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  • Anime Senpai Fx!!

    Find Underrated animes here!! tvclip.biz/video/6J-sLQyoUY8/video.html

  • xiezis
    xiezis 10 hours ago

    How is no.4 one?

  • Asuna Yuki
    Asuna Yuki 20 hours ago

    what is the name of top 6 anime name

  • michelle zheng
    michelle zheng 22 hours ago

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    • WebCentral
      WebCentral 21 hour ago

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  • Juan Mejia
    Juan Mejia Day ago

    What anime is on this video picture?

  • deb C eke
    deb C eke Day ago

    why they have to be so inappropriate though? Can't I just watch a sweet pure cute innocent romantic anime? Or is that not allowed anymore? I'll have to go to the past and watch the old animes...

  • An 23
    An 23 Day ago


  • Giuseppe Timpa

    You have the wrong friend. The top 9 is part of the Harem Loli category

  • itsPhoenixツ
    itsPhoenixツ Day ago

    this vid help me a lot >:3

  • TehR3alNoob
    TehR3alNoob 2 days ago

    Citrus = best yuri anime ever

  • Boto Muscles
    Boto Muscles 2 days ago

    I recommend -High Scored Girl -Teasing Master Takagi San -Your lie in april(Warning:VERY SAD) -Gamers

  • Lesly Hernández Espinosa

    rayooooos los he visto todooooos

  • ꧁Emily Nunes꧂
    ꧁Emily Nunes꧂ 2 days ago

    3:12 please don't watch that shit this anime is so bad (._.) I waste so many time.

  • Cristian Ambaek
    Cristian Ambaek 2 days ago

    Harima Aka Baldie - School Rumble, enough said.

  • ItzMeGerardo
    ItzMeGerardo 2 days ago

    Dang it, i'd already saw that animes

  • 4ever forever
    4ever forever 2 days ago

    tsuki ga kirei always in my heart ;C

  • grd yo
    grd yo 2 days ago

    Since when grand blue become romance? Come on guys,its just a normal "diving anime"

  • sheetal magar
    sheetal magar 3 days ago

    2:30 🤫 don't tell anyone please 😂🤣🤣

  • Omniezo
    Omniezo 3 days ago

    Outro song?

  • Gina George
    Gina George 3 days ago

    So does anyone know what the name of the anime in the thumbnail?

    • anonimoon
      anonimoon Day ago

      @Sri well now it seems they changed it

    • Sri
      Sri 2 days ago

      @anonimoon It's not

    • anonimoon
      anonimoon 3 days ago

      It's from 'Say I love you'

  • Glazed clipz
    Glazed clipz 4 days ago

    Hey where do you find these shows? website or some kind app and others?

    • radiyan hanif
      radiyan hanif 2 days ago

      Glazed clipz Go To kissanime.ru and you will find every anime

  • Joshyy
    Joshyy 4 days ago

    Tell me where to find the dubbed for rainbow days

    • Joshyy
      Joshyy Day ago

      @Park Lina I just looked and it’s not there

    • Park Lina
      Park Lina Day ago


  • Fysi
    Fysi 4 days ago


  • Kathleen J. L. Delos Santos

    kaguya-sama is really FUNNY AFF!! AHAHAHAHHAAAAA

  • TimTamxTilly
    TimTamxTilly 5 days ago

    2:27 well then.

  • animentz Z
    animentz Z 5 days ago


  • copy edits
    copy edits 5 days ago

    1:45 (harem MC never do that)

  • Ali
    Ali 5 days ago

    Your lie in april ?

  • GamerPlays _YT
    GamerPlays _YT 6 days ago

    Boarding School Juliet is also good

  • Iris eclipse
    Iris eclipse 6 days ago

    If you guys wanna see some real romance you should watch devils line episode 8 around 14:30 It will make you feel all tingly

  • I’m Whipped
    I’m Whipped 7 days ago

    I’m a new viewer to your content and I’m really enjoying how you let scenes play instead of playing music in the background. The only thing I would say is not to include major spoilers like with terror in resonance and parasyte. Also good job with these lists on your videos they’re pretty great

  • Chris Orellana
    Chris Orellana 7 days ago


  • Batool Jawad
    Batool Jawad 7 days ago

    Tsuki ga kirei

  • straight life
    straight life 7 days ago

    Oiiiii love this video💖💖

  • green poser
    green poser 7 days ago

    Can you guys suggest oreshura like anime? Pls

  • Louie Mabborang
    Louie Mabborang 8 days ago

    Karakai jouzu no takagi san... I recomend it to you all guys...

  • Hannah Shen
    Hannah Shen 8 days ago

    It seems like the gentlemen dont speak Japanese.....whauuauuaaaT?

  • アビマニュアビマニュ

    No.1 is really the best you think ? The preview gives gloomy details about a playboy . I hope it is not like what I think .

  • Mr Zon
    Mr Zon 8 days ago

    The thumbnail is damm underrated

  • loeną
    loeną 9 days ago

    1:35 osana najimi

  • Fire Works
    Fire Works 10 days ago

    The first one is so fcking boring

  • 「Jojo.A.S」上
    「Jojo.A.S」上 11 days ago

    Domestic na kanojo is a trash anime..... i mean... that my opinion..... so just dont jugde me.... people do have opinion abaout some anime....

  • Deer Stone
    Deer Stone 11 days ago

    ok but tsuki ga kirei has no love-hate relationship.

  • Spam Underwear
    Spam Underwear 11 days ago

    Did you edit this with Filmora :p

  • Real JxB_
    Real JxB_ 11 days ago

    Thumbnail pls

  • Im Zack
    Im Zack 11 days ago

    Please recommend me some sci fi romance anime For example Plastic Memories

    • muffins
      muffins 3 days ago

      Im Zack darling in the franxx

  • Anonymous Hunter
    Anonymous Hunter 11 days ago


  • john michael rollon
    john michael rollon 11 days ago

    Are you maybe a hater of Hiromi from True Tears? Yeah it's true that the MC and that short haired girl were became lovers but the MC never love her because he is only inlove with his childhood friend Hiromi and they became lover at the end. And your Nagi no Asukara is very wrong, the two characters you showed in Nagi no Asukara never became a lover, that boy is inlove with the purple haired girl which they became lover afterwards.

  • Rohan Minator
    Rohan Minator 11 days ago

    You're The Best ....❤️

  • Anime ROX
    Anime ROX 11 days ago


  • Marco Sumalbag
    Marco Sumalbag 12 days ago

    I've already watch all of this

    • Mazeus
      Mazeus 11 days ago

      You’re some powerful being I must say

  • Akum Aier
    Akum Aier 12 days ago

    I like the selection of the Romance animes. Way to go 😁

    • Anime ROX
      Anime ROX 11 days ago

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  • Anthony Medina
    Anthony Medina 12 days ago

    What’s the anime in thumbnail?

  • Shirazaki Tohsaka
    Shirazaki Tohsaka 12 days ago

    All watched but nice recommendation all this anime are good

  • henry gaming
    henry gaming 12 days ago

    3D girl kanojo and karakai jouzu takagi san💖💝💞

  • The Fifou
    The Fifou 12 days ago

    Very good top !!

  • にChapainにゆ Baburam ゆ

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  • Amber_pops133 Xoxo
    Amber_pops133 Xoxo 12 days ago

    Lucky Star K-On! Teasing Master Takagi-san Peach Girl Nana Megalo Box Mob Psycho 100 series Love Live series The Magician’s Bride Kokoro Connect Kanon Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Happy Lesson Free! Series Fruits Basket Genshiken series Clannad series Beck AnoHana A Place Further than the Universe Honey and Clover ReLife Great Teacher Onizuka Silver Spoon Bakuman Hyouka Shirobako Usagi Drop Non Non Biyori Grand Blue Hidamari Sketch Kids on the Slope March comes in like a Lion Melancholy of Haruhi Suzmiya Toradora Are my fav SOL Anime ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • • Snowfalll •
    • Snowfalll • 12 days ago

    Here’s my personal recommendation; Itsudatte Bokura no koi wa 10 cm Datta Even though there’s only 6 episodes, the animation style is really nice It has moments that made me really cry, and is just wholesome overall

    • • Snowfalll •
      • Snowfalll • 11 days ago

      MegaX2159 ___ true aaah....

    • MegaX2159 ___
      MegaX2159 ___ 11 days ago

      Hmmm, I really like the anime too and very cute. But the 6 episodes makes it feel rushed and loses out on couple interation(Stopping here in case of spoiler. Im sure you know what I mean)

  • Ling_Ling
    Ling_Ling 13 days ago

    Tsuki is in middle school...

  • Anthony Saldivar
    Anthony Saldivar 14 days ago

    Grand blue was funny as fuck

  • Wolfhound Howl
    Wolfhound Howl 14 days ago

    i will now watch every one of these

  • DerrickBan Romero
    DerrickBan Romero 14 days ago

    Well I always imagine that to me crush

  • S14M07
    S14M07 15 days ago

    Wait, *That thumbnail is practically impossible*

  • ibrahim hakimi
    ibrahim hakimi 15 days ago

    bunny girl senpai is the best

  • unnamedlegeon
    unnamedlegeon 16 days ago

    Um killing bites MC does not have a harem 😅, actually his being push around everytime 😑. Kinda sad but well if you read the manga, it,s kinda have or not 😅.

  • Lesley Floyd
    Lesley Floyd 17 days ago

    lol that first 2 seconds had me confused thought i had kissanime running

  • Seng Ju
    Seng Ju 17 days ago

    Yesssss more please plus i think darling fanxx should be included as well

  • copy edits
    copy edits 17 days ago

    Idk araburu

  • Sammy-san
    Sammy-san 17 days ago

    I would agree with the most. But seriously My sister my writer is utter garbage.

  • ta ra
    ta ra 18 days ago

    I think kamisama hajimemasta would’ve gone in this list too. It’s also one of my favorite anime

  • Kitty 129
    Kitty 129 18 days ago

    Here are my recommendations, I’ll be replying to any queries about them! Kaichou-wa Maid-Sama A Silent Voice Snow White with the Red Hair Toradora Special A’s Shugo Chara Kiss Him Not Me! Tsurezure Children (literally all about several different cute couples) I’ll add more if I can :3

  • louisplayz stuff
    louisplayz stuff 20 days ago


  • chloE :,3
    chloE :,3 21 day ago

    The only real pure one is Meiji Tokyo renka

  • Gennasyde Adams
    Gennasyde Adams 22 days ago

    bro u need to whether it has dub or not ok

  • Ramz Isakov
    Ramz Isakov 22 days ago

    I recommend to watch tsuki ga kirei i know it is not best drawing but anime very cute

  • Rosellier Asia
    Rosellier Asia 23 days ago

    Some of the worst isekai are on the list yet one as awesome as Overlord is not included..

  • Kyuu
    Kyuu 23 days ago

    Why is the kissanime theme your intro

  • Wajeeha Seereeen
    Wajeeha Seereeen 23 days ago

    What's the song at the end

    • Wajeeha Seereeen
      Wajeeha Seereeen 13 days ago

      @Gogeta Vegeto ya i watched it very nice 👍

    • Gogeta Vegeto
      Gogeta Vegeto 13 days ago

      Wajeeha Seereeen its the ending of "Rascal does not dream of a bunny girl Senpai" Ps: The Anime ist very Nice

  • ImaStargaryen
    ImaStargaryen 23 days ago


  • manoj sappandi
    manoj sappandi 24 days ago

    Link for No. 07 anime please...

  • Jermi Estrada
    Jermi Estrada 25 days ago

    What the anime 4:16

    JUICESHWA 25 days ago

    I recommend Katekyo Hitman Reborn

  • Hafizuddin Shorieri
    Hafizuddin Shorieri 26 days ago

    Damn this list is trash no hate but wtf were you thinking on domestic kanojo

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy 26 days ago

    love 💯

  • BigIdiotGamer GAMEZ
    BigIdiotGamer GAMEZ 26 days ago

    *Megalovania intensifies*

  • Thony Boy Biliran
    Thony Boy Biliran 26 days ago

    Hajimet no gal the best😍

    BREEZY GAMING 26 days ago

    Good job..!!

  • AniKawaii
    AniKawaii 26 days ago

    The video is really nice I love your canal ❤️

    • Anime Universe
      Anime Universe 26 days ago

      Sub4Sub? I am done, and check my recent for 20$ giveaway !! 😃

    STORM SHADOW 26 days ago

    Coool. Thank you so much

  • Ghost Gaming
    Ghost Gaming 26 days ago

    Domestic no kanojo is very dangerous. Dont watch if depressed. It has one of the most"feels" i have seen in an anime. But it will give u a lot of pleasure and u will also do a lot of facepalms. Watch at your own risk

  • Meagan Booker
    Meagan Booker 27 days ago

    Web central? More like WEEB CETRAL!😂😂

  • ToXiC SnIpEr
    ToXiC SnIpEr 28 days ago

    2:40 hehe boi gimme day god damn hand boi

  • lime bel
    lime bel 29 days ago

    Re zero should’ve been up there put great list none the less

  • N U
    N U 29 days ago

    G R A N D B L U E V O D K A A .......😂😂

  • SSG Ryuko
    SSG Ryuko 29 days ago

    One was a hentai

  • Patrick Kristian
    Patrick Kristian Month ago

    ok boomer

  • Saim Khan
    Saim Khan Month ago

    I cried after watching domestic girlfriend

    • MegaX2159 ___
      MegaX2159 ___ 11 days ago

      tbh if you wanna just text me through something (discord or whatever) I can sum up the entire Manga as of now and make your life easier

    • MegaX2159 ___
      MegaX2159 ___ 11 days ago

      read the manga, that's a rollercoaster

  • Summer Leondale
    Summer Leondale Month ago

    kuzo no honkai really hit me 💛