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  • NemoTheBeastGamer
    NemoTheBeastGamer 2 hours ago

    This is great, I would add backing for your item power spikes (such as JG item, boots, control wards) because that’s so easy to forget when you’re playing jungle, especially on someone with good self healing and mana regen like Evelynn. Would also add buying 2 control wards on your backs when possible to get wards in enemy jungle/ on objectives until your support leaves lane. 😄

  • Mr Dot
    Mr Dot 6 hours ago

    2:45 what if it was like a talon mid and a Camille jungle? what should he do there

  • Efrén Flores
    Efrén Flores 10 hours ago

    I use Nocturne, does it count? :´c

  • Liquid Water
    Liquid Water 12 hours ago

    why do you think boots and futures market are better than relentless predator and ghost poro

  • Sami Shtewi
    Sami Shtewi Day ago

    Thanks man

  • Фархад Рахимов

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  • David Kim
    David Kim Day ago

    This game needs voice comm

  • subseven
    subseven Day ago

    Video is unclear. Not sure what to do with Trundle.

  • mobooshka
    mobooshka Day ago

    0.75 speed is optimal for me

  • goblin gaming
    goblin gaming Day ago

    easy pro play and solo que need to be on two diffrent patches have the high entertaining stuff like early ganking on a for example 9.19(a) patch and for solo que they get a healthy 9.19 patch

  • Chilln Play
    Chilln Play Day ago

    My name is adam mortyaddeeisles

  • Caffeine Sugar

    How to prevent My team Throwing

  • xxVeidxx
    xxVeidxx Day ago

    Omg I just realized how stupid I'm playing jungle.

  • psycho path
    psycho path Day ago

    How vision score works?

  • Tilvies
    Tilvies Day ago

    12min. /5 simple trick

  • Hannu Tauriainen
    Hannu Tauriainen 2 days ago

    Had 2 year layoff from lol came back to jungle and everything look kinda same exept everything was diffrent 🤣😂

  • Pwnance
    Pwnance 2 days ago

    Mist of Pandaria is my favorite pvp expansion by far. Every class felt so complete

  • Cath.
    Cath. 2 days ago

    I am a Kindred main and I saw an easy gank

  • Maciek Karabin
    Maciek Karabin 2 days ago

    Imo nothing insane on Akali vs Aatrox matchup 🤷‍♂️

  • Creme Fraiche
    Creme Fraiche 2 days ago

    Skt Khan = Sylas?

  • Fractures
    Fractures 2 days ago

    Thresh hitbox is lovely @5:00

  • n7 fury
    n7 fury 2 days ago

    Why are silver players in diamond 1?

  • Cheese Master 64
    Cheese Master 64 2 days ago

    yea abuse jax before riot "reworks" him, and with that i mean give him skillshots, takes away core components of his kit, changes his lore. So basically nerf him to a "niche" pick.

  • Paolo Tuason
    Paolo Tuason 2 days ago

    No. You are giving wrong advice at 10:30. If you do this. Your team will force clash mid and all die. Then they will flame you for not being there. Once the flame starts, you can also get tilted like everyone does and lose the game easily. Please advice carefully. Your advice is just ideal, worlds team play. Not really a good advice on solo queue climbing.

    • Shrooblord
      Shrooblord 2 days ago

      If you start to feel yourself getting triggered by team chat or MIA pings on your face, just /fullmute all. Trust me; it's a game-changer. x)

  • DeadAlready 666
    DeadAlready 666 2 days ago

    Wow, anybody else just got this?

  • Royal G.A
    Royal G.A 2 days ago

    Can you make a video about melee vs ranged top or mid ? that fizz was kinda losing game just because he is melee , how to counter this ranged meta?

    • Scarfboy
      Scarfboy 16 hours ago

      How G2 Caps Beats RANGED Champions as MELEE?

  • Dylan O'Connor
    Dylan O'Connor 3 days ago

    I agree that the idea of the turret plating to extend laning phase is a good idea, but the amount of gold it gives as the video stated makes it not worth it IMO. It's just another method of pumping gold in the game so that when one side gets a lead the game feels over before 10 minutes.

  • Leppits
    Leppits 3 days ago

    8:48 you kind of explain a dozend things and don't really give a real rule on how to apply what strategy when. So at this point Trist has to ask herself something. 1. Is there someone in range to react to the preassure Fizz is putting up. 2. How much could I get out of going mid/staying bot. The answer to 2 is in mid at best they maybe get fizz who has been very deffensive all game so its unlikely. At bot trist can still get tower platings easily since the botlane is dead and midlane is visibly mid. So you may only face evelynn who she can probably 1v1 at this point still or just escape with W while there is huge potential gold with the tower in it.

  • Renzel David
    Renzel David 3 days ago

    You dont, this game lacks comeback mechanics. Any decent team with a good lead will never throw. Even in pro League, its certain that the team leading will almos always win

  • Todd Cain
    Todd Cain 3 days ago

    How are you gonna have a jungle changes video without including the ABSOLUTE TRAGEDY that was feral flare. No one enjoyed that meta because if you were on the farming junglers side you got ravaged by the enemy jungler all game with no help. If you were the team without feral flare you had to win the game before 30 minutes or the jungler would finally show up and 1v9 the game. If you were the jungler without feral flare you had to gank 3000 times and invade constantly or be outscaled. If you were the feral flare jungler you had to get every single camp possible on spawn or you would be counter-jungled and made irrelevant for 35 minutes. I miss the old smite effects, it made things interesting, and while it was small it made a difference in what you wanted to do. I wouldnt mind seeing Jungle camps have a flat xp/gold value, all the same as each other. Of course that will make your jungle pathing predictable because each champion is going to have an easier time doing certain camps, but that really isnt any different than any other time in the meta where viable junglers are determined by what camp/route is the most efficient. Instead each champ will have their own set of efficient routes. I also dont mind vertical jungling personally. Its relatively easy to play around as a laner if you identify that it is happening. No matter what iteration of the jungle there is, there will always be this trade-off where one roll (in this case junglers) will be strong early, and then pass the torch to the laners later. In fact this is the biggest point of jungling, it was intended to be a more supportive type of role where you put your team at an advantage early (even if that is just by putting the enemy team behind) and then your team takes that and turns it into bigger leads, and (hopefully) a victory.

  • Juan Carlos Da Silva

    Yeah try that in gold your support will always try to push so you can fight on a slow push 😂 always even if its bad.

  • wiz4e
    wiz4e 3 days ago

    Why is it more important to gank winning lanes, then help the losing lanes?

    • Sodium Chloride
      Sodium Chloride 3 days ago

      so you can extend your lead and take objectives, yes not having a feeding team mate would be nice, but there's a chance that you will lose because theyre behind, however if they arent too behind and its at the right time, you should totally gank. its not the rule itself thats so important, itsj ust the idea of knowing when to gank and where to gank

  • AngieGamez
    AngieGamez 3 days ago

    I fought a Trist mid yesterday as Lux, pretty rough early but I never died, kept up in cs, and after level 6 was able to chunk and one-shot her. Oh did that feel good :) Edit: I made all the same choices, but I would've stayed to defend mid instead of going top most likely, cause my low elo brain doesn't trust my team to defend my turret.

    • AngieGamez
      AngieGamez 2 days ago

      @Fabian Granados, yep the classic melee vs ranged in league strikes again

    • Fabian Granados
      Fabian Granados 3 days ago

      lux is not a melee champ so its a lot harder for tris to poke like in the video and get the gold advantage

  • Donald T
    Donald T 3 days ago

    This is bullshit. What if enemy top laner just stays under tower to farm when you have advantage? Low elo junglers are too stupid to do counter gank, tower diving and invading. Pushing your lane in low elo is no use to gain more advantage.

  • Pqwerty Silva
    Pqwerty Silva 3 days ago

    So not talking about that time everybody was playing taric jgl, with and adc as jgl, and a AP bot lane

  • mlffe
    mlffe 3 days ago


  • Anton Lopez
    Anton Lopez 3 days ago

    can you please explain why you want to control the wave in that manner? Can you show us why not freezing of smtn? Ty

    • Shrooblord
      Shrooblord Day ago

      To add onto what AngieGamez said, that way you can really shove your advantage and snowball your lead hard. It also keeps Fizz from roaming and making plays elsewhere on the map; as you saw in this video, he was basically stuck playing Farming Simulator until the siege mid happened.

    • AngieGamez
      AngieGamez 3 days ago

      Anton Lopez, you can stay nearly as safe as freezing and keep priority, but the mid and jungle matchup in this game made it very safe to be pushed up some, where a pre level 6 fizz and eve would have a hard time killing Tristana

  • Rebellium Ae
    Rebellium Ae 4 days ago

    At 1:35 I thought he said “freezing her ass” instead of “freeze and harrass”

  • Hermógenes Lúcio Borali

    This is not accurate anymore because of 2.25min respawn crab

  • ChuckleBerryPi
    ChuckleBerryPi 4 days ago

    I started playing casually in s5. Weirdly enough, with NO ONE telling me about it, I picked up Jax jg. Continued to play casually (a lot of different champs to learn how each works), but my most played was Jax Jg. Then a situation came up which required me to move across country. So, I took a break from League for 18 months, seriously... then... out of NOWHERE on my TVclip feed, I see this video. After not playing for a year and a half I thought I'd watch a league video for shiggles. And I see Jax jg as a recommendation to climb... crazy how the universe guides you. Thank for the great video. Got me back into League. I always talked about wanting to play ranked, but now I think I actually will. much love. I really enjoy the content.

  • 1e982hqwk8
    1e982hqwk8 4 days ago

    "even I learned from this" No one cares that you learned from this

    • Stachu Stachowski
      Stachu Stachowski 2 days ago

      Guess ppl like u are stucked in plat elo or even less cuz of behaviour like this D: :/

  • aaron shaffer
    aaron shaffer 4 days ago

    key phrase, "here is a pro player smurfing". congrats xD

  • Aspire D
    Aspire D 4 days ago

    Everybody forgets this tip: Abbandon empathy. If you know what you're doing, then dont listen to that 0/5 lissandra and keep spit pushing to victory if that's the right thing to do. Its kinda mean, but just mute them if you cant handle the pressure.

  • Cryptyyy _
    Cryptyyy _ 4 days ago

    Pre-tank meta with 50 min. games where Nasus and Veigar had all the time to become unkillable raidbosses... ah those were good days ^^

  • Ekard
    Ekard 4 days ago

    this tips is for high elos !

  • Glaceix
    Glaceix 4 days ago

    I mean sure, the turret is there all game long for the enemy to get the gold in midlane. And if you are already in like masters division, sure the correct play is to give up mid turret. But down here, you are not giving the other team a turret. You give them a turret, at least 2 kills and at least these two players that died are gonna flame and blame you cause they decided to defend the turret and die for it in a 3v4 and the enemy gets the turret anyway. So you don't give them like a few hundred gold, more like 1k+ all in all, in lower elos xD

  • Mottis MMM
    Mottis MMM 4 days ago

    Quantum fizz is is this fizz xD

  • Philippe Chassin-Trubert

    How he fight vs xin zao best esrly he have

  • Zeux
    Zeux 4 days ago

    10:06 LoL this fizz is Quantum Fizzics

  • Cristian García
    Cristian García 4 days ago

    Good guides but that doesn´t matter if when you are going to gank bot they are already dead

  • irregular mana
    irregular mana 4 days ago

    Who got all the wrong answers?? Lol I belong here

  • irregular mana
    irregular mana 4 days ago

    Can you do one for mid / top? Asking for a friend

  • RDScheam -
    RDScheam - 4 days ago

    Great support guide, thank you.

  • James Nguyen
    James Nguyen 4 days ago

    Hi! I tried your path and it did well in the early game. But in the mid game i always found myself behind 1 or 2 lvl to the opposing jungler, which made my champ almost useless. Was that because i never cleared the blue side camp?

  • theEvil
    theEvil 4 days ago

    On low elo making pressure is useless because jungler can kill you or even not and your team does nothing when he waste time on your lane ;/

    • anthony26812
      anthony26812 4 days ago

      @theEvil just how it is sometimes. You will have bad streaks and good streaks. Key is to be consistent with yourself and not let your team change that, cuz you obviously can't control who you get matched with or against every game but you can control yourself.

    • theEvil
      theEvil 4 days ago

      @anthony26812 my team is dying without enemy jungle intervention in 4 per 5 games :/

    • anthony26812
      anthony26812 4 days ago

      well you're supposed to draw pressure and not die to jg that way he's wasting time on you instead of killing your team

  • CJ Schmitt
    CJ Schmitt 4 days ago

    He actually took range aggro from the two

  • Gtblaze45
    Gtblaze45 4 days ago

    Amazing guide. Just at 5:20 why didn't elise take lee sin's blue before going top scuttle? we saw him invade with only red buff

    • Mati Łypian
      Mati Łypian 4 days ago

      Because syndra was pushing bot and leo was coming back to Lane. Draven was incoming aswell but had to take wave and couldnt come to help him if leo syndra check lee's blue. If jankos die here he would let enemy bot back to game

  • AYSplayer
    AYSplayer 4 days ago

    So basically, becoming a fat influence to the enemy team, forcing them to think about you split pushing than what they want to do.

  • TroDaPro Z
    TroDaPro Z 4 days ago

    Yikes fizz int

  • Yukihyo
    Yukihyo 4 days ago

    I feel like every game I play is determined by which team has the better jungler. Nothing feels worse than absolutely slaying ones lane only to lose anyway bc ally jg never ganks/enemy jg always ganks. Constant 2v3 or 1v2 is never fun.

  • DavinciFX
    DavinciFX 4 days ago

    Would love to have seen the Trist items to put the goldlead into context

  • Deniz Erbakar
    Deniz Erbakar 4 days ago

    Where the hell are supp guides!!!!

  • HdtvTh
    HdtvTh 4 days ago

    Hell no all that happened here was idiots getting caught, that's all there is to lol, 10 idiots running around and the ones getting caught less win.

  • BariK
    BariK 4 days ago

    I love the videos, but it would be really useful if you would be able to see what the player bought and how much gold and exp he actually got. Still, thank u for making videos!

  • itsraining dunks
    itsraining dunks 4 days ago

    Isn't it fun to watch someone auto attack his enemy in lane with no skill at all ?

    • Shade x Prince
      Shade x Prince 4 days ago

      @itsraining dunks well its not fun to watch for sure but this channel is intended to teach you how to win not how to have fun

    • itsraining dunks
      itsraining dunks 4 days ago

      @Shade x Prince hmm it looks so fun

    • Shade x Prince
      Shade x Prince 4 days ago

      This guide is more about macro not micro skills and its especially helpful for low elo players just to show that you don't need insane mechanics to win games you just need to make good decisions

  • Jim Canterak
    Jim Canterak 5 days ago

    This is very informative but it just won't work as a tool to escape low elo. Do you really think that if Zed had gone top, the rest would accomodate and go to the correct lanes? Fuck no, they would just all stick to wherever they were and they would have 2 or 3 people pushing one lane, sharing gold and exp. The only way to escape low elo is to improve your csing and split pushing. Ignore your team and just push/farm until you win. It's the only way.

  • Brynnu
    Brynnu 5 days ago

    skillcapped : hey guys do you want supp guides ? everyone : yes please !!! skillcapped : ok sure skillcapped : *this video*

  • Alika Ostermiller
    Alika Ostermiller 5 days ago

    now teach my fuckin teammates on how to allow themselves to be carried. More than half the time one or two people smash their lane and the rest of the game should be on easy mode. I understand sometimes people have a down game and things don't go their way. 0-2 is frustrating but for the love of God, I wish people knew how to let themselves be carried.

  • moaz wagdy
    moaz wagdy 5 days ago

    great job, i really learnt a lot from this guide

  • Astronomical Pot a toe

    Forgens voice is orgasmic and i cannot get enough of it

  • panzerswineflu
    panzerswineflu 5 days ago

    In silver / low gold people would just ignore minions on tower and go fight. People ignore herald on a tower and chase enemies down lane

    • KerrankiSuomee
      KerrankiSuomee Day ago

      @panzerswineflu In the example of the video (if I remember correctly, can't watch rn) I believe I would have simply stayed while danger pinging the living shit out of my allies from the side help was coming from.

    • panzerswineflu
      panzerswineflu 2 days ago

      @KerrankiSuomee yeah it's just my team doing it. Maybe I'm wrong. What's the correct thing to do? Kill the rift herald and clear minions to save tower or chase down enemy champs?

    • KerrankiSuomee
      KerrankiSuomee 4 days ago

      That's beneficial for you, though. If they choose to not grab the minions they are set behind by a few hundred gold and take turret damage for no reason and if you were pushing to begin with you're more likely to arrive to the fight earlier regardless. You can apply these for gold games just as well but do note that this is not a step-by-step guide but rather a mindset guide. The situations are endless so it's hard to tell you what to do exactly in each situation.

  • Luqhman Haqim
    Luqhman Haqim 5 days ago

    What do you guys think about champ like Gangplank?

    • Sergey zkr
      Sergey zkr 2 days ago

      his scaling is item dependent. Now if bot or mid-jg will snowball they won't let you farm. Staying against top meaning letting them win. Competing with them is useless as they are fed and you are far from your peak form.

    • Sergey zkr
      Sergey zkr 2 days ago

      you will lose before you scale

  • dark jonas
    dark jonas 5 days ago

    I wanted a game guide, not a math test XD

  • FlameReaper
    FlameReaper 5 days ago

    I actually made the safe and good choices. Now I need to learn how to land my point and clicks lol

  • B C
    B C 5 days ago

    "Coop duh Grass"

  • Tumbling Vayne
    Tumbling Vayne 5 days ago

    What does "turtleing" mean?

    • Jauster
      Jauster 5 days ago

      Hide like a turtle in her shell. In lol this means that you play defensive under your turrets, farming as much minions as you can without dying to the enemy and try to get some gold to get back in the game

  • HighAceKiller
    HighAceKiller 5 days ago

    I feel like everytime he asks me what to do next I’m part of a Dora episode

    • Mychael Jones
      Mychael Jones 4 days ago


    • Inyix
      Inyix 4 days ago

      HighAceKiller and just as child, im always wrong lul

  • Immac
    Immac 5 days ago

    8:42 you're wrong. you have vision of eve bot side. pushing this bot wave in high elo is suicide, this eve sucks for not punishing this. a good eve would recognize the trist has no flash, get behind the tristana, and kill her, regardless of her jump. best (safest) play here: recall, spend gold, then head back mid as fizz will probably push 1 more wave for you to catch after reksai leaves.

  • Felipe André
    Felipe André 5 days ago

    Você não tem ideia de como isso vai me ajudar!

  • Ez0rus
    Ez0rus 5 days ago

    Ew when did this channel become about LoL, keep that same map, dead game back in 2012

    • Ez0rus
      Ez0rus Day ago

      Definitely wasn't called that when I subscribed

    • Shrooblord
      Shrooblord Day ago

      It's called "Skill Capped Challenger LoL Guides" so I'm not sure what you expected. They still have WoW on their website if that's what you were looking for.

  • Earl Cerrada
    Earl Cerrada 5 days ago

    when your team is feeder.....

  • Intersted Guy
    Intersted Guy 5 days ago

    What is the use of an ELO when you are bronze but get put against Platinum players ??

  • Metal-Spark
    Metal-Spark 5 days ago

    The thumbnail of this video looks like a ransom note

  • Đạt Béo
    Đạt Béo 5 days ago

    this is lit

  • Mert Aypar
    Mert Aypar 5 days ago

    Poor quantum tho :(

  • Krysa
    Krysa 5 days ago

    i dont usually comment or like a video but THIS video my homie, was BOMB. i chose the wrong pathings most of the time, this really taught me how delusional i am and how bad i am and how much i still need to improve. more mid lane pls! great content

    • Matheus Batista
      Matheus Batista 6 hours ago

      Preach man, I thought I knew the game well enough.. but this guy has mad decision making skills.

    • Shrooblord
      Shrooblord 2 days ago

      Some high-level macro decision-making detailed here, and why those choices are optimal / which choices would be more optimal. This is why I love SkillCapped; they break down exactly why some decisions are tactically more advantage in easy-to-understand terms that actually give you a better grip on how the game _works_ . Super good stuff.

  • Cozeris
    Cozeris 5 days ago


  • XxraitoyagamixX Yo
    XxraitoyagamixX Yo 5 days ago

    Question when Tristana uses her w can she avoid dmg from fizz e ? Since fizz e is a splash and trist w is airborne just asking to te 100%

    • XxraitoyagamixX Yo
      XxraitoyagamixX Yo 4 days ago

      @Dreaddie Chan yh I figured

    • Dreaddie Chan
      Dreaddie Chan 5 days ago

      if Fizz hits her with e while she uses w, tristana still gets dmg if she is in the splash radius

  • Aman Sheel
    Aman Sheel 5 days ago

    Intro song?

  • Fiery Bat
    Fiery Bat 5 days ago

    Anyone else realized that he made Quantum Fizzics, one of the top 10 chall, look like a bronce player? Insane!

    • DNA
      DNA 5 days ago

      fizz has no counterplay this matchup, even before tris solo lane hype ive noted that her early game is a tad over the top for a late game champ. this is just what happens when a ranged champion has an easy disengage and safe clear, they will become an "innovative" pick in mid/top, same with quinn, neeko, s8 viktor, Cassiopeia in some patches (although more common in top since higher chance of melees)

    • anthony26812
      anthony26812 5 days ago

      pretty sure quantum has done the same to him in a different game

  • TruScottishGuy
    TruScottishGuy 5 days ago

    This shit never works its all random luck when ever you team are not going to act like a bunch of down syndromes the commuity is the reason i never play this game anymore. The commuity ruins the climbing for everyone.

  • Clasher 21
    Clasher 21 5 days ago

    Do more macro guides like these, asking us questions is extremely helpful

  • Kalienor
    Kalienor 5 days ago

    Nice guide as usual. Drawing attention to the minimap by zooming in gets my preference over blurring the screen, I thought I was lagging at first...

  • inguanara
    inguanara 5 days ago

    i got triggered just by watching

  • Ace
    Ace 5 days ago

    Great video! I really learned a lot. But maybe you could have said what the Fizz should have done, how he should have played the matchup ^^

    • Scarfboy
      Scarfboy 16 hours ago

      How G2 Caps Beats RANGED Champions as MELEE?

    • Clasher 21
      Clasher 21 5 days ago

      Fizz cant really do anything to trist so he should try and cs and take as little damage as possible so that he doesnt die. Also eve cant really do anything pre 6 so until the jungler decides to gank the lane is already lost

  • AkaiTori
    AkaiTori 5 days ago

    10:25 a tier 1 tower isn't just gold though , it's map control and vision too , i'm still having trouble digesting that its more worth to catch the wave than to defend it :/

    • Amethonys
      Amethonys 4 days ago

      @Adrián Llana also trist waveclear isnt very good at defending. Its like 3 autos and assuming the minions all get hit by E. If he was a strong waveclear mage or adc (xayah or sivir) then defending the tower is a reasonable choice since the wave may not even REACH the tower, but as things stand the chances of him being there and actually able to save the tower was not high enough to outweigh the like 200+ gold he gets from 2-3 creep waves top. Before the top tower is taken into consideration.

    • Adrián Llana
      Adrián Llana 4 days ago

      Defending that tower wasn't a secure play: if he died there, the enemy would get a tower and 1000 gold. If he goes top, he wins gold 100% sure and the enemy may or may not take tower

  • saib adam
    saib adam 5 days ago

    Pressure = force÷ area

  • Thijs Brundel
    Thijs Brundel 5 days ago

    I dont think roaming bot at arround 8 mins (in the youtube video, not in game) is the right play, he lost a tower plate mid and a wave, that is 270 gold given to fizz, it would be worth if he gets a kill but imagine if he didnt get a kill, u cannot garantee a kill. So tell me why it is still the right play I would stay mid and push the wave under tower then roam if the opportunity is still there, and otherwise recall

    • happyheart
      happyheart 4 days ago

      @AkaiTori My bad. I was looking at around 8:50, not 8:00. I got mixed up with another comment on this video that mentioned the same thing but at 8:50 as well.

    • AkaiTori
      AkaiTori 5 days ago

      @happyheart you serious?She was top side because they were just fighting and she was there. Obviously afterwards she would go bot side but as you saw it was too late.

    • happyheart
      happyheart 5 days ago

      Eve was not top side. See the minimap in the bottom right corner. You can see Eve doing krugs during the freeze frame. She could have countered Froggen's push. It's weird that this was not mentioned in the video.

    • Krysa
      Krysa 5 days ago

      bot was overextended and trist can engage in and eve was top/mid side. it was a great choice

    • AkaiTori
      AkaiTori 5 days ago

      didn't you watch the rest? Fizz was freezing the wave , which is weird since he's getting stomped , so froggen assumed he was ready to get ev to jump on him and get a shut down , so he decided to go bot instead since ev is top side.

  • Yamo
    Yamo 5 days ago

    After the outer turrets and all the waves are pushed in with no objectives left what can he do?

    • Amethonys
      Amethonys 4 days ago

      @Zeronothinghere this. Use your wards. If all the outers are gone your team is easily in the drivers seat. You all ward their jg to hell and back and take everything and catch people on rotations. He's probably 2-ish items at the end of this video. He WILL kill anyone in his burst combo.

    • Zeronothinghere
      Zeronothinghere 5 days ago

      keep pushing waves and try to get a tier 2 tower. depends on team comp. Alternatively, if an objective like Baron is about to spawn, you should secure vision already (around 1 minute or more before the fight is recommended, to give you enough time to recall after warding)

  • David PHAM
    David PHAM 5 days ago

    Quantum fizzis ;(