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Engineering with Origami
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Does Planet 9 Exist?
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Flamethrower vs Aerogel
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How Cod Saved the Vikings
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World's Lightest Solid!
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Magnetic Micro-Robots
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How Was Video Invented?
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Spinning Black Holes
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The World in UV
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My Life Story
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World's First Car!
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Schlieren Imaging in Color!
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Total Solar Eclipse (2017)
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How We're Redefining the kg
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Hydrodynamic Levitation!
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Sandwich Bag Fire Starter
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World's Heaviest Weight
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Is America Actually Metric?
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Fire in ZERO-G!!
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The Sun Sneeze Gene
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4 Revolutionary Riddles
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The Bayesian Trap
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The Science of Thinking
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Water on the Moon?
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Indestructible Coating?!
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What the Fahrenheit?!
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Welding in Space
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The Illusion of Truth
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Stringless Yo-Yo!
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Why Anecdotes Trump Data
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These Liquids Look Alive!
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How Long Will You Live?
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Is Glass a Liquid?
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Should This Lake Exist?
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  • Captain
    Captain Minute ago

    Other people; Chernobyl is a great show. Love it to death. Me : *Get out of here, stalker*

  • Clone Munky
    Clone Munky Minute ago

    This is all pewdiepies subscribers + another 6 mil balls

  • edward arsiaga
    edward arsiaga 17 minutes ago

    What happens when you gotta change them out what happens to all the trash balls. Ok they are recyclable , but what recycling company accpets these balls. They would probably be considered hazourdos material.

  • edward arsiaga
    edward arsiaga 23 minutes ago

    All the birds are gone because they drowned!

  • Scead J
    Scead J 29 minutes ago

    How are they going to replace them?

  • The Pokemon Guy
    The Pokemon Guy 33 minutes ago

    I'm sorry but this whole video is "that's what she said"

  • The Pokemon Guy
    The Pokemon Guy 35 minutes ago

    0:22 "that's what she said"

  • The Pokemon Guy
    The Pokemon Guy 36 minutes ago

    The title "that's what she said"

  • Nick TV
    Nick TV 45 minutes ago

    Anyone got the image of a guy in the streets talking to nothing?

  • Jackie Zuhong Gan Zheng
    Jackie Zuhong Gan Zheng 52 minutes ago

    different..... but like it =)

  • Plip O
    Plip O 56 minutes ago

    PHL001 box on the side of north korea are RICE seeds!

  • Kenny Tee
    Kenny Tee 56 minutes ago

    The Black hole was clearly a paid actor

  • Joe Wang
    Joe Wang Hour ago

    Same principle as the aerogel jacket

  • YT Omni
    YT Omni Hour ago

    2019: got it recommend 2020: got it recommend

  • Noel Rodriguez
    Noel Rodriguez Hour ago

    The incredibles 😳

  • nyb R
    nyb R Hour ago

    This dummy laughs at everything

  • Nappy_Head_Geezy

    This is the first TVclip channel where the words balls has been used over 💯 times

  • timecrisis79
    timecrisis79 Hour ago

    00:28 wtf did he say

  • María Paz
    María Paz Hour ago

    What about the turtles!!!!

  • Ellogic _
    Ellogic _ Hour ago

    David silva??

  • Samurai Championz

    This reminds me of the Cell Membrane it's like The Phospholipid Bilayer.

  • Tristan Furr
    Tristan Furr Hour ago

    Best videos ever!!!

  • ThatOnekidWithPsVr

    Me:what is arogell Scientists:yes

  • rocco
    rocco Hour ago

    3:58 i felt like i was about to drown

  • Jorge Gomez
    Jorge Gomez 2 hours ago

    Who would wan that? we live already in lunatic times, imagine in 100 years.

  • Omaigad Brochacho
    Omaigad Brochacho 2 hours ago


  • JayPuff
    JayPuff 2 hours ago

    Amazing job!!

  • Absar Albani
    Absar Albani 2 hours ago

    Poor bird... 5:51... That very sad

  • LaLa SmittY
    LaLa SmittY 2 hours ago

    My salt lamp is trash? :(

  • Ellie Sullivan
    Ellie Sullivan 2 hours ago

    The first place I said in my mind was ... Japan, the first thing he says, Japan... well didn’t know I could do that!

  • mitzvah golem
    mitzvah golem 2 hours ago

    Airplane crew s ,Granite rocks,Radon, Coal mining and burning alot released.

  • Archer's Myth
    Archer's Myth 2 hours ago

    Amazing! Thanks! I am a PPL(A) student pilot and this video makes understanding gyroscopic precession easy!

  • Scott Galpin
    Scott Galpin 2 hours ago

    Why are they all lined up perfectly.. Looks fake..just like America....

  • Shawn/IO
    Shawn/IO 3 hours ago

    you are driving a boat in LA's drinking water, good work

  • julian martinez
    julian martinez 3 hours ago

    Me: *Looks At Title* Also Me: Am I On The Wrong Website?

  • Roxy Dhioun
    Roxy Dhioun 3 hours ago

    May i ask u a question ... Black colour is a good sunlight absorber so how it is used to reduce evaporation

  • Dylan Smith
    Dylan Smith 3 hours ago

    Did you count all 96,000,000 to know for sure there’s that many?

  • Helena Pedroso
    Helena Pedroso 3 hours ago

    Thank you.

  • Savage 21Queen
    Savage 21Queen 3 hours ago

    It prevents heat from entering the water, black absorbs light

  • Pramila Jagdale
    Pramila Jagdale 3 hours ago

    3:02 Wondering how the man could work on PC with turned off monitor.

  • aaron harley
    aaron harley 3 hours ago

    Please stand 10 meters away from the microwave if you carry out this experiment so you don't get radiation poisoning.

  • SandyRiverBlue
    SandyRiverBlue 4 hours ago

    AKA the pneumatic match.

  • Sticky Note
    Sticky Note 4 hours ago

    "It's rare to see 96 million of anything" jeff bezos: hold my cash

  • :Call sign: Woodland whisky

    Ok 5:51 that bird

  • MrRumpelstilzchen100

    May be it is because even experts tend to differ in details, and that it furthermore depends on the perspective in time and space what should constitute "Fake News"? Or do you believe in a "ministry of truth"?

  • Gimme Subs
    Gimme Subs 5 hours ago

    5:50 TVclip? What about Animal abuse rule?

  • knight hawk
    knight hawk 5 hours ago

    When they hatch a new basketball player is born...

  • Zach Viney
    Zach Viney 5 hours ago

    i keep recognising locations in Sydney and it's kinda nice

  • Zach Viney
    Zach Viney 5 hours ago

    Centennial Park

  • Zach Viney
    Zach Viney 5 hours ago

    Oxford Street mall

  • Plz dont yell
    Plz dont yell 6 hours ago


  • SandboxArrow
    SandboxArrow 6 hours ago

    Los Angeles is garbage city!

  • dadutchboy2
    dadutchboy2 6 hours ago

    wow everyones commenting bout dem slowmo

  • dadutchboy2
    dadutchboy2 6 hours ago

    why dont we just condence the CO2 in the atmosphere? it should also make the earth bit cooler

  • devin ptacek
    devin ptacek 6 hours ago

    they should have used white as the black balls will get hot and change the average temperature of the bottle

  • Karl-Emil Storm
    Karl-Emil Storm 7 hours ago

    Well, if you account for air resistance and buoyancy then yes, the black ball will in fact hit the ground first.

  • Mr. Hank Hill
    Mr. Hank Hill 7 hours ago

    Not a flamethrower its a $3000 torch

  • James Walker
    James Walker 7 hours ago

    So, why did the bright spot disappear when you slightly moved the laser @ 5:20 - 5:22?

  • N O
    N O 7 hours ago

    why didn't they just use an 8k camera instead of that phone camera

  • Vinay tej
    Vinay tej 7 hours ago


  • Nuussecke
    Nuussecke 7 hours ago

    Plottwist: Actually, the tennis ball was the Earth. And the basketball was your mom.

  • Allison Tricity
    Allison Tricity 8 hours ago

    Legit the only time I've given blood it was out of boredom

  • Eion McParland
    Eion McParland 8 hours ago

    No thanks, i drink whisky.

  • Mustafa Toofe
    Mustafa Toofe 8 hours ago

    الي جاي من عصام الشمري لايك❤️😂

  • M M
    M M 8 hours ago

    Black Balls are not completely useless ☻☻☻

  • Douglas Campbell.
    Douglas Campbell. 8 hours ago

    Why isn’t it lagging? Oops, forgot, not Minecraft.

  • Kly
    Kly 9 hours ago

    *Parisians have left the chat* Also nice, 7 years late to it but still, I always thought the Grave and Kilograms were cool, but i also thought there had to be a way to fix a unit of weight to the numbers of atoms in a object/volume and viceversa, i mean thats just the Grave concept taken a step further. Would never have thought to use silicon since i am not big on chemistry lol.

  • ZeR0's BuLLeT
    ZeR0's BuLLeT 9 hours ago

    the weirdest recommendation ever

  • cedonullidude
    cedonullidude 9 hours ago

    That's almost as many black balls in a body of water as a Detroit public swimming pool in summer.

  • Starseed-bb
    Starseed-bb 9 hours ago

    “Eating less” is a suuuper bad way of putting it. Both it’s misleading and it’s probably not to too for people with eating disorders to hear. The reason why the mice and monkies and humans are living longer when they are getting less protein and sugar is because that diet is more similiar to the diet we all evolved to eat. As they said, the monkeys that eat all they want get old quicker than the ones that have a restricted diet, because nature is a redistricted diet.

  • mannu7000
    mannu7000 9 hours ago

    If some one fall in it then?

  • Rüdiger Weissmann
    Rüdiger Weissmann 9 hours ago

    Looks like some choco cerials in a big bowl of milk

  • Ed Hardey
    Ed Hardey 10 hours ago

    R they protecting that water for a important reason and telling us it's a different reason

  • Kobaltski
    Kobaltski 10 hours ago

    I'm gonna coat my frying pan in aerogel to prank my housemate

  • clout V
    clout V 10 hours ago

    If anyone needs a laugh go to 9:33 😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Warrad Usmani
    Warrad Usmani 11 hours ago

    Why isn't anyone talking about how the professor doesn't look 50 at all

  • Deepak Khatri
    Deepak Khatri 11 hours ago

    I feel sorry for those people who subscribed but forgot to turn on the notification 🔔 and there are millions of those, but not me 😊

  • Football Live
    Football Live 11 hours ago


  • Kashyap Brahmandam
    Kashyap Brahmandam 11 hours ago

    But what if the cat is in rest...just like the compass beside a current carrying still deflects right? relativity tallies this case...please do respond😅

  • Lochi
    Lochi 11 hours ago

    Taking a tennisball and a basketball to ask how far away the moon is. Wierd question without mentioning a scale.

  • Kaelyn Farr
    Kaelyn Farr 11 hours ago

    proof water isnt wet thank u

  • P.A A
    P.A A 11 hours ago

    I always wondered why clothes makes us warmer ,now I know

  • Nick TV
    Nick TV 11 hours ago

    My new years resolution: wacht more Veratasium.

  • Aditya Adaki
    Aditya Adaki 11 hours ago

    Nice try bro to understand this chemistry

  • Lyricsed.
    Lyricsed. 11 hours ago

    I would like to produce a song in it

  • Quavo Quack
    Quavo Quack 11 hours ago

    Is water wet?

  • S
    S 12 hours ago

    Governments: we need to shutdown that useless LHC. Physicists: quick guys, invent a new particle to "find"! Hey gov, we just found the Higgs Bozo! Government: cool, how many more billions do you need?

  • Gavin Dowds
    Gavin Dowds 12 hours ago

    Black Balls Matter

  • 20 000 subscribers without any videos?

    5:51 Rip💀 *Legend*

  • 20 000 subscribers without any videos?

    5:51 *Rip litle chiken*

  • siddhesh thakare
    siddhesh thakare 12 hours ago

    this amazing guy has so nice physical explanation for every thing 5:55

  • Sonu Prabhat
    Sonu Prabhat 12 hours ago

    what if we see from behind the black hole...I mean what is the rear view of black hole..?

  • Josh Creative Film
    Josh Creative Film 12 hours ago

    the men in striped clothes and the women in blue shirts are they Filipinos?

  • Syasya Ames
    Syasya Ames 12 hours ago

    Oh, no... That bird!

  • Marethyu
    Marethyu 13 hours ago

    Frustrating to see this channel drink the kool-aid of an unproven theory and broadcast it as if it's proven science.

  • Kelli Votel
    Kelli Votel 13 hours ago

    So...don’t fall into a vat of shade balls ✅

  • eating ass
    eating ass 13 hours ago

    Isn't this swimming in black balls

  • Abhinav Ps
    Abhinav Ps 13 hours ago

    Humans try to kill the world I don't know, birds, fish, etc other animals how to live the place and how to drink the water it's cruel And iam not agree this process,,

  • divine nature
    divine nature 13 hours ago


  • divine nature
    divine nature 13 hours ago