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  • Rafael Patrón
    Rafael Patrón 2 days ago

    Mr.Peabody is totally the most badass dog of them all

  • Exolette
    Exolette 3 days ago

    Marie Antoinette was a lazy queen, but why give her the sliced cataloupe?

  • dalada #1
    dalada #1 3 days ago

    1:15 me and the school when they say the school field trip was canceled

  • Blitz Comet
    Blitz Comet 5 days ago

    4:36 hilarious

  • RebbeLaDepre 99
    RebbeLaDepre 99 5 days ago

    2:36 Robespierre

  • Meep
    Meep 6 days ago

    3:28 when a teacher explains something

  • Meep
    Meep 6 days ago

    My English homework says “What was Marie Antoinette supposed to have said when the people have no bread?” “Let them eat cake.”

  • Youngnam Kim
    Youngnam Kim 9 days ago

    *she eats the cake piece in one bite, then the poor man said “Wait...What kind of cake- “ Gets smashed XD*

  • christian neill
    christian neill 10 days ago

    theirs gonna be a tax for that-oversimplified

  • Z- Bug
    Z- Bug 10 days ago

    “Marie was a woman with a prestigious appetite for anything with frosting on it.” What.

  • Michael Farquharson
    Michael Farquharson 12 days ago

    why’d he say “monsieur robespierre?” it would be “citizen robespierre” or “head of the committee of public safety robespierre” or “founder of the jacobin club robespierre” or “radical robespierre.” lol how’d he not get triggered for getting called monsieur.

    • christian neill
      christian neill 10 days ago

      monsieur that's the old style of address to the guillotine

  • Manor
    Manor 14 days ago

    I just hate this fucking movie

  • Andy The Forbidden Angel

    Hit or miss? I guess he never misses HUH?

  • Meme Wanderer
    Meme Wanderer 17 days ago

    Down with his head!

  • Jacqueline Klinges
    Jacqueline Klinges 17 days ago

    3:03 when he fainted that always makes me laugh 😂

  • Jarman Lawrence
    Jarman Lawrence 21 day ago

    I want it on record. She didn’t actually say let them eat cake

  • Crazy Niyah
    Crazy Niyah 24 days ago

    Where was the executioner at when that guy was yelling?

  • Colonel Sandruz
    Colonel Sandruz 26 days ago

    The man who could of stopped the revolution... 1:09

  • the next guy
    the next guy 28 days ago

    This angered Mr Peabody... who punished him severely

  • Diamondnoob Delaronde

    Let them eat cake", she says Just like Marie Antoinette

  • educated
    educated Month ago

    ooooooooohhhhhhhh nooooooooo!

  • Harambe The Android Gamer

    The really really bad French Revolution... Wanting "liberty" and "freedom" but eventually after the monarchy was crushed the people were basically like sheep, and we all know that sheep are stupid and basically made things worse and eventually became a absolute dictatorship so nothing good really came of it... Just death, death and more death...

    JULIUS CAESAR Month ago

    2:56 OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!

  • Melishaat
    Melishaat Month ago

    Sherman: Now can we have some cake Marie Antoinette : *Mais oui !* Sherman: Oh! *May we* have some cake Marie Antoinette : *Mais OUI !!* Sherman : .... 😐🤯

    FIGO FR Month ago

    why no soviet revolution

  • DartLuke
    DartLuke Month ago

    So...revelation started because of stupid time travelers

  • Howster27
    Howster27 Month ago

    Fun Fact: Marie Antoinnette never said “let them eat cake.” That is actually a myth. She probably never even noticed the pour people of her country”

  • BaZy cxiden
    BaZy cxiden Month ago


  • Gen M
    Gen M Month ago

    Does anyone else think of *Les Miserables* when they go through the sewers?

  • Gabriel Alvarado :D

    They put her like a disgusting fat woman.

  • Alvin Wu
    Alvin Wu Month ago

    If you’re having trouble understanding what’s going on, watch the French Revolution Oversimplified

  • T H E - S O U L M A T E

    Omg robespierre looks so funny 😂

  • Jill Evans
    Jill Evans 2 months ago

    3:08 A cantaloupe zhe lowest of zhe futs who dares to insult me with this melon

  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin Smith 2 months ago

    Just a little note: there's no existing evidence that Marie Antoinette said "let them eat cake."

  • KevTon 13
    KevTon 13 2 months ago

    3:13 The funniest part

  • Aidan Helmstetter
    Aidan Helmstetter 2 months ago


  • Reney Bolaño598
    Reney Bolaño598 2 months ago

    5:53 Sherman baby hands

  • Bill_nye_the Ruski_spy

    I still feel ashamed that they didn’t add the deaths of the queen and king. I wanted to see that violence to show what the hell was wrong with that man that was in charge for the reign of terror.

  • Imu Sama
    Imu Sama 2 months ago

    Funny thing is the French Revolution was a straight up horror movie even regular people got their heads chopped off at one point

  • Frankie -
    Frankie - 2 months ago

    Hah, when I was younger, I was really scared of the guillotine scene. Now I have a weird obession for them.

  • • zeasea •
    • zeasea • 2 months ago

    this both hurts me to watch and hurts me not to watch. help.

  • Aidan Helmstetter
    Aidan Helmstetter 2 months ago


  • Aidan Helmstetter
    Aidan Helmstetter 2 months ago


  • Destinys Passion
    Destinys Passion 2 months ago

    Technically the Reign of Terror was during the revolution XD

  • Destinys Passion
    Destinys Passion 2 months ago

    But by 1789, Marie Antoinette’s changed this is what was like during the 70s (1770s)

  • Comrade Blin 1945
    Comrade Blin 1945 2 months ago


  • Aidan Helmstetter
    Aidan Helmstetter 2 months ago


  • Traja Traja
    Traja Traja 2 months ago

    Fun fact! Marie Antoinette ate rarely and she wasn't a huge fan of cakes.It also explains why she was so slim. By the way,she never said 'Let the eat cake'.

  • Azteca
    Azteca 2 months ago

    Marie Antoinette never said let them eat cake and the king was the first to die in France and Marie Antoinette is not french she is Austrian

  • Aidan Helmstetter
    Aidan Helmstetter 2 months ago


  • XoXwilting_roseXoX
    XoXwilting_roseXoX 3 months ago

    2:46 why is this literally Norman from The Promised Neverland

  • Aidan Helmstetter
    Aidan Helmstetter 3 months ago


  • Aidan Helmstetter
    Aidan Helmstetter 3 months ago


  • UraniummasterX76 L
    UraniummasterX76 L 3 months ago


  • UraniummasterX76 L
    UraniummasterX76 L 3 months ago


  • Hanamaru Productions
    Hanamaru Productions 3 months ago

    0:36 Man 1: Got any bread? Man 2: No, I am exceedingly poor. Man 3: *dies*

  • Harrison La time traveler

    Marie Antoinette: What are those things down they're? Servant: They're poor people your majesty. Marie Antoinette: That's poor people? Servant: They say they're hungry. Marie Antoinette: Hungry? Then let them eat cake. Servant: >:( Wow you see this is the exact BS that lead us to here in the first place. They come over asking for the basic ability to feed themselves and you think a slice of Cake would sort this out? Marie Antoinette: Well. Then let them have Taco Bell crunch wrap supreme. Servant: Whoa! They're not that desperate! From The French Revolution Oversimplified

  • Lowell Chicken
    Lowell Chicken 3 months ago

    Happy Bastille Day!

  • I hate fortnight Give me a reason why i shouldn’t

    Just watch oversimplified you will understand this

  • Janna Rania Salvador
    Janna Rania Salvador 3 months ago

    Where's Napoleon?

  • Fawnodin 123
    Fawnodin 123 3 months ago

    When this movie has French accents but not AC Unity

  • someone's toilet
    someone's toilet 3 months ago


  • someone's toilet
    someone's toilet 3 months ago

    cAke! i love cake so mUch! HMHMHMMMM JOMPNKS

  • Preston Drummond
    Preston Drummond 3 months ago


  • The cursed Account.
    The cursed Account. 3 months ago

    But she wasn’t fat right?!?

  • Peruvian Potato
    Peruvian Potato 3 months ago

    0:37 My bank account in a nutshell

  • Aidan Helmstetter
    Aidan Helmstetter 3 months ago


  • Aidan Helmstetter
    Aidan Helmstetter 3 months ago


  • Xbox Lord
    Xbox Lord 3 months ago

    Where’s king Louis XIV

  • Annoying Guy
    Annoying Guy 3 months ago

    They had to censor this so much

    • Peruvian Potato
      Peruvian Potato 3 months ago

      Trust me, if the movie included all the parts, it would be rated R

  • Tea Seriees
    Tea Seriees 3 months ago

    My biggest question is: How is The candle so bright like a castle full of lightbulbs in early 18 Century...Why is The sewer sooo big .. the water cant even fit? and why is The Wood so strong

  • Yehezkiel  Rickjoyner
    Yehezkiel Rickjoyner 3 months ago

    I just watch this after seeing oversimplified

  • Icy Lobster
    Icy Lobster 3 months ago

    0:15 me when my mom gave me my piece of cake on my birthday

  • Giannis Pixel
    Giannis Pixel 3 months ago

    The cake is a lie

  • Fionn Dazzle
    Fionn Dazzle 3 months ago

    *Marie Antoinette* : "Let them eat cake!" *Private Taxer* : "There's a tax for that."

  • Boom Yo Kaah
    Boom Yo Kaah 3 months ago

    Wow the French Revolution did made a BOOM in History

  • The Face That Runs The Place

    Wow this is super tame compared real life!

  • RyRick
    RyRick 3 months ago

    2:28 He kinda looks like the tf2 medic with a cool hat

  • Feynstein 100
    Feynstein 100 3 months ago

    Hey that's Phil's voice. From Modern Family.

  • Australian Bleach
    Australian Bleach 4 months ago

    The reign of terror actually happens months after the deaths of Louis and Maria Antoinette as a way for Robespierre to rid France of all anti-revolutionaries.

  • snyder1171
    snyder1171 4 months ago

    Was Mary Antoinette really thicc?

    • Jose Mendoza
      Jose Mendoza 3 months ago

      Lots of people back then were plus Size, skinny was view as poor

  • vaniel godfrey
    vaniel godfrey 4 months ago

    For some reason i both like and dislike the queen seeing that she wasn't running the monarchy very well

  • Diamond Thomas
    Diamond Thomas 4 months ago

    "It's Not Amazing, it was just a Matter of Keeping My Head." Mr. Peabody's the King of Jokes and Puns and the Master of Laughter just like Sid the Science Kid, Shrek, Luan, Orange, Squeeks, Cat Noir, and Numbah 2 the Kings and Queens of Jokes and Puns and Masters of Laughter

  • animelover 727
    animelover 727 4 months ago

    She never said let them eat cake

  • Angelcake Blushes
    Angelcake Blushes 4 months ago

    The way she ate that slice of cake in one bite is me in a nutshell 🍰🎂🍴🍽️

  • arcel Gamundoy
    arcel Gamundoy 4 months ago

    A cantaloupe? The lowest of the fruits! WHO DARES TO INSULT ME WITH THIS🍈 MELLON!!!

  • Heitor Silva Santos
    Heitor Silva Santos 5 months ago

    I love french revolution! In the movie and in the history class!

  • Jalena Isobel- Lilly
    Jalena Isobel- Lilly 5 months ago

    I love cake, too!!! But who else thinks she has an accent of a 6 year old girl with a strong British accent???

    • Peruvian Potato
      Peruvian Potato 3 months ago

      That doesn't make sense since she was an Austrian

  • Enric .penguin
    Enric .penguin 5 months ago

    Sugarcoated history in the movie!

  • xacobe playz
    xacobe playz 5 months ago

    Let them get demonitized

  • Anonymous Guy
    Anonymous Guy 5 months ago

    Wait what kind of cake Whack

  • DJ FreeM
    DJ FreeM 5 months ago

    By the way... that’s an aristo-dog

  • DJ FreeM
    DJ FreeM 5 months ago

    When i get my teaching certificate, im gonna show this to my students every year - so they know what didn’t happen

  • Mango_Sprayz
    Mango_Sprayz 5 months ago

    Chilling with them eating cake like everyone isn’t just about to die

    LOMB LOMB 5 months ago

    Vive la France et la République! 🇫🇷

  • Walt Kelly
    Walt Kelly 5 months ago

    Got any bread. No I’m poor.

  • Potato Aim
    Potato Aim 5 months ago


  • Dannyy Mira18
    Dannyy Mira18 5 months ago

    So umm,anyone came from the recommendation spot or was it just me😂

  • Macamen
    Macamen 5 months ago


  • •matt •
    •matt • 5 months ago

    oh bOyY I sURe loVe CAKE!! CfgcTufryGdxTUxdtuXyrsxrdxyrszrCdtyzTDHcj FT