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  • Tammy Arndt
    Tammy Arndt 12 seconds ago

    For the art work I always made a binder for each child and punched holes in the sides and stored them in there or you can use a picture album. As far as Shay goes I think this is a power struggle for attention. She is the middle child after all lol. I think that you either might have to just be stern and tell her to use her words or you cant help her and then ignore her until she speaks to you. Or you can try taking her out by herself just you and her for some special time together. Kids are hard hang in there

  • Gina Cornett
    Gina Cornett 53 seconds ago

    My 12 year old acts like this . It doesnt get easier. Hugs momma

  • Lea Guiles
    Lea Guiles Minute ago

    Tara, having a new member of the family is an adjustment for all. Right now Grayson is very dependent on you he needs you for everything. Chloe gets a lot of attention too especially from Adam. That is a lot for anyone to handle. Imagine being a little person who is trying to figure out where she fits in. It sounds like she is trying to be in control of situations especially since her little world is very different. Maybe is there a way you could have a mommy and Shay date? Explain to her we will do this but you can not scream and definitely no hitting. If she does not do as you asked there is no special time. Shay is very smart she will get it. As far as Baylee’s stuff get a file box and put items in there in a file folder. End of the school year you can purge. Hillary at Old World Home has a vlog on this subject.

  • كلمة راقيه
    كلمة راقيه 2 minutes ago

    Thanks for Arabic sweet heart ..Ilove you and your family 👪 بحبك❤

  • Brenda Bain
    Brenda Bain 2 minutes ago

    I'm happy to see your getting back to having family supper at the table together.

  • ام جنه ام عبيده

    ياجماعه انا مش عارفه فين الترجمه

  • MRE Coll
    MRE Coll 3 minutes ago

    It might help to acknowledge what's bothering her when she is screaming such as "I see that you are very angry because you wanted to do your own buckle. Maybe next time you will do it yourself". She will probably still cry but she will know you understand.

  • robyn 05
    robyn 05 4 minutes ago

    Sounds so familiar, my daughter threw the normal 2 year old tantrums, she grew out of them and now she is 5 and I recently had a baby and she started doing it again. You cannot reason with her and she screams mama to when I have no choice but to ignore her. I was assuming it is for attention. I feel that your girl is totally normal and it's a little phase, keep it up I know how hard it can be!

  • Love TORUN
    Love TORUN 5 minutes ago

    Comfort her in the moment or let her know you see she is upset (point on her body and how it feels) and that when she is ready and calm she can tell you what is wrong. Check out the book the yes brain - explains a lot

  • Vera Pazzi
    Vera Pazzi 5 minutes ago

    Tell Shay she can do it herself if she does it within the count of 5. Or 10. Whichever works best for you. And if she doesn't do it within that timeframe that you will do it for her. Consistency is key, so stick to the agreement - "You can do it yourself Shay, but if you don't do it by the time I count to 5 mom will have to clip it in for you because we have to go, ok?" 😂 I work at a nursery. We have 13 kids in our group that are 2 and under, and they all play these little tricks to test us. The counting seems to work. Good luck and warmest greetings from Germany ❤

  • yafatou secka
    yafatou secka 5 minutes ago

    I love you Tara. And how real you are, you’re not trying to make everything look perfect all the time. I don’t have any kids but I absolutely love you’re channel and you’re family. Wish we were friends IRL 🙈❤️❤️

  • Aleksandra Siwecka
    Aleksandra Siwecka 6 minutes ago

    Honestly I would just let her be. Shes like a little past two. Kids go through all types of phases, my little girl had to wear Elsa for a year straight or it was No! She wasnt leaving the house. Just relax. She is a toddler. Let her be, we adults have bad days and phases and bs we go through all the time, do u go to therapy immediately? Ur a great mom Tara but its okay for her to do this at that age.... Wait until u get to 6 or 13.🤯😂

  • toota smail
    toota smail 6 minutes ago

    Ilove you Tara soo mash 😍💋

  • Not Counting Sheep
    Not Counting Sheep 6 minutes ago

    Spend one on one time with her in a calm, quiet place, maybe before bed in her room, where you can ask her how her day was, if she is angry or happy, why she feels that way, etc. She will learn how to communicate feelings with special time devoted to it. Attempt deeper conversations instead of "did you have fun at school today"?

  • Nona nona Dw
    Nona nona Dw 6 minutes ago

    اجنبية وكاتبة عنوان الفديو بالعربي🤔🤔

  • khouljee
    khouljee 8 minutes ago

    You can divert her attention by saying look there is a bird out or anything like that... Or promise her to give her a candy or treat at the end of the day for good behaviour or being calm and a sweet girl and buckling up fast and sitting nicely in the care.. Hope it helps

  • Rachel Pfoutz
    Rachel Pfoutz 10 minutes ago

    I've read lots of great things in "The Whole Brain Child" by Siegel and Bryson. Really explains how a child's brain functions. I also REALLY enjoyed "Brain Rules" by John Medina.

  • Michelle Tejeda
    Michelle Tejeda 11 minutes ago

    My 2yr old does the same thing and I will literally try to switch her attention to something else.. and it almost always works. Like as soon as she starts to cry I say “ I hear the ice cream man” and she stops to listen and we run outside and look for him and say oh no he left and she totally forgets.

  • Nellie Pisani
    Nellie Pisani 11 minutes ago

    Tara what white runners are you wearing here on this vlog?

  • Lina A
    Lina A 11 minutes ago

    Do you still use your city select lux stroller? I have a newborn and an 18 month old. Do you still recommend that stroller? I seen your past review on it.

  • Our Perfect Chaos
    Our Perfect Chaos 12 minutes ago

    Tara, I have 3 kiddos and I keep a folder for each kid every year where I’ll put pictures or papers I want to save. Then I’ll put it in their baby box at the end of the year. I also have a bulletin board in my kitchen where I’ll put their artwork for a while before I move it to the folder or trash lol. Also, with weekly work it helped me so much to have a command center type thing hanging on our wall. I have one with 3 slots each one labeled with their names so every week I put important papers or things I need to get to during that week in these slots. This has been a huge game changer for me and has helped keep things organized. BTW I got my command center on amazon for like $25 or $30 I think. 😊 hope that helps!

  • lacie217
    lacie217 12 minutes ago

    Check out the book “Raising your spirited child”. It really helped us with our daughter and understanding how to help her through some of her difficult behavior. Shay might just still be adjusting to recent changes in her life, like a new baby in the house and school. Hang in there!

  • Denise Velas
    Denise Velas 12 minutes ago

    Tara.. Im sorry. You all are going through this with Shay.. I can't really give my two cents on this due to having a one year old who sounds like is acting like her. Anyways.. But i can tell you.. you can shrink down each artwork piece to around 8 cm and mount each one indiv. In a shadow box. Look on Pinterest-

  • Strong Roots
    Strong Roots 13 minutes ago

    I don’t reason with toddlers. It’s a yes or no. Alone time during a tantrum. Until they are ready to use their words CALMLY. Lol They are so smart. Manipulation is their art!

  • Safaa Safaa
    Safaa Safaa 13 minutes ago


  • Charlotte
    Charlotte 13 minutes ago

    I can’t believe they call it cognitive! She is a normal toddler who recently lost the role of being the youngest child in the family. Regression is totally normal. Give her one-on-one time with only you or dad. She needs calm presence and attention.

  • Tara Marie
    Tara Marie 14 minutes ago

    The entire time you were talking about your daughter, your sons noises took overrrr! They are so cute 😻😻😻 I’m due with my first boy in December and can’t WAIT for baby noises and reflexes ❤️

  • Amy Avila
    Amy Avila 15 minutes ago

    Oh my goodness , my 2 year old does the same thing ! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who has to deal with the “No” after asking how I can help. My mom said I did the same thing . It’s partly a control thing , what has helped is giving my daughter tasks to do around the house .. she will pass me plates from the dishwasher, help switch over the laundry , clean the window with a spray bottle of water .. to make her feel like she’s in control and helping . If that makes sense ?

  • Kelsey Crum
    Kelsey Crum 15 minutes ago

    I understand her wanting to do things herself. I would give her a set number of times she has to try or use a timer. If it’s not done in that amount of time then mommy does it. We use the timer with my 2.5 yo and it has cut down on tantrums. I also stick to what I’m saying. I am telling my son what to do not asking so he needs to listen and do as I say. Ex. You have two more minutes until we leave the park. Mommy is setting the timer and when it goes off we are leaving. Or you have two more times down the slide and we are leaving the park. It gives him an opportunity to know that we are leaving but he has to listen. This has helped so much.

  • Logan Sheeks
    Logan Sheeks 16 minutes ago

    That taco salad looked 🤤

  • اا لل
    اا لل 18 minutes ago

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  • Cynthia Manchess
    Cynthia Manchess 18 minutes ago

    Also with the buckle maybe tell her shay can do it and give her a certain amount of time and if she doesn’t do it remind her two more times shay gets to do it or mama will do it and count down so she knows it’s coming.. and when she’s screaming just tell her I can’t hear you when your screaming and crying you need to calm down and tell me... but it’s deff attention. She’s looking for it cause she’s no longer the baby and Grayson is a huge change for her

  • Melinda Alcorn
    Melinda Alcorn 20 minutes ago

    The screaming and freaking out is working for her. Maybe with Shay you might have to be a little bit more stern. She knows how passive you guys are and is using it to her advantage. Bailey was probably easy so maybe you compare her with Bailey and she's not easy she is going to challenge you. It's ok to be stern she knows you guys love her. Don't be afraid to set boundries for her. Kiddos need to know whats expected of them. It's something they can rely on. I agree with some of the other comments it might just be that she needs more attention she was the baby and now she's not. That's probably hard for her to accept. As for the the girls work I put my sons in a binder and labeled it with his name and what it was . I also put his work in sheet protectors. Just an Idea!

  • Cynthia Manchess
    Cynthia Manchess 21 minute ago

    It seems like she’s looking for attention. For sure. And while you ignore it your not giving her the attention and so she gets even more upset. I would keep doing what your doing cause if you feed into it and give her the attention that she wants it will be never ending

  • Ashley P
    Ashley P 23 minutes ago

    Hi Tara, I just want to say I completely understand your struggles with dealing with tantrums & testing. I have an almost 4 year old. This sounds so similar to her. At age 2, it seemed to start. Now, yes, the terrible twos and others will tell you to wait it out and try to use different tactics. Some are against therapy. It's best to intervene early. Raise your concerns to her pediatrician. We waited because people told us it was typical behavior. My daughter is very smart and has vocabulary but she is hard to understand so she is in speech therapy. Our pediatrician referred us to a neuropsychologist and she was tested for ASD. She passed and does not have it. However she was diagnosed with a motor planning delay. Her emotions are so strong and she can't contain it. She has been getting better but we have our days as well. Doesn't hurt to get her evaluated and start helping her early. Lots of people told us it's normal and so on and we put it off and regret that. You are doing a great job! ♥️

  • michelle hernandez
    michelle hernandez 23 minutes ago

    My 2 y/o (only child) daughter is exactttly the same girl...think it's normal and she does the EXACT same thing with the car seat buckle🤣 swear sometimes they just wanna see what pushes our buttons lol!

  • نور الهدى
    نور الهدى 23 minutes ago

    اين الترجمه ؟ يا حبيبتي😭😭💔

  • Meagan Mitchell
    Meagan Mitchell 24 minutes ago

    My son is an only child. (3 in November) he has these tantrums too. But he screams and cries and we can’t calm him in some situations. I’d love to know your experience with this therapy!!!

  • Abdrahim Khanouci
    Abdrahim Khanouci 25 minutes ago

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  • reem altaie
    reem altaie 26 minutes ago

    That’s something very normal at this age, don’t stress yourself out with over thinking about how to deal with these situations. Believe me it’ll go away when she getting older and older, whenever you have time just let her do what she want and when you don’t have talk to her calmly but firmly that you have to help her because all of us don’t have time and will be late.

  • j orreram
    j orreram 26 minutes ago

    Baylee: its a vampire!!! Tara: no, it’s Minnie Mouse. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Elizabeth Barton
    Elizabeth Barton 26 minutes ago

    BBQ sauce in a taco salad? I'm intrigued...

  • Anna Escobar
    Anna Escobar 27 minutes ago

    Yes do I’m new to your channel I love your makeup do ir ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ashley Varuzzo
    Ashley Varuzzo 27 minutes ago

    Hi Tara! Im a school based speech therapist and I honestly think shay just has a bad case of middle child syndrome! she may need more one on one time with you and Adam. Find a hobby that can be just for the two of you! Use a timer for situations such as the one in the car as you described and keep it consistent. Consistency is key in those types of situations. Don’t budge and hold her accountable. During her tantrums at home, I would suggest removing her from the situation and having a certain spot in your home as a “cool down” area. Have a bunch of sensory objects and calming toys available for her to use. Don’t try to reason with her until she has stopped crying and is calm enough to communicate. Deep breaths! You guys will get through this tough phase! Also, get a three ring binder and sheet protectors in the beginning of each school year. Keep the girls school work in that ☺️

  • Marla Padilla
    Marla Padilla 27 minutes ago

    My 15yr old middle child still “acts out”!!!! Lol they are more needy!

  • Your Friend
    Your Friend 27 minutes ago

    A 3-ring binder with sheet protectors is a great way to store and look back on the cute artwork

  • Samantha Graves
    Samantha Graves 27 minutes ago

    My two year old and shay can be twins 😂 my daughter tells me “I said no” all the time and will scream my name over and over and when I answer she won’t say anything or say no. Just this morning I asked her to shut her door and she says yes I do it, then proceeded to walk so slow and we were trying to leave. I asked her to hurry up and she said no she’s a penguin 🤦‍♀️ I shut the door for her and she just kept telling me no. I feel like a lot of it comes from me correcting her because at 2 I do expect her to listen and she hears the word no a lot and is trying to boss me the way I “boss” her. My mom had 4 kids and said we all tried to control situations that didn’t go well, or when we didn’t get our way by saying no.

  • Collette Maddy
    Collette Maddy 28 minutes ago

    I’ve raised 3 so I understand, I see she looks up to Bailey so maybe while Shay is buckling slowly ask Bailey to show or tell her to do it. Maybe she’ll listen to Bailey!! Lol just a suggestion....

  • vandana sharma
    vandana sharma 28 minutes ago

    Creation book awesome...🤩🤩

  • Nunnly
    Nunnly 29 minutes ago

    I have an accordion style file box. I put the year they’re in (preK) on the tab. I stash special art in it. I have a bulletin board in our mud room that I put cool art on for a bit. Then it’s on display and the kids like to see it.

  • Angie Suarez
    Angie Suarez 29 minutes ago

    She is the middle child and have you thought that she could be a little jealous of the baby? Since she isn’t the baby anymore she could be acting out♥️

  • larissa C
    larissa C 30 minutes ago

    So I have a 3,2 and 1 year old. Iv noticed my 2 year old is the emotional one and acts alot like you described Shay. My husband and I deal with the issue differently he is the type to ask whats wrong and get them to talk and push them, it jst makes them more aggravated and takes them longer to snap out of it .I feel like its too much for a kid , I usually distract them and ill say omg look at that blue bird lets follow him let mommy buckle your seat belt lets go follow him hurry hurry! Idk if im doing it wrong and not really letting them “express themselves “ but it works here!

  • Malerie Lindsey
    Malerie Lindsey 30 minutes ago

    I have kids (similar in age to yours). My advice would be to seek out some biblical counsel (podcast are great) if you don't have that available at your church. There is definitely great value in science based medicine or therapy but I'd highly recommend seeking out some biblical parenting advice. It'll help to make sense of bigger picture struggle. Saying this with love as I too am navigating how best to love and guide my children! My middle child (girl 2 years) is such a special girl but she loves the battle for control. I constantly have to remind myself and her that we follow God's lead, not my own and certainly not hers.

  • lynn williams
    lynn williams 31 minute ago

    she has had alot of changes from moving, going to school when she is used to being home, and now a new baby.. She is so young to process it all.. kids act out when overwhelmed. Give her some time,love, and attention.

  • rosietv23
    rosietv23 31 minute ago

    Lol my kid does the same. They are just smart babies!!! My daughter smiles while she does the back and forth thing

  • Liliana Marques
    Liliana Marques 32 minutes ago

    My daughter would do that as well with the clip... I let it happen 2 or 3 times then I stopped it. I said... No, mommy is the boss and we need to go or we'll be late. And I will not allow her to have her favorite toys as punishment. Her NO is a way to assert her position. She's trying to be "the boss". You should really try stopping it asap. Explain to her that there are things she can do and things that mommy has to do.

  • Sondra Six
    Sondra Six 32 minutes ago


  • Ugochi Wall
    Ugochi Wall 35 minutes ago

    I have a two year old girl and a four month old. She does the exact same thing. It’s a natural regression. From what I’ve learned it’s a difficult stage between baby and kid already that is exasperated by not having your attention as much as she did before. Try one on one time while baby naps. I also have a three year old. So dad holds the three year old, who’s much easier, and I go upstairs with my two year old. I hold her and rock her sometimes too. Great time for story time as well...anything they love. Individual time is key. Even if it’s short. Try it once a day and you’ll see a huge improvement in a week or so. Praying for you. Balance is hard with three!😊

  • Taylor Gross
    Taylor Gross 35 minutes ago

    You could make a book of her art projects! I’ve seen people scan the drawings and make one online, but you could totally make like a scrapbook too!!

  • Estefania Garcia
    Estefania Garcia 35 minutes ago

    I have two daughters only and the youngest one just turned three. She was acting up like shay as well. Her tantrums will last from 30 minutes to one hour and that was just one time. It was really frustrating for me since I’m a stay at home mom and I got to deal with her behavior. I felt at some point I had to walk on shells so she wouldn’t start acting up out of nowhere. The same examples you mentioned my daughter also did it. She is now on preschool and got over it. Thank God. She was also going to behavior therapy because it got to the point where she would get very aggressive with my 4 year old daughter and that was the most terrible thing because her sister would tell me she was afraid of her sister. I can assure you it’s only temporary and she will outgrow it. For me it was very hard because I didn’t have my husbands support since he didn’t really know how bad it was and always thought I was exaggerating because he worked all the time. Seek out help if you think it’s the best decision. Follow your mother’s instinct. 😊

  • Journey to Goddess
    Journey to Goddess 35 minutes ago

    I've been following since Shay, I stumbled upon your channel when I was pregnant with my first - him & Shay are only a month apart! I've kept watching because on days I feel overwhelmed or unsure that I am meant for Motherhood - your calm demeanor just brings a wave of relaxation over me 😅 And the way you're so loving with your kids...it's so motivating and it makes me remeber to be grateful to my Husband that I'm able to be a SAHM ❤ My favorite videos are your vlogs (of courseee!) They make me feel less lonely! And sometimes are a very much needed distraction from my 2 kiddos 😅 FUN FACT: Shay and my boy are 1 month apart and Grayson and my daughter are 1 month apart ☺️

  • Mona Jar
    Mona Jar 35 minutes ago

    Low key you should make a makeup channel on the side. You’re makeup is flawless 🙌🏻✨

  • vanessa f
    vanessa f 35 minutes ago

    I love watching your channel because you are truly inspiring I’m also a mom and watching you and your lovely family makes me feel a bit less alone and I see you as a friend and very down to earth. I get excited watching your new videos.

  • Aly Cat
    Aly Cat 37 minutes ago

    My daughter does the SAME EXACT THING!! She’s been doing it for a while and has gotten better in the sense that these incidences are happening less frequently. My daughter has very well developed speech as well, she’s really smart and she goes through the same thing. I really think it’s just a phase even though we have been going through this for like the last 4-5 months. She’ll be 2 1/2 in a month so she’s not much older than Shay so just know it’s gonna happen for a while but I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 My oldest daughter never went through this so I think it’s just a specific personality type. My daughter is also very independent and likes to be the boss 😂😂😂 Night and day from my oldest! Oh! And how I deal is I just let her finish her tantrum. That’s all you can do bc they’re not coherent so asking questions just keeps the meltdown going on longer. I noticed if I just leave it alone she gets over it more quickly.

    • Aly Cat
      Aly Cat 35 minutes ago

      Btw, my first born is 16 and so it’s definitely not an attention thing bc my 29 month old (2nd child) really gets allllll the attention. I have 2 kids.

  • A J
    A J 37 minutes ago

    She only two! ... Really it's not normal to be dragged off to school at 2, spend hours with strangers, you should be spending these hours with her during the day while your oldest is at school, you should be spending these hours to teach her yourself, mom and Shay time, not making videos! She not playing games, you are, she wants to stay home, she wants her mommy, not strangers! ... She to little verbalize what's she feeling! You need stop comparing her to her bigger sister! .... No she doesn't need therapy, you might tho!

  • Ayesha Anjum
    Ayesha Anjum 38 minutes ago

    Hi tara were u working early before your third baby and are you working now

  • Sid alli Hamissi
    Sid alli Hamissi 40 minutes ago

    اهلا بالاخوة العرب بدون استثناء

  • Shahmeer Shah
    Shahmeer Shah 40 minutes ago

    pray for meee plz ,i am not pragnt 😭😭😭

  • Kayla Walls
    Kayla Walls 41 minute ago

    My 2 year old does the same thing, the fits and the literal same thing with his car seat clip...he did it this morning lol. He gets himself so worked up and wont talk either. We started to teach him how to take deep breaths when he gets worked up and he knows now when he takes his breaths and calms down we can talk about whatever it is. But we like get down on his level and take deep breaths and have him do the same thing, and its helped a lot.

  • Gia Gilot
    Gia Gilot 41 minute ago

    This is perfectly normal behavior for a two year old. I'll never understand why some people think their child is having problems because one child doesn't act exactly as one of their siblings did. 2,3,4 and sometimes even 5 and 6 year old throw tantrums. The best thing to do is to ignore them when they throw tantrums. As far as the carseat goes, put her in and buckle her and don't give her the option to do it herself. It's a power struggle. She may be a little resentful of Grayson but that is perfectly normal at her age. Don't fret so much, she will grow out of it .

  • Jill Suzanne
    Jill Suzanne 42 minutes ago

    Counting and toy on the shelf is the only thing that worked for us... but totally relate.

  • Grace Vallery
    Grace Vallery 43 minutes ago

    My daughter is 2 as well, but not nearly as verbal as Shay. She does similar things though. Honestly, I think she testing you to see what you are going to do. Just calmly set limits and follow through. For example with the chest clip just set a time limit (say by the time I finish buckling Grayson in or something like that) let her know that if she doesn't get it clipped in that time you will have to do it for her but she can try again later. If she's upset and throwing a fit just be sympathetic and acknowledge she's upset/disappointed/angry. Remind her that mommy loves her but she needs to stop screaming and talk to you so you can help her. If she doesn't stop, just walk away(if you are not in the car 😂) or ignore it and give her a minute. Honestly, she may not truly understand why she is upset so if you can and she will let you you may try holding her until she is calm as well. Sometimes they just want comforted, at least my daughter does. Shay could be completely different but these are my suggestions. Good luck! You are a wonderful momma and doing a great job! ♥️

  • علي سلوان
    علي سلوان 44 minutes ago


  • mblaprade
    mblaprade 47 minutes ago

    It does sound really normal for her age. My daughter acted out a lot after my son was born. It sounds to me like she feels out of control, so she is trying to control anything she can. Regardless of how much she loves Grayson, her world was turned upside down. We did play therapy for our daughter. It really helped her work out her feelings and emotions in an age appropriate and fun way. You are such a great and devoted mama. You’ll figure it out.

  • LifeWithKayC
    LifeWithKayC 48 minutes ago

    I sent you a message to your IG. I am having similar problems but would rather not blast it on here.

  • Um fatima
    Um fatima 48 minutes ago

    🙀ترررجمه 😿 الي معايه لايك .....

  • Livi'sLivin'
    Livi'sLivin' 48 minutes ago

    Girl, I feel you. My twins, specifically one of them, is the same exact way. They do go to speech therapy and we are learning ways to help with communication. I also have a masters in education, and I want to suggest figuring out her learning style. My youngest son acts in a similar way and we figured out that he is very visual. If we draw him a picture, show him a picture etc, he understands much better. Maybe try some pictures for her before you get her in the car that explain you have to buckle and get school. Pictures can be simple-I’m talking stick figures. Our speech therapist also recommends some sign language because it’s also very visual, and it seems to be working. Just some suggestions. I think at that age, even when they are super smart, there can be some issues communicating. Totally normal. :)

  • ba3mraniya amazighiya
    ba3mraniya amazighiya 49 minutes ago

    مبتظلع لي الترجمة

  • nancy romero
    nancy romero 50 minutes ago

    For storing her art work get a cute binder and put the clear holders and store them that way

  • Kayla McIntosh
    Kayla McIntosh 50 minutes ago

    Hi Tara! Everything you were saying about Shay sounds like a very normal 2 year to me with maybe a high spirited personality! ;) j saw someone on here saying she might need more attention. I think you are doing an amazing job with all 3 kids and give your kids all attention. She might still be adjusting to the new baby as well. My son had a hard time with it for a few months. Also someone said she is too young for school how is that different than moms who take their kids to daycare 5 days a week? She is getting time with other kids and learning while she’s there, I think that is great! Keep up the awesome work and I just love you and your family!

  • Blue Mermaid
    Blue Mermaid 50 minutes ago

    I can’t believe there’s preschool for two year olds, where I live it doesn’t start till 3 and even then it’s only 2 days a week for a couple hours.

  • Katie Calder
    Katie Calder 51 minute ago

    Im not a mom, but I have been a family nanny for the last 8 years but also coach sailing and with the littles we do a lot of coloring to learn parts of boat, etc, so what I've done with those kids but also with the kids I nanny for when they bring home artwork from school or were done with it at sailing we would use a little binder that we put clear inserts into and would slide the artwork we wanted to keep into the inserts in order of when they brought it home/finished it. I hope that makes sense.

  • kc marie
    kc marie 52 minutes ago

    Does anyone know when Shay turns 3? My daughter just turned 2 this month and loves to tell mommy no

  • Kay Justus
    Kay Justus 52 minutes ago

    Girl you are not alone

  • Chanel Giles
    Chanel Giles 53 minutes ago

    Those different stages kids go through can be rough and each child is so different. I take pictures of the art and school papers and put them in a photo book like on snapfish for each year. My kids love to flip through the photo books and remember their projects. It’s nice because you can fit lots of photos on each page.

  • Megan Ebarb
    Megan Ebarb 54 minutes ago

    Is Bailey in the car during this time? If so praise and talk to Bailey of how good shes sitting and just try to talk to Bailey about just random things (super excited& exaggerated tones) over shays tantrums Shay will see how Bailey is getting positive attention and praise for car rides just something I would try if I was having a hard time

    • Megan Ebarb
      Megan Ebarb 49 minutes ago

      And once shes done throwing her fit and tries to talk to you while your talking with Bailey include her in you fun conversation!! But once she starts screaming and saying no, I would stop talking to her, I know it sounds mean but I think it would work

  • Candace Davis
    Candace Davis 54 minutes ago

    Hi Tara... I would love to be able and tell you exactly what to do but I cant. I would try looking for a toy, puzzle or make something that has a clip tie buttons latches zippers things like that and when you put her into the carseat hand it to her first. Ask her to show you how to clip it while you clip her in. Im no expert but have worked with children before and I have three (highschool and older) of my own and REDIRECTING and being Consistent is key. So when Shay starts to throw her fit pick her up and take her to another room. Let her know that you love her and when she is ready to stop she can come back out and you will help her or let her do it. If your not able to take her else where try putting her head down and when she ready to stop she can put her head up. Another thing with Greyson try having her help out with him a little more and let her know she his big sister and she has to help make him get big like her. Well i hope one if not all these suggestions help and if I think of anything else ill let you know. Good luck😊

  • Mommy R
    Mommy R 55 minutes ago

    Mom of 3 here! Download the “ARTKIVE” app. You take a picture of the artwork and they create a book of the art for you. It’s so easy and amazing!

  • أحمد محمد
    أحمد محمد 56 minutes ago

    فين الترجمة مستنين الترجمة

  • Hailee Krystofick
    Hailee Krystofick 56 minutes ago

    Also, your lab behaves so well. I’m shook. Lol labs tend to be super hyperactive and a little crazy until they’re like 3-4. Mine is just now starting to calm down & we’ve had her for 4 years.

  • The Dibs Life
    The Dibs Life 56 minutes ago

    You’re doing great mama!

  • Norma Cristina
    Norma Cristina 56 minutes ago

    Toddlerhood is definitely very trying for us as parents. I love listening to Janet Lansbury’s podcast Unruffled. She is awesome. I listen to her when I’m struggling with my toddler. She has a gentle and respectful approach to discipline. She talks a lot about the situation that you are talking about. Maybe check her out and her book No Bad Kids.

  • Anne H
    Anne H 56 minutes ago

    I live in Australia and our kids don't go to "school or pre school at this young age. Kindergarten starts at 4 years. A two year old is still a baby and needs to be with Mum during the day. She has a whole lifetime of school ahead of her, why is it necessary for kids to be going to school at such a young age. My son had mummy with him at this age which is comforting to a young child. I still gave him interactions with other kids his age but I was there also. I'm not criticising you personally, I realise in America this is the norm but I think children this age need to be home with mum, as I said kindergarten starts at four years and I believe that is for a reason. Good Luck. 🤗

  • Brittany Castellano
    Brittany Castellano 58 minutes ago

    I save the art and school work in a big binder in sheet protectors.

  • danielle kerr
    danielle kerr 58 minutes ago

    Does she potentially have ODD?

  • أم علاوي ام علاوي ام علاوي

    أحلى لايك لعيونك تارا 😘😘💓💕💞

  • Morgan
    Morgan Hour ago

    Sounds like she is starting to test and see how far you are willing to go attention wise! It’s been a big change for her adding a new baby and she probably is unsure of where she fits in it all and is trying to get extra attention any way she can 🤪 You will probably have to just let her have her fits and when she calms down then speak to her with minimum attention even “ignoring” when she has a moment. Hang in there!

  • Jane Norris
    Jane Norris Hour ago

    I was thinking about what you said about Shay. When she has a meltdown you can do a technique called "look at that" where you point to an object and once you see that she does actually see it then point to another thing and say it again "look at that" and as always once the person sees it then go to next thing repeat process till she is calmed down and there is a betterment. Important to stop when there is a betterment. This should direct her attention to be in present time.

  • Kaija McKibben
    Kaija McKibben Hour ago

    Shay seems like she just wants more attention. I don’t know how your kids act all day of course, but I’m just guessing. She’s seeing you less because of school and Grayson needs more of your attention now. She probably doesn’t know how to express that emotion.

  • Ms KLee
    Ms KLee Hour ago

    Ooommmggggg TARA!!! My 3yr old is EXACTLY the same thing... it's so frustrating and sometimes I could not for the life of me hold my patience. I feel u mama