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  • Triin Märtson
    Triin Märtson 3 days ago

    My daughter spent more than 100 euros to get him win Eesti Laul 😂

  • mag
    mag 26 days ago

    Hi Chris thanks for a fruitful video, I guess many test-takers follow the trick which is writing extra words in Write From Dictation. In fact, many youtube coachers recommend that trick. Despite that, I heard that this trick no longer works as the PTE aware that and they have fixed the algorithm. What's your recommendation?

  • noman ali
    noman ali Month ago watch this and learn your mistake

  • Alien Samurai
    Alien Samurai 2 months ago

    Good video, thank you

  • Waqas Farooq
    Waqas Farooq 2 months ago

    Good Effort. I really like the timing of this video. You have kept perfect delay between the questions! Much appreciated!

  • Jon Thorn
    Jon Thorn 2 months ago

    Fun Fact: Even though he’s representing Estonia, he is Swedish

  • Robin Gustavsson
    Robin Gustavsson 2 months ago

    The New Avicii

  • Bayu Dewanto
    Bayu Dewanto 3 months ago

    is it british or american

  • Kelly Wong
    Kelly Wong 3 months ago

    Hi Chris and future PTE test-takers... For the speaking part, the countdown in the real exam is different from the practice. They give the exact number/seconds (e.g. 5, 4, 3 sec...) in the practice. But in the real exam, only a bar that becomes shorter with time. I remembered panicking a bit cos I was used to practicing with the numbers shown and would stop right at 36-38 sec. Had to guess on the exam and sometimes ran out of time. But most important is to keep calm regardless of any unexpected things cos the exam will keep on going and you will miss the next question if you panic. Hope this is useful. :)

    • Kelly Wong
      Kelly Wong 3 months ago

      @Free English well, still better than trying to explain in a full sentence. Look.. U have shortened my 7-word explanation into just 2 words. Hate it. Feels like a conversation between me and my sister. Ha! ;D

    • Free English
      Free English 3 months ago

      I think I invented that word 😂😂

    • Kelly Wong
      Kelly Wong 3 months ago

      @Free English ha! Bar timer. That's what it's called. lol :D It's great if ppl already know

    • Free English
      Free English 3 months ago

      Great feedback. They have a bar timer in the official mock tests too so people can see that on there too.

  • Andi Makkulawu
    Andi Makkulawu 3 months ago

    Hi Chris

  • As patel
    As patel 3 months ago

    Sir, what's your score in other components??

    • As patel
      As patel 3 months ago

      @Free English ohh, that's great

    • Free English
      Free English 3 months ago

      Hi. I got 9.0 in the other sections.

  • Anastasia Soloveva
    Anastasia Soloveva 4 months ago

    I watched video from English teacher who 3 times got 7.5 in writing and 9.0 in other skills. He did some research and passed on 8.5 next time. He has channel e2 language, video called top tips for ielts writing or something like that. Maybe it helps you

    • Free English
      Free English 3 months ago

      Hi Anastasia. I know Jay. He took the exam again last week for the 5th time and scored 7.5 again!!!

    • Anastasia Soloveva
      Anastasia Soloveva 4 months ago

      And you are very quiet)

  • Johan Syah
    Johan Syah 4 months ago


  • Joan Neman
    Joan Neman 4 months ago

    Круто, теперь я с вами))

  • ольга ким
    ольга ким 4 months ago

    Such strange questions!😂I can't understand this is American or British accent again)) I think it is American. Did you decide to support pte more?😊❤🇺🇸🇬🇧

  • ольга ким
    ольга ким 4 months ago

    American accent, am I right?)😁

  • ольга ким
    ольга ким 4 months ago

    Chris, how about the woman is she speaking with British or American accent?

  • Lina Elemam
    Lina Elemam 4 months ago

    Good luck and Thank you for helping people 🙏

  • Liana Kostandyan
    Liana Kostandyan 4 months ago

    Very useful. I like it. My greetings from Armenia.

  • Guðmundur Sóphusson
    Guðmundur Sóphusson 4 months ago

    I cen't stopp lissen this grate song

  • Jacqueline Ots
    Jacqueline Ots 4 months ago

    Love it. Easy music and great lyrics

  • Bartek M
    Bartek M 4 months ago

    Avicii must have been his inspiration

  • מלי אוליאל
    מלי אוליאל 5 months ago

    The only song im going to listening after Eurovision! Cant stop listening, great vibes, great singer, someone need to remix it!!!

  • Jenny Lindeman Kim
    Jenny Lindeman Kim 5 months ago

    I love tis song

  • Alfred F. Jones
    Alfred F. Jones 5 months ago

    This song makes me so happy

  • I am Dafne
    I am Dafne 5 months ago

    Go Estonia! - From Italy

  • Inez Eking
    Inez Eking 5 months ago

    I reeeeeaaaalllllyyyy hope that he wins. Good luck from sweden🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪

  • He Va
    He Va 5 months ago

    We're in finale! Go Estonia 🇪🇪

    • Spela med oss
      Spela med oss 3 months ago

      He Va bit victor are from sweden don’t estonia

  • Чарос Махмудова


  • Чарос Махмудова

    Thank you

  • thedamcosplayer
    thedamcosplayer 5 months ago

    Getting ready for eurovision❤

  • Saidmansur Abdullayev
    Saidmansur Abdullayev 5 months ago

    I can't believe. why?

  • Dreamland Animation
    Dreamland Animation 5 months ago

    I've been listening to this so much that I'm going to be sick of it by the time Eurovision actually starts. GO ESTONIA!

  • ivana stojimirovic
    ivana stojimirovic 5 months ago

    Does anyone think that this is familiar to a One Direction song at minute 0:31?????????

  • Ilgar Veli
    Ilgar Veli 6 months ago

    you are good teacher. im following you from Uzbekistan. your English nice and understandeble. i wish to meet with you! kind regards!

  • ольга ким
    ольга ким 6 months ago

    Thank you, Chris❤I like your old video about Numbers on Instagram, It was short but very useful) but, of course, this vid is interesting too.

  • Jessica miro ortiz
    Jessica miro ortiz 6 months ago

    Thank you by the way

  • Smritee Rai
    Smritee Rai 6 months ago

    Thanks a lot Chris for your videos, it's really helping us to learn how to pronounce correctly.

  • Mavi Doressan
    Mavi Doressan 6 months ago

    Very useful , thanks a lot

  • Luis
    Luis 6 months ago

    Shared , thank you Chris let’s fight they’re reaping us

    • Free English
      Free English 6 months ago

      Thanks so much Luis. Let's make a global change.

  • Luis
    Luis 6 months ago

    😱 that’s bad to know Chris

  • Luis
    Luis 6 months ago

    Chris can you do more words with silent letters.... please 🙏🏻

  • Fiona Whittaker
    Fiona Whittaker 6 months ago

    Great video Chris 👍🏻

  • ольга ким
    ольга ким 6 months ago

    Thank you, Chris, it was funny and soooo difficult😱I will never study English😳nice new studio and nice shirt😆💞

  • Жанна Бесстрашная

    Your videos is sooooo quiet Why Please, make your videos more louder

  • Hardev Sir's IELTS
    Hardev Sir's IELTS 6 months ago

    As an IELTS trainer, I somewhat share your sentiment. I've had students with terrible grammar and lexical control score Band 7.5 in writing and some of the more proficient ones score a 7.0. I do not necessarily believe the (conspiracy) theory that they are intentionally giving low band scores so as to keep ripping you off. However, there is no doubt in my mind that there is a terrible inconsistency (that goes both ways) in implementing the band descriptor that needs to be addressed.

    • Hardev Sir's IELTS
      Hardev Sir's IELTS 6 months ago

      I know a few people who've scored Band 9.0 in writing but that is besides the point. I don't see where we are in disagreement either. There is an inconsistency in IELTS writing module marking that we both agree on. I am just saying that this inconsistency manifests both in less and more bands than a candidate deserves. At least that's been my experience in the last 8 years as an IELTS trainer. In response to your last couple of questions, you are a native speaker with more years of teaching IELTS under your belt than I have. I really can't figure out where it wrong or if its was something on your part at all. I did score Band 8.0 years back when I last gave the exam, but now, in hindsight, I feel like I got more than I deserved. Lastly, I share your sentiment regarding the lack of transparency in IELTS writing assessment. This is just a sad situation that we can't do anything about.

    • Free English
      Free English 6 months ago

      Interesting take on things. So how do you explain the fact that I wrote two absolutely textbookesque pieces, thoroughly checked my grammar and lexis...and still came out with a 7.0?! I have gone over and over in my head, desperately trying to find a solution - without luck. Have you sat the exam? If so, how did you get on? Do you know a single 9.0 writing?

  • ольга ким
    ольга ким 6 months ago

    It is crazy! I can't believe that you have done it again, my Angel!😂Why??

  • journalistethics dotcom

    IELTS is a migration quota scam. People should freely consider taking an alternative such as Pearson or TOEFL if it is accepted. CELPIP, Canada also cannot be trusted. Cambridge English and IELTS are the same company. The IELTS fraud scam targets writing the most.

    • Free English
      Free English 6 months ago

      Thanks Jay. Feel free to post a link to Free School

  • Reza Fahrizki
    Reza Fahrizki 6 months ago

    Even my english teacher isn't fair

  • rasmus kask
    rasmus kask 6 months ago

    Probably price nays😇😇😇

  • Hermine Ghazarian
    Hermine Ghazarian 6 months ago

    To cope with = find the solution from a very difficult situation. IS it right?

  • Kelly Wong
    Kelly Wong 6 months ago

    Oh my... Prepositions and phrasal verbs drive me insane, Chris! There's always something that I say wrong every single day! Today I said "Is there anything u want to stock in?" instead of on. Well actually, I don't know if that's right either.. I find it extremely hard when it comes to in and on. It's usually when I think about it that I'll make a mistake cos it's more logical, but what sounds logical is not always the right one, isn't it? Ckck.. But if I just let my mouth speaks then the right preposition will come out. Soo weird. Sometimes I just gave up and thought as long as ppl understand what I mean, it's good. haha.. Sorry I'm just rambling here. I talk a lot ;D

    • Kelly Wong
      Kelly Wong 6 months ago

      @Free English hahaha u don't understand. This is bad. I might be inventing my own phrasal verbs or adding unnecessary prepositions O_O Well u know, like I was trying to stock supplies in the doctor's room so I asked if there's anything u want to stock on. Is that incorrect?? Perhaps, I should just say "Are u running out of anything?" or "Anything u want me to stock?" without on?? She understood me, though there was a slight pause. Maybe she had to decipher for a second what I was trying to say. haha >_< How would u ask?

    • Free English
      Free English 6 months ago

      Haha I don't understand what you mean stock on??

  • razieh asadi
    razieh asadi 6 months ago

    Tnx alotttt. cris

  • Жанна Бесстрашная

    Спасибо Рахмет Very good lesson

  • ольга ким
    ольга ким 6 months ago

    Thanks, Chris, so much)👍you are cute😄🇬🇧🇷🇺💞

  • ольга ким
    ольга ким 6 months ago

    Thank you, Chris) it is a very nice video. You are beautiful and kind as always but you look tired a little bit) we were missing you so much!) I am glad to see you again😊👍🇬🇧🇷🇺💞

  • Элзар Урманбетов


  • doge doge
    doge doge 7 months ago

    A storm like this!!! Its stuck in my head now

  • zouzou yang
    zouzou yang 7 months ago

    like your accent!❤️

  • Mel Yakar
    Mel Yakar 7 months ago

    Hello i am from Turkey. And i congrat to levent due to his question. I couldnt learn English all my student life. Education system gosh!... And thanks all to you Chris. You are good adviser and i like listening to you.

  • Zalina Javadova
    Zalina Javadova 7 months ago

    I learn English for 15 years 🙄😌🤦‍♀️😄by myself..

  • Zalina Javadova
    Zalina Javadova 7 months ago

    Yes, you're right about vocabulary..that's why I try to learn more words instead of trying to understand the grammar..thank you..I listen to you just to improve my problems with my speech perception. Best wishes)

  • Annie Awan
    Annie Awan 7 months ago

    Informative sir👍

  • ольга ким
    ольга ким 7 months ago

    I love so much all of your podcasts maybe you will tell us new interesting story😊😊😊please 💞

  • ольга ким
    ольга ким 7 months ago

    Thank you, Chris) it is very useful but I expected more advices about conditional sentences. I learnt it many times but I still have problems with them. Maybe you will create especially video just about this problem later. You know we always thank you 😊💞

  • Leyla Aysu
    Leyla Aysu 7 months ago


  • DioneKiisu 123
    DioneKiisu 123 7 months ago

    this is my favorite song

  • Pearky
    Pearky 7 months ago

    I keep fighting all the tides* xd😂😂

    • DaddyZero GT
      DaddyZero GT 5 months ago

      I think its correct to use tides 😂 because tides is same as floods so its logical to fight all the floods/tides 😂

    • Karina
      Karina 6 months ago

      Maybe "all the times" 😁

  • Fatima Aslan
    Fatima Aslan 7 months ago


  • loser Aura
    loser Aura 7 months ago

    New Avicii has born <3

  • Fatima Aslan
    Fatima Aslan 7 months ago

    Super. Thank you 🙏

  • Leyla Zohrabli
    Leyla Zohrabli 7 months ago

    Very good

  • Leyla Zohrabli
    Leyla Zohrabli 7 months ago


  • ольга ким
    ольга ким 7 months ago

    Thank you, Chris) so beautiful videos😄

    • ольга ким
      ольга ким 7 months ago

      My SoundCloud is not working now and I didn't find the text for 1 minute lessons there. Sorry) maybe I am just not able to use it 🙈

    • Free English
      Free English 7 months ago


  • Vaiva V
    Vaiva V 7 months ago

    Avicii ❤️

  • Purno Ava
    Purno Ava 7 months ago

    What's the difference between preposition and conjunction?

    • Free English
      Free English 7 months ago

      You should be able to translate that into your own language.

  • Purno Ava
    Purno Ava 7 months ago

    Is your accent British or Australian?

  • ILHOMBEK Anvarbekov
    ILHOMBEK Anvarbekov 7 months ago

    Cool video, sounds good

    GOSHOP GT 7 months ago


  • ольга ким
    ольга ким 8 months ago

    Thank you, Chris, and it would be great to watch your next video about 10 tips for preparing to the IELTS exam. I didn't find it here)

  • Irene A.
    Irene A. 8 months ago

    This song is great but the chorus reminds me so much of Smith&Thell “Forgive me friend”...

    • Lilientraum
      Lilientraum 24 days ago

      And „one last time“ from Ariana Grande

  • Leyla Zohrabli
    Leyla Zohrabli 8 months ago


  • Leena Ja
    Leena Ja 8 months ago

    The Swedish singer... helps Estonia to win ...

    • Eva Piirsoo
      Eva Piirsoo 7 months ago

      But in 2009 won russian singer... But not Russia...

    • Raiksz
      Raiksz 8 months ago


  • nilüfer okumuş
    nilüfer okumuş 8 months ago

    u're an amazing teacher🙏🏻 thank u so much🌸

  • Anna Metsalu
    Anna Metsalu 8 months ago

    He is going to represent Estonia on Eurovision 2019!!

  • juliana ndpitama
    juliana ndpitama 8 months ago

    I beg your pardon to save this video

    • Free English
      Free English 8 months ago

      What do you mean "I beg your pardon"?

  • Timon Pumba
    Timon Pumba 8 months ago

    Are you American or British?

  • amlesh simonov
    amlesh simonov 8 months ago

    Thank you, Chris!

  • Soyneccent
    Soyneccent 8 months ago

    I cant read these generic ass lyrics omfg

  • Kaidi K
    Kaidi K 8 months ago

    He is swedish.. They have somehow same sound /tune in every song. But I like it.

    • Kaisutaja
      Kaisutaja 5 months ago

      Kaidi K Singer is swedish but autor is estonian

  • Kelly Wong
    Kelly Wong 8 months ago

    Thank u! I always enjoy your pronunciation videos. They are funny just like the chocolate one 😊 Like the way u say cashier (ca-sheer with more emphasis on the 2nd syllable). And i love steak too! 🔪Medium.. U?

  • gülşen sezen
    gülşen sezen 8 months ago

    Thanks... it is enjoyful to keep my English stable by your videos. i don't speak in English often, so i forget a lot of words... Thanks for your help...

  • Duman M
    Duman M 8 months ago

    What an amazing video ❤❤

  • Guldana Karamurzayeva
    Guldana Karamurzayeva 8 months ago

    wonderful video

  • ольга ким
    ольга ким 8 months ago

    Thank you, Chris👍I was practicing with you and it was very funny. You always motivate me and thank you for that😆😂💞

  • Johannes Middelhuis
    Johannes Middelhuis 8 months ago

    One last time ariana grande?

  • Indra Kobak
    Indra Kobak 8 months ago

    Its good song , but its the copy of AVICII - WITHOUT YOU

    • Indra Kobak
      Indra Kobak 7 months ago

      @Tommy Whooozhy debiil oled sa kindlasti ;) cheers

    • Tommy Whooozhy
      Tommy Whooozhy 7 months ago

      Debiil oled v? Pole isegi sarnane mitte. Mine pane näppu või midagi ja ära tule muusikast rääkima

  • ItsMe
    ItsMe 9 months ago

    I swear I have heard this song somewhere..

    • Cryspy
      Cryspy 5 months ago


    • Deep ❶
      Deep ❶ 6 months ago

      In the chorus you can tell it sounds actually like One last time by Ariana Grande !!

    • Tommy Whooozhy
      Tommy Whooozhy 7 months ago

      @jane männik copy paste v? Ma arvan et Stig ei ole elu sees nii loll et teeks copy paste. Pigem on asi selles et taktid on teatud määral samad ja veidi loo üles ehitus. Ei mingid kopeerimist. Sina moor aga ole oma süüdistustega ettevaatlik. Tahtlik laimamine on karistatav

    • Irene A.
      Irene A. 8 months ago

      Smith&Thell “Forgive me friend”

    • jane männik
      jane männik 8 months ago

      Aviici- Without You :DD copypaste

  • Alvid
    Alvid 9 months ago

    A bit Avicii-ish... and I love it! I want this song or Kui Isegi Kaotan to represent Estonia at Eurovision 2019!!!

  • Soto
    Soto 9 months ago

    I know him irl.

    • Kroyz Martell
      Kroyz Martell 5 months ago

      Sweet OW well.. Is he a nice person?

    • Soto
      Soto 7 months ago

      @Galaxy_Cookie Eater Yeah, I don't know.

    • Galaxy_Cookie Eater
      Galaxy_Cookie Eater 7 months ago

      @Soto cool

    • Soto
      Soto 8 months ago

      @Galaxy_Cookie Eater Even had him in my house.

    • Soto
      Soto 8 months ago

      @Galaxy_Cookie Eater My sisters went to the same school as him in real life in Åkersberga. They're even friends with him on instagram. Just search Emma Dellmark and Erika Dellmark and you can see it.