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  • Julien Guia
    Julien Guia 4 minutes ago


  • dontay preston
    dontay preston 5 minutes ago

    The sad part is the Wii U is better than this”Nintendo switch online”

  • TrumpWatch Now
    TrumpWatch Now 7 minutes ago

    if only they'd make a boring game out of a boring series... neat

  • Corey Cathers
    Corey Cathers 9 minutes ago

    0:03 E10+ to Rated T that’s just what I wanna see thank you Sakurai😀😀😀

  • Andrew
    Andrew 10 minutes ago

    Where does Japan get all this cool technology?

  • Pablo Alonso Galván
    Pablo Alonso Galván 10 minutes ago


  • Brolygarcia 92
    Brolygarcia 92 11 minutes ago

    Yo you got me playing Cuphead right now xd

  • CPU White Heart
    CPU White Heart 12 minutes ago

    Hoes mad Hoes mad

  • Lensy and bibi
    Lensy and bibi 12 minutes ago

    It's very beautiful to see two links at the same time I'm very much in love with link

  • Nathan Erbaugh
    Nathan Erbaugh 12 minutes ago

    Choosing a GameCube with a Vastly Superior 1st party Nintendo Library. That’s my way to play.

  • Lil_. Pandie
    Lil_. Pandie 14 minutes ago

    I’m actually dumb enough to go and buy tickets to this

  • Crjecjej Crjcrjcrj
    Crjecjej Crjcrjcrj 15 minutes ago

    Better then ever yeah right where Super Mario 3d World switch

  • Mark Ray
    Mark Ray 16 minutes ago

    This looks like what I wanted when I bought Travis Strikes Back. Needless to say I didn't get it from that game.

  • Lore Guadarrama
    Lore Guadarrama 16 minutes ago


  • Klisber Bohorquez
    Klisber Bohorquez 17 minutes ago

    Que asco de personaje de verdad a quien se le ocurre meter a este personaje tan cutre

  • Trinidad Carrillo
    Trinidad Carrillo 18 minutes ago


  • Monkeycamera
    Monkeycamera 19 minutes ago

    I like these guys!

  • Summer Gamer
    Summer Gamer 20 minutes ago

    I don’t understand why everyone is so upset, I mean you bought the pass with out taking any caution, and I understand that sakurai said they will all be third party but that doesn’t you will get fighters you love. So I think that no one should be upset right now.

  • Nasi Bowen
    Nasi Bowen 21 minute ago

    I like tails and sonic Devil

  • catonfire26
    catonfire26 21 minute ago

    U know there's technically more Mario and Pokemon characters than fire emblem so...

  • Richard Bell
    Richard Bell 21 minute ago

    Sweet - lookin' game but can we get "Viper Phase 1" ported to Switch.

  • The Mario whose senpai doesn't noticed

    Everyone complains about byleth being the 8th fire emblem character in Smash But no one will complain If geno get in as the 10th Mario character

  • Venser
    Venser 31 minute ago

    The character looks male but the voice is female?

  • Mary Jane Basbano
    Mary Jane Basbano 32 minutes ago


  • Dblstuff Dblstuff
    Dblstuff Dblstuff 32 minutes ago

    I havent watched so does anybody know whe he is coming out?

  • Hilda Valentine Goneril
    Hilda Valentine Goneril 33 minutes ago

    Ok Xoomer

  • Foxel :D
    Foxel :D 34 minutes ago

    Igualitas que en él juego :u

  • Snackmach
    Snackmach 36 minutes ago

    People watch this stuff?

  • Nathan Lin
    Nathan Lin 39 minutes ago

    I like byleth

    THE BLACKSMITH 44 minutes ago

    I bought my little bro one of this and when he saw i had got the original he was upset because it was better.

  • kaketeageru
    kaketeageru 44 minutes ago

    This is so wholesome oh my god

  • Jason Rivera
    Jason Rivera 45 minutes ago

    Wow esto me hiso llorar y acordarme cuando jugaba mucho mario

  • Taydo
    Taydo 47 minutes ago

    22:19 He said Doodoo! 😂

  • Rick Turlington
    Rick Turlington 47 minutes ago

    wow, the models in the game look like trash. The speech doesn't even come close to accurately matching the models mouth movements. Hopefully the gameplay still makes up for it.

  • YoshiBroccoli
    YoshiBroccoli 47 minutes ago

    Hey guys still waiting for dogmeat from fallout

  • TastyApple92
    TastyApple92 48 minutes ago

    The hype that surrounded this game was unreal. I've never witnessed this before. Nintendo hiding Zelda right before this trailer made people crazy aswell. Great marketing.

  • Adam Armstrong
    Adam Armstrong 50 minutes ago

    We going physical at all? Limited Run??

  • Leto85
    Leto85 51 minute ago

    Thanks Nintendo. I'm looking forward to this one. :) Hopefully we can transfer these same legendary Pokémon also over from the previous games and add them to the updated Pokédex.

  • BadSpongeBob962 White
    BadSpongeBob962 White 59 minutes ago

    What's The Point Of Putting This On Nintendo Switch When You Can Play These On Your Phone I'M Serious Guys I Have Them On Android

  • Thepaolo98
    Thepaolo98 Hour ago

    Hi everyone, i need a few bucks to buy me a switch lite, anybody wants to help? :(

  • Carlos C.
    Carlos C. Hour ago

    normie life with switch ? wtf

  • Austin Starke
    Austin Starke Hour ago

    I'm sold on this.

  • Trinidad Carrillo


  • Gore Gare
    Gore Gare Hour ago

    Still waiting...

  • Doge user
    Doge user Hour ago

    I'm angry at Sakurai for doing this, we need a more unique character for Smash Ultimate. Come on, we need Neptune for Smash Ultimate next!

    • Cullen Bloodstone
      Cullen Bloodstone 12 minutes ago

      why are you angry at Sakurai? with the exception of Joker the characters chosen were decided by Nintendo.

  • UB-06 Austin
    UB-06 Austin Hour ago

    Remember when this was new and exciting? And now we have Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, with every veteran and tons of new characters and DLC. Plus Fire Emblem. Lots of Fire Emblem. Yet still only 2 songs from Final Fantasy. Oh well. Nothing’s perfect. Just really good.

  • TheGero
    TheGero Hour ago

    I played 198X yesterday and today this Game is amazing i love it cant wait for 198X 2 i want the main character for smash he would be nice

    RANDY TYSON Hour ago

    I bet my coins this ad costed more than ac am amiibo festival, tennis ultra smash, and chibo robo zip lash es

  • Hi hi hi hi hi
    Hi hi hi hi hi Hour ago

    :sonic me Ok! Chili dog :unsonic me Woah what happen

  • Juan Rivera-Reyes

    You should make a new version of Mario Strikers Charged

  • Tristan McQuern
    Tristan McQuern Hour ago

    Whoa Ganondorf! Did you die? Sadly yes. But then I lived!!

  • Peridot The crystal gem

    Pikmin 3 was made after this

  • Tino Casas
    Tino Casas Hour ago

    can you make cappy as a power up

  • Eric Brandon Jackson

    2:48 wow

  • TheHokkaidogaijin

    Now this is what I am looking for. innovation in video games, too many mobile crap games for the Switch recently. Finally we get a developer with something different.

  • pigdude2002
    pigdude2002 Hour ago

    Wow, who would’ve thought that we’d be getting Ryu and Roy?

  • RLXR Vortex
    RLXR Vortex Hour ago


  • Eric Simon Zeltser

    I am going to raid it with all my Nintendo nerd friends on opening day

  • Marco Mv
    Marco Mv Hour ago

    Is it me or the protagonist is the same as the comic middlewest

  • Lisa Schnider
    Lisa Schnider Hour ago

    The good old days

  • Jason walker
    Jason walker Hour ago

    Jason walke

  • Quang Phú Phan
    Quang Phú Phan Hour ago

    What is E3 ?

  • Zain Mushtaq
    Zain Mushtaq Hour ago

    should be called Monotone or Monochrome instead, as it fits the reality aspect of the game perfectly. But then the emancipation from that world wouldn't be taken into account, so perhaps *Polychrome Peek* would be better? because he takes a daring peek into what could be and breaks free from there :)

  • 123jaxonpd
    123jaxonpd Hour ago

    pearl is true vsco..

  • Lorenzo 01 01
    Lorenzo 01 01 Hour ago

    Season 5? Please

  • Deniz
    Deniz Hour ago

    Wow just wow

  • max 47
    max 47 Hour ago

    Bought it for Switch for 1,99 € today.

  • FutureRetroRoots

    Got my attention😁

  • Ben Cue
    Ben Cue Hour ago

    Is this skate 4?

  • Krystal Casey
    Krystal Casey Hour ago

    FINALLY! I've wanted to play all four of them on Switch in order for freaking F O R E V E R! And yes I know I could have gotten them on other systems but I didn't have the money to buy another system or a phone that could run all 4 of them

  • Miles Monaco
    Miles Monaco Hour ago

    Video : Byleth Isn't that cool everyone wanted that Sakurai : if you were to have 20 fingers you could count to 1,825,586,313,396 In binary

  • Garintcario Mega evole sword sheild

    How do you get both passes in sword

  • —
     Hour ago


  • The cabbage samurai 123

    Where do you record the trailers, I want to love there

  • Anime Dude
    Anime Dude 2 hours ago

    Is nintendo switch pro coming?

  • Israel Mella
    Israel Mella 2 hours ago

    Un shoh de splatoon en chile en la lienca 1 en el parque que ay serca de mi casa

  • cfb1
    cfb1 2 hours ago

    This game is awesome; last night start playing and can't stop. The music... Oh boy!

  • Roar Lion1
    Roar Lion1 2 hours ago

    I have the Nintendo switch lite

  • Galaxy Vulture
    Galaxy Vulture 2 hours ago

    The smash bros community is the most greedy community ever. You guys already got over *70* character with sans (the most unlikely) even being a playable character. Honestly even if your character comes out you're still gonna complain that another character you like isn't in. It's so awful that you guys are even harassing these guys and sending death threats.

  • Xurbdic
    Xurbdic 2 hours ago

    Rip Zelda’s hair

  • Ramones Teleki
    Ramones Teleki 2 hours ago

    good game but overpriced

  • Lenny HYPER
    Lenny HYPER 2 hours ago

    Zelda BOTW 2 ok Smash with 6 new characters ok Metroid prime 4 ok Super Nintendo World *YES*

  • Mason Climax
    Mason Climax 2 hours ago

    Banjo-Kazooie, still scarred from Nuts & Bolts since a new game hasn't been released for 11 years, seeing Nintendo talk with Microsoft: Save me.... Nintendo: No! This isn't how you're supposed to buy the properties!

  • TheRobloxplayer Anthony

    You know your not supporting the Wii u Moving on: Nintendo switch/Switch lite to Wii u

  • ItsLev _
    ItsLev _ 2 hours ago

    0:46 PleASe stOp!!!!!!

  • Jamiejam UwU
    Jamiejam UwU 2 hours ago


  • Cheeks_702
    Cheeks_702 2 hours ago

    I'll definitely pick this up

  • Samad Groves
    Samad Groves 2 hours ago

    I'm fine with this but can we get nights pls?🌕🤡

  • Blitzkrieg
    Blitzkrieg 2 hours ago

    30th anniversary of the Nintendo World Championships 1990! It would be nice if Nintendo would put out a product/game to commemorate the anniversary to one of the biggest events in video game history. How about it Nintendo?

  • I am Shmeegan07 and have no purpose for my name

    here we go off our rails you know it’s time to raise our sails

  • Radioli
    Radioli 2 hours ago

    There’s a reason they didn’t call it Super ‘Nintendo Land’.

  • Jack O'Connor
    Jack O'Connor 2 hours ago

    Cool you can put 3D world in Mario maker but can’t make a port for the switch

  • Francisco Fermin Henriquez Ynfante

    Mil novecientos ochentax.

  • random meme
    random meme 2 hours ago

    3:45 is it bad I guessed Luigi but I haven’t played luigi’s mansion? 😂

  • Eli Jinn
    Eli Jinn 2 hours ago

    Mii gunner: gets a costume Everyone: yeah thats cool, BuT hAvE yOu HeArD oF tHiS gUy CaLlEd SaNs???

  • DragoonBoom
    DragoonBoom 2 hours ago

    Byleth says trans rights (also how is becoming a woman a plan lmao)

  • jakinator
    jakinator 2 hours ago

    Why 4 years later though?

  • D4t Guy
    D4t Guy 2 hours ago

    If you don’t like byleth and some other characters and you want a character to be added so badly make your own smash game

  • Han She
    Han She 2 hours ago

    Kit's shave is nice, but it threw me off for a second since I'm used to seeing him with a beard. But anyway, I've done at least 16/20 of the challenges. But the horses are so sensitive sound. It took me forever until I could finally ride one. Very frustrating but I did it. I just love the scenery and music for each place you explore.