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How Candy Was Made In 1951
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She Said Yes!
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Meet Our Newest Employee!
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Cara's First Day at Work!
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Hercules Candy Grand Opening!
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Max's First Time on The Hook!
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  • jing jing Hayes
    jing jing Hayes 6 minutes ago

    When you hear that satisfying sound of peanut butter being scraped 🥴🥴🥴

  • Alison Byrne
    Alison Byrne 9 minutes ago

    A chocolate waterfall.

  • chris18228
    chris18228 12 minutes ago

    Why didn’t you finish the video

  • Joluvslilhorses
    Joluvslilhorses 14 minutes ago

    I was like she “ Got a WHAT”?

  • Guy Bean
    Guy Bean 16 minutes ago

    32:38 - why not be more productive, and fill other trays whilst some are on the vibrating table? You could dose out probably 3 trays of those little coins on each side and just leave them till later haha... Not efficient.

  • Logan Black
    Logan Black 30 minutes ago


  • Marc-André Demers

    Maybe a pinch of ground up lyophilized mango could do the trick instead of the coloured sugar (or along with it)? Dunno about the availability or the costs, though, but lyophilized would fix the gummy part.

  • Ann’s Warm Fuzzies

    Do we need to start a gofundme for Hercules candy makers’ upcoming hernia surgeries after all that heavy lifting!? Geezalou!

  • Gary ricky
    Gary ricky Hour ago

    city water with chemicals lol

  • Cat'n Around Outdoors Your host. Don Powell

    How about a CHOCOLATE Mango with a hint of Red Chile pepper ribbon candy.

  • Meredith Matthews

    Oh come on guys, you should wait and let the enrober tell you what their gender is.

  • Piere Du Preez
    Piere Du Preez Hour ago

    how far you've come.....

  • Millie
    Millie Hour ago

    is it me or has Terrys voice sound different?

  • Allie Champagne
    Allie Champagne 2 hours ago

    At 1.50 Steve has had it with his kid's condescension.🤣

  • matthew braiden
    matthew braiden 2 hours ago

    31:08 is my favorite part 😂

  • David S
    David S 2 hours ago

    What's that, you're running your own bakery and NOT milling your own flour? You call yourself a baker...

  • debido2u
    debido2u 2 hours ago

    Gorgeous candy!

  • Heather Rolf
    Heather Rolf 2 hours ago

    "I don't want to spend money unless I have to." Reminds me, my grandma used to say, "use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without."

  • Allie Champagne
    Allie Champagne 3 hours ago

    I'm sure it's been asked & answered a bazillion times. I've scanned the comments & haven't yet seen it so...do you make your own chocolate as well, or order it and then melt it? How about caramel? I saw Terry showing Max how to cut it on another video, and the caramel was in a huge log from a box that appeared to be made off premises?

  • debido2u
    debido2u 3 hours ago

    Did you wet the edges with the glove? Uh oh.

  • Dab Master
    Dab Master 3 hours ago

    Sitting here thinking to myself about what sound you would hear I'm thinking a mixture of a bomb with a Schwarzenegger yell and max craping himself 😂😂😂😂😂

  • John Forni
    John Forni 3 hours ago

    You guys could probably get a pair of sturdy shears for cutting dried fruit. They do more of a flat cut instead of a pinch cut like you get with scizzors.

  • debido2u
    debido2u 3 hours ago

    I am a knitter. This is such a craft. I so appreciate the art and ability that each and every one of you all put into the making of your candy and videos. Thank you for sharing your art and your wit.

  • annette pope
    annette pope 3 hours ago

    I agree with steve. Pretzel rods are not going to work on that machine. Are you trying to fill the chip box up with chocolate?

  • Elyssa
    Elyssa 4 hours ago

    "I iNvEnTeD tHe tWeRkInG" oh my GOD...I love these videos but she is SO obnoxious and cringey.

  • Stephen Hutchison
    Stephen Hutchison 4 hours ago

    How often do you change out the corn starch? That sea-salt-caramel-block cutter is a great idea but why is it only one slot? More than one slot might make your life better. I haven't bought candy from you -- west coast plus diabetic -- but I applaud your choice of cherry and sugar for the cherry candies. I like your funnel tech solutions. WRT the truffles -- check the texture! I've made hand-rolled truffles in ages past and they had a different texture from the non-hand-rolled that a friend was making with a mold and the hand rolled had a more creamy solidity while the molded ones were too much like frosting. Apparently hand-rolling gave larger crystals and a slightly higher melt point.

  • Jeremy M
    Jeremy M 5 hours ago

    I just found your videos.... BUT I have absolutely LOVED watching your dad and hearing him joke around!! I'm subscribing!!

  • Zach Blundeto
    Zach Blundeto 5 hours ago

    never use a metal spatula against a metal surfaces like pans etc. the micro scrapings of metallic materials can end up being mixed with food. they can create problems in the digestive system if ingested.

  • Ann Wooton
    Ann Wooton 5 hours ago

    Wow!! I didn't see it so I have to ask. Do your fruit creams contain egg or egg whites?

  • Fester Blats
    Fester Blats 5 hours ago

    So it can't be used to fill small moulds? Huge fail.

  • Lake Greer
    Lake Greer 6 hours ago

    I'm curious how many beard hairs end up in that candy. Seems like I remember in the past Max wearing a beard net, those need to be mandatory to work around food.

  • Debra Grubbs
    Debra Grubbs 6 hours ago

    So happy for you guys!!! Would love to visit your place and taste the chocolates!!!💚💚😍

  • Frank Wilda
    Frank Wilda 6 hours ago

    Can you tell me the actual name and the author of the book the guys mention in this video, around the 10:00 mark, please?

  • slundy
    slundy 6 hours ago

    Should rename the store/channel to "Hercules House of Puns" :D

  • Wanda Pease
    Wanda Pease 6 hours ago

    Directions online?

  • Wanda Pease
    Wanda Pease 7 hours ago

    This is great! I love watching men work together like this.

  • Katan Akuma
    Katan Akuma 7 hours ago

    Props for jumping in front of the camera mate. I doubt most people would. So well done. It's good to be able to put a face to the voice I've heard all this time. As I haven't seen you before in the videos I've watched thus far. Although I've only seen a few in this new location and not in the basement anymore. Anyhow well done. Love watching the interaction as much as the process of candy making.

  • Fergie Fergie
    Fergie Fergie 7 hours ago

    When are we going to see the taffy machine video??

  • Prati An
    Prati An 7 hours ago

    Love the videos! Dude hope you realise how hard your parents work! OMG! Beyond impressed!

  • sheraarehs
    sheraarehs 7 hours ago

    Is/was that the starch room?

  • Fergie Fergie
    Fergie Fergie 7 hours ago

    Oh the bars if you put choc in the middle only, and not from end to almost end, then use the vibrating it'll work.

  • Eric Williams
    Eric Williams 7 hours ago

    Excuse me you live like 3 hours from buffalo take that Patriots hat off!!!!!!!

    STAGGERLEE 8 hours ago

    Love hard candy.... 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂After using these from flavour chef for vape juice I have started making candy especially Mellon! Mmmmmmmm

  • Grace Miller
    Grace Miller 8 hours ago

    You should do chocolate pretzels with crushed peanuts that would be soooo good ❤

  • mspatti
    mspatti 8 hours ago

    Everyone protect your hearing working in that room.

  • SevenSoups
    SevenSoups 8 hours ago

    GOD This is satisfying!!! :D

  • lpoolpete1
    lpoolpete1 9 hours ago

    blackcurrant with yoghurt chocolate mmmm

  • sheraarehs
    sheraarehs 9 hours ago

    Can we see Karen stab the chocolate? 🤣

  • TheLadymoonstone
    TheLadymoonstone 9 hours ago

    Great video. What's it like to work with your husband all day.???

  • Leslie Kumke
    Leslie Kumke 10 hours ago

    Wow wee!! 780 comments! I know mine will never be seen and a little late to this party! First I 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂birthday wishes to terry!! Whoop whoop celebration! 2nd..a whole lot of funnies in this one! The asmr sounds kind of reminded me of a determined big bear trying hard to get in the cabin in the woods! To get the potatoes snd bacon! And that fella dancing on the bubbles wrap ha ha ha!! Like he was dancing the irish dancing one sees the girls with the curls well it did!🤣☺😉😜 3rd...i have been watching the vids now 2 yrs when the channel was just wee..and after you guys got the new store..i have to admit i knew your business would get bigger and needing new employees..the charm of the old days in the basement with just max, steve, terry running getting bigger you guys would lose that old time business operation...but, hey i was wrong...everyone who has joined the gang is just as funny and family like its great!! What a fun place the store would be to work!! Okay now i am not liking the sound of that new enrober the other enrober purrs sweetly like a soft little kitten the new one sounds like a serious angry enrober it means business!!!🙄oh well, thanks for the show today!

  • Katan Akuma
    Katan Akuma 10 hours ago

    I haven't watched any of your videos since before when you were in the basement space. I kinda miss the atmosphere to be honest. It was weird seeing dried mango. ..we have fresh mangos year round here in Australia, so they're pretty cheap and easy to get.

  • Pami SwedenFam
    Pami SwedenFam 10 hours ago

    I find it sad that you dont ship to Sweden.

  • C2.CaitoMXD
    C2.CaitoMXD 10 hours ago

    that amount of sugar...

  • Rokas Vengrys
    Rokas Vengrys 11 hours ago


    STAGGERLEE 11 hours ago

    What a lovely family

  • Fester Blats
    Fester Blats 11 hours ago

    It doesn't sound like a very good business model to buy moulds of items that will break in transport, and therefore block people from buying them. It would make more sense to make items that people can actually buy.

  • Jane Griswold
    Jane Griswold 11 hours ago

    I love the way everything is made by hand. The old fashioned way! You look like a happy family. I'd like to order some this Christmas.

  • Fhizzy
    Fhizzy 12 hours ago

    32:53 looks like honey mustard

  • Dragon maid
    Dragon maid 12 hours ago

    Oh God I so want to try one. Would it work if the caramel was colder? Then the marshmallows wouldn't melt and the caramel would stick to the marshmallow?

  • Cherie Tripp
    Cherie Tripp 12 hours ago

    Peanut butter and fluff sound awesome! But if you do a banana flavor with Peanut butter you can do a tribute to Elvis!

  • Cherie Tripp
    Cherie Tripp 12 hours ago

    Wasn't it Baby Bop?

  • Lauren Garcia
    Lauren Garcia 12 hours ago

    Max “I don’t even know anyone named Manuel” 😂

  • Josh N
    Josh N 13 hours ago

    Are you guys looking for vegan milk and white chocolate? I make chocolate from the cacao bean. Hit meeeeee up if you up foooor some commerce!! Lol

  • Phoenix the killer
    Phoenix the killer 13 hours ago

    Can y'all please make this again? Be nice to buy some more

  • Brandon Tiru
    Brandon Tiru 13 hours ago

    "I should get a mask too" *SMOOTHEST TRANSITION IVE EVER SEEN* video continues

  • Angelle hull
    Angelle hull 13 hours ago

    Do you ship world wide?

  • PBMS123
    PBMS123 14 hours ago

    kinda disappointed you guys use corn syrup and not 100% cane sugar

  • Troy Snaith
    Troy Snaith 14 hours ago

    It's a pun heavy workplace, I'd fit right in. Though I'm sure a lot of people would.

  • Cris
    Cris 14 hours ago

    Just add an SSD to her pc and put windows on it, you don't even have to remove anything and you can get one thats more than enough for less than $50, pc boots in less than a minute and it's super simple.

  • debido2u
    debido2u 14 hours ago

    I LOVE your sweatshirt Terry

  • Josie's Journey
    Josie's Journey 16 hours ago

    Those snack clubs were sad looking. Definitely looked like a factory made product not at all close to your traditional handmade version. Hope you're able to keep the quality up with all the machinery involved. I'm rooting for you guys. Hard to mainstream productivity and maintain the authenticity of the original product everyone loves.

  • Josie's Journey
    Josie's Journey 16 hours ago

    OMG, that chocolate covered brittle looks divine!

  • Josie's Journey
    Josie's Journey 16 hours ago

    Try leaving the mold on the table while you fill another tray. When all the vibrating surface has been filled & you have to move one to put another tray down, the first one might be leveled... Give it more time - working "production style."

  • Josie's Journey
    Josie's Journey 16 hours ago

    Typical men. Not one bothered to read the instructions... probably hid the extra parts behind the door;)

  • Marc-André Demers
    Marc-André Demers 17 hours ago

    7:48 **SQUEEEEEE**

  • rosie dao
    rosie dao 17 hours ago

    It's so satisfying when they spread it xD

  • Kimberly Selby
    Kimberly Selby 17 hours ago

    I been watching these videos for a long time now. I love seeing the candies being made and seeing some of the old style methods that are still being used. But for some reason I keep thinking about how they use the wooden rod and steel funnels. It's always a guessing game with how much product comes out of the funnel. Plus, there is always the " Yikes " Moments when you either loose a grip on the funnel or your not fast enough with the Rod and product goes everywhere. I looked back at an August post where they purchased 2 new funnels with Rods and Thought. " Why have they not looked into the Confection Funnels with the Thumb Press? " They are simple to use. Most come with a stand for them to rest on when being filled or when not being used. Easy to take apart and clean and they come in Stainless Steel. Plus they seem to be a lot cheaper. Some I have seen are as low as $45. vrs the $200 for the Funnel and Wooden Rod. Again, just a thought but might be interesting to try out. Anyway, Keep up the Excellent Work.

  • CarbonTalon
    CarbonTalon 17 hours ago

    Looney Tunes Basketball game sounds like it must be Space Jam ....

  • Jasan Grey
    Jasan Grey 17 hours ago

    omg could your conversation be any more boring?

  • Gloria Hanaway
    Gloria Hanaway 18 hours ago

    Happy Birthday, Terry! Might want to see if there's a way to get the excess chocolate off the pretzel rods before they're dipped in the potato chips so they don't fall off in chocolate globs...of course, chocolate potato chip globs can be enrobed and introduced as new product. Just curious, who was on camera starting around 44:06???

  • Adam Schmidt
    Adam Schmidt 18 hours ago

    WTF!? Invert sugar + butter and cocoa is not a buttercream. :\

  • David Fewell
    David Fewell 18 hours ago

    Oh see how you all are,,, now your going to make Max run both at the same time to double your product..... lol

  • jordan kool
    jordan kool 18 hours ago


  • David Cushman
    David Cushman 18 hours ago

    Am I the only one still loving that hat he's wearing?

  • douglashammon1
    douglashammon1 18 hours ago

    wouldn't health code regulations require that he wear a hair net over his beard?

  • Vickie Junkins
    Vickie Junkins 18 hours ago

    Cherry and chocolate would taste really great in ribben candy

  • Vanilla Bear
    Vanilla Bear 19 hours ago

    so how much of that cocaine transfers to the candy?

  • Jaxson
    Jaxson 19 hours ago

    I was half expecting joe to just lift the table up and put it on the stand by himself lol, still impressive I know that thing is heavy 👍🏻

  • Real Salica
    Real Salica 19 hours ago

    I wished your parents could rely on someone to clear and paint . They are working so hard as it is .

  • Thomas Bland
    Thomas Bland 20 hours ago

    2 flavor candy: strawberry and banana

  • Starr McClain
    Starr McClain 20 hours ago

    not gonna lie, the conveyor belt thing gave me so much anxiety

  • Jeff Flodder
    Jeff Flodder 20 hours ago

    I love your videos, but I think you'd gain more Subs if the videos weren't so long.

    • Anne Baskerville
      Anne Baskerville 5 hours ago

      Jeff Flodder why would you say that? I love the longer videos. I’m sure many others also love the longer videos.

  • BlackAsuka
    BlackAsuka 20 hours ago

    I just watched the unboxing of the new enrober and I was wondering how much of a pain it was to clean to switch out chocolate types. Love your videos, keep up the good work!

  • Andy
    Andy 20 hours ago

    That candy looks so yummy need to try ribbon candy some time

  • Elisha Bratton
    Elisha Bratton 20 hours ago

    I found yours guys videos yesterday and have been watching for hours went to look online to see about ordering and found your an hr away, sooo shocked now I know what I'm doing next week on pay day cant wait

  • debido2u
    debido2u 20 hours ago

    Aside from looking delicious. The molasses ribbon candy is a gorgeous color

  • Starr McClain
    Starr McClain 20 hours ago

    and today on random skills you will never need anywhere else: 34:44

  • ham4fun
    ham4fun 21 hour ago

    1234...thats the same passcode on my luggage!.....awesome Spaceballs reference!

  • Michael Bacon
    Michael Bacon 21 hour ago

    Might be time to invest in some sort of Vaccum sealer for the chocolates and candies. Just a suggestion. Might make things go faster.

  • Joe DeArdo
    Joe DeArdo 21 hour ago

    The most boring video you ever made! I fell asleep 3 times! Lol