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  • Change Mindset
    Change Mindset 8 seconds ago

    I love iyana hair style gosch

  • Prettyx dancers
    Prettyx dancers 32 seconds ago

    Holy crap the woman with the green dress younger daughter has the same dress as me the black one in the picture!

  • barbacci5
    barbacci5 Minute ago

    This made me cry!! What Britney went through should tell us all to be aware of our mental health, and when someone is struggling help them up, don't knock them down!! I pray and hope she finds what she needs and IS STRONGER than EVER!!

  • Alicia Lopez
    Alicia Lopez 2 minutes ago

    I am so sorry for hearing the passing away of Mrs. Carroll I've been watching her on fJulia her TV series and I did not even realize she had passed away on October 4th she will always be remembered of a great actress she was

  • HenryYYT
    HenryYYT 3 minutes ago

    0:41 Jackie Chan : Handshake pls :D Interviewer : No lol Jackie Chan : *BOI*

  • Anthony Jackson
    Anthony Jackson 7 minutes ago

    Beautiful sisters

  • CulinaryGuide
    CulinaryGuide 10 minutes ago

    She is one of a handful of Asian American anchors/ journalist featured prominently. Representation matters!!! The bottom line is she was ousted in favor of a White male. It was a huge loss. So, many women look-up to her. I'm glad she's vindicated in the end.

  • Chase Dolan
    Chase Dolan 12 minutes ago

    Hey it’s the actor who plays as yoda Frank oz

  • Mystic TRAINER24
    Mystic TRAINER24 15 minutes ago

    Is this the krusty krab?

  • Tabias Vasquez
    Tabias Vasquez 16 minutes ago

    Don’t get mad because no one watches you guys

  • PuppyLuvU2
    PuppyLuvU2 17 minutes ago

    TFW your father tells you you're a mistake and should never have been born.

  • Rose Petal
    Rose Petal 19 minutes ago

    "The Sound of Music" forever my childhood!!!! <3

  • Shah Rukh Khan
    Shah Rukh Khan 19 minutes ago


  • Jesus Rivas
    Jesus Rivas 19 minutes ago


  • Test Tube
    Test Tube 23 minutes ago

    If this was a real court . Every one will join him and jump over the killer and smash and finish him for ever.. even the judges would be pinching him... But this law and judges..etc are British colonial era systems specifically designed to protect the colonial masters who enslaved and rape 100s of people in Africa and asia

  • USA#1 !!
    USA#1 !! 24 minutes ago

    If the Children of the Corn really let themselves go....

  • Danny lifts
    Danny lifts 25 minutes ago

    Kids watch this. Put some clothes on her ffs

  • nishan neupane
    nishan neupane 25 minutes ago

    Ok but Her dress is trash tho. Reminds me of Shanti town garments.

  • Justin Eves
    Justin Eves 29 minutes ago

    Very very cute video I like it a lot

  • Teiona Halton
    Teiona Halton 34 minutes ago

    They r married already. Do research reporter

  • Daniel De Jesús
    Daniel De Jesús 34 minutes ago


  • Gustavo Cruz
    Gustavo Cruz 36 minutes ago

    She is ICONIC, Amaizing, the Best pop star in the world, she is pop coulture, living the legend, the one and only FOREVER AND EVER miss Britney Spears ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • jjcp292
    jjcp292 37 minutes ago

    What a classy lady she was.

  • Ashleigh Rowland
    Ashleigh Rowland 38 minutes ago

    This just made me insanely happy the second I saw Julie

  • Jennifer Benjamin
    Jennifer Benjamin 38 minutes ago

    Where’s Jenifer Lewis? That’s my girl😂💜💜💜

  • Jay Chon
    Jay Chon 39 minutes ago

    I’ll do same

  • Howard Wiggins
    Howard Wiggins 42 minutes ago

    I suspect Andrews would cringe reading all these comments saying she is "perfect."

  • Iesha Tyler
    Iesha Tyler 45 minutes ago

    Cocaine is one hell of a drug... He literally made millions off of tripping off his mind.

  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson 49 minutes ago

    Keep my copy

  • Amy Clarke
    Amy Clarke 49 minutes ago

    Ja mp d 64 ga

  • Nicolás Araya
    Nicolás Araya 51 minute ago

    Love u.

  • Virus II
    Virus II 52 minutes ago

    The unions messed it yp

  • Jasper DiLincoln
    Jasper DiLincoln 53 minutes ago

    RIP she was always so classy

  • heng taing
    heng taing 56 minutes ago

    Dam man seeing the expression of pain and heartbreak in his face... I would do the same thing in a heartbeat!!! May the family find justice!

  • Jay Tern
    Jay Tern 56 minutes ago


  • Edd Wilson
    Edd Wilson 58 minutes ago

    From Princess Tiana to Cinderella. PERIODT

  • Ci Silver
    Ci Silver 59 minutes ago

    She was so freaking young when she started in the music business and worked so hard! So I totally understand her 2007 mental breakdown!

  • thea Borbon
    thea Borbon Hour ago

    Britney didnt deserve any of it! Live your life as you please Britney Spears!

  • l
    l Hour ago

    Excellent! SJWs just got rapped!!

  • Lauren Gregg
    Lauren Gregg Hour ago

    I love disney land or disney world. I wish i can go back

  • Lauren Gregg
    Lauren Gregg Hour ago

    So Adorable

  • Denice Moody
    Denice Moody Hour ago

    Love, love, love this video.

  • Nanaz4Mz
    Nanaz4Mz Hour ago

    It's too bad she is closed off to learning more of her mothers death (murder). And no she doesn't look like her beautiful mother. jmo

  • octoberboiy
    octoberboiy Hour ago

    Wow crazy that she is 84 years old... she’s a queen!

  • Ed Strauss
    Ed Strauss Hour ago

    the Britney + Michael Duo, I didn't know this rare piece existed -

  • KAMS !
    KAMS ! Hour ago

    What a lovely lady! I was lucky enough to meet her in Philadelphia's Mann Center for a benefit. It was a night I will never forget!❤😍

  • Trump Fan Network 2

    When does White-ish premiere?

  • Amazing Unicorn
    Amazing Unicorn Hour ago


  • Trump Fan Network 2


  • Devant Retemiah
    Devant Retemiah Hour ago

    Join wielding peace to end gun violence, keep his legacy alive 1999 - 2019 💔💔

  • Sara Matlock
    Sara Matlock Hour ago

    Wow MO is so humbled, what a great woman, and role model.

  • Mari Gonzalez
    Mari Gonzalez Hour ago

    She is a beauty!!God bless 💖

  • JANE Siskind
    JANE Siskind Hour ago

    Lovely young lady! Love it! Happy birthday Sydney!

  • Bigdawg Outdoors

    Let kosmos q cook a ribeye for Gordon. Kosmos q cooked a world champion steak in 2015. Let’s see Gordon react to it.

  • L Rowe
    L Rowe Hour ago

    Super cute

  • kizzy
    kizzy Hour ago

    God bless Julie Andrews. She reminds me of my late Grammie... I adore her.

  • Tyffen123
    Tyffen123 Hour ago

    "Racism" is part of human nature...

    MICHAEL GLASS Hour ago

    I Looooove blackish 👍

  • Timmy tim
    Timmy tim Hour ago

    Ugh you can see how much she misses singing . How tragic

  • Shirley Gatlin
    Shirley Gatlin Hour ago

    I think this show is great! The people in it are so eclectic, you find yourself wondering what you would do if put in the situations they get into. And John has been one of my favorite actors since Burglar. If he's in something, I know it's worth watching.

  • Gayle Cheung
    Gayle Cheung Hour ago

    I have exactly the same condition

  • Antboy 925
    Antboy 925 Hour ago

    If you want proof ur video is a lie, Good Morning America, just ask Joe

  • Stonie Wake
    Stonie Wake Hour ago

    It’s only rare because (currently) every society on the planet is male dominated. While our species has not quite evolved to near perfection like some species, we are only humans... Evolution takes time and clearly we did away with things to keep us from destroying ourselves. So it’s not rare, it’s just that males want to decide how their seed is spread and the less intelligent and weaker females often take up with the stupidest and sorta strongest but smallest penis males. They procreate faster because they are lacking in all things called survival of the fittest, procreation of the species and it’s exactly why we are not a monogamous species.

  • Meny
    Meny Hour ago

    The secret to a delicious meal? Salt, pepper, little olive oil, amazing.

  • Jasmine Lewis
    Jasmine Lewis Hour ago

    Whack Intro but I’m here for SIMONE!! Go Simone Go!

  • Sir Snakespeare
    Sir Snakespeare Hour ago

    The parents at the beginning says that she would shoot Britney ? mental..

  • Sugarcoated Slaughterhouse

    Patrick Page steals any show with one line holy shit

  • Ashley HW
    Ashley HW Hour ago

    Black-ish... my favorite show on television. 📺

  • M.Y.O. H.
    M.Y.O. H. Hour ago

    Oh, come on. Most plastic surgeries are safe. I'm Japanese and I went back to Japan and I got double eyelid surgery in Japan. They do the best double eyelid surgeries in the world, when working with Asian eyes because we've done it for a long time. I love my new look! I plan on getting a Brazilian butt lift, soon when I save enough money. As long as you go to a safe, experienced doctors, its fine.

  • NaturalMonty
    NaturalMonty Hour ago

    Such a beautiful image to watch the love of these sisters...God bless these two.

  • Paulo César
    Paulo César Hour ago

    britney is so strong, definitely she is the real meaning of woman power!!! i hope see her comeback soon ♥

  • koreanfoxy21
    koreanfoxy21 Hour ago

    is that really how she talks!? she is such a sweetie and a doll oh my gosh i love how she talks!!

  • Saerise
    Saerise Hour ago

    That’s why I just go to the shelter or humane society and get a mutt.

  • Paulo César
    Paulo César Hour ago

    glee with britney was in 2010

  • Alex
    Alex Hour ago

    If my kid is not like this later what’s the point of being a parent

  • cian keane
    cian keane Hour ago

    there we go with that word again instagram

  • Gekko Bos
    Gekko Bos Hour ago

    He seems out of breath

  • EmmaRhonda Wilson

    Congratulations!! How awesome is that?

  • Awesomewelol Ninja

    Y’all be trippin, like control you’re kids how about that

  • DSLightning21
    DSLightning21 Hour ago

    Selena has a song called "Baila Conmigo", and it sounds way better than this garbage. :P

  • ankit kumar
    ankit kumar Hour ago

    Just 2 punches in a place so that he could remember that in his whole life.

  • x_toxicity
    x_toxicity Hour ago

    The media was obsessed with her virginity and that was down right creepy.

  • Eugene K
    Eugene K Hour ago

    Did they call Prince CRIM?

  • The City Girl
    The City Girl Hour ago

    That’s how I feel about my sissy to this day, and we’re grown!

  • peacelife
    peacelife Hour ago

    Wow costume, dance, and music is on point. Throwback!! Thx for the commitment guy

  • The Official Andy Saenz

    The annual contribution limit for a Roth IRA in 2019 is $6,000, or $7,000 if you’re over age 50. So I don’t understand how she saved up $100,000 from that in only 2 years? She said she started her Roth IRA at 21, and she’s now 25. But even 4 years of saving $6,000 a year is only $24,000. GMA is either lying to us or misleading us. 😡👎🏼🤥

  • brianna lovely
    brianna lovely 2 hours ago

    Is nobody ganna talk about the hairline?!??!

  • payton just payton
    payton just payton 2 hours ago

    I’m friends with one of the girls in this family. We watched this vid in drama!

  • 1lure 2fish
    1lure 2fish 2 hours ago

    The video watched me more than I watched the video

  • Jen TheReader
    Jen TheReader 2 hours ago

    Like her not, she is a natural super star. She just absorbs your attention on stage like no other.

  • Ambria-Justyne
    Ambria-Justyne 2 hours ago

    What a beautiful soul!

  • MMaya
    MMaya 2 hours ago

    don't buy dogs, ever! ADOPT!! So many beautiful souls out there waiting for home and family, and you will be helping them instead of supporting breeders!! and mixed breed dogs are healthiest and smartest of all

  • The Official Andy Saenz

    Imagine how much better off our country would be if Congress managed the federal budget this well?

  • Ces M
    Ces M 2 hours ago

    She was so cute with the way she admitted "shyly" that they quote each other :D She was like a little girl admitting something :D

  • fgtboss boss
    fgtboss boss 2 hours ago

    She looks good God bless her .i hope she has really supportive family and friends.

  • Estella Felder
    Estella Felder 2 hours ago

    Her younger sister looks up to her. She can teach her sister lessons she learns in school. Her younger sister will love that. She will also be very smart when she starts school.😊👍🌹❤

  • David David
    David David 2 hours ago

    She is sensitive and with positive energy. Naturally, she killed the Popstar they created inside of her with an act of rebellion and showing she's vunerable but she only needs freedom. She's my hero, I love you Britney, I hope you do whatever you want to be happy!

  • bill jam
    bill jam 2 hours ago

    Be careful when watching the Absolute Bullsh*t Corporation. They try to sell a war narrative using video of a gun show in Kentucky, claiming it was fighting between Turkish & Syrian troops. They then apologized. Oops! Fake news clowns.

  • The Official Andy Saenz

    Wow, she’s going to be a net worth millionaire well before her 50th birthday at this rate! Say hello to early retirement!

    DIS CHANNEL 2 hours ago

    Black people really can dance to anything. I don't know how she could dance to that old ass music, but she killed it.