable plain.

  • shantanu jain
    shantanu jain 2 days ago

    But, where's the moon?

  • 基武雄
    基武雄 2 days ago


  • Jorge Alberto Balaa

    Salut !!! J'espere que vous pourrez faire l'arrivee á ou le depart de Buenos Aires.

  • Daniel Frade
    Daniel Frade 2 days ago

    This got to be one of the most beautiful and amazing earth-plane-timelapse videos that I ever saw in my life. Thanks for sharing and congratulations on the excellent work.

    ZĀLES VV 2 days ago

    Este vídeo es muy awesome 👏👏👏👏👏👏❤

  • ebac06
    ebac06 2 days ago

    2500 kms en 3:30 ! Le top , un panorama qui fait rever :) ;) Le siège le mieux placé au monde :)

  • Bhavik Bhatt
    Bhavik Bhatt 2 days ago

    You have AMAZING videos! Very high quality and value content 😍

  • mecca tech
    mecca tech 2 days ago

    Votre plus belle vidéo du plus beau métier du monde 🤩

  • 9wyn
    9wyn 2 days ago

    Impressively beautiful. I am still hitting the "Repeat" button over and over again. Thank you.

  • Fouad Ghost
    Fouad Ghost 2 days ago

    Waw belle vidéo merci Guillaume 🙏🙏🙏

  • nissart nice
    nissart nice 2 days ago


  • DEDCU1
    DEDCU1 2 days ago


  • P2 Instant
    P2 Instant 2 days ago

    That’s absolutely incredible

  • H F
    H F 2 days ago

    Gorgeous video! Love the editing, as always. Great to see Iberia from above!

  • bigpebble
    bigpebble 2 days ago


  • Richys Camera Captures

    I appreciate your work. You are the best professional pilot videographer I've ever seen. Thank you for doing this.

  • Jimmy Boab
    Jimmy Boab 2 days ago

    Utterly, utterly stunning video, thanks for this. What an incredible perspective of the planet and the night time amplifies this hugely. Would love to see more in this style, for longer if possible.

  • Fred Aves
    Fred Aves 2 days ago

    C'est tellement bien monté et réalisé ! Merci de nous faire partager ces moments.

  • Marcel Krchnak
    Marcel Krchnak 2 days ago

    Very very chilling video! Would be great to watch more like this one, longer ...:) Thank you at least for this video!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Loïc Laronche
    Loïc Laronche 2 days ago

    Voilà qui donne envie. Superbe !! Merci bcp Mr Lafon. PS: la vidéo couvre en 3m30 ce que Saint Ex, Mermoz, Guillaumet et d'autre de "La Ligne" couvraient en qques dizaines d'heures....

  • Aix Press
    Aix Press 2 days ago

    Beautiful, nice to see there is still some uninhabited places free from light pollution.

  • stefanholtland
    stefanholtland 2 days ago

    More please. Beautiful.