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  • Miss T
    Miss T 45 seconds ago

    FMD the audience and commentators are dozer jawed, drag queens sans make up & wigs - just as ugly

  • SunRae* **
    SunRae* ** 3 minutes ago

    I guess since they are sucking up to him, he don't want to "SEND THE BACK."

  • justin carroll
    justin carroll 5 minutes ago

    Bush the war criminal gone fishing. Should be in prison along with blair.Killed a millions people between them.Trump kills three terrorists and he,s gets slagged of by the Democrats.

  • Сюзанна Либерман


  • philippine kkk Rebellion
    philippine kkk Rebellion 10 minutes ago

    It would be funny if instead of using guns and start a war They start playing soccer and the loser does what is requested Or maybe an all out fist fight

  • Capital L
    Capital L 17 minutes ago


  • Capital L
    Capital L 18 minutes ago


  • Noacceptance
    Noacceptance 20 minutes ago

    Damascena roses. Each and every rose product to almost ever exist smell exactly the same since Damasc roses are the only roses to be used in their production. This is because of their very high yield which makes them cheaper than any other roses. Roses have all different kinds of scents but rose products are all only Damasc roses. Go out to your florist or to your nearest garden with roses and see for yourself!

  • CO2 Aldwin
    CO2 Aldwin 21 minute ago

    Why he is in Indonesia?

  • Capital L
    Capital L 24 minutes ago


  • Freeman
    Freeman 24 minutes ago

    God bless "IRAN"

  • Capital L
    Capital L 26 minutes ago


  • Marjorie Camu
    Marjorie Camu 28 minutes ago

    Im waiting for kim jung un to die soon and i will celebrate. this is cringe asf

  • KD KD
    KD KD 28 minutes ago

    What a wonderful person he is! RIP

  • My Nameis
    My Nameis 31 minute ago

    This is why the common Mexican immigrated to the USA

  • Victor Mneney
    Victor Mneney 32 minutes ago

    Only God judgement no one he can talk about it

  • Tennek Trey
    Tennek Trey 34 minutes ago

    2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Trump!

  • CrazyGood88
    CrazyGood88 35 minutes ago

    Viola Davis cool as a cucumber: Oh hey. You're pretty. I'm gonna finish signing this.

  • Suzi Suzi
    Suzi Suzi 35 minutes ago

    Tighar of Islam saddam husain

    JAMESLEY TECH 38 minutes ago


  • Capitan Jonas
    Capitan Jonas 38 minutes ago

    what is year to happened this?

  • John Cluphf
    John Cluphf 45 minutes ago

    Love that Henry Cavill is a nerd.

  • AfCooki //;-;
    AfCooki //;-; 46 minutes ago

    The explosion was at 1:01 and the boom was at 1:26, so the rocket was about 5 miles away, it takes sound 5 seconds to travel 1 mile

  • Ibrahim Salisu Mahmud
    Ibrahim Salisu Mahmud 49 minutes ago


  • Joel Clarke
    Joel Clarke 50 minutes ago

    Jared is the only one that didn't stand up lol.

  • Cong Cuong Hoang
    Cong Cuong Hoang 51 minute ago

    Fuck polpot

  • Shari Lyn
    Shari Lyn 52 minutes ago

    What is the name of the guy in the carving?

  • n mike
    n mike 54 minutes ago


  • Deviko Walters
    Deviko Walters 54 minutes ago

    Life has to have more meaning than this. Are their lives worth anything ?

  • George Rogers
    George Rogers 55 minutes ago

    Saddam sounds drunk as hell lol

  • Sperm
    Sperm 57 minutes ago

    My mother knew he was lying threw his teeth. She always noted the look on Hillary's face 0:15. She said that's the look of disappointment and shame.

  • 54B3RT00TH
    54B3RT00TH Hour ago


  • Miss Worled 2020

    Fuck UsA No wonder u failed to satisfy ur women

  • rthelionheart
    rthelionheart Hour ago

    No so beasty after all huh!?

  • flight2k5
    flight2k5 Hour ago

    Fuck Islam

  • Suraj Patil
    Suraj Patil Hour ago

    PV Narasimha Roa Was A Great Person,Philosopher

  • lobotimise aha
    lobotimise aha Hour ago

    It's taking pleasure to see the new peace chapter never look back. the next generation deserves much better life in this beautiful place. I am 51 a formal QUB student from HK. NI is democratic country, we Hongkongers still live in a tyranny, please cherish the peace.

    LATOHOUSTON Hour ago

    This looks like some old ass footage!

  • Owais Khan
    Owais Khan Hour ago

    War based on lies by Criminal Bush and bastard Blair

  • ayush pathania
    ayush pathania Hour ago

    Superman be like, you gotta put in this movie too 😂

  • Abdul Gnee
    Abdul Gnee Hour ago

    My great sisters

  • Sayan Chakraborty

    Fourth world country

  • alpha leonis
    alpha leonis Hour ago

    People getting people struck😂

  • Carlos Br
    Carlos Br Hour ago

    Who thinks he counted those women like this lol

  • blastman8888
    blastman8888 Hour ago

    The invasion of Panama was planned the US military ran drills where they would move their forces around with 30 min notice. The Panama military got used to this so when they attacked they could surprise them. I always wondered who was the wife of the US Servicemen who was brutally integrated Bush was talking about.

  • Neptune
    Neptune Hour ago

    The question about Iran at 7:10 is so topical it’s wild people need to ask this question today and know the history

  • Kayin 1 kyat Burma 1 kyat

    They're just kids POW.

  • Danny
    Danny Hour ago

    I got an idea!!! Lets all sign his black shirt with a black marker 😎✌ Oh! Wait... 🤔

  • Neptune
    Neptune Hour ago

    He aged so much as president

  • Ryan Locke
    Ryan Locke Hour ago

    He should've wore a white shirt for the autographs.

  • Vasilescu Alexandra

    The Princess Lady Diana is The Queen of Hearts ! God Bless The Queen ! The Princess Lady Diana has a Great Heart and Many Profetional Projects !

  • qud zoo
    qud zoo Hour ago

    funny ,,,,,,, all these people celebrating , if this was your neighbor or teacher of your kids with the same evidence , you would have him killed before trail , i guess it pays to be Superstar

  • S.dayarathna Ekanayake

    Ana than koratha lol

  • Nermin Sljivic
    Nermin Sljivic Hour ago

    Zasto su se pojedinci ovdje u komentarima, uhvatili za tu kesu od Lidla. Pa bilo je stranaca koliko hoces u BiH tada, neko nesto donio iz Njemacke. Jos preko jedne kese iz Lidla, pokusava se opovrgnut, sva britalnost ovog snimka. A u divljastvo ovih koji pocinise genocid, upoznat je citav svijet. Pa cak 25 godina od zavrsetka agresije na RBiH Srbija i dalje nema niti sa jednom drzavom u regionu normalne odnose. Pa cak im je i Crna Gora okrenula ledja. A nije ni cudo. Pa tamo su na vlasti bivsi radikali, znaci fasisti. Od politicara te vrste me neiznenadjuje njihov fasizam, ali sta je sa normalnim svijetom u Srbiji? Nije valjda da su se normalni svi iselili? Sto prije Srbija pobjedi sobstvene fasiste, bice bolje svima, a najvise Srbiji.

  • JC1973
    JC1973 Hour ago

    That's exactly what is set up in Richmond Virginia for the upcoming event on the 20th. If anyone plans on attending like all around the country, stay outside of that fenced in area.

  • Hun Salonican
    Hun Salonican Hour ago

    Title is wrong. Not Kurdish rebels. Should have been Pkk terrorists.

  • Akash Samson
    Akash Samson Hour ago

    Sad. Shame on her.

  • Marcelo Ardissone

    R.I.P. Khagendra Thapa Magar

  • Hun Salonican
    Hun Salonican Hour ago

    Title is wrong though. Not the Kurdish. It should have been Pkk or the terrorist organization. Turkey has no problem with Kurdish people.

  • depi saputra
    depi saputra Hour ago

    I will kill all you army Chine Fuck you, im indonesia but i have military soul,

  • Chino Black
    Chino Black Hour ago

    Anybody who believes That terrorist did this is a fucking dumb ass this was a inside job for power and control by the elite building 7 collapsed with a small fire in done this is what America thinks of us

  • Shafies Kingsmen

    Must come to Malaysia to enjoy rambutan, durian and mangosteen..

  • Ismael Reyes
    Ismael Reyes Hour ago

    Thank you, AP Archive for allowing your channel visitors to post their opinions and comments. It seems to me that illegal immigration is not just an international problem, but a global problem, in part due to overpopulation and not enough resources, which needs to be addressed immediately.

  • Andre Williams
    Andre Williams Hour ago

    If the US government had been stabbed and been so stupid they would have had Saddam Hussein when I'm having all these problems, and the Middle East would have been stable to,

  • B Singh
    B Singh Hour ago

    He is a dictator and you can easily get this from vid at 1:38

  • Andre Williams
    Andre Williams Hour ago

    This is the same kind of court that I see them trying to run on President Trump, same b*******

  • Andre Williams
    Andre Williams Hour ago

    I would have took him prisoner, let him explain to me how to keep this country under control so they're not killing each other without killing the population but I would have never signed execution on Saddam Hussein, even though I know he's capable he's committed war crimes everything but he's better to me alive than he is dead oh, and it just hides ability for us to investigate what really is going on here

  • Joseph N.
    Joseph N. Hour ago

    طحان خابيت وجه

  • Mae Ann Custodio

    The attacks where in Iran. Plus Iran shot down a commercial jet.

  • Andre Williams
    Andre Williams Hour ago

    There's no way even after capturing Iraq that I would hang Saddam Hussein oh, I would not hang him, and I wouldn't allow the country to have neither, he didn't deserve the hanging oh, and how many people debriefed him and talk to him before they killed him so what are they hiding? I would have never agreed with the execution of Saddam Hussein and had I known you was going to do that I would have prevented it

  • Mahendrasinh Chauhan

    This was a great and good leader he was not terrorist,, big mistake bay America and Mr Bush.

    GB BODOLAND CHANEL 2 hours ago

    why tribal people are convert muslim

  • Redskits 68 —
    Redskits 68 — 2 hours ago


  • An xxx
    An xxx 2 hours ago

    Wasn't a fair trail

  • Deha Anggana
    Deha Anggana 2 hours ago

    Love gusdur ❤️ the great leader, alfatihah, ❤️, salam gusdurians

  • Tariq Aziz
    Tariq Aziz 2 hours ago

    Nice Man jamali sahb

  • Becky Kennedy
    Becky Kennedy 2 hours ago

    RIP Carroll Spinney, voice of Big Bird and Oscar. I'm sorry you didn't get to enjoy retirement for long, but at least you spent your years entertaining and educating little kids. Say hi to Mr. Hooper for us. I'm sure you, Mr. Hooper, Count Von Count (Jerry Nelson), David (Northern Calloway), Jim Henson, and all the other Muppets who have sadly departed are watching us from heaven just like we watched you for 50 years.

  • 훈제
    훈제 2 hours ago

    존나 못던지네 ;;;

  • kiyonexus
    kiyonexus 2 hours ago

    I'm a straight dude no homo but damn he sexy here... He really is Neo, the chosen one.

  • Marcel Carlito
    Marcel Carlito 2 hours ago

    Strange you can't see blood on the seat

  • Naja Levy
    Naja Levy 2 hours ago

    Pra mim o msior presidente dos estados unidos. nso nso não. E O MAIOR PRESIDENTE DO MUNDO.

  • Susuya Juuzou
    Susuya Juuzou 2 hours ago

    2:22 is he fucking pulling a rope to move the train? omg NORTH KOREAN SCIENTISTS ARE ON ANOTHER LEVEL.

  • Merlin Monson
    Merlin Monson 2 hours ago

    What would you call someone that beats a child period, other than evil.

  • Susuya Juuzou
    Susuya Juuzou 2 hours ago

    this looks faker than north korean people crying for the death of that one dictator...

  • Ezatez Green
    Ezatez Green 2 hours ago

    Please phase out sex industry. It is immoral and brings more harm to the society. Thailand is wonderful, protect your young from prostitution before it's too late...

  • Chorn Rithyreach
    Chorn Rithyreach 2 hours ago

    មិខហើយThailand មួយកំភ្លើងធំឈឺទេ😂😵😵

  • Susuya Juuzou
    Susuya Juuzou 2 hours ago

    i dont know but... something feels weird, as if this wasnt real or something like those people were paid actors or robots... something feel out of place here.

  • John Milonas
    John Milonas 2 hours ago

    We cry for the long suffering people of Haiti..

  • ModGyver
    ModGyver 2 hours ago

    They should just use a compressor

  • J Sando
    J Sando 2 hours ago

    Nancy is a lizard with fake boobs

  • #MRUGA2010
    #MRUGA2010 2 hours ago

    Ko Svoji na Svome; Long Live Bosnia and Hercegovina!

  • CaRz 164
    CaRz 164 2 hours ago


  • sidgdansk
    sidgdansk 2 hours ago

    the star they call Mars is an electromagnetic pulsating star. it's not far away. the sun is very close and small; like a street light. the moon is another light coming out of the Aether. you can't land on the moon or any star because they are alive but Nasa doesn't encourage you to do your own research; just what they give you. 58 million dollars a day they steal from you; who actually pay taxes and work. when are people going to get what a bunch of lying Jesuit fantasy morons these criminals are. the Poop is a Jesuit. go figure; it's later than you think.

  • SuperQdaddy
    SuperQdaddy 2 hours ago

    Israeli art students ?

  • Sabrina Nourin Surovi

    du jonke khub sundor maniace

  • مؤمل علي /Mamail Ali

    همزين من جيل مستر مستر 😁✌️

  • Nancy Pelosi
    Nancy Pelosi 3 hours ago

    I stand with Iran 🇮🇷 ! Remember Iranian Americans, talk shit and your families back home can get it!


    Now both them gone..r.i.p we loved you

  • santiago carreño
    santiago carreño 3 hours ago

    She's like: 'yeah I ordered a hit on Diana, so what? I'm the motherfucking in-da-house queen'; bitch

  • Higgs Boson
    Higgs Boson 3 hours ago

    What a voice!