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  • The WovenMantis
    The WovenMantis 7 hours ago

    I JUST HAD A CRAZY IDEA: What if they made Fiddlesticks W like Swain W, but it spawns a Fid clone that looks like he's ulting in. It really fits with the quotes they used to describe him. You spam it on the same lane until it's actually you ulting in.

  • Possesed Loki
    Possesed Loki 9 hours ago

    I don't understand why riot makes shitty skins on purpose, as a consumer, I'd rather wait a bit longer for higher quality skins, than skins that are made shitty on purpose for a quick buck

  • Benxall
    Benxall 10 hours ago

    Pan puts the on on targon

  • Dante
    Dante 10 hours ago

    This is not Fiddlesticks anymore. This is something else more sinister...

  • MaxBlight
    MaxBlight 11 hours ago

    I like to cosmic shaco is his true form

  • Lazarus1095
    Lazarus1095 13 hours ago

    OK. So Rammus is the Chad of League of Legends?

  • Tsuky Otonashi
    Tsuky Otonashi 13 hours ago

    bueno, neeko es una vastaya original, peeeeero, ella está tratando de hacer nuevos amigos, por lo que posiblemente adoptó esa forma para no parecer tan, "monstruosa" ante los demas.

  • ivana lukic
    ivana lukic 14 hours ago

    Thresh has 3 keys in the first picture and 2 in the second. Perhaps the mage seeker got his key.

  • Dark Snow
    Dark Snow 14 hours ago

    50:52 *sarcasm intensifies*

  • Dark Snow
    Dark Snow 15 hours ago

    I want the next animated series to be about these guys having bro adventures punching noxians and making food for the war *pyke theme starts playing*

  • Adrian Malinowski
    Adrian Malinowski 15 hours ago

    I no longer play LoL but this is some good fucking design. Great channel pointing out stuff like this

  • Darker
    Darker 15 hours ago

    What's the deal with all this class struggle on League's lore? All these champions are alienated as heck!

    • T B Skyen
      T B Skyen 14 hours ago

      League of Legends is neoliberal, so they'll never acknowledge it :>

  • Ronald Maya
    Ronald Maya 18 hours ago

    I agree with some of the points you made, but definitely not all of it. "Game design decisions based on the technical limitations of the Gameboy in 1996 are still defining the limits of what is possible in a Pokemon game in 2019" sounds a tad bit exaggerated among other things. There’s lots of benefits to having the full Dex *at least* available over not having it. I'm not surprised that one day they might need to end the National Dex, but why NOW of all times when the Switch is by far the most powerful hardware Gamefreak has ever used? Why not wait until they reach the magical number of 1000 different Pokemon? This game costs $20 more than the 3DS games (which had the full dex), and seems to lack the polish that lots of triple A games have. This game is not anywhere in the same league and caliber as BOTW or Odyssey when it comes to how big, grand, epic, polished, and innovative those games were for their respective series. Their reasoning for removing the National Dex for "better animations" is so laughable. They are not some small indie company. This is literally the highest grossing media franchise, so they should be able to meet demands and hire more people if they need to. "Gotta Catch 'Em All" was the slogan they pushed for more than 20 years, and even though it's never a requirement to catch them all, the option is nice, and transferring your beloved favorite Pokemon that you've grown attached to from generation to generation has always been a core aspect of the series. And to say literally nobody catches them all is obviously not true, although obviously a lot of people don't. If they really don't want the old Pokemon to interfere with the story, they can easily make them only available after you complete the main story (which has been the case)

    AGAIN 18 hours ago

    Well we now have Joseph Joestar in League of Legends

  • HappyAspid
    HappyAspid 19 hours ago

    Shyvana is the only one, who feels more than just a human.

  • Ovuu
    Ovuu 19 hours ago

    11:11 looks like a murloc to me

  • Xiu Xiu
    Xiu Xiu 20 hours ago

    Why didn't Riot implement the wolverine aspect of Sett into his kit? Instead of a one-two punch, why not a one-two scratch

  • zu-me ganollo
    zu-me ganollo 20 hours ago

    I'm going to wait for Magikarpusefly reaction about this. Specially this is his favorite champ

  • ivana lukic
    ivana lukic 20 hours ago

    What about lissandra?

  • Russian Mike
    Russian Mike 23 hours ago

    Sett can perform various animations while últing

  • Corrin Kamui
    Corrin Kamui Day ago

    Again... I WOULD PAY 1820RP FOR THIS, and even the Evelynn community agrees

  • Søren Sørensen

    I don't even play League anymore I just like the vids.

  • Towafius
    Towafius Day ago

    Now that fiddle sticks is the pinnacle of fear, just for fun he should be immune to fear effects even if it isn't used that much

  • 91Yugo
    91Yugo Day ago

    50:26 i like that we see the wings of Neeko

  • Luděk Malý
    Luděk Malý Day ago

    I think He definitely uses the scythe, if you're in melee range, after all they did it with Thresh way back so I don't think it's that much of a stretch to think so.

  • Asura Izumi
    Asura Izumi Day ago

    I think he should talk like a broken record, not talking with many voices at once, but one at a time, and like, using words without context, like he also doesnt know what he is mimicking Kinda like a drunk Bumblebee

  • Mara J.
    Mara J. Day ago

    I ❤️ Jaiden

  • Austin Morrell

    His Vastaya magic lets him turn into Luffy.

  • Yahrak vlt
    Yahrak vlt Day ago

    27:10 It also might be the animation he has when running with boots: They tend to make separate cycles for champions without boots, with tier 1 boots and tier 2 boots in addition to their running animation

  • Gamemaster13000

    Sett: Why would I look down when I could be looking up for my next challenge?

  • Red Lotus
    Red Lotus Day ago

    u think it was sett but it was me DIO

  • ArtMasterFrylock

    I'm going to miss scarecrow Fiddlesticks but I love drawing monsters, this new Fiddlesticks have some amazing animations and I'm going to have a field day drawing some of this stuff.

  • ntkn
    ntkn Day ago

    >keeps his point and click fear >keeps his crow storm >more than likely buffing crow storm. perm ban.

  • Nicciburgi Playz

    people will ban fiddlsticks not because he is op, but because they are to scared of him.

  • Wisteria
    Wisteria Day ago

    snap my neck

  • Order of Shadow

    Mangekyo Sharingan!!!!!!! Shinggggg!!!!!

  • RayVitoles
    RayVitoles Day ago

    Nah they exaggerate,he doesnt look that terrifying Also me : 16:00 what the f....

  • mark
    mark Day ago

    From happy birthday to bad deathday

  • Oni Wolfin
    Oni Wolfin Day ago

    HOLD THE FUCK UP...Bad 90s anime, you mean good 90s anime.

    • Oni Wolfin
      Oni Wolfin Day ago

      @T B Skyen XD

    • T B Skyen
      T B Skyen Day ago

      There is only one good anime and its name is Hamtaro.

  • Milenier
    Milenier Day ago

    that tongue seems like the creatures from GTFO have

  • Ngu Tai
    Ngu Tai Day ago

    this gonna be good

  • Free Fall
    Free Fall Day ago

    My mans out here looking freaky as hell! Can't wait to terrorize bot lane with this unit!

  • Mr Sexy
    Mr Sexy Day ago

    *THEY PATCHED THE MOVIE* really trying to make it seem good

  • Mr. Pineapple
    Mr. Pineapple Day ago

    I can picture an ultimate/legendary skin where Fiddlesticks, over the course of the game is slowly breaking out, or has already broken out, of his puppet shell.

  • Kleikot
    Kleikot Day ago

    He baby

  • William Honoré

    He forgot to mention that ekko is moving when he rewinds time

  • k a
    k a Day ago

    The reason that Rivin shot worked when she was first coming out of the ground and we get the view of the back of her legs is we aren't thrown back into the bright color palette again. We also get a slight turn and motion in her legs going the same direction the guy we were following in the scene before had. I think it's subtle but gives the cuts flow to them. Kind of reminds me of the scenes you were talking about after. Kind of leaves us guessing a little or expecting certain impacts.

  • Jacob Anderson

    Personally I think having a ton of 'final bosses' would be a really cool opportunity if they all try and take over the world at the same time.. and start fighting each other. And you know they're all bad, but some are cooler than others *ahem* Mordekaiser *ahem* so you still have someone you're 'rooting' for, but it'd be pretty unique to League.

  • Phobophage
    Phobophage Day ago

    I think Sett does have a reason to go out and interact, the dude is what, 483-0? Maybe he wants more opponents, and goes to seek out Jax or something. Not everyone strong is inclined to enter arenas.

  • k a
    k a Day ago

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed that about her. I found her parts in this a bit hard to watch and find interesting because she was so stiff. She had no real fluid or natural motion to her. She seemed very fake and moved more like a robot than a human :/ plus compared to the rest of the animation it stands out. You can see a clear contrast between all the other characters and her. It almost feels like they got lazy when animating her 😅. I mean maybe they were trying to make her seem graceful? Idk either way I just think they flopped on Irelia.

  • Destron12
    Destron12 Day ago

    I may be the only one, but I’ll miss his derpy, silly, look he’s had all these years.

  • Brendan Bush
    Brendan Bush Day ago

    I dont think that walk cycle is from the crowstorm, I think its from his passive movespeed after standing still

  • Ritten
    Ritten 2 days ago


  • Radlee Reyes
    Radlee Reyes 2 days ago

    I misheard 'rigger' and I thought you said a slur, but for reals, salute to all the riggers in the animation dept.

  • jon dw
    jon dw 2 days ago

    11:40 wolverine? Looking at him I was thinking fox out of animals, kitsune out of anything

  • Julian Blake
    Julian Blake 2 days ago

    You literally describe a scarecrow then say he doesn't look like one.

  • mas8705
    mas8705 2 days ago

    20:00- Don’t make Mr Fantastic too jealous here Sett. ^__^

  • Matthew Tackett
    Matthew Tackett 2 days ago

    Sett is a yakuza, o we are not too far from the Asian stereos.

  • Hazamax
    Hazamax 2 days ago

    "He does not look like a scarecrow in a meaningful way" Yeah, I'll give you that but I think you're missing the point, your own point from before actually. Maybe fiddlesticks WAS trapped in a scarecrow. He then learned a way to lure people close or that farmers would pass by and he could eat them in that instant. He may have lost most of the look but he doesn't care about that. He just thinks if he plays his old trick it will work. Maybe that glitchy animation is showing his frustration. He can't lure people close anymore so now he needs to go to them, to ambush them. That's why he moves like a hungry beast.

  • Yours
    Yours 2 days ago

    cute dog you got there

  • Hiago Pereira
    Hiago Pereira 2 days ago

    i really want to see you talk about the video for 2 hours

  • DonPacific Bobcat9er

    I’m just here to add to the algorithm.

  • karl moore
    karl moore 2 days ago

    Skyen's talking to himself again....maybe somebody ought to to...check-up on him.

  • mannystella
    mannystella 2 days ago

    All of the K/DA girls made it to A tier except Kaisa. This is so sad 😩 Alexa play POP/STARS

  • That Other Guy
    That Other Guy 2 days ago

    10:00ish - And this is why the theory that he's Draven's son just. Won't. DIE. You just described Draven to a tee. The personalities are so absurdly similar that if he's NOT Draven's son, we are going to have to get an introduction to his real father sometime very soon.

    • That Other Guy
      That Other Guy 2 days ago

      ​@T B Skyen I know!! Which should end the theory completely. And yet, because the personalities are so absurdly similar, as well as the description of the father being a dead ringer for Draven, all sorts of things are being tossed out to explain it. It's like if they introduced a Freljord character, a woman, who was born to a Freljord woman and a Noxian man (who left them when the Noxian company under his command were ordered to leave the region), and the daughter is a no-nonsense martial woman who prefers to get right up into the face of her enemies, is a natural leader and has an affinity for axes... but said "Nope, she's not Darius' daughter - Darius would only be about 10 when she was born." Okay, yes, logically what you're saying makes sense, but... c'mon, man - either you just made his daughter, or you made a Freljord Tiddie Babe Skin for Darius. To kill this theory off, we're going to need to be introduced to his real father soon. Otherwise it's going to just hang around like an absurd Conspiracy Theory, and if that happens, I'd hope it became an amusing conspiracy theory like the Ancient Astronaut Conspiracy Theories.

    • T B Skyen
      T B Skyen 2 days ago

      Draven was like five years old when Sett was born.

  • Act jokinglyric
    Act jokinglyric 2 days ago

    I hope they add some type of invis or camouflage similar to pyke where it makes a audio queue depending if he is close or some distance away from you

  • Yahrak vlt
    Yahrak vlt 2 days ago

    Well actually Skyen...

  • Tomte Gerken
    Tomte Gerken 2 days ago

    all these pointy ends on the feet aswell as the claw make it look like its fixating thr body while the demon does stuff. neet

  • joshua Jarvinen
    joshua Jarvinen 2 days ago

    Noooooooooooooo I love how goofy and adorable the fiddlesticks we have right now

  • Aranneas
    Aranneas 2 days ago

    huntsman's copse is the prerelease area =D

  • Nathan Reyes
    Nathan Reyes 2 days ago

    oh no nocturne! you are so scary! *laughs in shaco*

  • yellow submarine
    yellow submarine 2 days ago

    I fucking hate his hair, if it wasn't for that I'd love him

  • Chris Kit Harder
    Chris Kit Harder 2 days ago

    Isn't Sett 3/4 Human and 1/4 Vastayan making his appearance fair knowing that his vastayan traits isnt really like Ahri, Xayah, Rakan, etc. and more on his human side (except his ears and teeth)

    • Chris Kit Harder
      Chris Kit Harder Day ago

      Well The Vastaya are already impure and sett's mum has also human characteristics it would make sense that sett is 3/4 human but I agree on your criticism, the whole look of the Vastaya aren't really explored much. Though i wanted the Darkin Behemoth or the Piltoveran Robo Butler design

    • T B Skyen
      T B Skyen 2 days ago

      How would he be 3/4 human with one vastayan and one human parent? Also, my criticism is that the entire aesthetic of human/animal hybrid Riot use for Vastaya is weak across the board, regardless of the ratio. It's humans in cosplay gear, where I would have liked to see more integrated mixing of traits.

  • Primpan
    Primpan 2 days ago

    Imagine if they make a cinematic for him as they did for warwick. That would be the best fuckin thing ever

  • Esper Nova
    Esper Nova 2 days ago

    Visual: Demonic Auto attacks: whooooooop

  • Mark Sadejev
    Mark Sadejev 2 days ago

    I actually love his design now.

  • Nicolas
    Nicolas 2 days ago

    are you left wing?

  • Zakiul Abrar
    Zakiul Abrar 2 days ago

    Since i started watching you for about half a year now, i ruin cinematics, cutscenes, movie clips etc for my friends. I point out flaws, critique on the good and bad. I'm not fun but i'm smart. Thank you.

  • Equinox Stellar
    Equinox Stellar 2 days ago

    Wait... Nocturn isn't it THE Horror champ in the lore ??????? WTF

  • Ein ManU
    Ein ManU 2 days ago

    38:23 you could say theyre... RATcoons!

  • Creepy
    Creepy 2 days ago

    I think when the second siege of Ionia happens like in the awaken trailer, its possible that Draven is there too and goes to Setts fighting pit and then something happens... idk what would happen, but something will

  • Ein ManU
    Ein ManU 2 days ago

    4:52 Still love your "voice acting" XD

  • GrayHoodiee
    GrayHoodiee 2 days ago

    "Caitlyn isn't going for headshots here, she's not trying to kill them" That's what I've always said whenever I see randos saying "you gotta shoot them in the head, Cait lol" like, do you even know who she is?

  • Meandering squirrel

    Duuuuuuude, i should make a dnd character after him. Like a guild master people go to the top of the hill to get missions from, that heals people for seemingly no reason then, as he says „I need minions, I’m evil!!“ by the end of the story he can be a little less evil, then play it off he’s not the good guy, that should be fun.

  • Clemerlen
    Clemerlen 3 days ago

    Anyone else think that he would make for a good Yakuza inspired game?

    • T B Skyen
      T B Skyen 2 days ago

      Oh he would make an EXCELLENT Yakuza protagonist

  • Igor Porfiírio
    Igor Porfiírio 3 days ago

    Your voice acting and sound effects are the best, I can't stop laughing

  • Pleased to Enter a Name

    link to your discord expired I wamted to hang out and idk play a bit

  • Tengo
    Tengo 3 days ago

    Skyen? I think that this is one of your best edited works thus far- I was sort-of prepared to deal with what I normally expect of you from the videos I've seen from you, but GOD. I was not expecting to be this entertained and engaged throughout the entire video. Keep it up, mate.

  • Timothy McLean
    Timothy McLean 3 days ago

    I kinda wish that they designed Fiddlesticks to look like a warped and mangled scarecrow with a metal cage and stuff inside, and that its idle animation had its body rearrange itself into a scarecrow shape again.

  • Akiller Sladeblood
    Akiller Sladeblood 3 days ago

    As a fiddlesticks main I approve ☠️💀🤘

  • Olklying Olkers
    Olklying Olkers 3 days ago

    It’s probably easier than cuphead

  • Olklying Olkers
    Olklying Olkers 3 days ago

    Since it’s on switch I am probably gonna get it

  • blameless99
    blameless99 3 days ago

    I like how he has the same colors of the other champion that has real demonic power, which is swain.

  • R9dog
    R9dog 3 days ago

    Nocturne: Haunts people's nightmares Fiddlesticks: *literally* the manifestation of everyones nightmares

  • Quote
    Quote 3 days ago

    His voice mechanic reminds me of the That scp that mimicked the voice of its kill to lure in prey

  • Emerald_Lord
    Emerald_Lord 3 days ago

    He went from "hehe stick T-pose boi" right up to "OH GOD OH FUCK OH GOD OH FU-"

  • Alonso Cardenas
    Alonso Cardenas 3 days ago

    according with the interaction of different skins and champions with the screen, i spect that fiddlesticks will have a jumpscare with his ultimate, maybe a cheap "horror" solution but is something i hope to see.

  • Kaiser1311
    Kaiser1311 3 days ago

    Cant wait for the new fiddle im gona main fiddle after this rework......

  • Zerlich R
    Zerlich R 3 days ago

    I just want to say. I really want edit of second issue of Zed story with your face instead of Jhin mask T B Skyen. I mean made basicly the same point as you always do, when he looked on Yevani and said: "hes symmetrical beauty is so obvious. SO BORING."