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  • Ethan Lee
    Ethan Lee 4 hours ago

    Haha "feet"-back

  • Frost Enceladus
    Frost Enceladus 9 hours ago

    So why do you dislike smite?

  • lobsteros (Channel Lobster's Alt)

    Absolutely wonderful commentary on this issue. More games need to include accessibility options, clearly labeled as such for the sake of those who need them while deterring those who don't need them. In my opinion, games like Mario Odyssey and Celeste do it best by having an "assist mode" included in the settings. Certainly, some of the people who don't need them will use them to their advantage, but the group of people who'd do so are considerably smaller, as a clearly-labeled "accessibility mode" makes it very clear who the mode is meant for, and if anyone outside that group were to use it, they'd know they "cheated." The people who'd do that are also the types who would use a hacking client to cheat anyway just because they don't want to expend the effort, so there's really no need to pay those people any mind. As a side note, I think a big part of the issue with this topic is the fact that it's mainly being discussed on a site like Twitter, which I feel is *built* to fuel drama and misunderstanding. The character limit makes it extremely difficult to convey what you mean in a single post, so the only way to convey a complete idea is with a long thread that makes you look obsessed or overly-dedicated to the topic. As a result, people learn to convey their opinions in as few words as possible, often requiring vague or blunt language and generalizations that are easy to misinterpret. The whole "disconnect" you focused on in this video is very real, and I feel that just about the biggest part of it is the fact that there's no way to fully explain which side of the disconnect you're on in a single tweet. But I think Twitter does nothing about this for a reason-it keeps people coming back to their site. And if that weren't bad enough, Twitter makes a big point of letting you know when you've been blocked. I'm glad that they at least added the "mute" option as an alternative, and I wish people would use it more often, because seeing someone's posts suddenly disappear-and knowing exactly what that means-can be very distressful, especially for those with emotional instabilities. And, depending on how that person is prone to react, it either facilitates call-out culture, or it leads people to chase the blocker down. I'll admit to being guilty on that latter point. Yeah, I was discussing this topic on Twitter just a few minutes ago, as a reply to some random user who'd posted a headline from an article on the topic (as revived by the announcement of "very easy" mode in Death Stranding), and after making my post I looked over to see that I'd been blocked by someone else in a completely different thread replying to a completely different user. I certainly couldn't imagine why-I hadn't said anything that contradicted his claims-until I realized that he may have interpreted my claim that "easy modes don't work in games designed for difficulty" as contradictory to his claims that "games should be accessible to people with cognitive disabilities." Despite the fact that I'd never spoken a word to the person, my heart still sunk at the feeling that he apparently had decided on the spot that he never wanted to associate with me again. And if not for Twitter's block system, I would have never needed to know about it. So in spite of the fact that my fixation was clearly unhealthy, I opened an incognito window and opened the user's page to find that he had a TVclip channel. Curious to see if he'd spoken any more on the matter, I looked into his channel and found a wonderful commentary on the issue. Yeah, uh, that person is you, if you haven't figured it out by now. And ironically enough, it was that very disconnect you mentioned that was the cause of this whole misunderstanding. I definitely find the idea that "difficulty options and accessibility options are not the same thing" to be true, but that's why I had never even accounted for an "accessibility" difficulty in my post on the matter. I'd figured that if such options existed, they'd be kept separate from the normal "difficulty options" and would be clearly labeled. After all, Death Stranding's "very easy" difficulty was not made specifically for disabled gamers, but for non-gamers. "Movie fans," as I believe Kojima explained. Since Death Stranded is meant to be a gameplay-enhanced cinematic experience, "very easy" mode is primarily targeted at those who don't have much of the necessary dedication to play video games at all, but would like to play Death Stranding due to an interest in its storytelling. That's why Death Stranding's "very easy" mode is not the same as an accessibility mode at all-an accessibility mode is made specifically for those who have the dedication to beat the game, but lack the capability to do so normally in one way or another. Death Stranding's "very easy" mode on the other hand, while it CAN be used for accessibility, mainly exists to appeal to a more casual audience. In other words, accessibility modes, which aim to bring the experience of a game to those who are otherwise *unable* to play, can *always* coexist with developer intent. But Death Stranding's "very easy" mode, which aims to take the challenge out of gameplay altogether, thereby bringing the experience to those who otherwise *would not want to play*, cannot. That's what I intended to convey with my tweet. It still strikes me as strange, though, that the same person who wrote this fantastic open-minded analysis of the issue that covers a commonly-overlooked aspect of the debate, and is very clearly passionate about conveying his perspective, would block someone without speaking a word to them over a vaguely-phrased tweet that doesn't even bring the concept of accessibility into account. Is this normal? Am I just twittering wrong? Are you just supposed to block someone at the smallest sign of potential disagreement with your perspective, without even giving them the opportunity to consider it? I don't know, but something about that just doesn't sound right to me. Regardless, I'm glad I got the opportunity to explain my post and to understand your view better (which, as I've said, I totally agree with). Though it does feel wrong somehow to be looking at the profile and watching the videos of someone who has apparently decided he wants nothing to do with me, ever.

    • T B Skyen
      T B Skyen 6 hours ago

      I use a chain blocking plugin to mass block trolls, harassers and alt-right chuds. Sometimes people I've never interacted with or who aren't any of those things get caught up in it, which sucks. That's probably what happened here, if we've not interacted previously.

  • OfftopicStuff
    OfftopicStuff 11 hours ago

    that outro teased out the like from me on this one...

  • Truce Truce
    Truce Truce 11 hours ago

    TBH as a long time lover of the musical I’m a little more nervous about how they’re going to deal with the plot. They seem like they’re changing it a lot and making Victoria the main character and it looks likes it’s going down a very formulaic road.

    • T B Skyen
      T B Skyen 11 hours ago

      Which is probably going to be necessary to adapt it into a feature film format, yeah.

  • OfftopicStuff
    OfftopicStuff 13 hours ago

    26:08 - "boob socks". i don't think i've ever heard a more absurd and fitting description in my life :D

  • Rumblingbum
    Rumblingbum 14 hours ago

    I played through ds2 about 6 times and i didn't even notice flexile sentry's helmet was actually their head. Then again i didn't drown in that ship.

  • Topichu Friends Without Context

    11:56 shoutout to dark souls 2 targeting

  • G I Gandhi
    G I Gandhi 16 hours ago

    Play as Sellsword Luet/Braum

  • Azeyma
    Azeyma 17 hours ago

    Original 2nd Gen Furry Star Gaurdian Team: Fox, Love Birds, Lizard and then there’s MF

  • Mak -nae
    Mak -nae 18 hours ago

    "it looks like she can barely lift a carton of milk" i died laughing xD

  • Phesheya Bhembe
    Phesheya Bhembe 19 hours ago

    28:49 I got the sense that she was trying to get to somewhere in particular so she can do an import thing, not just escape.

  • Gaphid
    Gaphid 19 hours ago

    Get riot and the guys that made houseki no kuni together and we hit fucking gold

  • joey billig
    joey billig 20 hours ago

    Whats the first background music?

  • Maduin Argentus
    Maduin Argentus 20 hours ago

    Okay, you made me excited for this <3

  • Darkhellia DarkFire
    Darkhellia DarkFire 21 hour ago

    Lux represents new untapped leadership, she's new so she doesn't fully understand her role as a Star Guardian. Ahri on the otherhand is about tough love, no nonsense type leadership. Ahri is experienced and with that experience has come the absolute need and desire to never see another Star Guardian fall in battle. Miss Fortune is Ahri's second in command, she's also the only other member besides Ahri from Ahri's original team which was her, Miss Fortune, Rakan, Xayah, and Neeko. Zoe ended up corrupting Rakan and Xayah to work with her while Neeko is constantly on the run being attacked and trying to get back to Ahri and Miss Fortune. So Miss Fortune may act like Jinx sometimes but the only reason why she fights as hard and as brutally as she does is because it's powered by her need for vengence for her lost teammates. Miss Fortune gets along with Soraka and Ahri only because Soraka has that connection to the Starlight that made all of them Star Guardians in the first place and she gets along with Ahri because they've been through so much together. She hates Ezreal's actions and attitude because he doesn't take his role as Star Guardian as seriously as he should and she hates Syndra because Syndra reminds Miss Fortune too much of Zoe, she's too much into the darker aspects of what the Star Guardians fight against. Syndra is Junna if Junna started to lose herself to the darkness of being a Star Guardian.

  • Raigan Avalon
    Raigan Avalon 21 hour ago

    Hears the into about how the game might be rough if you've suffered from depression. Sounds like me, sweet, more suffering and self-hatred. ... Now I want this game.

    XCITA 21 hour ago


  • LP Flowrider
    LP Flowrider 21 hour ago

    Looking forward to the grand payoff to the theme of malleable personality in Dark Souls 3. When you get there and recognize it, Skyen you ll be praising the Sun all the way Back to Solaire in Dark Souls 1.

  • herntex
    herntex 21 hour ago

    1:09:15 I think you meant armor set, not souls

  • Shyle tendras
    Shyle tendras 22 hours ago

    Like if u watched the odd'sonesout

  • Arya Ren
    Arya Ren 22 hours ago

    Ah yes, the every Dark Souls player's favorite tactic: yolo run

  • Cosmicfairy
    Cosmicfairy 23 hours ago

    I heard some rumours that Zoe belongs to another team that existed way before the lux team, who those members are still a mystery since we only know Zoe of that team. Correct me if I'm wrong...

  • BugsRCool
    BugsRCool Day ago

    Wait a minute did you at 1:10:50 whistle a Dungeons of Dredmor snippet?

  • Andre .___.
    Andre .___. Day ago

    It makes u feel unbalanced just like Neeko is •_•

  • widowmaker edits

    You forgot to mention that arhi completely replaced lux as the protagonist of the starguardian world. Not that im mad about it, i drastically prefer ahri to lux.

    • T B Skyen
      T B Skyen Day ago

      I think it kinda sucks, honestly.

  • Viva Cant CS
    Viva Cant CS Day ago

    This video analysis has easily made you one of my favorite League youtubers right next to Necrit. Kudos!

  • LemonadeRaid
    LemonadeRaid Day ago

    roses are red violets are blue you're probably here for 6:42

  • Lucas Meadows
    Lucas Meadows Day ago

    Someone is a fan of The Secret of Monkey Island.

  • The011darkwolf

    I like mineta :(

  • Midnight xgamer

    Riot l, where is my anime!?

  • BugsRCool
    BugsRCool Day ago

    Skyen goes to beat Gwyn and finds one of the rarest enemies in DS1, a Vagrant.

  • kazuto7773
    kazuto7773 Day ago

    I love coming to TB Skyen to have someone who's equally geeking out like me xD

  • วิชชากร สุขวัฒน์

    They use Only Marvel Comic to drive the world story but not Anime serie (Maybe after)

  • gidioter
    gidioter Day ago

    I kinda read Gwynodlin's biological sex being female (as connection to the moon is natural), but the gender being male. I think that Gwyn denied him transition due to the fact that his first son has betrayed him and he erased him from history by destroying any cultural evidence of his existance (destoryed sunlight altars). It's usually male figures who inherit power in monarchies. Gwyn did not want anymore heirs and fed his soul to the first flame to perpetuate his age. Of course the flame itself would accept any gender, but it's the way Gwyn's politics were ingrained upon his subordinates. Also interview with from software two sources: [soulslore.wikidot.com/data:dark-sun-gwyndolin ] and [www.reddit.com/r/TheMakingOfGames/comments/21isw6/dark_souls_text_interview_from_design_works_book/] "The skirt-like garment he wears on his lower half, for example, represents female menstruation."

  • NerdyPup
    NerdyPup Day ago

    22:57 Aah shit there goes the add money!!!

  • shana
    shana Day ago

    Yes please

  • Viva Cant CS
    Viva Cant CS Day ago

    From a lorewise perspective, something very interesting I noticed watching this slowed down was when Zoe becomes that vortex/void thing, and sucks in the star guardian plusies of Rakan, Miss Fortune, and Ahri (from the original team Neeko and Xayah were also apart of) Xayah's doll isn't included and Rakan's is screaming. I wonder if it's because in the story Xayah is already fully corrupted.

  • Daniel
    Daniel Day ago

    People complain a lot about the number of bosses in this game but I don't really think it is very different from the first game. The only thing is that in DS2, they gave minibosses a nameplate and healthbar. There are plenty of singular, non-respawning, slightly tougher enemies in DS1 that function exactly the same way as the Dragonrider for me, they just weren't given a boss healthbar and don't drop a soul. Overall, I actually really like a lot of what DS2 did that many seem to hate. I'm glad you're going into this series without a predetermination to dislike the game based on the reputation.

  • Senate OP
    Senate OP Day ago

    I'm actually so glad i watched this particular video. Its amazing, interesting and i didnt get bored, which says a lot about how well you describe animations (first time watching you btw). I am no animator nor an artist but i can always appreciate a different animation or mix of animated styles. With that being said, you sir just won a subscriber

  • Ilya
    Ilya Day ago

    Dude, that 2D segment wasn't meant to look like the 3D models. If you watched Madoka you know that they were referencing the witch fields, where nothing seems like reality and everything looks off and distorted.

  • Scribble _
    Scribble _ Day ago

    All the questions and mysteries gets me excited. It gives so much potential for Riot, to make it all come together and create an awesome story! Oh and something that got my attention : Default Xayah says something along the line of: "All stars burns out, Lux.", after killing default Lux. Maybe that hints at unspoken history between the two?

  • BugsRCool
    BugsRCool Day ago

    I like how the dark hand shield looks like a black hole in Dark Souls 1

  • Denzel Council

    I think what riot waa a going for is that Ahris team were the old squad the old star Guardians and lux team is the new guardians

  • Mattias Svensson

    I don't think those are conjoined lizards. Look at that flap of skin under the arms of the one armor-less torso. Those looks like vestigial wing membranes to me. I'm thinking *dragons.* And, well, wouldn't be the first time this series has featured dragon people, now would it?

  • Adam Hošek
    Adam Hošek Day ago

    I lost the count of how many times you just ran around the bonfire right before the boss chamber and didn't rest there just to have more of that nice trip through the other cathedral... Watching that was the real torture of this episode :-D. I love the series, though, keep going!

  • Denzel Council

    Can't wait for star guardian Kayle and Morgana

  • Hyper Combo420

    My biggest issue is that it caught me so off guard. I know that rape is possible in anime, but I can usually avoid it. I watch happy anime and shit. I thought goblin slayer would be a light-hearted story of a man who kills goblins, but holy moly. I can't handle stuff like that. I agree with people that if you can't handle it don't watch it. So I did stop watching it. It just kind of left me fucked up, because I was just caught so off guard.

  • xHanyuu
    xHanyuu Day ago

    i think lux doesnt have much to do with the last star guardian sets because she helps the the one that cant help themselves. She and her team are the basic star guardian set. Whilst Ahri (as stated in the little animation movie) wants to focus on saving and protect the other starguardians, since she lost xayah and rakan to evil. sadly it still cuts a line between the OG star guardians and the second Szar guardian set, but thats only because ahri has more popularity than lux. Thus they probably prefered to focus on Ahri and her foes.

  • Peachyfruit
    Peachyfruit Day ago

    Nice video Skyen!

  • JoyceW-Art
    JoyceW-Art Day ago

    I love how much your editing has improved and it made me laugh multiple times in this episode XD

  • herntex
    herntex Day ago

    Damn this is like school (kinda). I want all the information but I don't want to watch like million hours of gameplay when I couls play myself

  • Colby Boucher
    Colby Boucher Day ago

    Something I've noticed from just from item descriptions is that this is an extremely vain society. Everyone decided that only one woman's rosaries were good enough in the eyes of their god because hers were the most beautiful, to the point where other rosaries became taboo, and they became afraid of what would happen when she passed away. It seems like this is a cautionary (and highly exaggerated) tale of what happens when that pious vanity becomes introspective and full of self-hatred.

  • Elementalwaterangel

    This had me Shook it was awesome

  • Aced Spade
    Aced Spade Day ago

    This here is our voice

  • CatDuckChu
    CatDuckChu Day ago

    i dont get what you mean about ahri i think it looks fine

  • Dank God
    Dank God Day ago

    *Me an urgot main Where the hell Urgot STAR GUARDIAN

  • BologneyT
    BologneyT 2 days ago

    It's funny that at 8 minutes, for me, in the ad that appeared, the first thing they said was "these are RAD", and Mr Skyen was saying the word "rad" as the last word before the ad. Obviously the machines are getting more aware...

  • BologneyT
    BologneyT 2 days ago

    The people who Disliked this Disliked it because Mr. Skyen is playing the English version, and is therefore objectively wrong in his subjective readings.

  • Phuc Nguyen Hoang
    Phuc Nguyen Hoang 2 days ago

    19:35 i cant see rakhan until watch this video

  • BologneyT
    BologneyT 2 days ago

    At 46:05 you forgot to go back and go that way on the left, Mr. Skyen. From watching what happened in the streams from after this I hope you notice that.

  • Amlia Evan
    Amlia Evan 2 days ago

    It might also be the Ahri team is put together on the fly because ahri old team was disbanded

  • Grant Barnes
    Grant Barnes 2 days ago

    Ah, the duality of (lizard)man, the age old crisis!

  • Zach's Room
    Zach's Room 2 days ago

    The Star Guardians are protecting The First Light and the order of the universe. Zoe, Xayah & Rakan are trying to destroy The First Light and bring forth the "second coming of darkness" (according to Rakan's voice lines)

  • Hans U
    Hans U 2 days ago

    Some bosses are certainly less interesting so double boss takes are probably a better way to go to reduce the amount of episodes. Also the Dragonrider has a dragon nearby (idk if thats a spoiler). This series means a lot to me since DS2 was one of my favourites, I hope this series gets more popular.

  • Citipati Osmolskae
    Citipati Osmolskae 2 days ago

    I had this popping up in my recommended for a while, but I had avoided it until today, thinking it’d just be harsh criticism, but today I finally took the time to watch it. This video was exactly what I needed today. Thank you for this. it really made my day and it gave me a whole new outlook on the two bands.

  • ver soza
    ver soza 2 days ago


  • BugsRCool
    BugsRCool 2 days ago

    Dude same 14:37

  • xBrokenSt4Rx
    xBrokenSt4Rx 2 days ago

    You spelt "Star Guardian Urgot" wrong.

  • ShadowKick
    ShadowKick 2 days ago

    Love big swords, but want to hold it in one hand so you can use a shield? My friend, let me introduce you to the greatest weapon in the game: the claymore.

  • Herbie Cabraastral
    Herbie Cabraastral 2 days ago

    i love your analisis so much, always with a side that i didint consider to the bosses pd: if you keep the str build check out the club, as stupid as it sounds it has the best str scaling, and its cheap

  • Dan B
    Dan B 2 days ago

    20:00 money money money in the back jajajajajaja i can't

  • Darsch Pugs
    Darsch Pugs 2 days ago

    zoe is HEAVILY inspired by queen beryl from sailor moon.

  • William Returner
    William Returner 2 days ago

    You play Braum in Dark Souls too now!

  • Raven loves Cake
    Raven loves Cake 2 days ago

    "I am gonna be mage!" Goes to sleep Wakes up "WhY there is katana in my hand again?"

  • Rifqi Harahap
    Rifqi Harahap 2 days ago

    Jojo stand review coming soon? *Wink wink

  • Hiệp Khánh
    Hiệp Khánh 2 days ago

    Riot can collab with the rock to make a movie but can’t collab with A1 or Madhouse to make an anime

  • Tickle Ivory
    Tickle Ivory 2 days ago

    I so very much enjoy your varied dissertations on reasons not to hit the dislike button. ;) Also love the video, as always, and your art stream following the Premiere. I never noticed the lizard heads or the light vs heavy armor of the halves, or the thought it might represent the player in any way. Love the vid, love your playthrough, and eagerly looking forward to the next one!

  • ReiSilver
    ReiSilver 2 days ago

    I love when games comment on the player. Spoilers for FFXIV StormBlood: About the time Stormblood came out I had been seeing certain groups of players complaining that the game was 'too easy' for them. They didn't like that the game gave options for people at a lower skill level to enjoy the raid storylines. They didn't like that they didn't feel forced to really struggle in the game the way they had with FFXI. They kept looking for something more challanging. Then Stormblood introduced the villain Zenos. Zenos who carries around a golf club like case of his favorite swords, who lounges bored on the throne of a conquered city state and wipes the floor with you the first time he meets you but senses that given time you might just become a challenge that will get his blood going. By the end of the expac he's calling you his friend and tells you that he's the only one who understands the real you, the understands the thrill of a battle that truly tests you and it's the only time Zenos feels anything. I loved it because it so perfectly reflected those people I had seen. So I also loved that take on the pursuer and on this Flexile Sentry. The boss as a dark reflection or cautionary tale.

    • BeThomsen
      BeThomsen Day ago

      And yet he was still meh, just like the addon

  • WillowGamerGirl 1456

    Yes they need a anime

  • GhastlyTrashcan
    GhastlyTrashcan 2 days ago

    And also, the Flexile Sentry basically seems not just designed to stop people from turtling but also outright rewarding dps builds (be that either heavy chunks of damage or rapid chip damage) by keeping the fight shorter yet still exciting. (He also disincentivizes rolling backwards in the later stages of the fight.) Basically what I am saying is that the Flexile Sentry would've been the perfect introductory boss fight.

  • BugsRCool
    BugsRCool 2 days ago

    When you back off the edge after repairing your equipment you sound like you have a broken squeaker stuck in your throat xD

  • GhastlyTrashcan
    GhastlyTrashcan 2 days ago

    You're right, No Man's Wharf is awesome! And it's not just because of the fuck off Berserk reference hidden there!

  • Koatei Harven
    Koatei Harven 2 days ago

    Skyen getting excited over a "big sword" made me feel w e i r d and my cat left the room

  • GhastlyTrashcan
    GhastlyTrashcan 2 days ago

    The Dragonrider is one of the two funnier bosses. Because... Where is the dragon? Then his soul reads "wyrm" which are VERY different (and much weaker) beasts in this world. He speaks to the pomp and circumstance of monarchic hierarchies. And that he's a pushover just adds to it. And yes this is very much opposite from your reading. xD

  • Royal Tyger's Media

    Can't wait for him, to be surprised by a coffin. It will change the way he perceives himself in this dark souls world. If he revisits.

    • Royal Tyger's Media
      Royal Tyger's Media Day ago

      @BeThomsen google nature change dark souls 2.

    • BeThomsen
      BeThomsen Day ago

      @Royal Tyger's Media doesnt Ring a bell tbh

    • Royal Tyger's Media
      Royal Tyger's Media Day ago

      @BeThomsenThe one by the water with the cyclopes giant.

    • BeThomsen
      BeThomsen Day ago

      I am Honestly not Sure what coffin

    • Colby Boucher
      Colby Boucher Day ago

      Oh, he finds it. He did a stream that went like eight hours which is gonna be the source of many videos to come.

  • Dalyn Rivers
    Dalyn Rivers 2 days ago

    I personally like morgana' s design

  • Qure
    Qure 2 days ago

    Actually going to the library for episode research. I respect that. A compliment to you and a comment to sate the algorithm.

    • T B Skyen
      T B Skyen 2 days ago

      Well, I mean, I used the library's website and online database with my university login but yeah lol

  • Jamless Mochi
    Jamless Mochi 2 days ago

    ok but the animation video and the stories behind the skin line, along with the designs is enough for me to get me all 4 skins, i do not know how to play rakan but i'll buy Ahri instead cuz she also is involved with this.

  • Timothy McLean
    Timothy McLean 2 days ago

    5:35: ...she's new to this divine con-artist gig, isn't she? 8:25: I'm starting to think Skyen might kinda like pirates. Hard to tell, though... 12:10: I'm not sure this is a pirate's cove after all. 18:35: Obviously, the ninjas invaded and killed all the pirates. That's why this cove is full of undead and weird monsters instead of cool ghost pirates. 29:00: ...?

  • Monocle Squid
    Monocle Squid 2 days ago

    Just a tip: poison arrows are your best friend

  • Hatake Kakashi
    Hatake Kakashi 2 days ago

    I love Neeko so Yes I wish they do lmao

  • Porosus '
    Porosus ' 2 days ago

    Comment for youtube

  • Kaiko Noyen
    Kaiko Noyen 2 days ago

    "Sometimes we use clubs and sometimes we use swords, but we're always standing on the same two legs"

  • fireflyer97
    fireflyer97 2 days ago

    I hope that somebody out there makes a piece of pirate TB Skyen fan art.

  • Pedro García-Huidobro

    TB your editing is soooo good :D

  • Therighttrousers343

    Ah, yes. The poise ring. Interesting about the lore of Lothian and Forossa, Forossa ties unexpected things together, a bit, and about a year after a bunch of lore videos and playing all the games.

  • Undefined Error
    Undefined Error 2 days ago

    The cage around the statue kinda looks like a wrecked crown? Right? Love every part of this!

  • NOphion Trollbringer

    So I'm just going to say it: Your videos are too long. Im actually very interested in your opinion about these things, I really *want* to see it, but this video is almost an hour long and I want to watch it in one go because Im not that good at remembering stuff. Really, I like your content, I like your voice, everything about your channel meets my taste but every video is just so damn long. Please don't burn me for this comment section.

  • Jack Schreyer
    Jack Schreyer 2 days ago

    Skyen, whenever you have the space, please drop your shield. It helps the stamina regen more quickly.