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  • zioncardman18
    zioncardman18 10 days ago

    You can look up that code on the patch and it will give you the details of the game

    • ArchaicMedia
      ArchaicMedia 9 days ago

      zioncardman18 I have, actually found the game on TVclip and watch the exact moment the patch got Incrusted with a diving slide into second! That is pretty cool

  • zioncardman18
    zioncardman18 10 days ago

    If your a football guy why did you waist that trout invitation? Should have let a baseball fan go! This hurts lol

    • ArchaicMedia
      ArchaicMedia 7 days ago

      zioncardman18 why would anyone ever pass up the chance to meet the greatest baseball player in history?

  • carlos ortiz
    carlos ortiz Month ago

    Much better, thank god u kept Ric flair on the intro

  • DixInTheWind
    DixInTheWind Month ago

    Drag em’

  • milk milk
    milk milk 3 months ago

    Good batteries best deal on amazon right now hope they dont go up in price!

  • Lisa stephens
    Lisa stephens 4 months ago

    Great Commercial.

  • Vinvincy Kick
    Vinvincy Kick 5 months ago

    I live on the Chester river too

  • Spyder Anaheim1203
    Spyder Anaheim1203 9 months ago

    Are you going to sell the trout set

  • Keith M
    Keith M 9 months ago

    Wow! Just wow! Thanks for sharing! If you ever decide to sell/trade any of those Judge cards, let me know!

  • Adam Phillips
    Adam Phillips 9 months ago

    Scott if you’re looking to trade/sell that Frank Thomas 1/1 let me know!

  • PandaEvo
    PandaEvo 9 months ago

    Scott. Thanks for sharing!!!

  • American Home Energy Alliance

    Freaking sick

  • PVC3
    PVC3 9 months ago

    Holy freaking 1/1’s!!! Very Kool!!! 🍻

  • Javed Shah
    Javed Shah 10 months ago

    Beatiful work dear salute you

  • Scott Keup
    Scott Keup Year ago

    what brand of knives do you use?

  • James Turgeon
    James Turgeon Year ago

    Love it big nate has it going

  • 000i 0006
    000i 0006 Year ago

    Does not work a bit ...shit product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rudy biscontini
    rudy biscontini Year ago


  • Ben Ramprashad
    Ben Ramprashad Year ago

    great vid!

  • Dimitri Roussanidis

    Beautiful work! I would love a pintail for my wall.

  • #1 WoW
    #1 WoW Year ago

    I'd have to say, this shit worked!

  • Joe V
    Joe V 2 years ago

    a good carver...........and even better, a good son

  • Lucas Eduardo
    Lucas Eduardo 2 years ago

    Very good your music Lecrae☺

  • Richard Miller
    Richard Miller 2 years ago

    Excellent work, you are quite a craftsman.

  • HawgNSonsTV2
    HawgNSonsTV2 2 years ago

    Very nice production! Very nice story Mali!

    OMBE EKANKUMOR 2 years ago

    This is Amazingly Dope.

  • Google Music Channel

    Beth Hart "Thru the Window of My Mind"

  • rexfeather
    rexfeather 4 years ago

    Great video!! Mali, you are truly gifted.

  • Eva Maldonado
    Eva Maldonado 4 years ago

    You're our HERO!!!!

  • Gregg Porter
    Gregg Porter 5 years ago

    That is some GREAT STUFF!!! Wow! I'm almost crying!

  • Madpainter Ken
    Madpainter Ken 6 years ago

    "Thru The Window Of My Mind" I could fly away Leave it all behind I could take a train But I would rather fly I could escape Through the window of my mind But I’ll never leave you behind I’ve seen the place where the broken people hide I wanna know love before I die Open the window Open the window I could steal a plain The skies, the moon, the rain I will make a change I’d give anything I could escape through the window of my mind I’ll never leave you behind I’ve seen the place where the broken people hide I wanna know love before I die I’m waiting, I’m waiting For something, for nothing I’m ready, I’m ready now Open the window Open the window Open the window I could escape through the window of my mind But I’ll never leave you behind I’ve seen the place where the broken people hide I wanna know love before I die Open the window Open the window Open the window

  • HawgNSonsTV2
    HawgNSonsTV2 6 years ago


  • mobeau69
    mobeau69 6 years ago


  • Bobdroidx
    Bobdroidx 6 years ago

    Amazing shots!

  • s whitt
    s whitt 6 years ago

    Great Job!!

  • HawgNSonsTV2
    HawgNSonsTV2 6 years ago


  • Zygfryd Dabrowski
    Zygfryd Dabrowski 6 years ago

    beautiful !

  • RealWorldWhitetails
    RealWorldWhitetails 6 years ago

    Great work!

  • HawgNSonsTV
    HawgNSonsTV 6 years ago

    Awesome song! Great Filming!

  • trent schneider
    trent schneider 6 years ago

    Scott ... You are a Hawg in the Game!

  • HawgNSonsTV2
    HawgNSonsTV2 6 years ago

    Great show ... Scott is this your channel?

  • JAM Magazine
    JAM Magazine 6 years ago

    Cool video.

  • rexfeather
    rexfeather 6 years ago

    Great Job, Buddy!!

  • Kimo Fernandez
    Kimo Fernandez 6 years ago

    Love the views of Frankfurt, awesome job, Scott!