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  • Fairfax Felix
    Fairfax Felix 3 months ago

    Just found your channel. VERY WELL DONE!!! I'm sharing your videos' like crazy. Keep up the amazing channel. Peace and Good Journey!!!

  • Linda C
    Linda C 3 months ago

    Time to review the zombie frappe from starbucks, haha

  • K Good
    K Good 4 months ago

    Suggestion: I know you did Gwyneth Paltrow's sex dust drink but she also does a yearly cleanse that would be cool to see. goop.com/wellness/detox/the-annual-goop-detox/

  • Sarah King
    Sarah King 4 months ago

    Suggestion: Hello Michelle you and Jordan Shalhoub are the reason I got into fitness, and I think y'all should train like Jiu Jitsu Blackbelts. That's the fitness niche I found and it's pretty epic. Thanks for being awesome!

  • Luricix
    Luricix 5 months ago

    Suggestion: Train Like an acrobat Or a Gymnast. I think that would be cool =3 <3

  • reda abuakell5
    reda abuakell5 5 months ago

    do baywatch alexandra daddario and zac efrons workout

  • Angel Rohr
    Angel Rohr 5 months ago

    what if you and Candace Lowery did the Daniel diet or some call it Daniel fasting .that way you have a buddy to do this with . something to think and something different to and its a good challenge to.

  • kaiser sozay
    kaiser sozay 5 months ago

    Just found you. Where have you been all my life, HELL, WHERE HAVE I BEEN!? My first thought was, I like this girl. Shes great. I couldnt stop watching. Video after video, slowly the like grew into love. The topics of the videos and the way you fearlessly expose yourself to the world is inspiring. The go-getter, happy zest for life approach....its 100% positive and contagions energy. And then as if that wasnt enough, I noticed the deal closer. I'll be a viewer, and follower of you for life. YOU HAVE CALVIN AND HOBBS STRIPS MOUNTED ON A WALL IN YOUR HOME....AUGH!! Now i understand why you have such a beautiful soul. Your the best. Keep on doing what you do.

  • aldilover1
    aldilover1 7 months ago

    Suggestion: Train like a professional swimmer.

  • Annabeth Chase
    Annabeth Chase 8 months ago

    Man, I just found your channel literally three hours ago and I'm already in love! I'm going to need to binge watch all of these tonight XXD

  • γƒͺード
    γƒͺード 8 months ago

    Hi! I commented this on your comment on the video of you in Japan, but I wanted to add more to it! I recommend: -If you like the movie Spirited Away, I have heard that the ride that Chihiro takes to the old lady's house (forgot her name) is based off of a station/train ride in Chiba prefecture, which is next to Tokyo prefecture. There is also the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka city, Tokyo, but you cannot take pictures inside. I tried once and got caught, didn't even think it looked like I was taking one :( You can take pics with a statue outside on the roof, though. -Hedgehog Cafe in Harajuku :) -Wherever you go, try the local/specialized food and desserts! For example, the Kyoto area has a sweet called Yatsuhashi. -Also if possible, Atomic Bomb memorial museum/park in Hiroshima. Theres a fire there that has been burning on a torch and the mayor says they will not put it out until nuclear weapons are gone from the earth. it's a really life changing experience to go there and you probably wouldn't be able to/shouldn't film the museum, but its worth it. -ALSO I recommend going to Iwakuni in Yamaguchi prefecture, which is next to Hiroshima prefecture (you can easily go for a day trip). They have a beautiful bridge there, good food, and a unique white snake. I live in Tokyo, so please feel free to contact me if you would like any other recommendations! Have fun in Japan!

  • Tanya Wang
    Tanya Wang 9 months ago

    Dear Michelle, I don't know if you'll ever see this, but I hope you do. I am currently in high school and want to join ROTC next year. To qualify, I must pass the physical assessment test for ROTC, but my goal is to pass the army physical assessment test because I may end up joining the army in the future. The test includes situps, pushups, and a 2-mile run. Personally, the 2-mile run will be the hardest part because I don't normally run because I've had a history of fainting from pushing myself too much because I'm anemic. I'm hoping to start training this summer so that I can run 2 miles in at least 18mins. Do you have any tips or pointers? I want to start training and working out and hopefully changing my lifestyle to be healthier and more fit as well as pass the physical assessment tests. I think you are an amazing role model that I'm striving to be like. Thank you!

  • Liana Alves
    Liana Alves 9 months ago


  • Kiersten Torpelund
    Kiersten Torpelund 9 months ago

    KILL chanthony with scorpion chilli's and I just subbed to you.

  • Nicole
    Nicole 9 months ago

    Create a youtube channel with all of the people that quit buzzfeed. Make content with them that are credited by the creator and you will be more popular than buzzfeed

  • Dominic Chen
    Dominic Chen 10 months ago

    Hey! How are you feeling after losing your bikes? I know you seemed pretty shaken up about it in the marathon video. xo from Trinidad

  • Totorofish
    Totorofish 10 months ago

    Please leave buzzfeed, you're so well now and buzzfeed is terrible

    • itsmeLuke'sFather
      itsmeLuke'sFather 9 months ago

      She already left, the videos their uploading are past projects.

  • Lulu Mawi
    Lulu Mawi 10 months ago

    Just watched your video on running a marathon! I am so proud of you! You are fantastic!!!!

  • Kimbap Kidding
    Kimbap Kidding Year ago


  • Spunky Girl
    Spunky Girl Year ago

    is everyone nice at buzzfeed? and + your amazin!

  • Carl Lina
    Carl Lina Year ago

    keep the videos coming girl xx maybe try collabing with Gabby and Alison fromjust between us ??

  • Chris News
    Chris News 3 years ago

    I love you michelle :)