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  • Sam Wallace
    Sam Wallace 20 hours ago

    "...like a high school sophomore in a corny dream sequence."
    @Elizabeth Bruenig
    "Childhood is the sleep of reason."
    - Jean-Jacques Rousseau

  • venomdrake
    venomdrake 10 days ago

    how fucking dare you put ad's out claiming you're REAL news. You are so full of shit and you CONSTANTLY lie. Get the fuck over yourselves.

  • Your Eternal Father:Be not afraid of your Father,for I Am yours and you are Mine.

    Your Jesus: My poor Holy Vicar, Pope Benedict XVI will be ousted from the Holy See of Rome
    -Saturday, February 11th, 2012 @ 11:30
    My dearly beloved daughter, the wars are escalating everywhere and very soon, the Hand of My Father will intervene, to bring this evil to a halt.
    Fear not, for the plans to save humanity are completed and it will not be long now for My Great Mercy, which will be given to each of you.
    Never fear the works of the antichrist, when you, dear children, have the power within you, to weaken his grasp on the world, through your prayers.
    Other world leaders will be killed soon and My poor Holy Vicar, Pope Benedict XVI, will be ousted from the Holy See in Rome.
    Last year, my daughter, I told you of the plot within the corridors of the Vatican.
    A plan to destroy My Holy Vicar was devised in secret, on the l7th of March 2011, and this will come to fruition, for it has been foretold.
    Spread My Holy Word to every corner of the world now and arrange for the printed versions of My Messages to be spread to as many countries as possible.
    You are being guided, so you must do what is best. Ask Me, in prayer, to send you help and it will be done.
    Your Jesus
    Crusade of Prayer (29) Protect the practice of Christianity
    Sunday, February 12th, 2012 @ 10:30
    Please pray this, the Crusade Prayer (29) to protect the practice of Christianity
    “O my Lord Jesus Christ, I beseech You to pour down your Holy Spirit over all of Your children. I beg You to forgive those who have hatred in their souls for You.
    I pray that atheists open up their hardened hearts during Your Great Mercy and that Your children who love You can honour You with dignity to rise above all persecution.
    Please fill all Your children with the Gift of Your Spirit, so that they can rise with courage and lead Your army into the final battle against Satan, his demons and all those souls who are slaves to his false promises. Amen.”
    Go in peace my child and tell the world to prepare for this great injustice.
    Thank you for responding to my call today.
    Mary Queen of all the angels
    Mother of Salvation

  • DefendUSA1776
    DefendUSA1776 22 days ago

    The only reason I clicked on your shitty ad was so you would have to pay a higher fee for advertising.
    "The Washington Post
    Democracy Dies in Darkness
    and we are the Darkness"

  • erasethepatterns1
    erasethepatterns1 27 days ago

    What a dirtbag operation!

  • Jedad Ruled
    Jedad Ruled Month ago

    Washington Post is part of the SWAMP,
    The enemy of the people.

  • Needen 18
    Needen 18 Month ago


  • Iannis Hour
    Iannis Hour Month ago

    fucking shit !

  • terry Roe
    terry Roe Month ago


  • Carlos Smith
    Carlos Smith Month ago

    The Washington Compost is Fake News.

  • shaitanlavey
    shaitanlavey Month ago

    Youtube is in bed with WP... I got this page address from a WP commercial in the middle of a Jason Chaffetz interview.

  • shaitanlavey
    shaitanlavey Month ago

    LMAO I was going to say something nasty about the WP scandal rag... but after reading the comments, it appears to have been covered from every angle already! Washington Post is the World Weekly News of politics. Next they will say Trump is the illegitimate father of Batboy!

  • Dennis The HiRev
    Dennis The HiRev Month ago

    WP is trying to get $1.00 for every news story they post on line. American greedom. So trump of you!

  • Trump Bump
    Trump Bump Month ago

    You are very fake news;die in a fire,faggots:-)

  • extra solar
    extra solar Month ago

    almost sad how pathetic the washington posts 'news' has become, utterly laughable and pitiful leftist 'hypocrisy!' fallacies being pawned as some/any type of 'journalism'. the list of garbage revenge reporting charades, rejected legacy delusions, corrupt endorsements and comical deflection denial blame skits that the shamed washington post have seriously attempted to demand be some type of 'expertise' is a list of fake democracy desperate and dying, failing miserably to take america with it. almost. lol.

  • Bob Strickland
    Bob Strickland Month ago

    With all the posted right wing hate against the WP you folks are definitely doing the best reporting. Those folks can't stand the truth in reporting. Keep on keeping on I love your efforts.

    • shaitanlavey
      shaitanlavey Month ago

      Take off that tinfoil hat, kiddo. Turn off your computer and go outside. Meet some real people. You will learn that the world you imagine from reading the WP in your mother's basement is just an illusion.

  • Murp Man
    Murp Man Month ago


  • mancalledclay
    mancalledclay Month ago

    washington post walks into a bar and.....everyone starts laughing.

  • Sam Wallace
    Sam Wallace Month ago

    1,628 in 298 days!?
    H O T P A N T S

  • Yolo Joe
    Yolo Joe Month ago

    you guys are disgusting fucking fake ass sacks of shits. all of you little faggots need to stop fucking degrading others with ur non sensical bullshit

  • quitebob
    quitebob 2 months ago

    Running ads repeating your "fake news" in front videos that expose your lies... priceless.

  • morning glory
    morning glory 2 months ago

    Washington Post: Do yourself a favor, and for once in your world of ink, print the truth!!!! you are Welcome... P.S. Your wooden nose will shrink!!! Please try. Somewhere,You must have a conscience...

  • Shawn Flock
    Shawn Flock 2 months ago

    I just came here to downvote everything and tell you all you all fucking suck.

    BILLBILLH 2 months ago

    "We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march toward a world government. . . . The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries". a quote by david rockefeller

  • whatsup
    whatsup 2 months ago

    Washington Post is a complete and absolute disgrace. You pieces of shit. Stop fucking with the American people. Fake news is an understatement. There are some diabolical people behind this organization.

  • Harveydude
    Harveydude 2 months ago

    Hello how is it going?

  • Steve Martinez
    Steve Martinez 2 months ago

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  • Big Chris
    Big Chris 2 months ago

    Why don't you cover the Hillary scandals more??? Their paying the Russians for crap on Trump, Their taking millions in bribes from the Russians under Obama

  • The Fabsisters
    The Fabsisters 2 months ago

    great channel

  • Yul Hubbart
    Yul Hubbart 3 months ago

    David Rockefeller thanking the Washington Post (and others) for their silence and co-operation re: building of a Global government. Quote:"We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries." -- David Rockefeller, Speaking at the June, 1991 Bilderberger meeting in Baden, Germany (a meeting also attended by then-Governor Bill Clinton and by Dan Quayle.

  • Bryan Wallis
    Bryan Wallis 3 months ago


  • swavage415
    swavage415 3 months ago

    Still getting people to spit on vets?

  • Konwar
    Konwar 3 months ago

    stop spreading fake news liberal muslim boot licking media...

  • Blazed Gaming
    Blazed Gaming 4 months ago

    This is what trump is talking about fake as motherfuckers reporting fake BS.... you have no moderators in your chat and it fills with retards... fake news should be removed from youtube!!!

  • robnuck83
    robnuck83 4 months ago

    If hurricanes need warm water to exist, when one farms why cant we just dump tons of ice into its path? even if it was $2 million to buy the ice (a crazy large amount) would that not be better than 20 billion in damages and the deaths that come with it. I have no idea how much ice it would take but surely there has to be something we can do if we know what causes hurricanes and what they need to get stronger or even persist.

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    Theodore Schneider 4 months ago

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  • Jimmy Rustled
    Jimmy Rustled 4 months ago

    You scum deserve the most painful cancer there is....die in pain you disgusting filth.

    SANTOSH SINHA 4 months ago

    Your channel is great :) I would be glad if you subscribe me too.Thank you.

  • mark allen
    mark allen 4 months ago

    I think trump is purpose is trying to piss everyone off so he can be a martyr, why the self destruction...

  • Siberian Кот
    Siberian Кот 4 months ago

    amazing,uneducated liars-WP on the way...

  • Crazy Clown
    Crazy Clown 5 months ago

    August 15th 2017 - The COMMUNIST FAKE NEWS Washington Post (Washington Compost) Degenerate Commie Lib'tard reporters or better known as BULLSHIT Spin propaganda Artists, continue to write & report FAKE BULLSHIT news stories on everything . The Washington Post and their young College Kid Jack Off reporters are as badd as The National Enquirer at making up their phony articles ! Evidently, the WP must hire their FAKE reporters from some Degenerate Commie gene pool and attempt to pass them off as reporters.

  • sharpshiell
    sharpshiell 5 months ago

    you fucknuts disabled comments as I was reading /commenting? lol ya cuck retards

  • chuckles barnett
    chuckles barnett 5 months ago

    The washington compost wrote an article about Douglas MacArthur being sickened by the "fire and fury" he witnessed in the Korean war, but it fails to state the fact that the general wanted to nuke China afterward but Eisenhower wouldn't let him. THAT'S A FACT OF HISTORY! Report the whole news, and not just what fits your fake news agenda; paid for by the globalists, George Soros, democratic, satan worshipping left.

  • nunya biznez
    nunya biznez 5 months ago

    It appears that every single thing that the Washington Post publishes is fake. Print the truth, not your hate fueled lies. Interesting how scumbags conglomerate together and all the "writers" (not journalists, because they have none) that work at the Washington Post are so bad at their jobs.
    Washington Post = FAKE NEWS!!!

  • Charlie Hutch
    Charlie Hutch 5 months ago

    this is NOT news this is commentary... biased political vomit

  • marie demastes
    marie demastes 5 months ago

    rambling..where is clueless nancy, better deal, how lame and unoriginal, such a bag of losers, that guy said at the end, If I were in charge,,I would of called her,,clueless nancy ?? I spy with my little eye, the death of the democratic party poppers, wheres the poop , clueless nancy, and waters, where is the woman in the big red hat..oohh lol this is such a great entertainment for a President Donald J Trump supporter, what happened loosers

  • daveblandston6
    daveblandston6 6 months ago

    Washington Compost lies!

  • Johan Hellberg
    Johan Hellberg 6 months ago


    JNPFK 6 months ago

    Is someone new in charge of WP YouTube videos? Getting a lot of tabloid and science videos. The market on both is flooded.

  • Ryan White
    Ryan White 6 months ago

    Washington Post is the political national enquirer, read by nutjobs and idiots, respected by noone (not even youre meager number of readers), and not worth the 1.20 for a paper copy of its articles.
    Just a reminder that your paper and everyone who has a part in making it are cancer on society.

  • Javy Dominguez
    Javy Dominguez 6 months ago

    i go and poop on your lawn

  • oioiiooi
    oioiiooi 6 months ago

    Won't be long until the WP ends up like CNN!

  • Forcix
    Forcix 6 months ago

    The FCC should pull the license for this trash can of a company.
    And if that cannot be done, identify the members of its Board of Governors and start with them.
    Bring this fucking propaganda machine down.

  • Test Test
    Test Test 6 months ago

    So apparently the former ambassador has the same issue as Obama. Get it through your heads You are no longer in the position and need to move on with your lives. If Trump needs advice, I'm sure he'll ask for it. But it will not be from anyone that was in the Obama administration at all. Washington Post should be supportive to our president regardless if you like him or not. We had to endure and still are enduring the horrific mistakes of Obama for 8, going on 9 years with obama f*%k the US care. Yet, we still acted like adults and did not mock our president and constantly try to take his mind off of more important issues rather than deal with your personal feelings. Time for all the fake media to grow up or leave the US.

  • Mikael Nilsson
    Mikael Nilsson 6 months ago

    When the *MEMES* has devoured *CNN* it is your turn Washington Compost....

  • Video Addict
    Video Addict 6 months ago

    You got to do better, you can do better!

  • Charles Pinsky
    Charles Pinsky 7 months ago

    "Democracy dies in darkness"
    You are PART of the darkness!

  • Pepe Suess
    Pepe Suess 7 months ago

    If anyone had told me that any news outlet was capable of spewing more Fake News than CNN, I would have laughed in their face. I was wrong. Over the past week, the left-wing Washington Post has published an astonishing amount of Fake News, a torrent of lies, and all of it aimed directly at President Trump.
    1. BOMBSHELL Confession That Was … a Joke
    Beyond pathetic.
    2. BOMBSHELL: Deputy Attorney General Threatened to Quit
    Never happened.
    3. BOMBSHELL: FBI Director Comey Fired After Asking For More Investigative Funds
    Total lie.
    4. BOMBSHELL: Trump Revealed Classified Information To Russians
    Yeah, no.
    5. BOMBSHELL: Republicans Treat Rape As Pre-Existing Condition

  • symbiot3O
    symbiot3O 7 months ago

    LOL!!! NY Times fake news exposed by Comey himself. I wonder who is next?

  • The Death Twitch
    The Death Twitch 7 months ago


  • Super Sonic
    Super Sonic 7 months ago


  • Allan Thompson
    Allan Thompson 7 months ago

    Click , Click your Headlines Live Feed Is not pundits opinion of rehashed news or waiting for other speeches.
    remember When News Papers readers only read Head Lines And the first paragraph Then Your Opinion.Take a Google Idea And Mine use a filter, peoples Ideas matter. Not only yours.

  • IlIIIllIlIlIlIIl
    IlIIIllIlIlIlIIl 7 months ago

    Fake news.

  • Ganbara Knight
    Ganbara Knight 7 months ago

    Why don't you allow comments? Maybe because you know most people are against your propaganda. Please just cut the wrist of all your papers, they don't deserve to be "posted".

  • Panzer Pete
    Panzer Pete 7 months ago

    CIA funded news. Yeah, trustworthy my ass.

  • Joe Goulart
    Joe Goulart 7 months ago

    Why do american still use an electoral college instead popular vote to elect the president? I really do not understand.
    The majority of american people voted Hillary and electoral college (minority) elected Trump. It is a nonsense on "DEMOCRACY" (Greek: δημοκρατία, Dēmoskrátos literally "rule of the people").
    Now, special prosecutor Robert Mueller is in charge of investigation on elected president-Russia ties.
    According to Mr. Trump, "american people would be tired of winning", but what promisse did he really accomplish so far?
    - Travel ban = hold, Health care = hold, The "wall" = hold, Budget = hold. Lots of promisses and all he did was to "undo" Obama's work and left nothing to replace them (just because he simply don't like Obama and want to erase Obama's work from american memory - as if it was possible). I may be wrong but it seems that Mr. Trump is a "ratings" driven individual permanently under "damage control" status. For examples:
    - Firing Acting Attorney ^General Sally Yates that defended US Constitution over his "not very transparent" travel ban (and warned him on Flynn as foreign agent).
    - Syria air strike? 59 Tomahawks fired, 21 did not reach the target and the remaining ones, none of them hit a single high valuable target (runways, taxiways, fighter jets... A complete military fail, just "Show off", Al Shayrat Airfield resume its operations in the same day as presented by images shown by Russian drones flying over the airfield )
    - Firing FBI James Comey that was investigating his administration with Russia to "release pressure" on him.
    - Selling weapons to Saudi Arabia (by the way, this country was not in his travel ban, but the terrorists of 9/11...)
    - Leaking Israeli intel to Russians "inside" oval office.
    - Leaking nuclear submarines position just to brag how powerful US is to Philippines president Duterte and to the entire world.
    What kind of president is not able to keep its own nation secrets?
    What kind of president doesn't put his country and people first, above personal interests? (Ivanka got a good deal in China.)
    Of course the world has reasons to be worried: if Mr. Trump is not able to deal with his own marriage, how can he deal with american people and with the rest of the world? Is this the man that REALLY has the launch codes of nuclear weapons?
    For those ones that are thinking about his removal or impeachment I leave this question: who will replace him? Did you ask yourself who will be coming?
    Pence? Paul Ryan? :)

  • avolantyable
    avolantyable 8 months ago

    Probably wont even read my comment, the Washington post is probably ran by some rich liberal that is too lazy to get out of bed and posts stories with bias to the maximum. Upset that they lost that million dollar bet on who won the election.

  • Spook Dog
    Spook Dog 8 months ago

    man i really wanted to say "i guess that concert was the bomb" on the most recent video, but fuck you guys i guess

  • Humans Before Snakes
    Humans Before Snakes 8 months ago

    The Washington Post is an enemy of the state, and they deserve prison time for conspiracy against the United States.
    You will eventually face justice for your actions in a court of law.

    • whatsup
      whatsup 2 months ago


  • Prospero
    Prospero 8 months ago

    Deep State disinformation agents!
    Enemies of free thinking people across the globe!

  • Prospero
    Prospero 8 months ago

    Fucking Bastards!

  • Robert Grismer
    Robert Grismer 8 months ago

    The Washington Post is the most disgraceful, disgusting, misleading, fake news source there is. What is wrong with these people

  • Richard White
    Richard White 8 months ago

    "STOP" bashing Donald Trump. He is our president no matter how you feel or what you want. Ever hear of fake news, your it.

  • Paul Marino
    Paul Marino 8 months ago

    Suggesting that the President provided sensitive information to the Russians is not only nonsense but is a smoke screen for the security information Hillary Clinton provided to our adversaries and got paid for it.

  • Bot Tobi
    Bot Tobi 8 months ago

    Jesus Christ, upload a couple videos a day. Do not upload twenty separate one minute videos. I am unsubscribing because of this deluge of old content.

  • freebirdnorway
    freebirdnorway 8 months ago

    Nobody believes your lies anymore, The Washington Post. You're the fake news and everybody knows it! You are a disgrace to news reporting.

  • The Death Twitch
    The Death Twitch 10 months ago

    Pizzagate is real

  • Ellen Hoisington
    Ellen Hoisington 10 months ago

    probably owned by democrats.

  • G
    G 10 months ago


  • Poppy Prime
    Poppy Prime 10 months ago


  • Poppy Prime
    Poppy Prime 10 months ago

    I see you love pizzagate pedos. SICK.

  • Jeanine Wiggins
    Jeanine Wiggins 10 months ago

    Are you guys really going to hire Podesta, as a columnist?... This man is a pedophile!!! And what the hell is that 'spirit cooking'? His art collection is just plain sick! Man... I hope your company goes bankrupt. You're all sick!

    • miko Dafoot
      miko Dafoot 10 months ago

      Boycott Amazon which owns the Washington compost

  • Polly Campbell
    Polly Campbell 11 months ago

    John Podesta way to go. Done with you.

  • 板垣退助
    板垣退助 11 months ago

    Thanks for spreading vitriol guys. Stop acting like your own class in society and do some objective reporting for once. Don't browbeat people on their political ideas or attempt to act like some sort of moral hegemony. You are fanning the partisan flames.

  • ShadowBrony
    ShadowBrony 11 months ago

    Nice bit of Yellow Journalism you guys allowed to be free for all to see. Not of big fan of Pewdiepie but what you guys said about him, taking all that stuff about his videos and making it completely out of context and twisting it to your image... That is just shameful. You are one big company and it is your responsibility to take charge of this. As far as I can tell, you are doing nothing. You guys messed up big time this time. Now the creators and watchers of Youtube and many other sites have had enough. I can't even trust the supposedly trustable media anymore. This is sad.

  • Bondi Wing
    Bondi Wing 11 months ago

    Dear Washington Post, could you please comment on this? www.infowars.com/the-washington-post-takes-russian-government-money/ WP = Fake News

  • Mister Unglaublich
    Mister Unglaublich 11 months ago

    fuck you

  • Yul Hubbart
    Yul Hubbart 11 months ago

    David Rockefeller thanking the Washington Post (and others) for their silence and co-operation re: building of a Global government. Quote:"We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It
    would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The
    supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries."
    -- David Rockefeller, Speaking at the June, 1991 Bilderberger meeting in Baden,
    Germany (a meeting also attended by then-Governor Bill Clinton and by Dan

  • ctwatcher
    ctwatcher 11 months ago

    What country are you guys from? N. Korea or China? Why are you acting the commies now? A need of prison?

  • Flood
    Flood Year ago

    This organization is heavily censored fake news, manipulation, and displays a deep lack of integrity in any arena or on any topic. they are the opposite of journalists, they are liars.

  • indy jones
    indy jones Year ago

    Warning! Fake News Alert.

  • miko Dafoot
    miko Dafoot Year ago

    How did you manage to get 72k subs with this Fake News Crap?
    The people subbed here must see horseshit and think its chocolate on the ground...

  • MegaTunamelt
    MegaTunamelt Year ago

    This is a fake news channel

  • Katrien the Belgian

    Nobody believes your lies anymore, Washington compost. You're the fake news and everybody knows it!

  • Mark Henderson
    Mark Henderson Year ago

    Do you even bother to fact check a story before you run it?

  • Vrhovni Predstojnik

    Washington Post you are obsolete! You are a disgrace for all journalists in the world. You should find another alternative for your job!

  • miko Dafoot
    miko Dafoot Year ago

    Only Fake and pointless News on the Washington Compost
    For real news go check out Rebel Media or RT

  • coupe437
    coupe437 Year ago

    You as a News source , Big time bull shit. like CNN> Eat shit and die

  • dingolovethrob
    dingolovethrob Year ago


  • ctwatcher
    ctwatcher Year ago

    Ping pong anyone? Or just pizza?

  • LordServer
    LordServer Year ago

    FUCK WASHINGTON POST You are nothing but a bunch of manipulating pieces of shit. Lying through your teeth to millions daily. Disgusting. Oh hope you guys get hacked next.

  • Gus Perez
    Gus Perez Year ago

    The Washington Post recently put out" FAKE NEWS " to discredit president TRUMP . The WP claims a source in the CIA claimed Russia hacked the election. The statement is false Senate Intelligence Committee was recently briefed by the CIA about Russia hacking the election and they said they do not know who hacked the DNC . Julian Assange said this past week that somebody inside the DNC hacked them . FAKE NEWS by Democrat operatives just like almost the exact story line by the New York Times this past week . Julian Assange proved them liars !!!!

  • John Brown
    John Brown Year ago


  • Mike T
    Mike T Year ago

    Lying scumbags...

  • Zampan0
    Zampan0 Year ago


  • Zampan0
    Zampan0 Year ago

    CIA: Washington Post Report Linking Russian Government to Trump & Election Hacking Is “Outright Lie” truepundit.com/cia-washington-post-report-linking-russian-government-to-trump-election-hacking-is-outright-lie/

    • Bondi Wing
      Bondi Wing 11 months ago


  • j cloud
    j cloud Year ago


  • Stop the Hate Media Love each Other

    LOL I love reading how much people hate you....just another shamed media company and everyone should hate you. The reporting that is spewed out is extremely bias, insanely bias. Your a fucking mess.

  • craig
    craig Year ago

    Why don't you update the YouTube? 1 year and some older stuff? What's up?

  • Vishali Chadha
    Vishali Chadha Year ago

    Truly shameful organization. Your fate will be sealed and praying peacefully for your enlightenment. There is no Russia propoganda outlets and fake news.....we all know that. You are truly just making yourselves look worse....good luck

  • Absaalookemensch

    The Washington Post declares war on the Constitution but trying to silence their opposition.
    I'm a vet, sworn to defend the Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic.
    The Washington Post has, by their own admission and actions, declared themselves an enemy of the Constitution.
    I'm calling for all freedom loving people to wage a verbal war, with pens and keyboards, and fight this assault on the freedom of the press.

  • midnight kittypuff


  • midnight kittypuff

    Die already.

  • midnight kittypuff

    Maybe you fainted from blood loss like the old satanic witch you support, either way you are old news.

  • midnight kittypuff

    What was it again? OHH YAAA, "Hillary %95 to win". You are the true definition of garbage.

  • midnight kittypuff

    Hey washington Post? How does it feel to be total garbage? And if your lies were printed on toilet paper it would'nt come near my asshole.

  • FollyOfArsinoe
    FollyOfArsinoe Year ago

    Fake news from the Washington Post helped Trump win the election...

  • Mike T
    Mike T Year ago

    We all know that you are lying sacks of shit, and that you are working for Hillary, and trying to manipulate the vote in her favor. It is not going to work.

  • David Williams
    David Williams Year ago

    What Washington Post is doing might be illegal. There are new laws regarding the Internet whereby a publish is not allow to censor selectively. For example. Let us suppose that WaPo only disables comments on videos where Trump is the speaker, but allows comments on other videos. That is actually illegal, and they can be both sued and fined by the FCC for it regardless of their intent. If, however, it is discovered that their intent is to remove the possibility of favorable comments being made by Trump supporters by disallowing comments altogether, then the penalties can be extremely severe.

    • Candy
      Candy Year ago

      The FCC should make the fine on The Wahiington Post so extreme that they never, ever recover from it financially.

    • Candy
      Candy Year ago




    • Candy
      Candy Year ago


  • William Simkulet

    Can't comment on the debate in the window; will comment here. When I watch MOVIE FIGHTS on Screen Junkies, Dan Murrel fact checks. Anderson Cooper can't fact check Donald Trump's #s? ^&%^%* you debate.

    • Candy
      Candy Year ago

      WHAT?? WikiLeaks was at Bill Clintons birthday party and he did WHAT ???
      (They didn't want anything in return they just wanted to say, you know, "Hey, Bill Clinton, we think your a wild and crazy guy, we like raping women, you like raping women, we just want to give you money, with no strings attached, you know, for your birthday")

    • Candy
      Candy Year ago

      I guess if he did the same things that she did. Why don't you ask Tyrone Woods what he's learned about her.

    • William Simkulet
      William Simkulet Year ago

      +Candy What would you have to learn about Trump to say the same of him?

    • Candy
      Candy Year ago

      Hillary Clinton needs to be hung by then neck until dead. Period

    • William Simkulet
      William Simkulet Year ago

      +Candy Imagine Hillary was the republican Nominee and Trump the democrat. I'd vote republican then. I get the feeling you'd still vote republican too. In which case you're not actually contributing to the discussion, are you?

  • Cletus Spuckler
    Cletus Spuckler Year ago

    The Washington CUCKS

    • Candy
      Candy Year ago


  • Alfred Date
    Alfred Date Year ago

    Just saw the 2016 vice-presidential debate. Washing Post or the interviewer does not like to talk about Hillary email scandal, and how she is going to handle classified information in the future, how it is possible to delete classified emails when she was secretary of state, how she hide her criminals acts she is a disgrace and Washington Post is a disgrace not covering the truth with fair time!!! Talk a bit more about Hillary foundation flush fond and how people thought they were paying to charity, this fond needs to closed down freeze their money it is out in the open now it was and is a huge SCAM Washington Post are trying to cover up.. Does Washington Post need some kind of prosecution for covering up lies and intentionally lying to the american people before telling the truth?

  • Mike Roberts
    Mike Roberts Year ago

    Where is your article on Ohio State Highway Patrol Sgt. David Robison ????
    also, try adding a search function to your websites like all other decent websites.

  • M. Strain Jr.
    M. Strain Jr. Year ago

    So apparently, the Washington Post cares only about the part of the first amendment that allows freedom of the press, but not the part that ensures freedom of speech for everyone. How shameful that you would block comments under your videos in an attempt to censor differing opinions.

    • Candy
      Candy Year ago


  • el gringo
    el gringo Year ago

    The Washington Post is the most disgraceful, disgusting, misleading, fake news source there is.

    • 826WWEFAN
      826WWEFAN 6 months ago

      no CNN, Washington post is close

    • Room237
      Room237 7 months ago

      TWP blocks your comments if it doesn't fit their Marxist diseased liberal agenda.Fuck you! "Democracy Dies in Darkness" is their motto and they follow it very well.

  • weesh
    weesh Year ago

    this is the only channel I can find that is live streaming the debate AND had the decency to disable the toxic live chat. thanks.

    • Yul Hubbart
      Yul Hubbart Year ago

      +weesh ful
      That's a fair point. There is no need for abuse.

    • weesh
      weesh Year ago

      That could very well make sense in some circumstances....
      but 90% of the abusive people agreed with me though...they had points that I had great sympathy for, but they were saying it in hurtful and unhelpful ways.
      my frustration was NOT with the message, but with the abuse.

    • Yul Hubbart
      Yul Hubbart Year ago

      +weesh ful
      Well, heres the problem. SJWs call anyone who disagrees with them "abusive".

    • weesh
      weesh Year ago

      +Yul Hubbart its censorship to remove chat when 99% of the comments are aggressive and confrontational and calling the other side idiots?
      to answer my own question.
      no it is not.
      there is no useful purpose in letting people be rude and angry at each other on your company's forum.

    • Yul Hubbart
      Yul Hubbart Year ago

      Media Censorship.

  • Kyle Rickert
    Kyle Rickert Year ago

    You suck ass.

    • Candy
      Candy Year ago


  • john81blaze
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  • ken buchanan
    ken buchanan Year ago

    todays talking points memo.fair,balanced and unafraid
    don't you girls worry if you think your butt's getting bigger with
    time.it's ok.guys like a "little junk in the trunk" i don't like that
    jillian michaels fitness coach with that skinny guy look.she's on some
    type of cutting steroid to look like that.just stay girly the way God
    made you and forget about that "hollywood look"

  • John Ulysis
    John Ulysis Year ago

    You people are so dishonest at the Post. Trump is soooo right to call you dishonest. Ok you don't want him to beat your candidate but you don't have to lie. Trump did not say he wanted Russia to hack Hillary's emails. Liars.

  • White Survivalist

    Your writers are literally some of the dumbest people on the planet. Regressive propaganda rags like the Washington Post have got to go!

    • Candy
      Candy Year ago


  • Crowbar O
    Crowbar O Year ago

    You guys are a bunch of faggots and losers. Every single person who writes for your shitty liberal rag is a piece of shit. I hope your offices burn down.

    • Candy
      Candy Year ago


  • ireb
    ireb Year ago

    IS IT JUST THIS: www.washingtonpost.com/newssearch/?query=leipzig ?

    • ireb
      ireb Year ago

      two-word candy. what a sugar.

    • Candy
      Candy Year ago


  • Jose Busquets
    Jose Busquets Year ago

    the Supreme Court has just failed against the Puerto Rico people, they did not care if our people will no have medical care, schools, roads, food, clothing and so on, all they care about are the people of Wall Street which can pay and buy the conscience of the court members...is a shame. Are the American recists? of course..see this Court and the Republicans decision....stink

  • mediacesspool
    mediacesspool Year ago

    After your coverage of the 2016 primaries with your overwhelming bias towards both Trump and Hillary, I can tell you that in the future the only time your publication will receive a single cent from me if I happen to be out of toilet paper.

  • Grahame Lamblamb

    I see the Washington post is critical towards trump..every other candidate has ignored crippling debt 20 trill none will stand up and come forward and address it and all Obama is doing is putting men in womens restrooms and working up Russia into a modern expensive cold war

  • zgrillo2004
    zgrillo2004 Year ago

    No wonder why Mark Levin calls you guys the "Washington Compost"

    • Dustin D
      Dustin D 26 days ago

      (((Mark Levin))) is part of the same (((establishment network))). His role is to play the role of controlled opposition. Your problem is you still haven't figured out that ALL of the media is fake news not just parts of it.

    • Candy
      Candy Year ago


  • Mary Truth
    Mary Truth Year ago

    Washington Post (and google), we think you are Dictators!! SHAME on you, journa-less!! Stop your demagogic dictatorial extremely manipulative press.......American people have stopped believing anything we read in the news nowadays, we see for ourselves, we look for the independent press, that "agenda" of yours WLL NOT WORK ANYMORE!

  • barbara forte
    barbara forte Year ago


  • Grandma Adelaide

    Last nights debate was the best. Will there be one for the republicans?

  • Carlos Botero
    Carlos Botero Year ago

    Stop writing so many defamation articles on Bernie Sanders. Your Hillary bias is overwhelming.

    • The Politix Guy
      The Politix Guy Month ago

      Here's a little reference for Hillary Clinton's sugar daddy Robert C. Byrd...
      Ku Klux Klan
      In the early 1940s, Byrd recruited 150 of his friends and associates to create a new chapter of the Ku Klux Klan in Sophia, West Virginia.[10][11]
      According to Byrd, a Klan official told him, "You have a talent for leadership, Bob ... The country needs young men like you in the leadership of the nation." Byrd later recalled, "Suddenly lights flashed in my mind! Someone important had recognized my abilities! I was only 23 or 24 years old, and the thought of a political career had never really hit me. But strike me that night, it did."[17] Byrd became a recruiter and leader of his chapter.[11] When it came time to elect the top officer (Exalted Cyclops) in the local Klan unit, Byrd won unanimously.[11]
      In December 1944, Byrd wrote to segregationist Mississippi Senator Theodore G. Bilbo:
      I shall never fight in the armed forces with a negro by my side ... Rather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds.
      - Robert C. Byrd, in a letter to Sen. Theodore Bilbo (D-MS), 1944[11][18]

    • Candy
      Candy Year ago


  • Home Services DC

    Keep posting these videos WP.

    • Candy
      Candy Year ago


  • Krystal Skyler
    Krystal Skyler Year ago

    Did the groundhog see his shadow or not for 2016

  • King David
    King David 2 years ago

    I'll only vote for TRUMP! If GOP screw things up I won't vote for ANY Republicans or ANY Democrats.

  • Destiny
    Destiny 2 years ago

    THERE WAS A TIME when the post was the cutting edge of journalism...But that's a memory from the past whose validity no longer has any substance or real meaning. That makes the post just like all the rest...propaganda bullhorns for the military industrial complex as described by the late great president Dwight D Eisenhower.

  • FJP Ranch
    FJP Ranch 2 years ago

    The Washington Post What a bunch of losers making fun of 2 little girls, You are nothing but a bunch of disgusting PIG........................Sorry i take that back not fair for the pigs at my farm

  • Buddy Bellwether
    Buddy Bellwether 2 years ago

    I find it very disconcerting that the company belonging to Jeff Bezos and Nash Holdings LLC think that Hispanic children are little monkey's. I am urging everyone I know and those online to boycott amazon and the Washington post (and their corporate sponsors) until someone loses their job over this. I am very disappointed in how biased they have been lately and how much of a cronie Jeff Bezos is to obama.

    • zgrillo2004
      zgrillo2004 Year ago

      +Adelaide Marie God almighty you are fucking ugly. Look at yourself at the mirror you liberal cunt.

    • Grandma Adelaide
      Grandma Adelaide Year ago

      You are a mean human being. You Want me to hate a non-human because of an interpretation you have for a cartoon I've not seen.
      Your judgement of me holds no weight. It was created with hot air.

    • Buddy Bellwether
      Buddy Bellwether Year ago

      +Adelaide Marie
      Since English is clearly not your native language I will try to make this as clear as possible: THE WASHINGTON POST MADE A RACIST CARTOON PORTRAYING MEXICAN CHILDREN AS BEING "MONKEY'S" AND NOW YOU ARE DEFENDING THEM YOU DUMB RACIST CUNT!!!!

    • Grandma Adelaide
      Grandma Adelaide Year ago

      Why are you trying to control thoughts.
      You assume I look ay children according to the color of their skin.
      You are ranting and rants, just like shouts, close down the ears. I Still do not know what has happened to cause you to rant.

  • olov244
    olov244 2 years ago

    I'm so glad this channel is getting into live feeding campaign rallys, I hope you give equal coverage to all candidates and not just one.

  • I Love Jesus
    I Love Jesus 2 years ago

    Why did you disable comments on your videos?
    Are you afraid you will get butthurt by the negative feedback?

  • Judy Scholz
    Judy Scholz 2 years ago

    I wonder why in this age people still think with their feeling and emotions instead of with their intelligence?

  • Bex Cat-herder
    Bex Cat-herder 2 years ago

    Does anyone else think that the person running this account is a moron? Where are the links back to the article?? After watching a few videos, I would like more info. I'm assuming that these videos correspond to stories run by the WP. Please post the links!!

  • Rainor Shine
    Rainor Shine 2 years ago

    the video that I just saw was about Michelle OBama and one time me and my aunt went to mcdonalds and we got our food and sudenley we saw in our bag a little french fry box and we wer laughing and when we got home my mom said hey whats with the little french fry box and my aunt said Michelle OBama is afrade that a kid is going to get fat well Michelle there are parents out there that know how to take cair of there kids the first lady does not get involved

  • Benny Forer
    Benny Forer 3 years ago

    It is profoundly shocking that your news organization posted an incredibly offensive cartoon regarding Israel, depicting its prime minister punching a child. Without any exaggeration, your actions are comparable to Nazi cartoons and drawings depicting anti Semitism. You should be ashamed of yourselves and the editor that approved this fired. Despicable and shameful.

  • Rhonda Wilson
    Rhonda Wilson 3 years ago

    +StoneColdChewy WaPo is not a legitimate news organization just as Hamas is not a legitimate government. Both WaPo and Hamas have destructive policies and tactics. They are an insult to anyone with intelligent minds and humanitarian hearts.

  • A Oro
    A Oro 3 years ago


  • Florian Lang
    Florian Lang 3 years ago

    The antisemitism is strong in the Washington Post! You should be ashamed!!

    • whatsup
      whatsup 2 months ago

      So true!!! this organization talks about discrimination non stop, but their antisemitism is rampant!! HYPOCRITES!!!

  • StoneColdChewy
    StoneColdChewy 3 years ago

    I am shocked that a legitimate news organisation could have the audacity and the lack of integrity to post a clip such as the "Israel pounds Hamas targets" video on their official YouTube page as you have done. It is very telling that you disabled the comments on said video.
    In a world where news organisations that hold on to and pride themselves on journalistic integrity and standards is becoming harder and harder to find, you have just found a new distinction of low. This truly is the nadir of the Washington Post's integrity and balance. Shame on you.

    • waypasthadenough
      waypasthadenough 3 months ago

      What is an 'anti-semite?': tvclip.biz/video/jUGVPBO9_cA/video.html
      I call them the unmentionables.
      In a free country there's no such thing as a group whose motives cannot be questioned. When we have that we have a serious problem. We have a serious problem.
      The Tea Party's National Security Threat www.willowtown.com/promo/blogfthreat.htm
      Let's rearrange the deck chairs www.freekentucky.com/barry-bright-lets-rearrange-the-deck-chairs/
      The purposes of gods and golden rules www.freekentucky.com/the-purposes-of-gods-and-golden-rules/
      The killer bees of fake news www.freekentucky.com/the-killer-bees-of-fake-news/
      What is ‘Reform Judaism?’: www.freekentucky.com/the-must-readwatch-page/

  • Kenny Sullivan
    Kenny Sullivan 3 years ago

    You are cowards for disabling comments on your anti-Semite videos!

  • Donald Ells
    Donald Ells 3 years ago

    I am ashamed of The Post.
    You have totally lost any respect you've had.
    I trust Al-Jazeera more than you. You really are effete rats.

  • Ari D
    Ari D 3 years ago

    you did great deactivating the comments on this video Israel pounds Hamas targets | Opinions Cowards can't handle the truth FUCK YOU Washington Post

  • Seth Isenbart
    Seth Isenbart 3 years ago

    The "Israel pounds Hamas targets" clip is sickening. Why would you create that? It doesn't reflect the situation at all. Maybe your point was that most of the "civilized" world is ignorant and this is how they perceive the current situation in Israel. But without any context, this is what perpetuates unjustified hatred towards Israel and the Jewish population. All you are doing is promoting hatred. My only consolation is that your 32 videos have only 3 likes. Find a different career where your poisonous lies aren't infecting the very impressionable civilized world. And I flagged you, even though I know it won't get taken down.

  • Young Pharaoh
    Young Pharaoh 3 years ago

    May you please stop using the word "coup" in your reports concerning Egypt, there is no coups here and stop attacking the Egyptian Military. Makes me wonder the U.S. media(And govt) strange support to Muslim Brotherhood, and as if Obama wanted another Afghanistan in Egypt, for some reason God knows, maybe Egypt was supposed to be the coming station after Iran, Sisi broke their plots and restored Egypt's independence, it's why they hate him, they doesn't want an independent leader loved and supported by the people, of course they doesn't need another Nasser, but I can assure that after less than one month from now, the man will be inside the presidency palace.

  • Nicole DeMarco
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  • Zelda Reben
    Zelda Reben 6 years ago

    wow joshua bell thinks he's SOOO famous, "will me, little ol' me be noticed at D.C. Metro station??" like can you get a bigger ego?

  • MarkGTR
    MarkGTR 6 years ago

    Please visit my channel...i'm in your area

  • Nina Gonzales
    Nina Gonzales 6 years ago

    She is right. It is just another tactic akin to "Eminent Domain" by our state and federal government.

  • wiigoldlion
    wiigoldlion 6 years ago

    hi everybody at the washington post. i'm music from san diego california. be cool.

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    Nice Channel !!

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    Saw your Ron Paul interview and loved it

  • Lúcio Azevedo..
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    Nice Channel...
    Hugs from Rio de Janeiro - Brazil..

  • dulce veloso
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  • Bulldozerislamik
    Bulldozerislamik 6 years ago

    in this moment there is a huge revolution of the people of Benghazi in Libya against the French intelligence, MI6, CIA & Mossad.
    they have shoot Mustapha Abdaljalil,
    where is Al Jazeera & CNN and their lies?!!!

  • Skilly Bango
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  • Wicho Videns
    Wicho Videns 7 years ago

    We need to know about the drug war, because here is dead the periodismo

  •  7 years ago

    "These kids think these tweets twit themselves." Great line!

  •  7 years ago

    Great channel!

  • Eduardo Correa
    Eduardo Correa 7 years ago

    os invito a ver mis videos en you tube en especial jesus quintero haciendoles una encerrona a los famosos asesinos de puerto hurraco en el penal del acebuche.con la complicidad del director y un carcelero numero55 en you tube,,,...eduardo correa diario de un indomable..mil gracias

  • simmersammer
    simmersammer 7 years ago

    The Only reason I refused to vote for any Tea Party member? Was because of what I saw on a Stone & Digital Dave clip on You Tube. I will never vote for any candidate who even mentions the Tea Party.

  • EasLos Angeles
    EasLos Angeles 7 years ago

    Kewl channel, cia-mossad did 9/11.

  • DeUce Double
    DeUce Double 7 years ago

    De-U Records/Edu-Basics has been in the Washington Post three seperate times; Metro, PG, & Style section & the Style section artilcle was syndicated in over 100 newspapers!!! Look us up we're the busiest musicians in DC...LOL!!! Search our *NEW* reality show called "A Day in the Life" starring Tray Chaney aka "Poot" from HBO's hit show "The Wire" on youtube...WE BUSY!!!

  • DeUce Double
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    "Hip-Hop ain't dead it just moved to the DMV!!!"

    - Mr. 40. Watt -

  • Danny Mullane
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    ya sell your stocks

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    I smell another Pulitzer Prize for the series, "Top Secret America."

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    You have an interesting chennel

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    Cool channel! Thanks for the vids!

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    Carquestions finds NHTSA posting peoples personal information such as Social Security numbers, driver licence numbers, names addresses, date of birth and medical information. Mark only searched a dozen complaints before finding all these privacy violations. Will NHTSA be sued by angry owners instead of Toyota? Will NHTSA get fined thousands of dollars? Now the shoe is on the other foot. NHTSA needs to shut down the complaints database until it is fixed

  • leeflailmarch
    leeflailmarch 7 years ago

    Your Joshua Bell experiment was fantastic. Kind of sad what it reveals about most people though.