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  • nanishady95
    nanishady95 34 minutes ago

    This Ryze rework is Broken

  • david peña gomez
    david peña gomez 37 minutes ago

    Does it works with stopwatch?

  • Hyper Sensitive Smitten
    Hyper Sensitive Smitten 53 minutes ago

    Vandiril: 10000000 AD YUUMI TANK

  • basher khaled
    basher khaled 56 minutes ago

    Wait what i will try this

  • Dyfan Dzakirah
    Dyfan Dzakirah Hour ago

    Bard is the best

  • RSR X2
    RSR X2 Hour ago

    Ok time to try this in ranked

  • Zoe The Zoe
    Zoe The Zoe 2 hours ago

    bora fazer yuumi ap de zonias agr

  • Professor Serverus Snape

    Oh so their making the ohmwrecker a yuumi passive? Good good.

  • SEAempire 2
    SEAempire 2 2 hours ago

    I just got destroyed by a garen and yuumi combo how dare you show this to me :(

  • Lipter Aqw
    Lipter Aqw 2 hours ago

    Yuumi backdoor new meta. rip xin zhao ap backdoor

  • richard mark
    richard mark 2 hours ago


  • richard mark
    richard mark 2 hours ago


  • Vojin Milosevic
    Vojin Milosevic 3 hours ago

    *_Spoiler alert/story explanation:_* Yummi is dead, lost all 9 lives, now she's in paradise where nothing could hurt her anymore (minions are damaging her, indeed, but it's only because even heaven has bugs).

  • Renny Ren
    Renny Ren 3 hours ago

    Unpopular opinion: Since yuumi sucks so bad, make stopwatch work on champions when yuumi uses it

  • Ultraman YamatoGrimLock Zero Game & TCG

    Now I know why people ban Yummi in this update, not for the Yummi nerf, is for the Yummi Buff!!!!!!!!

  • Josef Strauss
    Josef Strauss 3 hours ago

    I'm just waiting for this stupid champion to be disabled so I can funnel easier on bot. Lol.

  • johnpaul torreda
    johnpaul torreda 3 hours ago

    Is dis the reason why we can't log in garena answer me damnit

  • CrAzzZY Gaming YT
    CrAzzZY Gaming YT 3 hours ago

    Try scullter haha i dont know what spelling!

  • Wasting Sun
    Wasting Sun 3 hours ago

    Guys hurry shes taking the turret! Yuumi: does 8 damage that takes 1.1 seconds Riot: seems fine who would use this exploit

  • Bánh Mì Tôm
    Bánh Mì Tôm 3 hours ago

    *_OH MY GOD _**_#RIOTGAME_* *Riot has gotten to far on immunty, This would be a huge issue if it was on literally any other champion, cant kill yuumi cause it's tô cute tobe dead*

  • ReLaXOpp
    ReLaXOpp 3 hours ago

    that would be hotfixed if this bug immune to dmg from champions too XD

  • Golden Embers
    Golden Embers 3 hours ago

    Oh no I'm soooooo "terrified" of yuumi diving tower

  • JadrianMc
    JadrianMc 3 hours ago

    You wrote the title like it's some kind of new feature update. Bruh..

  • Alpha Finn
    Alpha Finn 3 hours ago


  • Henry Chu
    Henry Chu 3 hours ago

    1. Trigger this bug 2. Go full ad attack speed build 3. Split push GGEZ

  • BrokenBalance
    BrokenBalance 3 hours ago

    pls tell me you saw it from me :3 that will make me so happy that you read my comment

    • BrokenBalance
      BrokenBalance Hour ago

      Jason G xD

    • Jason G
      Jason G 2 hours ago

      Yo what up dude.

    • BrokenBalance
      BrokenBalance 3 hours ago

      @Eldimarix i'm grateful :D

    • Eldimarix
      Eldimarix 3 hours ago

      friend told me about this bug. btw i don't know why but i found your comment with this bug in "spam section" aaa and thanks for email i will check it later

  • D a r i u s
    D a r i u s 3 hours ago

    Typical Riot every patch bug like the typical yasuo mains 0/13+ everygame , there are something that will never change

  • Supporting Sir
    Supporting Sir 3 hours ago

    This would be a huge issue if it was on literally any other champion

  • Silver Ace
    Silver Ace 4 hours ago

    Nice Video

    • Eldimarix
      Eldimarix 3 hours ago

      I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

  • Dmimer Ilyasse
    Dmimer Ilyasse 4 hours ago

    cant kill yummi cause it's too cute to be dead

  • Joshua Margallo
    Joshua Margallo 4 hours ago

    Riot has gotten to far on immunty

  • Mohamad Slama
    Mohamad Slama 4 hours ago

    like before watching

  • Jesus Andtes Arango Monery

    lul o coments :v

  • lucky luke AV
    lucky luke AV 4 hours ago

    I main yuumi, that means I can use this bug, hehe

    • lucky luke AV
      lucky luke AV 3 hours ago

      Infernal Shadows let’s see about that papa

    • lucky luke AV
      lucky luke AV 3 hours ago

      SaltSaltSalt welllll I can hit q while with a teammate without taking damage. Op poke damage

    • SaltSaltSalt
      SaltSaltSalt 3 hours ago

      I don't really see how you can abuse this bug, usually when you're attached and hit someone with your Q under the enemy turret, it targets you and you get executed. But since with this bug it won't target you but rather your teammate you're attached on. And still even if the turrets can't target you and you can literally walk into the enemy base, enemy champs can dmg you.

    • Infernal Shadows
      Infernal Shadows 4 hours ago

      But i can still one shot yuumi with a fed pyke hehe

    • lucky luke AV
      lucky luke AV 4 hours ago

      Eldimarix this is just akaili shroud smoke before get nerf on a cat

  • Brian Ko
    Brian Ko 4 hours ago


  • miltos kar02
    miltos kar02 5 hours ago

    Cho gath Wins If he Was normal player he would only ulty and bb xd

  • Nathaniel Perez
    Nathaniel Perez 5 hours ago

    wish mine was that big

  • Xxfeedbaakx
    Xxfeedbaakx 6 hours ago

    Next one championship yi

  • Rokador ʇɥǝ qox ɥoɐɹpǝɹ

    1:05 When you're jungler vs Teemo jng.

  • A StraightGuy Turned Me Gay!

    do yi solo this size baron pls D: also help me with SG zoe giveaway :(

  • Loan Bassi
    Loan Bassi 8 hours ago

    14000 brut dmg every 3 aa? Seems fair! *LET'S BUFF RIVEN*

  • Thomas Bedu
    Thomas Bedu 9 hours ago

    I don’t understand why but the pbe was working on my computer and now ut doesn’t work

  • JaiPasCompris
    JaiPasCompris 9 hours ago

    I wanted to saw you release the herald just in front of the big one :'(

  • Agnieszka Chrobot
    Agnieszka Chrobot 9 hours ago

    Do A very very big scutle crab

  • Efekan Dündar
    Efekan Dündar 9 hours ago

    Let’s just appreciate this crazy guy for actually using the +100hp button a million times

  • Sisthem Killer
    Sisthem Killer 10 hours ago


  • mega_tails03
    mega_tails03 10 hours ago

    Can you make minions bigger?

  • O K
    O K 11 hours ago

    Stars Wars in League be like: 3:10

  • ODY Ghah
    ODY Ghah 11 hours ago

    stest with malphite

  • Bánh Mì Tôm
    Bánh Mì Tôm 11 hours ago

    *OMG* 😲😲😲😲

  • Quang  huynh
    Quang huynh 11 hours ago

    I really like your video, it's pretty cool.

  • Thành Đạt Nguyễn

    Love the size >;3.

  • Damien Typ
    Damien Typ 12 hours ago

    The baron and elder dragon should look like on that video

  • Yokol n
    Yokol n 12 hours ago

    Their corpses are normal sized tho

  • Lipter Aqw
    Lipter Aqw 12 hours ago

    Can scuttle crab gain size? we need a real big boi in the rift

  • Alex Guardacasa Jr
    Alex Guardacasa Jr 12 hours ago

    Does that herald retain the given health when summoned?

  • Vojin Milosevic
    Vojin Milosevic 12 hours ago

    But Eldimarix, what about Q? I think it deals less damage than W overall but is funnier. If both abilities one shot monsters, then I think Q would be better to show. Also, imagine conqueror on him. Stacking it on dummy figures near Baron pit till it has 5 stacks and then just one shot the monster(s). All that power... B-)

  • blackbokuto
    blackbokuto 12 hours ago

    omg that xayah and rakan splash art is just gateway hentai. they look devilish

  • Tanh Nguyễn
    Tanh Nguyễn 12 hours ago

    i can't wait ! xD

  • Hunter Shadow
    Hunter Shadow 12 hours ago

    Imagine you stand out and spam W to the baron

  • RSR X2
    RSR X2 12 hours ago

    This is so cool it's like mmorpg

  • The Legend Movess
    The Legend Movess 12 hours ago

    Zac plss let's see how big he can grow

  • Badi
    Badi 12 hours ago

    The bigger they are The louder the scream

  • Charli Anderson
    Charli Anderson 13 hours ago

    More like Vayne's wet dream

  • 林冠蒲
    林冠蒲 13 hours ago

    My brain:I can do it My poor computer: oh sh*t we go again

  • SaltSaltSalt
    SaltSaltSalt 13 hours ago

    Does this work on champs? Will they also grow in size? No?

  • Elimar Abelardo
    Elimar Abelardo 13 hours ago

    Giant herald and other monster dealing almost 0 damage to a yordle mage.

  • Dmimer Ilyasse
    Dmimer Ilyasse 13 hours ago

    Why did you give the baron 4950 magic resis and 5000 armor ? That 50 magic resis killed me

  • Damien Typ
    Damien Typ 13 hours ago

    When you aa baron and click +100 hp button it auto select! Edit: I watched more and now i know you know it

    • Eldimarix
      Eldimarix 13 hours ago

      Yeah, now i know it :)

  • Vintage5273
    Vintage5273 13 hours ago

    Literally any spell in the entire game: Can i maybe...? Fiora: *N O*

  • who long heater?
    who long heater? 13 hours ago

    can this be done to minions aswell?

  • Error 404
    Error 404 13 hours ago

    your baron nashor is so big ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • XBatallionX Garena
    XBatallionX Garena 13 hours ago

    Should’ve made the normal skin with shade of pink for the ult! Would consider buying it

  • Michael the random person

    No. Veigar is the REAL FINAL boss.

    • Adrien
      Adrien 2 hours ago

      @Michael the random person Yeah ok about that. But you said : Who don't now he didn't use those two buffs. Hence my answer

    • Michael the random person
      Michael the random person 4 hours ago

      @Adrien I know. You don't need to explain. I AM JUST SAYING THE NAME OF HIS SKIN. FINAL BOSS VEIGAR.

    • Adrien
      Adrien 4 hours ago

      @Michael the random person Because you can see how his mana bar replenish when he is fighting the nashor : an instant 100%.

    • Michael the random person
      Michael the random person 12 hours ago

      @Adrien I mean the name of his skin. Who don't know he didn't use those two buffs?

    • Adrien
      Adrien 13 hours ago

      Not at all, he had 100% CDR and infinite mana. Without those the Baron would win easily with those stats

  • BrokenBalance
    BrokenBalance 13 hours ago

    Kog'maw True Size

  • Edson Neto
    Edson Neto 13 hours ago

    Baron: 5000 armor, 4950 MR Vayne: Hold my silver darts

  • Hevesi Gergő
    Hevesi Gergő 13 hours ago

    Hp boost vladimir. Infinite ap

  • Thanakrit P.
    Thanakrit P. 13 hours ago

    Have a nice umm..day?

  • Leekinji Clememte
    Leekinji Clememte 13 hours ago

    Veigar and THE BIG B O I S

  • Phinh
    Phinh 13 hours ago

    A *crab* and a *worm* in same home -and they are fkin- *BUG* ??

  • Azeem
    Azeem 14 hours ago

    Now i wish baron was actually that big.

  • Sarah Samir
    Sarah Samir 14 hours ago


  • HCR Mann
    HCR Mann 14 hours ago

    Ma boiiiii

  • AoffyDosy
    AoffyDosy 14 hours ago

    And now , Lethal Tempo made Master Yi become Blue Saiyan when it activated. 😂

  • Kargulx
    Kargulx 14 hours ago

    Fajne filmy można tera robiic z tym trybem

    • Eldimarix
      Eldimarix 13 hours ago

      będę do godzinki bo teraz coś ogarniam jeszcze :)

    • Kargulx
      Kargulx 13 hours ago

      @Eldimarix jak będziesz mieć czas to wbij ts na chwile to ci powiem 1 pomysł i może sie przyjmie

    • Eldimarix
      Eldimarix 14 hours ago

      można można pewnie jest dużo fajnych rzeczy, chwilowo trochę stopuje z wowem i myślę nad filmami xD

  • enminao
    enminao 14 hours ago

    Now thats alot of damage

  • BenThyAndroid
    BenThyAndroid 14 hours ago

    I hope you had an Autoclicker!

  • Pure-Blooded Noob
    Pure-Blooded Noob 14 hours ago

    Large Jungle Monsters: Teemo: *sIzE dOEsn'T MeAN evErYtHinG*

  • Kevin Lu
    Kevin Lu 14 hours ago

    That's a big dance partner lul 😂

  • raistlinmajere1000
    raistlinmajere1000 14 hours ago

    Wow, how long did it take you to make this video? 😅 The new features of the training tool are cool, but it seems so annoying to have to press 10 of hp, ap, etc. each time...

    • Eldimarix
      Eldimarix 13 hours ago

      hmm 1,5h in game and 1h in sony vegas :)

  • Essence Reaver
    Essence Reaver 14 hours ago

    Bard Ult Vs Baron

  • SaskuoVEVO
    SaskuoVEVO 14 hours ago

    "rozmiar nie ma znaczenia" nabiera nowego znaczenia

    • Eldimarix
      Eldimarix 13 hours ago

      szkoda że powyżej dodatkowych 10000 życia już nie "rosną" :)

  • Mr Teemo
    Mr Teemo 14 hours ago

    rip your hand =)))))))) 3:35

  • Pure-Blooded Noob
    Pure-Blooded Noob 14 hours ago

    How come Veigar's 2nd Skill can stack???

  • Pure Chaos
    Pure Chaos 14 hours ago


  • The Machine
    The Machine 14 hours ago


  • Calutz Fericit
    Calutz Fericit 14 hours ago

    hello how are you ?

    • Eldimarix
      Eldimarix 14 hours ago

      Hello, good thanks, and you?

  • RIku Riku
    RIku Riku 14 hours ago


  • RIku Riku
    RIku Riku 14 hours ago


    • Kevin Lu
      Kevin Lu 14 hours ago

      Well at least you beat that guy to it

  • Zyrille Foo
    Zyrille Foo 14 hours ago

    We need olaf to be updated the poor guy is just dancin there where are his drums?