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My Final Message to KSI
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A Love Story.
Views 7M2 months ago
I'm out.
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rip maverick
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Another one...
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I fell in love.
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replacing kong...
Views 7M6 months ago
i miss you kong
Views 3.2M6 months ago
rip kong
Views 14M7 months ago
the end of maverick...
Views 3.9M7 months ago
thinking about youtube...
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i have holes in my brain...
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MY FIRST TATTOO! **painful**
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The Old Logan Paul...
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  • Enes Batur
    Enes Batur Minute ago

    What fack

  • shivam utreja
    shivam utreja 2 minutes ago

    I’m just back here to see the hilarious comments lol

  • Filipa Castro
    Filipa Castro 2 minutes ago


  • Polar
    Polar 2 minutes ago

    Trash can

  • TheOfficial Vape
    TheOfficial Vape 4 minutes ago

    Hey Logan 👋 even though they are talking trash ignore them they stupid mother fuckets they don't know who was the real fighter even though they took two points away from u but u were amazing that face of ksi was like a sandwich getting punched by ksi's nipples but I m u r big fan the majority was for ksi but the man was LOGAN THE MAVERICK PAUL

  • John Xp
    John Xp 4 minutes ago


  • Qusay Risha
    Qusay Risha 5 minutes ago

    Pigeon lue

  • BestRice
    BestRice 6 minutes ago

    Lol imagine being annoying and trash talking only to lose and not post a video after. Honestly I’m glad he lost. This is where shit talking gets you.

  • Night Mod
    Night Mod 6 minutes ago


  • Beaver Minecraft
    Beaver Minecraft 6 minutes ago

    Didn’t he delete this

  • Kadi Sassy
    Kadi Sassy 7 minutes ago

    Aww she is adorbs 💖😍😘💕🥰

  • Bruh Doe
    Bruh Doe 7 minutes ago

    Can we get a 100k dislikes

  • opp block yh
    opp block yh 8 minutes ago

    Shannon Briggs: I'm a poooooosayyyyy

  • Jack Whoever
    Jack Whoever 9 minutes ago

    you suck balls!

  • Ahmet TR Türk
    Ahmet TR Türk 9 minutes ago

  • Maan Maan
    Maan Maan 10 minutes ago

    No matter what. . I love this guy I don't know I love logan paul😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Bastoss
    Bastoss 11 minutes ago

    Boy, you're so shit !!

  • billie Eilish
    billie Eilish 11 minutes ago

    i really miss his 2017 videos 😣

  • Noshin Sadeak
    Noshin Sadeak 11 minutes ago

    R.I.P. Arya R.I.P. Kong R.I.P maverick new dog Rhea brolly ginger we miss u arya Kong maverick new dog Rhea brolly ginger the end god bless u logan🙏🐶🐕🐩

  • Kael Andrade
    Kael Andrade 11 minutes ago

    This is more fake then my friends

  • CC Football
    CC Football 12 minutes ago

    I respect Logan and you deserve credit even though u lost

  • Jonesey _
    Jonesey _ 13 minutes ago

    What's 7 × 8 Logan - 55 Ksi - 56 He knew all along

  • Zaidoma Ri
    Zaidoma Ri 14 minutes ago

    Fuck you again

  • Kristers Lauskis
    Kristers Lauskis 14 minutes ago

    Why you lost Logan?

  • miniminter jr baisoya
    miniminter jr baisoya 14 minutes ago


  • Lilli’s World
    Lilli’s World 20 minutes ago

    When you realise you have a higher IQ’s than them. (I got 138)

  • Mikey Dang
    Mikey Dang 22 minutes ago

    I'm an og and when I first saw the vid that Kong Da Savage died I was Soo sad now this sigh I miss both them☹️☹️😭😭😭

  • Johan Vågene
    Johan Vågene 24 minutes ago

    Big L

    SPADK 27 minutes ago

    logan relax. in my village, I have a Kangal its the strongest dog in bite force 728 Ib I think. My Kangal has killed 2 grey wolves at the same time.

  • Victoria Ashton
    Victoria Ashton 28 minutes ago

    Yet you lost 😂

  • Sajid Hasan
    Sajid Hasan 28 minutes ago

    KSI destroyed you.

  • Tomáš
    Tomáš 30 minutes ago

    Logan Paul, such a fookin big mouth and nothin, i knew you will loose.

  • Tarig El Gamri
    Tarig El Gamri 30 minutes ago

    Ok boomer

  • Trygve Rønnevik
    Trygve Rønnevik 32 minutes ago

    Ok boomer

  • Lidia Marduli
    Lidia Marduli 35 minutes ago

    That happens to my bird too

  • Landon Rosenhahn
    Landon Rosenhahn 40 minutes ago

    I sneezed 3 times

  • Madness Gaming
    Madness Gaming 41 minute ago

    Logan : "Defend like a boxer" In match both hands on waist level. Worst defend

  • Random Vids
    Random Vids 42 minutes ago

    This just shows his friends literally only hang out with him because of the money. Logan your friends are very very fake.

  • eynaRinaldi
    eynaRinaldi 44 minutes ago

    this vid doesn't age well

  • Ture Ture
    Ture Ture 45 minutes ago

    You fucking lost. U piece of shit.

  • Lynne Sanders
    Lynne Sanders 46 minutes ago

    Fuck you

  • andrew schoinas
    andrew schoinas 48 minutes ago

    you did a great job in the two matches

  • Adham Tohamy
    Adham Tohamy 51 minute ago

    I'm here just to watch Logan think he is gonna destroy KSI but ends up losing

  • HuskyPawGamer Crafts
    HuskyPawGamer Crafts 52 minutes ago

    There is 8 minutes until they actually start anything good

  • linda twins
    linda twins 53 minutes ago

    I think the diffrence between jake and Logan = Logan is operating a lot bigger and tougher body compared to jake’s.

    GLASGOW RANGERS 54 minutes ago

    Your dogs nose is wet because it’s ment to be is your dog has a dry nose then it’s not well facts bro

  • I love donuts
    I love donuts 55 minutes ago

    Well I miss this logan but now it's "Logan Paul vs KSI" 😢😢😢😢

  • Marco Martins
    Marco Martins 55 minutes ago

    All I wanted to say is you are shit .... and you lost against ksi... hahahaha u are a fucking joke

  • Steve Goris
    Steve Goris 56 minutes ago

    What is 3-5

  • Georgina Parker
    Georgina Parker Hour ago

    Kong died seven months ago then maverick died three months ago and my dog died 2 months ago this year is so horrible my childhood is completely ruined

  • Michel Folco
    Michel Folco Hour ago

    The comment section is a disgusting pile of unoriginality

  • poopoo 69
    poopoo 69 Hour ago


  • Pewdiepie is a virgin

    3:51 Imagine seeing logan in a store like this

  • Emils Bloks
    Emils Bloks Hour ago

    omg i saw kong next to my hause dead but if you make a vid then dont say my name this is real and i am very sad ;(

  • michael gonzalez

    *Takes an L*

  • Kalid Ibrahim
    Kalid Ibrahim Hour ago

    logan is probably so fucked up that maverick probably died normally but they wanted views so they acted that he got eaten for money because why would they film this? he also doesnt even cry that much

  • Mia Prieto
    Mia Prieto Hour ago

    So just fuck Jenna marbles then, ah?

  • Mike Hawk
    Mike Hawk Hour ago


  • Vikrant Dabas
    Vikrant Dabas Hour ago


  • A channel
    A channel Hour ago

    Who was going for Logan Paul or ksi Like Logan Comment KSI

  • Andi _retard
    Andi _retard Hour ago

    Logan is good at losing.

  • Asa Gaming
    Asa Gaming Hour ago

    2019 anyone?

  • CR33DPlays
    CR33DPlays Hour ago

    Logan: "Before i'm crowned TVclip Champ?" November 9th: **Gets dropped by JJ** Me: "Boiii, you done fucked up now"

  • ArdeiGamer
    ArdeiGamer Hour ago


  • Patrik Liljenberg

    Is this fake?

  • Viking Curran
    Viking Curran Hour ago

    fucking zoomer boomber

  • Jose Nathanael
    Jose Nathanael Hour ago

    What happened to why dont we in this video

  • Bishi GW
    Bishi GW Hour ago


  • Sandra _
    Sandra _ Hour ago

    2 0 1 9 ??

  • Bishi GW
    Bishi GW Hour ago


  • Joyce Matheson
    Joyce Matheson Hour ago

    don't do it

  • OTG Sniper
    OTG Sniper Hour ago

    ksi rocked this idiot

  • Harley Pelligrin


  • Kevin Bautista
    Kevin Bautista Hour ago


  • pepezuu
    pepezuu Hour ago

    Kissed the WOhmen in end (funny)

  • Ethan Haun
    Ethan Haun Hour ago

    Rest In Peace Kong We all love you

  • Daniel Ibrahim
    Daniel Ibrahim Hour ago

    Who came her after logan paul loses his fight for no reason?!

  • k ravi Kumar
    k ravi Kumar Hour ago

    Logan : what's 7 x 8 Scorecard Ksi-56 Logan-55

  • WHIT
    WHIT Hour ago

    “Only 2 dumb things. And now I’ve stopped” ... mate you just broke a house door on purpose and then continued to say shut up to your dad for having ago at your for doing so 🤷‍♂️ extra chromosome some might ask

  • Natalia Bereda
    Natalia Bereda Hour ago

    10:32 like wtf pam?

  • Jack36044
    Jack36044 Hour ago

    hahaha you lost

  • Evan sup
    Evan sup Hour ago

    Fake I think

  • Amit Love HBTL
    Amit Love HBTL Hour ago


  • Michael Pazowski

    No kurwa ja pierdole. Polska!!!!

  • Ali Shalabni
    Ali Shalabni Hour ago

    Just shut the fuck up and move on Loser

  • Nchance747 YT
    Nchance747 YT Hour ago

    Who's watching after ksi won?

  • Jacob Gillespie
    Jacob Gillespie Hour ago

    Greg is a clown

  • kylesh Games
    kylesh Games Hour ago

    I'm 12 and my IQ is 131

  • Tobz_ Gamin
    Tobz_ Gamin Hour ago

    Still PewDiePie did not hold back

  • Charklet 7
    Charklet 7 Hour ago

    “ Y’all are soft were from Ohio” that’s the one thing I don’t like about the Paul’s is that they think that just because there from Ohio means there not soft... and that’s why you need all these things? I’m from Canada and I live on a farm and I have an iPod. You guys are in LA lives in a house that costs so much money a and have the best iPhones and cameras and your calling your fans who has been so supportive for years soft? That’s the only thing I don’t like about Logan. Besides that ❤️ love ya Logan ❤️

  • V O I D
    V O I D Hour ago

    im sick, i sneezed three times this morning and thats why i lost this morning

  • James P
    James P Hour ago

    Staged bullshit

  • Emily Nuttall
    Emily Nuttall Hour ago

    The extra 4 pounds he weighed was from the snot he had that morning

  • FaZe Agenda69 Poth
    FaZe Agenda69 Poth 2 hours ago


  • Q r a z e l
    Q r a z e l 2 hours ago


  • Jacob Gillespie
    Jacob Gillespie 2 hours ago


  • Yellow assassin
    Yellow assassin 2 hours ago


  • Giorghio Hosea
    Giorghio Hosea 2 hours ago

    A terminator hi is a Dick .

  • prarnage _pr
    prarnage _pr 2 hours ago

    Who will win It dont even matter haha

  • Adil Irfan
    Adil Irfan 2 hours ago

    I'm so hungry after wathing this video!