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SENIOR PROM: *grwm & vlog*
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formal 2018 grwm!!!
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  • TristanDUHHH
    TristanDUHHH 16 minutes ago

    lol the last day when u had to mute the music , they were playing Teeth by 5 second of summer 🤣🤣

  • Schia Chua
    Schia Chua Hour ago

    Let me tell YOU .. ur a freaking vsco girl .. but YOU use plastic cups and plastic straws..YOU seriously know that the turtles are crying..

  • Lei Almay Mendoza
    Lei Almay Mendoza 3 hours ago


  • Madelyn Walker
    Madelyn Walker 4 hours ago


  • puna javzandolgor
    puna javzandolgor 5 hours ago

    Your sister looks like Billie Eilish

  • emma ciara
    emma ciara 6 hours ago

    17:20 when he was bent over her 🤭

  • Audrina Tiscareno
    Audrina Tiscareno 8 hours ago

    You could have just drank the purple one you put in the fridge FYI

  • Juliana Duarte
    Juliana Duarte 9 hours ago

    Dose anyone know where she got her skirt in day 2?

  • Joana Manne
    Joana Manne 11 hours ago

    U r sooo VSCO

  • nolifeforme
    nolifeforme 18 hours ago

    at the start of the video, I thought "oh she wears scrunchies but she doesn't have a hydro flask so she's not trying to be vsco" "cough" 15:04

  • Jazmin Jarina
    Jazmin Jarina Day ago

    You look really good with your natural hair!

  • Ashley Golson
    Ashley Golson Day ago

    9;54 she did weartheneckless

  • Hannah Wldr
    Hannah Wldr Day ago

    im kinda sad that the taro didnt work. the shop you went to must make boba weird cuz taro is definitely purple and its so bomb its my favorite. I REALLY hope you try it again somewhere else. also i love ur vids <3

  • Cream Yang
    Cream Yang Day ago

    Where’d you get the skirt and the jacket?!!!

  • Jenny De La Cruz

    I’m sorry but everytime you chose a new drink and said like “ strawberry boba” AH I cringed no hate tho! I work at a boba shop and I don’t like when people order like that because we have strawberry milk tea, iced tea, smoothie, slush and it just makes it harder for me to make out what the want 😅 but that’s okay I’m not hating on you:) that’s just me lol

  • Emily Paige
    Emily Paige Day ago

    October 2019?😂

  • designanddecor wchels

    The fact that you do this kind of shit makes you my favourite you tuber 😂😂❤️❤️

  • Stine Aaserud
    Stine Aaserud Day ago

    Ur boyfiend just went*your so cute*😭😭

  • UwU UvU
    UwU UvU 2 days ago

    Your school lunch is AMAZING!

  • Layla Owo
    Layla Owo 2 days ago

    Bro everything she said a bought I seen from other youtubers all the time lmao (love the vid tho)

  • Lea Sh
    Lea Sh 2 days ago

    I’m new here and that’s the first video I watch on your channel and I already love you 😍

  • Sarah M
    Sarah M 2 days ago

    her usual vids are like 10 to 15 mins but then this one... IS 33. Im not mad 😂😂😂

  • reese alexander
    reese alexander 2 days ago

    i enjoyed this vid so much that idec ur vsco

  • xo anna
    xo anna 2 days ago

    Girl just microwaved cup ramen... ur not supposed to do that... it will blow up 🤭

  • RhinnieThePooh
    RhinnieThePooh 2 days ago

    You'd look so cute with bangs

  • Mya Wheeler
    Mya Wheeler 2 days ago

    Why haven’t you been posting

  • nya Drummond
    nya Drummond 2 days ago

    8:29 was my favorite part. i never related to anything more😭

  • RayAnna Gomez
    RayAnna Gomez 2 days ago

    U need a puika shell necklace

  • julialovegym
    julialovegym 2 days ago

    You have got good friends 😄

  • Fuck Love
    Fuck Love 2 days ago

    Imagine having curves I am a flat skinny board xD and I'm in highschool

    COMFYSUNDAY 3 days ago

    Nooo your a VISCO GIRL. Hells no

  • Bayleigh Baliles
    Bayleigh Baliles 3 days ago

    What kind of Starbucks coffee did u get?

  • Ryann M
    Ryann M 3 days ago

    0:34 she says dog as if she hates him or her

  • Billieeilishselena23 Billieburris

    Damn you got some good food at your school and super weird classes but I love you

  • Itz_Just_Jack
    Itz_Just_Jack 3 days ago

    Does anyone know if I get a community guideline strike will I not get on the foryoupage?

  • Mahalale Wright
    Mahalale Wright 3 days ago

    i love this video so much just the fact that you actually show us everything you do in the day

  • Bella Turner
    Bella Turner 3 days ago

    Me: I think vsco I thank Hydro flask c

  • Rips Gill
    Rips Gill 3 days ago

    Says Carmex shows Burt’s bees

  • Daizy Jakubowski
    Daizy Jakubowski 3 days ago

    Are you a visco girl

  • Mahima Karim
    Mahima Karim 3 days ago

    Being a vsco girl *uses plastic straw for seven days straight*

  • yara elhassan
    yara elhassan 3 days ago

    i love you

  • Viviana Gonzalez
    Viviana Gonzalez 4 days ago

    What collage does she go to I want to go to that when I’m older

  • Jordii Marie
    Jordii Marie 4 days ago

    i honestly love the lime green color for Wednesday but if she wore more of a matcha color it would most def match the boba drink

  • johnny&kenzie
    johnny&kenzie 4 days ago

    what college do you go to? if you don’t want to answer that’s okay. New sub btw, your channel is amazing.

  • Lizzy Kehlor
    Lizzy Kehlor 4 days ago

    I LOVE the jeans in the first one!!! The jeans are NOT too short and they are NOT too tight they are PERFECT

  • phat pig uwu
    phat pig uwu 4 days ago

    who else got triggered when she didn’t mix her drink

  • Ethan Cahill
    Ethan Cahill 4 days ago

    Can we just acknowledge the fact that they at their food served in a box?

  • Addie Donahue
    Addie Donahue 4 days ago

    the transition clicks after her showing the photos drove me insane

  • I like animals Grace

    Is she visco??

  • frunzulita verde
    frunzulita verde 4 days ago

    I am from romania and in romania you need 15747 book and notebook but in America or any other country you need 3-4 notebook😂

  • Jonna Mae
    Jonna Mae 4 days ago

    new subscriber❤️

  • Gayz Eeee
    Gayz Eeee 5 days ago

    Lol u can set a timer to 10 seconds

  • Abby Softball2
    Abby Softball2 5 days ago

    “That’s what she said”😂😂😂

  • Bella’s Bear’z
    Bella’s Bear’z 5 days ago


  • Tik tok Monkey
    Tik tok Monkey 6 days ago

    Skkkkkkkkkkkkk AND I OOP

  • zeina assaf
    zeina assaf 6 days ago

    omg another person in the z squad!!!!

  • Mariam
    Mariam 6 days ago

    why haven’t you been posting 😔❤️

  • M
    M 6 days ago

    I got super confused because I thought you we're Emma chamberlin and I knew she didnt go to school then like a quarter through the video I looked in the comments and realized you arent her I'm tired so don't blame me

  • How to Ava ?
    How to Ava ? 7 days ago

    I like the almond milk boba idk it’s kinda boring

  • Sophia Rose
    Sophia Rose 7 days ago

    cRaiNs sry lol

  • MSO Productions
    MSO Productions 7 days ago

    Y'all its thotum

  • eva rosa
    eva rosa 7 days ago

    ok but like why does this make me feel so excited to go to college 😆🤣

  • txpicalyxy
    txpicalyxy 7 days ago

    did anyone hear the music at 26:30

  • Nicole Ing
    Nicole Ing 7 days ago

    Who notice that she spelt rasberry instead of raspberry

  • Leyna Le
    Leyna Le 8 days ago

    is no one going to say that she looks like emma chamberlain?

  • E's Vids
    E's Vids 8 days ago

    she said sksksk

  • Maddie C
    Maddie C 8 days ago

    *ag- thats soooooo cuuuuutttteeeee*

  • Ty Con
    Ty Con 8 days ago

    You should do were your parents pick out your outfit for a week

  • Ty Con
    Ty Con 8 days ago

    How's older you or Kiara

  • JadaSimone Duncan
    JadaSimone Duncan 8 days ago

    I’m a vsco girl and I just watched another vsco girl so sksksksksksksksksksksksks

  • Little Sis
    Little Sis 8 days ago

    *And there’s me never having boba*

  • Haylee Rodriguez
    Haylee Rodriguez 8 days ago

    why does ur sister sorta look like Billie Eyelash ?

  • ahberry
    ahberry 9 days ago

    omg i also hate naps

  • Alexia00
    Alexia00 9 days ago

    I had to read the tittle so many times to myself

  • StarNight 79
    StarNight 79 9 days ago

    oversized t

  • Natalya Gudz
    Natalya Gudz 9 days ago

    She looks like Sydney when she smiles.

  • Sydney Flatt
    Sydney Flatt 9 days ago

    take a shot everytime boba is said 😂😂

  • Jenny Alfonso
    Jenny Alfonso 9 days ago

    You look like Sydney 🤚🏽

  • MFFM_ Julio
    MFFM_ Julio 9 days ago

    The caramel ice coffee from jack is good, smh you probably went to a wrong jack tbh , I think you should go to a different one

  • Tickly tiger gaming

    October 2019 anyone? Just me?

  • Mimie hampton
    Mimie hampton 9 days ago

    OMG she is vsco af

  • Josefina P
    Josefina P 9 days ago

    I asked my mom if i could get airpods as the only present for christmas, she started yell at me for like 10 minutes. I hate being poor

  • Majka Olejnik
    Majka Olejnik 9 days ago

    now, when someone says word „cute” i think about you

  • Sidney Ashby
    Sidney Ashby 10 days ago

    And I oop sksksksksks

  • Holland Games
    Holland Games 10 days ago

    Haha I am in 5th no idea why I am watching

  • Siri Siri
    Siri Siri 10 days ago

    You should do a video and it is being connected with your boyfriend with all of your scrunchies

  • H.B.K Katie
    H.B.K Katie 10 days ago

    dude that one sister looked like billie eilish

  • Allison Yeverino
    Allison Yeverino 10 days ago

    Your like one of the most basic person ever

  • Falan Filan
    Falan Filan 10 days ago

    girl, we all know that you're already a vsco girl

  • Isis Asevedo
    Isis Asevedo 10 days ago

    Your crappy pencils are my favorite pencils 🥺

  • Mixx
    Mixx 10 days ago

    The title is always a pretty girls youtube channel

    AISSA FRAZIER 10 days ago

    This is how many layers of clear lipgloss she has on ⬇️u can see the webs of how much she has on here 0:40😂

  • callmehsushi
    callmehsushi 10 days ago

    i think you should name your *kanken backpacks*

  • hanna jochems
    hanna jochems 10 days ago

    Imagine how much she spended today

  • faatihahziki
    faatihahziki 11 days ago

    I wear skirts and shorts only at my house 🤣🙆🏻‍♀️

  • faatihahziki
    faatihahziki 11 days ago

    Should i try Goldfish??? Like this if its a yes :3

  • Jesus Castillo ayala

    You and your sister Kiera look alike and she looks like Billie Elish

  • Jocey Dearden
    Jocey Dearden 11 days ago

    This is how many times she said cute 👇🏼

    ELLY YANG 11 days ago

    I'm 10 :)

  • Philippa Skisaker
    Philippa Skisaker 11 days ago

    Your sister looks like Billie Eilish😍😍