AwesomenessTV My Dream Quinceañera
AwesomenessTV My Dream Quinceañera
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  • anel
    anel 8 minutes ago

    i sent a video i hope u guys see it :)

  • Jackie Arriola
    Jackie Arriola 11 minutes ago

    wtf lourdes tells ellina to suck it in ..thts bs

  • Lynn nones
    Lynn nones 19 minutes ago

    Is just weird how almost all the quinceanera girls go to Moda 2000. 😯🤯

  • Martha Rodriguez
    Martha Rodriguez 24 minutes ago

    Thank god javi is there to put her in her place like shit

  • Martha Rodriguez
    Martha Rodriguez 24 minutes ago

    Bruh Imagine getting two dresses my parents couldn’t even afford the one I have and like Belle wore a light blue not navy 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Valerie Morales
    Valerie Morales 25 minutes ago

    Am glad javi is putting her in her spot

  • Claudia Zaragoza
    Claudia Zaragoza 30 minutes ago

    Why is the mom literally the best person ever like she seems so nice😂

  • Natalie Barrios
    Natalie Barrios 33 minutes ago

    Why does almost all the quince girls have braces

  • mariah evans
    mariah evans 35 minutes ago

    her dad💀

  • Vanessa Contreras
    Vanessa Contreras 39 minutes ago

    i dated my main & got cheated on 😂. he’s in my pictures so i took new ones 😂

  • jalieah ruiz
    jalieah ruiz 43 minutes ago

    she so disrespectful and for what.

  • Suzette D
    Suzette D 45 minutes ago

    i hope she checks these comments and fucking checks herself, be greatful omfg.

  • Brian Canton
    Brian Canton 46 minutes ago

    Beautiful I was crying

  • Veronica Garcia
    Veronica Garcia 52 minutes ago

    I’m subscribed to shany 😍

  • Suzette D
    Suzette D 52 minutes ago

    this bitch needs to get a reality check. such a brat...

  • gabriela garcia
    gabriela garcia Hour ago

    the fact that he said “ you haven’t told him “ and her response was “ I did “ makes me laugh because the fact he’s dating someone who’s “ so committed in their relationship “ didn’t tell her own father 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Oh no, you didn’t

    U are not “SPECIAL” u are SPOILED

  • Oh no, you didn’t

    She doesn’t deserve to be on this show ❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌

  • Oh no, you didn’t

    She do be dressing like a basic white girl tho 😬😬😬😬

  • Oh no, you didn’t

    Say it with me- SPOILED “HISPANIC”

  • Khloe Rodriguez
    Khloe Rodriguez Hour ago

    She need to be thankful bc there are kid that can’t afford shoes

  • Rosaicela mendoza

    This mom is very toxic, she needs to listen to her kids who have a point, and not intervene with her children’s life, like you’re a grown ass woman trying to start drama with kids like what’s good with you 😒

  • Aracely Ruiz_516

    I really don’t like her, my 15 is in 4 months , should have put me instead 😂😭

  • Valerie Hernandez

    She’s so ungratefulllllllll

  • Maria Aleman
    Maria Aleman Hour ago


  • Errør Shøwn
    Errør Shøwn Hour ago

    Her hair is very messed up and I am proud that Gustavos mom did her hair like that 👍🏻

  • Karina Bernal
    Karina Bernal Hour ago

    Sorry but She ungrateful

  • Naomi Lopez
    Naomi Lopez Hour ago


  • Clarice Ponce
    Clarice Ponce 2 hours ago

    “ No one ever had 2 dresses “ haha yea bEcause anika had 3 🤣🤣🤣

  • Clarice Ponce
    Clarice Ponce 2 hours ago

    She is so spoiled brat

  • Clarice Ponce
    Clarice Ponce 2 hours ago

    I want part 3 rn

  • Margaret Mendoza-Pena

    I love it how she thinks about others too and not just herself.

  • Angel and Deborah
    Angel and Deborah 2 hours ago

    lowkey she don’t deserve a 15

  • Victoria_ Palacios_Reyes bbygirl

    She is so ungrateful she knows wat her mom is going through nd she just gonna get mad at her mom wen her mom just spent over 10 thousand dollars

  • Vanessa Garcia
    Vanessa Garcia 2 hours ago

    She’s so ungrateful she doesn’t like anything . I swear she doesn’t deserve this quince smhhh .

  • Smilestarrocks
    Smilestarrocks 2 hours ago


  • Isabella Mandish
    Isabella Mandish 2 hours ago

    sooo armando is fair game?

  • Aaron beltran
    Aaron beltran 2 hours ago

    So I go to school with bri and from what I heard from a friend of hers was that she never really liked him and I feel bad for Armando because he doesn't need that

  • Celeste Garcia
    Celeste Garcia 2 hours ago

    at least yall can afford a dress im not having one 😐

  • Celeste Garcia
    Celeste Garcia 3 hours ago

    her: i wont complain her trying on the red dress : "starts complaining"

  • Natalie
    Natalie 3 hours ago

    She says she understands but she’s literally TRYING to convince her dad to get her that second dress. She doesn’t understand that one dress itself is so much money.

  • jalieah ruiz
    jalieah ruiz 3 hours ago

    damn randy rly gettin it. they cute tho LMAO

  • Ana Ruiz
    Ana Ruiz 3 hours ago

    She’s so Damnn rude🙄🙄😡

  • Melanie Hernandez
    Melanie Hernandez 3 hours ago

    Her friends are acting like they’re the ones paying for both of the dresses

  • Yaretsy Noj
    Yaretsy Noj 3 hours ago

    She ought to get beat tf up 😂😂🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Eliza Ketz
    Eliza Ketz 3 hours ago


  • Melanie Hernandez
    Melanie Hernandez 3 hours ago

    I low key miss the old girls the new ones are picky🤷🏻‍♀️just my opinion

  • karina soltero
    karina soltero 3 hours ago

    When she started to sing I got shivers down my spine

  • alejandraxroman
    alejandraxroman 3 hours ago

    annoying , annoying , annoying .

  • Valery Flores
    Valery Flores 4 hours ago

    Ngl she seems like a brat

  • mell fernandez
    mell fernandez 4 hours ago

    This girl is so ungrateful like her mom doesn't have much money and she is acting like she a millionaire being all rude like 250 dollars for a crown like bye

  • Life with Edith
    Life with Edith 4 hours ago

    I agree with all you guys, the pass girls where all humble and stuff and I feel like these new girls are just not it, they want to do that extra shit for just one day when a quince is more than $10k just for one day. they just keep picking girls from m2k models like pick other girls. I’m sorry but this girl is not it.

  • Jammin Garcia
    Jammin Garcia 4 hours ago

    This video made me madd ngl. She seems like a brat 😭🙄

  • mell fernandez
    mell fernandez 4 hours ago

    Ok but like whats the theme like they don't talk about any of that I'm so lost

  • Joselyn Leon
    Joselyn Leon 4 hours ago

    She about to pop in that dress 🤣

  • Lilybeth Lainez
    Lilybeth Lainez 4 hours ago

    :v todas bien latinas y en ingles jajaja

  • Noemi Armenta
    Noemi Armenta 4 hours ago

    BEAUTIFUL! and heart felt.. Brought so many tears.. Gorgeous girl inside and out!

  • ohana
    ohana 4 hours ago

    i never heard her say thank you to her parents rlly...

  • Gabriela Cantera
    Gabriela Cantera 4 hours ago

    And this is why I didn’t have a quince... cause I don’t want my parents spending money on a dress I won’t wear again 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • ohana
    ohana 4 hours ago

    she is so rude to her dad tf. “ig” “no not ig YES!” who talks to there dad that’s working his butt off just so you can have a Quinceanera your not even grateful for.

  • Jessica Tomas
    Jessica Tomas 4 hours ago

    Why can’t she understand he mom is trying to do something nice for her

  • Jessica Tomas
    Jessica Tomas 4 hours ago

    Ungrateful Child

  • Jackie Desiree Ayala

    To all the people saying shes ungrateful ... She really isnt , it's her quince , her special day so its really all about her and her choices . She really isnt ungrateful. 😂

  • Shadys
    Shadys 4 hours ago

    She was and still is my favorite quince girl💜

  • MELINDA Fernandes Resende

    She kinda looks and talk like a girl version of j.i or is it just me

  • Vanessa Santos
    Vanessa Santos 4 hours ago

    Beautiful girl 😍❤️I love it

  • Valerie Castro
    Valerie Castro 5 hours ago

    Armando has such a good heart with a good personality . He deserves better there’s not to many guys out there like him 🥺❤️

  • That One Person
    That One Person 5 hours ago

    This season started literally 5 days after my quinceanera.... I say that's a big oof imo

  • Enely Jimenez
    Enely Jimenez 5 hours ago

    2 dresses that will only be worn once!!🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Candida Henriquez
    Candida Henriquez 5 hours ago

    So ungrateful.... Its never givin 2 dresses

  • angelina pascual
    angelina pascual 5 hours ago

    I love how you celebrate your quience

  • Yarethyadira Cervantes

    I really Wana slap her, so she can think about her brattiness

  • Jazmin Miguel
    Jazmin Miguel 5 hours ago

    I got so emotional! I can't wait for my family to experience the same thing!

  • jacky Martinez
    jacky Martinez 5 hours ago

    She gave me the chills when she started singing!

  • Cindy Mendoza
    Cindy Mendoza 5 hours ago

    Only og’s know her

  • Isabella Hagen
    Isabella Hagen 5 hours ago

    Shanny wearing merch from CNCO😱!! I’m dying!!!!!!! I love them too shanny!’n

  • Natalie Gutierrez Estrada

    She is so pretty

  • Diana Cruz
    Diana Cruz 5 hours ago

    I love Alyssa she is the best one out of everyone. 🥺🥰

  • leah Calderon
    leah Calderon 5 hours ago

    best feeling ever is when your brother gives you his clothes lmaoo

  • jiggydvni
    jiggydvni 5 hours ago

    Girl you never use a boyfriend as your main chambelan! These relationships don't last 🤣

  • Samantha Hernandez
    Samantha Hernandez 5 hours ago

    Her parents were right she looked so much older with the red and spending over a thousand for just a dress that is just gonna be worn in a church is dumb... also the rose just didn’t stand out and neither would her makeup with the red dress

  • Lis Arias
    Lis Arias 5 hours ago

    This girl get’s on my last never she should be grateful that at least she has a quinceañera she says quince matter about family but still chooses her boyfriend for her main chambelan instead of her cousin

  • Glittergal101
    Glittergal101 6 hours ago

    Ya know all I have to say is that this is the most aesthetically pleasing quince dress

  • Jazmin Miguel
    Jazmin Miguel 6 hours ago

    are mi amigas coming to Phoenix? Where mi casa is at? 2020 yass!

  • Adriana Diego
    Adriana Diego 6 hours ago

    Honestly I'm here for the dresses because the videos look so fake in my opinion

  • Angelina Degante
    Angelina Degante 6 hours ago

    She got one nasty attitude 🤷

  • eva cruz
    eva cruz 6 hours ago


  • eva cruz
    eva cruz 6 hours ago


  • Breany****** FV*****


  • Lilo Lopez
    Lilo Lopez 6 hours ago

    I loved when she cared for her dada

  • A r e l y
    A r e l y 6 hours ago

    They blue one doesn’t look good with her .

  • The Mongolas vlogs
    The Mongolas vlogs 6 hours ago

    Nah I would never make my dad work extra hours for anything are you kidding me 2 fucking dresses and I’ll always live by that .

  • Izzy Jimenez
    Izzy Jimenez 6 hours ago

    Wish they made all shows this longggg Not have to wait like a week😭

  • Natalia Alegre
    Natalia Alegre 6 hours ago

    Jeez this whole episode got me crying 🥺😭I love this episode so good

  • Nayeli Flores
    Nayeli Flores 7 hours ago

    That mariachi song that they played I know it were playing it for my mariachi group when we go to contest to compete for a state title

  • The Mongolas vlogs
    The Mongolas vlogs 7 hours ago

    She’s my favorite from all these girls 🥺🥺🥺she’s so genuine and humble 🥺

  • Spicy Ramen Noodles
    Spicy Ramen Noodles 7 hours ago

    Plot twist: her dad already knew about her boyfriend and it’s scripted

  • Nanina Studios
    Nanina Studios 7 hours ago

    Bro for quinceneara all my Tia's were screaming at each other and couldn't agree on my hair and makeup

  • Cassandra J Machuca
    Cassandra J Machuca 7 hours ago

    I think Lourdes needs to back up and realize her kids won’t always need her and I understand it might be hard but that’s how life goes because if she’s like this right now then later it won’t end well

  • julissa cuevas
    julissa cuevas 7 hours ago

    Lourdes stop anyoing everyone dam i swear