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They’re in our world now…
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Pokémon Masters | Trailer
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Don't Mess with Machamp!
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  • Spearmint Snakes

    Pikachu be *t h i c c* Meowth be *l o n g*

  • Andrey Khromov
    Andrey Khromov Hour ago

    Gamefreak: We don't need this things from the past, anymore, it's time to move forward! No more Megas, no Z-moves. And of course, forget about this stupid National Pokédex! Forget, we said, okay? Fans: Wait a second... Why the hell we should buy Pokémon Sword and Shield then?! Gamefreak: Ummmm... Because you need more gen 1?

  • Random Person
    Random Person Hour ago

    Let's just start over with meowth now

  • Annan Gouske Brew-Arthur

    Oh please is long meowth a joke, right?

  • IndigoSimmer
    IndigoSimmer Hour ago

    I’m just not a huge fan of Gigantamax Pokemon. I like the look of some of them but the whole concept just isn’t my thing. I hope this is an optional aspect of the game so I don’t have to see or use it.

  • Anxietyrush
    Anxietyrush Hour ago

    No one: Pikachu: chönk Meowth: lööööng

  • One Bulby boi
    One Bulby boi Hour ago

    *you allready now Leon is going to use giga charizard

  • Callum Ireland
    Callum Ireland Hour ago

    Damn, mothra and Rodan are in Pokémon now I guess

  • Gtext11
    Gtext11 Hour ago

    Meowth is gonna become a meme overnight

  • Normal Person
    Normal Person Hour ago

    Pikachu: **changes tail** Gamefreak: _woah. that shit epic._

  • Nicotine Knight
    Nicotine Knight Hour ago

    Og pikachu is back

  • Cameraman
    Cameraman Hour ago

    We get it gamefreak, you just want to remake Kanto to death. There are other generations of pokemon you know

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ Hour ago

    The prophecy is true.

  • Nereos28
    Nereos28 Hour ago

    I'm not too infuriated by what Gamefreak's doing right now, but this "shitstorm" right now really creates Top-Quality memes.

  • Professor Rob
    Professor Rob Hour ago

    we got chonk floof mega charizard Z long boi

  • Prashant Kumar
    Prashant Kumar Hour ago

    Gamefreak :- wants to all Pokémon fans . More than 800 Pokémon should evolve into Charizard. Pokémon fans :- We want new Pokémon , Glarian form , more Gigantamax Pokémon from different regions etc.

  • DorkyPudi
    DorkyPudi Hour ago

    *Gigentamax Pikachu Is Just Giant Gen 1 Pikachu*

  • Marcus Michon
    Marcus Michon Hour ago

    Game Freak must LOVE gen 1 and think all the others are dissapointments in comparison.

  • Guardian
    Guardian Hour ago

    Another negative critic here, what a new take... The only way the later gens can redeem this is by having a ret con on these gimmicks to roll them into a more comprehensive and sustainable form. Likely? No. But I still remember loving mega evolution lore in X and Y _six_ years ago. Now it's combined with Z moves and thrown into the Gigantamaxing phenomenon, mechanics wise. If Gamefreak decides *"oh we didn't like that last gen after all let's never talk about it again"* then what's the investment into gimmicks for? It'll change until Pokemon isn't a brand for inclusion and connectivity just a factory of ideas to pander to attention seeking, exclusively to newcomers who will just be confused at the history of the games.

  • Happy RoadHog
    Happy RoadHog Hour ago

    Great know I now for sure I wont buy this game...

  • IslandboyPlayz
    IslandboyPlayz Hour ago

    0:22 my favorite part, Fat Pikachu

  • Ben Goodwin
    Ben Goodwin Hour ago

    We lost a bunch of Pokémon for this shit?

  • M. Bison
    M. Bison Hour ago

    What the hell is that it’s that a new Pokémon game? is that we waiting for ? we want to see a new Pokémon not just freak giganta max Pokémon’s

  • Eeveelution Solution

    I love what they did to eevee but why do I have that feeling because it got this it is not getting any new evolutions :(

  • Inconsiderate Box

    All these people complaining about Charizard but I cannot do the same because his design is just nuts, it’s so good man

  • Luis -Kun
    Luis -Kun Hour ago

    Pikachu: OH LAWD HE COMIN

  • GorillaGillz
    GorillaGillz Hour ago

    34k like for this crap?! Seriously people don’t you forget what Pokémon was about? Someone please explain to me why you like this trash

  • NickxGaming
    NickxGaming Hour ago

    More sh*t. Thanks game freak. You killed Pokemon

  • Weird Candy
    Weird Candy Hour ago

    I'm literally crying and cancelling my pre order, this hurts me in a phsycal level, I tought that this game was going to be great but Gamefreak is going to a Illumination Studios path

  • Phoenix Master415


  • MsTig123
    MsTig123 Hour ago

    I really don’t like the designs of these things especially Meowth that thing scares me. Also I swear to God if we don’t get an actual Eevee evolution I will flip shit.

  • Eevee Roxy
    Eevee Roxy Hour ago

    I Came Here just to see Eevee BIG

  • Tabuu Ancestrale

    1:30 Mothra, is that you?

  • ThatGuy XD
    ThatGuy XD Hour ago

    That thimbnail is made up of cursed images and nightmares

  • Youtube Azurill
    Youtube Azurill Hour ago


  • The Nonsensical Nerd

    I’ve been a S/S protector....but THIS?!

  • Stephen Urban
    Stephen Urban Hour ago

    No ones gonna comment about the music

  • Marc-André Demers

    the comment section is turning into brine

  • Hamish Donaldson

    Can we please just get proper pokemon cries already!!!!!!

  • Team Aqua Grunt
    Team Aqua Grunt Hour ago

    What about BLASTOISE!!!

  • Ray Mondotron
    Ray Mondotron Hour ago

    Why does charizard need another form? Seriously I’m bored of it. I was interested when I saw butterfree and talk about under designing something. It’s literally just butterfree with bigger wings. Nothing’s changed. Imagine if that was announced as a mega evolution? People would be livid

  • What Ray
    What Ray Hour ago

    And this is why we don’t give Pokémon steroids.

  • William Hertel
    William Hertel Hour ago

    Is no one talking about how awesome this music is?

  • thawzy YT
    thawzy YT Hour ago

    Why does charizard get all the love? It has 2 mega evolutions, a g-max form, and its literally shown in most pokemon season. The original, black and white, x and y alain’s charizard, sun and moon rider charizard, orange islands, and so much more... while some starters dont even have any mega evolutions or love. Like the grass xy starter’s fully evolved form. Bet u all forgot about that guy, huh.

  • ShastraCast
    ShastraCast Hour ago

    WTF is up with Meowth, Jesus Christ!

  • Big Doggo
    Big Doggo Hour ago

    Chub-a-chu returns

  • sajn
    sajn Hour ago

    Meowth got the same treatment as alolan exeggutor and I kinda love it

  • the doof
    the doof Hour ago

    any way I can get the CHONKY BOI without let's go Pikachu

  • Oliver Schofield

    This almost makes up for no megas *_ALMOST_*

  • Aeyrlol
    Aeyrlol Hour ago

    Seems like more gimmicky gameplay to me tbh

  • Pyro Flare
    Pyro Flare Hour ago

    this trailer here proves how dead the series is and the fact they are out of ideas and want to use the same pokemons

  • Nitram -
    Nitram - Hour ago

    Gamefreak is literally stroking Charizard right now

  • Lucas Carvalho
    Lucas Carvalho Hour ago

    Pokémon is becoming Digimon. Charizard became Greymon and its evolutions, but at least the creators of Digimon have more creativity for the monster designer

  • Elvice OS
    Elvice OS Hour ago

    Yes! A new update for Pokémon Red and Blue! wait a minute

  • Moisés da Silva Limas

    My dream is to live in a world where gamefreak doesn't overrate a small bunch of pokémon and leave the other ones missing

  • LukeThePokéExpert

    THE LEAKS WERE TRUE!! Pikachu looks like the retro fat Pikachu, which I hate, Eevee was ruined, and Charizard looks too mature for a game that should be for kids.

  • TheRealPacifist Dbs

    Peppa Pig Height = 2.1m Dynamax Meowth Height = 5.0

  • Hihidaruma 101
    Hihidaruma 101 Hour ago

    Verlisify should drink a Galon Jug of 0:24

  • AnyTopMan
    AnyTopMan Hour ago

    Awesome! Everything about this game looks amazing, can't wait! 💪

  • Dylan Marino
    Dylan Marino Hour ago

    Pikachu lookin dummy thicc not gonna lie

  • PikaDynamite
    PikaDynamite Hour ago

    Meowth: here's where it gets long

  • Phinix 19
    Phinix 19 Hour ago

    I know people are bashing the fact that Gen 1 is getting more attention that it didn't deserve but can we take a minute to appricate Gigantamax Pikachu. He is the cure to deppression.

  • Emerald Commando

    The worst genwunners were gamefreak themselves

  • FiftyShadesofAwkward

    Loving the long meowth but uh... *should’ve been furret*

  • Cup O Noodles
    Cup O Noodles Hour ago

    apandah got his wish

  • Broccoli Cheddar Flakes

    That’s one looooong boi

  • Inju
    Inju Hour ago

    I don't hate Charizard, but I am sick and tired of his special treatment.

  • Not frank
    Not frank Hour ago

    thanks, I hate it.

  • Tristan Dean
    Tristan Dean Hour ago

    It’s not mega butterfree but it’ll due

  • Rhino Gaming
    Rhino Gaming Hour ago

    Butterfree and Charizard looking like Godzilla creatures lol

  • Solomations Awesome


  • RandomInternetPerson

    I don't know why so many people dislike this video and hate these new forms, although I think some Johto and Hoenn Pokemon should get Gigantamax forms these forms look really sick.

  • Lighthing Blade
    Lighthing Blade Hour ago

    As a die hard pokemon for the main series games this was dissapointment. I dont need giant pikachu. I have a wailord

  • Yung Child
    Yung Child Hour ago

    oh lawd chain

  • Douglas Ammirati

    This gen takes the cake in worst design department, by far.

  • Spyder Gaming
    Spyder Gaming Hour ago

    Ok one I’m peeved there’s no gigamax blastoise Two why is meowth so elongated

  • Yoav Otts
    Yoav Otts Hour ago

    Me: Can we just get new stuff besides Kanto? Look, I understand it's where it all started, but that generation is seriously overrated. Gamefreak: did somebody say KANTO?!

    • Galio Gargoyle
      Galio Gargoyle Hour ago

      Lets agree never to say ***** ever again, Because just mentioning Gen 1's region might make Gamefreak go crazy with favoritism.

  • chicken biscuit
    chicken biscuit Hour ago

    does this mean ashs butterfree is coming back?

  • Bryson Sellars
    Bryson Sellars Hour ago

    What i thought this was a joke

  • plarnpu
    plarnpu 2 hours ago

    fat pikachu is back bois

  • Ruben Moran
    Ruben Moran 2 hours ago

    I'm not a fan of Gigantamaxing, but I hate them more because they've decided to make some exclusive. Better get your wallets out quick or else you'll miss out on these. Locked bootleg mega evolutions, what will they think of next?

  • Tina Deng
    Tina Deng 2 hours ago

    *_L O N G C A T_*

  • MRspg
    MRspg 2 hours ago

    They got rid of megas for this? Yikes, can't wait to enjoy those gigantimax framedrops.

  • KHfan0011
    KHfan0011 2 hours ago

    "Giant Gen 1 Pandering reminding you that we cut megas in order to make way for this dumb shit is coming to Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield!" There. Fixed the title for you.

  • Farbstofff
    Farbstofff 2 hours ago

    Thank you for Kanto, thank you for nothing. Pokémon fart and shit

  • Joshua Duque
    Joshua Duque 2 hours ago

    Nobody: Not a single soul: Fat pikachu: *peeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*

  • wario1226
    wario1226 2 hours ago

    Butterfree's us actually pretty cool though. Would have made a great mega evolution lol

  • Venichie
    Venichie 2 hours ago

    After this, can we just scrap the whole dynimax concept, and combine these new models worth the Aloha version of old pokemon? I like some of these digs, and would love to see them as just random models of pokemon, so visually they'd be more unique.

  • TomboyPlayer1993
    TomboyPlayer1993 2 hours ago

    I like how the dislikes are catching up with the likes. Seriously GameFreak, what were you smoking?!

  • Filip Burghelea
    Filip Burghelea 2 hours ago

    Ahhhh,yes,another Charizard special,as if we didn't got enough over the years.....

  • Radioactive River
    Radioactive River 2 hours ago


  • Freezer Boi
    Freezer Boi 2 hours ago

    This is the dumbest gimmick Pokémon has ever done

  • Rasen Destroyer
    Rasen Destroyer 2 hours ago

    Pika-chungus joined the battle

  • cyberpyrofox
    cyberpyrofox 2 hours ago

    Did we really need another form to charizard?

  • Choleric Charmander
    Choleric Charmander 2 hours ago

    Looks like Pikachu’s diet didn’t go so well

  • Andrew Harris
    Andrew Harris 2 hours ago

    Hey game freak you do know there are 6 more generations of Pokémon you could buff up like gen 2 or gen 5 they need mad attention and mega audino does not count

  • Hudson the JoJo
    Hudson the JoJo 2 hours ago

    Still loving the Gigantamaxing. They're so ridiculous but so awesome at the same time.

  • Clifford M
    Clifford M 2 hours ago

    Aw pikachu looks like it did back in the original manga

  • Olga_Dy Studios
    Olga_Dy Studios 2 hours ago


  • Krystel Beaulieu-Thibault

    Our precious fat Pikachu is back omg