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  • Nicky H
    Nicky H 3 hours ago

    New era of Trish

  • Joy Miller
    Joy Miller 3 hours ago

    Did she get a reduction? Or camera angle? It looks way better if she did.

  • Myshell Cox
    Myshell Cox 3 hours ago

    Autotune much 🙈🙈

  • Emily Andersen
    Emily Andersen 3 hours ago

    Somebodies hungry to be Shane’s next project

    MICAILA JONES 3 hours ago

    Trisha you look so cuteeeee💜

  • Sebastian C. R
    Sebastian C. R 3 hours ago

    it wasn't because you came out as transgender you got the backlash, it was the way you did it and explained it. you made it seem like it was all a show.

  • Elyse Alexandra
    Elyse Alexandra 3 hours ago

    What is happening... Lol

  • Raul L
    Raul L 3 hours ago

    I’m so sorry zac effron, you don’t deserve this

  • five six
    five six 3 hours ago

    What the fuck are you doing?!

  • Madi Joy Styles
    Madi Joy Styles 3 hours ago

    She confusing

  • Drewmena
    Drewmena 3 hours ago


  • Its Molly
    Its Molly 3 hours ago

    She needs a break...

  • Hannah Gonzalez
    Hannah Gonzalez 3 hours ago

    sis...i loved it

  • Apple Cheeks
    Apple Cheeks 3 hours ago

    Plot twist: She actually isn't trolling nor has she ever been, she actually is a mental nutcase but takes credit for being a troll as an excuse or cover-up for her idiotic, controversial crap like this. Lol

  • Ashley D.
    Ashley D. 3 hours ago

    Please don’t stop now. We need “you are the music in me”.

  • Lauryssah Wood
    Lauryssah Wood 3 hours ago

    Trisha I support u no matter what, people are going to be negative because they don’t understand u, they do not know what u are going through but at the end of the day u are u and It does not matter what they think of u I give u all of my love and support.🥰

  • Ayalah Robarge-Silkiner

    I wanted her to shave her head at the end lowkey but ig this works to

  • Хачирова
    Хачирова 3 hours ago

    Damn, what are you eating Trish?!...I liked this song. Sounds nice.👏

  • Bethany Hopkins
    Bethany Hopkins 3 hours ago

    No one thought to tell him his back tag was sticking out this whole video?

  • thedisturbedbanana
    thedisturbedbanana 3 hours ago

    trisha, sweetie. you need to get some help. you need to put down the camera and talk to someone close to that. its ok to not understand what you are. as a member of the LGBTQ+ comminuty, the original video was extremely offensive. you need to take some time off to find yourself and to not cry to a camera about it. sometimes, people don't want to hear your excuses about an offensive video. you should talk to people facing the same thing. sweetie, people love you. it is so offending for people to hear your words with that video. experiment girl. experiment. wear wigs. buy a binder. you need to find who that you are and turning to the internet for that is not the place for it. i wish you the best of luck girlie.

    BBY X DIANA 3 hours ago


  • Senait Tokarski
    Senait Tokarski 3 hours ago

    I don’t know what I just watched

  • Its Molly
    Its Molly 3 hours ago

    Please, tell me I’m the only person who asks a person that is lgbtq+ if they r open to questions?!?!

  • Drewmena
    Drewmena 3 hours ago

    My girlfriend must be a transgender because she always talks about how us guys have it so easy

  • •Gisela •
    •Gisela • 3 hours ago

    This. Is. disgusting.

  • Elizabeth marie
    Elizabeth marie 3 hours ago

    Is this the video that made her a transgender boy draqueen gay man?

  • Maddy Parke
    Maddy Parke 3 hours ago


  • Lee Jones
    Lee Jones 3 hours ago

    Is this real? She isnt really a singer is she cause this is sooooooo bad

  • Daniela Rubio
    Daniela Rubio 3 hours ago

    Why did no one tell he Fabius her tag on her pants!

    BLURR YFA CE 3 hours ago

    we stan a transgender legend 🤩🤩🤩

  • McKenzie Smith
    McKenzie Smith 3 hours ago

    I love HSM!!! This was one of my favorite songs in it!

  • Amanda Sue Robinson
    Amanda Sue Robinson 3 hours ago

    Remember this for next time every action has consequences and know that people are going to speak up about something they don't agree with!!! You make a video like that and you should have known it was going to happen....

  • Park Dooly
    Park Dooly 3 hours ago

    She just ruined the main characters role smh.

  • Rebecca B
    Rebecca B 3 hours ago

    Me getting ready to get tackled by Kim security 😂

  • Andrew Haven
    Andrew Haven 3 hours ago

    Is this bitch dumb

  • Shae Baldwin
    Shae Baldwin 3 hours ago


  • Emma Mae
    Emma Mae 3 hours ago

    ight imma head out now

  • Crafty Lad
    Crafty Lad 3 hours ago


  • Sofia Marzan
    Sofia Marzan 3 hours ago

    Ahahahaha this is lowkey so accurate and I love it so much

  • Rumbum
    Rumbum 3 hours ago

    this lowkey a bop

  • Sara Spencer
    Sara Spencer 3 hours ago

    I cant. I literally cant anymore. GET OFF TVclip AND HELP YOURSELF.

    MVTHER ART 3 hours ago

    Zac Efron(bimbofied)

  • Nastya Korovska
    Nastya Korovska 3 hours ago

    i eat like 50 times a day

  • Michelle The Clown
    Michelle The Clown 3 hours ago

    She looks like my aunt no cap

  • Jody Knight
    Jody Knight 3 hours ago

    Nice cover T, your dancing was good too. It's so cool that you get to do things that make you so happy, just don't let the nasties drag you down to their level. The 'cancel culture' is pathetic, mean spirited and absolutely useless to a progressive society.

  • RhianafeatEileen
    RhianafeatEileen 3 hours ago

    Okay why is this good though

  • ricar1a
    ricar1a 3 hours ago

    thanks for ruining the only thing i loved

  • Lilithgray
    Lilithgray 3 hours ago

    The comments I’m dead 😂 Tho it’s a kinda a bop

  • Alejandro Solano
    Alejandro Solano 3 hours ago

    I love you

  • Hudson Keough
    Hudson Keough 3 hours ago

    I really appreciate this video.

  • Bethany Balodis
    Bethany Balodis 3 hours ago

    So this is what she spends all her money on...

  • Autumn King
    Autumn King 3 hours ago

    Is this extremely weird to anyone else ?? Also why couldn’t someone help her out and say tuck in your tag 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Stephanie Vasquez
    Stephanie Vasquez 3 hours ago

    So... gender fluid ? Not transgender...?

  • Kelly Briones
    Kelly Briones 3 hours ago

    Yaaaassss Trish! You deserve it. I thought it was gorgeous too, I can't wait for the palette to come out!

  • Seven leorg
    Seven leorg 3 hours ago

    Ok you have to admit, makes a good Troy 😂

  • Buterra my croissant

    there goes my childhood

  • Jody Mitoma the Entrepreneur

    Stick to music videos. You & your team are good at music videos.

  • Dionisia Kaloudis
    Dionisia Kaloudis 3 hours ago

    why does sis look like she’s struggling to walk tho

  • Selena Gagnon
    Selena Gagnon 3 hours ago

    Bpd is not something you can just fucking self diagnose.

  • Rowlie John Flores
    Rowlie John Flores 3 hours ago

    I can’t believe that I finished this video, I should be studying lmao

  • Lovely Bunneh
    Lovely Bunneh 3 hours ago

    No cap she kinda made it slap 🤣👏🏻

  • soappiethestrange
    soappiethestrange 3 hours ago

    yass just in time for halloween. luvs the costume

  • Mikayla atkins
    Mikayla atkins 3 hours ago

    Me: watches Trisha’s version Me: goes and watches the original Me: *wow*

  • Emma Cory
    Emma Cory 3 hours ago

    Is she good tho like anyone else worried

  • j j
    j j 3 hours ago

    ur not a gay man drag queen transgender wtf i cant

  • Daisy Rivera
    Daisy Rivera 3 hours ago

    Omg loved it wtf lol shit go girl!!

  • Sierra Zurcher
    Sierra Zurcher 3 hours ago

    Just because being a guy for a day was easy doesn’t mean your trans 😒

  • Selena Gagnon
    Selena Gagnon 3 hours ago

    That is so fucking fucked up. She has no idea what bpd is or feels like especially to live with it and not knowing why you act that way when you haven’t been diagnosed yet. She has no idea how people suffering with bpd feel like or react.

  • Liam Strong
    Liam Strong 3 hours ago

    honey... go back to therapy..

  • Rachy Rach
    Rachy Rach 3 hours ago


  • Theylovehaley 101
    Theylovehaley 101 3 hours ago

    Yiu and steph should collab

  • Dylan Schultz
    Dylan Schultz 3 hours ago

    Even my throwup doesn’t want to be exposed to her

  • ALI 727
    ALI 727 3 hours ago

    Trisha... Please... Get off the internet! Enough is seriously enough.

  • ritsu kageyama
    ritsu kageyama 3 hours ago

    i,m trans ,,......... aa ahh ahhhhhhhh hhhhghhhh hhhh. a

  • Josselyn Casaleno
    Josselyn Casaleno 3 hours ago

    Why tho?

  • John Martinez
    John Martinez 3 hours ago

    Trisha: *buys a wig and puts it on* Also Trisha: “hey guys I’m transgender”

  • Ray ._.
    Ray ._. 3 hours ago

    You just don't want to be sexualized by others that doesn't make you trans also as someone who is non-binary your whole they them thing was shity and is hella transphobic

  • M. A.
    M. A. 3 hours ago

    I think she confused, and I think that’s why she doesn’t like labels

  • Liam Strong
    Liam Strong 3 hours ago

    wow. this is the first video to come up when you look up ftm trangender. crazy world we like in. my mind is blown.

  • Veronica Gammage
    Veronica Gammage 3 hours ago

    You are disgusting. No one gives a fuck about your vagina bitch

  • Adaobi C
    Adaobi C 3 hours ago

    what am I even listening to?

  • mary alias
    mary alias 3 hours ago

    what in the actual fuck

  • S-S-Sweet Like Jello

    ngl lowkey boppin to this cover. it's really good

  • autumn12310
    autumn12310 3 hours ago

    I love this so much I just jammed the fck out on my Snapchat to this

  • Zella Lynn
    Zella Lynn 3 hours ago

    Kind of a bop tho

  • Amanda Gilson
    Amanda Gilson 3 hours ago

    I wonder what zac effron would say to this lol I like it tho

  • Alex Martinez
    Alex Martinez 3 hours ago

    We get it baby girl you need more $ that's why you talk about this topic❤

  • Monie 22
    Monie 22 4 hours ago

    When I thought I couldn't love Trish anymore. 😍😂 yaass come tru Troy Bolton 👏👏👏😄

  • Ernae Maile
    Ernae Maile 4 hours ago

    My childhood is QUAKING 😭😭

  • LeBlanc- Senpai:3
    LeBlanc- Senpai:3 4 hours ago

    Cool Halloween costume 🤔😂

  • Jay OwO
    Jay OwO 4 hours ago

    I know there's alot of drama going on but can we just take a moment to appreciate this

  • Erin Taylor
    Erin Taylor 4 hours ago

    Does she really think she sings good? Omfg

  • Marcoxfenty
    Marcoxfenty 4 hours ago

    *So you're telling me the whole controversial trans story was made to promote this? LMAOOOO*

  • Natalie O.
    Natalie O. 4 hours ago

    What happened at 24:22

  • Kimmy Del Rey
    Kimmy Del Rey 4 hours ago

    What... the... hell??...🤔😆😂🤣

  • Kaitlyn Nicole
    Kaitlyn Nicole 4 hours ago

    What’s crazy to me is that Disney actually let her make this, considering how strict they are with the rights to their songs. She killed it though, not gonna lie. 😤

  • Juana Aragon
    Juana Aragon 4 hours ago

    Highschool musical gone wrong

  • Veronica Gammage
    Veronica Gammage 4 hours ago

    She’s absolutely ridiculous. She doesn’t know what she is talking about. Bitch look up what the word trans means dumbass. You abuse this platform for your dumb and controversial shit. Why don’t you think before you act which means RESEARCH!!!!!!!

  • M B
    M B 4 hours ago

    I can’t help but laugh 😂😂😂

  • Jarred Croes
    Jarred Croes 4 hours ago