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  • Chris James
    Chris James 2 hours ago

    Well when I watch a movie I tend to enjoy it much better when they speak American.

  • theoden alexander
    theoden alexander 14 hours ago

    Sid was too sick to do the role that was written for him so they brought in Jim Brake to play his role. ugggg... that sucks so bad no offense to Brake or Rob but dang it.

  • TheDarktowerfan
    TheDarktowerfan 18 hours ago

    The trailers make it pretty clear they survived the hail of gunfire. Which is not out of the realm of possibility. Why is there a need for theories?

  • Agoogle User
    Agoogle User Day ago

    Rob Zombie has only one hit and otherwise failed as a film director and is an aging goth metal has-been who I stopped liking after I grew up.

  • Mario E
    Mario E Day ago

    You got your lion!

  • Chris Smallwood
    Chris Smallwood 2 days ago

    Great video man. Love Zombie... Sid Haig is the shiz

  • Fuck da world
    Fuck da world 2 days ago

    No way this can be good as house of 1000 corpes or even close devils rejects wasn't even close to house of 10000 corpes but i still enjoyed it I'm still gone give this a shot hope it's good

  • Mac Fresh
    Mac Fresh 3 days ago

    I’m just so confused bout everything. What was the point l of the movie. It seemed like it was 3 different movies

  • Hubert Long
    Hubert Long 3 days ago

    Spalding only is in this movie for a few minutes in the begining....he is i. Poor health and couldnt make movie

  • Eric Stefan
    Eric Stefan 3 days ago

    Are you going to go to hhn 29

  • J B
    J B 4 days ago

    When sig haig signed my devil's rejects picture over a decade ago he wrote " on our way to hell ?" After I asked him if they died .

  • J B
    J B 4 days ago

    I am the devil and I am here to do the devil's business is a direct quote from tex Watson who committed the murders at the tate residence. I bought tickets for the opening night so I can get a poster. Hope to get it signed eventually. I already have sid haigs autograph but it's on a picture of captain spaulding. Great video!

    SKEETER 4 days ago

    Rob zombie should make a tv show of these characters. Since everybody seems to be making tv show from horror movies.

  • Ben Miller
    Ben Miller 4 days ago

    Sadly I don't expect alot of Spaulding in this one. He looked pretty rough n sadly he had an accident that put him in the hospital. I hope he's ok but if you look back house of 1000 corpses n devils rejects both had "sacrificial" real deaths linked to them. But I think keeping Spaulding in jail was rob not wanting to push Sid. Just a thought. Best wishes to the legendary Sid haig

  • Ghost Wolf
    Ghost Wolf 5 days ago

    Ridiculous Premise He had the perfect ending complete Wild Bunch hail of Bullets finish. Zombie hasn't had a good film since Rejects

  • DanniTheWildThing❤️❤️

    She gets the uniform from Dee Wallace’s character.

    SKEETER 5 days ago

    I hope they survive in 3 from he'll cause I want more movie of them so bad.

      SKEETER 3 days ago

      That how I felt when I heard Karen Black wasn't gonna be in devil's rejects. But I decided to be open minded and I enjoyed it.

    • green anaconda, suriname boa, Colombian boa
      green anaconda, suriname boa, Colombian boa 3 days ago

      Spaulding is about to die so hopefully this is the end. Don't want a movie without him

    SKEETER 5 days ago

    You gotta love house of 1000 corpses for one big reason, Karen Black RIP Miss Black.

  • Gnarly Harley
    Gnarly Harley 7 days ago


  • neilson434
    neilson434 7 days ago

    So no uk release?

  • mark mercure
    mark mercure 9 days ago

    Capt is in the middle not just in the bottom right😂😂😂

    NLYTNDBYSNAKES 888 10 days ago

    Nice ETID hoodie. I have a few myself

  • Allison Jones
    Allison Jones 10 days ago

    great video! i will def check everyone out, thank u!

  • blámaðr Loki Kult
    blámaðr Loki Kult 10 days ago

    Simple anwser they are The Devils Rejects.

  • Woody Ramos
    Woody Ramos 10 days ago

    Oh my got... Could you be any more money time and boring .. Should stop doing casts.....until you can bring some excitement....I feel like I'm sitting in anthropology class ...lol

  • Edward Guzman
    Edward Guzman 11 days ago

    TLEV suck!!! How do you like them. There weak. Sorry Chris I’m out. 👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼

  • repboy1
    repboy1 11 days ago

    Watched it tonight preview it’s awesome .Clearest water projections I’ve ever seen

  • DiscoLiz
    DiscoLiz 11 days ago

    Still honored to have been part of that controversial list! LOL. Thanks for the new recommendations for 2019!

  • Yukendoit’s Further Adventures in Japan

    Thanks man I’m stoked for the season! It starts on Saturday!

  • RealJoshMorrow
    RealJoshMorrow 11 days ago

    Thanks for the shout out! Hope to see you in the fog! We will be there all of opening weekend and a crap ton throughout the event!

  • Misfits Unmanaged
    Misfits Unmanaged 11 days ago

    Humbled to be mentioned in this with all of these other great content creators! Thank you for doing a video like this! Love the idea! Hope we can hang out this season!

  • AW
    AW 11 days ago

    You guys need to check out Fractured Compass Productions.

  • robhimself79
    robhimself79 11 days ago

    Love it! Can't wit to see people judge you on the "missing" vloggers... THEY DON'T NEED PROMOTION!!! And frankly IMHO, they would NEVER do this type of video unless you were giving them something return, as if people watching your videos, hurts them in some way. Keep doing what you do.

  • Luke
    Luke 12 days ago

    THANK YOU CHRIS!!! Such an honor to be apart of this list! Hope to you see you in the fog!

  • SoCalExploring
    SoCalExploring 12 days ago

    Thanks for the kind words about the channel, I really do enjoy how creative your intros are to all the videos and I think videos like this are a perfect example of bringing the community together instead of everyone butting heads. Amazing video on the road to 5K!!

  • The Nights of Horror

    Wow thanks for the shoutout and badass metal voice!!!!

  • Thomas Kuhlmeier
    Thomas Kuhlmeier 12 days ago

    "Not this Zombie" I love that mantra! Keep doing what you're doing, Chris. We can't please everyone, so keep making what you love doing. Best Wishes, and thank you for the shout-out.

  • Losh TV
    Losh TV 12 days ago

    Thank you so much for this, I can’t wait to check out everyone’s content this year, it’s going to be amazing !!

  • Just Out 'n About
    Just Out 'n About 12 days ago

    This was a nice surprise!!! Thanks so much for including us in the haunt list!! We will be covering Orlando and BGT howl o scream and you were right, we are going to Dark Horizon. We are in NC and will be covering SCarowinds (at our home park Carowinds) BGW Howl o Scream along with local haunts here in NC. We appreciate it!!! 🎃👻🕸️🕷️ ~Dawn

  • Eddytainment
    Eddytainment 12 days ago

    Love that you’re sharing the creators to watch man, always nice to see the community working together!

  • james alexander
    james alexander 12 days ago

    Its going to be scary

  • Ryan Nicholson
    Ryan Nicholson 12 days ago

    I got details on how to save on these nuts

  • Paul Grossenbacher
    Paul Grossenbacher 13 days ago

    This legit? Im really interested this was my childhood

  • Paul Grossenbacher
    Paul Grossenbacher 13 days ago

    Just rewatched devils rejects wich i think is the best of the 2. Corpses was good but rejects was a classic. I think dr satan returns because they never expanded on his character .

  • Boris Godzinevski
    Boris Godzinevski 13 days ago

    There have been people surviving 15+ gunshot wounds. Unlikely yes but it's a movie.

  • Niall Sheridan
    Niall Sheridan 14 days ago

    I'd say this is a prequel

  • Alexandre Nascimento

    You can not compare to other movies, they always follows the formula, this movie is about not follow this formula. I think is not a easy movie to understand. For me this movie is "deep or dumb", or both.

  • Charles Dufour
    Charles Dufour 16 days ago

    very good quality. This video deserve more views

  • Jason Barbee
    Jason Barbee 18 days ago

    Most of the people from Rob Zombie‘s Halloween one and two are narcissistic assholes very much like Zombie himself! Kane Hodder would definitely stomp Tyler Mane’s ass, no question! 💪🏻 That blonde chick with the yellow bandanna and the piercing in her nose, she’s fucking retarded no question about it and she looks dope sick!

  • Ian Fortuna
    Ian Fortuna 18 days ago

    How are they alive? Hell is just too scared to keep them down there

  • Russell Oszuscik
    Russell Oszuscik 20 days ago

    I'd like to see a shared universe concept where "The 3" end up in prison.... Escape from prison and do to an unfortunate event, end up in the setting of 31 where its the Firefly Family verse psycho killing clowns and how they survive that night...

  • Tom Smith
    Tom Smith 21 day ago

    What was supernatural about House Of 1000 Corpses? Dr Satan was a scientist/neurosurgeon, he couldn't bring back the dead. His intent was to create super humans with brain surgery. Malpractice has nothing to do with the supernatural.

  • Tina Bailey
    Tina Bailey 22 days ago

    The suit Mr. Keith David wore is what I'm talking about.

  • Tina Bailey
    Tina Bailey 22 days ago

    That suit was a stand alone character to me....

  • Tina Bailey
    Tina Bailey 22 days ago

    The movie American Nightmares seems to be more the supposed two parter of Tales From The Hood, to me. I liked that suit thought. That suit was sharp. I was waiting on the suit to transform. Who ever tailored that suit should get a reward!

  • Unfiltered Truth
    Unfiltered Truth 22 days ago

    I believe theory 3, these nuts have an extremely high pain tolerance and I believe they barely survived somehow.

  • Wrestling and Amusement park lover 62

    I thought it was a decent movie not great not terrible. Now what I liked about it was the zombies were good but laughed at the stuff they were doing even though they were dead like play tennis or hear them say wifi. The purple tint to the moon was cool. Selena gomaz did decent in it. Now the only bad think about it was I thought was when a zombie got killed it had like a purple mist to it. That was kinda stupid. The golf couple who got struck by lighting Schenectady was funny. Only part that made me go huh was the UFO scene. That was like what. Other then that it was a ok movie

  • Sin-Dee Atom
    Sin-Dee Atom 24 days ago

    I think they know how to take bullets and pain. Been there done that. Hipyahhhh when living is all you know, you tend to survive.

  • Elliot Rodgers
    Elliot Rodgers 24 days ago

    Is this where cwc got his legendary name?

  • ThanksReviewer
    ThanksReviewer 24 days ago

    They delayed the movie to be released in may I'm actually angry Cause I have to wait till may which is *9 months*

  • Autumns Ashes
    Autumns Ashes 25 days ago

    I officially got my tickets for September 19th woooppp

  • C.E. LILLY
    C.E. LILLY 26 days ago

    FOR MY FIREFLY GROUPIES: IF U CLICK THE LINK AND SKIP TO TIME-STAMP 5M:27SEC, you will see where (I confidently hypothesize) Mr. Zombie/publicity/marketing team most likely found their inspiration for the ("FREE THE 3 [possible cult like-movement and their members assist Baby and Otis in their respective escapes ?! this true crime story is pretty disturbing yet fascinating -and a brilliant marketing idea for the film: heres the link : tvclip.biz/video/JS1yzjNjJGs/video.html

  • James Redmond
    James Redmond 27 days ago

    This was my most anticipated house for this year I was getting so worried because I didn't expect them to hold onto this announcement until the end

  • RandomBlake
    RandomBlake 27 days ago

    Does anyone know where I can watch the original series I’m trying to get into it

  • Draculina Publishing

    Lots of talent with mediocre results.

    JAMES BOND FAN 007 28 days ago

    You need to do more research dude...1969 was the Tate murders... I subscribed though but lift ya game bro...😊

  • insanityfamily13
    insanityfamily13 28 days ago

    I'd go on the limited edition poster day if it was even playing in my city or country but it's not...

  • insanityfamily13
    insanityfamily13 28 days ago

    It's 3 nights and then ondemand. That's what Sid said I believe.

  • insanityfamily13
    insanityfamily13 28 days ago

    The new clown is Mr.Baggy Britches.

  • The HHN/ FREAK
    The HHN/ FREAK 28 days ago

    HHN 26 was a very bad year

  • Andrea Ham
    Andrea Ham 28 days ago

    If Tobin is not in it its not SAW

  • Judith Ortiz,
    Judith Ortiz, 28 days ago

    I like your reaction new subscriber 👋

  • Madeline Desautels
    Madeline Desautels 28 days ago

    ‘Thought you might wanna meet up at horror nights... share some smore fries’ is most definitely how I’m going to ask dudes out now

  • Kristin B
    Kristin B 29 days ago

    I’m in Ga and it’s still hot, but I am starting to feel fall in the air from time to time. Walmart and a lot of other stores in my area already have Halloween stuff 🖤💜🍂🎃

  • Kristin B
    Kristin B 29 days ago

    We have tickets to see this movie and that was my companions first question. How did they survive in Devils Rejects? I agree with your theory. They just somehow survived.

  • OhtheSuffering
    OhtheSuffering 29 days ago

    "Satanic recovery" as said in the newspaper headline. It was perhaps their time as cultists that allowed them to reasonably cheat death.

  • Oslo Black
    Oslo Black 29 days ago

    The way I've always seen it is that they're a product of Dr Satan and are already dead. Whether or not that's true it makes sense to me. I never once thought they were dead and refused to believe so.

  • Traci Sweeni
    Traci Sweeni Month ago

    It does make for a great idea fr an attraction, Cool 😈🇬🇧

  • kaiju and horror
    kaiju and horror Month ago

    Didn't they have a lagoon show back in the day

    • Zombie Chris
      Zombie Chris Month ago

      Yes they've had multiple lagoon shows featured at HHN. First one with the newer set up though.

  • kc270352
    kc270352 Month ago

    hey Zombie Chris, just to ask you. do you know why Universal cant use Warner Bros properties anymore?

    • kc270352
      kc270352 Month ago

      @Zombie Chris oh it's that Horror Made Here that they did last year, didn't they cancel it this year?

    • Zombie Chris
      Zombie Chris Month ago

      I'm assuming it has to be cause Warner bros have their own Halloween event In California. So they want to use their latest IPs instead of HHN themselves using it.

  • AGL 3000
    AGL 3000 Month ago

    I would band this psycho ass movie and the last two previous ones that came out before this new movie that's coming out this fall cuz it's look's too gory violent and disturbing

    • Zombie Chris
      Zombie Chris Month ago

      Sorry to say that's the point of the movies. They all are horror movies.

  • Just Out 'n About

    Really excited to hear about this show. Was hoping that's what they were adding! ~Dawn

    • Just Out 'n About
      Just Out 'n About Month ago

      @Zombie Chris Tyler said the same thing that he expected it more than likely next year. But I love it. Of course for next year I can't say I would complain if we got a true Halloween show back, like Jack's HHN25. I like a good true Halloween themed show. But I will still take this! ~Dawn

    • Zombie Chris
      Zombie Chris Month ago

      Couldn't agree more! This show seems like something they would have made a special announcement for their anniversary year. Hope it stays around.

  • Shayne Stewart
    Shayne Stewart Month ago

    Us would be insane!! So many ideas you could do. The movie had some really cool locations. Like the board walk, the house of mirrors, The wilsons and Tyler's beach house. and last the tunnel with many rooms. heck you could use all of them. The house of mirrors with creepy sounds, finding the exit out. But which one?!! The eerie beach not a single person in sight or sound. The Wilson's beach house. Seems like a nice safe spot inside. But what'z uh!! how did I get here a room full of rabbits. the tunnel of many rooms.

    • Shayne Stewart
      Shayne Stewart Month ago

      @Zombie Chris No problem. Thank u for replying. I hope it turns out really good. come on horror Halloween you can do it!!!

    • Zombie Chris
      Zombie Chris Month ago

      You truly see the light. I too think US has so much that can be used. Thank you for commenting.

  • Shayne Stewart
    Shayne Stewart Month ago

    Us funhouse is amazing! but don't know if would wanna venture in. But I would like to see it here when it's ready.

  • p o o p
    p o o p Month ago

    if fish boys gonna be there it will be a must see for office fans

  • Sean Pultz
    Sean Pultz Month ago

    Please for the love of God, Get me some good footage of this!!!

  • MyNameIsYari
    MyNameIsYari Month ago

    I got cast for this event and it will be more amazing than it looks🙌🏻

  • Marc Arcement
    Marc Arcement Month ago

    The guy recording is a fucking douchebag

  • Coaster Crowd
    Coaster Crowd Month ago

    Surprise! So hyped

  • kevin jones
    kevin jones Month ago

    Shittiest fuckin movie I've seen in years !!!! Shitty actors , typical racist ass spike Lee bullshit and stupid fuckin stories !!!! Fuck spike Lee's black ass

  • Duchess 47
    Duchess 47 Month ago

    Can. Not. Wait.

  • Duchess 47
    Duchess 47 Month ago

    Can. Not. Wait.

  • joshua vaysse
    joshua vaysse Month ago

    ca fait peur mais très interressant

  • The HHN/ FREAK
    The HHN/ FREAK Month ago

    I think this will be the scariest house this year!

  • Hank Moody
    Hank Moody Month ago

    who gives a fuck? I'm going to see it anyway, and so are you. 👀😂

  • Autumns Ashes
    Autumns Ashes Month ago

    I love horror and horror nights but this movie!! Lol I had a legit panic attack last time I watched it Haha. Dr. Satan is disturbing lol.

  • Alan 2112
    Alan 2112 Month ago

    Finally announced, this is my house of the year, possible ever. Wasn't supposed to be going this year but came across cheap flights so it'd be rude not to.

  • games guitars and gore

    Did you get to see the hollywood screener? Totally different movie almost.it shows him turn out that dead cheerleader in a super graphic way...i got lucky on pirate bay when house was in theaters(all 3 across the us lol) and i couldnt go see it...

    • games guitars and gore
      games guitars and gore Month ago

      @Zombie Chris i think youre right....been a long time though.i know that the outlook on otis i have is very different than others lol.it extends to bill moseley too....the way he flopped that dead girl around and seemed to thoroughly enjoy it was.......hard to swallow to say the least.it had other stuff too but thats the main thing.all the other stuff was cut for time...not that part lol.

    • Zombie Chris
      Zombie Chris Month ago

      Nope I never got to see that version. Funny enough I remember seeing the early trailer before it went to lionsgate. Unless I'm wrong it was Universal back then.

  • games guitars and gore

    I had no clue! I will fucking be there! Ill wanna live there....

  • carolynsapphiresage

    This is so damn cool I wanna go!!!! The first time I watched it I was about 15 years old and I seen it with my friend at the movies 🎥🍿and when Dr Satan came on the screen I ran out!😂😂😂I absolutely love Rob Zombies music and style of film making and anyone that doesn’t agree can become a FishBoy🐠

    • Zombie Chris
      Zombie Chris Month ago

      Something magical about see HOATC in the theaters. Hasn't been a horror film that captures that feeling in a while. Hahah that last comment.