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Locked out of my House
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Being the Best/Worst Ever
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My Experience with Sports
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Injuries & Being Sick
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Living with Ari
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My Childhood Stories
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My Opinion on Traveling
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My Random Thoughts
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Parent Stories
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Happy Birthday Ari!
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My Strange Trip to Europe
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Why I Love/Hate Reality TV
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My Instrument Experiences
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Things that Freak Me Out
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My Dog Stories
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Flirting & My Stories
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My Opinion on Halloween
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My School Stories
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New Member of the Family!
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Crazy Substitute Teachers
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The College Struggle
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Frozen Yogurt Freak Out
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To the Moon (Piano)
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Q&A #2: What animal am I?
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How to be Stupid
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Speedart: Mudkip Evolutions
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Dough D-D-Dear
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I Hate High Heels
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Hide and Pee
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Sneaky Advertisements
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JaidenAnimations Intro!
Views 3.3M5 years ago


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  • 4G Justice
    4G Justice Hour ago

    Every person with social anxiety "Friends are just enemies, who haven't hurt you yet..."

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    your face looks so close to your animated self! i love it!

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    i started waching this video to listen to jaiden's story, i realized at the end it was a face reveal, but i felt so proud of her when i finished the video. i hope that Jaiden Animations reads this and knows that no matter how you look, true fans dont have an opinion based of apirance, but based on content and the perons peronality. this is to all small and big youtubers, people in general; dont juge yourself, and if you do, there will Always be people that love and support you, and try their best to help. dont forget that you are worth it.

    SMYRNA SPRINGFLARE 2 hours ago

    me & my best friend:* just finished a conversation * **awkward eye contact and awkward silence for a few seconds** best friend:what? 😐 me:nothing 😅 * turns away * this situation is just made worse by the fact that i'm a girl and my best friend is a boy. i still cringed to that moment 'till this very day (the whole thing happened in 7th grade (my current grade),BTW)

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    SMYRNA SPRINGFLARE 2 hours ago

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