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  • Peach Pie
    Peach Pie Hour ago

    Supermash actually looks really good! I’m excited for that along with murder by numbers.

  • Eliot Bonfim
    Eliot Bonfim Hour ago

    The truest Tony hawk

  • KingSmithie
    KingSmithie Hour ago

    I guess birdhouse is involved in this?🤔

  • Roberto Melchor
    Roberto Melchor Hour ago

    I'm totally getting this game, give us a release date already! :V

  • malleo92
    malleo92 Hour ago

    If I don’t see any silk song footage New or old Ima be mad

    TheKINGKANE46 Hour ago

    This bout to be sum 🔥🔥🔥

  • Retierashia
    Retierashia Hour ago

    Nice, Dauntless.

  • TCDC 12
    TCDC 12 Hour ago

    Am i the only one whis wondering where silksong is

  • The Shadowgate Keeper

    Adam looks fantastic! Now please slim down Axel, he looks like a fat hobo.

  • Robert Carrillo
    Robert Carrillo Hour ago

    Darn, still no release date :(

  • Harry Gan Wei Ler

    A bloody rare sight to see Malaysia represented in a Nintendo video, good job Bake N Switch!

  • Nathaniel Eggar
    Nathaniel Eggar Hour ago

    Kinda lame to be honest...

  • William Andrews
    William Andrews Hour ago

    I really hope Roo from Streets of Rage 3 gets added to the initial roster or as DLC shortly after.

  • Rambeard
    Rambeard Hour ago

    My top 5 1. The Survivalists 2. Streets of Rage 4 3. Supermash 4. Axiom Verge 2 5. Sports Story and honorable mention: Liberated

  • NUTCASE71733
    NUTCASE71733 Hour ago

    Dauntless looks interesting, a cross-platform MMORPG even if its pay to win is pretty promising

  • Raian Pia
    Raian Pia Hour ago

    Streets of rage is now indie tier ?!

  • ryuail
    ryuail Hour ago

    Played this on a friend's VR, and had a lovely discussion on the merits of inherit ability and what it means to "deserve" such gifts because of it. I'll have to pick it up on Switch once I finally finish Baba is You.

  • Robert Carrillo
    Robert Carrillo Hour ago

    This looks interesting. I certainly have to applaud the devs for the concept. I have to wonder how fun the resulting mash-up games will be, though... I'm also curious how the dev cards work.

  • Raian Pia
    Raian Pia Hour ago

    Silksong when

  • Edmond Magallon
    Edmond Magallon Hour ago

    It should be in psVita

  • Captain Nwalps
    Captain Nwalps Hour ago

    Is there ship customization? Is there exploration? A trading system? I like the combat it’s a nice mix or wind water and assassins creed 4. This make me want an Elite Dangerous style game just on the water

  • CycloneMetal
    CycloneMetal Hour ago

    Ok, I'm down.

  • Paul M
    Paul M Hour ago

    "We wanted to break convention by removing the fun at the start of the game with pointlessly frustrating dynamics"

  • LuketheMankey
    LuketheMankey Hour ago

    So is this what Homeworld thinks of fusion?

  • Moh Shuvuu
    Moh Shuvuu Hour ago

    I want that bird skating one. Too cute

  • Luraman
    Luraman Hour ago

    "In the beginning were the words and the words made the world. I am the words, the words are everything. Where the words end, the world ends. You cannot go forward in an absence of space. Repeat." Such an unique and amazing blend of the ancient and the future. This is a very believable world and though you think the story will be like Portal to begin with, it turns into something fresh with surprising depth to it. The world and story is still my favorite of any game, 5 years after its release. (Happy 5th anniversary)

  • Morgan Rial
    Morgan Rial Hour ago

    I dig the smooth jazz

  • zombieplasticclock

    I never heard of this game before and oh god am I glad I did now

  • dropkickcorpse
    dropkickcorpse Hour ago


  • DoomiePookie
    DoomiePookie Hour ago

    Just give us a next gen TONY HAWK

  • Duck Sir
    Duck Sir Hour ago

    That gleamlight game looks like a hollow knight knock off, because two of the shown worlds already look similar and the main character looks like hornet ._.

  • Lil Triangle
    Lil Triangle Hour ago

    This ost tho 👀

  • Chaz H.
    Chaz H. Hour ago

    He was a skater bird. She said cya later bird He wasn’t fly enough for her

  • Pickles in the making

    y'all over here complaining about smash players but who unironically is actually asking where's smash?

  • Moist Choice
    Moist Choice Hour ago


  • Tom Pedias
    Tom Pedias Hour ago

    Tony hawk pro skater Now with birds

  • Wild Chandelure
    Wild Chandelure Hour ago

    Can someone tell me who made this sick track used in the trailer? I love it.

  • Davidgreen 123
    Davidgreen 123 Hour ago

    its funny cuz it kinda sounds like skateboard

  • beserk
    beserk Hour ago

    Is it coming to mobile I've already be slaving thots Now I need to slay behemoth

  • oceansica
    oceansica Hour ago

    already play it on PS4 it's not half bad

  • Nintendorak Yamato

    Blaze looks hot

  • nicorobin
    nicorobin Hour ago

    Yes. I would love to get baked and then switch.

  • Reagan Dow
    Reagan Dow Hour ago

    This and the new Sega Genesis mini are the two smartest things they have done in almost a decade!!! Now start releasing some different games on the Sega Ages collection guys, not the same games that have been released OVER and OVER again!!

  • David Laranjeira

    This is the closest thing we’ll get to a skate 4 for now

  • Siphus
    Siphus Hour ago

    It’s a skateboarding bird. It’s any true gamer’s dream.

  • Drallion Tyanu
    Drallion Tyanu Hour ago

    Who else tought it said super smash?

  • Mason Hillers
    Mason Hillers Hour ago

    Why is no one talking about Axiom Verge 2?

    [REDACTED] 2 hours ago

    where’s splatoon 3

  • El gato gamer
    El gato gamer 2 hours ago

    :( there is not mago

    SCORCH 2 hours ago

    Should i get The Survivalists or Super Mash i can only get one

    CLAUDIA PEREZ 2 hours ago

    Is all you do put stuff in a oven?

  • Shanell Rodriguez
    Shanell Rodriguez 2 hours ago

    Aww I thought it was an actual cooking game

  • GoonMonkeyKingofMonkeysGMKM Shimek

    Lol looks just a little better than the Tony hawk games

  • Juanmichu
    Juanmichu 2 hours ago


  • Yellow hood 2099
    Yellow hood 2099 2 hours ago

    Where my undertake 2

  • Shea 'don' Malik Tudjan

    Untitled Goose Game, but with a regular bird and Tony Hawk mechanics

  • Thielith
    Thielith 2 hours ago

    A really bad summary some of the games in this video: *Disclaimer: These are really bad summaries of these games and they all look like fun. Couldn't help but make some comparisons to games I'm familiar with. Gleamlight: Hollow Knight 2 Bake n' Switch: Overcooked 3 The Talos Principle: Puzzle game the game Murder by Numbers: Ace Attorney but with Pictochat SkateBIRD: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater bird edition

  • Phantom Raviolis
    Phantom Raviolis 2 hours ago

    The art looks so perfect but I gotta know: why this generic faux-""synthwave"" we hear in every 80s-tinged game? SoR's musical identity is so strongly tied to stuff like Detroit techno & house, genres that were emerging & cutting edge at the time & are still massively popular today. It feels like a shame when the thought process appears to be "oh yeah electronic music. and it's 80s. everybody loves that stuff nowadays just do some of that"

  • Fábio Nunes
    Fábio Nunes 2 hours ago

    cant wait for this game

  • Spacey
    Spacey 2 hours ago

    There better be a Tony Hawk

  • Ryan Curtis
    Ryan Curtis 2 hours ago

    I remember watching Joel (from Vinesauce) absolutely destroy the SkateBird game. Also, I wonder how Caddicarus reacted to Stranger's Wrath? I also hope there's a dating mechanic in Boyfriend Dungeon where the stronger the bond between you and boyfriend is, the stronger your attacks are.

  • FossilFuil
    FossilFuil 2 hours ago

    bruh everyone tryna t bag the new battletoads and it's hilarious

  • Rob K
    Rob K 2 hours ago

    Hopes for this game: 1) More game. The first game was too short. 2) More character customisation and progression 3) Lots of side quests. 4) Co-op.

  • khanh nguyen
    khanh nguyen 2 hours ago

    so nintendo witch just fulfill the promise of the oya lol

    CLAUDIA PEREZ 2 hours ago

    Omg yes!

  • Errington
    Errington 2 hours ago

    11:42 Etika

  • Mega NerdX
    Mega NerdX 2 hours ago

    No Skate Punk OST?....bogus

  • BulkyPigeon
    BulkyPigeon 2 hours ago

    I was really half expecting axiom verge 2 to be a crossover with Metroid following Cadence of Hyrule

  • Alpha Nibba
    Alpha Nibba 2 hours ago

    I want all of the old playable characters back. I don't care about that old robot though.

  • Malice Talks
    Malice Talks 2 hours ago

    How about making the game 60 fps 1st

  • plato de carton
    plato de carton 2 hours ago


  • RenoSoNY
    RenoSoNY 2 hours ago

    Whyyyyyy didn’t they make it 16 bit style????? It looks like what they did with the battletoads remake. Why not give it the sonic mania treatment ?

    • dnmstarsi
      dnmstarsi Hour ago

      Dude, don't. Just be grateful that we're getting a new game that clearly has love and effort put into it compared to the new Battletoads. So what if it doesn't look like the old games? This playing like the old games is much important than looking like it especially when its advancing the story of the franchise.

  • Jakepetrolhead
    Jakepetrolhead 2 hours ago

    He was a skater Birb, he squawked see you later Birb.

  • UMos
    UMos 2 hours ago

    >A game about skateboarding birbs who try their best. >birbs >birb o.k. that is it I am sold

  • Gamer Seanoda
    Gamer Seanoda 2 hours ago

    Was this meant to be the newest direct?

  • PopPlaysGaming
    PopPlaysGaming 2 hours ago

    Can you at least tell us whos the next smash character?

  • Filippos Orlis
    Filippos Orlis 2 hours ago

    Dauntless more like fortnight +monster hunter world.

    • Filippos Orlis
      Filippos Orlis Hour ago

      @Porple I just didn't like the style of Sprites' animation. And that's my opinion.

    • Porple
      Porple 2 hours ago

      Filippos Orlis y-you realise that there are other monster hunter games that inspired dauntless right

  • Dragon4234
    Dragon4234 2 hours ago


  • Anita G
    Anita G 2 hours ago

    😮😮😮😮😮axiom verge 2 omfg

  • Stephanie Jordan
    Stephanie Jordan 2 hours ago

    Nintendo you upped your game

  • ShadowBat 20
    ShadowBat 20 2 hours ago

    I am SO excited for this! So awesome to get Adam back as a playable character!

  • Kanvi GD
    Kanvi GD 2 hours ago

    Stardew Valley: Who are you? Indie World: Im you. But better..

  • Richard Surraco
    Richard Surraco 2 hours ago

    Wait, Streets of Rage 4?!?!

  • Leo Rodgz
    Leo Rodgz 2 hours ago

    Almost Literally Tony -hawk- 13:16

  • Victor Hugo
    Victor Hugo 2 hours ago

    I'm gonna make a game in which every time Mario goes into the green pipe he's transported to a Destiny raid and has to complete it solo

  • SoupMasters
    SoupMasters 2 hours ago

    lol since when is *Overwatch 2* indie? wow nintendo...

  • Abbreviated Reviews
    Abbreviated Reviews 2 hours ago

    Skate or Fly!

  • Koko Chydaios
    Koko Chydaios 2 hours ago

    Me: *Scrolling through description* Also me: *Sees Axiom Verge* Also me after: *Takes a deep breath* YEA-

  • Twinleaf2623 Channel

    Sony: We finally have Untitled Goose Game. Nintendo: *releases SkateBIRD trailer while playing Untitled Goose Game on Switch.* You were saying?

  • Lemon
    Lemon 2 hours ago

    Not too into the gameplay but the food charas look so cute

  • OmegaChase1002
    OmegaChase1002 2 hours ago

    A lot of these are so unique in concept. Like, playing AS a sword? A crossbow that shoots rodents and bugs? Stuff like this is why I LOVE indie games. It's always such a breath of fresh air compared to the cookie-cutter almost robotic mentalities of what "game design" is that comes from the big-name developers. Also, can Smash fans please shut up and die? "WhErEs SmAsH????" IS SMASH AN INDIE GAME? IS IT? LET THESE SMALL DEVS HAVE SOME TIME IN THE SPOTLIGHT FOR A CHANGE, YA SWEATY BODY-ODOR RIDDEN MANBABIES.

  • Anthony Monroe
    Anthony Monroe 2 hours ago

    I want this the chill out vibe I want this now perfect for this weather

  • Shakayla Thomas
    Shakayla Thomas 2 hours ago

    0:22 Son Of Betrayus

  • JelloFruitIsADeadMeme

    Ahh..streets of rage 4......and now I need a switch.

  • Erect Cock
    Erect Cock 2 hours ago

    People will still defend this game even after they get crash and destroy your switch and SD card

  • Edu D
    Edu D 2 hours ago

    What even is this music

  • WarHeroA21
    WarHeroA21 2 hours ago

    Please, PLEASE tell me the LoFi is included I could fall into a trance with this game if so

  • Qwerty Bastard
    Qwerty Bastard 2 hours ago

    This isn't going progressive on us, is it?

  • Zion Amadeus
    Zion Amadeus 2 hours ago

    I love skateboarding games..

  • WinnerPlays
    WinnerPlays 2 hours ago

    Hmmm, where’s Silksong