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SENIOR PROM: *grwm & vlog*
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senior ball formal grwm | ♡
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formal 2018 grwm!!!
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  • Anayal Naeem
    Anayal Naeem 2 hours ago

    Can someone count how many times she said cute beacause I lost track

  • Dia’s World
    Dia’s World 4 hours ago

    Zharielee:gets a B+ “I’m very sad about my grade.

  • Athena
    Athena 7 hours ago

    I don't like all the big tees, kankens, hydro flasks, and etc. But I would never tell you TO YOUR FACE that it is ugly because you should be kind to people.

  • Arianna Elizabeth
    Arianna Elizabeth 10 hours ago

    i'm literally in middle school but I'm watching these dorm videos because i'm soo excited for college lol

  • Paige Wright
    Paige Wright 10 hours ago

    girl can i have your playlist

  • Nayeli Vega
    Nayeli Vega 10 hours ago

    Girl you dress so cute

  • Kayce Marie
    Kayce Marie 12 hours ago


  • Aynura Khadzhieva
    Aynura Khadzhieva 12 hours ago

    I like watching all this stuff when I know I can’t afford any of it

  • Gabi Tenney
    Gabi Tenney 13 hours ago

    Wait so she’s moving into dorm Where she lives nearby

  • kk cutie
    kk cutie 13 hours ago

    vsco= burts bee's, that weird spray stuff, mirror pics, those weird looking backpacks, random videos of you looking forward drinking a drink, showing your walking feet, reusable starbucks hydrflasks or cups, those sandals, apple watch, mac book pro opening and just laying there pictures/vidoes, the lighting sign and fairy lights with pictures by it, white vans, filming random stuff of just sitting there or feet on the bed, showing netflix shows or youtube videos you're watching and many more...= Zhirelle

  • Filly CheeseStake
    Filly CheeseStake 15 hours ago

    you are perfect the way you are! you are such a beautiful girl and you should live your life care free! i absolutely love your videos! keep up the good work.

  • Sophia Sinclair
    Sophia Sinclair 15 hours ago

    do like a day in your life. do a lot of those like 1 every 3 days lol . also do a week in my life of a college student. I just love your videos sooooooooooo much so please most more. or start vlogmas I know its hard tho since your in college

  • Freya McCloskey
    Freya McCloskey 16 hours ago

    Your lucky u only have three I have six. Love how u dress I would love to dress like u x My classes are from 8:50 - 3:30

  • ally
    ally 16 hours ago

    you literally wore a cropped hoodie and leggings, what the fuck is wrong with wearing normal clothes.

  • Merritt Waite
    Merritt Waite 16 hours ago

    Your style is like super super cute. Idk why you would be judged. Ily❤❤

  • Amelia Bell
    Amelia Bell 18 hours ago

    I love your style so much omg I literally wish I could just have everything in ur closet xx 😍

  • Summer
    Summer 18 hours ago

    I feel you on the expensive aspect of college, I transferred from a state college to a university this last semester after getting my AA. I never spent a dime of my own money on college, because of financial aid. This semester I had to take out a 2750 loan just so I could get books... because apparently if the amount you're receiving aid doesn't exceed the amount you were given you can't get a book voucher... whereas at my previous college they gave you the voucher based on your aid. It was ridiculous, and I won't even get started on how shitty the setup of my specific major's college was....

  • Ella Cesca
    Ella Cesca 18 hours ago

    You say cute way too much it’s annoying

  • Dari114
    Dari114 20 hours ago

    You look like emma chambarlin

  • v p2468
    v p2468 22 hours ago

    my brothers name is enzo

  • Helen McAdory
    Helen McAdory 23 hours ago

    You should do a vid where you base all of your meals off of your drink

  • marie long
    marie long 23 hours ago

    I just found you yesterday and I am already addicted to watching you

  • Isabella Golden

    Why are people saying that your outfits are weird; now I want vans or converse, I feel so sad for you cause in my house we can show our true colours and wear what we like.

  • xvmenntal
    xvmenntal Day ago

    this showed up on my recommended and i don't regret it

  • Sophia Cocchiarella

    Ok I just wanna say that I love your style and don’t ever let what other people say have any effect on you plus they’re wrong you look gorgeous!

  • MIN Channel
    MIN Channel Day ago

    Am I the only one who enjoys watching people buying Expensive / Cheap stuff

  • Bryanna Duddeck

    I would kill to be like you. I love your style and wish your closet was my closet. I feel so bad for you for all the hate stay strong girl❤

  • Sophia Sinclair

    I LOVE YOUR CLOTHES!!!!! where did you get everything? and where do you shop? you look so good in them tho!!!

  • Carmela Rock
    Carmela Rock Day ago

    13 is my fav number and Friday is my fav day of the week too!!

  • Filly CheeseStake

    how does she not get dress coded? 😭 i literally live her videos sm! great work and amazing idea. and u look amazing and ur outfit choices are incredible!! 🐝💗📷

  • anonymous person

    Why her boyfriend always grab just below his tit?

  • Jacinda Miranda

    Wait just a question , where does she get the leggings that don’t show the underwear, because my mom doesn’t let me wear leggings cause of that, sooo help!!

  • anonymous person

    I died when she didnt have boxes and instead used 4535435 laundry baskets.

  • Sophie Damdinsuren

    Did anyone else get so triggered when she said jAcKeT when that’s a HOODIE

  • Melissa Hidalgo

    GURL you're beautiful and amazing okay don't listen to them!

  • Brielle Kowalchuk

    I totally ship him and Zhirelle

    SLEEPY ZZ93 Day ago

    My house coffee is better lol

  • Kamila Mexicano

    na na na. u dress amazing!! like, honestly I wish I had your confidence to wear and creat outfits the way you do!

  • Daisy Florece
    Daisy Florece Day ago

    Yes those notebooks for math are ur best choice be they hold alot of pages and you don't have to switch notebooks because I had some with no coil and I ran out of pages quickly

  • BTS 123
    BTS 123 Day ago

    why is she wearing shoes on the bed...that bothers me

  • I'm레나
    I'm레나 Day ago

    Life: a Zhirelle: sO cUtEeE

  • Nixiia
    Nixiia Day ago


  • Lenka and Michael cool siblings

    No hate but why do you use shoes in the shower??

  • Izzy
    Izzy Day ago

    It’s 2019 why people still judging on people like we all human

  • Alice Watt
    Alice Watt Day ago

    you swear a lot that is so rude and not child friendly if u want more subscribers dont swear!!

  • The_ Soluxxe
    The_ Soluxxe Day ago

    I love your style ❤️

  • Cheyenne Graham

    is it just me or at 0:41 zhirelle sounds like she was about to cry

  • Sabrina Dungan

    Love it

  • Charles Malaga

    You look like Kourtney Kardashian!! Omg

  • Cheyenne Graham

    zhirelle i loved your fit and your style seems like every other girl i know why are people so stupid look at any other collage student and they are probably wearing the same thing as you like wtf

  • Megan_carter
    Megan_carter Day ago

    Playlist?? Lysm

  • Andrea Graff Andersen

    You are really vsco girl. No hate

  • Jamie Pinion
    Jamie Pinion 2 days ago

    It’s literally leggings and crop top! I don’t see a problem🤷🏼‍♀️ I legit wear that everyday to school😂

  • Tsum Tsum gameplay
    Tsum Tsum gameplay 2 days ago

    can u do krispy kream dounts choose my outfit

  • tae ka Lol
    tae ka Lol 2 days ago

    I didnt realize that Im watching you for 39 minutes and 24 seconds

  • Eva Brzobohata
    Eva Brzobohata 2 days ago

    i dont get her school schedule.

  • esme Russell
    esme Russell 2 days ago


  • Sierra McWenie
    Sierra McWenie 2 days ago

    Grown ass adults making fun of an OUTFIT (a cute one I might add). They’re in college still acting like they’re in middle school.

  • moon child
    moon child 2 days ago

    the amount of times she said "cute"-------->

  • stephanie
    stephanie 2 days ago

    i personally wouldn’t wear the type of clothes you do but i would never make fun of you for it. it’s very upsetting that people made fun of your style, especially from college students . that literally brings down someone’s day :/ i have light eyebrows for example and i get made fun of for it . i did my eyebrows once and i got made fun of for it too. we can never satisfy people. people just don’t know how to act 🤷‍♀️ i also get made fun of for my style too , it’s very rude . don’t change your style !!! super cute

  • Xx_Beunique_xX
    Xx_Beunique_xX 2 days ago

    All I could really hear was ‘This is really cute’

  • Tea Snapped
    Tea Snapped 2 days ago

    You look like emma but she when she is 40-50 yrs old

  • KelliAnn Siedelberg

    I love how you dress don’t listen to then💓💞

  • Faith Webster
    Faith Webster 2 days ago

    Your style is so cute wtf 🥺💗

  • Lalagotfanzzz Tv
    Lalagotfanzzz Tv 2 days ago

    i’m so happy i found ur channel ! idk every video is so entertaining 😂

  • Kate Jamison
    Kate Jamison 2 days ago

    girl your natural hair looks so good

  • itz.summiya
    itz.summiya 2 days ago

    Zhirelle in the first half of the vid: OMG THIS IS SOOO GOOD AND I DONT EVEN LIKE STRAWBERRIES Her in the middle: OHHHH ITS F***ING HUGEEEE Me: I'm shooketh My mom: Is ShE CuRsInG?!?!?

  • Melanie grace
    Melanie grace 2 days ago

    I love the way she dresses and people shouldn't be leaving hate bc she looks stunning. Idc if u like the way she dresses or not whats the point of leaving hate and bringing somebody down just cause u like somthing diffrent then they do like actually.

  • Gianna Marc
    Gianna Marc 2 days ago

    Why does she lowkey look like Emma Chamberlin?

  • Jasmine Leae
    Jasmine Leae 2 days ago


  • lynnybaby
    lynnybaby 2 days ago

    you’re so gorgeous

  • Sterre Medina
    Sterre Medina 2 days ago

    Dont u have friends at college...?😅

  • irene stylianopoulos

    you’re style is the main reason i watch your videos... like i love your clothes sooooo much

  • Jade Steenhuizen
    Jade Steenhuizen 3 days ago

    Last week people Made fun of mY voice and laugh. Like wtf is wrong with you

  • Lily Borden
    Lily Borden 3 days ago

    ily zhirelle

  • Maddu Souza
    Maddu Souza 3 days ago

    Your makeup looks sooo good on this one 🤩🤩🤩 And a felt so angry n sad abt the people making fun of u like WTF??? I wish i could have ur closer fr

  • red squirrel
    red squirrel 3 days ago

    4:19 you said false too many times.

  • Kaelyn Bruinsma
    Kaelyn Bruinsma 3 days ago

    WTF, why are people judging your style. I fricken love it. Just don't listen to them, becuase your style is so cute and awesome. I love you and your channel and style. Please don't change for anyone (don't anyone change just to please someone).

  • Ellysee Baker
    Ellysee Baker 3 days ago

    literally how could anyone hate on her style like she probably dresses the best out of her school, her fashion sense is really good and she can rock simple, basic, monochromatic, outgoing or any outfit

  • Grace Brown
    Grace Brown 3 days ago

    She realizes that if you blow dry your hair you don’t have to straighten it... right??

  • Leah Catherine
    Leah Catherine 3 days ago

    Bb don’t listen to those ppl there just rude and annoying ily bb 💔😡😕💕💕💗💗

  • yoyo vlogs
    yoyo vlogs 3 days ago

    I love your style you don't need nobody else opinion if they don't like it well who cares your opinion only maders nobody else is

  • vanessaa
    vanessaa 3 days ago

    It lokey look like you dont got friends🤣.

  • Aly Wamboldt
    Aly Wamboldt 3 days ago

    Dude your outfit was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! When you showed your outfit I was like aw I want that btw love your videos❤️

  • Claudia Gonzalez
    Claudia Gonzalez 3 days ago

    You should do a what’s in my backpack 😁

  • Andrea Nollette
    Andrea Nollette 3 days ago

    Bruh my whole life I cared what other people thought of me but you’ve opened my eyes and showed me that it doesn’t really matter what others think of you and I always felt the need to say something back to those people but it doesn’t really matter.

  • Kaylynn Mowry
    Kaylynn Mowry 3 days ago

    what was so wrong with your outfit wtf . leggings and a cropped long sleeve ?? i see absolutely nothing wrong except.

  • Fun with Cookie
    Fun with Cookie 3 days ago

    Your literally wearing a cropped sweater and leggings how is that weird people are super annoying sometime🙄Ly😍

  • Picassos Beret
    Picassos Beret 3 days ago

    Omg its a vsco girl

  • Kennedy Lachmund
    Kennedy Lachmund 3 days ago

    I think you dress really nicely

  • Ramona Allen
    Ramona Allen 3 days ago

    I love ur style How can no One couldn’t I love ur clothes 💛💛💛

  • Jamal’s Channelell

    it's really annoying how every possible chance she gets to film her face or body she does

  • Jamal’s Channelell

    this is the most vsco thing i've ever seen

  • Nina Moreno
    Nina Moreno 3 days ago

    You should do a thrift filp

  • Katie Rose
    Katie Rose 3 days ago

    She was just wearing a cropped t shirt with leggings, why is that such a big deal like, wtf! And There all just jealous because Zhirelle is very beautiful!

  • Lacey Tounch
    Lacey Tounch 3 days ago

    I love your college videos so much!

  • Olivia Bryan
    Olivia Bryan 3 days ago

    I literally love ur style. When I heard u say that people were making fun of u for ur style it blew my mind. All of ur outfits r so cute and for them to be like that when they know for a fact it is not true it means they don’t have a life and like u said have nothing better to do. Keep up the amazing work❤️

  • Sofi
    Sofi 3 days ago

    I totally agree with you, you are stronnnnggg Love u

  • Emxly
    Emxly 3 days ago

    What are you studying?

  • Nixiia
    Nixiia 3 days ago