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Police Mad LibsPolice Mad Libs
Police Mad Libs
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Cop Q&A!Cop Q&A!
Cop Q&A!
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Live At Home!!
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Worst Drive Ever!!Worst Drive Ever!!
Worst Drive Ever!!
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I'm So Sorry!
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Comments • 197

  • Rick
    Rick Month ago

    Could you do a video on the folks who believe in 1st amendment audits and Cop Block? Thanks in advance and stay safe brother?

  • Hale T
    Hale T 2 months ago

    Im 3 weeks away from finishing a police academy here in Georgia. Which is exciting. But, I feel like I am going to bomb all my reports. I have the WORST memory. And although the town I will be working in rarely has anything more than a couple thefts and traffic stops, I dont want to have a big case and loose it due to my bad report.. any tips?

  • stuffer bryant
    stuffer bryant 2 months ago

    Do you or does anyone use any type of body armor ventilation? For example the Maxx-Dri Vest. I am looking for something to help keep dry.

  • Kirk Lazarus
    Kirk Lazarus 3 months ago

    I was told something and not sure if this applies to your department, is it true that Cops don't actually have to protect people? (Ex: Person A shoots person B) All you have to do is take notes and not do anything about it?

  • pcguy
    pcguy 3 months ago

    Could you do a video on how you think people should handle a self defense situation where a firearm is involved. Say thug tries to rob me and i drop the hammer on him. What to say and what not to say to the police ect.

    FLIP_REFLEXX 3 months ago

    Hey Officer401, can you answer how do police know which direction they are traveling in a pursuit (foot and car)? Like when they call out "heading north on blablabla, or south etc

  • Master Baiter
    Master Baiter 3 months ago


  • MeMyself&KAT
    MeMyself&KAT 3 months ago

    Just recently became a fan and very much enjoy your videos! Thank you for what you do, you are appreciated for being a cop!

  • ninja turtle smurf robot

    Can you do a video about the books and movies that influenced you most?

  • SuperNerd1988
    SuperNerd1988 3 months ago

    Thank you so much for giving us a small look into the police world. I just discovered your channel and have throughly enjoyed the videos I have seen so far. The one that has impressed me most has been the one on layers and that you have the maturity and wisdom to see that both sides are important in our criminal justice system. I have a lot of respect for the officers who sincerely want to help their communities and I feel bad for you when all officers get a bad reputation because of the unfortunate idiots in your profession. We need more officers like you out on our streets. Stay safe out there!

  • Michael Zalewski
    Michael Zalewski 3 months ago

    What's the differents between a Police Officer and a Class 2 Special Police officer?

  • Luis Jaramillo
    Luis Jaramillo 3 months ago

    hey officer401 i just want to say i love your channel but i have a few questions can changing my license to another state help my driving record or how can i get my driving record fix i being having problem getting a job due to this problem.

  • Mike Robinson
    Mike Robinson 3 months ago

    Good Morning Sir. I had a question. I was called yesterday by a scammer that was an automated call. They said there was a warrant going to be issued for my "NAME & Identity" Should I report this? Also what agency should I call? I know it's not real, #1 the call came from Pennsylvania. I have never been there. I'm from California (born and raised) #2 The last run in I had with the law was when my meth lab exploded.....just kidding METH SUCKS! The last time I had to go to court was for a speeding ticket almost 18 years ago. The number that called me is 215-554-6768. Thanks. Your channel is awesome by the way.

  • danz409
    danz409 3 months ago

    not a fan to see a video in my notifications but not able to watch it because it was removed... whats the point of the notifications.... removing for now. disappointed and wanted to actually watch that...

  • Vatnik Paul
    Vatnik Paul 4 months ago

    Yooo why did you remove the video about "how to spot a cop?"

    • Sid Vicious
      Sid Vicious 4 months ago

      Right? I received the notification for it earlier and when I just now went to watch it, it was gone.

  • Ryan Bishop
    Ryan Bishop 4 months ago

    What happened tho the "How to spot and undercover cop" video?? Been doing a great job and absolutely love your stories.

  • vova bernstein
    vova bernstein 4 months ago

    Dear officer401,
    I am a recent subscriber and future police explorer, today is the first day that I begin testing to earn my uniform and the title-as suggested I am planning of completing my childhood dream of serving in Law Enforcement. You seem like a really chill and calm, funny dude and I think anyone would be lucky enough to know you. I appreciate the guidance that you bring and I truly hope you keep going with this. thank you for all that you do and your experience.

  • Oran Mackin
    Oran Mackin 4 months ago

    Dude you have just gained a follower, your content is so amazing man. maybe for a vid you could do 'The best and worse scenarios for a cop'. keep up the good work man you're doing great

  • xxX Phaser Xxx
    xxX Phaser Xxx 4 months ago

    What font do you use in the thumbnails?

  • NeuroPsi Doc
    NeuroPsi Doc 4 months ago

    My prayers are with you and your family brother. I know you'll stay safe.
    When you get time and the chaos has settled, a great subject for a vlog would be your opinion on Asset Forfeiture.
    Do you think it is tyranny or big government and legal policy that has the insidious nature of assets being seized from people or entities that are can be found not guilty or sometimes even not charged or arrested.Please defend your point of view because many people would love to understand the L.E.O perspective on AssFort.
    The seized assets benefit the officers or agents that seize the assets without much oversight.The money from these assets doesn't goto a general city fund but goes to the police department that seized them. This money buys bigger SWAT vehicles and pays for more overtime. There is definitely abuse of racking up overtime in many agencies.The insidious nature is that more police use asset forfeiture because they benefit from the spoils. Police are being operantly conditioned with postive reinforcement each seizure so they respond naturally by getting more aggressive with asset forfeiture.
    Knowing full well that the legal process to pay an attorney to defend the suspicion of the assets cost three to ten times more than a criminal case. Seized asserts don't have rights so they don't have a right to legal counsel or even PRESUMTION OF INNOCENCE so its near impossible to win a case when your innocent.
    Please let me understand why we need this by pass of constitutional rights with civil assets forfeiture by police. Im think criminal assets forfeiture is fine. IF the count finds someone guilty then there criminal assets get seized without need of the legislature for civil asset forfeiture..

  • bedspread
    bedspread 4 months ago

    i know you are in coastal Ga....pass the info along that Atlanta Motor speedway in Hampton will open it's camping area up for evacuees starting in the next day or so ..this will be free of charge....hold on to your asp and take care during this storm.....

  • Zach Brenner
    Zach Brenner 4 months ago

    How do you feel about private investigators?

  • Kamoteshake
    Kamoteshake 4 months ago

    Officer401, I just saw a video of a cop yelling at a guy who was helping victims of hurricane Harvey. What's your take on that? Here's the video, (

  • Patrick Murphy
    Patrick Murphy 4 months ago

    I'd like to see you do a video on Detective Jeff Payne who arrested a nurse for refusing to draw blood from a patient under hospital policy.

  • filip linde
    filip linde 4 months ago

    i want to see youre
    thoughts on the ku klux klan aka kkk

  • What's it like
    What's it like 4 months ago

    Perhaps a tidbit on dash cams and what they are good for? Civilian and police wise. Using for evidence of road rage, accidents, etc.

  • Adam Fry
    Adam Fry 4 months ago

    I would love a video on the arrest of Alex Wubbels, the nurse from University Hospital.

  • Charles Eakins
    Charles Eakins 4 months ago

    What would you have done in this case. Nurse in Utah being assaulted by a detective, because she refused to take a blood draw on a man the detective has no warrant to take blood, no arrest, and not suspicion of being dui. Mind you this truck driver that was involved in a crash at no fault of his own, because of a suspect being chased by the Utah Highway Patrol, who also happened to be a reserve officer. ( Would you have intervened on behalf of the nurse, since the detective had no lawful reason to arrest and detain her? (Unlawful detainment).

  • Josh Duke
    Josh Duke 4 months ago

    Officer401, Can you do a video on cops telling you to perform tasks like putting your hands behind your back or rolling over while being tased. I have been tased before (not by a cop) and you can't exactly follow those instructions when your having involuntary spasms. Just saying. This should not be considered "resisting".

  • Ghost Squad
    Ghost Squad 4 months ago

    Hey officer401, I got a quick question on joining the force. I heard rumors that getting pepper sprayed and tased is part of the training, the pepper spray I somewhat understand but the tasered part not so much. I understand its different for every department but I need to know if that's a myth or not.

    MURPHEE 4 months ago

    +officer401 Was 401 your unit/badge number?

  • TheIronwil
    TheIronwil 4 months ago

    I have a question about personal space and police. I was watching some vids with jackasses recording at law enforcement buildings, federal buildings, etc. to do a "1st Amendment Audit". These guys are an incredible pain in the ass, but they're within their legal rights, so they have to be tolerated. I like to watch interactions like these and analyze how aggression escalates and how it's defused.
    Not very many, but some of the security guards and cops take the tactic of stepping in super-close, until they're nose to nose and chest to chest with the person they're talking to. The entire purpose of doing this seems to be an attempt to provoke a violent response from the person they're bothering, so they can arrest him. I was wondering how you'd suggest handling a provocation like this. My policy is that if someone is that close to me, we're either fighting or fucking. I can't think of a single good reason to approach someone and step to within 2 inches of their face, but I can think of several bad ones. Anyway, what's your take?

  • Maximiliano Obach
    Maximiliano Obach 4 months ago

    Hey Officer 401 How about an off duty EDC video? Excellent channel, love your videos!!

  • cody smith
    cody smith 5 months ago

    Hey 401, you might have answered this before but are you a vet and if so what branch and was your mos/rate? If so make a video about some stories you have?

  • Suburban Backwoods Entertainment

    I gotta be honest man, knowing that you been busy with your promotion, new family member and keeping up on this channel is a huge motivation. Keeping on the grind, getting stuff done, and enjoying it. I was always taught to work now play later, watching your videos for whatever reason makes me think of that phrase. but awesome work man, looking forward to all your other (future) videos.

  • Hood Reaper
    Hood Reaper 5 months ago

    Hey Officer401 I was wondering what the k9 units do if they are going to search a car of someone that's highly allergic to dog? Big fan Keep up the great work man.

  • jprugby9
    jprugby9 5 months ago

    Hey Officer401, can you do a video on testifying in court?

  • Brett Wells
    Brett Wells 5 months ago

    Hey Officer401 can You please make a video talking about Local Police Sheriff Department Border Patrol County Park Police U.S. Park Police Air Marshals DEA Homeland Security FBI Secret Service CIA ICE IAA NCIS FAA Military Navy Navy Seals Marines U.S. Marshals Coast Guard ATF State Police County Police City Police SWAT Bounty Hunters Correction Officers Detectives Undercover Cops Judges Lawyers Court Officers The Jury The Prosecutors.

  • Roudy8092 8092
    Roudy8092 8092 5 months ago

    I have watched you for a while and finally made a profile to subscribe to your channel before I deploy. I am LE also and appreciate what you do for all of us. Keep it up.

  • Hugh Mungus
    Hugh Mungus 5 months ago

    You're awesome man! Much love from NYC!

  • Carter L
    Carter L 5 months ago

    Love the channel! I know this old, but I'm wondering how you would handle this dude. Hero or perp? (

  • david miller
    david miller 5 months ago

    you should make a video on cops vs firefighters

  • outlaw956
    outlaw956 5 months ago

    been wanting to ask your opinion on oficers arresting 1st amendment auditors and using bs excuses

  • oldfashionednewbie
    oldfashionednewbie 6 months ago

    So my neighbors' children are making a lot of noise right? I go up there ask them to please keep their children under control. it continues. I ask the land lord to ask them to keep there children under control. it still continues, and it's really starting to piss me off.. I didn't start paying $500/month to listen to 4 brats stomp around upstairs. Now that I've given this little short story here's my question. am I allowed to call the police for my neighbors refusing to keep their kids under control?

  • Strange Person
    Strange Person 6 months ago

    Hey, I just found out from the non-emergency dispatch number in my County that if a person comes onto the property where I reside, attempts to take a loaded gun from me and I shoot him in defense I would be going to jail. Wonderful...

    • D.O.A.
      D.O.A. 6 months ago

      Which country are you in?

  • Police Explorer
    Police Explorer 6 months ago

    Hey Officer401 I was just curious if you could do a video on Motor Officers

  • Amanda Kulick
    Amanda Kulick 6 months ago

    Officer 401, Would you make an arrest of a civilian if you were trying to pull them over an they didn't pull over till they were in a well lit area? For both your safety and theirs.

  • Adam Fry
    Adam Fry 6 months ago

    I have a topic I would like discussed. I've seen many officers get bashed because they ran a red light or made an illegal turn but the nearby officer didn't do anything. I've told people they if unmarked could be from another county, it could be a detective, or jail transport and also no one is perfect. Could you elaborate?

  • Shawn Wong
    Shawn Wong 6 months ago

    i was wondering for moving truck rentals like penske, budget etc if its required to stop at weight stations? anyone have any idea?

  • Aaron Storms
    Aaron Storms 6 months ago

    HI officer 401 I had came across your videos on youtube just a day ago and have been watching them almost none stop, that's bad I know but I never thought I would ever find a LEO on youtube who acts and talks like everyone else. That's just amazing to me, I gotta say you mean more to the community then what you might realize. I appreciate LEO's and am very respectful and honor what they do and have to go through, it's just the bad ones who put a bad image on all you good cops out there. I subscribed because I see you as a honorable person and know you are no different then one of us, you don't misuse your title in the community and I commend you for that. Keep up the good work man you are definitely making a huge difference here.

  • monocardiac
    monocardiac 6 months ago

    Are you planning to do a video on the FBI?

  • jon bobit
    jon bobit 6 months ago

    I drive fast. Should I get a bright yellow GTO or a black GTO?

  • Scared Shotless Airsoft

    Hey officer, just wanted to say thanks for your service and also you should open a po box for fanmail!!!!

  • YungDroProductions
    YungDroProductions 6 months ago

    Hey officer401 if you have a video on if it's ok for a cop to hide in the woods and clock you or what don't you have to see their decal or why the eff do some cops turn off all their lights in the middle of nowhere n pull people lol I heard they have to keep the orange light on and their decal have to be seen anyways if u made a video bout this let me.know gracias dude

  • Stephan
    Stephan 6 months ago

    Video Today?

  • Antonio Popa
    Antonio Popa 6 months ago

    discord link is broken,just me?

  • Norris Bennett
    Norris Bennett 6 months ago


  • Gypzee
    Gypzee 6 months ago

    I came back to watch your live video and it's gone =O whaa whaa whathappened?

  • admiral meep
    admiral meep 7 months ago

    @officer401 Can you please explain the current situation with the Ohio college officer and what he did and give your opinion on to what happened pleease

  • Matthew Davan
    Matthew Davan 7 months ago

    If I see a police car parked in my neighborhood, is there a way to approach the officer and ask what he's doing out there without coming off sounding like a dick?

  • J.R. Johnson
    J.R. Johnson 7 months ago

    i was wandering if you could do a video on the stupid charges people can get and catch a felony charge and ruin their whole lives over it? for example...spit into the wind, it hits someone and they file assault charges on you over an accident. also, ive been reading about a lawsuit that a nonviolent felon filed to get his gun rights reinstated...what are your thoughts on that from a perspective of law enforcement? i personally think non violent felons should get gun rights reinstated after so many years of not getting in trouble, show good charector and show good work history/

  • Ahsan Muntaha
    Ahsan Muntaha 7 months ago

    hey officer 401 i was looking for cars on the famous web and i was like why not get a ex cop car or ex cab car you know like the CROWN VICS and i asked my mom and dad if i could get one but they ended up giving me a lecture saying that all these cop cars (crown Victoria) are the most pulled over car can you please do a short video and posibly get some of your coworkes opinions on this i would greatly appreciate it.
    best regards

  • justin mcknight
    justin mcknight 7 months ago

    hi officer 401 idea for a video some of the different code numbers used by the police and what situation they would be used in because i watch a few police shows and cannot figure out what any of the codes mean

  • maxgt3
    maxgt3 7 months ago

    Greetings from Germany man! Love your vids <3

  • Dopenaros the Highlord

    Hey officer 401, love your videos! Anyways, about a week ago i got caught speeding going 52 on a 35. Now im 20 and if i get this ticket to go to my insurance, it will raise it by 25%. I'm also a college student, so I cannot have that happen. I don't mind paying the $145 for the ticket as long as it does not go on my record. Are there any tips you can give me so is doesn't happen? I'm thinking of pleading guilty and telling the judge that I was wrong for speeding so he/she may sympathize with me and i can get this over with

  • Sean Walsh
    Sean Walsh 7 months ago

    VIDEO IDEA...Hey 401, great channel and I enjoy watching and listening to your stories, advice, and knowledge of the job. As a fellow LEO, I get a lot of people asking me, "Do you have me on camera doing...insert your violation here...? If you don't have me on camera, you can't prove it?!" Perhaps a video on how the police don't need to have you on camera to write traffic violations or take you to jail. Testimony from witnesses or me as an officer will suffice for citations and/or arrest. I realize you have done videos on body cams and court...but this one would relate to the importance of officer testimony and court proceedings. Just a thought... Be safe and God bless!

  • T Win
    T Win 7 months ago

    Officer 401 have you seen this douche bag The 45guy 1776 m.( please please do a video on this I would love to know your thoughts. Keep up the great videos and thanks for all you do.

  • Angel Thresh
    Angel Thresh 7 months ago

    would you be willing to do a video about the best sequence of events an individual should take after being involved in a self defense scenario. I've seen a video where the advise provided was strictly oriented toward giving officers little information and utilizing a lawyer for the entire life of the investigation ( Could you shine some light on this topic?

  • John Carlson
    John Carlson 7 months ago

    I have been in the military for over 30 years. My respect for what you do is immense. I love your channel. Your straight forward, umemotional, logical approach is refreshing. I appreciate your candor and your attitude. Thank you for what you do. My life is only at risk when I put my uniform on when I deploy. The brothers and sisters in blue face risk every single time they leave the house. As far as this Marine and Soldier is guys are the true hero"s. Many thanks, and I will always look forward to your next take on things!

  • CriticalThinking Vet
    CriticalThinking Vet 7 months ago

    Well I've been a subscriber for a week now and the videos are quite entertaining as well as transparent. So how do the police view the military/vets? By the way, do you think you can help me with my 401K, officer? Just kidding. Until next time Officer401.

  • gizmo2371
    gizmo2371 7 months ago

    Just subscribed. Been wondering about your view about use of dash cams by civilians. I know that officers have dash cameras, and body cameras and if pulled over, I know I will be recorded, for my safety and my records,Can I ALSO record the interaction? Have you ever had a situation where a dash camera by civilian was used as possible evidence?

  • Police Explorer
    Police Explorer 7 months ago

    Do you think you could perhaps do a video explaining Martial Law and how local law enforcement would react to it being declared?

  • Michael Lee
    Michael Lee 7 months ago

    Check out this story and give us you're thoughts on it. It was a Columbus Ga police officer that chased a group of teens over into Alabama, the car they were in was reported stolen by the drivers step grandfather. The driver ended up getting killed by the officer, he got hit several times out of the 21 shots fired by

  • elliot newton
    elliot newton 7 months ago

    What's the life style of a part time swat member vs a full time member

  • Sean the secret boyfriend

    Have you considered podcasting your videos, they seem to be very podcastable.
    Would be good for exposure, probably find a way to get a bit of monetization through that aswell.

  • Rich Davis
    Rich Davis 8 months ago

    What part of GA do you live? Love the videos, keep um coming

  • Tom Denham
    Tom Denham 8 months ago

    Great videos!!! I'm hooked...I wish more officers had your attitude, but guess it takes all kinds to make things work in this world. Thanks for sharing your experiences.
    PS noticed you are stationed in Georgia, if you have a moment to comment, I just moved here myself a few weeks you know if one gets a Georgia license, can a Florida CCW license still be used to carry?

  • Brett Wells
    Brett Wells 8 months ago

    Hey Officer401 I'm a big fan of your videos I want to ask you something if you could make a talking about how to join The Sheriff Department or talk about them in general?

  • Posi P
    Posi P 8 months ago

    Officer401, why should non-cop follow the law when the cops don't? This is not law and order, its revenue enhancement with a gun.

  • mfk12340
    mfk12340 8 months ago

    Can emergency crews travel the opposite direction on a freeway? I've seen some do it but that was only when the highways were shut down due to snow. I was wondering if it was legal in large accidents when traffic was at a complete standstill.

  • Caleb McMurphy
    Caleb McMurphy 8 months ago

    Hey Officer 401 I was wondering what are some of the most spooky calls that you have had?

  • Mike Tayon
    Mike Tayon 8 months ago

    QUESTION: Are SCHOOL ZONES in effect ANY TIME Children are in them?
    As a professional Truck Driver, I am inclined to believe they are, and even in my car, obey them.
    Yesterday, on a SATURDAY, here in Fresno California, I went through two on Cedar Ave, and Children
    were out and about, but people driving 35+ in them, and mad at me. I am hoping YOU Officer401, can help
    clarify this situation to and for the public! Thank you for any effort here! :)

    • officer401
      officer401 8 months ago

      School zones are *usually* only in effect when the amber lights are flashing, or during specific hours that should be posed below or above it. Just depends on the state.

  • Bepsi Bois
    Bepsi Bois 8 months ago

    Why does the discord not work for me?

    • Bepsi Bois
      Bepsi Bois 8 months ago

      Idk if I got banned or something.

  • LetsCodeStuff
    LetsCodeStuff 8 months ago

    Can you make a video talking about whether police officers eat as much donuts as television/movies make them out to? How often do you see donuts at work?

  • David Kaser
    David Kaser 8 months ago

    I watched this video, and would like to get your opinion. I would state that I would have done just like this kid did, and not have pulled into a persons driveway but would have kept going to a parking lot. I would have also been confused over the honking. (

  • Robert Panek
    Robert Panek 8 months ago

    Greetings from Poland.
    There are 2 questions, I would like to ask:
    1) Do you know anything about cops in Europe and the differences in how they operate, in comparison to American cops?
    2) What is your opinion on women as cops, compared to men as cops?
    The reason I'm asking is, because I noticed significant differences between Eurocops and Americops. Like... vast differences.
    In Poland, there was a "debate" on women cops, some time ago. Many are of the opinion, that they shouldn't be assigned to calls, which have high probability of turning physical.
    Great show, BTW. Even though I'm not American.
    Oh, and BTW, my highschool friend is a police detective, so I've heard some crazy stories first hand ;)

  • Denza
    Denza 8 months ago

    One of your videos was featured on a mod for GTA 5, nice recognition

  • Aziz Zirama
    Aziz Zirama 8 months ago

    Hi officer401! I got a question for you.
    I don't remember where I heard or read this, but supposedly if you call 911 and what you tell the operator even remotely resembles a "domestic disturbance" call, which AFAIK is AKA "domestic violence", someone is going to jail.
    Just to be clear, I'm using the Wikipedia description of what domestic violence involves, which goes:
    "Domestic violence can take a number of forms, including physical, verbal, emotional, economic, religious, and sexual abuse." Looks like the sky is the limit. If this truly is what most policy departments consider to be domestic violence, then I'm not surprised that no matter what, "someone is going to jail".
    Is what I just described fiction, partially true, or exactly what happens based on your experiences?

  • Jack HAMMER
    Jack HAMMER 8 months ago

    I dont think this dude is a cop at all

  • Dockomocko Pocko
    Dockomocko Pocko 8 months ago

    Have you ever had a judge deny a request for a warrant? Under what grounds? What was your response

  • Jeremy Crazzy
    Jeremy Crazzy 8 months ago

    officer 401 // What happend to your website?

  • FreezeTime Gaming
    FreezeTime Gaming 8 months ago

    Join DOJRP. Search it up on google. plsss....

  • John Ericson
    John Ericson 9 months ago

    I don't know why, but I'm really interested in police stuff. I'm thinking about becoming a police officer when I grow up.

    • Joe Bellic
      Joe Bellic 8 months ago

      Let's hope you really ready for it

  • Def7355608
    Def7355608 9 months ago

    I got a practical question. Following situation: an officer is trying to detain/arrest a suspect but things have turned into a fight. I am physically capable to take it up with that suspect and I want to help the officer. 1. Should I? 2. If I can, how do I signalize to the officer that I am on their side?
    Or make it an even more tense situation: The officer is in an outright gunfight and it looks bad for them. I am legally armed and want to render assistance to that officer. Again: 1. Should I? 2. If I can, how do I tell the officer that I am assisting them and intending to harm them?

  • kevin Chadburn
    kevin Chadburn 9 months ago

    ? 401 when watching body cam footage there is always a beep every few minutes what is that? Is it a time reference, a notice the camera is on, or a signal for more donuts???

  • David Kaser
    David Kaser 9 months ago

    It would be nice if you did a video of a real CC stop.

  • brian hitch
    brian hitch 9 months ago

    I subscribed

  • shaun ford
    shaun ford 9 months ago

    how do you feel about open carry vs concealed

  • Vincent Gayder
    Vincent Gayder 9 months ago

    My bloodline consists solely of police officers on my father's side. My father and his father primarily fought against the Italian and Russian Mafia. However, with them out of the picture in my state, things changed. Police became the criminals. My father retired the year most officers of not only my state, but most states of the USA, were confirmed to be career criminals. Several years later, only 3 dozen police departments were confirmed to be consisting of law abiding individuals, with all departments nation wide in the USA infiltrated by domestic terrorists. The horrors my father, a police lieutenant, discovered, and me, the numerous murders, rapes, and robberies performed by badge holding officers who never got punished, has left a mark that may never heal until I literally encounter a clean officer. I want to become a police officer, but cannot ever trust an officer my family knows. They also know 0 officers that are actively serving nationwide. Only retired currently. I'd love to trust your a law abiding citizen, that you might want to help me become a police officer, but you could be a serial murderer, a serial rapist, a professional robber of businesses, banks, and citizens, or a mix of, and that would be a high probability if your a police officer.
    So, give me a reason to trust you.
    You have given me none so far with your channel.

    • David Soule
      David Soule 8 months ago

      Master troll or schizophrenic?...

  • Wooogly
    Wooogly 9 months ago

    Don't do a face reveal. Someday you might want to do undercover

  • Jesse Vasquez
    Jesse Vasquez 9 months ago

    So I used to work for the state as a correctional officer. I decided I wanted to be a cop. Passed everything and got up to the oral interveiw. This panel ate my lunch and I failed with flying colors. I think I had to change my britches after the fact. Anyhow, I would like to hear your version of your oral interveiw with the department and how you passed including the questions you were asked. Is this a good topic? TIA! Your videos rock!

  • Shadow Knight 55
    Shadow Knight 55 9 months ago

    Hi im from Australia Hear we have a rule were there must be two officers at least in a group wean on patrol Why don't you do this in the states? And even though I don't live in the state thank for making the world a safer place

  • Faruel N.A
    Faruel N.A 9 months ago

    to officer401.
    I have a few questions that i would like your opinion on seeing as you are a member of the police force and may remove my confusion. Why in the recent violent protest in america have the police not acted to defuse the situation and/or been ordered not to interfere? secondly Is this ethical and dose this not conflict with your Oath of Honor? because as i read it "On my honor,
    I will never betray my badge, my integrity, my character, or the public trust. I will always have the courage to hold myself and others accountable for our actions. I will always uphold the constitution, my community and the agency I serve." as they are betraying the public trust by not acting and don't hold the agitators accountable for their actions.

  • Devin Young
    Devin Young 9 months ago

    I have a question about joining, my enlistment from the marines is going to end in July of 2019. i'm a 0311, i am in a team leader billet with 2 deployments on my belt when i get out. i have done mountain warfare training, advanced CQB courses and helped train 3 different foreign military's. i have trained with navy seals and green berets in mountain warfare training. i am trying to get out of the military because i have 2 children and a wife and i feel like my time is running out. do you think it will be really hard to get into a police department such as Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department or Nevada highway patrol? and how would i sign up and get in with my experiences and not just be looked over and tossed away. I am not even nervous for the police academy because of my training and experiences in to corps. any tips?

  • pianoplayer88key
    pianoplayer88key 9 months ago

    Hey was wondering, Officer401, has anyone you pulled over ever recognized you? :D

  • Jack Handcock
    Jack Handcock 9 months ago

    What happens if a Cop accidentally shoots a civilian in the face during a situation in which a suspect takes a civi as a hostage? Does the Officer get suspended or go to jail or what?

  • Some Random furry
    Some Random furry 9 months ago

    Offier401 what's your option on vigilante(s)?

  • Matthew Davan
    Matthew Davan 9 months ago

    I'd like your opinion on something. What do you think is a better idea? Individuals like yourself that make videos based on their experiences or departments that have a youtube channel that everyone contributes to from time to time?

  • Kory Johnson
    Kory Johnson 9 months ago

    Detective 401! I'm at the latter end of the academy in Florida and I'm currently processing with an agency. I have a question regarding education. I'm interested in getting a bachelor's degree in criminal psychology and eventually a master's degree. From your observations and experience what are some things you've seen educationally speaking that can help me stand out as an officer and help my career. (I've seen everyone and their grandma has a criminal justice degree) any info helps!

  • blackshadow gamer256
    blackshadow gamer256 9 months ago

    hey officer401 I have subscribe I watch the video about what it really like to be a cop but I still want to be a cop now I know it anit all about having athorwathe sorry about my spelling

  • Michael Hawk
    Michael Hawk 9 months ago

    I just put this question out to Mike the cop. What are you views and or stance on smart guns?

  • KEITH 00
    KEITH 00 9 months ago

    Ofc. 401 do a video about your feelings toward police Explorers posts.

  • Max Perilous
    Max Perilous 9 months ago

    Hey there officer401! I'd like to start off by saying great channel! I've really enjoyed your content so far. I think it's very admirable that you are "humanizing the badge".
    My father is a retired Sgt. Detective and I grew up around police officers and feel they could use all the positive PR they can get. That being said, I came across these videos (warning: they are sort of long) and thought, "I sure would like to hear what officer401 would say about this?"
    I tried to think of it from the perspective of all parties involved. There were times when i was on the side of "Awakening the Masses" (the civilian in the videos and also who posted them), and there were times I really sympathized with the law enforcement officers involved.
    I got to thinking about just how hard it would be to deal with situations such as these being a responding officer. How difficult to be their Sgt. and even their Capt. in this situation.
    I wanted to know your thoughts and opinions of the person involved in this situation and how he conducted himself. How you personally would have likely reacted to this situation if you were the responding officer. Do you feel there is any merit in the claim that the 4th amendment right of "Awakening the Masses" were violated? Do you feel this situation was handled professionally by all parties involved? Do you think that any of the law enforcement officers were out of line in the statements they made in their reports (the incident report and the IA findings report)? What is your opinion of the way that "Awakening the Masses" conducted himself in the final video? How do you feel about his statements made about the police and how they are "technically a gang"?
    To me it seems even when laws and statutes are in black and white, there is this discretionary "gray area". There are lots of examples of this sort and officers have to deal with them on a daily basis. This must make your job extremely difficult at times. I'd really like to get your feedback on these types of situations and how you go about them. In a world where it seems criminals have more rights than victims and it is all to easy for an otherwise guilty person to get off on technicalities, I feel it could be very discouraging and frustrating at times to be a cog in the machine that is our justice system. Most times I get the impression that it's harder to prove someone is guilty without a reasonable doubt, than it is for someone to prove they perhaps are innocent.
    Anyways, if you get the time, watch the vids. I think it'd make a great video and give a little insight to the struggles that officers deal with on a daily basis. Keep fighting the good fight man. I admire your openness and integrity. 48 out there.
    "Original Video" (
    "Follow Up" (
    "Results" (

  • Pro Piloty
    Pro Piloty 9 months ago

    Hey Officer401!
    To start, I love your videos and what you stand for with your content! With the world being how it is now, I feel that there hasn't been a time more crucial for what you do, so thank you!
    This video just recently popped up, and I was wondering what your thoughts are on the incident? Maybe potential video idea?

  • tigertank909
    tigertank909 9 months ago

    officer can i show you a vid

  • Leviathan 68W
    Leviathan 68W 9 months ago

    In reference to your video with YummiR6, the state of Virginia and Washington D.C. use a device called VG2. That device is a radar detector detector in a sense. It alerts them that you have one in your vehicle.

  • TheNevadan
    TheNevadan 9 months ago

    Do you know of any good police or law books that are worth reading?

  • colin duvall
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    yo officer401 just subscribed sweet channel keep makeing vids.

  • Justin Windham
    Justin Windham 9 months ago

    Hi I've watched some of you're youtube videos and I have a personal question. I'm military and I've always thought about being a police officer. The thing is I lied about my past because my recruiter told me too when I joined. when I was 17 I was arrested twice on charges that were dropped so I was never convicted and when I was 16 I did 6 months probation for possession of marijuana I went through all kinds of background checks to get in the military it never popped up I'm thinking it was just because it was just a FBI background check and as a combat engineer I don't need a security clearance do you think it would arise if I wanted to be a police officer one day I've been told it will not it's just like military background checks I've already started college in a criminal justice degree. It's always been a dream of mine please help

  • Wiggy
    Wiggy 9 months ago

    Okay officer/investigator. I'm a 15 year old boy from Texas. I was playing football with my friends yesterday. We had about 8 of us and half of us were on one side of the street and the other 4 were on the other side. When a car drove by we would throw the football over their car an they'd get really mad. I admit, this wasn't the smartest idea. But we never actually struck a car. honestly if you think about we were just playing catch. But one of those cars got so mad that they called the police. When the officer arrived, he was SUPER rude about everything. He got out of his car and walked up to us and said,"I know what y'all were doing. Don't play dumb with me. Were y'all throwing footballs at cars?" My friend politely responded with,"No sir, we were throwing them OVER the cars." The officer asked our age. I was relieved at first because I thought he was about to relate to us and then he said,"When y'all can pay for a car y'all won't want people throwing footballs at them either". I thought this was very reasonable and understood where he was coming from. It was over and he started walking back to his cruiser. He didn't make it very far when I busted out laughing super loudly like any other 15 year old boy would. It's just a natural reaction. If I could've helped it I would've. But he swung his head around so fast and aggressively that I thought I was about to get put in handcuffs and taken away. (yes I know this wouldn't have happened), but he singled me out and yelled at me and said,"You think that shit's funny?'' I politely responded with no sir and he was on his way. I feel very bad about all of this, but I feel like he should've understood that we were some bored small town Texas boys. It's not like he's never done anything like that before. I just feel like there were so many other ways he could've handled this situation better. I just keep trying to tell myself that he was just having bad day and probably didn't mean it like that but this honestly really scared me. Especially that he singled me out, out of all 8 of us. What are your thoughts on this situation, and would you have done anything differently?

  • Erin Marty Freeman
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    I found your channel recommended to me through DonutOperator's videos. Just thought I'd stop by and say that, as well as that you have earned a new sub.

  • Daniel Palmqvist
    Daniel Palmqvist 10 months ago

    Dear detective.What's the nicest someone done or said about you. That you liked.Or benefited from.
    And most important, what do you do on vacation.
    Or are you one of those who say, the law never rest son.
    And a personal question: what is the best ink penn brand according to you or someone you know that work the best.
    You dont have to awnser any questions if you dont want to.
    Thank you for the funny videos, im wating for you next one.

  • Greg Singleton
    Greg Singleton 10 months ago

    what type of gun do u use. pistol and rifle

    • Short Bus
      Short Bus 9 months ago

      Police in Georgia carry Clock 43's and and m4 Police Rifle

  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams 10 months ago

    LOL. Donut Operator just clowned you good. Love it. Keep it up. Hilarious!

  • Justin Russell
    Justin Russell 10 months ago

    My FTO got me very involved in USPSA last year when I started the journey of becoming a deputy. Up to this point in my life I had shot rifle and shotguns but had never owed a handgun. His logic for getting me involved was that while it's not "real" world or tactical training, that it is quality trigger time in a structured format. What are your thoughts on shooting sports and training. He also sent me this article yesterday, which summed up his reasoning. Would love to hear your thoughts on this (or anyone on the discussion thread).

  • Jared Parkinson
    Jared Parkinson 10 months ago

    hi officer401, my name is Jared. i have been planning on becoming a police officer for awhile. im only 20, so i still gotta wait for a year. my problem is that im not the best with directions (as in navigating). is that a huge problem? do officers use a type of gps or something? secondly, i was just wondering if there is any general tips you could share on how to do good at the job. thanks for spending the time to read and reply. god bless you

  • Jessica Hardiman
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    I kinda miss the Afterhours intro. Made me actually buy a song lol

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    • officer401
      officer401 10 months ago

      Don't waste your time, dummy.

  • Paul G. Williams,Jr.
    Paul G. Williams,Jr. 10 months ago

    I was wondering if an Undercover Office has to Id them self if a citizen (civilian) asks? My second question is if someone calls a citizen (civilian) an Officer or Military Personnel and the Citizen (civilian) made it clear that their not law enforcement or military what should the citizen (civilian) do? I had someone do that to me I told the person I never severed in the Military or any type of Law Enforcement. The other Person stated that my Car looked like an Undercover car, but its just a regular 1996 Camry (4 Door) that was drove off of a car lot without any modification except for LED interior lights and Headlights.

  • Eion Rohrbaugh
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    Would love to know any tips you have for EVOC training!!

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    officer401. in order to increase your subscribers drastically, youd need to upload video much more often. I love you videos and always look forward to catching new ones

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    Which county do you work in?

  • CBV123
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    Congratulations on your advancement. I've been enjoying the candor you share with your channel -- I think that's a large part of your well-earned success.
    But being the kind of guy I am, I wonder about the contrarian part of your job. It's fun to high-five about locking up the bad guys, and all your fans (myself included) cheer on your relations of those stories. But sometimes, you're going to snare a guy who's just gotten unlucky or simply screwed up for the first time in his life. How do you separate those guys (gals?) from all the rest? Being on the job long enough, you must have some intuition.

  • bryceowen
    bryceowen 10 months ago

    Am I the only one who thinks it's a bit scummy to be running a patreon campaign about your day job? Seems a bit unethical to me...

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    officer 401 did the guy that made your banner and logo charge you?

    • Short Bus
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      As said in previous videos, Officer 401 knows how to do graphic design and such. He created it himself.

  • Jordan Watts
    Jordan Watts 10 months ago

    @officer401 im currently an EMT but i'm starting online classes in July for a degree in criminal justice with a concentration in homeland security and emergency management. My main goal is to try to be a detective or a special agent with the FBI. After I get my degree, I am thinking about a career as an officer but my local police station doesn't offer ride alongs for civilians. I was just wondering if there was any other way to maybe get my foot in the door and see if this is something I actually want to pursue?

  • Ny Qullin
    Ny Qullin 10 months ago

    Hello from Canada.
    Would love to hear your thoughts on these guys: (

  • Minh-Hieu Le
    Minh-Hieu Le 10 months ago

    Hey Officer! I love the music u rave to man. If you can, create a spotify playlist or something and link it in the description of one of ur next vids. Thx even if u dont do it man.

  • CelicaAutocrosser
    CelicaAutocrosser 10 months ago

    Hey Officer401. Love your channel and as you mentioned, this has opened up my eyes to things you have to go thru as well. Even though I still think traffic officers are the lowest of the low. ;o) Just because we all know their ultimate goal is about revenue and not really public safety. Otherwise, do like some cops and just sit out in the middle of the highway, visible so that everyone can see you. Or put out dummy copy cars here and there like FL does once in a while for the safe effect. Just don't blatantly hide, or create speed traps in extremely congested areas of the highway during the holiday season causing accidents becuase people are now slamming on their brakes!!!!
    Anyways, I got that off my chest. The reason I write to you, is to see if you have any comments on the following video.
    Where I found it originally posted, almost everyone has the same point of view, the cop was a "douche" and should have let that car in. Of course the angry people on YouTube say otherwise that it's the SUVs own fault he got pulled over.
    My take on it is this. Living in FL for over 20 years, they are the worse drivers I've ever encountered. To them, a turn signal means speed up and close off the opportunity for a car to change lanes. This SUV is clearly trying to get over and probably has about 1/4 of a mile before he needs to turn and, from the looks of it, no one is letting him in. The fact that he's even using the turn signal is already a plus on his side. I stopped using it in FL all together, when changing lanes, just for that reason. 99% of the time, no one is going to let me thru.
    Then the SUV goes to the middle lane, kind of has to slow down because the truck has to slow down because that pickup seems to be doing the same thing with the white van. Oh he wants to change lanes, speed up! Damn, he "cut" in front of me, slam on brakes and causing a chain reaction. So great, he's now in the middle lane. I'm sure far left lane is full of cars as well and now the SUV is closer to his turn.
    At this point, I'm sure he's got to be frustrated, with his turn signal still turned on, doesn't just flat out cut the cop, but slowly makes his way to the left lane, because yet again, no one is letting him in.
    Now the cop chooses to slam on the brakes like a "douche" as if going "what the hell" and then pulls the guy over. Ummm, if you are a police officer, see someone with their turn signal wanting to get in front of you, shouldn't you give them room and not be like the rest of the lemmings?
    That's my take on it. The angry trolls are saying that if he needs to turn he should have changed lanes sooner, kept going and if he missed his turn then do a u-turn and go back around. I've done that myself a few times, especially in places I wasn't familiar with. To then find out that the next exist is more than 10 miles away, and now I'm running out of gas! I think the SUV was fine and the cop should have acted in a more civil matter and let him in. What are your takes on it?

  • teejaydee81
    teejaydee81 10 months ago

    I have to say. I really enjoy your stories and hearing about your experiences but please for the love of sanity, stop doing blogs in your car. It's so mundane and boring. Let us see your every day life and not just your windscreen and hand. Besides, the amount of times you use your hand to talk means you have no control over your car which is a very bad example you are setting for others. Thanks from Australia

  • Justin Russell
    Justin Russell 10 months ago

    Greetings. First off love the videos and the smartass/ dark humor attitude used to deliver some your messages! This is by far the best channel I subscribe to so thank you!!! Do you have any suggestions on the best way to set up your duty belt? I have asked my department members how and they all have a different style and reasoning and I just wanted to hear your thoughts.

    • mike k
      mike k 5 months ago

      Jeff it showed you had over 500k subs the other day what the heck happened? did the smartass darkness upset that many people?

    • Justin Russell
      Justin Russell 10 months ago

      That is awesome. Thank you so much!

    • officer401
      officer401 10 months ago

      Funny you ask, I'm about to do a duty belt video in the next few days :)

  • S&k Studios
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    @officer401 what is the best way to get ahold of you?

    • officer401
      officer401 10 months ago

      Email me! Address is in my about tab. :)

    • S&k Studios
      S&k Studios 10 months ago

      I have something that you might be very interested in.

  • Ryan Wike
    Ryan Wike 10 months ago

    Officer 401 - In your opinion, based on being an experienced police officer....What do you think are the best hand to hand combat disciplines and de-escalation techniques that would be most useful for managing aggressive, combative encounters with lawbreaking citizens to avoid escalation to lethal methods of control?

  • Marco Almeida
    Marco Almeida 10 months ago

    what is your stand on the anaheim, ca shooting?

  • Matthew Davan
    Matthew Davan 10 months ago

    How about doing a top ten most embarrassing moments that you have heard of. You don't have to name names or anything. I'm sure your compatriots will know who you're talking about. Or maybe do a piece on the "dumbest criminals" that you or your coworkers have encountered over the years.

  • Jesus Gómez
    Jesus Gómez 11 months ago

    You usually have good nuanced opinion about things that most people don't have experience with. What are you thoughts as a police officer on the following video? What do you think was going through the mind of this off duty officer??? I would love your opinion on this in case there's something the public isn't aware of that can shine a little more light on this cause the way it looks at the moment is FUCKING BAD. incident(

  • P0tat07
    P0tat07 11 months ago

    Hi officer. I've been watching your videos all morning on my phone, which I do not have logged into youtube, I finally decided to get my ipad which I'm on now, so I could engage with this community. I love it. If only all cops could be like you.

  • Lukas Moore
    Lukas Moore 11 months ago

    So I recently had a bit of a brief and odd encounter with a police car. I was driving home from the city (it was around 2am) at some point early on my journey I ended up behind a police car. We where at a red light when it turned green he started moving but very slowly (I figured he was checking something out). After making it around 40 feet passed the intersection he stopped completely. There was room for me to pass on his right it was a two lane road not including the parking space but it was a snowy road and the row of parked cars made passing a bit of a tight squeeze not impossible but a little tricky and it was late so I figured patients was the safe bet. So i decided just to wait for him to start moving. He did this several times along the road to the point where we missed a the green light on the following intersection. So my question is in this scenario would it be considered suspicious of me to follow the cop rather than pass him. I had no idea what he was doing and it got to the point where a became oddly self conscious about how it might appear that I'm following him. Anyways thanks for making such great and authentic content.

  • Pope Michael
    Pope Michael 11 months ago

    You should make a gaming channel, I know me and many others would enjoy it. Not just for playing cop related games, it's just fun to watch you do anything.

  • Matthew Davan
    Matthew Davan 11 months ago

    After you record a video, how much time, on average, does it take to edit and upload?

    • officer401
      officer401 11 months ago

      From the time I start recording to the time I make it live, about 4 hours per video.

  • rust8infinite
    rust8infinite 11 months ago

    Officer401 I have a realy big question for you.
    What do you do when you are being harassed by the police?
    I moved to this new town 5 months ago and have been stopped and searched 12 times by the police for absolutely nothing.
    Yesterday was the tipping point for me.
    this lady was harassing ME as I was working on my car. I asked her to leave me a lone and I didn't want to speak her.
    So she called the police on me for nothing. I just continued to go about my business ignore her and work on the car.
    Then the police arrive. The officer asks me for id I produce ID, then ask him whats this all about.
    He immediately starts flipping out on me calling me a punk and tells me that lady has paid taxes in this town for 30 years and that I'm nothing.
    All over a question, I Wasn't being rude in any way I just wanted to get the car fixed.
    once he started screaming at me I just stopped talking completely while he continued to berate me, then left and no charges or citations were given. He never even asked for my side of the story, then said he was going to have building inspectors come by and shut down the house(there is nothing wrong with the house).
    I'm not a trouble maker, Im not a drug dealer or addict, I work a legit job and pay my taxes, I haven't made any waves in this small town since I moved in. I got to work, come home, lead a simple life, heck I don't even go to bars and mingle with the towns folk.
    It's literally gotten to the point where I don't want to go outside and am kinda scared too. and am now considering just moving all together.
    If you could give me any pointers or lead me in the right direction I would really appreciate it. I don't know what to do I just wanna be left a lone.
    My home town was nothing like this all the officers were very friendly and professional. And only got tough when they had too. I even used to drink with the police chief at the american legion, for christ sakes he used to come into our elementary school and read to us when he used to be a deputy.
    Is it safe to assume I'm dealing with corrupt police department in my new town??

    • SVaughn
      SVaughn 10 months ago

      I'm not a cop (yet) but know a few around my area. But it sounds like the entire department may be corrupt if they're going after you with no reason or purpose. I'm not sure how to handle something like this but I'm sure if you brought this to maybe the county or state they could do something about it.
      Not sure if this is helpful or not.

  • Bruno Sousa
    Bruno Sousa 11 months ago

    Hey officer big fan from Portugal. I wanna ask whats your possicion about vigillants?
    Keep the good work here and on the streets

    • Bruno Sousa
      Bruno Sousa 11 months ago

      Just like that. And tks for the reeply

    • officer401
      officer401 11 months ago

      You mean people getting street justice?

  • shanE_
    shanE_ 11 months ago

    not sure if this has been asked or answered before, but what happens if ur in a pursuit, of a VERY DANGEROUS suspect, being the HIGHEST priority in ur police department, such as a multiple murderer, or serial killer etc, and they manage to cross state line. are u able to get instant authority on the fly, to continue pursuit of said suspect until current state patrol is able to mobilize?

  • Dustin Krueger
    Dustin Krueger 11 months ago

    Hey Officer401, I live in a town with a military installation, what is your take on military police (MPs) vs. civil LEOs?

  • Jake Hank
    Jake Hank 11 months ago

    i love your channel, im a career firefighter a couple hours south of dc, you should go do i ride along on the fire side sometime! Good calls is hard to come by in my more rural county but i would love to hear your opinions on some of the stuff us firefighters and medics do!

  • Unknown user
    Unknown user 11 months ago

    it would be awsome if officer401 and AfterPrissonChow did a colab. it would be very intresting to see!

  • Ty Ukena
    Ty Ukena 11 months ago

    Hey in my (small) town the is a cop that wrights people up all the time he has given out more ticks in one week than the other 2 cops did in a month. he even gave me one for a 34 in a 30, and when we were on the side of the rode some one came by doing at least 60 in a 45 and he did not go after him.
    so what I'm trying to ask is, why is this cop so gun happy on ticks and why did he not go after the other guy?

  • Jared Lukavsky
    Jared Lukavsky 11 months ago

    Hey, can you do a video on your opinion on teen drivers, for example if you pulled one over going 4 over the speed limit would you ticket them? Would love to hear your thoughts on this!

  • Keegan Truesdale
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    when are you going to do the ride long with yum yum

  • Andriy Uniyat
    Andriy Uniyat 11 months ago

    To all Law Enforcement people out there. Please recommend a b-day gift for a guy who graduates PSP Academy soon. I want a gift that can be useful on his line of duty.
    Thank you!

  • Married 3gunners
    Married 3gunners 11 months ago

    Watching your videos has me in a dilemma. I'm 38 years old and looking for a career change, spent 12+ years in construction 4+ years in EMS and 5+years in another health care field. My wife is a 911 dispatcher and of course she suggested I become an officer. And I am one of those people who never smoked weed. Love the videos.

  • Florida Boilermaker
    Florida Boilermaker 11 months ago

    I do your experience and advice on concealed carry stops and the like.

  • ZeroBlackfire
    ZeroBlackfire 11 months ago

    Officer 401, within the last few days, Trump basically has"OKed" civilian asset forfeiture....What's your take on it? How do you see it? You seem to be one of the most level headed cops ive ever seen/heard and like a voice of reason amongst all this fear mongering...

  • Taktisches Hustenbonbon

    Could you tell me, what kind of camera you are using for your VLOGS? Pretty Please. :)

    • officer401
      officer401 11 months ago

      Apeman Action Camera and Zoom H1 audio recorder. :)

  • MadMike L
    MadMike L 11 months ago

    You asked for bike buying advice... Bandit 1250 ABS. Less than $10,000 new with ABS (you defiantly want that no matter what bike you get). All day riding comfort with upright seating and bar position but it has a sporty look with a half fairing to keep the wind off you. But not covering the engine so you don't have to take shit off when you do maintenance, or worry about cracking them if you tip it over on its side. Sit comfortably upright and ride for hours or lean into it and carve up the curves. The power deliver on it is smooth as silk and the engine is bullet proof. Its easy to drive at any speed and you don't need to wind it up to get it going. Maintenance and parts are easy and cheap. Its the "go-to, do everything" bike in Europe don't know why it hasn't caught on here. Guess its because everyone here in the states is either full sport bike or cruiser and now we have all the adventure tourer groups. As an MSF instructor here in the States and in Japan I have road many types of bikes, you would be hard pressed to find a better, cheaper, all-round, new bike that you won't grow out of.
    For those of you who haven't ridden one, don't knock it till you tried it!

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    You ever gonna play Rainbow Six Siege?

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    Where is the link to your merchandise?

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    Changed my view on cops a lot more info has been added to the picture

  • billY2992
    billY2992 11 months ago

    I think your videos are very informative. You said that you are in the market for a motorcycle. I would recommend taking a look at the Kawasaki Versys 650cc. The Versys has basically the same engine as the Ninja but has a more upright seating position. I bought a 2014 model and put 19,000 miles on it. It’s a blast. Good luck. Bill

  • 4everMetallover
    4everMetallover 11 months ago

    I saw you had a video on radio etiquette, but I was wondering if you can do a video on radio jargon. I have heard various phrases used on police radios and have no idea what they mean, but would like to find out.

  • GalacticRavioli
    GalacticRavioli 11 months ago

    please do a video on what you think of this: (

  • OC Metals
    OC Metals 11 months ago

    I like your channel and subscribed, I find your video insightful and helpful. I have a question. So what about cops who are a**holes. 99% when I deal with cops they are nice and courteous and don't have problems. But once in a very blue moon you get cop that's power trippin', or having a bad day or wanting to find something wrong because they are convinced that because I look different I must be a criminal. Any recommendations? I want to be law abiding but not be a push over and let them pin me with something that is not my fault.

  • Starry Night Security
    Starry Night Security 11 months ago

    as a S.E.O. I want to thank you for the transparency on S.E.O.s and L.E.Os. You can find me on Fb Shawn Starry from Freeport, Illinois. I also have a Home Security Consultant LLC page you can contribute to helping me guide homeowners on prevention of loss to their property and life. Shawn Starry

  • Ryan Ruscett
    Ryan Ruscett 11 months ago

    Hey, I have to ask this because it pisses me off so much. I am driving down a super busy two lane road no shoulder or anything. A cop comes up behind me and throws on his lights. I immediately start to slow down and put my blinker on. I drive maybe 50 to 75 feet and pull into a side street. This butthole comes up to me and says, "Sir, when I put my lights on you need to stop immediately. Why did you not stop?". Well, I slowed down and wanted to wait for a safe place to pull of the super busy road. I understand if I kept going for a mile, or half mile or shit, even a quarter mile. How that could be confusing. This leads to the ""COP EFFECT"". I get so pissed when there are a hundred places for a person to pull of the road and instead they stop dead smack in the middle of it. If the road doesn't have a shoulder, but there is a Walmart entrance three feet from you bumper. Don't be a dumbass and pull in. This has happened to me two times where I made a decision to get to safety within a very reasonable amount of time. Just to be heckled because I didn't stop fast enough. What's the deal?

  • Justin Delacerda
    Justin Delacerda 11 months ago

    Officer, I know you have done a video on our 2nd amendment rights, and I wholeheartedly agree with everything you have said, but can you do a video elaborating on concealed carry?
    For example, how would one acquire a concealed carry permit?
    What would be the best way to interact with law enforcement if you are carrying and, say, you get pulled over, or, for those very unfortunate people, have to use it for self defense?
    What advice would you give to people seeking to acquire a concealed carry permit and conduct oneself from the perspective of a law enforcement officer?

  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams 11 months ago

    Okay first off, I love your channel. You are awesome. I'd be you right now had I not been a little thieving asshole in my younger days so now I lift heavy shit for a living instead. (Let that be a lesson kids) There's this thing that's been bugging the crap out of me. A video here on Youtube with some cops that I think are acting like butt heads. I'd like you to see it and tell us what you think. It's here: (
    Now before you dismiss this, let me explain. I personally don't give a crap about the lives of the fifty pigeons that these folks are trying to save. I've just seen a few of these videos and in almost every one, you can tell that the cops are probably friends of the property owners or maybe members of the places that are being "exposed" or whatever. But the point here is that they show up and try to intimate the camera operator into giving up their personal information and telling them they have no right to film etc.... I think what they're doing is perfectly okay as far as legality is concerned but the cops appear to not understand that the side of the road is a public place (easement) and that filming from there is not a criminal act. Now I understand that there's no way to be sure that these people weren't throwing rocks or honking air horns are just plain being dicks before the police arrived but based on what can be seen in this particular video, I feel like these officers could be slapped with police misconduct for being misleading about the wire taping laws and for attempting to intimidate the camera operator as well as refusing to press charges on the driver of a SUV that nearly ran the lady down. Assault with a deadly weapon where I come from and on film to boot!
    Anyway, I hope you see this and tell us what you make of it. I'm sorry for writing a novel on your page here but I felt like telling everybody a little bit about what I think. Thank you for the entertainment, education and service to your community. Keep on posting and we'll keep watching. Stay safe.

    • Michael Williams
      Michael Williams 11 months ago

      Ha ha ha. Rereading this, my grammar is shit. Sorry about that. Stay in school kids.

  • andrew7720
    andrew7720 11 months ago

    Great job man, keep up. You should try the game SWAT 4. Its a PC game from 2005 where as the name suggests, you are a 5 men SWAT team on various missions. The main game has I think 13 missions plus an expansion that adds 7 more. Most gamers on youtube take 10-15 min/mission. Could you record the game and make a voiceover on how a real SWAT team would react and clear the missions? Its a pretty light game and most PCs from the last decade can easily play it. It would be nice to see how a real SWAT officer would take decisions.

  • Max Combs
    Max Combs 11 months ago

    You should do a video on what it is like to be on the SWAT Team. I love your videos so keep them coming.

  • CJ_ Finn
    CJ_ Finn 11 months ago

    Recent subscriber here. Love what you are doing but I wonder why you don't change up the videos more. You even mention that it is likely boring seeing the same highway all the time.
    A couple ideas that I would like to see you cover: I'd like to hear your thoughts on how regulated gun control should be. You touched on this some but since I live in AZ, where there are few limits for an adult to purchase, carry, conceal, no registration requirements; I would be interested in your thoughts on what you, or other cops would see as an appropriate level of regulation, if any.
    Also, as an RN, I am curious to hear how cops(or just you) view other emergency personnel: fire, medics, the nurses and docs at the hospital.
    Thanks for doing this.

  • nope nope
    nope nope 11 months ago

    Can you do a video on Civil Asset Forfeiture? It comes up from time to time in the news, but I am curious about your perspective on it. Thanks!

  • Anthony Jimenez
    Anthony Jimenez Year ago

    You should make a video on Campus Police Officers. Discussing the difference and restrictions on both ends of the occupation.

  • Isaak James
    Isaak James Year ago

    +officer401 - Does being a retired Auxiliary officer from the NYPD count in order to get the Law Enforcement badge on your forum and access to the site where only MOS can go? I can send you my Certificate of Accomplishment for completing the NYPD police basic training course 92-BS-11.

  • Lee Booker
    Lee Booker Year ago

    Hey Officer401! I love the videos, now i have a question that pertains to my state, but maybe you can help me. I was contacted by phone by an organization called Illinois Council Of Police, and they asked for a donation as well as sent me an envelope in the mail. Now before I contribute, I was reading online that this was possibly a scam, and the website seemed fishy. Do you have any insight on this? And I am more than happy to donate the 25$ they want, but I didn't know police organizations could call for solicitation?

  • Derrick Hanratty

    Great Chanel stumbled across a video of yours a few weeks ago when surfing YouTube, been hooked since. One topic I think would be cool to cover is your thoughts on unmarked cruisers, I saw a Prius with someone pulled over the other day and I was curious of your thoughts.
    I for one would be really hesitant to pull over for a car that wasn't obviously a cop.
    anyways keep up the good work dude!

  • Jam Roll
    Jam Roll Year ago

    Hey, Officer401. What are your thoughts on loud mufflers? What are the laws? Hate these things. Walkin with my honey talkin, and can't hear her words cuz some boob just HAS to rip by rippin a hole in my ear, or i gotta leave my windows in my home closed just so i can hear yer vids. I'm so wanting to huck marbles at these guys (only WANT to).

  • Michael Robie
    Michael Robie Year ago

    How much trouble do you think the person responsible for cleaning this car out got into?

  • Emily Dropps
    Emily Dropps Year ago

    I just want to say I really like your videos. I like the different discussions you have and the different topics you speak on. You are awesome and I like that you care about your subscribers. It is nice to see someone interact with so many different people. I look forward to more of your videos.

    • officer401
      officer401 Year ago

      We look forward to having you!

    • Emily Dropps
      Emily Dropps Year ago

      You're very welcome :) and thank you so much. I look forward to using and joining the live chat!

    • officer401
      officer401 Year ago

      Thank you, Emily! I'm glad to have you as a part of my community. It's comments like these that motivate me to keep going, and give me a smile. Don't forget to join the live-chat! You can download the Discord app on your phone or join us through a web-browser.

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    Please take a look at this video and give your opinion

  • Lachie Marlow
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  • Bob Thomas
    Bob Thomas Year ago

    I have never had a positive experience with a police officer, when the cops show up bad things happen, antique weapons taken as "evidence" disappear, children wearing camo carrying sticks are considered a "threat", a child guilty of criminal mischief has to answer for a missing washing machine which he as no means of stealing in the first place and receives 700 hours community service while still going to school. I understand the need for police, I just wish we had some cops like you in my area.

    • David Anderson
      David Anderson 5 months ago

      His pretending to be nice on camera,most likely his a power hungry officer..

  • Thomas Johns
    Thomas Johns Year ago

    hi officer 401 I would like to know what happened to your duty belt video I went threw all your vids but couldn't find it by the way keep up the good work I want to be a Queensland cop in Australia.

  • CharonXul
    CharonXul Year ago

    Hi I would like to see a video from you about why you decided to become a police officer. I don't remember if you discussed it in another video so if you did sorry lol

  • Jesse B
    Jesse B Year ago

    I dont know if you read this crap... im a security guard that just had twins.. this job is fake as fu*k and i really don like it. things are hard right now.. all of my friends are shit and i cant help it but push them away. ive wanted to join the military/law enforcement/firefighter/EMT for as long as i can remember ( no i was never bullied or did i miss treat anyone in high school...) its just been a long time goal of mine to help people and not be a useless piece of shit.. your videos really inspire me, if you are running out of ideas for videos i want your option on this song/music video. Tech N9ne - What if it was me ( if anything just listen to it. -J

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    hi I'm a youtuber called joseph Wreck12 please subscribe to me I just subscribe to you

  • bbigrocker1
    bbigrocker1 Year ago

    I looked through your collection of video's and I was a bit taken aback that there was nothing on any controversial issues. I'm sure you're aware of many, yet you are quite mum on them. Why is that?

    • dh4432hgchbhcshcfsbc
      dh4432hgchbhcshcfsbc 11 months ago

      Check your discord Officer from your superadmin. I have a message from you that you do not want to miss.

    • drasdwayne
      drasdwayne 11 months ago

      Could you do a video in the summer on how you keep your k9 cool and comfortable in the car during warm weather?

    • Riens Overu
      Riens Overu 11 months ago

      +bbigrocker1​ luckily my family doesn't break the law and when an encounter with an officer happens we do not provoke or antagonize the situation driving it to a whole other level. Obviously you have issues with officers. I don't sugar coat anything. Just so you realize this as a fact I will give you some advice......Stop breaking the law. Police officers for the most part do not harass people for kicks. Not saying there aren't some who do but for the most part they are there just doing their job. Bad cops can always be weeded out but the good officers deserve our support. I suppose you believe in the hands up dont shoot bullshit narrative or the didndunuffin one. Are you one of the BLM domestic terrorists? That would certainly explain the media pop tart statements you espoused in your reply. You fail to explain that Jason Stockley was charged with murder. And you also stated Lamar Smith was shot on the courthouse lawn for trying to vote. That is a complete LIE! Obvious you are a very ignorant or just retarded person. So fuck off with your lying bullshit. Is that sugar coated enough for you?

    • bbigrocker1
      bbigrocker1 11 months ago

      +Riens Overu We already see that, that's not the issue. That is what they SHOULD BE DOING.................ALL THE TIME.
      Then again, sounds like you'd rather just sugar coat it. Do the feel good vides's, forget the corruption, brutality and murder. Oh, don't forget the conspiracy and the blue wall of silence. None of that is of any importance...........until it's one of YOUR unarmed relatives lying dead in the street for no good reason.

    • Riens Overu
      Riens Overu 11 months ago

      I have a suggestion....;How about you do some videos showing good cops doing their job every day so people will know that officers are just everyday people doing a thankless job. Looking forward to watching all your videos