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Flying HIGH on Oxygen
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Why do I fly?
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Top 10 iPad Tips For Pilots
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  • Pointer Talks
    Pointer Talks Hour ago

    Never leave without the old lucky cow😂

  • Mohd Hafiz
    Mohd Hafiz Hour ago


  • Victor Bravo
    Victor Bravo 2 hours ago

    What camera are you using to film this video?

  • Andy
    Andy 3 hours ago

    I would love to play here for weeks haha! Awesome place!

  • AmazeGames YT
    AmazeGames YT 7 hours ago

    2:59 THICC

  • Army men StopMotions

    Yes a headphone compassion

  • Brilliant But Blue
    Brilliant But Blue 13 hours ago

    Dude you totally remind me of Mr Bean!! Not sure why😅😅

    • Stefan Drury
      Stefan Drury 9 hours ago

      I used to love Mr Bean as a kid, so I’ll take that 👍

  • Round Two
    Round Two 13 hours ago

    I was thinking in buying one for myself!!

  • Nathan Cho
    Nathan Cho 13 hours ago

    Bro you gotta get a gimbal tho

  • Christian A
    Christian A 13 hours ago

    Why did u fly separate from your wife

  • anthony long
    anthony long 15 hours ago

    Hey Stefan. Since I've been watching all your vlogs it has influenced the way I travel. Cut a long story short, I found the love of my life not in Australia. In all places around the world, Hyderabad, India. We shared a love of cooking when we first found eachother on the internet. She taught me how to cook Indian cuisine on Skype in my kitchen, Melbourne. We have known eachother for nearly 4 years and we have now been married for the last couple of years. We are currently going through the immigration process for her and my daughter to come live in Australia. Over the last 4 years I have been constantly travelling to India when I can to spend some quality time with my family. Your vlogs have been so inspiring. I am planning my next visit in January. I used to fly via Kuala Lumpur on Malaysia airlines. My last trip was with Singapore Airlines and the layover experience at Changi Airport is much more rewarding. Every time I fly to India I travel for 13 hours on 2 planes with layovers of approximately 2 - 5 hours. As soon as I meet my wife at Hyderabad there is another 45 minutes travel in a car to her place. It is a marathon from my place Melbourne to her place in Hyderabad. I have decided to travel to Singapore with a 19 hour layover. I've booked myself into a hotel within the International terminal for 10 hrs at a reasonable price to get some well deserved sleep and spend some time exploring all the terminals. I get on a plane for only 4 and half hours and see my beautiful wife alot more fresher. Thanks for all your inspiring and jovial vlogs. Would love to see some more solo adventure flight vlogs like your outback and Longreach trips. Keep on flying high.. 🛫

  • Trekzone
    Trekzone 16 hours ago

    We recently did BNE-HNL-LAS-LAX-HNL-BNE on American carriers... the amount of folks that completely ignored the seatbelt sign, and crew I instructions was mind boggling!

  • Naga Maheeth
    Naga Maheeth 16 hours ago

    Hey man, yeah I agree terminal 3 viewing mall sucks.. Do check out terminal 1s viewing mall the next time round... Its wayyyyyy better and gets you really really really close to planes!

    • Stefan Drury
      Stefan Drury 6 hours ago

      Great tip, thanks. I’ll try that next time 👍

  • Tanush biyani
    Tanush biyani 17 hours ago

    The viewing mall is good to view when it’s not dark

  • Snypar Australis
    Snypar Australis 18 hours ago

    4:00 I didn’t think you’re ears were big.... I thought you looked like Asterix

  • Kees Manuel
    Kees Manuel 19 hours ago

    Beautiful airport! Greetings from

  • Manu Nathan
    Manu Nathan 19 hours ago

    Would love to see a headphones comparison!

  • George Corbett
    George Corbett 20 hours ago

    You should play a game where you ask people to guess any two taxiways you’ve been on, on any flight.

  • Affable
    Affable 20 hours ago

    If you did a video like this in Malaysia airlines facility I think they would practice a lot of water landings

  • Joseph Lee
    Joseph Lee 21 hour ago

    Love Changi, love Singapore airlines, I love Singapore

  • Craig Willis
    Craig Willis 21 hour ago

    Your lens cap episode in Singapore reminds me of one of the great lines in Crocodile Dundee...see if you can recall it !! Headphones have come a long way. When I started working in radio in 1973 the headphones we used were made of Bakelite and a metal frame and boy did you have sore ears after 4 hours on the wireless!! And they had a large 2 prong plug like the old telephone exchange style !! Great to see Milkshake was watching over you during the flight and a lovely touch at the end ( hope she was in Business Class as well!!) Great stuff as always Stef !!

  • [Enter Channel Here]

    Bose are better but sure, review them haha

  • Thomas Soya Hui
    Thomas Soya Hui 21 hour ago

    So you didn’t eat anything?🤣

  • Charlie Molda
    Charlie Molda 22 hours ago

    Please do a comparison between all three headphones!

  • Brad MacK
    Brad MacK 22 hours ago

    Mate you just crack me up, it's so enjoyable to watch your videos. Thank you :)

  • HarizshahHamin
    HarizshahHamin 23 hours ago

    Literally looks like a playground but for adults

  • andy de la rue
    andy de la rue 23 hours ago

    As a photographer for thirty years, lessons one , throw away all lens caps and fit UV filter.

    • Stefan Drury
      Stefan Drury 9 hours ago

      This is excellent advice, I might just do that!

  • ed jarvis
    ed jarvis Day ago

    Don't miss all that travel....over 4 million air miles....

  • Pokémon Guy
    Pokémon Guy Day ago

    iPad Mini 5 & Apple pencil in practice

  • Gabriel Ng Yu Jie

    ITS 777-300ER !!!!! not 777-300

  • Keng Guan Tan
    Keng Guan Tan Day ago

    Try visiting the T1 viewing deck the next time you come. I live in Singapore and it’s much better! Keep up the great videos!! :)

  • Bradley Wellington

    Should have gone to cactus gardens, good aircraft viewing. It was in SQ terminal . UA lounge is near the entrance.

  • SydneyAviator
    SydneyAviator Day ago

    We shall do two planes LHI as we discussed on last years Sim Expo. Are you still keen?

  • Joash Law
    Joash Law Day ago

    There’s a better viewing area in Terminal 2 I believe

  • Daniel Murray
    Daniel Murray Day ago

    As Always: (exceptionally-good) fun.

  • Zhenyu Yang
    Zhenyu Yang Day ago

    I am from Singapore

  • Aviation18
    Aviation18 Day ago

    Great video but did anyone else think 2:23 was the end of the video 😅 or was it just me

  • Aus Flyer
    Aus Flyer Day ago

    Stef another good video enjoyed the look around SIA & Changi etc. However comparing the QC35 to the Sony is wrong. The Sony always wins against the much older QC35’s. To be fair to Bose you need to review the new Bose NC700 (which also is operated by swipe gestures and has superb microphone features) which is the true Bose competitor to the the Sony’s. Looks like another great trip all in all. 🎧 ✈️

  • citationau
    citationau Day ago

    Stefan Been uploading a fair bit of SQ business class recently. You noted your outbound sector was a complimentary flight from SQ. Besides that do you redeem miles on most of these other flights? For anyone wanting to get into the frequent flyer points game i'd be happy to refer you to some worth while credit cards you can use for everyday spend to suppliment your miles balance. Safe travels to all.

  • Nicolo Don Diego

    What brand case is that?

  • Nick Smith
    Nick Smith Day ago

    Thanks Stef. Look forward to the Sony review

  • Mike V
    Mike V Day ago

    @ 7:28; MILKSHAKE wave! 😎👍

  • Moof
    Moof Day ago

    I’ve just bought the Apple AirPod Pros, and I’m very very impressed. Much better at filtering out ambient chatter and street noise than my Bose QC20 headphones, though those are admittedly 10 years old. There is definitely a wow factor when you put them in the first time.

  • Spiro
    Spiro Day ago

    Good ol 777, what a workhorse. Hey Stef careful, that spider might jump on your d@*%. Thanks mate

  • David O'Brien
    David O'Brien Day ago

    Do you watch Bojack Horseman? totally reminded me of the opening sequence :D

  • ProKiwi
    ProKiwi Day ago

    Love the videography and a review would be 👌

  • Tim Newey
    Tim Newey Day ago

    I am amazed that Changi and the hell-hole called Heathrow are both just "airports". There ought to be completely different words used to describe them. Stansted is even worse, basically an airport modelled on Ryanair's approach to customer satisfaction.

  • Lets Fly VFR Flight Simulation

    Its the best airport i have been to and singapore airlines are the best in the world i think.

  • Jemma Bayliss
    Jemma Bayliss Day ago

    Wish you showed the food in the lounge and your meal on the plane 😕

  • jimiemick
    jimiemick Day ago

    Sony headphones are much better, got rid of my QC's to get the Sony's a few years ago, 2years on still not a single issue!

  • Ben Davis
    Ben Davis Day ago

    I doubt the Airpod Pros (APP) will be as good as the over the ear models, but I would like to see your review. I have the APP and an old pair of Bose QC15s - so far liking the APP, but haven't had a chance to use them on a flight.

  • Simon SNB
    Simon SNB Day ago

    2:59 you have calf muscles the size of rugby balls mate

  • Joel Fraser
    Joel Fraser Day ago

    You can see a lot more out of there during the day. But I do agree to much glass between you and the planes !

  • Frederick Spector

    Oh Stefan, Not to be a bother, but it was difficult to hear tour comments over the plane engine sound...sorry:( Rik

  • Frederick Spector

    Stefan, I had a very nice SLR camera years ago and you couldn't film with the lens cap on because the monitor screen would be black. How could you use your camera with a black monitor screen? Puzzled, Cheers, Rik Spector

    • Frederick Spector
      Frederick Spector Day ago

      @Stefan Drury Thanks Stefan, stuff happens but your batting 99.99 Cheers, Rik

    • Stefan Drury
      Stefan Drury Day ago

      I know that camera so well that I can press record and use the LCD screen to check exposure but can point and record without having to frame each shot via the screen. Screen was folded inwards, so I wasn't looking at it to notice it would have been all black.

  • RedcoMusic
    RedcoMusic Day ago

    Haha, I love the wings on your head (03:21) while talking about headphones! - Red

    • Stefan Drury
      Stefan Drury Day ago

      That would me my mutation if I was in X-Men

  • Cameron Barnes

    Lol, I think you were a bit bord waiting for the flight, love the edits though 👍

  • Bryson Wallace

    How was the experience stef?

  • Retro Robloxians

    keep up the good work Stefan

  • Retro Robloxians

    17th like

  • Craig O'Brien
    Craig O'Brien Day ago

    Finally we get to see you nude.

  • Harrison Harvey

    I wish I could go on Biz on singapore

  • Harrison Harvey

    Hello love your vids! Hope everyone has a great day! x

    • Stefan Drury
      Stefan Drury Day ago

      Thanks Harrison, you have a great day too!

  • Suffian 77777
    Suffian 77777 Day ago

    Yay! First Comment of the video

  • Umer90o7
    Umer90o7 Day ago

    first pls pin this thx

  • Bryson Wallace


  • J C
    J C Day ago

    who's that ozzy pillock???? what a jerk

  • 清水ケビン

    3:14 LOL 🤣🤣

  • Jan Ralph
    Jan Ralph Day ago

    Nice video . Im based in Singapore with a g6 sr22 based at Seletar should come flying next visit. We ferry my Vision Jet next year here also so will have the first one in South East Asia

  • Mohd Hamiz
    Mohd Hamiz Day ago

    Useful,i'm also learning for Cabin Crew and Customer Service course too...

  • HD_Aviation_ HUB

    My dad flys for Singapore airlines on the A330

  • Time Traveler 2025
    Time Traveler 2025 2 days ago

    This thing flys like a SR22 with a jet engine on it.

  • William YQB
    William YQB 2 days ago

    Amazing video! You're very entertaining !

  • The Travelling Circle

    Fantastic tips... Surely gonna help me out in my future vlogs... Thanks

    • Stefan Drury
      Stefan Drury Day ago

      That's great, glad you found them useful. Thanks for watching.

  • Rich Taylor
    Rich Taylor 2 days ago

    Amazing flight! Awesome views. Good on yer Stef!

  • Ur boi
    Ur boi 2 days ago

    X-plane 10 mobile gang edit: got to go log some f-22 hours bye

  • Goncalo Lemos
    Goncalo Lemos 2 days ago

    After having the bose a20 ...ok but in my opinion it takes a lot awareness away to play with it.....

  • RaiderZill
    RaiderZill 2 days ago

    I been in Changi a few. Days ago

  • Worldtraveler8899
    Worldtraveler8899 2 days ago

    as a SingaporeAirlines fan Iam soooo Jealous, lol

  • Sgibank cpl
    Sgibank cpl 2 days ago

    150 jets delivered since October 2019 and still selling?

  • Aviation Planet
    Aviation Planet 2 days ago

    Wow, it looks amazing great video I subscribed mate

    • Stefan Drury
      Stefan Drury 2 days ago

      Thanks for subscribing, welcome to the channel, stef

  • anthony long
    anthony long 2 days ago

    I was on a flight to Kuala Lumpur from Melbourne one night and fell asleep. I had a dream I was in a plane crash then woke up in mid flight. It sort of freaked me out when my eyse opened but then I laughed about it.

  • Ed Keay-Smith
    Ed Keay-Smith 2 days ago

    #SQA350 I have been flying with Singapore Airlines since I was 10 years old in 1978 and flew on the DC10 of which I had a model of the plane. I think its about time I had an upgraded model! 😜👍 Love your channel, keep up the great work 👍😎

  • The dilettante Gamer

    I have had 5 CFIs and none of them have mentioned instruments to verify on the takeoff roll for a VFR private pilot. they focused on flying the plane and looking outside. I am checking oil pressure and RPM after I read the POH. I have not been looking at airspeed as I want to minimize tasks on takeoff and I can safely fly my plain without it However I would immediately land as it is not legal to fly without the airspeed indicator. what are the tradeoffs for focusing on airspeed vs focusing on flying the plane and whats in front of me?

  • Jeremy Tan
    Jeremy Tan 2 days ago

    #SQA350 The model will be a motivation for me to travel and explore the world

  • cs512tr
    cs512tr 2 days ago

    and, like everything to do with aviation fk*n expensive..

  • Phil Chia
    Phil Chia 2 days ago

    what is that silver/grey thing hanging off his headset on the LHS?

    • Stefan Drury
      Stefan Drury 2 days ago

      It's an attachment for the oxygen boom when I'm flying higher altitudes. It attaches to the headset so I can easily clip the oxygen boom in and out. Video on it here:

  • CloudStreets
    CloudStreets 3 days ago

    The watch has its own internal database? Is it a subscription service? Do you need subscription to access METARs and TAFs? Thanks for the vid.

  • Jay Rex Solis
    Jay Rex Solis 3 days ago

    #SQA350 I was in Copenhagen on Nov5th 2019 for their inauguration of the Aircraft type, replacing the B777-300ER. I plan to fly with this aircraft from Copenhagen to Singapore in January. I would love to win one of these A350 airplane models.

  • Dee Plane
    Dee Plane 3 days ago

    Great insight into SIA behind the scenes life. Karl seems like a very humorous individual.

  • Peter Francis
    Peter Francis 3 days ago

    Cool bananas. Good stuff. Thanks mate.

  • Richard Sherwood
    Richard Sherwood 3 days ago

    #SQ350 - it's the latest and greatest from SQ, would be greatly received 2.5 Nm west of #EGKB

  • Travis k
    Travis k 4 days ago

    Couple things. What's the 50 foot obstacle mean? Also. How many people or weight can this thing carry with full tanks? I have read that it carries 400 pounds with full tanks. That isn't much.

  • Aidan Soper
    Aidan Soper 4 days ago

    #SQA350 I would love to win it cause the A350 is the biggest plane I get to see here in Wellington and it looks so beautiful.

  • Real Madrid Rueda de Prensa

    It helped me a lot with my 16-35. Thanks. I realized the exact tool that i needed

  • Triumph 9909
    Triumph 9909 4 days ago

    Hey Stef, you may have seen this already, - BBC doing a short video on " Ultra-long haul flight non-stop from London to Sydney", thought you and your followers might find it interesting : - 19.5hrs!. Still in development stage, but wow!

  • Kevin Chilton
    Kevin Chilton 4 days ago

    Have to say Stef, that Carl is a natural entertainer.. if ever you wanted a few weeks off! 😀👍

  • Nick Smith
    Nick Smith 4 days ago

    SIA full of Aussies, go Aussies.

    • Stephanie Hale
      Stephanie Hale Day ago

      Yes, but most of them are based in Australia. So it's no wonder. Even this dude Karl is based in Sydney. You should visit STC, ITD, and Airline House, the three main corporate offices of SIA in Singapore, you will barely find any Aussie. I work for SIA, by the way.

  • Nick Smith
    Nick Smith 4 days ago

    Your in safe hands with that Captain