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I Don't Like the Dentist
Views 7M26 days ago
My Time at "Camp Operetta"
Views 8M5 months ago
Locked out of my House
Views 14M11 months ago
Injuries & Being Sick
Views 22M2 years ago
Living with Ari
Views 23M2 years ago
Things I Feel Guilty About
Views 21M2 years ago
My Childhood Stories
Views 20M2 years ago
My Opinion on Traveling
Views 14M2 years ago
My Random Thoughts
Views 16M2 years ago
Parent Stories
Views 22M2 years ago
Happy Birthday Ari!
Views 17M2 years ago
My Strange Trip to Europe
Views 15M2 years ago
Why I Love/Hate Reality TV
Views 12M2 years ago
My Instrument Experiences
Views 14M2 years ago
Things that Freak Me Out
Views 20M2 years ago
My Dog Stories
Views 22M3 years ago
Flirting & My Stories
Views 21M3 years ago
My Opinion on Halloween
Views 12M3 years ago
My School Stories
Views 20M3 years ago
New Member of the Family!
Views 11M3 years ago
Crazy Substitute Teachers
Views 23M3 years ago
The College Struggle
Views 11M4 years ago
Frozen Yogurt Freak Out
Views 11M4 years ago
To the Moon (Piano)
Views 687K4 years ago
Q&A #2: What animal am I?
Views 660K4 years ago
How to be Stupid
Views 14M5 years ago
Speedart: Mudkip Evolutions
Views 458K5 years ago
Dough D-D-Dear
Views 8M5 years ago
I Hate High Heels
Views 7M5 years ago
Hide and Pee
Views 9M5 years ago
Sneaky Advertisements
Views 7M5 years ago
JaidenAnimations Intro!
Views 3.5M5 years ago


  • Xiano Trey
    Xiano Trey 4 hours ago

    This was the most outrageous nuzlocke I’ve seen

  • Addi Addi
    Addi Addi 4 hours ago

    When I type in Jaiden, it autocorrects to maiden. Welp.... MAIDENANIMATIONS

  • Drea Omot
    Drea Omot 4 hours ago

    0:53 it said Jayden

  • Doomsday Taco
    Doomsday Taco 4 hours ago

    I recently had my braces removed and I was scared shitless when they were taking them out because I didnt know what they were doing and sometimes it stung because I unintentionally wiggled at times

  • chin may ong
    chin may ong 4 hours ago

    I think I know how to draw your hair!

  • soonata
    soonata 4 hours ago

    Why does this look and feel so domestic?

  • Ayren Renee Weishuhn

    I know this is an old video, I'm new here. For one, I really REALLY hope that youre better. I feel like a younger version of me was speaking to me for 13 minutes and 28 seconds. I just wanted to hug you, and tell you that its okay. Because I needed that too. Its crazy how much you relate to someone youve never met or seen, only heard. Keep your head up girl, and if you're past all this, keep it up!! You are incredibly talented, and incredibly human 💛

  • EzCezd
    EzCezd 4 hours ago

    Me: *lives in europe* Also me: *INSANE FAST CLICK*

  • Arjun Khopade
    Arjun Khopade 5 hours ago


  • Evolutionary Advantage

    You’re beautiful 😊😊😊❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  • Josephine Schroeder
    Josephine Schroeder 5 hours ago

    My hole family has glasses 🤓

  • Alex To the max
    Alex To the max 5 hours ago

    You do cool videos

  • лиза фокс:3 литвинцева

    Почему в России нету нормального перевода твоих видео!? :((( Why doesn't Russia have a normal translation of your videos?! :(

  • Indie Tech Savvy
    Indie Tech Savvy 5 hours ago

    Oooo maa godddd I love this one soooooo much

  • morris veenhuijsen
    morris veenhuijsen 5 hours ago

    WTF dutch is not made by a 2 year old it is Just hard to understand for foreign people

  • лиза фокс:3 литвинцева

    Я одна тут русская??!? :0 I'm the only One Here Russian

  • Bhima's Channel
    Bhima's Channel 5 hours ago

    I love it

  • Ronaldo Gisalan
    Ronaldo Gisalan 5 hours ago

    I’M WAS CRYING INSIDE AT THE END! 🤭😢😫😞😔😟😕🙁☹️ I missed chad so much

  • Satria Rousdent
    Satria Rousdent 5 hours ago

    *why did not upload yet*

  • LPS Ice cream dog
    LPS Ice cream dog 5 hours ago

    I almost cry when her Pokémon died😢and good job on winning

  • hedde 9xz
    hedde 9xz 5 hours ago

    I like tjat they got 69420k dollers

  • aquamarine
    aquamarine 5 hours ago

    If i had lost my wallet in the toilet i would have burned it

  • Noa Zorko
    Noa Zorko 5 hours ago

    A lost comment that would never be seen

  • Weirdo3
    Weirdo3 5 hours ago

    JAIDEN SEARCH UP “Chow Chow”

  • Josephs Brendon
    Josephs Brendon 5 hours ago

    U did good James 🤙🏼

  • Justin Furmanek
    Justin Furmanek 5 hours ago

    Never connected more with a random thought person. Your vids are awesome. Just subscribed. hope to see more

  • ღ t e a c h u ღ
    ღ t e a c h u ღ 5 hours ago

    When I was 11, I got a hair tie with pearls on it stuck in my hair My mom ended up giving me mid long hair, even tho it was waist length already. From that day on I still fear hair ties with pearls on them

  • OP Vloger
    OP Vloger 5 hours ago

    Ive had migraines and ive got to say THOSE CAN LEAVE THANK YOU VERY MUCH

  • Brooke Cheshier
    Brooke Cheshier 5 hours ago


  • Ram Sundar Radhakrishnan

    Jaiden and James: Arizona is so hot!!!! Me: Laughs in Hindi

  • Julianne Assaf
    Julianne Assaf 5 hours ago

    Im eating cheese 🧀

  • Cynthia Ong
    Cynthia Ong 5 hours ago

    1:40 ???:CHADS A MANIPULATOR! **Police comes in** Me:FBI OPEN UP!!!!!

  • Alicia A sauceda
    Alicia A sauceda 5 hours ago

    I watched old yeller ... I cryed

  • Yeet Boi
    Yeet Boi 5 hours ago

    Has anyone else seen the video where she talks about these

  • Ahmed Wael
    Ahmed Wael 5 hours ago

    I mean Ari

  • ApL 00
    ApL 00 5 hours ago

    This. is. amazing.

  • Ahmed Wael
    Ahmed Wael 5 hours ago


  • Gian Exists
    Gian Exists 5 hours ago


  • Coolwoobyër
    Coolwoobyër 5 hours ago

    You're like one of my friends. She likes her screaming bird.

  • Claudia Sander
    Claudia Sander 5 hours ago


  • Sarah Kemp
    Sarah Kemp 5 hours ago

    As someone who can roll there eyes to the back of there head You can’t really see anything

  • vanilla ĮČẸ ČŘẸÃϻ

    Jaiden your perfect and please please I'm not saying your bad at all I hope you gain some confidence and if you ever reply please do not put on your mask🙏 And I'm in the stage of self appearance and I keep thinking I'm obese but I'm not actually and I still eat normal.

  • The Margolis Family Chanel

    Sponge bob

  • Dumme._. Memes
    Dumme._. Memes 5 hours ago

    Carl Carl

  • Camryn Sylvestre
    Camryn Sylvestre 5 hours ago

    It’s ok JAIDEN!!! We ❤️U

  • Charlotte Walker
    Charlotte Walker 5 hours ago

    Jaiden: NOT responcable for anyone’s happiness! Me, a psychiatrist: B- But...

  • Clumsy Mike
    Clumsy Mike 5 hours ago

    2:06 I also do that! 😂

  • Liz Hall
    Liz Hall 5 hours ago

    It’s a bird you silly goose

  • Ari The weird
    Ari The weird 5 hours ago

    i get a plactic thing in the shape of a tooth that opens up

  • xd Rocket
    xd Rocket 6 hours ago

    Video describes my soul xD

  • Genesis Rodriguez
    Genesis Rodriguez 6 hours ago

    The probem with Texas is that its SCALDING in the summer and FREEZING in the winter. Not perfect Like yall... Im jelous

    RED TRO VLOGZZ 6 hours ago

    I like veggies

  • APotatoGuy LikesDogs

    Jaiden, how many candles have you eaten?

  • James Tauber
    James Tauber 6 hours ago


  • mc spoonloops
    mc spoonloops 6 hours ago

    I will find where you live and I will punch u in the face

    RED TRO VLOGZZ 6 hours ago

    I like my scruffie

  • vanilla ĮČẸ ČŘẸÃϻ

    I actually like going to the dentist cuz I always go to the school dentist and missed class 😅 But I suffocate when I got my tooth taken off

  • Lucky
    Lucky 6 hours ago

    well, this is going to be important. thanks Jaiden, for the advice, and of course, for the good content, it's great as always. bye =)

  • Roblox Lego Doge
    Roblox Lego Doge 6 hours ago


  • The Sparky Clasher
    The Sparky Clasher 6 hours ago

    Teriyaki in a nutshell Whenever I see a zigzagoon, peace will never be an option

  • Queen Yas
    Queen Yas 6 hours ago

    I have anxiety a lot

  • LWL Wiffleball
    LWL Wiffleball 6 hours ago

    I’m great at small talk

  • edwin garing
    edwin garing 6 hours ago


  • Daniella Darindigon
    Daniella Darindigon 6 hours ago

    My dentist had to take out both of my wisdom teeth. It took 2 separate appointments and 7 needles because I could still feel the pain. And then they end up using that gas thing. Also, my mom forgot to give me pain relief before all the anesthesia wore off. It was damn painful, I cried the entire night.

  • Itz Mi :3
    Itz Mi :3 6 hours ago

    Jaiden: ‘So I ordered a smoothie bowl’ Me out of curiosity: *searches up how the fridge does a smoothie bowl look like* I know I’m stupid. TnT

  • Gage and Arceus
    Gage and Arceus 6 hours ago

    I be doing a nunlocke on my chanle

  • LWL Wiffleball
    LWL Wiffleball 6 hours ago

    Jaiden how old were u when u first saw snow?

  • Patricia Valek
    Patricia Valek 6 hours ago

    Are u a boy or a girl?

  • Gisol
    Gisol 6 hours ago

    group projects only work when all people have their own parts to do and are solely held responsible for them.

  • JuanMiguel Rustia
    JuanMiguel Rustia 6 hours ago


  • C y a V i b e s
    C y a V i b e s 6 hours ago

    0:12 -Raises hand-

  • Lex Luthor
    Lex Luthor 6 hours ago

    Waterparks gross me out just as much ughhh

  • Deadly_ProYT Gaming
    Deadly_ProYT Gaming 6 hours ago

    T-this is how... I got depressed... Like why... Why do other people around me are more perfect than I what's the problem... The first thing that makes me more depressed... Is my best friend his perfect that me... His healthy, awesome, handsome and had this... THIS PERFECT LIFE... HAVE A GOOD LOVING FAMILY AND FRIENDS... This is... Why I hate my self... When someone sends me a stolen pics from me... I tend to tell them... To delete this... People were perfect than me. Why can't am I too... I've been depressed for 2 years and it's still going... When you say that you want to go to the surface but waves keep taking you down... I felt that... When you're trying your best but no one appreciates it... And the wave for me... The waves represented anxiety... Saying that you're not enough, you're not good enough... But... I'm trying to KILL IT cause its not useful for me... It's making me say an awful thing to my self.... Am I good... It's ok not to be ok...🙂🙂

  • Mj Briones
    Mj Briones 6 hours ago

    Solrock and that other moon pokemon: *can use self destruct* Jaiden:Easy

  • Mathew Emad
    Mathew Emad 6 hours ago

    How hot does Egypt get? Temperatures during the summer months average an impressive 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius) but can reach as high as 122 F (50 C) -google

  • Jieming Gan
    Jieming Gan 6 hours ago

    Wow that piano song was La Campanella! That song is insane!!!! Haven’t played it before but yeah I have self doubt for my piano and writing skills

  • Renae Cassidy
    Renae Cassidy 6 hours ago

    I can't drink alcohol cuz I'm so yeah that part definitely sucks anyhow Happy ❤️

  • Julie Lieu
    Julie Lieu 6 hours ago


  • Julie Lieu
    Julie Lieu 6 hours ago


  • ElijahTGR8
    ElijahTGR8 6 hours ago

    *S T I C K Y F I N G A S*

  • Iwo Golunski
    Iwo Golunski 6 hours ago

    I just caught a swellow in Pokemon White and named him Ari lmao

  • Yomi
    Yomi 6 hours ago

    0:39 Doflamingo lol

  • Olga Hermosilla
    Olga Hermosilla 7 hours ago

    I feel you

  • Ruben Hulleman
    Ruben Hulleman 7 hours ago

    This video is kind off rude to me Because i am dutch

  • 1920 P1G2 12 PETERSEN, ANTON

    If you want to get into fitness go to the gym

  • Peracality
    Peracality 7 hours ago

    Those damn zig zagoons

  • Nxxdles Aj
    Nxxdles Aj 7 hours ago

    I shed my hair too

  • 1920 P1G2 12 PETERSEN, ANTON

    Hi Jaiden🍕

  • Gladys Bahian-Catayoc

    Jaiden:plays pokemon sword Teriyaki: runs into zigzagoon Zigzagoon:evolves Teriyaki:FRICK Jaiden:meh

    ANOO ROZAKIS 7 hours ago

    Look write what make you said on a paper and then tear it up it's a good idea I try it I'm jast scered of making my own channel on TVclip ....I stopped taking whith people too...

  • Coolwoobyër
    Coolwoobyër 7 hours ago

    I'm an extrovert but I like things that are not people when i'm not talking. Like the comic style instead of a realistic style. Like non-colaborations. Like playing Minecraft while TVclip runs a Skywars video so i do not feel like i'm lonely.

    THOMAS PEDERSON 7 hours ago

    I have a friend who eats bananas not from top down, but side to side. I’ve been mortified for years.

  • Eliza Bagundol
    Eliza Bagundol 7 hours ago

    Face reveal pls

  • Maisha Broski
    Maisha Broski 7 hours ago

    OH DAMN!

  • Bradley Wilson
    Bradley Wilson 7 hours ago

    5:34 snom.

  • 最無聊的頻道
    最無聊的頻道 7 hours ago


  • Diviner Elite
    Diviner Elite 7 hours ago

    I’m not sure if it’s just me but I started shaking when she got a EDWARD ELRIC FIGURINE and how she said “oh yeah.. that’s cool”

  • ItzMelodyHere
    ItzMelodyHere 7 hours ago

    right as the vid ended i got an ad for 'fitness granola' nice,

  • Gerald Snake
    Gerald Snake 7 hours ago

    3:18(bottom book) STREET SMARTS