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  • coco
    coco Hour ago

    cristine your eyes are SO pretty wtf

  • spinning dolphin

    I've had nail polish on for almost as long as yours

  • laura djudje
    laura djudje Hour ago

    But like the week 38 nail polish is v cute

  • chrissi pf
    chrissi pf Hour ago

    Beynnn at 10:55 is just a mood 😂

  • Lyvia Walden
    Lyvia Walden Hour ago

    I feel so bad for the puppy left in the snow it must be freezing

  • Anna Olivia
    Anna Olivia Hour ago

    i just erased a huge bit of nail polish from my toes today. i painted my toe nails 6 months ago.

  • Kerisha Chanderdeo

    Simplydadlogical definitely has a foot fetish.. 🤦‍♀️ Some things you don't want to find out about your parents.. And thats one of them

  • Federica Sanna
    Federica Sanna Hour ago

    We learned a new hack to remove polish from ur feet! Just add- I mean. Jast have a tea bath!!!1!

  • SuperfanGirl86
    SuperfanGirl86 Hour ago

    The foot fetish people LOVE you though, so many feet pics...... I agree with you, feet are gross

  • Christine
    Christine Hour ago

    One word....gross

  • Amy Mersfelder
    Amy Mersfelder Hour ago


  • Trisha Helmer
    Trisha Helmer Hour ago

    I did the pain shooting weapon in class and nothing happened

  • NARUTO STAN 5000

    i would've thought the base coat and extra layers would have taken forever to chip off? but it doesn't help that thick layers of polish chip off in bigger pieces like that, i've had single coats of solid color look better than that around the 6 month mark AND i'm always barefoot

  • Sophia Guthrie
    Sophia Guthrie Hour ago

    you know its sad when you want to know the nail products simply uses but struggles to find a recent nail based video

  • Johhny Johnson
    Johhny Johnson Hour ago

    Anyone else watching this after holo taco was released and released the flakie taco was hers, SHE SO SNEAKY 🤫😏😏💿💿

  • Majestic AF
    Majestic AF Hour ago

    Wow! Your experiment and results are definitely better than grav3yard girl's as she didn't give it long enough or even do it correctly. Thanks for this!! I will not use or purchase this crazy stuff!

  • Steph Guillemette

    flat feet community welcomes you

  • Random Videos
    Random Videos Hour ago

    Oh god I hate feet but I love you 💕

  • Katie Jo
    Katie Jo Hour ago

    This commitment 🙌🙌🙌

  • kriti G
    kriti G Hour ago

    This is basically like Simply Rewind we should have something like this every year

  • Michelle Blanco
    Michelle Blanco Hour ago

    he should bet his next vacay w/ threadbanger

  • Alicia McManus
    Alicia McManus Hour ago

    As a nail tech I’m horrified, lol. But also impressed at the lack of white dry patches on your toenails having had the polish on so long. Also! I bet you could have kept the polish on longer if you had shortened your toenails more frequently and by filing with a fine grit file. Not like you’d ever do this again 🤣💅

  • Christina Castaneda

    When Christine hits her foot with the slipper and called herself a peasant I awkwardly laughed out loud!

  • Joel
    Joel Hour ago

    Cristina is just begging to be on that celeb foot fetish website with this video. Edit: she made it, again.

  • Morgaine de Puit

    can you do polish mountain on your toes?!??!?!? I would love to see that!

  • Amanda Falzone
    Amanda Falzone Hour ago

    do another voice over of cute polish

  • spaghet
    spaghet Hour ago

    Am i the only one that came to see sone toes?

  • Lara
    Lara Hour ago

    little did we all know that she was using her own Holo Taco polishes! 📀🌮

  • Haleigh Walker
    Haleigh Walker Hour ago

    Can I just say that's some *Dedication*

  • Hibiscus Ocen
    Hibiscus Ocen Hour ago

    Happy birthday BenANA! Hope you have an amazing birthday haha.. im probably the first one commenting happy birthday, don't worry BenANA it's not a problem anymore! But have a good birthday, hope your wishes come true 🍌💛

  • ag friends for life

    Mine lasted for about 2

  • Jennie kim
    Jennie kim Hour ago

    I was just watching something like troom troom and I was like "this shit boring I'm going to watch simply " I literally said that no joke😂

  • Emily Davis
    Emily Davis Hour ago

    This is one of the weirdest video I've ever seen... but I appreciate it because I rarely go without socks and my toe polish lasts aaaages

  • Gidget Gomez
    Gidget Gomez Hour ago


  • Sax05dot
    Sax05dot Hour ago

    OMG I can't believe I watched this. Whole video :D I find feet disgusting so much :D

  • goals forecast
    goals forecast Hour ago

    Its gross.. but had me interested ..

  • Ellington Vaughan

    HA mine last one day. One

  • xRainyxWolfx
    xRainyxWolfx Hour ago

    Before holo taco (2018)

  • Random Videos
    Random Videos Hour ago

    She going to end up on some feet website

  • FrancesBaconandEggs

    You never told Ben he’s gorgeous!!!

  • Cecilia Ele
    Cecilia Ele Hour ago

    If only i could find a guy with your commitment level. You must really love this channel.

  • tori Holt
    tori Holt Hour ago

    My nail fail is when I was using some powder into my nail nail it's so I was using a latex around it and it wasn't peeling so yeah and one of them are my nails I forgot to put latex on it and it staind my skin

  • PokéGuavGirl 07

    I was confused when I heard safiyas intro lmao

  • Google Google
    Google Google Hour ago

    This video just made me realize that the nail polish on my toes rn has been there since 2017’s Christmas..... 😩😅🤯

  • yeetus the fetus

    Last time I had toenail polish it lasted for 9 months and I think 3 weeks

  • Carmelita Castro

    My toe polish lasts FOREVER

  • Jasmin Lorimor
    Jasmin Lorimor Hour ago

    Love you girl ! Don’t change you just cues the haters.

  • Michelle Hoang
    Michelle Hoang Hour ago

    LOL your feet look like my grandma's feet

  • Hibiscus Ocen
    Hibiscus Ocen Hour ago

    I loOoOovE sMEllLng bAnaNas iN tHe MoRniNg.. hUhU

  • Kam Lol
    Kam Lol Hour ago

    I watched everything on here

  • Pigs In A Blanket

    7 on trending holo or a good job

  • Kam Lol
    Kam Lol Hour ago

    I watched everything on here

  • Dee Jay
    Dee Jay Hour ago

    LOL I was told that if your toe next to your big toe is longer than it (the big toe) then you are bossy - just sayin' (btw I mine are too) :-D

  • Kam Lol
    Kam Lol Hour ago

    I watched everything on here

  • Kam Lol
    Kam Lol Hour ago

    I watched everything on here

  • Kam Lol
    Kam Lol Hour ago

    I watched everything on here

  • Randy A
    Randy A Hour ago

    well youtube knows too much about me to be suggesting this video...

  • Sophie Rose
    Sophie Rose Hour ago


  • Emily _
    Emily _ Hour ago

    ''Just because its over doesnt mean its really over'' -Katy Perry

  • Teslexeventing _

    Were you dining smooth operator

  • Katie cradle
    Katie cradle Hour ago

    Why is this #7 on trending 😅😂🤣

  • Madi Skorey
    Madi Skorey Hour ago

    Who else is here from snap ? :D

  • Xoxlililove Cutefoxy

    -5c-c--&&c--- ---&cc&&-&&-& 55&4&-55&cnfngk’ff&fcf&-. - - 4

  • Marie S
    Marie S Hour ago

    Okay but I’ve been following these directions for the past months but still I can’t make my polish last for more than three days without major chipping. One of the problems might be that my nails are so short that I can’t really wrap the tip but is this really that big of a deal breaker?

  • Danny Lemus
    Danny Lemus Hour ago

    Rip to all the people who are grossed out by feet , but STILL watched this video cuz we love Christine 💀

  • Shaxun
    Shaxun Hour ago

    feet is so just... just no.

  • Saga Hasselgren
    Saga Hasselgren Hour ago

    Cristine: So you're asuming my mental health is okay...but here I am sitting in a bath full of tea!

  • I love My cat
    I love My cat Hour ago

    Sad boi hours 😔

  • Jessibabe
    Jessibabe Hour ago

    *Casually eats Oreo Cereal has Cristine shows off toes*

  • Ale eaton
    Ale eaton Hour ago

    You are probably the most determined you tuber I have ever seen; compliments

  • Teslexeventing _

    This is actually a question I have always had

  • Ria Pizza
    Ria Pizza Hour ago

    whenever I see bare feet (that aren't my own) I sometimes flinch/cringe.

  • Elif Nur Dursun
    Elif Nur Dursun Hour ago

    I can’t believe I thought that this was a clickbait wowz Christine and clickbait don’t make any sense 💁🏻‍♀️💩

  • Lacy Morris Beauty

    When I went to prison I didn’t have anything left after 11 months. When I got home. It took about 7 months. N I didn’t freshly paint them before I left. Lol if I would have known tho... that’s a different story.

  • Karin Abo zaid
    Karin Abo zaid Hour ago

    they are saying every women becuz you can't be called a women in till you have kids , in till then you're called a lady , ok ?

  • Autumn
    Autumn Hour ago

    “Let me get a taste here”-Ben 2019

  • Lizzie Lou
    Lizzie Lou Hour ago

    This video just made me remember how much I HATE looking at other people's feet AND my own. But I watched for SCIENCE. (I actually looked away a lot lmao this was gross)

  • BambiGottaGun
    BambiGottaGun Hour ago

    Cristine you're an absolute legend.

  • Gacha Tube
    Gacha Tube Hour ago


  • Murphy Wright
    Murphy Wright Hour ago

    #10 on trending in one day

  • The compliment Assassin

    Betrayed by your own sister

  • Amanda Stuparyk
    Amanda Stuparyk Hour ago

    Really what I got from this video is that tea is a good way to remove nail polish lol

  • Donna DiPaola
    Donna DiPaola Hour ago

    A gel pedicure will last one year on a big toe nail until the last tiny bit is clipped off. Believe me.

  • Erin Keenan
    Erin Keenan Hour ago

    September 18th is my birthday. The day I turned 16 Cristine woke up and said “hmmm how are my toes” and that scares me😂

  • Peeko
    Peeko Hour ago

    Mine usually lasts for about 4 months, but I do competitive gymnastics and have practice about 3 days a week sooooo now you understand why it comes off so soon

  • MeowP12
    MeowP12 Hour ago

    No Offense, my grandmas feet looked better than yours at week 27

  • Katie Best
    Katie Best Hour ago

    Why I clicked to watch this when I was about to have food is another question I question about my life

  • Mele Uzeta
    Mele Uzeta Hour ago

    I have seen the night before christmas ! I also used to think that the boogie man was kinda glad i'm not the one

  • Sister challenges Liberty and Madeline

    Meeee I watch it every year

  • xXAyesha KhatXx
    xXAyesha KhatXx Hour ago

    It didn’t work because u weren’t serious and didn’t do research or follow the rules xx

  • GreaseMonkeyChic

    That was great.

  • Chaand Ki Roshni

    Treat with Tea-tree oil.

  • Luka Rose
    Luka Rose Hour ago

    It also implies that all women can have children. Some can’t even carry a child due to a variety of different reasons 👏👏

  • TheMilkGoesMoo no

    What’s with all these nail products acting like car paint? <- in this video towards the end she said it acted like some sort of car paint :/

  • Leah rose
    Leah rose Hour ago

    *foot fetishists have joined the chat*

  • Random_person 43V3R

    I almost died

  • Emily Hutnik
    Emily Hutnik Hour ago

    Cristine: Feet are GROSS! Menchie in the background: licking her toes 😂

  • Beherit Azatoth
    Beherit Azatoth Hour ago

    1. NOW you deserve pedicure :D 2. i run bare-foot whenever and wherever i can (even in the office sometimes) and never chiped big toe polish like that.. SLIPPERS ARE YOUR(polish) ENEMIES! 3. my nails grows faster than yours.. what you got in 24 week i got in 17-ish :P (im not experimenting... it was cold, i am too lazy and my feet are soooo faaaar from my hands XD)