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  • 2 months ago

    I JUST LOVE your account ! and love the content Thanks for all you do !

  • Dr Razortooth
    Dr Razortooth 3 months ago

    2 questions: Why do they repeat clips all the time and show one clip only once? And why are most of the things in California and New York

  • 澤民 DJ 本
    澤民 DJ 本 3 months ago

    your video reuploaded

  • A true meme master
    A true meme master 3 months ago

    A channel that makes up the majority of facebook clickbait. Cancer like this shoudnt exist

  • Mealworm Hub
    Mealworm Hub 4 months ago

    666K subs...

  • OrangeRBLX
    OrangeRBLX 4 months ago

    This is my favorite gaming channel! <3

  • The Heart Of Europe Cafe

    NEW Chimney Cake CONES Desserts!

  • drifter4training
    drifter4training 5 months ago

    Chomp Chomp in NYC serves authentic Singaporean street food ? too many drinks from happy hour ?

  • Smoove Move Productions LLC

    Check out some of these LIT instrumentals! FREE DOWNLOADS!!! Browse through Leasing and buying options without the tags are available!!

  • LeonhartGR
    LeonhartGR 6 months ago

    Just wanted you to know that we were came here from MarkWiens Vlogs after watching one of his videos!

  • salesman
    salesman 6 months ago

    When you first click on a video you're like "This is cool!" But once you go down the rabbit hole you start to wonder what are you doing with your life.

  • Elisa Ofedoras
    Elisa Ofedoras 6 months ago

    How 'Game of Thrones' Filmed 'Loot Train Attack' What is the name of the song that was used for this video?

  • Japanese Green Tea & Matcha

    Good information, thanks...

  • a loner
    a loner 6 months ago

    "life is an adventure" *sits in office making videos all day*

  • Eileen Cho
    Eileen Cho 7 months ago

    please make a video of sweet adeles! i think it will help

  • TEN FOLD Engineering
    TEN FOLD Engineering 7 months ago

    Hey there! You posted a video of our products. A link to our social media pages in the description would be very nice. Thank you.

  • Pinky Pie
    Pinky Pie 7 months ago

    Honestly, there's a reason why you don't have many subs Insider. Your video quality just seems cheap like something easily found on Instagram or other social media. It gives off a Buzzfeed vibe. Hey if you're going for that channel that's purely for views then go ahead. But take a look at a channel like Great Big Story, they produce actual videos with soul and will enrich viewer's learning. I found both of you with the same amount of subs, one will clearly surpass the other.

  • Xènia Mata
    Xènia Mata 7 months ago

    Please, can you make a video of the Barcelona Duck Store?? Thanks!!

  • Ellie
    Ellie 7 months ago

    Please do an insider in dc!

  • Sergey Son
    Sergey Son 7 months ago

    Hello, can you give a link to the soundtrack on your video "This is the old-school way to do tattoos in Japan"

  • Akimationz
    Akimationz 7 months ago

    YUO ARE OF BEST TVclip CHANNEL EVER! Yuo such amazing videos!

  • Nobody
    Nobody 8 months ago

    too much food videos

  • I know that you're gay

    Jesus, how much can you squeeze out? There's like 8 videos every day. Chill.

  • joannaz
    joannaz 8 months ago

    Dear Insider, I like your videos and how they introduce us to new things we never heard of before, but I really wish they had a bit more substance to them, instead of just showing us pictures and titles for a reaction. For example, on the "Vancouver Artist Takes Paint Mixing to the Next Level" video, it would have really helped if you had linked us to Annette Labedzki's TVclip channel/Instagram, so we could watch her videos too! I think this would help your videos to _have a point_, you know? Like, why should I really care? What am I going to learn from this?; is this important enough for me to remember for at least the next hour, to talk about and discuss? Sometimes, when I watch your videos, I just feel like they could be less shallow.... Anyone, feel free to add your thoughts down below.

  • America Guy
    America Guy 8 months ago

    This channel should have million of subscribes

  • charles stevie
    charles stevie 9 months ago

    Can you please indictae in the description the music used in each video? It's just cruel not to do so. Thanks

  • Rockin' Ronni
    Rockin' Ronni 9 months ago

    Hey Insider! I have a simple question. Can you please tell us the name of the song in the video "Beiler's Donuts in Philly makes 60 different doughnut flavors"'s so catchy! Thank you!

  • RCPlayer145
    RCPlayer145 9 months ago

    I feel like none of your videos explain anything and I could just look at the thumbnail and be done with it. Honestly just feels like looking at a 3 second gif of something :/

  • Rare Dank Pepe
    Rare Dank Pepe 9 months ago

    insider=quantity but the quality is average so.....overall meh

  • Lil Ed
    Lil Ed 10 months ago

    Hey peep out my channel and listen to the song called High for Hours. I did my personal variant from J Cole song. IT a Min long, I sense you might like it and I would appreciate any feedback. Feel free to like, share or subscribe...1luv

  • 8000SAC
    8000SAC Year ago

    INSIDER = naive teenager...! :O)))

    SHABANA SHAH Year ago


  • The Amazing Lucas

    Hey, My name is Lucas and I've created a dating app for fitness singles. I wanted to know how much would it be to do a simple advert on one of your upcoming videos. Please shoot me an email at Thanks!

  • The Top 5
    The Top 5 Year ago

    how it makes videos like this, I mean the subtitles or those texts, plz tell me

  • Craig Sender
    Craig Sender Year ago

    Why do your videos show up in my watch history when I clearly have never clicked on any of them? Please stop.

    • William Pritchartt
      William Pritchartt Year ago

      I suspect so too as their recommendations seem to fit my interests much too well than to be coincidence or cookie related.

    • Bill Owen
      Bill Owen Year ago

      I just noticed their videos in my history as well. I'd never heard of INSIDER until today, when I noticed several of their videos in my History. I'm suspecting this is a hack, as no other channel is doing this.

    • Bill Owen
      Bill Owen Year ago

      that someone could be a software hack by the owners of INSIDER, I just noticed their videos in my history as well. I'd never heard of INSIDER until today, when I noticed several of their videos in my History.

    • Bill Owen
      Bill Owen Year ago

      My account as well. INSIDER has either, 1. Paying for some type of advertising plan with TVclip/Google, or 2. Developed some type of software hack to log views from TVclip accounts.

  • Doria l
    Doria l Year ago

    Hi Insider, I really enjoy all your food related videos and I would LOVE to feature you on Headliner. It's a discussion app so people (like me) can reply with video comments to your videos and actually talk about it. If you're interested, let me know so I can get your video featured to all users and you can really get the discussions going.

  • Luis Fernando Robledano Esteban

    Suggestion: remove those subtitles: hide half of the scene and explanations are not need since the video is self explanatory.

  • 1Damnplayer1
    1Damnplayer1 Year ago

    Hello. The video about the drone footage of sheep you removed due to copyright matters with T.W. Can I ask for the title of the soundtrack you used in there pls? Thanks!