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  • Lynda White
    Lynda White Hour ago

    Same old story I’m in prison because of racial inequality yawner. .

  • Lee A
    Lee A Hour ago

    If only the Labour Party was led by people like her. I’d vote for her in a heartbeat. R.I.P.

  • Trump 2020
    Trump 2020 Hour ago

    I don’t like the result. Let’s have a second election!! 🤣🤣

  • Leah Kennedy
    Leah Kennedy Hour ago

    Why peop dont get the food 😢

  • S Barnes
    S Barnes Hour ago

    Stop Brexit????? Hahahaha hahaha lol, guys how embarrassing. The people have spoken and you the remoaners are utterly defeated. Boris rules supreme, brexit I'd gonna happen, the people have spoken. Accept it with dignity. Awwwwww democracy is just do amazing!

  • Harry May
    Harry May Hour ago

    Why is that racist bigot Owen Jones on TV? ITV do your due diligence before asking people on your programme.

  • Ayan Hassan
    Ayan Hassan 2 hours ago

    I cryed so bad

  • S Barnes
    S Barnes 2 hours ago

    Bye bye, change u.k is extinct now

  • S Barnes
    S Barnes 2 hours ago

    Ooooooh dear, didnt go so well did it mate.

  • S Barnes
    S Barnes 2 hours ago

    Oh dear Jo, didn't go so well did it.

  • Harry May
    Harry May 2 hours ago

    By turning your back on the working class (i.e. since Blair came to the leadership in 1994), and ignoring the will of the people (e.g. recent Brexit vote), the Labour Party is now dead. Thankfully. Never trust a political party that is full of hatred and racists - but blames everybody but themselves for problems they created. Not a Conservative either - but at least they listened to the people - and now Brexit will get done.

  • Johnstone72
    Johnstone72 2 hours ago

    Your stuck, it's your area. Can't out smart stupid.

  • surfinmuso
    surfinmuso 3 hours ago

    wow, a vote for the elite top 5%... U guys fucked up badly. Your "medicare" will now be privatized just like the USA(how stupid can u get?), the middle class and below will be assfucked big time. good luck with this

  • Milton Thatherton
    Milton Thatherton 3 hours ago

    LOL @45:37 - agree and the other lesson is: if you're a centre-left party that would like to stick around then don't let the Americans talk you into fighting an illegal war.

  • Steven Martin
    Steven Martin 3 hours ago

    Boris congratulations get Brexit done get us back in the commercial international arena where Great Britain belongs happy Christmas to all

  • Buttbanging Trannyliberal

    I'm glad for the UK. Texas,USA

  • Rod Reeves
    Rod Reeves 3 hours ago

    It is so sad that this man who had a brilliant mind but spent his entire life in a twisted, tormented state had a final chance to embrace God but rejected him. Interring his body in a Christian church will do nothing for his salvation. I realise it is not my place to judge so I do hope that God spoke to him before his death. I believe in eleventh-hour redemption.

  • Jack Bare
    Jack Bare 4 hours ago

    Commie Corbyn never had a chance to win this election.

  • Epitaph1334
    Epitaph1334 4 hours ago

    She's crying about nationalism? No wonder she lost..

  • Jack Bare
    Jack Bare 4 hours ago

    Sadiq Khan is not so happy about the result. Give London back to the British is next.

  • Jack Bare
    Jack Bare 4 hours ago

    I heard that the next Labour leader to replace Corbyn is going to be a black or a Muslim to be more representative of the Labour Party and what it stands for.

  • Skodaman2
    Skodaman2 4 hours ago

    Eat that commies/globalists.

  • Master Yobama
    Master Yobama 4 hours ago

    For those of you who say “,Oh WhY DoNt ThEY StOP hAvINg KiDS?” ok ever heard of this word? “Rape” heres another “no education” people dont want to have babies but they cant stop its not easy. 50% percent of woman are raped most are at 10, “abort the baby” you may say. They cant afford, neither can they afford it, plus if your raped theres most likely not gonna be a condom put on. So instead of being ignorant and narcissistic help these people get a education to stop having children. Volunteer, donate care. If you dont oh well your just like the rest of them. But I dont want to be like the rest of them... i want to thrive, and help rather than sit and work and die knowing ive done nothing to help people.

  • George Norton
    George Norton 4 hours ago

    You stupid cow Nicola sturgeon

  • Terry Vanbocquestal
    Terry Vanbocquestal 5 hours ago

    Go Boris! Between you and Trump and even the President Duterte of the Philippines, all of you are showing the corrupt politicians and snowflakes how things get done!

  • nirvanafan500
    nirvanafan500 5 hours ago

    Good show last night covered it well good presenters and team

  • Slartibartfast
    Slartibartfast 5 hours ago

    This is a speech straight from the mouth of Hilary Clinton, patronising, arrogant and above all retarded.

  • jfeyder1024
    jfeyder1024 5 hours ago

    Savage Trump

  • tazzie2shoos
    tazzie2shoos 6 hours ago

    Emily Thornberry - 'we are not beaten', hmmmm yes you are - so many delusional politicians and media, if they got out of London they might not be so surprised at these results. Delighted at the results, a victory for democracy.


    Stupidity. You want your fuel to be full not a little. He declined 2 times to refuel. He was lying that he was pumped up for the match

  • Silver Gaming25
    Silver Gaming25 6 hours ago

    I can’t believe my country eat dog meat

  • Matthew Stokes
    Matthew Stokes 6 hours ago

    Please God that Scotland goes and England stands alone out of the EU (with Wales if it wants). This had been my dream for 35 years.... a free and sovereign England ... Wow! I think it can finally happen! Pray so.

    • Jack Bare
      Jack Bare 4 hours ago

      Hehe...the Scots will need a visa to travel to England to find work.

  • Clouded Dreams
    Clouded Dreams 6 hours ago

    Who else is watching in 2024 from the tattered remains of a council house after you've been pushed into mountainous university debt and have been unable to find anything except a zero-hour contract?

    • DownwardsSpiral
      DownwardsSpiral 4 hours ago

      Since you're shitting yourself this bad, why not just move to Canada or Europe like the other assblasted Europhile socialists are crying? Genuinely speaking. We'll have less parasites to deal with. But you're not going to, are you? I wonder why. Just like how American Leftists said they'd move to Canada after 2016 yet are still screeching 'Orange Man Bad' in the US that's doing better than ever. Your ilk are such emotional clowns it almost stops being funny.

  • nibble61
    nibble61 7 hours ago

    Best advert ever for voting tory

  • Akane Cortich
    Akane Cortich 7 hours ago

    Boris is a Russian asset, just look at his name 'Boris'. Impeach him. There has to be a second election, it has to be best out of three. Look, Boris pee pee dossier coming out. Boris phoned his aunty telling her to clean the kitchen. BBC say it was Prid Pro Quo, Boris was withholding cookies from his aunty until she cleaned his kitchen, even though phone transcript didn't mention cookies...but we all know the truth right...this must be bribery, even though aunty didn't even know about said cookies.

  • Louis The
    Louis The 7 hours ago

    Lord idiot has lost touch with the people. Ok ok it’s with hindsight.....

  • Channel One
    Channel One 7 hours ago


  • Broder Perdurabo
    Broder Perdurabo 7 hours ago


  • Dixie Normous
    Dixie Normous 7 hours ago

    I’m so looking forward to paying 600 quid for inhalers.

    • Joshua Simpson
      Joshua Simpson 22 minutes ago

      Labour has used the same lie for 50 years, appropriately after this term it will be 50 years since any labour leader other than Blair won an election.

    • Jack Bare
      Jack Bare 4 hours ago

      You will certainly need them if you voted Labour.

    • R6 Leviathan
      R6 Leviathan 7 hours ago

      Dixie Normous the nhs isnt being sold 🤦‍♂️

  • Benny .Burmeister Jørgensen

    Jo Swinson and anna soubry are now demanding another vote. Again they wasnt to happy with the result. Jo Swinson has actually said she would cancel the election alltogether "its unfair, it was my turn the stupid voters didnt knew what they were voting on" she was heard shouting.

  • Black Rose
    Black Rose 7 hours ago

    The lady on Corbyns right is beautiful 🤘🤘

  • las malvinas je srbija

    5:21:52 i know he's probably a decente guy and all but i cant stop feeling like the labour guy is missing a fedora

  • bernard cooley
    bernard cooley 8 hours ago

    Wonderful coverage. Magnificent result. Looking forward to re-plays over a long period.. Thamks

  • Richard John
    Richard John 8 hours ago

    GOODBYE !!!! You have been the spanner in the works of Britain. Jeremy .You are just a spare tool .In the boot of your own life now. Not under the bonnet of Britain .Playing with it's mechanisms.

  • Michelle Mercado
    Michelle Mercado 8 hours ago


  • DZ Malekvali
    DZ Malekvali 8 hours ago

    A total fraud elections

  • carlos jones
    carlos jones 9 hours ago

    Robert Peston looks like a broken man, lol

  • Farjina Begum
    Farjina Begum 9 hours ago

    Sir Corbyn ♥️

  • Sam Newton
    Sam Newton 9 hours ago

    Who's the Brexit party gimp at 5 hours 34 mins?

  • Ethan
    Ethan 9 hours ago

    The day Britain’s courage was crushed by a joke of a government

  • Rufus Burne
    Rufus Burne 9 hours ago

    At least she admits being a feminists - this woman is evil & up her own ass, a sociopath & narcissist for sure!

  • john smith
    john smith 9 hours ago

    The naysayers could not do a better job of motivating Boris. He actually thrives on being told, "You can't do it, its impossible!" The election result was almost as clear as the 2nd referendum the left have clamoured for. Regions that voted leave not only still wanted to leave but were prepared to switch decades long support for Labour to get it! Despite the thousands of teenagers voting remain the country CLEARLY rejected them and socialism.

  • geo serg
    geo serg 9 hours ago

    funny how the media have turned , we are with the people sort of rhetoric , when a few hours ago, it was , you all are dumb . get rid of the BBC

  • Bizz Xr
    Bizz Xr 9 hours ago

    Boris Johnson has NEVER combed his hair, imagine when he wakes up

    • Rembrandt
      Rembrandt 6 hours ago

      He looks like a reptile until he wears his Boris-suit

  • Peter M
    Peter M 9 hours ago

    He who laughs last.......

  • Your Conscience
    Your Conscience 9 hours ago

    Stop torturing Assange!!!!

  • john d k c
    john d k c 9 hours ago

    Anyone know how to install mods on minecraft?

  • Lucy 21
    Lucy 21 10 hours ago

    Really sad ,sad results , really gutted

  • Sadeer Kadem
    Sadeer Kadem 10 hours ago

    NDL forever

  • Ian
    Ian 10 hours ago

    What are the 20 traits of a psychopath? The twenty traits assessed by the PCL-R score are: glib and superficial charm. grandiose (exaggeratedly high) estimation of self. need for stimulation. pathological lying. cunning and manipulativeness. lack of remorse or guilt. shallow affect (superficial emotional responsiveness) callousness and lack of empathy.

  • Frederik the Wolfman
    Frederik the Wolfman 10 hours ago

    These elections are rigged. Isn’t it ironic that Labour hasn’t been in power for the past TEN YEARS?

    • Ron Clark
      Ron Clark Hour ago

      Just maybe if Labour chose to support the working class instead of throwing the working class under the bus for those on the dough, sucking up all of our resources which should be for us who are actually in the boat rowing the boat... Get rid of the PC left wing communist culture, the SJWs snowflakes, and support the British...

  • Staysafe Beabetterperson

    Racist scumb bags voted for Brexit and boris is racist and I could see there’s more evil people in the UK horrific news! They will taste there own medicine just wait n watch ! Voting for donkeys like Donald trump welcome to hell!!!!

  • Jayne T
    Jayne T 10 hours ago

    Actually, in Scotland, nope!

  • tonja austin
    tonja austin 10 hours ago

    You're going DIY

  • Paige •
    Paige • 10 hours ago

    You all make these shooters, you understand that right?!

  • Lenny humphrey
    Lenny humphrey 11 hours ago

    Privatising our health care system will just mean the genuinely sick people will get the help they need faster, stop all this fake sick note bollocks and put an end to unnecessary free prescriptions

  • Omegacube
    Omegacube 11 hours ago

    Good riddance.

  • vjab1108
    vjab1108 11 hours ago

    Why has ITV got all the LOSERS ON?

  • Jamie Davies Vlogs
    Jamie Davies Vlogs 11 hours ago

    Rip ceremy jorbin

  • Douglas Taggart
    Douglas Taggart 11 hours ago

    Who cares what sturgeon as to say deluded cow

  • Chet
    Chet 11 hours ago

    Coal did come back. Another democrat failure.

  • Tgf Sis
    Tgf Sis 11 hours ago

    Vote for jeremy

  • watvid1
    watvid1 11 hours ago

    So despite leaked documents showing the NHS would be sold, they still won? People are stupid

  • TheVapaaduunari
    TheVapaaduunari 11 hours ago

    Excellent production and screen team, excellent coveridge. Great job. Thank you.

  • Umbrella With no videos or content?!?!

    5:10 Can I just say, with the colour filters and the slow-motion as well as the music, you’ve made this look like it’s 1987?

  • Cliff Allen
    Cliff Allen 11 hours ago

    👍🏻👍🏻😂😂😂😂😂. Trump 2020!!

  • Spirit
    Spirit 11 hours ago

    The results: Your mom is gay.

    • •苺
      •苺 11 hours ago

      Spirit The REAL results: No u

  • SoYeAhImAgAmEr
    SoYeAhImAgAmEr 11 hours ago


  • Phil Cox
    Phil Cox 12 hours ago

    Nina Hussien is hot

  • Mike
    Mike 12 hours ago

    Elizabeth the 2nd walks in, says "I'm still Queen, bitches!" she smiles as the common rabble think they're in charge.

  • Conchi Garrido
    Conchi Garrido 12 hours ago

    bon voyage,,,,

  • girl girl
    girl girl 12 hours ago

    So much crawling loser comment from most of the guests here. No wonder the EU was able to walk all over Theresa May. Grow a pair, you morons, and start playing hard with the EU, just as they play things. Start FIGHTING!

  • ChoppersBBQ
    ChoppersBBQ 12 hours ago

    I think ITV deserve a pat on the back for their coverage last night. As a centrist they gave a fair and objective broadcast. As i understand from colleagues C4 for example was unashamedly to the left. We do not want that from our news, we want clear objective reporting of the issue at hand. No personal idealistic embelishment is wanted or required. The presenter was a great moderator and Ruth Davis seemed a fun lass to, enjoyed her involvement, happy upbeat and ready with a decent joke (no i am not a secret conservative, she was just fun, i did vote Conservative this election however). The panel/s refrained from attacking opposing party politics in an inflamatory way, as i say, objective. It was extremely refreshing to watch.

  • Matthew WH
    Matthew WH 12 hours ago

    We demand another election / referendum. Signed the Losers

    Mr SKIPPER VXR 12 hours ago

    That was splendid.

  • Sixty Second The Baptist


  • The Virtual Vicar
    The Virtual Vicar 12 hours ago

    A soft Brexit, is not Brexit.

  • eileenfb1948
    eileenfb1948 12 hours ago

    He should stick to writing as he is so good at making it up as he goes along.

  • fleetlordavtar
    fleetlordavtar 12 hours ago

    This guy is EVIL incarnate

  • Georgina Thomas
    Georgina Thomas 13 hours ago

    Peston couldn't have looked more moribund and morose if he damn well died and tried.

  • The Thinking Being
    The Thinking Being 13 hours ago

    8:06:20 Alright, skip the bloody propaganda and get to the point. (Ps: the answers are at the bottom)

  • sapeur s
    sapeur s 13 hours ago


  • Doc E
    Doc E 13 hours ago

    Boris had me at "Happy Birthday Danny." Love this guys quick savvy.

  • FiREFLYSerenity408
    FiREFLYSerenity408 13 hours ago

    "Liberal Democrats - LOSING HERE"

  • ㅤㅤ
    ㅤㅤ 13 hours ago

    So how'd the election work out for you Jo? What's that? You're fired? Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hahahaha ha ha ha ha

  • Dr Srangelove
    Dr Srangelove 13 hours ago

    well old JC drew a cock on this election didn't he...

  • scotty sweaty
    scotty sweaty 13 hours ago

    remoaners have all gone quiet - hah hah hah

    • Jim
      Jim 12 hours ago

      No good trying to reason with Clowns who voted for a Clown, who will you blame in 5 years when there is no Labour or EU to blame? the very Clown you put into power.

    • Trevor Mcdonald
      Trevor Mcdonald 12 hours ago

      Terry Christian weres your smarmy remain face now in the bin with your television carear hahaha

  • Jonathan Swain
    Jonathan Swain 13 hours ago

    At least we don’t have nukes been launched at us or have to walk 10 miles for water and grub.

    • Marigold White
      Marigold White 13 hours ago

      yes a lot to be thankful for, we, as a nation, complain too much

  • Elena Rosado
    Elena Rosado 13 hours ago

    That’s my Prime Minister! Well done Boris!

  • Bigo live
    Bigo live 13 hours ago

    Hello everybody