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    is that donald trump :D

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    What is the thing he's writing on

  • K- 599
    K- 599 21 hour ago

    No this is wrong ....u might think that acc to Newton's Shell theorem the gravitational force is 0......but it's -3/2(GM/R)

  • Linus 6626 Feynstein

    Nice lecture. How do you do that with the glass pane? Do you Write from Right to left and mirrorwise?

  • Mario Caseiro
    Mario Caseiro Day ago

    t5:46 shouldn't the current vector points UP? Since current flows from negative to positive?

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    Tim Ulricksen Day ago

    Your maths are nothing like common core, how did you do these problems without a frog involved?

  • Arthur Bosquetti

    why is a= -g? shouldn't it be a= g?

  • blanca roca
    blanca roca Day ago

    Terribly vague development. As the two charges get closer the Electric Field will grow (not reduce) according to Coulomb field of charges and finally shoot off to plus infinity rather than getting smaller. As they pass the E field will suddenly shoot to negative infinity. We need to consider the field depends highly on spatial location in such a situation. There are better simplified situations less vague which can be used. Very worrying is the lack of critical thinking or questions by students or commentators.

  • Kisembo Academy
    Kisembo Academy 2 days ago

    this is sooo cool. i look forward to advancing to this kind of production for my own TVclip channel. Thanks for the inspiration

  • T Mst
    T Mst 2 days ago

    19:00: Jack up your car using an AA battery.

  • C.S. Lewis
    C.S. Lewis 3 days ago

    This has been proven . Wilson's law... Proves humans live in a hollow earth and not a tunnel through earth. His law states , inside a hollow world , what falls down , is falling up... Based upon the world is a ball... He proves humans can't fall off earth because they are inside a hollow world . But once you leave hollow earth. .it's a different experience...

  • C.S. Lewis
    C.S. Lewis 3 days ago

    Hilarious ...everyone knows force of rotation creates gravity... Your theory is based upon humans living on outter crust...and humans don't fly off the merry go round defies physics... Humans actually live inside a spinning globe .. The force of rotation creates the gravity... The humans learned to walk... The so called ground is actually a wall... Human eyes fool perceptions ....down is up. The center of earth is hollow... The center of earth has clouds.... Man had yet to go up to earth's crust... To go inside the holes up to earth. North passage and south passage... Go down to go up ... It feels like falling , but you go up...when you reach the bottom..your on top. You fall out of earth and onto earth . You fall out of the hole... Your compass works to get you there, once through, your compass has no north to point to doesn't work there. Strange a compass points north and not south as you get closer...nor does it repell. Why is northern hole magnetic? What hit earth and passed right through?

  • T Mst
    T Mst 3 days ago

    26:50: Quasars? That's cool, I guess. But uranium depletion is a more common means of gamma rays, to which Madame Curie's survivors can attest.

  • Clark Magnuson
    Clark Magnuson 4 days ago

    In discharge: V2/Vc = e^(-t/rc) In charging: V2/Vc = 1- e^(-t/rc) If I had a big schematic to design, these were fast, conditioned response. I did it for money at a lot of companies, designing power supplies and battery chargers from 1977 to 2008.

  • Zaki Yusuf
    Zaki Yusuf 4 days ago

    Macgyver in action.

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    Thank you

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    T Mst 4 days ago

    Did he teach himself to write backwards for this? Remarkable.

  • Raj Bagwe
    Raj Bagwe 4 days ago

    I don't know much, about these things, but I think the person should stop at the centre after many ups and downs. Once the person goes down, it should cause the centre of gravity of earth do move down a little bit... This means that while going back up again, the acceleration due to gravity must be a little bit lower. This effect would eventually cause the person slow down so much that he would be practically vibrating near the centre...

  • Zaki Yusuf
    Zaki Yusuf 5 days ago

    I am not annoyed, rather exhilarated.

  • Nobi's Physics
    Nobi's Physics 5 days ago

    Why you involved torque if it's the component in rotational mechanics? I mean planet revolves in elliptical path and not rotational?

  • Complaisant Play
    Complaisant Play 5 days ago

    Thanks sir

  • Zaki Yusuf
    Zaki Yusuf 5 days ago


  • Tim Ulricksen
    Tim Ulricksen 5 days ago

    If "Free Space" is nothing, how does it exist?

    • T Mst
      T Mst 3 days ago

      @Tim Ulricksen It was a play on words.

    • Tim Ulricksen
      Tim Ulricksen 3 days ago

      @T Mst I have more respect for a person who can Say "I don't know" I feel it saves the energy for the inquirer to pursue the matter without the egos getting in his or her way.

    • T Mst
      T Mst 4 days ago

      We call it that because we don't know nothing.

  • Zaki Yusuf
    Zaki Yusuf 5 days ago


  • shreeya patel
    shreeya patel 6 days ago

    how would I solve this question: if Kepler's constant for a STAR is 6.00x10^-12 s^2/m^3, what would the mass of the planet be in scientific notation? I've been struggling about it for a while, and can't find a way to isolate mass in the equation with no info on the Period or the Radius: Ta^2/Ra^3=Tb^2/Rb^3. Thank you...

  • Jacob Francis-Burnett

    If people were not blessed with talented professors like this... sharing their knowledge for free on platforms like this... then so many people would fail as a result of improper teaching in school. I had such uninspiring tutors in my college and I paid way more then enough money to learn just a fraction of what is available here. A personal thank you, Mr Anderson!

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    Mehak Chahal 6 days ago he!!!!!?????🙀🙀😲😍

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    stephen h 7 days ago

    Is he writing right to left? I find that more remarkable than the actual content

    • Chris Atherton
      Chris Atherton 5 days ago

      But if they flip the picture in the video, none of the people in the room would be able to read it

    • Jerry Massie
      Jerry Massie 5 days ago

      @Gerald Lovell forget the mirror, they just flip the picture in post

    • Gerald Lovell
      Gerald Lovell 5 days ago

      He is right handed.

    • Gerald Lovell
      Gerald Lovell 6 days ago

      You film him thru the glass, from behind, than thru a mirror.

  • pavan kumar jada
    pavan kumar jada 8 days ago

    Sir I'm pavan Kumar from I'm from poor back ground but I'm preparing to ies. I'm an electrical student can u plz upload electrical ies class sir u r classes r simply to understand

  • Muhammad Omar Khayyam Khan

    This teacher is not Just a Teacher he is a Scientist. wonderful teacher.

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    How would you calculate friction? I need to find the exact initial velocity for a school project

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    Oh my God Benedict Cumberbatch is teaching

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    I'm sorry, but the electron is the cavitation of space-time. There is only one string. Grow Up

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    video response:

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    Thanks for the explanation......u kinda look like Benedict Cumberbatch

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    Cheers to you, Dr. A

  • Stu
    Stu 9 days ago

    I have been pondering this in the bathroom the last few days since Christmas and concluded that gravity balances out in the centre of earth due to equal pull of the earth all around you. I was glad to see you have posted this specific point to explain the same. Thanks! I also thought there would be slight unequal pulls due to the irregular shape of the earth and the pull of the sun/moon etc. but am glad to know the principle I thought is right.

  • lisimahus
    lisimahus 9 days ago

    thank you, Professor Anderson, it is very clear and easy to understand!

    oHAWKWINDo 10 days ago

    The total power of the sun calculation confuses me... We're not at the end of the wavelength. The heat of the sun continues into space past us. Who knows how far really? Am I right?

  • Mark Kurzava
    Mark Kurzava 10 days ago

    Would you have to consider the change in "gravity" (or mass) as the rocket burns it's fuel?

  • Riuza
    Riuza 10 days ago

    This video is a great explanation and visualisation but I have to mention that I think the very first example is very wrong, professor didn't noticed it because of course the electric field measured on the line (let's say x axe) is still oscilating but in the wrong way. Electric field between 2 charges increases when they are closer together not decreasing and moreover never reaching 0 if they are very close, that's were the electric field is the greatest? if we wanted à 0 electric field, each field density induces by the charges have to cancel each other, this can be done by theoric cases like an infinite condensator, but if we want this field to reach 0 with 2 opposite charges they have to be infinitly distant from each other in my opinion Sorry for my english not my native language.

  • Evolution is a Hoax
    Evolution is a Hoax 10 days ago

    Light is also not a wave. the wave Idea is simply a drawing of the amount of energy at a given time in that space measured as it travels through space into your detector like a bunch of balls of different sizes. Our eyes pick those up and determine what colour to call that light if any. We just happen to move slowly but light doesn't

  • Evolution is a Hoax
    Evolution is a Hoax 10 days ago

    lots of interesting things but some of them are wrong. At no time is there any waves. They are simply a number of pinpoint measurement of time So there is no wave. the wave is the line he drew . Second the right hand rule is about rotation of a field left and right not about direction of flow. so those arrows on those horizontal wave paterns B actually should be drawn on the line not in the space of the line unlike the E. Third, if there is forward and reverse movement in a wire, those A/C waves are actually on top of themselves going back and forth the distance the electron moves is very little. So even though you can send your internet request across the ocean in almost no latency, Electrons did not travel there from your computer. Without realizing it, many are using a type of quantum entanglement that has a slight latency.

  • Nella MC
    Nella MC 11 days ago

    Praise the LORD. Thanks for this video, you probably get this a lot but I have a test tomorrow hehe. God bless your spirit, sir.

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    What does the G stand for?

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    Are you writing backwards.

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    Anyone from senior year #highschool

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    31:30 --- particle/wave properties are +/- : like a magnetic pole

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    love u matt..wherever u r

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    like we are all connected to the baseline?

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    What is " Newton meter " in English???? What an idiot. Just take the car to the shop....

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    mike levitz 13 days ago

    Very good lecture. Now i can make an anti matter bomb and send it to anyone who is evil. Yeah.

    DAVID ELM 14 days ago

    shouldn't the b field and the e field be 90 degrees out of phase just like in a tuned circuit? jmho (just my humble opinion) -delm

  • R M
    R M 14 days ago

    Solving the problem using Microsoft Excel --- got the angle = 114° from the East --- i. e 24° from the North ( 21.8° for the first movement + 2.19° for the second movement ). Applied Phythagoras for the first movement. Applied Law of the Sines and the rule of Cosine for the second movement. The answer differs a bit from the professor's because not using truncation in Excel ... using the result of every step as it is in the next steps.

  • محجوب ودقرشية

    thank you professor

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    You’re a blessing

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    The thing that's waving : watch...

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    Thank you soo much...I finally understood physics❤❤ And came to love it🤗

  • Harsha Shah
    Harsha Shah 15 days ago

    Exact same scenario was shown in an episode of oggy and the cockroaches in which the oggy gose on moving throughout tunnel forever

  • Akif ARSLAN
    Akif ARSLAN 15 days ago

    at 7:00 current doesn't change direction. Current stops when particles stop moving. And current changes direction when particles start moving reverse direction. So It happens not when particles pass each other but when they get the most distant from each other and stop and start moving the other direction.

  • Ricardo Varas
    Ricardo Varas 15 days ago

    He looks like Benedict Cumberbatch.

  • AugustoDRA
    AugustoDRA 15 days ago

    it's still unclear to me how the waves propagate through space! The graph you showed was of waves moving through time, which is understandable enough. I just watched a video of Learn Engineering explaining this, but I can't seem to wrap my head around it

  • Rishav Diyali
    Rishav Diyali 16 days ago

    This man's greatness lies in the fact that not one of his videos contain ads.

  • Shubham Soni
    Shubham Soni 16 days ago

    Sir , may you tell what software or technique did you use to present this lecture?

  • Eldridge Alarcon
    Eldridge Alarcon 16 days ago

    ok I do not want to say you don't know what your talk about you made the mistake that all people who are not learned in this field make all energy flows from negative to positive If you are wondering why your experiment do not really work is because you have it backwards so it will never change to the units you want hope that helps

  • Charles Brightman
    Charles Brightman 16 days ago

    Consider the following: Just as the same basic principal concerning solar sails at the end of this video, the net effect of all the solar winds, particles and energy coming out of galaxies, continuously, over a prolonged period of time, with other galaxies doing the same, with nothing to stop them from doing so, would tend to push galaxies away from each other as well as possibly contributing to the cosmic web forming between galaxies. And then further consider, galaxies very far away from ours, with other galaxies in between us and them, could have those far away galaxies move away from us faster and faster the further they were from us due to the cumulative effects of all those net effects of all those interacting galaxies. In other words, 'space' itself is NOT expanding, just galaxies moving away from each other due to already known physics. And note, a respective red shift could also be relatively detected.

  • Charles Brightman
    Charles Brightman 16 days ago

    Ask yourself: When the E field and B field both come back to basically zero, where did their energy go to in their respective energy fields since energy supposedly cannot be created nor destroyed? My answer is that it goes into the 'gravity' energy field that acts 90 degrees to both the 'em' fields, which act 90 degrees to each other. The 'gem' photon being the energy unit of this universe that also makes up space time itself, (space being energy itself, time being the flow of energy), including numbers themselves due to their oscillations.

    • Charles Brightman
      Charles Brightman 13 days ago

      @Thales of Miletus But electrical charges and magnetic charges are not the same. Otherwise, we wouldn't have both types of energy fields. And what causes the 'em' field to move, to move in a sine wave fashion, and to move in a certain direction?

    • Thales of Miletus
      Thales of Miletus 13 days ago

      There is no Energy going anywhere. When both fields are at zero it just means that both charches were on top of eachother when that part of the wave originated. (very simplified)

    • Charles Brightman
      Charles Brightman 16 days ago

      FOR ME: 'Space' is energy itself. Wherever space is, energy is. Wherever energy is, space is. They are one and the same thing. And for me, the 'gem' photon is the energy unit of this universe that makes up everything in existence in this universe. 'Time' is the flow of energy. 'Time' (flow of energy) cannot exist unless 'space' (energy itself) exists. And 'space' (energy itself) that does not flow (no flow of time / energy) is basically useless. An entity cannot even think a thought without a flow of energy. If all the energy in the universe stopped flowing, wouldn't we say that 'time stood still'? Time itself would still exist, it would just not be flowing, (basically 'time' stopped). But then also, how space and time are linked in what is called 'space time', (energy and it's flow).

    • Charles Brightman
      Charles Brightman 16 days ago

      'IF' my latest TOE idea is really true, (and I fully acknowledge the 'if' at this time), that the pulsating, swirling 'gem' photon is the energy unit of this universe that makes up everything in existence in this universe, and what is called 'gravity' is a part of what is currently recognized as the 'em' photon, then the oscillation of these 3 interacting modalities of the energy unit would be as follows: Gravity: Maximum in one direction, Neutral, Maximum in the other direction; Electrical: Maximum in one direction, Neutral, Maximum in the other direction; Magnetic: Maximum in one direction, Neutral, Maximum in the other direction. Then: 1 singular energy unit, with 3 different modalities, with 6 maximum most reactive positions, with 9 total basic reactive positions (neutrals included). Hence 1, 3, 6, 9 being very prominent numbers in this universe and why mathematics even works in this universe. (And possibly '0', zero, as possibly neutrals are against other neutrals, even if only briefly, for no flow of energy, hence the number system that we currently have).

  • Charles Brightman
    Charles Brightman 16 days ago

    Around 1:19:00 in the video, talking about the inverse square law concerning the Sun and it's intensity per distance, consider: We can still see the light from very far away stars and galaxies. We shouldn't be able to based upon the inverse square law, and yet we can still see the light from very far away stars and galaxies. The very same basic principal of us being able to see the light from very far away stars and galaxies, is the very same basic principal of Interstellar and Intergalactic Communications ('IIC').

  • Charles Brightman
    Charles Brightman 16 days ago

    Consider the following: "Gravity" being a part of the currently recognized 'em', the 'gravity' modality acting 90 degrees to the 'em' modalities (which of course act 90 degrees to each other), 'gravity' being the modality that actually causes 'em' to have a sine wave pattern. I have a test for this idea, just not the resources to do the test so as to possibly complete my Theory Of Everything: (reusable code from my files): Here is the test for the 'gravity' portion of my TOE idea. I do not have the necessary resources to do the test but maybe you or someone else reading this does, will do the test, then tell the world what is found out either way. a. Imagine a 12 hour clock. b. Put a magnetic field across from the 3 to 9 o'clock positions. c. Put an electric field across from the 6 to 12 o'clock positions. (The magnetic field and electric field would be 90 degrees to each other and should be polarized so as to complement each other.) d. Shoot a high powered laser through the center of the clock at 90 degrees to the em fields. e. Do this with the em fields on and off. (The em fields could be varied in size, strength, density and depth. The intent would be to energy frequency match the laser and em fields for optimal results.) f. Look for any gravitational / anti-gravitational effects. (Including the utilization of ferro cells so as to be able to actually see the energy field movements.) (And note: if done right, it's possible a mini gravitational black hole might form. Be ready for it.) (An alternative to the above would be to shoot 3 high powered lasers, or a single high powered laser split into 3 beams, each adjustable to achieve the above set up, all focused upon a single point in space.) 'If' effects are noted, 'then' further research could be done. 'If' effects are not noted, 'then' my latest TOE idea is wrong. But still, we would know what 'gravity' was not, which is still something in the scientific world. Science still wins either way and moves forward.

    • Charles Brightman
      Charles Brightman 11 days ago

      @Neo Morpheus Oh, and also, here is a copy and paste for how there could be 120 chemical elements in this universe to finish off the periodic table of the elements: I currently believe that there are 120 chemical elements in this universe. If a person were to look at how electrons fill up the shells in atoms: 2, 8, 18, 32, 32, 18, 8 (seven shells), and realizing that energy could freely flow in this universe if nothing stopped it from doing so, then a natural bell shaped curve might occur. An eighth energy shell might exist with a maximum of two elements in it, chemical element #119 (8s1) and chemical element #120 (8s2). Chemical Element #119 (8s1): #119 I put at the bottom of the Hydrogen group on the Periodic Table of the Elements. It only has one electron in it's outer shell with room for only one more electron. Energy might even enter the atom through the missing electron spot and then at least some of the energy might get trapped inside of the atom under the atom's outer shell. Chemical Element #120 (8s2): #120 I put at the bottom of the Helium group since it's outer shell is full of electrons. It might have some of the properties of group two, Beryllium group (Alkali Earth Metals group) since it has two electrons in it's outer shell; as well as some of the properties of the Helium group (Noble Gases group) since it's outer shell is full of electrons; and if you look at the step down deflection of the semi-metals and where #120 would be located on the chart, it's possible #120 might even have some semi-metal characteristics. #120 would be the heaviest element in this universe. I believe chemical element #120 could possibly be found inside the center of stars. When a neutron split inside of this atom, it would give off one proton, one electron, neutrinos and energy. The proton and electron would be ejected outside of the atom since all their respective areas are full. One proton and one electron are basic hydrogen, of which the Sun is primarily made up of, and the Sun certainly gives off neutrinos and energy. And note, it's the neutron that split, not a proton. So even after the split, there are still 120 protons inside of the atom and the atom still exists as element #120. The star would last longer that way. In addition, if the neutron that split triggered a chain reaction inside of the star, this could possibly be how stars nova, (even if only periodically).

    • Charles Brightman
      Charles Brightman 11 days ago

      @Neo Morpheus Here is a copy and paste of part of a conversation of mine with another individual concerning 'cause and effect' and how the 'gem' photon could be it's own self causal effect: (basically, not said in this post, the universe always existed in some form and will most probably always exist, although we still have to get off of this Earth, out of this solar system, and out of this galaxy too if another of my analysis is correct, otherwise all life upon this Earth dies and goes extinct with no life being left to care): I can clearly see what you are saying about the effect of a cause in itself may be a cause for a later effect. And in that regard, yes it could be seen as being the same. But a 'cause' usually comes before an 'effect'. And in that context, if something never ever changes, the cause brings about an effect (no change) which in itself is a cause (no change) which then brings about an effect (no change),......., and both the cause and effect are identical and no change occurs. But now, if some state of existence changes somewhere in the process, either via a cause that is not identical to the effect or an effect that is not identical to a cause, then change occurs. But for a change to occur that causes some later effect still puts a cause before an effect. One total state of existence changing to bring about another total but different state of existence. Logically speaking, I can't see how one could have a different state of existence (effect) from a previous state of existence that was not identical (cause) to bring about the later different state of existence. And sure, that later effect might possibly be the cause to future effects and so on and so forth and possibly life happens and evolves in a cause/effect/cause/effect.... kind of way. And in essence, 'if' for example my latest theory of everything is really true, that the pulsating, swirling 'gem' photon is the basic energy unit of this universe that brings about everything in this universe, including even numbers themselves for math to do what math does, a singular energy unit with 3 different modalities, each modality acting 90 degrees from the other two, while the basic structure of the 'gem' photon itself never changes, it's the interaction with other 'gem' photons in existence whereby other future effects occur in a cause and effect kind of way. And sure, later effects become the cause of later effects and so on and so forth. But the pulsating, swirling 'gem' photons themselves would eternally exist as they themselves make up space and time itself. Eternally the same, but yet interactions with other like 'gem' photons brings about change. (But I fully acknowledge that this TOE idea is dependent upon the results of my gravity test.) But in the context of this discussion, it is a possibility at this time of how reality truly is. In essence, the basic pulsating, swirling 'gem' photon would be both the 'cause' and the 'effect' all contained within itself and in that context, both the 'cause' and 'effect' would be identical.

    • Charles Brightman
      Charles Brightman 11 days ago

      @Neo Morpheus Here is a copy and paste of my thoughts on how space time could warp, bend and vary: Thought about space time: Consider the following: a. Wavelength equals speed of light divided by frequency. b. Wavelength is how far a single 'em' photon goes in space, or possibly is the size of space itself. (Especially since 'space' itself has not been defined yet). Possibly different sizes of space for different 'em' frequencies. c. Speed of light: 'light' being 'em' photons, 'speed' being distance divided by time, distance being two points in space with space between those two points. d. Frequency being 'hertz', 'hertz being cycles per second, or how far an 'em' photon goes at a specific size during one second. e. "IF" wavelength changes (the frequency changes) then the distance a single 'em' photon goes would change and/or the size of space itself would change (assuming that an 'em' photon makes up 'space' itself). f. Possibly 'space' varies due to 'space' being made up of 'em' itself and as 'em' frequencies change, 'space' changes. g. Another possibility would be that as the wavelength changes (frequency changes) then as the distance a single 'em' photon goes would also change in it's time of existence, 'time' would change for any given 'em' photon length. The effect of that single 'em' photon makes in it's given time of existence. h. Possibly 'time' varies due to the wavelength of the 'em' photon. i. So, possibly 'space' varies due to energy frequencies changing and 'time' varies due to the wavelength of energy changing, the 'em' photon being energy itself. And if as I currently believe that what is called 'gravity' is actually a part of the 'em' photon, then the 'gem' photon makes up the energy unit that possibly makes up everything in existence in this entire universe including the universe itself, including 'space' and 'time' or 'space time' itself. It is also how space and time can warp, bend and vary.

    • Charles Brightman
      Charles Brightman 11 days ago

      @Neo Morpheus And oh, here is a copy and paste of my current view of space and time: FOR ME: 'Space' is energy itself. Wherever space is, energy is. Wherever energy is, space is. They are one and the same thing. And for me, the 'gem' photon is the energy unit of this universe that makes up everything in existence in this universe. 'Time' is the flow of energy. 'Time' (flow of energy) cannot exist unless 'space' (energy itself) exists. And 'space' (energy itself) that does not flow (no flow of time / energy) is basically useless. An entity cannot even think a thought without a flow of energy. If all the energy in the universe stopped flowing, wouldn't we say that 'time stood still'? Time itself would still exist, it would just not be flowing, (basically 'time' stopped). But then also, how space and time are linked in what is called 'space time', (energy and it's flow).

    • Charles Brightman
      Charles Brightman 11 days ago

      @Neo Morpheus (Copy and paste for the math so far for the TOE idea): The mathematics for the TOE doesn't even exist yet as far as I am currently aware. It goes beyond any quantum field theory formulas that I am currently aware of. The outline though is basically as follows: The formula has at least 3 levels to it: 1. The Internal Photon Level: The 3 interacting forces, (which might even be just a singular force with 3 different modalities), all interacting at basically 90 degrees to each other and all simultaneously pulsating and swirling. A complex part of the formula but I believe to be totally doable. 2. The External Photon Level: For each pulsating, swirling photon, all the pulsating, swirling photons interacting with it. An exponential part of the formula that I am not even sure modern day super computers could adequately handle. 3. The Inter-dimensional Photon Level: For each modality within each photon would have an energy frequency associated with it. The energy frequencies could be seen as being in their own space time dimension. (For me, 'space' is energy itself of which is the 'gem' photon and 'time' is the flow of energy; 'temperature' is the interaction of energy), so one would be dealing with way more than just 3 spatial dimensions and way more than just 1 time dimension (as there would many different energy frequencies with many different flows of energy). Whenever like resonate energy frequencies resonated with each other, they would affect each other, kind of like 'spooky action at a distance'. Anytime energy frequencies overlapped, there would be a temporary spike of some sort in each space time dimension. In addition, if in reality the 'gem' photon is just a singular force with 3 different modalities, it's possible that energy could 'slip' between modalities which would also affect the results. A very complex part of the formula on top of all the complexity that came before it. 4. Any time any energy moved in the system, the entire formula would have to be recalculated due to potential ripple effects. Like I said above, I don't even believe the mathematics exists yet for what I am trying to do, but at a minimum, the formula would contain the above levels the way I currently see it to be.

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