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Orbán, my dad and me
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Fighting Shame
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  • SomeOldBloke
    SomeOldBloke 7 minutes ago

    He remembers the freedom he had when Hong Kong was under British rule and wants it back for his Grandchildren.

  • Tommy KLD
    Tommy KLD 21 minute ago

    The moon and sun are visibly round with the naked eye so why would the earth be an exception?

  • Ekansh Nigam
    Ekansh Nigam 22 minutes ago

    Kanuye new song lyrics "Dropity Poop"

    SHANKAR SOREN 23 minutes ago

    i like it

  • Gabriel A. F. Parker
    Gabriel A. F. Parker 27 minutes ago

    We loved 🇧🇷. +1 subscriber

  • Cosmo XV
    Cosmo XV 28 minutes ago

    What a legend

    SHANKAR SOREN 29 minutes ago

    very nice vdieos

  • jose pinho
    jose pinho 30 minutes ago


  • Conrado Levy
    Conrado Levy 32 minutes ago

    The best !!!👏👏👏👏

  • Kauê Moura
    Kauê Moura 32 minutes ago

    Rest of the world: Your skin is white, so you must be white. USA: *holdmafreedom'n'lemmetellyasumthin*

  • jose pinho
    jose pinho 35 minutes ago


  • jose pinho
    jose pinho 40 minutes ago


  • brenda bock
    brenda bock 41 minute ago

    It's called Melungeon. We are a tri racial group.

  • evil Duck
    evil Duck 42 minutes ago

    As long as there's oil in the Iraqi ground, outside forces will be stoking this...

  • Anthony Johnson
    Anthony Johnson 47 minutes ago

    Love her

  • az khan
    az khan 51 minute ago

    Snowden should be given the noble prize for speaking truth

  • the sad guy from the east

    I can tell she is black from her nose shape

  • Supreme Being
    Supreme Being Hour ago

    Very shameful what Norway has become.

  • ElijahJohn888
    ElijahJohn888 Hour ago


  • Harjeet Singh
    Harjeet Singh Hour ago

    What sick society we have die to allies where WOMANS are replaced by ficking dolls

  • Mary Herrera
    Mary Herrera Hour ago

    What kind of mother is this 😡😡😡

  • WhistleBlower Activist

    I wonder if your daughter ever seen the movie Imitation To Life?

  • Robert Masina
    Robert Masina Hour ago

    Why does it have to be the USA these people feel they "have to" come to?

  • paradigm respawn

    The Taco Bell comment shows Edward's total ignorance of Americal Culture. "In-n-Out Burger" Double Double, Grilled Onions, Extra Tomato plus a Strawberry Shake.

  • Donald Brower
    Donald Brower Hour ago


  • Lizu
    Lizu Hour ago

    The secret seems to be getting out. It's always the Summer of Love in North Korea. Free people just dancing in the streets, letting it all hang out. Same sex couples expressing themselves with no fear of being judged. Anybody trying that in the U.S. would be laughed off the street! It's the North Koreans' deep commitment to tolerance of those who are different that makes possible the fascinating diversity there that no other country enjoys.

  • army ofgod
    army ofgod Hour ago

    I still dont get why people hate trump

  • Ross Martinez III

    Pretty simple: don't harbor terrorists responsible for attacks on the U.S. and we won't go kill you. Ain't rocket science.

  • ann bak
    ann bak Hour ago

    Hispanics/Latinos are Uniting for Trump 2020 We will no longer be Oppressed by the Democrat Party We are Proud American Citizens!!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Herr Unsinn
    Herr Unsinn Hour ago

    People like Snoden with true moral character and who have the potential to be great and honorable leaders are exiled to foreign countries for doing the right thing, while this once admirable country is sold out by the likes of "the donald". This does not bode well for the future.

  • jc dova
    jc dova 2 hours ago

    What on earth. I guess I am black too.

  • Samuel Cantley
    Samuel Cantley 2 hours ago

    Burn the house down

  • Robin Latonia Jackson

    I applaud mom

  • Robin Latonia Jackson

    It’s her choice.

  • SAV3 ICE
    SAV3 ICE 2 hours ago


  • Sabir Jon Amanov
    Sabir Jon Amanov 2 hours ago

    Какого хуя гранатомёт заряженный?

  • Fast Sleepers
    Fast Sleepers 2 hours ago

    Its feminist because they can take the men's money after divorce

  • Tara Theus
    Tara Theus 2 hours ago

    Sooo which is worse? Being locked up or making money on the streets that could lead to being killed and dumped in an alley?

  • Dion Mose
    Dion Mose 2 hours ago

    What is black?

  • Marquis Neal
    Marquis Neal 2 hours ago

    We are PEOPLE

  • Nesth Rodd
    Nesth Rodd 2 hours ago

    Why do you have to label yourself white or black , if you descend from a variety of different backgrounds then you are a bit of everything and neither white or black or both white and black . That’s my opinion

  • Elvin Axson jr
    Elvin Axson jr 2 hours ago

    it not about oitside appears it about the heart of the person..when are people to it.

    PATRICIA BELGRAVE 3 hours ago

    I have to question the politicians of these countries, don't they have any solutions to help their people?.

  • Patti Shea
    Patti Shea 3 hours ago

    There are still only two genders.

  • Deva7
    Deva7 3 hours ago

    You don't have to be black to look black.

  • LILMANlc
    LILMANlc 3 hours ago

    Thank you son for your service

  • Young Ruhani
    Young Ruhani 3 hours ago

    US only fuel the fire which worsen the matters in country they better stay and defend their country.

  • Ronney Rendon
    Ronney Rendon 3 hours ago

    "Architecture of oppression"......."turn-key tyranny" a scary world we live in.

  • reicirith
    reicirith 3 hours ago

    Bless you Wong Bak. Hope you get through to the Police, one day.

  • vikas naik
    vikas naik 3 hours ago

    Yamuna ek paviyra nadi hai. Ye vedishe channel keblog Bharatiya Sanskrit ke barbad karna chahte hain. Yamuna pavitra the aur pavitra rahegi

  • Just busting your balls

    Whats wong uncle?

  • Sunnygirl911 Miranda911


  • angelika alarcon
    angelika alarcon 3 hours ago

    What if they didn't make it? Will they ever survive? 😭

  • K L
    K L 3 hours ago

    This QC has quite clearly, never watched : Yes Minister (Sir Humphrey Appleby)

  • Jake Theraper
    Jake Theraper 3 hours ago

    This is what the ideology of your "cool wine aunt" has brought you. Enjoy the shitshow you screeching psychopaths

  • Demonmixer
    Demonmixer 3 hours ago

    I keep seeing flashes of Picard...

  • kishor gaikwad
    kishor gaikwad 3 hours ago

    Q. How does feminist get married? A. By saying she is not a feminist.

  • happiness
    happiness 3 hours ago

    She is Black. Features, mannerisms, characteristics, Everything. Im mixed like that. Her Daughter will have Her own comfort on Her image. Its Her right to Decide... but once Black is there in the blood... it stays through the generations. Blonde and blue means nothing. It does not define Whiteness. I saw the textured Hair on her Daughter. If She can't say Black at least say mixed race. Her Mother is as Black , in every way, except for her fair complexion, as any Dark Black lady that I know of the same age.There are many of us. My Grand Father was as fair as She is. Born in Jamaica. His Mother, My Great Grand Mother, was a child of a Slave Master. All of my family are Black. No hiding it. My sister is near white with green eyes.... My other Sister had grey eyes. But the hair..... Black. Raising... Black. You cannot deny black. Strong Black genes also have a body language that shows. Whether you are light or dark. Black genes are easily noticed. Blackness... is more than a colour... its from the very core. I love the pride that She has in who She is. 😀

  • Jake Theraper
    Jake Theraper 3 hours ago

    >woman keeps a 10 inch long black dildo in the drawer of the night stand >same woman when discovering sex dolls for men: "REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!"

  • Imad Kpk
    Imad Kpk 3 hours ago

    The USA army only kill innocent people in afganistan I know that and I saw it because Taliban is fighter they never stay I home and these stupid soldier looking Taliban inside in home gtf 🖕🏻🖕🏾🖕🏻🖕🏾

  • icarus_on_fire
    icarus_on_fire 3 hours ago

    This is awesome, but so many of these Fighters need to realise training is important. I've never seen such sloppy boxing, even with the 8 year olds at my local gym!

  • icarus_on_fire
    icarus_on_fire 3 hours ago

    This fat pygmie asserting he's the next Mike tyson! 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kawaii Rae
    Kawaii Rae 4 hours ago

    Look at those ***holes who cares love is love 🏳️‍🌈

  • Ольга Клевакина

    that is not only about private schools, that about whole sistem of nepotism in england and france

  • Talio Divino
    Talio Divino 4 hours ago

    This makes me wish for forced sterilization.

  • Arghya Jana
    Arghya Jana 4 hours ago

    And they want Pakistan. Pakistan means shame.

  • Arghya Jana
    Arghya Jana 4 hours ago

    Malala is blind here.

  • Taylor Bridges
    Taylor Bridges 4 hours ago

    WE cannot let up, WE the PEOPLE must mobilize and VOTE TRUMP 2020 and everything else RED. This is probably the most IMPORTANT election in the history of the world. Its WIN or Lose from here on out. Donald Trump, Pence 2020. Remember the whole world elite are against us, the PATRIOTS 💪🇺🇸

  • paradigm respawn
    paradigm respawn 4 hours ago

    Snowden will get the Charlie Manson Treatment & End Up like Assange. Interviewed every couple of years, as he descends further into insanity & sidelined by woke Politicians. Sexy Muscovitas?

  • Jamyalu
    Jamyalu 4 hours ago

    The Mother looks BLACK! It's so clear she's African mixed

  • rosa spanjol
    rosa spanjol 4 hours ago

    I was born in Mexico, and I never, never herd of such people, or saw such people,very interesting!

  • Odyssey Ohio
    Odyssey Ohio 4 hours ago

    This what happen when they play with fire. Stop fighting Israel, a small nation, Israel does not fight first.

  • Patricia-Anne Cockburn

    WOW!!!! I never knew this existed. I'm still a bit confused though. So do they live alone all their lives or do they chose a mate, if yes, is it a male or a female?

  • lalee 75
    lalee 75 4 hours ago

    These people are more racist then any of my white family. When she told her daughter that she could never make to the top cause there would always be someone seeing the black in her???? What the heck??? That is racism! It's almost like she is saying they can't be successful and maybe wanting to have an excuse for why they are not more successful. We have voted a black man president we have black athletes black movie stars black brain surgeons black lawyers if this country is so racist then explain to me how a black man got voted in to the highest office not once but twice!!!!!! Tell me how Beyonce and Jay-Z rule pop culture. Americans look like fools because of the left. Delusional fools

  • lynnae gink
    lynnae gink 5 hours ago

    I understand this family very well. I'm a medium caramel tone black woman, my mother is a light-skinned black woman oh, and her mother is also a light-skinned black woman, but my great-grandmother was a black woman that looked White. My great-grandmother had white skin blue eyes and blonde hair, and identified herself as black. Her mother was a fair-skinned black woman, and her father was a white man of German and Irish descent.

  • Anne Phair
    Anne Phair 5 hours ago

    Women’s rights forever this revolting practise must end the poor women cannot imagine the horror and pain they go through bless their hearts xx

  • Ruu Darling
    Ruu Darling 5 hours ago

    Someone should pair up an astronaut and a flat earther and record the conversation

    • Blocco Spirale
      Blocco Spirale 2 hours ago

      @Ruu Darling The problem is the flat-earther would dismiss everything the astronaut says as a lie so there would be no conversation.

    • Ruu Darling
      Ruu Darling 4 hours ago

      Blocco Spirale well that’s literally the point lol

    • Blocco Spirale
      Blocco Spirale 4 hours ago

      They don't believe that astronauts exist.

  • vangoghmatisse1
    vangoghmatisse1 5 hours ago

    I love this, our perceptions are just that, our own. The matriarch does have usual black features. I see it as clear as my own!

  • Eyeland Ninja
    Eyeland Ninja 5 hours ago

    The argument that mother and daughter are having actually shows how silly racism is, and how silly the concept of race is in general. People have been mixing for hundreds of thousands of years, and will continue to do so. In a few thousand years the blue people will be fighting with the green people.

  • John Yiu
    John Yiu 5 hours ago

    Much love and much respect to uncle Wong and people in the group. Sacrificing himself just for the younger people’s future. It’s not that easy to stand right in front of the corrupt brutal cops.

  • Tim Comley
    Tim Comley 5 hours ago

    average intelligence of marcher 65 IQ

  • Den Klay
    Den Klay 5 hours ago

    Imagine for a moment what the republicans would have done if Obama had released him.

  • martycrow
    martycrow 5 hours ago

    A thoroughly depressing must watch.

  • Chris Ramsey
    Chris Ramsey 5 hours ago

    RIP. Dr. Stephen Hawking thank you sir for all you taught the world, and the inspirational legacy.

  • Amanda Vecellio
    Amanda Vecellio 5 hours ago

    This is beautiful! Richard Dawkins may not realize it but his thoughts are very on par with God's.

  • J Rockford
    J Rockford 5 hours ago

    No TacoBell..... must be horrific

  • martycrow
    martycrow 5 hours ago

    I am in tears hearing Charilie (c 6m 20s). I'm a stoic bloke and been around the block a few times. But sometimes it's not the extraordinary human fight for survival in a war or disaster zone that gets you. It's when the quiet desperation is experienced behind walls or normality and nobody pays much attention. I am more convinced than ever that it is not about the Governments we elect, but who we are, that elects the Government. Community, care, connectedness and compassion is only really experienced at a local level. We all need to rethink this.

  • 10FC ULL
    10FC ULL 5 hours ago

    Fook me... I’ve just lost the will to live; so glad I got out of the U.K. when I did!

  • Shrikantiah TDR
    Shrikantiah TDR 5 hours ago

    Man just make more Male Sex Robots as well to shut the feminists. Everyone wins.

  • diana queweajjjhyyyvc

    The daughter sound stupid.. there are people in Africa with naturally blond hair and some even have blue eyes

  • Kim Essex
    Kim Essex 6 hours ago

    You can be blonde hair and blue eyes and still be a black person you will always be considered being black even if you have tiny bit of black in you you will always be considered black

  • Emy Duyên
    Emy Duyên 6 hours ago


  • Ryan W
    Ryan W 6 hours ago

    Richard Spencer is so cringy. I wish the reporter was able to be professional and maintain his composure though.

  • pat mourassa
    pat mourassa 6 hours ago

    What a world we LIVE IN,the MURDERERS,CRIMINALS are the ones calling others who EXPOSE THEIR CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES,the criminal.

  • I want to die
    I want to die 6 hours ago

    People like him amaze me, how can someone be this intelligent really cool wish I was this intelligent

  • Robert Cable
    Robert Cable 6 hours ago

    🇺🇸 The demonrats one drop rule. Conservatives use common sense. 🇺🇸

    DARK LIBRA 6 hours ago

    This is very dangerous these people are white masquerading as black people.. culture vultures!!!

  • forcexjr
    forcexjr 6 hours ago

    When an 82 year old man walks into the streets marred by violence, you know his ideals are strong and real.

  • eboni davis
    eboni davis 7 hours ago

    Mom looks albino

  • Gianni Bleya
    Gianni Bleya 7 hours ago

    They are "white niggaz" looool 50% of population is mixed