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Drawing with Light and Fire
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💲$2 Art Challenge💲
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A New, New Start
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goodbye again
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Creating my NEW MURALS!!!
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A New Start
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  • Shauna Domescik
    Shauna Domescik 26 seconds ago

    Pokemon! The style has changed SO MUCH. I know a lot of fans weren't thrilled with how the animation changed so drastically with the Sun and Moon episodes.

  • Alex Seravilo
    Alex Seravilo 3 minutes ago

    I literally just saw the new treehouse horror episode and it was 100% pop culture and it was painful

  • Chloe Collins
    Chloe Collins 11 minutes ago

    Okay, jazza i love your videos and you, but you’ve just completely ruined Simpson’s for me and it’s really annoying, this video has just pissed me off more than anything... sorry but 🤷🏻‍♀️😬

  • Brice Steiner
    Brice Steiner 15 minutes ago

    Family guy! Old vs new

  • s t
    s t 16 minutes ago

    Winx club omg. I know that it's not as popular as the other ones but the style changes every few seasons. Especially the transformations of the fairies. In season 8 the specialists go from looking like really masculine men to 11 year olds. Please look at this cuz I absolutely hate the new style. Especially world of winx

  • riptekk
    riptekk 16 minutes ago

    5.5 mil views, dude got his money back 5000 fold.

  • Tahia Swanton
    Tahia Swanton 17 minutes ago

    Can we get a replay on that eye roll🙄🙄

  • that random internet nerd

    Roomie: autotune Jazza: cartoon animation

  • Gavin Allanson
    Gavin Allanson 21 minute ago


  • Chloe Collins
    Chloe Collins 24 minutes ago

    Family guy

  • Shark lover 666
    Shark lover 666 24 minutes ago


  • Eliza Bould
    Eliza Bould 25 minutes ago

    BOB THE BUILDER !!!!!!! The new animation ruined my childhood memories 😭😭

  • Vitalij Mik
    Vitalij Mik 29 minutes ago

    American Dad

  • I hate you
    I hate you 33 minutes ago

    You could probably do one with *Family* *Guy*

  • John Davis
    John Davis 35 minutes ago

    Love this format. Can't wait for more.

  • Jonah Custer
    Jonah Custer 47 minutes ago

    My first instinct is Avatar, but I don’t know how much it changed over the couple of seasons it had, so I’ll say Pokémon series’

  • Joseph Nassif
    Joseph Nassif 48 minutes ago

    Lilo and Stitch please!!

  • Relatable Animations
    Relatable Animations 49 minutes ago

    You could try to do that with Ben 10....they've completely ruined the show...-_-

  • Līga Jēkabsone
    Līga Jēkabsone 50 minutes ago

    South park! Such a difference.

  • Suzan Aslanoglu
    Suzan Aslanoglu 51 minute ago

    Pokémon! Old verses New

  • Jaime Johnesee
    Jaime Johnesee 52 minutes ago

    Beast King Golion aka Lion Voltron, please!!! Or Transformers.

  • Hot-diggty-dog
    Hot-diggty-dog 59 minutes ago

    I didn’t know this was VR I was wondering why it was shaking so much

  • NotQuiteHuman NQH

    The whole Apu controversy is such BS. All their characters are caricatures. They're all stereotypes. Nobody cares about Cletus. Or Luigi the Italian. Or Ned. Or Fat Tony the Mobster. Or Frink the nerdy scientist. Or the Rich Texan. Or Krustofski the Rabbi. Or Burns the evil capitalist. But Apu is brown so "Racism!"

  • Moeyy Camara
    Moeyy Camara Hour ago

    jazza should redraw the Simpson's

  • Akin Haliloglu
    Akin Haliloglu Hour ago

    I’ve watched the Simpsons since I was 6 or at least remember watching the simpsons at like 7 or later. I haven’t watched it since channel 11 doesn’t air the simpsons anymore since Australia couldn’t pay to keep airing Fox shows. I wish I was still watching the show and let me just say, there were probably a lot of episodes I remember loving after Season 9. I think the issues span on how much you can possibly go to air a show about a chaotic but mostly normal American family. Morals sometimes go out the window, actors and/or characters dying in the simpsons (Edna, Krusty’s dad, the mob boss), Lisa’s hypocritical attitude to people playing music better than her, Bart getting a divorce in his future, Not gonna lie, the last new episode I remember of the Simpsons was the time I laughed when Patty and Selma burned their house down. Don’t forget, a show no matter how far they go, there’s always a gem in every season. I just hope the 2nd movie is what it takes to end it all. Let it end like Futurama: You’ve enjoyed it while it lasted.

  • Sammyjoy_ Playz
    Sammyjoy_ Playz Hour ago


  • Seb Gabart
    Seb Gabart Hour ago

    Dragon ball please

  • Philip Rau
    Philip Rau Hour ago

    Oooo also you gotta do Adventure Time!!!

  • Cherielle Melencion

    P O K E M O N !!!

  • Jacintylou !
    Jacintylou ! Hour ago


  • Biblina Shamuel
    Biblina Shamuel Hour ago

    is this like a tea channel now jazza?

  • Keen Laurence Daliva

    Face paint?

  • Exploding potato

    You still draw better than me even with those goggles on😔😓

  • Alejandra Alvarez

    Okay but I think that's the exact painting me and my friend did for my birthday party year except it took us 4 hours 😂😂

  • TheDerpyCloud
    TheDerpyCloud Hour ago

    Jazza you should do React to the Pokemon anime next

  • BobbY wisth
    BobbY wisth Hour ago

    South park!!

  • Sally Baxter
    Sally Baxter Hour ago

    Make robin jokers smile bigger

  • RedLed444
    RedLed444 Hour ago

    Jazza if u hate how the Simpson's episode are now make ur own episode of what u think it should be like if u agree

  • Savannah Hoff
    Savannah Hoff Hour ago

    I’ve watched every single episode lol

  • Bitsy Tandem
    Bitsy Tandem Hour ago

    Anyone else getting deja vu here? Or am i the only one? 😂😂😂

  • Moose_cow Productions

    South park

  • Mackenzie Brant
    Mackenzie Brant Hour ago

    Definitely family guy!

  • Jose Estrada
    Jose Estrada Hour ago

    I need a political cartoon of a soldier standing with a freedom flag on top of a defeated trump,

  • Mashmallow Spinkle

    Me: watches I youtuber for years and never brought their merch Also me: watching Jazza for 2 weeks and saving up for his merch

  • ohifonlyx33
    ohifonlyx33 Hour ago

    i am... u n c o m f o r t a b l e.

  • sam marie
    sam marie Hour ago

    the amazing world of gumball

  • Mashmallow Spinkle

    Omg, that show you did was my FAVOURITE!!! I didn’t know it was you! 😆😂😀

  • Urna Basu
    Urna Basu 2 hours ago

    Do Tom and Jerry please, its by far my favorite animation and I have watched all episodes and movies!!

  • LaylaplayzMC
    LaylaplayzMC 2 hours ago

    I’m sure Miamoto-san would say 大丈夫ですよジャザさん!

  • Dude Noob
    Dude Noob 2 hours ago

    i could not sleep

  • Elena Kreider
    Elena Kreider 2 hours ago

    MY TIKTOK IS AT 4:46 TAGGED AT #artchallenge!! Its the top right. Ahhhh!!!

  • Alysa Linker
    Alysa Linker 2 hours ago

    Jazza: Can you say Thank you dada His son: Thanks dada Jazza: Alright *lets him down My heart: 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

  • Avarician Avarician
    Avarician Avarician 2 hours ago

    eat pant

  • Pok3monLuvr
    Pok3monLuvr 2 hours ago

    Pokemon. Its evolved SO much.

  • Darinka Meister
    Darinka Meister 2 hours ago

    Yeez this video sucked the jokes are not even that bad.

  • Madeline Golding
    Madeline Golding 2 hours ago

    4:18 keep it PG Jazza 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Blake Innes
    Blake Innes 2 hours ago

    Never hate on the Simpson's, not a true fan DISLIKE

  • Apple cake Gacha
    Apple cake Gacha 2 hours ago

    Since when did you get obsessed with saying, “sink my teeth into...” why??

  • Wyatt The Gryffindor

    Does anyone else think that Pikachu on the wall if a shiny?

  • Madeline Golding
    Madeline Golding 2 hours ago


  • Mashmallow Spinkle
    Mashmallow Spinkle 2 hours ago

    Draw a little bit of a chocolate cake A cat drinking beer on the bus A devil making TikToks King of art and the moon MINE ARE SOOOOO WEIRD 😂😂

  • Ghost Rider 2099 gaming

    naruto or dragonball

  • Emma M
    Emma M 2 hours ago

    You know, to avoid nostalgia and give the new stuff a fair stand-alone chance you could watch the new stuff first and then the old stuff.

  • miles graham
    miles graham 2 hours ago

    Adventure time

  • KillerTurkey
    KillerTurkey 2 hours ago

    Teen titans (good old version) VS teen titans Go XD

  • cookie kitten
    cookie kitten 2 hours ago

    me in the morning trying to wake up 6:55

  • Ibrahim Hussaini
    Ibrahim Hussaini 2 hours ago


  • Vlad1GamezYT
    Vlad1GamezYT 2 hours ago

    My gosh no wonder kids are afraid of clowns damn i am too now

  • Smigl Glum
    Smigl Glum 2 hours ago

    South park👏👏

  • Iiopilis
    Iiopilis 2 hours ago

    I can’t wait til the day jazza’/s children grow up and randomly find this video Ahhh the questions

  • Krystel Hether
    Krystel Hether 2 hours ago

    You can use ncs TVclip videos.

  • PinkTaco OfDoom
    PinkTaco OfDoom 2 hours ago

    I was expecting to see you show part of the good old Australian toilet water episode... kinda glad you didn't though, that would have been like "the joke" in one of the new episodes. How about comparing the old and new My Little Pony?

  • Potato Gaming
    Potato Gaming 2 hours ago

    I recommend SpongeBob because you can really see the difference from Old to New.

  • Phoenix Phenomenal
    Phoenix Phenomenal 2 hours ago


  • Iiopilis
    Iiopilis 2 hours ago

    Here we see a youtuber turn into a tick tocker. What a beautiful world we live in

  • Roxanne Wilson
    Roxanne Wilson 2 hours ago

    Looney tunes / loony toons also south park, tom and Jerry

  • YoursTruly
    YoursTruly 2 hours ago

    2:23 At that point I knew he is screwed.

  • Wolfless 56
    Wolfless 56 2 hours ago

    Pokemon would be interesting to see old vs. New :P

  • CJPlayz GAMES
    CJPlayz GAMES 2 hours ago

    A complete different title and animation was in here lol

  • Steven Cook
    Steven Cook 2 hours ago

    Its more insane that you have the camera zooming in and out and all over the place. Over the top excitement... Really?

  • Sqeeze Muncher
    Sqeeze Muncher 2 hours ago

    Not perfect

  • cobaltclam
    cobaltclam 2 hours ago

    I loved The Simpsons when they were shorts on the Tracey Ullman show. The first season was kind of disappointing after the shorts.

  • Archangel
    Archangel 2 hours ago

    jazza what do you do with all your other drawing tablets you got from huiyon

  • Made in Earth
    Made in Earth 2 hours ago

    Dragon ball vs dragon ball super. The new animation is awful

  • andyso97
    andyso97 2 hours ago

    If you’re willing to try an Anime, might I request one called “Gunslinger Girl” ?? The animation difference between the two seasons is INSANE.

  • Kex Dump
    Kex Dump 3 hours ago

    This was released before 2017. I distinctly have a memory of watching it when I was younger and less mature, before 2017.

  • Scarlette Artist
    Scarlette Artist 3 hours ago


  • giina_ mariiah
    giina_ mariiah 3 hours ago

    8:10 let's make that a gif

  • Vzer O
    Vzer O 3 hours ago

    Bart🦁 Lisa🐯 Marge🐔 Homer🐷

    • Vzer O
      Vzer O 32 minutes ago

      Dave Jones true

    • Dave Jones
      Dave Jones 45 minutes ago

      Who's Sally, isn't it lisa

  • Scarlette Artist
    Scarlette Artist 3 hours ago

    I hate the animation change on, franklin, little bear, barbie movies etc like who thought the new animations were a good idea

  • Gryphonzwing
    Gryphonzwing 3 hours ago

    Can you make Pickle Rick. Please!!!😂

  • Victoria N
    Victoria N 3 hours ago

    He's so excited and its adorable 🤩

  • Kagense Poe
    Kagense Poe 3 hours ago

    You should do “Teen Titans” anime (old) vs “Teen Titans Go!” (new)

  • Dwin Angelito
    Dwin Angelito 3 hours ago

    As compensation for all of the plastic that you used, can you please do something environment friendly next time?

  • AnnDees horses
    AnnDees horses 3 hours ago

    I just used drunk wasted buzed and druged goggles last week

  • Jaggy Babeh
    Jaggy Babeh 3 hours ago

    @0:41 since when is 11 December?

  • Andy Blue
    Andy Blue 3 hours ago

    Teen Titans. No contest the worst reboot ever.

  • Uhhh Hhh
    Uhhh Hhh 3 hours ago

    DC dark metal

  • AaushneerSY // ASY
    AaushneerSY // ASY 3 hours ago


  • Pixels on the run LHS

    I can do the link and Mario in half an hour. It's all I do and I sell them