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We Made Candy Canes!
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How Candy Was Made In 1951
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She Said Yes!
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Max and Craig Make Hard Candy
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  • Jabberwotchi
    Jabberwotchi 6 minutes ago

    Greg is a talker... I prefer the people from Hercules Candy very straight and to the point....with a sprinkle of dad jokes.

  • Camryn Arnold
    Camryn Arnold 12 minutes ago

    You guys should make a T-Shirt that says "What do you Meme"

  • Debra Arizona
    Debra Arizona 13 minutes ago

    😴wake me up when their done reminiscing😴

  • Samira Sands
    Samira Sands 22 minutes ago

    I have one

  • Jenn Trujillo
    Jenn Trujillo 23 minutes ago

    Lol am I the only one that thinks Max is super good looking? 😩

  • Isca S
    Isca S Hour ago

    I plan to make it with orange peel or candy with dark choclolate....Oh Yeah!!!

  • Node
    Node Hour ago

    Did they just technically make tootsie pop but in ribbons?🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Debby Crowell
    Debby Crowell Hour ago

    Terri you're so patient with the kids <3

  • Kathy Esquerra
    Kathy Esquerra Hour ago

    What does hitting the metal with a hammer do

  • Owen Shores
    Owen Shores 2 hours ago

    Really weird seeing him without the old time uniform

  • JudgeDredd888
    JudgeDredd888 3 hours ago

    am I the only one that find disgusting ????

  • Icca Lust
    Icca Lust 3 hours ago

    Watermelon sugar heart 💗💙💓💙

  • youcef boukhetala
    youcef boukhetala 3 hours ago

    I need make pop rocks can you help me

  • StatHyena
    StatHyena 4 hours ago

    these videos are so wholesome

  • Melinda Rasband
    Melinda Rasband 4 hours ago

    Magic steve

  • javier antonio lugo beltran

    ya tienen audiencia Mexicana.

  • Chester
    Chester 5 hours ago

    There's something about this that I find disgusting, but I can't pinpoint why.

  • Lesley Storey
    Lesley Storey 6 hours ago

    No one cares about snozzel derantie

  • Hi, Im a Comenter
    Hi, Im a Comenter 9 hours ago

    chocolate doesnt do crystalization neither any organic thing does,

  • Some Rando
    Some Rando 10 hours ago

    That Smell: tvclip.biz/video/J4j7ggZqbiU/video.html&start_radio=1 So many scenes out of this hit that "Oddly satisfying" video genre, made me wonder if u would make a compilation with your footage...

  • Q-lady Heathen
    Q-lady Heathen 10 hours ago

    What is he throwing in the bucket first?

  • rachel bis
    rachel bis 11 hours ago

    yum yum

  • Jpsoda78
    Jpsoda78 13 hours ago

    ​ Hercules Candy ! You should definitely make some Pumpkin Pie Creams!

  • Pat Colbourne
    Pat Colbourne 14 hours ago

    Your all so amazing❣❣

  • sheraarehs
    sheraarehs 15 hours ago

    For the breakable poured chocolates, what if you buried a pretzel stick in it for stability? The music notes and the little tools. Like a rod in concrete.

  • zanyzoo6767
    zanyzoo6767 16 hours ago

    its ca ra mel

    DOMAPOI 17 hours ago

    Easy way to remember. Stalagmites have a "g" so, it comes up from the "g"round. Then Stalactites have the "c" so, they come down from the ceiling of the cave.

  • rhymeandreasoning
    rhymeandreasoning 18 hours ago

    You all have to watch this TVclip video. Wait til you see the cornstarch molds and the item he uses to dispense the liquid, TOTALLY HERCULES CANDY. LOVE IT. Search "Hand Made Chocolates (1953)"

  • Rachel Davis
    Rachel Davis 20 hours ago

    Every one is saying how good Greg was and everyone being rude to him but I think everyone at Hercules candy was nice to put up with that mouth of his dang I was wanting somebody to shut him up 😂😂😂

  • purplebug21
    purplebug21 20 hours ago

    I always start these videos not thinking I can finish the full length of one, but 90 minutes later I'm like what I want more

  • Rose Ann Gable
    Rose Ann Gable 20 hours ago

    In the south we drink coke with salted peanuts

  • Lucy Heath
    Lucy Heath 21 hour ago

    Why do they use straight peanut butter and not mixed with confectioners sugar, wont the oil separate from peanut butter?

  • Jabberwotchi
    Jabberwotchi 21 hour ago

    I hope this company never gets huge.... I want them to just be successful and stay small town, they're so sweet and wonderful I'd hate for them to go all corporate.

  • Galaxy_ Potato
    Galaxy_ Potato 22 hours ago

    It looks like I am in Willy Wonka‘s chocolate factory I love it

  • Anne Schulz
    Anne Schulz 22 hours ago

    I like watching all the videos even the old ones

  • Rachel Davis
    Rachel Davis 22 hours ago

    Nice handy work to the camera guy awesome job buddy feels like I'm right there making candy with u guys!!👍

  • Sarah Trower
    Sarah Trower 22 hours ago

    Is max doing that chocolate right? I thought you have the chocolate at a certain temp when you take it out of the hot pan before putting in the other ingredients and putting into the tray straight away. Just a question? 🤷‍♀️

  • Bernard Letourneau
    Bernard Letourneau 23 hours ago

    Can you try this with craisins please

  • Mana Dzīve ASV

    Dads grunt vid:)

  • Jezebel von Tex

    Being Denmarkian and a new fan of this channel this was so much fun 🤣 And yeah Max I get the acetone from "skildpadder" too - just didn't realize that's what it was before I heard it 😱😳 but that's totally it.

  • Mana Dzīve ASV

    Lemon cream with lavender chocolate

  • Rachel Gordon
    Rachel Gordon Day ago

    Dump the peanut butter out of the jar into a bowl.

  • Elizabeth Brooks

    Like how these came out 😂

  • Em xox
    Em xox Day ago

    wtf how did they know i’m eating them

  • D'NYLE/ denial

    Peace, would you be interested in BLK walnuts, hand processed!"WESTSIDE NUTS", Columbus Ohio!

  • Indiana
    Indiana Day ago

    9:45, The More You Know

  • Gam3rGuyWins
    Gam3rGuyWins Day ago

    I guess I'll stop watching the channel, since you're not putting up any more videos. 😢💩

  • Rebecca stilwell

    You guys have to put a white vanilla stripe with the apple pie candy. Apple pie and vanilla ice cream. WOW!!! That would be awesome.

  • Ella Hillyard
    Ella Hillyard Day ago

    So much sugra

  • ablz1
    ablz1 Day ago

    mmmmm.... peanut butter! yum!

  • becky whittaker

    For some reason, I always watch this close to Christmas😂 probs cause for some strange reason, the guy who walks in about half way through reminds me of the movie ‘all I want for Christmas’ 😂😂😂

  • Gail Dinkel
    Gail Dinkel Day ago


  • Leia Santos
    Leia Santos Day ago

    I love you Brazil 😘

  • Julia Hempstead

    This kind of business is what America needs more of!!!! Can’t wait to visit.

  • Liberty Daniels

    Watching chocolate while I 🏋️ workout. You guys just make everything better ❤️

    R6K-KILLERS P Day ago

    1:00:00 I just want to my mouth under that purring chocolate....😍😀

  • John Oyer
    John Oyer Day ago

    Some of us would probably enjoy the "a little more than done flavor"! I sure enjoy your video's, and your folks are tops, could listen to them all day!

  • Donna Whetstine

    Awesome lets make candy.... How about a brownie crumb in a bark using the ruby choc...? Yum...Even a trail mix of nuts and fruit and candy piece in a ruby bark sounds good too.... Good luck with it looks sooooooo goooooood !!!!!....

  • Shawn Prichard

    Love the videos guys. They have inspired me to make Christmas treats this year. I want to try making my own hard candy possibly candy canes. I actually have a heating table that was used in glass making that’s adjustable temp wise. I’m curious how hot the table you have the candy on when pulling it out?

  • Evi Ornelas
    Evi Ornelas Day ago

    can I please ask whomever is making the banging and clanging sounds to KNOCK IT OFF... or at least edit the noise out PLEASE.

  • Nancy Gile
    Nancy Gile Day ago

    Is the melted chocolate that’s being used to make the puddles kept on a warming tray on the table?

  • rreeves0710
    rreeves0710 Day ago

    and then add nuts and raisins that nobody likes. Blech

  • 420 420
    420 420 Day ago

    I thought the title said ruber need to put contact back in

  • UphoricSkitlez

    I order one Ruby KitKat from the UK via Amazon and it was delish like seriously delish. It is very much so a different chocolatey taste thus far and I wish the US carried those KitKats because they are a tad pricey for chocolate bars including shipping. Haha. So needless to say seeing this makes me insanely I mean INSANELY EXCITED that I could get it from you guys. Oh God please tell me that y’all are shipping this?!!!!

  • jenivee7
    jenivee7 Day ago

    Okay I'm craving that tropical assortment now!!

  • Denise Spurlock

    An early evening nap and now awake at 11 p.m. That means it's Hercules Candy videos time.

  • Vargas Machuca


  • The chaos Child

    All who actually want to eat this raise your hand 🤚

  • Judith Potwora

    Go Bills!

  • Grace Dwyer
    Grace Dwyer 2 days ago

    I would love to have Maine's Wild Blueberry or Blackraspberry. Yum.

  • Karen Swift
    Karen Swift 2 days ago

    I recommend headphones, it's so much better... I love the sound it makes when they are pouring it out onto the table and then when they smooth it out...

  • Tyrant'sGhostHuntingTeam

    What is mom making here ?

  • Jezebel von Tex
    Jezebel von Tex 2 days ago

    Omg that BEAUTIFUL 💜

  • Madalynn Fife
    Madalynn Fife 2 days ago

    you should do blueberry and strawberry

  • Jabberwotchi
    Jabberwotchi 2 days ago

    I am impressed at how diligent they are even removing smudged and wonky packaging...

  • M C
    M C 2 days ago

    Why are buildings in the us so cheaply build. Like they never use bricks

  • Gail Dinkel
    Gail Dinkel 2 days ago

    just made 3 dz cherries . and 3 dz blueberry cordials thanks for sharing <3

  • dollie nelson
    dollie nelson 2 days ago

    That wasn't a mistake that was an accident 🤔

  • Daniela Soibelman
    Daniela Soibelman 2 days ago

    Where do they sell these candies?

    • Daniela Soibelman
      Daniela Soibelman Day ago

      Great! Thanks! Mommy Hercules Candy is very cool. 😁

    • Hercules Candy
      Hercules Candy 2 days ago

      On the website linked in the description of our videos

  • Jabberwotchi
    Jabberwotchi 2 days ago

    To me 'Car-a-mel' is a filling or topping, while 'Car-mal' is just a candy itself.

  • Vurtonable
    Vurtonable 2 days ago

    Try laying colours in rectangles on top of each other then rolling up like a Jam roll/into a tube. You get the tie dye swirl then. facebook.com/tastemade/videos/396687007879371?vh=e&d=n&sfns=mo

  • Trials of a Lonely Meme in Space

    I like it just cause it's pink, and I love pink

  • 4Stanzas
    4Stanzas 2 days ago

    It's a whole world of pure imagination.

  • Carol Reyna
    Carol Reyna 2 days ago

    Why not purchase chocolate machines? Wont it be easier to work with?

  • Jabberwotchi
    Jabberwotchi 2 days ago

    so much anxiety

  • Jeanne Porche
    Jeanne Porche 2 days ago

    I’m from London Ontario Canada 🇨🇦

  • BendyIsHereBitch_TheInkDemon

    I used to binge watch these because the vibe these people give off is amazing xD

  • Dream Wolf
    Dream Wolf 2 days ago

    This reminded me of when my grandfather and i made chocolate candies from scratch when i was a little kid. I dont quite remember the recipe, but i remember getting really excited when the liquid chocolate started to cool, and became more like a dough/putty, and when we put it on the wax paper, and set it in the fridge, i was 100% sure it would come out soft, and somewhat dough like, but it came out hard and had this wonderful 'snap' to it when we broke it. I really needed that warm feeling today, i lost my grandfather when i was 16, nearly 14 years ago now, and this time of year, i always miss him more. This year for Thanksgiving, i have been practicing his recipes for various pies, and will be presenting them to the family for our big dinner. Someone may get stabbed over the last slice of apple pie, but it will be a glorious day.

  • Carmen H
    Carmen H 2 days ago

    the colors of the ribbon candy are beautiful, they look delicious , lol and I like watching you make them its so therapeutic definitely alot of skill involved even though you make it look easy I know it takes some practice to perfect I saw Max when he first started making them , now he makes it all look easy from using the hook the folding those ribbons great stuff guys

  • Kati Kennedy
    Kati Kennedy 2 days ago

    I feel like I should comment more so when I visit I’ll be recognized. Just want to say I’m planning a trip soon!

  • PBMS123
    PBMS123 2 days ago

    Can I ask why you use corn syrup at all?

    • PBMS123
      PBMS123 2 days ago

      @Hercules Candy Is there a reason to us corn syrup instead of just all sugar in recipes you've made? I do understand the the whole US corn subsidies thing, and why it has replaced sugar in a lot of soft drinks/sodas, is it cheaper than sugar?

    • Hercules Candy
      Hercules Candy 2 days ago

      That's the recipe that was passed down to us

  • J C
    J C 2 days ago

    I saw the subject of this one and was so excited to see how you make rice crispy treats....been watching you guys for a week or two now, and I see how hard you work so I get it why you bought the premade....Me I would be making some with chocolate, peanut butter and butterscotch

  • SRR Founder1
    SRR Founder1 2 days ago

    Congrats on 390K! ~Mikio 💚

  • Mike’s Reptile lair

    Waffles are good for French toast is way Batter I can eat A Mountain of French toast

  • Kim Vandergrift
    Kim Vandergrift 2 days ago

    You should give your customers what they ask for all the time, people could be allergic to certain candy or nuts. If the go into shock or get an allergic reaction to whatever you send then that os going to hurt your business big time, just saying.

    • darlingblue
      darlingblue 17 hours ago

      Allergy specifications are different than simply wanting specific things "just because"