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The Weeknd - Secrets
Views 156M2 years ago
The Weeknd - Reminder
Views 258M2 years ago
The Weeknd - Party Monster
Views 108M2 years ago
The Weeknd - M A N I A
Views 44M3 years ago
The Weeknd - False Alarm
Views 154M3 years ago
The Weeknd - False Alarm
Views 5M3 years ago
The Weeknd - In The Night
Views 64M4 years ago
The Weeknd - The Hills
Views 1.4K4 years ago
The Weeknd - Often (NSFW)
Views 391M5 years ago


  • the avian guy
    the avian guy 38 minutes ago

    Some fire right here! I just wish the weeknd understood that being fucked up on drugs till the point of incoherence is not sexy...i dont know a decent girl who likes that. To each thier own tho. Good music.

  • Thomas Cj
    Thomas Cj 39 minutes ago

    Everyons: WhO Is iN 2K19 *Look we dont care, songs never get old*

  • Joey T.
    Joey T. 46 minutes ago

    What kind of glasses are those? They be looking kind of fresh 👀

  • Emanuel Ntiamoah
    Emanuel Ntiamoah 46 minutes ago

    Mercedes Benz 😂✌🏾

  • Jed Kendray
    Jed Kendray 49 minutes ago

    Loving this song ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • aaron flores
    aaron flores 50 minutes ago

    Sounds like a song from stranger things

  • Onii Chan
    Onii Chan 51 minute ago

    literally cant stop listening to this boi . DOPE MUSIC !

  • Kiwikiller966 5
    Kiwikiller966 5 51 minute ago

    From tiktok!

  • MANGA Vf et Vostfr
    MANGA Vf et Vostfr 53 minutes ago

    I feel this song. It is so good.

  • VeNoM Shack
    VeNoM Shack 56 minutes ago

    He just pushes his relevancy to the edge and comes back with bangers

  • TK42138
    TK42138 58 minutes ago

    Bloody brilliant! BBC Radio 2 Sara Cox show brought me here.

  • Jazmine Schipper

    Without looking at the screen based off only sound I thought this was Neyo. I didn't know who sang this song in the first place. I heard it on the radio a lot when it came out but in the country I was in they weren't saying who the artist was. They just played music back to back.

  • Maxi El que lee libros


  • YongFloTV
    YongFloTV Hour ago


  • Xaman
    Xaman Hour ago

    east or west weeknd is the best....If u agree hit the like

  • Mustafa Kazak
    Mustafa Kazak Hour ago


  • Fakhry Danish
    Fakhry Danish Hour ago song ever...after I feel it coming😆

  • murph amationz
    murph amationz Hour ago

    You and your bro Jeremy when ur Mom comes home whith nerf guns

  • EinfachNurSimon
    EinfachNurSimon Hour ago

    pls make 360 edition

  • Arielle Green
    Arielle Green Hour ago

    This is definitely not about Selena, it's about Bella.

  • michael C
    michael C Hour ago

    1:48 whats the point of breaking stuff with a cross

  • T b
    T b Hour ago

    "LOVE my Star💙"...."💖💞💙"

  • Victoria Bryant
    Victoria Bryant Hour ago

    I luv dis song so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mert Yılmaz
    Mert Yılmaz Hour ago


  • Let's Do This
    Let's Do This Hour ago

    did anybody else notice that the guy that got shot climbing onto the van is chains from payday 2?

  • Narzekadlo. pl
    Narzekadlo. pl Hour ago

    Stupid kid

  • Messias Carvalho

    Max Martin's 80's sound😍🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Rumibo fan
    Rumibo fan Hour ago

    Chanson top. Rumibo & the weekend ❤️

  • Yass Yassine
    Yass Yassine Hour ago

    Mercedes !!

  • MLN 20005
    MLN 20005 Hour ago

    at 4:30 close youre eyes and hear for 10 seconds

  • Squishy Potato
    Squishy Potato Hour ago

    *✝ Join The Party or Die Leaving ✝*

  • Pheezy420 REEFER

    Weekend we fuck with u! Brodi! Not a lot of these young kids will know what movie 🎥 your video was inspired by fear and lothating in Las Vegas u killed it bro!

  • Damien's Armoury

    1:43 chain has been taken into custody



  • 강희식
    강희식 Hour ago

    I want this music playing in my cassette

  • elhacendado
    elhacendado Hour ago


  • Asa Sal
    Asa Sal Hour ago

    Who's here because of the Mercerces EQC ? 😁

  • Juan C. Garcia
    Juan C. Garcia Hour ago

    en un inicio pensé que era la de take on me, ese toque ochentero le quedó genial

  • ahmet evlice
    ahmet evlice Hour ago

    Hahaha 'nukhet duru - seneler sürer günüm ' background song

  • Morgan Hamilton
    Morgan Hamilton Hour ago

    Love the fear and loathing theme

  • Alyson Ferrera
    Alyson Ferrera Hour ago

    100% autotune hahaha Better put artificial intelligence to sing.

  • Mc Singles
    Mc Singles Hour ago


  • Lashea Scott
    Lashea Scott Hour ago

    I love this song you really can sing soo beautifully, I am a fan of you .The weekend..1 love to you. Rena Scott this is my daughter's account. But I got my own. Love Rena Scott

  • somyajeet gupta
    somyajeet gupta Hour ago

    The meaning of this MV is darker than my room.

  • Adrian Palacios
    Adrian Palacios Hour ago

    The avengers ⚡️

  • Soham Mukherjee
    Soham Mukherjee Hour ago

    This is my second account

  • Firefox Gaming
    Firefox Gaming Hour ago

    0% dancing 0% singing 0% music 100% playing gta

  • Mr Kenzo
    Mr Kenzo Hour ago

    King off masterpiece

  • Janaína Lazzarini

    Olha esse bebê de 6 meses dando risada 😍😍😍

  • 카노K4NO
    카노K4NO Hour ago

    간만에 다시 들으러 왔으요!! 최고!!

  • Vignesha Shasha
    Vignesha Shasha Hour ago

    When is the video releasing for this song ab3l ?

  • Mergen Bat-Amgalan

    Bro its called colorblind

  • ZGray
    ZGray Hour ago

    this song will probably in stranger things🔥

  • Dont be mad bro
    Dont be mad bro Hour ago

    That part at 3:41 ... that feeling hurts

  • 755foxxy
    755foxxy Hour ago

    Still bumping this going into 2020! 💞💋

  • Duda tv tv
    Duda tv tv Hour ago


  • Ryan Tonkin
    Ryan Tonkin Hour ago

    play this to a muted video of the race scene from ready player one. thank me later ;)

  • Bia Snts
    Bia Snts 2 hours ago

    Velocidade 1,25 Maravilha

  • Psyborg
    Psyborg 2 hours ago

    now this is some good shit

  • Thug Aldo
    Thug Aldo 2 hours ago

    i like this one a lot because its the first time you are acting kinda funny in a music video, good job bro,keep it

  • Arsalan Siddiqui
    Arsalan Siddiqui 2 hours ago

    Joe Rogan - "I love your new song, but have you ever tried DMT? "

  • piper jones
    piper jones 2 hours ago

    Boy lookin like a young Bruno Mars

  • nikhil reddy
    nikhil reddy 2 hours ago

    Weeknd resembles like Bruno & Chris brown lil brother 😄😍

  • nikhil reddy
    nikhil reddy 2 hours ago

    1:00 that's how me & my frnds walk😆😜 when we are high on 🍾🍺

  • Oskido Z
    Oskido Z 2 hours ago

    I still feel sorry for those who don't listen to his songs😁😎

  • Robert Coulson
    Robert Coulson 2 hours ago

    This song is awesome very 80s synth pop 😎😎

  • akash mccllucm
    akash mccllucm 2 hours ago

    Who else got that 14 seconds ad 🤦

  • Igor
    Igor 2 hours ago

    2019 , декабрь, зашёл, ахуел от количества просмотров , спасибо за внимание ,я с рашки просто......

  • Oskido Z
    Oskido Z 2 hours ago

    It's so sad that I can't play this song at home cuz I'm still living with my parent#baby I can make that pussy way often

  • Veronika Ferenc
    Veronika Ferenc 2 hours ago

    I love bakelit❌⭕😁😄😂almost plastic❌⭕😁😄😂😍😍😍🤣🤣🤣🤫

  • Dhan_man 07404
    Dhan_man 07404 2 hours ago

    No one: The weekend: Aight imma go smash this house

  • IBRAGIM Suankulov
    IBRAGIM Suankulov 2 hours ago

    It's call of duty

  • xXSAKE29Xx
    xXSAKE29Xx 2 hours ago

    2:01 who that girl. She is cute

  • Veronika Ferenc
    Veronika Ferenc 2 hours ago

    The video is fenomenan, but question; do you know what a mm5 is?! 🤣🙏❌⭕😁😄😂💋💋😘😘💋💋☺️😍

  • Corsavette02
    Corsavette02 2 hours ago

    "So much pu$$y got it fallin out my pocket..." is deliriously good...... ;)

  • Amy
    Amy 2 hours ago

    I got hight just watching the video....bro ur a legend 👊

  • Lilly Reid
    Lilly Reid 2 hours ago

    "We Can't Stop Here, This is Bat Country!"

  • wtf ok
    wtf ok 2 hours ago

    i love this song so much. the weeknd is the best one on the earth.i love Abel Makkonen Tesfaye

  • asma chergui
    asma chergui 2 hours ago


  • Goldy83 CZ
    Goldy83 CZ 2 hours ago

    New trailer for Mafia IV looks amazing!

  • Kurt Weiss
    Kurt Weiss 2 hours ago

    does he look like a drugged up, angry bird. To anyone else???

  • Ohh Mayhem
    Ohh Mayhem 2 hours ago

    My fav artist of all time

  • Luci Dies
    Luci Dies 2 hours ago

    Gerçekten en sevdiğim şarkı olmaya aday bir şarkı var ve ben yüzlerce şarkı biliyorum

  • sandeep Bhardwaj
    sandeep Bhardwaj 2 hours ago

    100 models gettin faded in the compound! cause weekend is heartless!

  • 618BabyJ
    618BabyJ 2 hours ago

    I got a feelin my mans is bout to drop some 🔥🔥🔥 for this album

  • il distruttore di mondi


  • John Benedict Rosario Migano

    Will 2020 be the 80s?

  • 황원준
    황원준 2 hours ago

    0:35 what car is this? Looks sick

  • Mystery Man of the Internet

    Why does he reminds me of 2008 Gay Tony

    • louie Jones
      louie Jones 2 hours ago


  • Aviral Srivastav
    Aviral Srivastav 2 hours ago

    good song

  • Rex Khan
    Rex Khan 2 hours ago

    Xmas rap. Check it out

  • Gretel Miranda
    Gretel Miranda 2 hours ago

    Omg the 80's called they want their beat back!!!!🥰👌

  • sean lim
    sean lim 3 hours ago

    Wont be surprised if he overdoses on something too. And that would be a real shame

  • Ryan Brady
    Ryan Brady 3 hours ago

    Steflongin ig

  • Mariana Ordóñez
    Mariana Ordóñez 3 hours ago


    N-WORD PASS 3 hours ago

    This things dark and awesome at the same time

  • Kenneth Munyua
    Kenneth Munyua 3 hours ago

    Dark Abel is back, but we want the tarantula hair as credential.

  • Shedosenteven GoHere

    Mix it up with Texas ouuuuuuuu

  • YoVictor
    YoVictor 3 hours ago

    Pretty worried about him he’s is heartless from his previous relationship for fr fr

  • Kwadwo Darko
    Kwadwo Darko 3 hours ago

    the toad licking thing was fucked up