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Drawing with Light and Fire
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    DATCH ARTS 6 hours ago

    It's a great channel😍

  • ace kouji calimag
    ace kouji calimag 7 hours ago

    Imagine if that thing comes to life

  • Sarah Morse-McNabb
    Sarah Morse-McNabb 7 hours ago

    anyone else think that pride shouldn't be a sin because idk about you but i got told to have pride in what i do and who i am.

    POKI HSINCHU 7 hours ago

    Copic please create a conical tip broadline nib!

  • Ildriss
    Ildriss 7 hours ago

    8:25 You'd been doodling for 4-5 hours eh? You might want to see a doctor about that ^.^

    POKI HSINCHU 7 hours ago

    Jazza, there is an easier way to open the markers. Just take a mallet or a hammer to it between two towels. In fact don't use the towels if you want to just totally go nuts and have it splatter on you and much safer than having your fingers get cut off.

  • Chloe Taylor
    Chloe Taylor 7 hours ago

    I still think the Simpsons got so much better regardless of what you say. Just because the humour is different to what it used to be doesn’t mean it’s not funny, it just means humour has changed over the 30 years of the Simpson’s being made...

  • Mitchell White
    Mitchell White 7 hours ago

    Go jazzy every person reading this should support him he supports us so we should return the favour

  • school Tzudir
    school Tzudir 7 hours ago

    Where were!

  • Ar Vivo
    Ar Vivo 7 hours ago

    For a second, I thought this was a Gordon Ramsay Show Jazza: "What is this?? Make The F**king (hot) Dog!!!" 8:52

  • Srinidhi Reddy
    Srinidhi Reddy 7 hours ago

    "post flip surgery!!" Lol. But I do feel bad for all that pan cake batter going to waste☹️☹️. Maybe you could've used edible colours 😉

  • Belinda Nguyen
    Belinda Nguyen 7 hours ago

    Who on earth let jazza buy that machine... Oh wait hes an adult, I forgot.

  • 愛Clippy
    愛Clippy 7 hours ago

    tu canal es el mejor

  • Sarah Ross
    Sarah Ross 7 hours ago

    I want to see you pick a drawing from when you were young and recreate it.

  • Atharv Salve
    Atharv Salve 7 hours ago

    *"Love you neighbour"* - Jazza

  • Rushil
    Rushil 7 hours ago

    Is this going to be apart of one of those puzzles like the cicada one that makes you search the internet

  • Lowki bri
    Lowki bri 7 hours ago

    A lot of people don’t seem to realize he’s never worked in the medium. Also when he was working it he does have a process cause it is still his painting and I know that likely a lot of people take it the wrong way as him saying you should buy expensive. But clearly he knows you can find something relatively cheap and still work it to make a good piece. He states multiple times he’s not classically trained and that it has its flaws and that because it’s expensive he worked harder. I think that both are great.

  • friends_with_pipey
    friends_with_pipey 7 hours ago


  • Ella Vanschellebeck
    Ella Vanschellebeck 7 hours ago

    7:09 M O I S T

  • Belle Claire
    Belle Claire 8 hours ago

    The copic “cotton candy” remind me of when you accidentally get your hair stuck in the hairdryer.

  • Mystic_ _Playz
    Mystic_ _Playz 8 hours ago

    Of course Jazza is an Aussie like me

  • BloodTroller
    BloodTroller 8 hours ago


  • Andria Lambert
    Andria Lambert 8 hours ago


  • Gacha wolf 777
    Gacha wolf 777 8 hours ago

    You know nothing Markers markers

  • Icy strawberry ISMP
    Icy strawberry ISMP 8 hours ago

    I'm planning to make my art channel

  • Andria Lambert
    Andria Lambert 8 hours ago

    Does anyone know of any stand-alone artist tablets for less than $500?? emphasis on stand-alone.

  • Jenna Gets Creative
    Jenna Gets Creative 8 hours ago

    PLEASE tell me "42 Meanings" is a Douglas Adams reference 😂

  • Bevanna Magical raggybear

    T shirt with Mullet Joe.. Lol! Oh yeeeessssss!!

  • •Furry Kiriyamo•

    *just jazza*

  • Seth on Stilts
    Seth on Stilts 8 hours ago

    Do a bob ross tutorial in VR (specifically island in the wilderness

  • Bondenaron
    Bondenaron 8 hours ago

    Asking to be memed - that’s like the ultimate cringe, lmao. Good thing I like you ^^

  • CUM2america
    CUM2america 8 hours ago

    Buying paintings is just a way for rich people to move their money around. Most of the time the artist never actually sees that much money

  • JustARandomPerson
    JustARandomPerson 8 hours ago

    Now I can draw JoJo

  • CUM2america
    CUM2america 8 hours ago

    Talented artist have a habit of undervaluing their work while terrible artist like to charge an arm and a leg. If your a good artist it feels "easy" so a part of you feels guilty for charging someone so much. If you suck then everything becomes difficult and people expect to be paid for difficult work🤔

  • Icy Kid
    Icy Kid 8 hours ago

    now you know the cause of Australia Bicc Fire im jk

  • Javier Mendoza
    Javier Mendoza 8 hours ago

    _m o i s t_

  • Poppy Campbell
    Poppy Campbell 8 hours ago

    Put water in it

  • InnerEagle
    InnerEagle 8 hours ago

    5:48 when you are late and decide to buy fake gloves

  • Boston Miles
    Boston Miles 8 hours ago


  • FuryousD
    FuryousD 9 hours ago

    didn't know u made a 2nd pokemon as monsters video (or at least i don't remember it at this time) so ill have to go look at it after this one

  • Chay Chay
    Chay Chay 9 hours ago


  • dubwillis
    dubwillis 9 hours ago

    Hey Jazza! Really enjoy your content you allow me to evolve as a artist and all around enjoy art. I really like to see sketch book walkthroughs😁👍. Can you please please consider posting more Character design videos or even character recreation.❤️ Thanks Jazza

  • pink and purple l
    pink and purple l 9 hours ago

    You should watch drawing wiffwaffles’ series on this one color thing

  • Your Reflection
    Your Reflection 9 hours ago

    When DP Art Drawing casually reveals he doesn't need the 'camera obscura' trick: tvclip.biz/video/SOPGCnshrXs/video.html Please collab!!

  • Into The Ashes
    Into The Ashes 9 hours ago

    Try to make a manga or comic

  • iSpaceWizard
    iSpaceWizard 9 hours ago


  • RedDeath5653
    RedDeath5653 9 hours ago

    Do a remake of your childhood drawings

  • Polish English man
    Polish English man 9 hours ago

    Jazza, that video was about to like this but we do. ???

  • Donovan van Gelder
    Donovan van Gelder 9 hours ago

    Jazz a your so fun to watch

  • Stranger 425
    Stranger 425 9 hours ago

    Jazza: (disappears and comes back on screen) Me: why does he have ketchup........... (?) *OHHHHHH!!!!!!*

  • Michelle Williams
    Michelle Williams 9 hours ago

    As always, your talent amazes me Jazza, but I know you're not talking about adcartattack's shading strips, with yours are just a big. How will we ever get a crossover of you two now? :-)

  • Spidey0602
    Spidey0602 9 hours ago

    Oh Ho you thought it was Mullet Joe, but it is I DIO

  • ZombieDragon133
    ZombieDragon133 9 hours ago

    jazza should go in a choir class or is that just me

  • Ivanna Manzyuk
    Ivanna Manzyuk 9 hours ago

    The new art attack looks like a troom troom hack

  • dis tactic
    dis tactic 9 hours ago

    “I need this to be more than 10 minutes so let’s look at the magazine adds”

  • MUA Mandy Schultz
    MUA Mandy Schultz 9 hours ago

    I'm dying laughing. Do more videos like these. I'm dead!

  • Ivy :3
    Ivy :3 9 hours ago

    I hate my art 👌🏻 but i love your art 👌🏻👌🏻

  • Cathey Kohler
    Cathey Kohler 9 hours ago

    Is nobody gonna talk about the fact that jazza killed 2 people

  • Jacob Marshall
    Jacob Marshall 9 hours ago

    You're such a dad.

  • Kaleb
    Kaleb 9 hours ago

    It looks like the insides of dry erase markers kinda tbh. I took some apart back in middle and high school

  • Lorx
    Lorx 9 hours ago

    "I'm really interested in who I was l, and where I was at." Who he was and where he was at: MULLET JOE

  • Icy strawberry ISMP
    Icy strawberry ISMP 9 hours ago

    Draw molet Joe

  • Kaleb
    Kaleb 9 hours ago

    Not gonna lie, I was hoping he was going to use a table saw

  • *Damon *
    *Damon * 9 hours ago

    I wish the animation was actually his high school mixtape

  • Juras Jankauskas
    Juras Jankauskas 9 hours ago

    I think we can all agree that we need more Mullet Joe in our lives.

  • Donovan van Gelder
    Donovan van Gelder 10 hours ago

    It came with love letter and mullet Joe

  • Animaster Creations
    Animaster Creations 10 hours ago


  • NightFury G
    NightFury G 10 hours ago

    try to build sunglasses frames or ifyou have enough build a cool helmet

  • trash trash
    trash trash 10 hours ago

    are we just going to COMPLETELY IGNORE HIS MUSCLES ????

  • Damik Van Fanos
    Damik Van Fanos 10 hours ago

    anyone else notice the hair in his face😂😂

  • jm_mort
    jm_mort 10 hours ago

    The masked magician was actually unmasked - he was a magician named Val Valentino

  • SorenCraft
    SorenCraft 10 hours ago

    anyone watching in 2020 XD

  • Grant Hagen
    Grant Hagen 10 hours ago

    The compressor reminds me of toy story 2

  • Amber Robinson
    Amber Robinson 10 hours ago

    "YoUR Not SuPpOSed tO hELp mE GArEth"

  • Xzavien Valdez
    Xzavien Valdez 10 hours ago

    Jazza were do you get the clay beceause I love clay

  • Torabisu-Chan
    Torabisu-Chan 10 hours ago

    Jazza, I know this isn't quite your style but... Maybe you could make a video learning all about the anime style, I know it probably doesn't sound that appealing to you but that is a video we would enjoy tons! You could try drawing in the style before you watch tutorials & videos and stuffs and see how much you improve after! I have some recommendations for TVclip channels you should use for reference & tutorials, but you probably know them already. Kuzomari(Please give him a shoutout(And also his second channel KUZO)), Whyt Manga, Shinigami Arts, Laovaan, mikeymegamega(Probably NSFW), koizu, Talart, DokiDoki Drawing, Emirichu, and ElkASMR.

  • Gowtham v s
    Gowtham v s 10 hours ago

    Your animation videos and tutorials are fantastic absolutely energise me encourages me to make 2d animation.. I love it.. thank you so much.. I want to learn more in your skillshare but I can't afford that for now but I ll do it when I earn money

  • ron jamall
    ron jamall 10 hours ago

    you should do a drawing on sand paper challenge!!!

  • Rickie Snodgrass
    Rickie Snodgrass 10 hours ago

    Drops the knife and it melts though all the styrofoam

  • Zach Prior
    Zach Prior 10 hours ago

    Jazza: *paints the apocalypse* Me: And here we have rare footage of a artist descending into madness

  • Pickles
    Pickles 10 hours ago


  • Coach Rango
    Coach Rango 10 hours ago

    That this channel is still recommended, with all the adult jokes he makes 🤣 but well Disney gets away with it for years too and it makes this channel so much more enjoyably for all ages! Keep up the work!!

  • Salman Alajmi
    Salman Alajmi 10 hours ago

    Jazz ,I really enjoy watching the seven deadly sins anime can you draw 'Melodies' in a jazz way?

  • CNSniper Mike
    CNSniper Mike 10 hours ago

    The title said to instead of too

  • Astha Patel
    Astha Patel 10 hours ago

    Me seeing the title..”soap sculpting”... me: you just supposed to cut the soap in it’s block form.. then I see the end and I see he finally figured it out

  • Eileen Fournier
    Eileen Fournier 10 hours ago

    Lol this was surprisingly funny 😅

  • Yuki the mistake
    Yuki the mistake 10 hours ago

    3:18 ... I'm dirty minded and this sounds like a ... You can find out 😳

  • Lizzie Borden
    Lizzie Borden 10 hours ago

    I be Lizzie

  • Evan Shoulders
    Evan Shoulders 10 hours ago

    Imagine buying a pack of “copies” and your expecting them like next week, but they come 2 years later😭

  • Tamar Cunningham
    Tamar Cunningham 10 hours ago

    6 months to late to get a box. What a bummer would have loved to get one. You are an amazing artist. I would love to learn to draw like you. Your videos are fun to watch and so creative. Keep up the awesome work.

  • Lam Legends
    Lam Legends 10 hours ago

    Wow That’s incredible Every time I see art like this, I try it, and it ends up looking not quite right

  • Drake Vickers
    Drake Vickers 10 hours ago

    can u make a video of u making art with the ink cotton candy

  • Rachel Johnson
    Rachel Johnson 10 hours ago

    for some reason I keep thinking you're eating sour cherry cheese cake topping... Nyquil is one crazy drug

  • Travis Edwards
    Travis Edwards 10 hours ago

    why are you so good

  • Travis Edwards
    Travis Edwards 10 hours ago

    do some teaching videos

  • Travis Edwards
    Travis Edwards 11 hours ago

    people arent as blessed as you

  • Lillian Greenwell
    Lillian Greenwell 11 hours ago

    Anyone else get concerned when you see a video with jazza and a powertool? Lol

  • Travis Edwards
    Travis Edwards 11 hours ago

    your kinda mean

  • Ayano Otori
    Ayano Otori 11 hours ago

    That cat should be on a t-shirt...i'd wear it

  • Jet_Tort
    Jet_Tort 11 hours ago

    What’s inside?? Ink