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  • Deya Haralampieva
    Deya Haralampieva 5 hours ago

    Jaxson's mom is the best

  • Amanda Hansen
    Amanda Hansen 5 hours ago

    To much like a TV and not like yt

  • Emmanuel Paul
    Emmanuel Paul 6 hours ago

    Izzy is so Beautiful..

  • Aaron Page
    Aaron Page 6 hours ago

    4:50 DC lover's tiff

  • Olivia Garza
    Olivia Garza 6 hours ago

    I thought that the punishment would be mayonnaise and that one of the meals would be michaels chicken pot pie 😂

    • FB The Bear
      FB The Bear 5 hours ago

      Same, mayo and black olives! Michael's "Ice Cream"

  • Humble3dore
    Humble3dore 6 hours ago

    Next episode: Try not to fail challenge: Life

  • Ryan Pareñas
    Ryan Pareñas 6 hours ago

    Nobody: The comment section: ubielmomento

  • Mkxgamer 1001
    Mkxgamer 1001 6 hours ago

    React to Kobe death

  • Arnav
    Arnav 6 hours ago

    That frieken kid picked up the charmander and the infinity gauntlet

  • Ryan Fernandes
    Ryan Fernandes 6 hours ago

    please react UBIEL - Momento

  • Sr. Gilnalua
    Sr. Gilnalua 6 hours ago

    reage a UBIEL - Momento

    BEMBOSTA 6 hours ago

    reage a UBIEL - Momento

  • President MooMoo
    President MooMoo 6 hours ago

    I'm here for Izzy and Jordan

  • GR Secundáriu
    GR Secundáriu 6 hours ago

    reage a UBIEL - Momento

  • OP Mania
    OP Mania 6 hours ago

    reage a UBIEL - Momento

  • Lendas do futebol
    Lendas do futebol 6 hours ago

    react UBIEL - Momento

    GIL BEATS 6 hours ago

    react: UBIEL - Momento

  • Jeon Jungkook
    Jeon Jungkook 6 hours ago


  • Saya Hamzza
    Saya Hamzza 6 hours ago

    Dude they should make a new channel named try to make Sharon laugh

  • Marriam Ismail
    Marriam Ismail 6 hours ago

    It’s worth eating all of the food and getting through the punishment only once. Right?

  • Dab On them hatters
    Dab On them hatters 6 hours ago


  • rex makes stuff
    rex makes stuff 6 hours ago

    Putting comments at newest isn’t gonna hide your criticism

  • Ori Caku
    Ori Caku 6 hours ago

    Hi ❤ your channel

  • Kit Geeky
    Kit Geeky 6 hours ago

    The pretzels are not worth turning down all of that good stuff.

  • Killer Flame226
    Killer Flame226 6 hours ago

    Connnneeerrrr !!!!!

  • Bind Torture Kill
    Bind Torture Kill 6 hours ago

    react to Eminem's Music to be murdered by

  • Carli Ehrlich
    Carli Ehrlich 6 hours ago

    I have seen Tangled in Elsa and anna

  • Valentina Triantafyllou


  • Project Vivid
    Project Vivid 6 hours ago

    I have had the donut, when its freshly made its like letting jesus nut in your mouth

  • leader YT
    leader YT 6 hours ago🔥🔞🔞

  • Enrico Ico Santos
    Enrico Ico Santos 6 hours ago

    Can you try reacting to this on the next try not to laugh? Haha. Thanks! :)

  • Ricardo Milos
    Ricardo Milos 7 hours ago

    Dude lemons aren't that bad wtf

  • CHASO Vids
    CHASO Vids 7 hours ago

    Do the reactors get paid?

  • KaasheerGames
    KaasheerGames 7 hours ago

    Investing 100$ in bitcoin

  • Lisa Jennie
    Lisa Jennie 7 hours ago

    Poor carson trying to be nice to Michelle and get her attention...

    • leader YT
      leader YT 6 hours ago🔥🔞🔞

  • nyasiaonfleek213 nyasia is weird

    I need to leave the country I ain't finna die on my bday

  • limors
    limors 7 hours ago

    Came here for Izzy, got melting heads as a bonus. Not complaining.

  • NateDawg
    NateDawg 7 hours ago

    Why your watching? Recommend

  • Akshay Retheesh
    Akshay Retheesh 7 hours ago

    Jaxon is sooo extra

  • April Melinda
    April Melinda 7 hours ago

    Michelle is a queen, Danny is adorable & Sharon is the fucking best

  • Ина Петкова

    Omg omg omg this guy who make this game is crazy... Really really crazy the bunny is.... :X no no this peoples aren't good

  • theoriginalshew
    theoriginalshew 7 hours ago

    Where's the Lockpicking Lawyer?

  • Defeat SZN
    Defeat SZN 7 hours ago

    Me: watching this video and eating a baguette Me: finished the video tries to take a bite out of my baguette realizing that it’s not there and it’s across the room running

  • dhruv bhutani
    dhruv bhutani 7 hours ago

    10:44 Why are we still here... Just to suffer?

  • F
    F 7 hours ago

    0:23 "not only are you going to have to resist the urge to _NOT_ smile or laugh" So... by your own word, no one fails if they smile or laugh.

  • Michele Roddy
    Michele Roddy 7 hours ago

    Thank for brightening up my day

  • zeyad
    zeyad 7 hours ago

    React to Godzilla-eminem ft juiceWRLD.

  • Chels Withers
    Chels Withers 7 hours ago

    That boy needs to stop swearing, like chill 😂

  • Dalal Hamad
    Dalal Hamad 7 hours ago

    9:51 his face and sound 😂

  • Grandiose Noise
    Grandiose Noise 7 hours ago

  • ROBLOX NuBs AnD ScRuBs

    If I was the first kid who picked up the 100 dollar bill I would probably buy myself some new eyebrows

  • Crescent Grave
    Crescent Grave 7 hours ago

    11:23 when said soup is good that got me 😂

    BIGSEANDAWG 1 8 hours ago

    The reward was not worth it

  • Azharie Raemy
    Azharie Raemy 8 hours ago

    I forgot that matpat cut his hair so I thought they photoshopped him

  • Captain Lightmark
    Captain Lightmark 8 hours ago

    I think it's worth eating all that idc about the pretzel.

  • Benci Boy
    Benci Boy 8 hours ago

    Do a react on Kobe. RIP Kobe:(

  • BETA
    BETA 8 hours ago

    If i were to get my hands on a 100 dollar i would yeet out of my house and never come back

  • Snow Glades
    Snow Glades 8 hours ago

    Ashby really is my spirit animal. Hahaha.

  • PGE Gaming
    PGE Gaming 8 hours ago

    I'd swap pretzel with Tiramisu and jello with mayo and black olives. Better options.

  • Fire Destroyer
    Fire Destroyer 8 hours ago

    Idk why but I always have a straight face

  • Su Yılmaz
    Su Yılmaz 8 hours ago

    Camila’s performance is The same all of “hepsi yalan”

  • L Knight
    L Knight 8 hours ago

    Lucas is stupid af

  • arlierudnik
    arlierudnik 8 hours ago

    Sharon and Jonathan give me life

  • RJH PinkPoodle
    RJH PinkPoodle 8 hours ago

    “What jail is that? I want to go there!” 💀

  • Hype Barlon302
    Hype Barlon302 8 hours ago


  • Bilqis Tre
    Bilqis Tre 8 hours ago

    Brandon and ary they genius

  • Bilqis Tre
    Bilqis Tre 8 hours ago

    Brandon ary? Ya I'm here for it

  • RJH PinkPoodle
    RJH PinkPoodle 8 hours ago

    When you comment that you’re gonna wait for comments cuz you want to comment but don’t know what to comment so you comment that you gonna wait for the comments but comment anyway and wait for the good comments... And don’t know wtf you just commented

  • PinkLemon Juice
    PinkLemon Juice 8 hours ago


  • 제이지엠Jgmvfd
    제이지엠Jgmvfd 8 hours ago

    나는 김치 맨날 먹지만.. 그냥 먹는 것도 좋지만, 김치 볶음밥이라든가 김치 부침개 진짜 맛있는데....

  • Taegguk Kim
    Taegguk Kim 9 hours ago


    PATEK BITCH 9 hours ago

    Sharon is just a non stop eating machine pmg

  • joshua gonzales
    joshua gonzales 9 hours ago

    Noah is so grown up now!!!! And he is so cuteeeee!! Great video

  • Tyler Watkins
    Tyler Watkins 9 hours ago

    Oml Michelle is so cute

  • Chief Supreme
    Chief Supreme 9 hours ago

    Where's the undercooked chicken from Phyllis's wedding at?

  • Jennis Gryffindor
    Jennis Gryffindor 9 hours ago

    Proud Gryffindor

  • Dom Peace
    Dom Peace 9 hours ago

    Watched this at 2 am now I’m hungry as fuck

  • Δημήτρης Αυλωνίτης

    I love kendelle😍😍

  • Holly Marie
    Holly Marie 9 hours ago

    Brandon is adorable 🥺

  • Dirtboxhor
    Dirtboxhor 9 hours ago

    I know it wasn't actually shown in the episode but where is the gabagool?

  • crazychic210
    crazychic210 9 hours ago

    None of you guys played Kingdom hearts? Donald and Goofy are definitely under the sea..

  • Jenni Vee
    Jenni Vee 9 hours ago

    Food looked cold

  • ki.7
    ki.7 9 hours ago

    What!!! No bigs in a blanket

  • Tselmeg B
    Tselmeg B 9 hours ago

    I like Brandon

  • joa h.
    joa h. 9 hours ago


  • Tabi
    Tabi 10 hours ago

    Kostas has such nice teeth, man drop your routine

  • big chungus 101 boi
    big chungus 101 boi 10 hours ago

    Danny lucky

  • Uffe Ohmsen
    Uffe Ohmsen 10 hours ago

    Jordan and Izzy are a dream team

  • Rory C.
    Rory C. 10 hours ago

    Oh god he said sanos instead of thanos. Reeeeeeeeee

    IAMNAE 10 hours ago

    I can’t believe y’all didn’t know dilemma 😭😭

  • YTDodo
    YTDodo 10 hours ago

    9:13 I think this is sanosis hand

  • Jae
    Jae 10 hours ago

    I would win hardcore

  • Imtiaz Aehmad
    Imtiaz Aehmad 10 hours ago

    8:25 if you really had to throw the water out of your mouth you should've done that like normally, why are you pretending to be so extra in it lol 😅🤣

  • Gachablox Gamer
    Gachablox Gamer 10 hours ago

    Guys Repunzal s a cozin to elsa and Anna

  • Shy Bria
    Shy Bria 10 hours ago

    Bro mary Poppins got me !!

  • Brody Baddis
    Brody Baddis 10 hours ago

    Noah is Harry Potter without glasses ✌

  • Gachablox Gamer
    Gachablox Gamer 10 hours ago

    I like Sharan

  • Marissa Bernales
    Marissa Bernales 10 hours ago

    Can Generations react to bejeweld?

  • Lalo Fernandez
    Lalo Fernandez 10 hours ago

    12:29 did they give him an extra burger ? 😂 looks like it doesn’t have any bites

  • OcusticClear92
    OcusticClear92 10 hours ago

    "Science is cool" Hey, have you ever watched MacGyver? YES, Science is COOL!!