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What is VLOGMAS?
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  • Dominic Burkhardt
    Dominic Burkhardt 37 minutes ago

    He looks good with or without hair

  • AwsumSauce
    AwsumSauce Hour ago

    Everyone started calling me boomer at class and i needed to know the definition

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy Hour ago


  • Magic Trick88
    Magic Trick88 3 hours ago

    They need hoodies ASAP. Should’ve had merch years ago

  • Mandy Deboard
    Mandy Deboard 5 hours ago

    Love you Taylor you are the best singer in the whole world

  • Ben Lyngdoh
    Ben Lyngdoh 5 hours ago

    It's a common incident but he's cheating...

  • andrewthezeppo
    andrewthezeppo 5 hours ago

    Isn't "You Need To Calm Down" pretty much all about criticising other people? (Not saying I don't agree with her point I'm that song/video but it makes her quote sound disingenuous)

  • Keith Sweat
    Keith Sweat 6 hours ago

    I think if they was really going to do it they would've did it by now, so obviously Instagram care more about the money & ppl like Nicki Minaj then ppl's mental health

  • BattleCat
    BattleCat 6 hours ago

    That's the best comeback gen Z can make up? So juvenile and not well thought of.

  • mopthermopther
    mopthermopther 7 hours ago

    ⭐️BOOMER PRIDE ⭐️ Global Warming is a 🚩commie plot 🚩

  • Shirley Stanley
    Shirley Stanley 7 hours ago

    It’s hard to hear you guys even with volume all the way up.

  • Anita Perez
    Anita Perez 8 hours ago

    Merry happy whatever is so good!

  • Anthony Sullivan
    Anthony Sullivan 8 hours ago

    U are ugly get mental help

  • Jafar Al-hakim
    Jafar Al-hakim 9 hours ago

    Not anymore He didn't reach 20 million likes so he deleted his post lol

  • Alain Boungou
    Alain Boungou 9 hours ago

    Merry christmas Melania!

  • Alain Boungou
    Alain Boungou 9 hours ago


  • Andrea Forro
    Andrea Forro 9 hours ago

    She's crying?

  • David Walters
    David Walters 10 hours ago

    Could have done without the dumbass commentary, and whiny loser comments. The best WH decorations ever!!

  • True Grit
    True Grit 10 hours ago

    Horrible chicken voice of the moderator!

  • John Zaring
    John Zaring 11 hours ago

    Love these recaps!

  • Dorothy Mathers
    Dorothy Mathers 13 hours ago

    Dream of you, Used to this and First man are my favourite 😍

  • Emma L.
    Emma L. 13 hours ago

    So I was new to my school and I didn’t even even know what a visco girl was but I had a metal water bottle and every body called me a visco girl

  • Denise Pelton
    Denise Pelton 13 hours ago

    I am so glad he was able to squash this before the tabloids could run with it and post lies. Love Jessica and Justin together, hope he made it up to her in other ways too.

  • 2XTTV XXadisX
    2XTTV XXadisX 13 hours ago

    ok boommer

  • Sharika Cruz
    Sharika Cruz 14 hours ago

    Camila album is bop. I love her vocals❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😇😇😇😇❤❤❤❤❤🙏

  • Sharika Cruz
    Sharika Cruz 14 hours ago

    Love camila album♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • ///love lies///
    ///love lies/// 14 hours ago


  • ///love lies///
    ///love lies/// 14 hours ago


  • ///love lies///
    ///love lies/// 14 hours ago

    Camila Cabello!!!! 🌹♥️❤️💕💗😍

  • Najma Hussein
    Najma Hussein 15 hours ago

    Why was my grandma watching this

  • A Masion
    A Masion 15 hours ago

    It’s possible Kristen took Robert for granted. He was definitely the pursuer in their relationship. He despised Twilight but was more motivated to work when he met and fell for Kristen. Sometimes people don’t appreciate good things that come easily to them. It’s also possible Kristen’s preferences for women played a role. It’s interesting how the public remains so interested in them. Both have been involved with other people for a while now.

  • The Niribu
    The Niribu 15 hours ago

    I’m a 13 yr old boy Wat da fook is dis?

  • John Zaring
    John Zaring 15 hours ago

    Netflix is going after Hallmark's claim as the Christmas movie destination!

  • Jama Mohamed
    Jama Mohamed 16 hours ago

    Why is her face 😄😄😄😄😄☹

  • Roy Saucedo
    Roy Saucedo 16 hours ago

    T U R T L E S O U P IS GUD

  • wolfy_jess Lilly
    wolfy_jess Lilly 17 hours ago

    They upload this before my birthday its in September 10

  • chaz Gurrero
    chaz Gurrero 17 hours ago

    No worries Shawn your in her heart. And nothing can change that, so stay sweet. Natural reaction.

  • Feragano beats
    Feragano beats 19 hours ago

    Is it me or did you just look at her breasts the whole way through?

  • Lanny B
    Lanny B 19 hours ago

    Seriously stop making these videos they arent yours people dont need them narrated

  • Karen Oliver
    Karen Oliver 20 hours ago

    She didnt habe her ghost singer

  • Madison Mell
    Madison Mell 20 hours ago

    Hi it's Maddie I love Shawn Mendes and Camila cabello, 💋🌸💓❇️❣️

  • Fayrouz Belmoker
    Fayrouz Belmoker 21 hour ago

    So excited ❣❣

  • Sharika Cruz
    Sharika Cruz 22 hours ago

    Love it camila album is #1

  • Sharika Cruz
    Sharika Cruz 22 hours ago


  • Twilight Flux
    Twilight Flux 23 hours ago

    "Skskskskss" and "I oop" getting annoying for me, I hope they choke on their metal straws

  • K G
    K G 23 hours ago


    • K G
      K G 23 hours ago


  • Chandrima Roy
    Chandrima Roy 23 hours ago

    Ahhh...... Omfg... The way I was screaming when I saw the nude pic of Harry... OMG he's a freaking tease..... The way he's teasing us and me .... No comments for ADORE YOU cause it's damn nice.... Just love the friendship of him and the fish... He knitted a rainbow dress for the fish... And he was so sad when he had throw the big fish in the ocean..... The fish food part .. he freaking taste it and like eww.... "Miniature Tacos" .... Thanks Hazza... Love you 😘😘❤️❤️

  • Mary Glory Mulungi

    Easy, Shameless, First man Are my favs

  • Chris Langis
    Chris Langis Day ago

    My cousin said this to our grandfather who was telling my cousin he needs to work and not mooch off his family. Our grandfather literally wrote him out of his will. This is an extremely disrespectful phrase, use it with discretion.

  • Jane A
    Jane A Day ago

    taylor is the queen!!!!!!

  • Ollie Lance
    Ollie Lance Day ago

    "you could probably make a library out of all the larry fanfics-" The only rational thing in this video.

  • Aautaari Lama
    Aautaari Lama Day ago

    The title should be the life style of cultureless peoples. Get kissed and fucked by as many as possible.

  • Tanya Watkins
    Tanya Watkins Day ago


  • Nestel Berg
    Nestel Berg Day ago

    She's been also attacking the judges all throughout season 28. She's a grown woman, but she's also old. ABC may just ax her the next season. Bigger heads than hers had rolled before.

  • J M4Y
    J M4Y Day ago

    They'll do their best to take your soul so definitely date one.

  • Shyz Berdon
    Shyz Berdon Day ago

    Shouldve said it issss my Fav 😍

  • Juveriya Rockzz

    Eagerly waiting Can't wait

  • Amelia Quinton

    i dont refer as being a vsco girl but i do have lots of scrunchy

  • Zach Beast
    Zach Beast Day ago

    My favorite clapback when was little I was like yeah I'm a big b****, I also ride a bus too, a tour bus. Where's yours Bitch?

  • random x edits 18

    OK boomer

  • Angel Cornelio

    Dream of you 👌💘

  • blindflare 2000

    If y’all niggas don’t leave Jane the virgin alone 😭. Y’all buggin she gets a pass

  • its yeshua not jesus so get over it

    Seriously I totally forgot they were around.

  • randall zajicek

    Ok boomer

  • Naomi Williams

    Ok boomer

  • Jen Ski
    Jen Ski Day ago

    Kloe is sensitive - of course. Might have been some shade going on. Drama is everywhere for the Kardashians.

  • Jackie Vigier
    Jackie Vigier Day ago


  • TDN 71
    TDN 71 Day ago

    She got famous for being a SLUT and having sex on video for everyone to see. I hope that the less sexy attire finally ends her 15 minutes. All she's done is ruin little girls minds thinking they also need to be little SLUTS like she is to get ahead in life!

  • John Zaring
    John Zaring Day ago

    Harry has the world on a string ...

  • Trace LeaP
    Trace LeaP Day ago

    He looks like Eleven from stranger things’ older brother twelve

  • littlemissperfect16

    Has Lily in beginning, but she has posted anything in weeks. I am not entertained! 😭🤣

  • Toya Brown
    Toya Brown Day ago

    That’s sweet

  • TBC gaming
    TBC gaming Day ago

    ok boomer

  • John Zaring
    John Zaring Day ago

    Ummm Fiona, your DAD does the TJs shopping!

  • LaDonna Savary


  • Aaron W.
    Aaron W. Day ago

    First Man is literally so good! I can't stop crying it's so beautiful!

  • Oliver Chadley

    She’s copying her bestie Swift’s rulebook

  • John Zaring
    John Zaring Day ago

    What? Shared News didn't make the list?! That's unacceptable!

  • Jen Ski
    Jen Ski Day ago

    great new music!!

  • Vanesa Bantiling

    I love camila's new album romance i love SEÑORITA💏

  • Vanesa Bantiling

    I love Camila😻😻

  • A Mexicana
    A Mexicana Day ago

    I'm young and I like what boomers stand for

  • John Zaring
    John Zaring Day ago

    I'm excited for the @fionazaring VLOGMAS!

  • Stevie Grant
    Stevie Grant Day ago

    Not surprised Miley cyrus taylor swift lil nas x lizzo cardi offset (1 hit dont count) Doja cat megan nicki?? Wayne dre da baby? Chance juelz Santana akon

  • x PopZ x
    x PopZ x Day ago

    Thank you Boomer jokes

  • Sharika Cruz
    Sharika Cruz Day ago

    She so adorable ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Eleanor Josefina Model & YouTuber

    Anyone else just happy its Friday and there’s another video!?? 🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️

  • Kiti
    Kiti Day ago

    Talk about prettymuch

  • Anonymous _hooman

    Ok boomer

  • Eleanor Josefina Model & YouTuber

    Anyone else just happy its Friday and there’s another video!?? 🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️

  • Sharika Cruz
    Sharika Cruz Day ago

    I love camila Senorita AND ROMANCE album holy man camila album is amazing❤❤❤❤❤

  • Venesh Hansragh

    I'm so happy for Shawn and camila, they totally deserved it. Love them so much 😊💖

  • Lois Stern
    Lois Stern Day ago

    (cont) But I think Hannah's was the worst. Plus she's had to overcome personal issues. She is stunning, talented and funny. Wish her all the best.

  • Lois Stern
    Lois Stern Day ago

    Happy for her. People love watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette and I feel Hannah had the worst outcome of any contestant. There were other bad outcomes; Ari Luyendyk dumping Becca Kufin for example (but Becca went on to find love as the Bachelorette). thl

  • WRN
    WRN Day ago

    2019 TVclip Rewind Tops the Dislike Charts

  • milly vinilli
    milly vinilli Day ago

    She is almost 30. Metabolism isn't that of a 12 yr old anymore

    BLACK WIDOW Day ago

    I won't lie but I was quite disappointed, it just sounded horrible but who am I to judge.

  • Elena Belacastre


  • Julian Fullerton


  • Brenda Blum
    Brenda Blum Day ago

    Hannah is the Best! I love her! She deserves the Best!!!