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  • Vanita 'Stretch' Brock

    Hard Candy брутал хорор мовие

  • Wiard Zijlstra
    Wiard Zijlstra 21 day ago

    Is it legal to you movies samples as an intro for music?

    THERESA ANDRADE 27 days ago

    Ellen is beautiful...her face is so delicate and I like the shape of her pout.

  • Unwanted BrokenHeart

    Take control girlfriend, i miss watching this with my confident sister.

  • Claudia Duran
    Claudia Duran Month ago

    I've seen my share of To Catch A Predator episodes, and pedophiles typically aren't as attractive as Patrick Wilson.

  • i ALF
    i ALF 3 months ago

    8:33 "That's what they always say,"? no matter your age, the only person responsible for YOUR decisions is yourself...

    • Capitán Deadpool
      Capitán Deadpool Month ago

      In fact yes, it’s what everyone says because it is the truth, you can try to blame others for the bad things that happen in life as much as you want, but that does not eliminate your share of responsibility

    • Kit Palmer
      Kit Palmer Month ago

      Yep that's what you all say

  • Millicent Schächter
    Millicent Schächter 3 months ago

    I forgot what the movie was called but I realized it was Hard Candy in the middle of watching Aquaman while I was dreamily staring at Patrick Wilson's face... It's a great movie

  • lazygamertv
    lazygamertv 4 months ago

    I remember the first time ever watching this not knowing what was going to happen and then BAM😮 your like wtf 😨This movie is a bit like a movie called Trust i love Ellen page's acting in this movie 👍the twist was just everything👌 Bravo 👏👌

  • Ifti Hossain
    Ifti Hossain 6 months ago


  • JReed1985
    JReed1985 9 months ago

    I'm not a fan of Goldfrapp so suit yourself Hayley!

  • EthalaRide
    EthalaRide 9 months ago

    Both these actors are bringing their A-game, this movie is such a trip! The way the lighting changes when she calls it how it is, "pedophile." The shift from Warm to Cold, sure, but the colors themselves turn practically black and white, and shades of gray, much like the argument they are having.

  • SunBunz
    SunBunz 10 months ago

    8:32 Probably one of my all-time favorite speeches in any film. So much truth. I wish every pedophile and child rapist on earth was told this repeatedly until it’s engraved into their depraved heads just before punishing and torturing them...severely.

  • Marin Famelart
    Marin Famelart Year ago

    Hâte d'avoir les prochains parcours !

  • antoine lievre
    antoine lievre Year ago


  • hollywooddre5
    hollywooddre5 Year ago

    "Patience...patience...patience!" Lol.

    • Jett Dunkley
      Jett Dunkley 9 months ago

      Let me go..let me go. LET ME GOO!!

  • M Perry
    M Perry Year ago

    thought it was too unrealistic. A real victim would have just left and I haven't seen Page in any other movies after this. It wasn't my favourite film either. It didn't make me feel uncomfortable it was kind of silly because this is a man and he would have killed her if she stayed this long in his house. That's why the film is underrated and didn't do that well at the movies. Sure a lot of people watched it when it was on cable, but that's because there was nothing else to watch.

    • junglepeach
      junglepeach 3 months ago

      Did you not watch the movie?? She’s not the victim, her friend was. She’s getting revenge in a way that anyone would want if something so evil happened to their friend. Get over yourself Perry.

    • Bola Oladapo
      Bola Oladapo 6 months ago

      You say that to comfort yourself. Men hate the thought that a skinny girl or woman can outplay and physically hurt and destroy them. Men would be more comfortable if her father was kicking the shit out of him and not the girl herself. Male ego pal. Check

    • TarantulaCandy
      TarantulaCandy 10 months ago

      m perry, bitch this isn't about the "typical" situation...predators become prey sometimes nature finds its way to balance shit out.

    • Ruth Black
      Ruth Black 11 months ago

      M Perry don't like seeing a girl in power, aye?

  • Isaac Cummings
    Isaac Cummings Year ago

    This is one of my favorite comedies

  • James Spencer
    James Spencer Year ago

    My favourite film in absolute.

  • Reebul 87
    Reebul 87 Year ago

    Patrick Wilson is a sick actor. Very consistent and too underrated

    • jakesinger24 gaming
      jakesinger24 gaming 7 months ago

      @SunBunz😄 funny moment !

    • SunBunz
      SunBunz 10 months ago

      Reebul 87 agreed. He NAILED this role. I actually (almost) felt empathy for him, and I felt so uncomfortable for doing so.

  • a nissan
    a nissan Year ago

    What did she spray him with

    • SunBunz
      SunBunz 10 months ago

      a nissan it was window cleaner, which is loaded with ammonia. It would make shouting or screaming nearly impossible due to the burning of his esophagus. She only used a small amount to shut him up for a moment, but made it still possible for him to speak. She’s pretty smart and sadistic. 😖

  • Kor O'Connell
    Kor O'Connell Year ago

    "Playtime is over."

  • JaKaTaK14
    JaKaTaK14 Year ago

    Horrible film that you can't not recommend to people. BTW Goldfrapp are awesome.

    • SunBunz
      SunBunz 10 months ago

      Never judge people by their taste in films. Entertainment is subjective, after all. To each his own! Not everyone is gonna like this flick, it’s understandable. It’s pretty uncomfortable. But I loved it, personally.

    • JaKaTaK14
      JaKaTaK14 Year ago

      Honestly a powerful film. Ellen Page deserves all the success she's ever had too. Its super uncomforable to watch.

    • Tim Charx
      Tim Charx Year ago

      JaKaTaK14 this film is brillant and i recommend it to everyone

  • RandomIsMyLif3
    RandomIsMyLif3 Year ago

    life is strange totally took this concept XDDD

    • SunBunz
      SunBunz 10 months ago

      RandomIsMyLif3 I think so too!

  • xnastasia
    xnastasia Year ago

    Man I'm sorry but this acting is soo extra & uncomfortable

    • junglepeach
      junglepeach 3 months ago

      It’s uncomfortable because the topic is unsettling. They’re acting is on point.

    • Davey Parks
      Davey Parks Year ago

      xnastasia that’s what makes it so good!!

  • Dave Atkins
    Dave Atkins Year ago

    Love how Kitty completely owns Night Owl II in this movie!

  • AwesomeFilmsOmega

    The 9 people who disliked are probably pedophiles

    • SunBunz
      SunBunz 10 months ago

      The ripper Possibly. This film isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. lol

    • Unlucky Guy
      Unlucky Guy Year ago

      Or maybe they don't like the movie, perhaps?

  • kimmyfreak200
    kimmyfreak200 Year ago

    they really did their research on pedophiles.. for a year i've watched real pedophiles caught by vigilante groups who expose them they say the same thing "look i was stupid, lonely, u came onto me.. i wasn't gonna do anything! i just wanted to help her out. I'm not a pedophile"

    • Lady Kitsune239
      Lady Kitsune239 Year ago

      kimmyfreak200 I swear to God perverse make the worst excuses ever it makes you glad that you're not related to any of this monsters

  • carlos deno
    carlos deno 2 years ago

    Absolute garbage.

    • Bola Oladapo
      Bola Oladapo 6 months ago

      Male ego

    • SunBunz
      SunBunz 10 months ago

      Some people hate this movie. It isn’t exactly pleasant, I can understand why. I however loved this film.

    • sigrid kleiven
      sigrid kleiven Year ago


  • Shane Folan
    Shane Folan 2 years ago

    she's a young jodie foster

  • Emma Mcwaters
    Emma Mcwaters 2 years ago

    Cinematic gold.

  • Jacob MacDonald
    Jacob MacDonald 2 years ago

    She amazes me 😊😚☺️

  • Orsi
    Orsi 2 years ago

    Anyone notice the change in colours? When they started arguing suddenly everything went cold, white and grey. It's brilliant!

    • Olga Viktorivna
      Olga Viktorivna 10 months ago

      I actually think it was because of the weather conditions outside, but works perfectly

    • SunBunz
      SunBunz 10 months ago

      Digital coloring was used throughout the entire film, flawlessly.

    • kimmyfreak200
      kimmyfreak200 Year ago

      some directors are brilliant the color and contrast is usually nsync with the mood of a scene

  • Dr Parnassus
    Dr Parnassus 2 years ago

    As a Goldfrapp fan, I find this offensive

  • Darth Xodius
    Darth Xodius 2 years ago

    Ellen page is mysteriously HOT O.o

    • Clorox Bleach
      Clorox Bleach 24 days ago

      NotYourAngel not a child.

    • SunBunz
      SunBunz 7 months ago

      Ellen Page was actually _18._ She’s just VERY petite, with a baby face. Lots of guys like petite, baby-faced girls. I think she’s adorable, but also very beautiful. But she pulled off this teenage roll perfectly, and it was SPOOKY and disturbing on purpose. I love this movie. Just remember, she was still an adult. I mean, in _Game of Thrones,_ I kind of freaked out when Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) ...did something very intimate- and she _looked_ 15...but thank god, she is actually 22. She’s just very tiny, also with a baby face, and only 5’1, (same height as Ellen.) I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being attracted to younger-looking gals, _as long as they are OF AGE._ I don’t find it creepy. I mean, I’ve always been attracted to older guys who _look_ a bit older, too! If that’s not considered wrong to society for women, but it’s considered wrong for men, that’s not fair, imo. I DID wait until I was 18 before my first time, with my first serious boyfriend who was 25 at the time. Then I met my husband when I was 20, (he was 28) but honestly, I looked 15, cuz I’m only 5’2, and still have a baby face. too. It didn’t matter, we were both adults. He loved me because we had so much in common, he wasn’t attracted because I looked so young, but he likes shorter girls -and I like tall dudes! He’s my 6’3 gentle giant. (Our 13-year anniversary is coming up) ☺️ To each his own, as long as they’re consenting adults, I asked my husband, and thinks so too. There are some big age gaps we both find uncomfortable, like 35-50 years older. lol

    • Яна
      Яна 7 months ago

      @RetroFutureGameXD Does it matter?

    • PL le zèbre
      PL le zèbre 10 months ago

      do you really how wrong it sounds in this particular context?

    • NotYourAngel
      NotYourAngel Year ago

      DesolationAngel 17 is still a kid dude

  • Jules Hydo
    Jules Hydo 6 years ago

    "STOP au First et dite FIST !!!! " Jules W.

  • Thomas Corvée
    Thomas Corvée 6 years ago

    Marchi :3 on s'est éclaté a le faire ^^

  • Thomas Corvée
    Thomas Corvée 6 years ago

    STOP LES FIIIIRST CA CRAINT !!! Surtout venant de toi Zougyo tu me choques oO"

  • Clément Lejeune
    Clément Lejeune 6 years ago

    Slt les gars c'est Clém ^^ du lycée !! Pas mal votre vidéo avec la musique ^^

  • Marin Famelart
    Marin Famelart 6 years ago

    first ! c'est vrai que c'est con first xD