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  • Yuhao Ho
    Yuhao Ho 4 minutes ago


  • Odin
    Odin 5 minutes ago

    0:01 >A Hat in Time >Blood WAT?

  • Velin Caroline Hua
    Velin Caroline Hua 7 minutes ago

    Yay Let's be Healthy Forever Ever!!! 🙌🙌🙌

  • ALF Club
    ALF Club 8 minutes ago

    Neentendo Sweetch? No, seecksty foore.

  • Pure Natural
    Pure Natural 9 minutes ago

    Feels like mortal combat / smash Bros fusion but in 2D.

  • TulioSounds
    TulioSounds 11 minutes ago

    They don't deserve it, they don't even like Japan.

  • Jared Grumney
    Jared Grumney 11 minutes ago

    i can't believe they made Hoopy into a real thing

  • A Lousy Peach
    A Lousy Peach 18 minutes ago

    It’s really good they included a mumble-speak option because I forgot how trash the voice acting is

  • Dr.Ferret
    Dr.Ferret 23 minutes ago

    This is the super nes classic and now you should get the Super nt

  • Jacob J
    Jacob J 24 minutes ago

    What does he say at 5:52?

  • Velin Caroline Hua
    Velin Caroline Hua 26 minutes ago

    Yay!!! I Love Digital Monster better than Any Other Monster Game!!! 😍😍😍

  • Guilty Pain
    Guilty Pain 29 minutes ago

    Liking the video motivates me to excercise. Subscribing convinces myself i already did.

  • Thud Thorgi
    Thud Thorgi 29 minutes ago

    For people disappointed with the direction of pokemon nowadays. I'm kidding. It's for grown ups.

  • CommanderTaco
    CommanderTaco 30 minutes ago

    Nobody: Nintendo: you must kill the body building dragon by squatting

  • Hagin James
    Hagin James 37 minutes ago

    Looks pretty linear ngl

  • Dougie S.
    Dougie S. 39 minutes ago

    Here are my personal guesses as to who will be next in the DLC fighter slots. I'm doing mainly 10 because that's currently the amount we know is coming. Before I do them though, Challenger Pack 5: Calling it now, Crash Bandicoot, January release. Ok now here are my real top 10 fighter guesses. Likely not in release order. 1. Spyro the Dragon 2. Tracer from Overwatch 3. Master Chief, to be revealed at E3 2020 4. Big one, Sora from Kingdom Hearts, also to be revealed at E3 2020. 5. Minecraft Steve 6. Heavy weapons guy from TF2(Yeah I know not very likely but hey, this is Smash Ultimate. Anything is possible.) 7. Doom Guy 8.Yooka-Laylee(A bit of unwanted character because of Banjo-Kazooie's inclusion) 9. Lloyd Irving 10. And finally Geno from Super Mario RPG will be the final fighter of the fighter's passes. But wait! There will also be a surprise character. That being, Waluigi! The long pondered question people have been speculating, can assist trophies be de-deconfirmed? We will find out at the very end.

    • Dougie S.
      Dougie S. 21 minute ago

      @阿軒Nick I did hear about that stuff. I was going to ask if that was the reason in my first response but then I did not. I can understand where you're coming from though.

    • 阿軒Nick
      阿軒Nick 25 minutes ago

      @Dougie S. They don't deserve it because what they've done. Just search "Blizzard Hong Kong" and you'll see why.

    • Dougie S.
      Dougie S. 30 minutes ago

      @阿軒Nick Ok first of all, that was the quickest anyone has responded to any of my comments on TVclip. Two, what reason would it be that you are against Overwatch being represented in Smash? I mean Blizzard is all for allowing Nintendo to add in a fighter from the game and it just got ported over to the Switch.

    • 阿軒Nick
      阿軒Nick 36 minutes ago

      Please. Don't add Overwatch. Blizzard doesn't deserve to be in Smash And also, Waluigi won't become a fighter.

  • zjzr08
    zjzr08 42 minutes ago

    Nice, a "gamer" trailer this time.

  • FTR Ducky
    FTR Ducky 42 minutes ago

    There should be a super mario 64 for switch

  • Alkakaizer
    Alkakaizer 46 minutes ago

    Audiosurf? Anyone?

  • cloudkitsune17
    cloudkitsune17 54 minutes ago

    I have both games on the PS4, but there is no way I am not double dipping for this wonderful game! Its already a great replay, feels great to play in handheld mode, and I'm looking forward to beating the first game again and hopefully beating its sequel for the first time around. Hoping to get some online battles in, too, for the Halloween Event items... I missed out on those on the PS4 version.

  • Brawl BUDDY - Brawl Stars

    Hello Nintendo! Could you please give the Nintendo Switch in Neon Blue and Neon Red (the new edition in the red box) a new bundle with 2000-3000 or more vbugs, a skin, a matching pickaxe, a matching glider and the battlepass please. So a bundle, example like, the bundle Double Helix Bundle. I have no skins, no vbugs, only 2 bad gliders that are common and never had the Battlepass. Please do that so that I will not be laughed at school any more. I'm a BIG Nintendo Fan. Tahnks,Bye!

  • Lynxano
    Lynxano 58 minutes ago

    smug dancing on the vacuum looked like a hat kid amiibo for a moment

  • Jenna Kwon
    Jenna Kwon Hour ago

    goes to a deserted island with no wifi tom nook: gives a phone also tom nook: also gives debt

  • Wolfcl0ck
    Wolfcl0ck Hour ago

    Throwback to the time I made a bet that A Hat in Time wouldn't come to switch and what followed made me have surgery

  • Bradbot289
    Bradbot289 Hour ago

    Not everything is a smash bros. ripoff jeez, have intellect in your brain (do your spanish lessons)

  • gohanmoreno7
    gohanmoreno7 Hour ago

    It looks pretty funny! :D

  • Miss Myah
    Miss Myah Hour ago

    No color purple/lavender Nintendo switch?😔

  • Angelblade717
    Angelblade717 Hour ago

    the model was actually smiling and laughing when playing some of those minigames omg this looks legitimately fun ?????

  • Crystalluss
    Crystalluss Hour ago

    If Sans is in Smash, then can I put my Sonic OCs in, too?

  • Marshal Monsanto

    Clearly not switch footage, and there’s no co op. In that version either. The graphics took a pretty bad hit and the frame rate is rough.

  • Emerald Queen
    Emerald Queen Hour ago

    Wii fit V2.0

  • dionne tolbert
    dionne tolbert Hour ago

    Hey Nintendo how are you play jump force in the Nintendo switch

  • hugewiley plays
    hugewiley plays Hour ago

    You did it you goddamn lunatic Congratulations

  • forastero54321
    forastero54321 Hour ago

    This actually looks good. Will wait for reviews, of course.

  • fanatichp45
    fanatichp45 Hour ago

    Does this have a physical release?

  • Saifojio
    Saifojio Hour ago

    Just so you know Nintendo, I'll buy your entire stock of Hat Kid amiibos if you decide to make them

  • Gold Block
    Gold Block Hour ago

    This is like litlte big planet,super mario odysey and undertale LOOOOOOOOVE IT

  • Danny Alfonso
    Danny Alfonso Hour ago

    Excuse me, stop lying Nintendo. We were specifically told by the developers themselves that this game would NEVER be coming to Switch. I think you guys need to stop being so entitled

  • Yami Mika
    Yami Mika Hour ago


  • Christian Ebling

    So, can you save both games on one file, without having to worry about one game overwriting the other's data?

  • Conman 200605
    Conman 200605 Hour ago

    I felt so stupid because when I was first shown this I didn’t know what it was and with the T. rex I thought it was some dinasour survival game

  • Chris APU
    Chris APU Hour ago

    That’s actually really cool. Awesome! 😎👏

  • Ernireg3
    Ernireg3 Hour ago

    Can’t wait for these characters to be in smash!

  • Brandon Maurer
    Brandon Maurer Hour ago

    0:50 everyone felt that

  • Slimstarstudios
    Slimstarstudios Hour ago

    I see the made stamina mode a separate game now

  • Andrew Telepak
    Andrew Telepak Hour ago

    Hoes mad dance for the thumbnail and ending give me life

    PUDSIMA Hour ago

    huh.... I aready did snipperclips so im gonna buy it :)

  • Devon Taylor
    Devon Taylor Hour ago

    I only played this 13 minutes on first day and OW MY LEG IT HURTS. That tells ya its working thank god its only mild pain but man ok doubts are over this will get you healthier then you are now.

  • JKRow124
    JKRow124 Hour ago


  • 46 62 65 68 75 42 78 75 68

    If you play this it won't be Cyber Sleuth until you DNA evolve Angewomon and Ladydevimon, if you know what I mean 😏

  • _eChO_ iN_tHe_MiRrOr_

    Our EB Games is releasing it in stores soon! Ayyyy!

  • 서경현
    서경현 2 hours ago

    First, the GameCube Controller is still used for the next Super Smash Bros. games since Melee and Brawl, and then, Ubisoft is still supporting the Wii for the next Just Dance games? With Just Dance 2020 is rumored to be the last Wii game ever released.

  • B4J3N_P4C4 -_-RD
    B4J3N_P4C4 -_-RD 2 hours ago

    Let the game of grand theft auto V come out that I like very much I will pay anything to play it on Nintendo

  • B4J3N_P4C4 -_-RD
    B4J3N_P4C4 -_-RD 2 hours ago

    Let the game of grand theft auto V come out that I like very much I will pay anything to play it on Nintendo plz

  • B4J3N_P4C4 -_-RD
    B4J3N_P4C4 -_-RD 2 hours ago

    Let the game of grand theft auto V come out that I like very much I will pay anything to play it on Nintendo

  • Elliott Heutel
    Elliott Heutel 2 hours ago

    Me: Mom, can we get Pokémon Sword and Shield? Mom: we have Pokémon Sword and Shield at home Pokémon Sword and Shield at home:

    • Majoras Arbok
      Majoras Arbok Hour ago

      Doesnt work because these games are likely far better

  • Nunu DaEmpress
    Nunu DaEmpress 2 hours ago

    Bring apex to Nintendo

    • Triforce Thunder
      Triforce Thunder 24 minutes ago

      That is up to EA. They currently have zero-interest in the Switch, other than reskinned watered down old Fifa ports.

  • kobedabest
    kobedabest 2 hours ago

    Woah... The new league of legends fighter look legit

  • Time Travel
    Time Travel 2 hours ago

    Hat in time... Is this a Professor Layton reference?

  • Osni Alexandre
    Osni Alexandre 2 hours ago

    It look like trash hive us mission and open world game or with a map like kakarot project z dissapointed that could would have a lot of potential just like the manga and anime

  • Daniel Martinez Perez Martinez Perez

    All i want is a new F-zero game captain falcon's franchise is more dead than him trying to recover in melee

  • Eduardo Pacheco
    Eduardo Pacheco 2 hours ago

    Alguien sabe cuando sale yo ando como loco esperando que lo anuncien

  • DarkLink1996
    DarkLink1996 2 hours ago

    To everyone who read the title. I'm sorry. It isn't what your first read said it was.

  • RedMage23
    RedMage23 2 hours ago

    I need peace and tranquility

  • Slenderfoxx37
    Slenderfoxx37 2 hours ago

    I want this game but where is it?

  • Snowy 1
    Snowy 1 2 hours ago

    ok so i bought the game with the dlc. I can't even play it because of my switch space. *i-im not c-crying..*

  • randomness928
    randomness928 2 hours ago

    The audio sucks why does the audio suck so bad

  • Monster GMR YT
    Monster GMR YT 2 hours ago

    Are you mad serious, it means all people quick their work for playing this game. If this is pubg, it makes any sense _ _ ---

  • Brit Camp
    Brit Camp 2 hours ago

    I don’t know if it’s just my game but the sound and voices literally go away for a couple of seconds every 5 mins or so. Is anyone else experiencing this?

  • A P
    A P 2 hours ago

    These guys are interrupting each other every chance they get. They should focus on talking like co hosts as opposed to both of them wanting the limelight.

  • An Kha Nguyền Le
    An Kha Nguyền Le 2 hours ago

    Smash Bro but less characters

  • 뿌기
    뿌기 2 hours ago


  • Kevin Sargent
    Kevin Sargent 2 hours ago

    Finally a game for soccer moms that no one asked for

    • Game Queen
      Game Queen 2 hours ago

      I'm playing this and I'm no mom. I've been looking for a game that actually makes fitness look fun. I just got bored of Fitness Boxing for Switch and this seems WAY better. I'm also a fan of games like Dark Souls, Hollow Knight, Cuphead, Furi, Monster Hunter, etc. Still open to games that do stuff like this too. Gamers can get a kick out of this too.

  • Nein 670
    Nein 670 2 hours ago

    damn I feel bad for the car insurance company

  • Sonny Madrill
    Sonny Madrill 2 hours ago

    Named after ROBLOX, okay.

  • Cvo777
    Cvo777 2 hours ago

    Does anyone else get wet dreams for the asian lady?

  • Tony USB
    Tony USB 2 hours ago

    Ring Fit for Smash... yes the ring

  • ShampooPlane
    ShampooPlane 3 hours ago

    What no Hat Kid in smash announcement?

  • ¿ ?
    ¿ ? 3 hours ago

    He looks like kaneki black reaper.

  • Luigi's Memes
    Luigi's Memes 3 hours ago

    Fortnite: *Exists* Super Mario Maker 2 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: I'm about to end this man's career.

  • Jacob #exterminate the vscos


  • XChattyBadgerX Oliver

    Who would of ever known the game would turn so complicated

  • Gamer Dude
    Gamer Dude 3 hours ago

    Alpharad should do this not Super Smash Brothers.

  • Le0N Pow3R
    Le0N Pow3R 3 hours ago

    Jajajja qué es este juego es una copia pirata de super Smash flash

  • MMM
    MMM 3 hours ago

    Bought it already, hoping for more to come!

  • Zawad Ahmed
    Zawad Ahmed 3 hours ago

    You guys would make a good couple

  • Jonathan reviews stuff

    I feel like these types of games are Nintendo just knowing how unhealthy playing video games is

  • RealMarioTDM
    RealMarioTDM 3 hours ago

    My first splatfest was Past vs. Future. I lost on the Future but had a great time.. I was barely 11 yes old but it’s sooo nostalgic

    • RealMarioTDM
      RealMarioTDM 3 hours ago

      Mario Kart 8 and SSB 4 were my side games

  • Faizan Mohiuddin
    Faizan Mohiuddin 3 hours ago


  • The Bob
    The Bob 3 hours ago

    The game seems fun but the main character is UGLY. The company that created iconic characters like Mario and Link couldn’t do any better?

  • TootieGee
    TootieGee 3 hours ago

    Can i get robux

  • Hydrengea is Not Normally Deep Red

    Legend of Ring Fit: Muscle of the Wild

  • Anthony Velasco
    Anthony Velasco 3 hours ago


  • 639Oshawott
    639Oshawott 3 hours ago

    May you be in peace Avicii thanks for your wonderful music well keep on the plur