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How to Finish Homework FAST
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My New Room and Workspace
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  • Joe Lowthian
    Joe Lowthian 3 hours ago

    What about when you lose motivation 15 minutes into every lecture 😂

  • Dan Hosta
    Dan Hosta 4 hours ago

    Youre lowkey racist

  • Evan Parcon
    Evan Parcon 5 hours ago


  • whizzard blizzard
    whizzard blizzard 6 hours ago

    So who's the top and who's the bottom?

  • Hristiyan Minchev
    Hristiyan Minchev 6 hours ago

    This video was part of my mourning routine 😀 Btw eggs mixed with oats and a bit of milk is a great full of proteins pancake for breakfast. Also I put honey and peanut butter/blueberries on the top. Tastyaf

  • M R
    M R 6 hours ago

    You really lookike that guy from One Direction: Liam Payne.

  • Dark Horse
    Dark Horse 7 hours ago

    isnt that Ace's hat?! wow i want that

  • Neha Singh
    Neha Singh 8 hours ago

    Same problem Is with me... But i am good at many things ☺️

  • Bodhi Sattva
    Bodhi Sattva 8 hours ago

    I have monthly Events/Reminders that are showing up as duplicates for no apparent reason. (Sometimes in duplicates of 4, 7, or any other multiple.) I have tried disabling various email addresses that I'm logged into and/or their miscellaneous functions (Birthdays, Reminders, Holidays, Tasks, etc). Nothing seems to work. I don't know how this is happening, so I don't know how to fix it. And nothing I search online seems to pull up similarly related threads. Any idea what the cause may be or how to address it?

  • Cavin Dionel N. Batinga

    So Im burned out now. What do I do. I have 3 exams and overstudying for my first two made me tired. Like suuuuper tired.

  • Rick Aredetfredhi Xavi

    Why not think like yourself?

  • Lemonade Candy
    Lemonade Candy 11 hours ago

    He looks like Connor Walsh from How to Get Away with Murder xD

  • J.marq703
    J.marq703 11 hours ago

    I’m currently in a rut senior year of high school started 4 weeks ago my grades all of them are 35 and below pretty much just all Fs my room is a messy disaster my life is pretty much just school and work I’m tired of school I hate showing up I hate listening to the teachers and doing the work sometimes I just wanna sleep forever

  • Chris Le
    Chris Le 11 hours ago

    what app is that when at 6:44

  • SimoneBilesJr
    SimoneBilesJr 11 hours ago

    I got an 87 on my quiz. I cried so hard. This really motivated me, and gave me hope. Thanks.

  • alifox Ali
    alifox Ali 12 hours ago


  • AdonisGaming93
    AdonisGaming93 12 hours ago

    Sorry but not going to make 300 different resumes just to get called back once.

  • E2B2
    E2B2 13 hours ago

    How dare you use 10 minutes of my homework time

  • Bayan Nasser
    Bayan Nasser 13 hours ago

    Thanks for Arabic translate

  • Isaac May
    Isaac May 13 hours ago

    What is it with all the 11:11 videos on youtube? Anyway, energy drink addiction?

  • xMulti Celebx
    xMulti Celebx 14 hours ago

    Who's watching this after waking up from a nap and still tired......

  • Truly Living
    Truly Living 14 hours ago

    So uh I’ve been practicing my life like him for 2 years now , I guess I should start writing stuff down 😂

  • Cliff DaRiff
    Cliff DaRiff 15 hours ago

    I believe the preferred term is a "renaissance man"...

  • Andrew Trewin
    Andrew Trewin 15 hours ago

    It is a good idea to do those tests, though there is an infinite amount of factors that can affect coffee taste besides the quality of the beans.

  • 21rMikka
    21rMikka 15 hours ago

    Frieza only trained for four months tho

  • David Munoz
    David Munoz 16 hours ago

    Looks pretty good EXCEPT the Whey protein, you should switch that out to a plant-based protein like pea protein. Whey, as you know, is waste from the dairy industry and not a healthy choice.

    DSGQR 16 hours ago

    OmniFocus 3 People Here?

  • Zachery Barrett
    Zachery Barrett 16 hours ago

    Phew I was lost until the dbz illustration

  • Jivencia Valcius
    Jivencia Valcius 17 hours ago

    Why did you say we have to do more more Matt I hate math😡😡😡😡😡😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤯🤯

  • Jivencia Valcius
    Jivencia Valcius 17 hours ago

    I don’t even understand that I am an only for a gr I don’t even understand math i’m only in fourth grade😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Bobcatッ
    Bobcatッ 17 hours ago

    dude school sucks

  • lunophile
    lunophile 18 hours ago

    They are the team I am the work.

  • GXY_Droz
    GXY_Droz 18 hours ago

    I like reading but I only like read like manga or comic because it provides visual that can show me an actual scene or character on what author try to write.

  • Mathew Brown
    Mathew Brown 19 hours ago

    Woah I have that book..."The Owner's Manual for the Brain", and I don't know anyone else who has it... #kindredspirits

  • Tom H
    Tom H 19 hours ago

    OMG....still talking.

  • Tom H
    Tom H 19 hours ago

    Stop talking so much?

  • compactdiscman
    compactdiscman 19 hours ago

    my top one is anything you can get done in less than 5 minutes that you want to put off just do it now.

  • Lucid Lagomorph
    Lucid Lagomorph 19 hours ago

    Richard Ayoade has got one of the best voices to listen to Steven Fry is ok

  • Lucid Lagomorph
    Lucid Lagomorph 19 hours ago

    reading a book a day hmm.... a week is defo doable but a day ? For one thing i like sleeping on it and absorbing it

  • TinyMaths
    TinyMaths 20 hours ago

    Just failed a Probability and Statistics class. Returned to college after many years since leaving school. It was my fault, I wasn't prepared and had really poor study habits, and only recognised it a couple of months ago and have been trying to study 'properly'.... I'm actually surprised that I managed to catch up on the other 3 classes.... I expected a complete flop all round. Have to re-take stats next year. Although I'm frustrated and sad, I'm also a bit relieved to have a result, even a fail, because the uncertainty was killing me. Will take a few days to relax from study.

  • xrokum12
    xrokum12 20 hours ago

    This is a very good video. The editing, content quality... well done 👍🏿

  • Tony
    Tony 20 hours ago

    You listen to periphery I see. Got a little metalhead on the rise🤘🏼😂

  • Tony
    Tony 20 hours ago


  • Tony
    Tony 20 hours ago

    Thank you

  • jeans lafittes
    jeans lafittes 20 hours ago

    Jesús Christ you’re a nerd

  • Praveen Chandran
    Praveen Chandran 20 hours ago

    Microsoft todo has tags

  • M S R
    M S R 21 hour ago

    This video isn't helping me.

  • Sebastiaan Wachter
    Sebastiaan Wachter 22 hours ago

    Haha, I found my twin Brother . How are you doin bro;)

  • Max Basilone
    Max Basilone 22 hours ago

    Pokemon Go, Hollow Knight and Sailor Moon says you are a closet Otaku <3

  • Wampert
    Wampert 22 hours ago

    sooo he was a freelancer??

  • K ris
    K ris 22 hours ago

    I want to let you know that your manner of speaking: its cadence and tone have made me feel better than I have in a while. I’m still in a rut, but I wanted to say this

  • Alexander Anisimov
    Alexander Anisimov 22 hours ago

    Latent narcistic habits: "I have two monitors" mentioned twice, "You have to do lots of squats, which I do"

  • Meiy Sky
    Meiy Sky 22 hours ago

    onenote vs evernote which is best?

  • TheNorthPostMarket Skiles

    I am the embodiment of your introduction! ;0*

  • Vegetarian Soylent-Green

    You're saying that I too can be... ... A Ninja Turtle?

  • Mel Xephyr
    Mel Xephyr 23 hours ago

    three more days of my finals and im mentally and emotionally exhausted

  • Mark Fennell
    Mark Fennell 23 hours ago

    I have a collection of writings from Leonardo Da Vinci. His own words, translated to English. Here are a few things that I want to add, based on those writings. 1. He did want to become famous. Early in life around his 20s, he wrote that he did want to become famous. To be remembered for creating something impressive. He also said he thought he would achieve that by developing flying machines. 2. He studied nature from early age. Most of his young life, as a child and teenager, were spent walking in nature. He would look closely at everything. The flowers. The birds. The clouds. The rivers. He spent lots of time observing, studying nature in action. Those many hours, days, years resulted in a vast amount of direct knowledge. We can also see those details in many of his drawings. These direct studies also led to ideas about natural processes and mechanics of motion. 3. He knew how to flatter his patrons. He wrote about this. Basically, you find out what they want, and tell them how you can deliver it too them. He also wrote about how to tell when the potential patron seems to be bored, and quickly move to another idea before you lose total interest. 4. Italy at the time was many small kingdoms. Run by kings and merchants of various types. He knew that they wanted fame and power. Thus, the two best selling points were battle machines, to defeat your opponent, and paintings which would glorify the family. And that's what they bought. 5. He classified himself as a "painter" first. Also, for him drawings were far more important than words. He wrote this several times. With a detailed drawing or painting, you could convey far more than any pages of text. I agree, and when I write my science books, I create numerous drawings for this same reason. There are many other interesting things from this collection of notes. Those are just a few.

    • Mark Fennell
      Mark Fennell 23 hours ago

      Regarding energies, he talked about the processes of energies as "violence and death". Violence is essentially the objects in motion, the movement of the river, and so on. The "death" is when objects are still, at rest. The phrasing is interesting. Perhaps related to the fighting city-states of the era.

  • Adara Relgnel
    Adara Relgnel 23 hours ago

    I have NEVER had the fear of being the worst person in the room at soemthing. I didnt know that was a thing. How dumb.

  • HIGH
    HIGH Day ago

    lycanthropy.... yes please

  • lewy
    lewy Day ago

    can you point me where to buy your toy?

  • Marcel Nuñez
    Marcel Nuñez Day ago

    Megaman X Impecable taste

  • ruben pacio
    ruben pacio Day ago

    Freeza did not loose a few times to reach his current stronger form he actually trained for once cus his freeza lol

  • Yigit Cakar
    Yigit Cakar Day ago

    How to be a genius like Leonardo: 1- Get born illegitimately to a rich and powerful father 2- Get the best education in your field and hang out with the best intellectuals of the time 3- Live in tumultuous times and have different rulers that would patron you 4- Be extremely selfish, never deliver, when the patron steps away just move to the other patron 5- Be life of the party and likable so people would stand for you even though you are lazy and selfish 6- Take notes of every idea around you, paper is expensive and the original author of the idea would be forgotten in time, everything will be attributed to you! 7- Commit criminal activities, cut people etc. out of curiosity. 8- Take extensive notes of your criminal activities. 9- Most importantly get your upper mediocre art stolen from the museum so it will be the most known painting of human history. 10- Benefit.

  • Tiffany F.
    Tiffany F. Day ago

    I knew most of these, and they're great tips, the one that I hadn't given a thought was number 4. I am a mother of two young children and basically stay at home every day, and so it's a bad habit (that I hadn't realized until I watched this) of mine to wake up and immediately grumble and complain about how I'm tired and my toddlers are being too loud, etc. So thanks for that tip. I will definitely try to incorporate some positivity and gratitude into my morning routine. 😊

  • amith m
    amith m Day ago

    My birthday is also Da Vinci's birthday

  • Roger Smith
    Roger Smith Day ago

    Einstellung (German)=Setting

  • Elsy Gomez
    Elsy Gomez Day ago

    Thank you for this video. I have that little voice aaaallll the time :(

  • eager to know
    eager to know Day ago

    After listening to this video, you will be fast listener

  • Alicia
    Alicia Day ago

    So if I chew a french dictionary book gum, I instantly become fluent in French?

  • Mr. Anarchy
    Mr. Anarchy Day ago

    This man is making people follow the Linux file hierarchy on windows which is illegal.

  • fake chinese man but is chinese because he is fake

    Middle School: This is easy High School : _Defok is this?_

  • fake chinese man but is chinese because he is fake

    Everybody gangsta until word problems come along

  • Mariel Diel Tormento

    0.05 oh yeah bro..the marauders

  • Vincent Matthies

    God I love Nos. I haven’t had it in a long time

  • Trigger Happy
    Trigger Happy Day ago

    1) talk to your friends 2) take a break 3) network with ambitious people ... you are welcome .

  • Marcelino Michael

    Hey Thomas i just wanna say thankyou for making this video out. These lessons really hit me especially talking about perfectionism that i generally suffer, making me abandon some of my commisioned work for the sake of perfectionism. This truly a good reminder for me personally, keep up the good work buddy, greetings from Indonesia. God bless

  • Никита Коробкин

    And no FABULOUS lol

  • Saren Perales
    Saren Perales Day ago

    What if you're unmotivated about school? I'll be taking my first break next semester so I should feel motivated. I'm also taking my last two classes this semester before I can transfer to a university next fall and graduate with my associates. So I just don't know, I can't focus on studying or homework... this is the most unmotivated I've ever been:/

  • MysticStrike ForceSSJ3

    I believe math isn't just surrounded by numbers math is actually everything we do in life.

  • A Brighter Dawn

    Tomorrow's my exam and here I am spending time 😁

  • Samuel Quach
    Samuel Quach Day ago

    Great shirt Thomas! What brand is that?

  • Tara Louise
    Tara Louise Day ago

    "New learning drives out old learning when insufficient time intervenes.” - a quote from your video to explain why spaced learning works. But, I don't understand why it says 'insufficient time'...I would have thought it should say 'sufficient time' - please explain someone!

  • Random
    Random Day ago

    Mental resistance. I hate you so much.

  • CandidlyOpinionated

    Dude you play guitar? I would love to see some content of that!

  • Hoe Hein Lo
    Hoe Hein Lo Day ago

    Maybe I should do this

  • idealic fool
    idealic fool Day ago

    13min to give me a recipe >_>

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  • when life gives you games

    The timing is weird... Me having a classmate + exam problems

  • Heloisa C. Mehl Gonçalves

    My Chemical Romance in a Thomas Frank video. My life is complete ❤️

  • Finesse
    Finesse Day ago

    Love you

  • Rex II ForSure

    My roommate just failed his first math test. I sympathized with him (however I took that test also and it was easy. Well I guess most people failuire some exams and courses at some point) but then asked him where were my footlong hotdogs. I then got angry at him because I think he ate my footlongs!

  • ckawgoproductions k

    I feel so targetted

  • Brando Ayala
    Brando Ayala Day ago

    Lmao why did you peel that banana with your mouth...

  • Muhyidin Arifai

    if i am asked about what is the book that worth of my time? it must be Qur'an. Highly recomended.

  • Antonio Waldron

    Well as for me I usually like listening to rain and thunder effects while I read does anyone does the same ? If so have u been productive/effective while doing it ?

  • 1,000 with no Video?

    Watching this instead of doing my homework

  • bina Singh
    bina Singh Day ago

    Smoke weed before thinking

  • bob timbob
    bob timbob Day ago

    He's hot

  • Robin D. Phillips

    I’ve been doing tough problems for a WHILE now and it feels like I’m banging my head against a concrete wall.

  • KillSwitch Kenny

    Present yourself based on what you would like to become.