The Herd with Colin Cowherd
The Herd with Colin Cowherd
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  • Isaiah
    Isaiah Hour ago

    This could either be colins greatest take, or his dumbest take of all time.

  • Prison Mike
    Prison Mike Hour ago

    I could see Ron Rivera as the Cowboys coach

  • Alejandro Hernandez

    Love it how Urban just straight up says the ACC is bad, I have no choice to Stan this man

  • Sautéed Crème Fraîche

    Doug has a face you want to punch at the Catalina wine mixer. Just sooo easy to pummel

  • BMAjr 2
    BMAjr 2 Hour ago

    Why would he even leave Bama?

  • For Ever Jones
    For Ever Jones Hour ago

    Doug needs to stick to college basketball, this whole segment was a bunch of trying to tell the future, "Sam darnold WILL EVENTUALLY BE BETTER, IM PRETTY SURE PAT MAHOMES WILL HAVE A BETTER CAREER".....WITH NO FACTS, NUMBERS, just lamar Jackson hate

  • OGang Neruda
    OGang Neruda Hour ago

    more n more suspect after every segment

  • John bro
    John bro Hour ago

    Such a hater

  • Piggle Pig Swillbucket

    What about Famous Jameis and the Bucs?

  • Breon Mitchell
    Breon Mitchell Hour ago


  • jimb
    jimb Hour ago

    This dude might be the dumbest guy I have ever seen on here!

  • The Hokage
    The Hokage Hour ago

    Remember he left Miami ?

  • B Swifty
    B Swifty Hour ago

    Tom Brady is Going to 49'ers because Shannihan Wants Brady over Jimmy G Duh!!.. How Do U guys Not know that?! 🤣

  • Stephen Henry
    Stephen Henry Hour ago

    Lol why everything always gotta be compared to Cam Newton 😂

  • Marathon Phillip

    Who is this guy?(the guest) BASICALLY HES SAYING “Sam darnold > Lamar Jackson “ He wasn’t done there tho he also said “Lakers #1 because of Caruso” Not AD NOT Lebron he saying Caruso. Whatta clown 🤡

  • josiah alfaro
    josiah alfaro Hour ago

    Cowboys better break out the checkbook and some if they want saban. Very unrealistic in my opinion. No reason in leaving the stability and money in the college ranks

  • Philip Lopez
    Philip Lopez Hour ago

    Lol this is just funny

  • Conor The Lions Fan

    Not a single chance.

  • Dale Leone
    Dale Leone Hour ago

    Reason 1... he won't.

  • Toby Schneider
    Toby Schneider Hour ago

    He cant get enough of Joy..

  • gustavo juarez
    gustavo juarez Hour ago

    I was waiting for Jimmy g to pop up and Colin would've made it awkward asf 😂

  • DrewJoeWorm
    DrewJoeWorm Hour ago

    This is one of his worst takes of all time lol

  • zSupreme Elite
    zSupreme Elite Hour ago

    Nick cry’s about the ref in the championship game if he wasn’t lined up of sides blah blah blah🙄

  • Justin Rees
    Justin Rees Hour ago

    Lamar Jackson jerseys are sold out. I’m so sad right now

  • The Herd with Colin Cowherd

    Would Nick Saban be a good fit for the Cowboys?

  • Jimmy Her
    Jimmy Her Hour ago

    Say what you want, Colin does have some creative segments like this. Reminds me of the Kawhi sweepstakes.

  • Basketball Player

    Colin swipes right on thick trunky coastal kids

  • Yellow Flash
    Yellow Flash Hour ago

    *Cowherd has FINALLY taken his dating/ marriage analogies TO THE NEXT LEVEL!!! lol*

  • Doug Cooper
    Doug Cooper Hour ago

    I think Doug Gottlieb might be the worst “analyst” ever. Like literally

  • M D
    M D Hour ago

    Creative show.

  • The Unpopular Opinionated Tennessean

    Baker is responsible for his actions. Cut the nonsense Doug.

  • Austin Criswell
    Austin Criswell Hour ago

    Does this guy just sit around and talk about how hot qb's are? If he swings that way cool but what does it have to do with football

  • Meynard Hutcheson

    Joy got that Patrick mahomes hairstyle going on today

  • The Unpopular Opinionated Tennessean

    The OBJ trade would have worked if the Browns had a quarterback.

  • The Unpopular Opinionated Tennessean


  • The Rake
    The Rake Hour ago

    Nobody is signing tb

  • Joshua M
    Joshua M Hour ago

    This dude doesnt know what he's talking about

  • The Unpopular Opinionated Tennessean

    Huh Doug? Washington's quarterback mess is their fault. They had a dang good quarterback in Kirk Cousins, and would not pony up the money for him because of arrogance, disrespect, and blatant incompetence. Cousins is tearing it up in Minneapolis right now. You reap what you so.

  • Cole World
    Cole World Hour ago

    I’m glad Colin mentioned men don’t like kids when dating..You practically said single mothers should get no love which is true. Great segment

  • Vic Wilson
    Vic Wilson Hour ago

    The Cam hits got cheaper and the refs stopped protectingn him !!

  • Rick Gonzalez
    Rick Gonzalez Hour ago

    genuinely surprised Carr didnt come up at all

  • Jordan Davis
    Jordan Davis Hour ago

    Colin has a good crew around him. Very good show

  • Jamie
    Jamie Hour ago

    I fell sorry for the both of you not to feel pride in your home Pro football team, I was born and raised a Steele's fan even thru the 80 when I was a young child we watched every single game! I am here to tell you it is a lifestyle in Pittsburgh, born and bread mentality. You can only experience it I guess by living it, and for that I am truly sorry to those who didn't. Now is Lamar fun to watch absolutely, but my loyalty lies else where and he is the enemy!

  • Myles
    Myles Hour ago

    Imagine choosing mono boy over the MVP.

  • Kipsy Kid
    Kipsy Kid Hour ago

    Joy bad asf

  • Cole Counts
    Cole Counts Hour ago

    So when Dak is bad it’s not his fault, but when Stafford plays great for the worst organization and never has a good team “he doesn’t win enough” lmao

  • wavenstein
    wavenstein Hour ago

    Gottlieb looks like he shot Medgar Evers

  • tj
    tj Hour ago

    Gottlieb is the *GOAT,* smartest man in sports.

  • KingRetroXI
    KingRetroXI Hour ago

    How come Matt stafford don’t get a pass for having a bad coach and personnel and dak does

  • jose pablo palacios villa

    this was from yesterday...

  • Joseph Potter
    Joseph Potter Hour ago

    Doug looks high

  • JT Rogers
    JT Rogers Hour ago

    Everyone eat more cheeseburgers! We have to contribute to global warming! Let’s make democraps mad!!

  • Jwan Ballsohard
    Jwan Ballsohard Hour ago

    Doug should stick with talking about college basketball this dude don’t know anything about Lamar Jackson and football

  • Kruppt808
    Kruppt808 Hour ago

    I won't even read the comments because I know I will die laughing😂😂😂😂 Come on Colin, you can't make it this easy for the Internet. 😆

  • Mgriff 7
    Mgriff 7 Hour ago

    Do you guys remember when Doug said “ let’s stop this Lamar Jackson for mvp talk”

  • Kruppt808
    Kruppt808 Hour ago

    LBJ and AD are playing like two of the top 5 players in the league and Doug spends almost all the time saying the coach, staff and Alex Caruso are the main reason........ Are you surprised the Lakers are off to this hot start? Little bit ( in the softest I've ever heard him talk) Just be like Skip and say everyone will get injured by April and the West is trash since that was always the excuse in the past where of course LBJ wins, he's in the garbage East.

  • Damola Aderinwale

    lol, most of Colin's subs are just here to look at Joy Taylor

  • Dj Thirst
    Dj Thirst Hour ago

    Doug the type of guy that would have justified slavery to the North in the 1800s.

  • James Varney
    James Varney Hour ago

    Man shout out doug gottlieb, dude is so consistent with awful sports takes.

  • Steven H Wang
    Steven H Wang Hour ago

    Colin forgot that Tinder wasn’t about long term so he should swipe right on most of these

  • David Heath
    David Heath Hour ago

    She looks like a hotter bellatrix lestrange

  • Ah Pook
    Ah Pook Hour ago

    They need more joy Taylor clips.. she was looking good today.

  • mynameisshaker
    mynameisshaker Hour ago

    Joy. Omg

  • GauNTLeT4
    GauNTLeT4 Hour ago

    Swiped right on 42yr old brady and left on stafford. Tells you all about cowherd football knowledge

  • Jerry Butler
    Jerry Butler Hour ago

    I like the Urban Myer to Dallas move, but I believe you have to call Saban knowing that he'll probably say no. You owe to the franchise to at least offer him the HC job.

  • J Ferguson
    J Ferguson Hour ago

    I would rather win a super bowl with a 7 year qb than be relevant with no ring with a great HOF 15 year qb, we'll just have to see

  • LiteWork _
    LiteWork _ Hour ago

    Didn’t this guy say the pats wouldn’t win a game in the playoffs last year?

  • Ivan Holman
    Ivan Holman Hour ago

    Dropped the dislike for Doug✌🏾

  • Flashpointer
    Flashpointer Hour ago

    1:49 Tampa Bay Punter: *exists* Jameis Winston: I'm about to end this man's whole career

  • Harold G
    Harold G Hour ago

    “Jarvis Landry is the better player” i immediately turned it off

  • Felix Chavarria
    Felix Chavarria Hour ago

    That was great, love the segment

  • David Krumme
    David Krumme Hour ago

    I'd take darnold as well in the long term

  • Jkp III
    Jkp III Hour ago

    Doug G talks too much

  • Stephen Salach
    Stephen Salach Hour ago

    Have ya not seen him on 3rd and long? God this guy doesn't watch the Ravens does he🤦

  • Hoop Ranks
    Hoop Ranks Hour ago

    I swear joy only gets hotter

  • The Tactition
    The Tactition Hour ago

    Colin really said the Vikings have the best TE group like the Ravens haven’t existed

  • tj
    tj Hour ago

    *FACT; Lamar Jackson already dealing with Quad Injury.*

    • Myles
      Myles Hour ago

      You do realize that it came from a hit in the pocket during a touchdown throw, right? It’s minor also.

    • Jared Solomon
      Jared Solomon Hour ago

      from getting hit inside the pocket

  • m Ì k É.! 1
    m Ì k É.! 1 Hour ago

    I’ll bet the cowbishs wish they had a Lamar at quarterback?? 🤣 ! 👏🏻cowbishs has DAKIT at qb tho!👏🏻😁... the rams will destroy the cowbishs Sunday also!👏🏻

  • Marcus P
    Marcus P Hour ago

    I clicked on this video and went straight to the comments

  • Layupz
    Layupz Hour ago

    Bro joy is so bad😍

  • G'D UP N SOULJA'D Down l

    LJ is cam without the attitude 😂😂😂damn just say all blacks look alike... Damn I'm glad this dude will never get futher than where he is a backup sorry doug your trash nobody likes u

  • Jared Solomon
    Jared Solomon 2 hours ago

    hey colin, doug is awful. i like your show but i can't stand segments with this guy

  • Jake Mason
    Jake Mason 2 hours ago

    Super like for thicc coastal kid Sam Darnold

  • tj
    tj 2 hours ago

    *Gottlieb Haters, can't handle truth, lol*

  • jeff goodrich
    jeff goodrich 2 hours ago


  • Oui Bay
    Oui Bay 2 hours ago

    I hate Doug Gottlieb. He’s what a Klansman looks like without a hoodie! Always talking on code! We on to you Dougie!

    • Oui Bay
      Oui Bay Hour ago

      jack lumsden pretty much... that and I got the pin to your moms debit card!😂

    • jack lumsden
      jack lumsden Hour ago

      @Oui Bay no. I just think its important to mention that you have no education, dont have a good job and in general live your life a mess.

    • Oui Bay
      Oui Bay Hour ago

      jack lumsden u mad bro?

    • jack lumsden
      jack lumsden Hour ago

      Lol there is zero chance you have any education.

  • Magoo Investing
    Magoo Investing 2 hours ago

    This is a really smart segment

  • Bnorvs 59
    Bnorvs 59 2 hours ago

    Where’s baker Colin!?

  • StuntManMike
    StuntManMike 2 hours ago

    Treating us with Joy

  • P H
    P H 2 hours ago

    Lamar can throw and will throw accurate under pressure

  • tha baller
    tha baller 2 hours ago

    He is very interresting to listen to even if u disagree with his takes

  • Brando
    Brando 2 hours ago

    It's time for Fox NFL Sunday to have Joy Taylor host the show. She has outstanding sports knowledge and looks incredible.

  • Mark Parrilla
    Mark Parrilla 2 hours ago

    never throws outside the numbers? i can recall multiple times he threw outside. even beat the cards on a 20+ yard throw to the outside

  • J King
    J King 2 hours ago

    Listening to Doug Goutlieb talk you would think he has some type of football acumen... Then you look at the Season and be like oh yeah...

  • cptamazing12
    cptamazing12 2 hours ago

    Lamar has nothing on mike Vick so us 30 year olds aren’t all that impressed by LJ but I can understand why a 13 year old would like him

    • Myles
      Myles Hour ago

      Mike Vick was my favorite quarterback growing up and I believe that Lamar will have the better football career. He’s about to be the MVP at 22 years old and you can see the room for growth. His leaderships did worth ethic is special too.

    • Andres Jorge Cabezas
      Andres Jorge Cabezas Hour ago

      Ignant 30 year old ( not plural, just you) cant see that LJ is better than Vick

    • Stephen Salach
      Stephen Salach Hour ago

      Lamar is way better than vick

    • Ayele Diallo Kimoni
      Ayele Diallo Kimoni 2 hours ago

      Vick doesn’t have one season where he threw for over 25 TDs.. Lamar already has 28 TDs with three games to go and is leading the league at that. Not to mention he’s breaking Vick’s rushing record tonight. Continue to live in the past. Even Vick admitted Lamar is better.

    • Chase Murphy
      Chase Murphy 2 hours ago

      Lamar is better than Vick in everything except the long ball

  • Chase Murphy
    Chase Murphy 2 hours ago

    Has this guy even watched LJ? He does well on 3rd and long and has led the team 80 yards down the field in short periods of time

    • Dustin Copeland
      Dustin Copeland Hour ago

      Yea I coulda swore I watched him lead a game winning drive against the niners? Lol

  • Maphack
    Maphack 2 hours ago

    he never said anything about blackpeoplemeet tho

  • tj
    tj 2 hours ago

    *Doug Gottlieb is code word for; Triggers Snowflakes, lol*

  • Daniel Paull
    Daniel Paull 2 hours ago

    Must be short on guests today

  • Chim Richalds
    Chim Richalds 2 hours ago

    Jets vs ravens, who ya got 😂