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  • Shane K
    Shane K 3 hours ago

    hi Nintendo a lot of people on YouTube are not happy with the docks for the switch they say that the docks are scratching there screen so just make new ones and make sure that they dont scratch there screen

  • Mr. Gamer
    Mr. Gamer 12 hours ago

    Nintendo Please don't do paid online services I love Splatoon 2 but I don't want to have to pay for it. BTW are you guys ever going to make Smash Bros for Switch cuz everyone wants it and when I say everyone I mean 97% of Switch owners including me.

  • Gamer Thousand
    Gamer Thousand 15 hours ago

    Trial of the sword creator

  • abar2227
    abar2227 21 hour ago

    Make A Super Mario Maker For The Nintendo Switch Please Nintendo

  • Willian S
    Willian S Day ago

    do you will still putting splatfest in splatoon 1????

  • 12345 o1024
    12345 o1024 Day ago

    Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will be released one day after my sister Sophia's birthday? (She's only turning one, so I can't get her that.)

  • Chibi Gaming
    Chibi Gaming 2 days ago

    Nintendo, I would like to request something for the next Paper Mario Series. Can you make the battle Mechanics similar to Paper Mario and the One Thousand Year Old Door, since that is the best battle style of the series and many people miss it. Sure, you are trying something new with every Paper Mario game, but we missed how the first and second games worked. They were fun, awesome, funny, and more. The battle style was unique to the series with Super Guards, Appealing, and all the great and unique partners we had. So please, Nintendo, please bring us Paper Mario fans a game that we can enjoy, since not much people like Paper Mario Sticker Star's and Paper Mario Color Splash's mechanics.
    Chibi Gaming

  • bugs bunny SUCKS BAD


  • bugs bunny SUCKS BAD


  • Christian Lowe
    Christian Lowe 3 days ago

    Switch sucks and the Fzero fan base just called, they want a new game.

  • Douglas Smith
    Douglas Smith 3 days ago

    #CatMagikoopa #MetalMagikoopa #MagikoopaMarioKart8 We need more magi koopas

    KROVE TV 3 days ago

    MAKE GAME BOY Classic Edition

  • Super Mario Gamer
    Super Mario Gamer 3 days ago

    Hey, Nintendo, can you please add Super Mario 64 Multiplayer on the Nintendo Switch. Just with Mario and Luigi. Please. My brother tried to play Super Mario 64 co-op mode, but we couldn't. Please add it to the Nintendo Switch.

  • SanAnMan 1
    SanAnMan 1 4 days ago

    The joy cons would go perfectly with Nintendo VR.

  • SanAnMan 1
    SanAnMan 1 4 days ago

    Nintendo you should do VR with new Nintendo VR gloves, maybe aim for a full VR room that use two motion tracking units, that would blow PlayStation out of the water and top the Xbox PlayStation and PC.Imagine how real a game would be with VR gloves and a new Nintendo VR zapper controller, it like all your projects rolled into one. Maybe a wireless battery operated VR headset. Call it Nintendo VR.

  • Lexi Conde
    Lexi Conde 5 days ago


  • Mr. Biker
    Mr. Biker 5 days ago

    A new Mario and Luigi Bowser`s inside story ?

  • Unknown711
    Unknown711 6 days ago

    Nintendo i dare you make Luigi Mansion 3 Professor E. Gadd is a Trader to Mario then Luigi think about it must go back to the past of Luigi's Mansion and Super Mario Sunshine i look at the logo when Bowser Jr had said this in a strange coat this thinking of me reminds me of Teen Titans Episode of Revolution where Starfirer has said Democracy doesn't had to chose to
    what you Vote that why anyone can be on Democrats had to be on there side all this time please Be careful what you vote for but blame Hillary Clinton for this sick awful Election not my fault that i want Trump to vote.

    LINEAGEIIII 7 days ago

    if you are a nintendo fan play adventure quest 3D and watch coraline movie

  • Tidal Yacht
    Tidal Yacht 8 days ago

    By the way; Fire Emblem Warriors is SUCH a let down a game! To think it turned out to be a BAD sequel compared compared to Hyrule Warriors!

  • Tidal Yacht
    Tidal Yacht 8 days ago

    You *OWE* us a replacement for Miiverse!

      LINEAGEIIII 7 days ago

      if you keep complaining about mods you get not soup pffts

  • Tidal Yacht
    Tidal Yacht 8 days ago

    Nintendo; locking difficulty modes behind a paywall since 2017!

  • Jaey Lee
    Jaey Lee 8 days ago

    I can't wait for black coins in Super Mario Odyssey!

  • cooler gamer
    cooler gamer 8 days ago


  • mickeyshaunoodfgb
    mickeyshaunoodfgb 9 days ago

    I would have bought a switch but there isn't any where I live :(

  • Dillon De Boer
    Dillon De Boer 9 days ago

    when does stream start for finals

  • Dillon De Boer
    Dillon De Boer 9 days ago

    whATS this

  • MasterGaming SPEED
    MasterGaming SPEED 10 days ago

    Pls can u let pixelmon come back? thats pokemon but for minecraft like all of ur team did Pokemon MINECRAFT

  • TheHeroOfHyrule
    TheHeroOfHyrule 10 days ago


  • jesus vasquez
    jesus vasquez 10 days ago

    pueden sacar five nigts at freddys en la consola wii porfavor

  • 1980woodpixie
    1980woodpixie 10 days ago


  • RedCap Videos
    RedCap Videos 11 days ago

    Nintendo I was playing MK8 and there was a hacker I forget the name but he had star before the first item box if you know them please banned them. Thank You\

  • ImaFnT-Rex
    ImaFnT-Rex 13 days ago

    hurry with the Unity update for the Switch
    but do a good job and don't rush it

  • Daumex SUCK MY ASS
    Daumex SUCK MY ASS 13 days ago

    Dear Nintendo i feel little upset about the original Mario and Luigi Superstar Sega don't you think you should revived Cackletta
    and make her Revenge on someone knows who trying to Ruined her planes along steeling Peach and make her safe the guy who a fool that should not exist in my favorite childhood Game and make Cackletta gone for ever like that that harming Nintendo please revived her to a New Mario and Luigi sequel some guy will be flush out to the Beanbean Kingdom she gonna make him pay to his death.

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith 14 days ago

    Could I please use your copyright in my films? I will always promise to credit you.

  • willy24able
    willy24able 14 days ago

    To Metroid creators. I'm very proud of your creation of "Samus Returns". That game has been compared to the likes of Fusion & Zero mission in quality(Though I still think that Super Metroid & Prime 1 are still my Top 2 Favorite Metroid Games). It's one of my favorite 3DS games you've created. Still, there are a few of my desires have yet to be fulfilled yet. GIVE ME A 3DS VIRTUAL CONSOLE PORT OF ZERO MISSION AND FUSION OR A FUTURE HANDHELD CONSOLE(Not counting the Switch since it counts as a home console as I see fit) THAT HAS THE GBA GAMES IN A VIRTUAL CONSOLE! MY DS HAS BEEN A BIT DAMAGED & IT'S CURRENTLY DYING OF AGE! I DON'T KNOW HOW LONG TIL MY DS WILL BE DEAD! I DON'T WANT THE WII U VIRTUAL CONSOLE PORT SINCE IT'S A BIG MISTAKE THAT WE ALL KNOW! JUST GIVE ME THE HANDHELD PORT OF FUSION & ZERO MISSION AND I'M ALL GOOD! AND ONE MORE THING, GIVE ME A TRADITIONAL D-PAD DESIGN FOR THE SWITCH! I HATED THE JOY-CON CONTROLLERS & I WILL NOT STAND FOR THE PRO CONTROLLER'S FAULTY D-PAD DESIGN!

  • Ricardo Martinez
    Ricardo Martinez 15 days ago

    de Cuba no se puede hacer nada plp

  • Sannie wzp
    Sannie wzp 16 days ago

    i love miitopia :D

  • Dominic Fréchette
    Dominic Fréchette 16 days ago

    Hey @Nintendo, how about bringing Bayonetta 1 & 2 on the Switch?

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star 16 days ago

    Fire Emblem warriors is basically *Hyrule Warriors: Anime Edition*

  • Jaey Lee
    Jaey Lee 17 days ago

    +Nintendo What Date is going to be released on Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures 3 on Nintendo Switch and the Avatars?

  • Th3miningpix3L
    Th3miningpix3L 17 days ago

    The ultimate April fools prank would be:
    deleting people's levels and stars without warning.
    oh wait

  • Trynel Green
    Trynel Green 17 days ago

    When minecraft released

  • Joe Clark
    Joe Clark 18 days ago

    Hey Nintendo. I just wanted to message you to say thank you for sending the stores in my home town, very little Super NES mini's. I have disabilities and cant stand long and the EB Games had lines around the stores. Walmart gave out 24 tickets to the first 24 people in line and the store I shop at received 0! The scalpers were bragging they got a lot of the systems. You promised there'd be lots of systems at launch, I was unable to get one and for my troubles, I get to spend the day in bed because being on my feet so much, travelling to all the stores in town and waiting in lines, it takes a day or so to get the feeling back in my leg from my spine issues.

    Have a great day everyone!
    "A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work"

  • Ben Andelin
    Ben Andelin 18 days ago

    Why haven't you talked about Escapists 2 at all since it came out in August. I really want to buy it on switch but you haven't even put it on the coming soon list. You should remember about the games like that. Hope you put Escapists 2 on switch soon.

  • V Nm
    V Nm 18 days ago

    I want to report : there are some pokemon fake game like: pokemonland legends, epic mon, poke vs, poke park, .... those game offense heavy to pokemon by make people think midunderstand about pokemon by remake pokemon style, and suck money from player then close and all money and stuff from player gone without any recoup that make people think bad about pokemon.
    plz do something on those fake game
    p/s: i'm not meaning about fanmade game and my english grammar is horible a bit sorry about that.

  • The Scottster17
    The Scottster17 19 days ago

    i am really excited for Mario and Luigi superstar Saga + Bowsers minions. thats a game i really want to get

  • Bleach
    Bleach 20 days ago

    I only comment to get attention.

  • Unknown711
    Unknown711 20 days ago

    Nintendo we need to talk about Cackletta and Fawful since they are dead for years is time to let them join in a New Super Smash Bros for Nintendo Switch i feel bad for them never coming back a real major mystery what will gonna happen with Cackletta and the soul i wonder whats Cackletta feeling being back as evil or being good in this odd weird place she may gonna be sorry for Mario and Luigi even Peach too.

  • Iris Pikachu
    Iris Pikachu 20 days ago

    Nintendo please bring Serena,Clemont,bonnie and Graninja back in the Pokemon Sun and Moon serise I would be so thankful and I will cry with joy.TIP:You might get your old fans back.I'm a very big fan of Pokemon and I think you did some awsome job on the films,keep up the good work and make your films awsome!Also check out my channle I will be doing what I whish will come back for example:Pokemon that I wish will come back:Charizard,Sceptile,Pigeot,Butterfree,Lapras,Primape,Sqirtle and most of all Graninja and all the other pokemon you think haven't been in the pokemon serise in a while.What characters I wish will come back:Serena,Clement,Bonnie,Iris(My real username is Iris so that's why and beacause I like her)May,Dawn,Simon and Gary.Thank you iif you can do that and remember keep up the good work!

  • LineageII
    LineageII 21 day ago

    Ninendo please make Half Life 3 for Switch, Valve is hating as you hating Mother 3 pffts

  • CheezyGrins
    CheezyGrins 21 day ago

    please don't get rid of Miiverse :(

  • JosephGamingSML
    JosephGamingSML 21 day ago

    Make Roblox For The Switch or 3ds

  • LineageII
    LineageII 22 days ago

    Nintendo make lost magic with Pokemon, bring Lineage 2 to Switch best game ever made and also bring MU Legends to Switch

  • LineageII
    LineageII 22 days ago

    if you are a NIntendo fan must watch Coraline

  • Unknown711
    Unknown711 22 days ago

    hey Nintendo think you for giving a awesome Mario and Luigi Superstar Sega 3DS Remake i giving that game 4 out 10 stars
    there is a big huge problem with the art designs about the villains when they had meat Peach i wish 3DS Remake would be more better then the original a lot more scarier don't you think i wish Mario and Luigi Superstar Sega should had a TV Series
    Nintendo would you which you prefer if only Mario and Luigi Superstar Sega TV Series if it could happen i would love to see it Nintendo since Super Mario Bros Super show has made a TV Series back in a old days are you gonna give your Nintendo buds to be coming on TV Nintendo i hope so.

    • Unknown711
      Unknown711 21 day ago

      hey Nintendo i take it all back the Remake is now 30 out of 30 means is a good high scored i love the Remake. :)

  • amy Lothamer
    amy Lothamer 22 days ago watch this Nintendo please

  • Ryanborambo
    Ryanborambo 22 days ago

    hey, if you buy the pc version of minecraft, will u get it free on the 3ds? you get the windows 10 minecraft for free with pc.

  • MondscheinWolfStudio


  • Colbert Awesome
    Colbert Awesome 23 days ago

    happy 128th birthday nintendo

  • Flozz'
    Flozz' 23 days ago

    YOUTUBE in Nintendo switch please

  • Ailza Pereira
    Ailza Pereira 23 days ago

    Super Mario Odyssey pc faz uma versao pra pc

  • Jaey Lee
    Jaey Lee 24 days ago

    Please make Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures 3 on Nintendo Switch and the Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures Avatars!

  • Master Gleninja
    Master Gleninja 24 days ago

    Dear Nintendo,

    If your are reading this can you  add messaging on the Nintendo switch because I was playing splatoon 2 and  I thing I fell in love because I was messing around (sorry to all you splatoon 2 fans.) I was woomying around with this girl (I know it's a girl because she has a mii and when she was playing splatoon 2 the is a girl character.)  and we've been doing this for weeks now and I really really Really  went to know her more.

    P.S. my Nintendo switch name is Gleninja and her name is Sofia rose.

    P.P.S. can you reply to me as fast as you can please (And thanks if you read this all.)  :)

  • andreaalice barone
    andreaalice barone 24 days ago

    I want animal crossing for nintendo switch

    • LineageII
      LineageII 22 days ago

      wished granted, we are working on Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival 2 but its our secret

  • LennyFace [GD]
    LennyFace [GD] 25 days ago

    Hey are you ever going to make super Mario galaxy 3 super Mario galaxy is an important part of my childhood and it needs to be resurrected it is honestly one of the best games ever created on the face of the earth please make an smg3 for the switch pleeeeeeaaaaaasssssseeeee like if you agree with me

  • Nero OnixGearsElite
    Nero OnixGearsElite 25 days ago

    Caro/Cara Nintendo ti scrivo per dirti questa cosa che e la seguente tu e chi lavora per te come azienda avete creato tantissimi personaggi tra cui anche i ''Koopa'' ma quello che voglio dirti e questo, la mia ragazza a creato un Koopa che non ai creato tu Nintendo quindi anche se ai il copyright ecc... sulla parola Koopa non ce l'hai sul personaggio creato dalla mia ragazza quindi di conseguenza da i Koopa creati da te cara Nintendo tu ne ai il Copyright e puoi anche farne ogni utilizzo commerciale come per l'appunto già fai da diversi anni ma del mio personaggio e della mia ragazza ovvero questo Koopa che abbiamo creato noi tu cara Nintendo non puoi fare assolutamente niente perché il Copyright su questo ''koopa'' creato da me e dalla mia ragazza il Copyright lo teniamo noi e del personaggio che abbiamo creato ovvero questo Koopa femmina possiamo farne ogni utilizzo, ci tenevo a mettere le cose in chiaro, e questa la verità cara Nintendo tu non ai il Copyright su tutti i Koopa in assoluto, tu ai il Copyright solo su i Koopa creati da te Nintendo dal azienda, ma i Koopa creati dagli artisti sono degli artisti e loro possono farne qualsiasi utilizzo vogliano, lo so mi sono dilungato stammi bene ciao.

  • sinistergrey3
    sinistergrey3 26 days ago

    Dear Nintendo, (Nintendo employees),

    I just wanted to say, as a paying customer/gamer, that I am enjoying the Nintendo Switch, and I am VERY happy with the game selection+console performance thus far, and I am VERY happy that the titles being announced are 'CORE GAMER' oriented (Skyrim, DOOM, Wolfenstein 2, Project Octopath Traveler, Metroid Prime 4, XenoBlade Chronicles II, BOTW, I Am Setsuna, Disgea 5, Fast RMX, Red Out, even M+R: Kingdom Battle RTS is very good+Challenging+entertaining) PLEASE continue down this route and make FUN+CHALLENGING titles that CORE GAMERS will enjoy, if your game library is anywhere near as good+diverse as the SNES, then I think MANY gamers will flock to this system in LARGE numbers, I grew up in the NES,SNES, and N64 eras, when your company was at the TOP, and LOVED those systems (ESP. THE SNES) to death for the VARIETY of AMAZING+CHALLENGING+MEMORABLE gaming EXPERIENCES.

    Sadly, however, I have not had a Nintendo System since the N64, as the direction your company decided to go (Constant 'hand holding' of the player titles+lack of 3rd party software+underpowered systems) and a clear FOCUS on a "Kids+Casual" market demographic (that held an average 11 game attach rate for the "Wii" console in it's entire lifetime) drove me to prefer the Playstation platform, as that was where the CORE GAMER focus shifted to. I wasn't always happy with the PS format at the tail end of the PS3, and IMO Sony made some poor anti-consumer business practices, that I was not too fond of, but overall enjoyed the Software titles+experience on that system as a whole due to it's "Core Gamer" focus.

    However, with the introduction of your new system, I am happy to say, that with the Nintendo Switch, and the games+system experience thus far, I have NOT been disappointed that I OPTED to go with the Nintendo Switch OVER purchasing a PS4 as my platform/console of choice when it comes to gaming, because you did such a good job clearly showcasing the PURPOSE+BENEFIT of the system. Your showing that it was not only unique and fun but also WITH PURPOSE, and even more importantly, in my eyes as a gamer, that you've seemingly decided to get back to your AMAZING SNES roots, and get software titles+3rd party support on your platform that are VERY APPEALING TO CORE GAMERS is great! and you should be applauded for your efforts as a team+marketing $ well spent! (you've successfully started to bring over players from other platforms once again, with EXCELLENT looking/appealing 'Core Gamer' titles, and GREAT looking RPG's, in many varieties RTS, ARPG, JRPGs, Open world RPG's and it's so good to see these epic, large scale, in depth RPG's back in the forefront again, as they have been sorely missed on your platforms over the years. Chrono Trigger, Secret Of Mana, FFVI, LOZ ALTTP, SMRPG, SNES had them all!)

    Aside from a few small concerns (like lack of a VC, or even mention of it, as I would LOVE to PURCHASE+play some old SNES+N64 titles) I think you've made a lot of good decisions regarding the Console+Software title line up for the first year, I'm glad that you are SPACING OUT the 1st Party title line-up and giving Switch Owners new games almost every month, as opposed to all at once, it assures a new quality title release to look forward to and alleviates any worries of a "drought" for games so PLEASE CONTINUE THIS!!! It allows for gamers to ENJOY your titles to their fullest before the next great game you make comes out (S.M.O. is next and I can't wait! a little apprehensive as SM64 was so good it hasn't been beat yet lol.) but it also allows a clear window for 3rd parties to be successful on the platform as well. I'm hoping this feedback helps you in your business, and that you have realized that "CORE GAMERS" as a demographic, are what DRIVE software sales in the "LONG RUN" and create a HEALTHY environment for 3rd party developers on your system, that will in turn bring great titles+drive more sales of your consoles moving forward as well as assure good 1st party titles sales for games you release yourselves to maximize potential profits. I'm looking forward to the many great games that will come to the Nintendo Switch and hope that 2018 will be an even better year going forward, Hopefully by then we'll have a VC? I.E. once you release VC and I can get some of my favorite SNES titles, The Nintendo Switch may just be my new favorite console of all time lol. thanks for your time+hard work and I hope you continue to make good business decisions+games for this system in the future.

  • Holychickendinner
    Holychickendinner 26 days ago


  • David Schmidt
    David Schmidt 26 days ago

    when they releasing Smash for the switch

  • MA-121
    MA-121 26 days ago

    Super Mario RPG 2

  • mariowen2
    mariowen2 27 days ago


    • mariowen2
      mariowen2 27 days ago

      but cheap meaning not expensive still 10/10 quality love you guys

  • Holger Klusch
    Holger Klusch Month ago

    At first, I was somewhat disappointed, as with the last Direct again nothing to the Virtual Console came. But now I think quite differently about it. If you look at all the new games, which now appear in the period from September to December for the Switch and the 3DS, you will immediately notice that there are damn many and for everyone what is. For the people you now only switch to the Christmas time a switch, the games from March to August still come to the selection. Since it is really hard for you to decide for the games you really want to have. I do not do it any differently, and with many of you this is certainly so. And money does not grow (unfortunately) on trees, as you all know.

    Take a look at the three great calibers that are released or released by Nintendo this year. These are Zelda BotW, Mario Odysee and Xenoblade Chronicles 2. All three have one thing in common. All three are games with a gigantic girth. With a game of it alone, we can already spend several months (especially if you still have to go to school or work) until they are through. And most Nintendo fans will have a game or two, if not all, if the wallet allows it.

    When I think about it, I honestly have to say that I can not currently invest neither my time nor my money in the Virtual Console. It just does not work. And I'm sure the people at Nintendo think the same way. Nintendo knows best which games they will bring to the market this year. They know very well that they would overburden us, because the selection would simply be too big. And that can be very harmful to a company. Many customers and potential customers would jump out because they felt they would be forced to buy.

    I think we should show ourselves to Nintendo also times grateful, instead of still more to demand and demand. The people at Nintendo are also just people of flesh and blood, as we do. They are not omnipotent gods or something. You should take your time with the Virtual Console. They deserved it well. Because what they just deliver with the switch, in my opinion has earned an applause and standing ovations. Especially after the fail with the Wii U.

  • Predator placek
    Predator placek Month ago

    backpack anaucments of the nintendo backpacks

  • CheezyGrins
    CheezyGrins Month ago

    GameCube remake?

  • Mark Shen
    Mark Shen Month ago

    Nintendo played subscribe me please

  • u mad bro
    u mad bro Month ago

    you might not even read this but please add Nintendo games for the xbox 1,i want to play both splatoons so bad but i dont have a wiiu or a Nintendo switch

  • danish danish
    danish danish Month ago

    super mario odyssey mushroom kingdom yet??

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star Month ago

    R.I.P Super Smash Bros

  • The Epicast
    The Epicast Month ago


  • Michael Pits
    Michael Pits Month ago

    GTA V, call of dutty , Battlefield on switch
    please Nintendo! Do the right things with your console!

  • Carlos André Reis

    Holliday season is gonna be lit! Mario, Skyrim and Xenoblade 2 are awesome!

    PASCUA SEBAS Month ago

    It would be better to put music player for the Nintendo switch

  • Sabeythang
    Sabeythang Month ago

    PLEASE feel free to use that Eternal Darkness trademark you kept renewing over the years and then purchased freshly new again this year. It would be much appreciated.

  • Chubz
    Chubz Month ago

    NO SMASH!?!?!?!!

  • Landon Saavedra
    Landon Saavedra Month ago

    Look, Nintendo, Miitopia, the bird you meet at the start of the Realm Of the Fey, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!?!?

  • Kayla UK ? nunnenkamp


  • CBL
    CBL Month ago

    you disappointment

  • Ali Mac
    Ali Mac Month ago


  • Gabe the beast!
    Gabe the beast! Month ago

    Why is everyone so mad about the paid online i mean its only 20 dollars a YEAR

  • Mr. Krabs
    Mr. Krabs Month ago

    Knack 2 HD, okay nintendo?

  • Jeong Kim
    Jeong Kim Month ago

    I saw it going away in November 7th in miiverse and how do we communicate on consoles why why and why

  • Jeong Kim
    Jeong Kim Month ago

    why you are removing miivers for Wii U and the 3ds

    BLANKSCANNER Month ago


  • ToastedTuber
    ToastedTuber Month ago

    #get magic koopa into Mario cart 8-10

  • Lovely ashi Love me やあ、いとしい人

    Hey Nintendo I will buy a new Nintendo switch console if you do something for me bring overwatch to the Nintendo switch

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star Month ago


  • PEJPBengtzone
    PEJPBengtzone Month ago

    Say, Nintendo; Ever considered trying to create a Wii/Wii U-based add-on for Nintendo Switch that could provide compatibility with Wii Remote/Wii Remote Plud and Wii U Gamepad?
    There could have been more benefits to such a thing than you might actually realize.

  • Noren Staizo
    Noren Staizo Month ago

    yay a new direct

  • ImaFnT-Rex
    ImaFnT-Rex Month ago

    personally i could care less about the Achievements crap for Switch and i hope all this talk about it that it will Only be an option to have that IF it does get done
    been a Nintendo player since the early days and always enjoyed games without it (was mid teen when NES came out)

  • Cesar Solano
    Cesar Solano Month ago

    I just want the LBX season 2 game!

  • Patrick Schaeffer

    Nintendo on the off chance you read this i was wondering why you got rid of 4 swords anniversary it got me into the Zelda series maybe if you bring it back more people will get interested in it

  • TheGoldennGamer
    TheGoldennGamer Month ago

    I hope nintendo goes back to their root on the paper mario series, they're targeting the casual and the younger audiences, which are in the minority, as most of their fanbase doesn't like sticker star and color splash, they fixed a few things with color splash, but they need to bring back the star points, you know what I mean? A real level up system, HP, FP, and BP none of those stickers, i get they want the game to look papery but they shouldn't focus the entire game around the concept! If anything, anyone would appreciate just doing the original sticker star, before they ruined it.

    • Tidal Yacht
      Tidal Yacht Month ago

      Nintendo: "Any RPG game that isn't Mario&Luigi is AUTOMATICALLY Evil! Which is why we ruined Paper Mario!"

  • Marcus Vinicius
    Marcus Vinicius Month ago

    Nintendo could once again have an official representative in Brazil so that Brazilians can get access to their products by competing directly with the Playstation, X-box getting into a video game market without many options and we expect the return of Nintendo. To this day I have the Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance!

  • julianne swartz
    julianne swartz Month ago


  • Melissa Cline
    Melissa Cline Month ago

    +Nintendo, please add Duskull, Smoochum & Lileep and their evolutions to Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon

  • delta sawkew
    delta sawkew Month ago

    New Nintendo Remakes I want made.
    1 Fire Emblem Blazing sword remake 3DS
    2 Super Metriod 3Ds
    3 LoZ nes And Zelda ll adventure of link bundle 3ds
    4 Fire emblem path of radiance and Radiant dawn Switch
    5 F-Zero GX switch
    6 Metriod (nes) 3Ds
    7 Super Mario Sunshine switch ( i'll take Sunshine 2 as well)
    8 Mario 64 switch
    9 LoZ Minnish Cap 3ds
    10 LoZ phantom hourglass and spirit tracks 3ds
    11 Loz Four sword adventures 3ds
    12 Fire emblem shadow dragon with Mystery of the emblem 3ds
    13 Fire emblem 4,5,6 3ds
    14 Super smash bros 64 3ds ( add like pit bowser ganandorf peach zelda and 16 other characters
    15 Castlevania (all of them)

  • Zac Low
    Zac Low Month ago Hope you like this fan-made remake on Super Mario World Cartoon episode on Mama Luigi.

  • Austin Banks
    Austin Banks Month ago

    Sonic forces e3 repinof tron legacy song

  • Brian Guillemette

    Nintendo please don't shut down the miiverse , here are a list of games that will be affected badly when you shut it down, Mario kart 8 will lose it's tornements, splatoon will no see many inklings, Mario maker will not have you comment on levels, and smash bros will lose the miiverse stage, so please Nintendo either keep the miiverse in or let people still play on the miiverse stage when it is shut down and keep the splatoon posts in splatoon so keep the posts in or don't shut down the miiverse please?

  • João Victor Alves Magalhães

    Oi Nitendo. Por favor, eu gostaria tanto de jogar Super Mario Maker. Por favor libere para eu jogar. Obrigado

  • NintendoGamer3D
    NintendoGamer3D Month ago

    remaster the old zelda games come on you have the technology to make Breath of the Wild you can Remaster Ocarina of Time and Majoras Mask or even the old snes zeldas

  • Bazza
    Bazza Month ago

    now i hate nintendo cuz they're shutting down all pokemon fan game for some reason and i think its because they want ppl to spend money on games they made, i thought roblox tix removal was bad but this is just upsetting

  • Brian Guillemette

    Nintendo I heard that you are being sued by gamevice but I think you will win and here are 3 reasons why, 1. you are big and have a lot of lawyers, 2. gamevice is probably just suing you so they can make money, just think about who heard of the gamevice before the lawsuit, and why would they sue you over other companies with more similar gimmicks, 3. sure you both have the clip in controller gimmick but that is where the similarities end, the gamevice has a belt thing connecting it and you don't, the gamevice clips on to your phones and tablets while you on the other hand have the console that the joy cons clip into, and can you clip the gamevice in a grip, no.                                                     Like if you agree and/or support Nintendo please

  • Jesseca Scanlon
    Jesseca Scanlon Month ago

    i really want cheat codes for breath of the wild after you beat the game and play it again at the beginning

  • Austin Gay
    Austin Gay Month ago

    Get john Kirby to defend ya

  • SHAW Shawtoons
    SHAW Shawtoons Month ago


  • SHAW Shawtoons
    SHAW Shawtoons Month ago

    Nintendo why are you shuting down the splatoon 1 severs on september 30

  • Brian Guillemette

    Nintendo please don't shut down the miiverse, splatoon, and smash will be affected greatly and other 3ds, and wii u games will be too so ether keep the miiverse or have the miiverse posts stay in the game plllllllllleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaasse, I will buy a switch if you do

  • NoahFG5 Gaming
    NoahFG5 Gaming Month ago

    come on nintendo its been at least 4 years wheres pikmin 4???

  • Mygmy Parmoset
    Mygmy Parmoset Month ago

    Holy marmosets, you get a lot of stupid comments.

    • Mygmy Parmoset
      Mygmy Parmoset 15 days ago

      The UK channel doesn't have a "discussion" section. A wise decision.

  • Plushies Adventures Sonic Mario Kirby Sora MegaMan Disney Pokemon Star Wars

    Enerjak is Really Body of Knuckles the Echidna.

  • Random Person
    Random Person Month ago

    make a game for waluigi you morons

  • Carlos André Reis

    Dear Nintendo,
    Your Splatoon 2 splatfests suck hard. Awful matchmaking (yeah, keep putting 1500 power teams against 1800 ones, because that's so cool) and disconnects all the time. Plus, turf war only? For eel... Get your s*** together.

  • Ben
    Ben Month ago

    If you are closing miiverse I have 2 words: THANKS NINTENDO!!! >:(

    • Ben
      Ben Month ago

      Now my sister won't be able to get help and give help! Good job! >:((((

  • Bowsernyan
    Bowsernyan Month ago


    • Tidal Yacht
      Tidal Yacht Month ago

      They owe their fans a replacement dedicated community!

  • Colbert Awesome
    Colbert Awesome Month ago

    Happy 25th anniversary MARIO KART wow 25 years of MARIO GO KARTING WITH HIS AMAZING FRIENDS

  • Luisa Sandell
    Luisa Sandell Month ago


    • Luisa Sandell
      Luisa Sandell Month ago

      And an other idea. New super mario bros switch you know like to mario bros u why not make a mario bros switch

    • Luisa Sandell
      Luisa Sandell Month ago

      And i believe in you :D Your the best

    • Luisa Sandell
      Luisa Sandell Month ago

      And i finally got the 2 ds xl :D

  • Cameron Turner
    Cameron Turner Month ago

    i dont know how to get the better together update for minecraft on the switch

  • Othon xd
    Othon xd Month ago

    Super Smash Bros Switch?

  • Brian Guillemette

    Nintendo I am warning you, if you shut down the miiverse I will not buy a Nintendo switch

    • Brian Guillemette
      Brian Guillemette Month ago

      nanRim did they shut down facebook, twitter, and Instagram when the new I phone came out and the old I phones went discontinued

    • Brian Guillemette
      Brian Guillemette Month ago

      what does OWE mean?

    • Brian Guillemette
      Brian Guillemette Month ago

      yes but the anch-v games in splatoon will no longer be playable nore the miiverse stage in smash and other wii u games will be affected

    • Tidal Yacht
      Tidal Yacht Month ago


      They OWE people a new and better version of Miiverse (but with a different name).

  • Enderking
    Enderking Month ago

    Look, Nintendo.... Why the flying flip would you think of something so simply dumm thing to do as to shut down miiverse? Why on earth are you making countless Nintendo fans mad at you? Have you seen the backlash your foolish actions have caused? The fans have an uproar, petitions to keep miiverse alive are singed, and prey your hotline is getting calls about this as well, or at least I'll call there once I can tomorrow.
    You are a good company, but.... You keep making silly decisions that only hurt yourself, and shutting down miiverse is one of them.DON'T DO IT.

  • CJTV EnterGamement

    What The Heck Is Wrong You Idiots Cancelling Miiverse And Wii U Chat

  • Nathaniel Orlando

    i have to saw add a measage saying"Go on Discord , Switch server" for splatoon 2 i world really like that teacher and i would be a pile to play with serent people and ya i would really lik if added feature ok Nitendo bye (i will be waiting [i have game])

  • Yoshi gamer
    Yoshi gamer Month ago


  • Atheus Garbus
    Atheus Garbus Month ago


    • Atheus Garbus
      Atheus Garbus Month ago

      sorry for the salt, anyways... PUT OUR WII U'S BACK ON 5.5.1 NOW!!!!

  • Ian Ritter and Dylan Robege

    Plus road and toadette should have new colors

  • Keyblade Mistress

    You need to lower the prices on your Nintendo Switch! We're not rich you know! Some of us fans of your games have to work double shift to pay for your stuff! I was even excited about the Nintendo Switch, but when I found out it was $299 I said, "Nope...can't afford it because Nintendo likes to make our wallets LIGHT!" So please, for your fans, LOWER YOUR DARN PRICES ON THE NINTENDO SWITCH!

  • LineageII
    LineageII Month ago

    nintendo please bring MU legends to Switch, make Lost Magic with pokemon too

  • irontusk341
    irontusk341 Month ago

    Someone should sue Nintendo. For slapping copyright infringement on fair use compliant gameplay videos on products like zelda. Their greedy tactics are stupid, wrong, and immoral, and should be investigated and fined by the government. I sent a letter to my Senator and other congressmen about Nintendo's American company about this problem. involving these slaps on fair use content. I wont stop until Nintendo stops this stupid and pointless copyright claims on youtube gameplay videos that comply with fair use under Copyright Act of 1976.

    That way people like you, the average user can play and livestream your game like zelda or mario without getting slapped by Nintendo for copyright infringement.

    • Tidal Yacht
      Tidal Yacht Month ago

      They also need to be sued for enforcing paywalls on difficulty modes and for wrongly targeting after reviewers.

  • Deana Chausse
    Deana Chausse Month ago


  • LineageII
    LineageII Month ago

    nintendo please bring Lineage2 to switch along Player Unknown Battlegrounds

  • Peter
    Peter Month ago

    roblox switch port or I'm gonna buy a vita.

  • Truffle Salt Gamer

    Back me up here comment section.

  • Truffle Salt Gamer

    -Dear Nintendo-

    As made aware, Breath Of The Wild DLC Pack 2, will be including new story elements and one new conformed peice of armor, And although intreging and nostalgic the Lobster Shirt just wouldnt add much to the game. On the other hand might I add a suggestion for armor to launch along side the Lobster Shirt? The Skyloft Tunic and trousers were the starting armor for Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword™, these two peices of clothing within the game could offer a set bonus of Paraglider Speed Up, each peice with their own indeviduel description…

    Tunic - “This tunic was once dawned by an ancient hero of the sky, it is said to be the common attire of a trainee going into knighthood. When worn, a sense of bravery enlightens you.”

    -Set bonus: Paraglider Speed Up
    -Defense: 3
    -Chest Location: Forgtotten temple, Atop the Goddes Statue platform

    Trousers - “These trousers once belonged to a hero riding a mighty crimson bird through the clouds, they are said to have been his casual wear. When worn a sense of kicked back relaxation washes over you.”

    -Set bonus: Paraglider Speed Up
    -Defense: 3
    -Chest Location: Ordorac Quarry

    I feel that to all Skyward Sword™ and Zelda fans, wearing this set would be both nastolgic expireince and you really would feel like you’re exploring the Surface as Skyward Sword™ Link. Who knows it could be more affordable being not everyone has the SS Amiibo, and along with a Skyward Sword HD launch, it could really give that 2011 Wii game some love…


  • Dawn Hornsey
    Dawn Hornsey Month ago

    Nintendo you are putting to much videos on your channel

  • NNN SuperProductions

    please do not shut down miiverse

    • Tidal Yacht
      Tidal Yacht Month ago

      And it is these admins that doomed miiverse in the long run. So thanks alot admins; we will never see a replacement for miiverse because you guys were too busy banning users over trivial reasons.

    • LineageII
      LineageII Month ago

      admins were trying to do their jabs

    • Tidal Yacht
      Tidal Yacht Month ago

      Nintendo: "We refuse to admit that our admins were bad; we refuse to hire new ones that are competent at their jobs. We would rather shut down Miiverse and give you guys NO new replacement; Kishima needs as much money in his pockets as possible!"

  • Infenji
    Infenji Month ago


  • Ian Ritter and Dylan Robege

    when is the mario kart 8 deluxe DLC characters

  • Aidan
    Aidan Month ago


    • Aidan
      Aidan Month ago

      well i guess that makes sense

    • Tidal Yacht
      Tidal Yacht Month ago

      Because Kishima era Nintendo is too lazy to hire new Admins who are actually competent at their jobs and won't ban people over minuscule reasons. As in, they would rather shut down an entire service than to hire new admins.

      Nintendo refuses to admit their mistakes or learn from them these days.

  • Tidal Yacht
    Tidal Yacht Month ago

    With the death of Miiverse (and no replacement in sight); along with me hating MANY aspects of the Switch (including the online paywall); looks like it it is time for me to go back to soloing in single-player games from now on.

  • Tidal Yacht
    Tidal Yacht Month ago

    You owe us a replacement for Miiverse. Oh wait, you wouldn't do that because Kishima is too greedy. He wouldn't want to hire COMPETENT admins that don't ban people for even minuscule reasons, after all.

  • Syl
    Syl Month ago

    # S A V E M I I V E R S E

    • Tidal Yacht
      Tidal Yacht Month ago

      Nintendo owes us a replacement for miiverse.

  • Jude Muro
    Jude Muro Month ago

    make 1 last dlc for smash 4 classic sonic

  • Roccoboy
    Roccoboy Month ago

    I love miivrsie do nott let die

  • sarah jimenez
    sarah jimenez Month ago

    nooo nintendo you cannot just shut down diverse that is so much fun also wii u chat that is the only way i can face chat my friend you are going to lose a bunch of fans EVERYONE that uses diverse will kill you and i mean kill you online there will be a bunch of people and the news probably that they will cancel yours dreams make you broke and not buy your "new beautiful high tech devices" like the nintendo switch .

  • Wolfy Lordachesco

    Who's in^^

  • Wolfy Lordachesco

    MiiVerse has been removed! I figured that we could recruit a max for this MiiVerse me to be the funniest that any last years together!

  • Legacy Zombie
    Legacy Zombie Month ago


  • Lordking 245
    Lordking 245 Month ago

    the miiverse is realy shutting down?

  • Justin Hartman
    Justin Hartman Month ago

    Nintendo! We need dresnable mannequins in our house in BOTW. I need to display my dank armor. pls respond.

  • Henry Medina
    Henry Medina Month ago

    Shantae should join smash brothers

  • McNukeBrain 23
    McNukeBrain 23 Month ago

    Make more SNES mini classics. On such a high demand you would think to make almost or over a million consoles, am i right? Do the right thing Nintendo.

    • Tidal Yacht
      Tidal Yacht Month ago

      Make more wannabe emulator systems that can't play physical cartidges? No thanks!

  • Juan Carlos Lara Bedolla

    actualmente existe en las consolas el bloqueo regional?

  • Jack Posty
    Jack Posty Month ago

    Waluigi needs his own game!

  • Super Mario
    Super Mario Month ago

    Nintendo STOP EVERYTHING!! This is a message directly from, it's a me Mario!! And we want SUPER MARIO MAKER FOR THE SWITCH!! Who's with me?

  • NintendoFan23
    NintendoFan23 Month ago


  • Tidal Yacht
    Tidal Yacht Month ago

    Amiibo are a mistake that should have never been created. No thanks to amiibo; you are now putting paywalls onto things like difficulty modes.

  • Smuffi
    Smuffi Month ago

    hey nintendo, i don't think you are going to read this, but...
    btw i don't have a switch but maybe i will have one, and i heard that online is not free
    WTF NINTENDO?!??!??!!?! WTF IS THIS!?!?!?!?!

  • SB-2749
    SB-2749 Month ago

    What do you mean, Nintendo has a discussion section?

  • Mike Dunlap
    Mike Dunlap Month ago

    I was just wondering if star fox 2 wold be on the eShop also with Metroid prime trilogy and Star Wars Rebl Strike.

  • Tidal Yacht
    Tidal Yacht Month ago

    What is the point of introducing a new color for the OLD version of the 2DS?

  • gaming.adventure & Co.

    per caso mi potete mandare una nintendo swich gratis e ci faccio un vidi di sopra p.s gaming.adventure &co.

  • RyanTWTGaming
    RyanTWTGaming Month ago

    Look Nintendo I Want The Nintendo Switch Because I Have Been Waiting For It My Entire Life Sincerely Ryan Mulhollon

  • Eli Wert
    Eli Wert Month ago

    New Super Mario Bros. Wii (Wii Retail/Download) On the Nintendo Eshop On the Wii U?

  • Metal EXE
    Metal EXE Month ago

    If you do a smash 5 can u plz include flipnote frog? He is very unrepresented and would make for a fun moveset!

  • Arijus Zalpys
    Arijus Zalpys Month ago

    I will get nintendo switch in chrismas

  • Exeros's Gaming and Animation's

    rip nintendo dsi shop make it back i have a dsi

  • amegaBossmaker ABD

    Nintendo can you ask Capcom to put Monster Hunter: World on to the Nintendo Switch please :)

  • Creeper A1
    Creeper A1 Month ago


  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star Month ago

    Mario is life. Zelda is fam. Kirby is lit. Mariokart is squad. Zeldakart is #SquadGoalz. KirbyKart is NECESSARY FOR LIVING.

  • SuperCoolKid gaming

    can i have a nintendo switch with mario kart 8 deluxe and minecraft

    • Tidal Yacht
      Tidal Yacht Month ago

      I think they should bring back free online; until they do, they have effectively sold their souls to Kishima; one of the greediest gaming CEOs to have ever existed.

  • T DeMinico
    T DeMinico Month ago

    hai i just watched a video and i found out that you and netflix were going to make a zelda tv show why why arnt u makin it(i also cnat spell) cause i would be awesome to see that pleaase make it

    • Jack TFB
      Jack TFB Month ago

      Actually, I think that video was an April Fool's video by Smosh just for funzies. Nintendo isn't really making a Zelda series on Netflix.

  • Aidan
    Aidan Month ago

    my favorite nintendo character is Luigi

  • hadif darwysh
    hadif darwysh Month ago

    can you guys upload cod and forza horizon 3 in switch

  • Nate
    Nate Month ago

    Dear Nintendo,
    As a fan of your company for so long, please grant me one favor. My childhood was made great solely by one game: *KIRBY AIRRIDE*. I am not alone in loving this game to death, it was everything I've ever wanted. Playing around in City Trial mode with my friends when I was 8 allowed me to make incredible, happy memories. So I beg, Nintendo. Make a Kirby Air Ride 2. It will be more demanded than the Nintendo Switch.

  • tubaler you
    tubaler you Month ago

    I like the nes snes game boy gameboy advance virtual boy game boy color Nintendo 64 game cube ds wii famicom 3ds Wii U 2ds and Nintendo switch I am a long time fan from Mario to link to Kirby to other characters then back to mario I have ideas to share like game links which links other games giving you some bonus games and people would like to play more for example rhythm heaven megamix+ rhythm heaven for the ds = rhythm heaven final rhythm

  • The App Ward
    The App Ward Month ago

    Can you make a video of Monster Legends?

  • Julia Boon
    Julia Boon Month ago

    Did you know that the Switch doesn't support WAP2? Do you know a way around this or think that Nintendo will ever fix this?

  • LineageII
    LineageII Month ago

    watch Coraline best movie ever

  • Jesseca Scanlon
    Jesseca Scanlon Month ago

    nintendo if you get this please make an update where at the ranch field in breath of the wild epona will be there and easy to mount on. PS: i LOVE the zelda series

  • 미스터 우승제 라이더

    포르자 호라이존,모터스포츠는 어때요?

  • xXITZrawXx17 17
    xXITZrawXx17 17 Month ago

    Nintendo needs to listen to their fans. Nintendo stop being so limited with communication. let us type what ever we want. please make splatoon 2 for the ps4, Xbox one, and PC.

    • SB-2749
      SB-2749 Month ago

      That'd be a terrible business choice on their part, specially considering they just released the Switch.

    • LineageII
      LineageII Month ago

      so you want the best exclusive sold in Japan for sony that paid capcom not to release monster hunter world for switch what are you smoking?

    • Anite Unire
      Anite Unire Month ago

      Games for the competition... sounds stupid.

  • Omed, o Peixinho de Vlad

    Cadê o Nintendo BR?

  • How To Cringe
    How To Cringe 2 months ago

    Bring back magikooper to new Mario kart games like if you agree

    • JasonPlays100
      JasonPlays100 2 months ago

      Magikoopa, not Magikooper. If you're going to request a character, at least have the decency to get the name right.

  • How To Cringe
    How To Cringe 2 months ago


  • How To Cringe
    How To Cringe 2 months ago

    #bringback magikooper

  • MinerGlitch 25
    MinerGlitch 25 2 months ago

    are you going to make new super mario bros switch

  • Mattrix07
    Mattrix07 2 months ago

    I really like the work they do! I have a Youtube channel that will start to dedicate itself to Mario Kart 64 and classic Nintendo games, can you promote it?
    Greetings from Uruguay

  • Unknown
    Unknown 2 months ago