Cat Trumpet
Cat Trumpet
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Maha Bodhi Singing Bowl
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  • Lightning Strike
    Lightning Strike 9 hours ago

    Ok this is nice and all but why did someone called "Cat Trumpet" post this

  • Christina Carleton
    Christina Carleton 9 hours ago

    I love these, the are great for work and home

  • Heather Crownshield
    Heather Crownshield 9 hours ago

    I am loving this ♥️🍁

  • Sharin Sesin-Lucca
    Sharin Sesin-Lucca 13 hours ago

    This is very nice..makes a grreat Background for Reading..or as a soft screensaver. Ty for posting. :-) ****

  • 0000 00000
    0000 00000 17 hours ago

    My cat loves this video. Thank you

  • Robert Devino
    Robert Devino 21 hour ago

    Am I the only one that thinks a cat sleeping on a guitar is kind of sinister? I mean the strings used to be made out of cat gut right?

  • Clinton Hubbard
    Clinton Hubbard 22 hours ago

    My sister is screaming, this is calming

  • Malcolm Simpson
    Malcolm Simpson 23 hours ago

    Some scenes are repeated several times

  • TheWetTent
    TheWetTent 23 hours ago

    listen to this shit at .25

  • Koby Pollone
    Koby Pollone Day ago

    I watch this in the night so I can go to sleep

  • 2nerdsonacouch

    Thank you for this video :) it really actually helped me and my cat relax while there were contractors working on the house. :)

  • Shelly Lambert

    May I ask where the scene at 10:48 is at?. I'm guessing perhaps in Glacier NP, but not sure. Where please????

  • Mike Ivsin
    Mike Ivsin Day ago

    too short loop

  • Amanda Bryant
    Amanda Bryant Day ago

    Birds bitterflys are merry and ourge ir yellow. 🦋

  • Essence Terrell

    I love listening to this whilst I write my essays for college lol 👌💖

  • awesomeness 99

    1.13 be like

  • nateisbaked
    nateisbaked Day ago

    Too repetitive. And the guitar that's repeated isn't all that good.

  • Goku Son
    Goku Son Day ago

    This is beautiful

  • Ting Xiang Liew

    sugoi/amazing, I listen to it everyday.

  • birb
    birb Day ago

    Man, those crackling sounds are more satisfying than I thought they would be. Great to listen to when doing homework, it gets rid of all the stress of having to do so much work in such a small period.

  • Ashley Lo
    Ashley Lo 2 days ago

    This helps me to study and sleep I appreciate this so fricking much

  • Alana Mosley
    Alana Mosley 2 days ago

    This helps me focus on my homework so thanks

  • Fura Faolox
    Fura Faolox 2 days ago

    Holy heck, this really does work perfectly. It fits the mood just perfectly.

  • Fura Faolox
    Fura Faolox 2 days ago

    This works perfectly for my fantasy novel

  • Irene Grabinski
    Irene Grabinski 2 days ago

    Thank you.. Tolles Blick

  • Дмитрий Холост

    без музыки лучше.

  • Roe Perry
    Roe Perry 2 days ago

    I cant find this music on spotify or apple music.

  • Amanda Bryant
    Amanda Bryant 2 days ago

    more vidios

  • Amanda Bryant
    Amanda Bryant 2 days ago

    i like the monarch butterfly to its butiful.

  • Super Mario
    Super Mario 2 days ago

    mario tried a-to take the fire from a-the fireplace but instead mario just lost a-life

  • Leesha Summers
    Leesha Summers 2 days ago

    Hey I really enjoy your videos they were very soothing after I had my daughter & it was difficult to sleep. Have an awesome day. I hope you continue to make things like this.♡

  • The Amazing nature 1


  • Leidi Luna Jayden y Sofía

    I love your music it sounds so good that I only want to watch it for the whole day long

  • Justine C
    Justine C 3 days ago

    I love to listen to this playlist when I'm cooking, feels so cozy. <3

  • Cody Lonardo
    Cody Lonardo 3 days ago

    Lol i looked up fire music and this came up

  • JohnandTammy Andersen

    Yay helped my son do his math for once!

  • JoLeY D.
    JoLeY D. 3 days ago


  • _.rizos__ Pq
    _.rizos__ Pq 3 days ago

    +1 αν σου αρεσει ο χειμωνας

  • Il mondo di Federica

    My favorite film!! I think everyone should learn and use William as example for his future life. Just incredible rip James Horner and William Wallace

  • Pure Nature 4 u
    Pure Nature 4 u 3 days ago

    Very nice Video

  • francuska maja
    francuska maja 3 days ago

    I love fish at 100\100

  • Dangsky Sucayan
    Dangsky Sucayan 3 days ago

    I love a girl but she doesn't love me😥

  • leandro rodrigues
    leandro rodrigues 3 days ago

    I really like the part with the fish.

  • rubber duck
    rubber duck 3 days ago

    I love this i play this ever time i sleep

  • Elijah Press
    Elijah Press 4 days ago

    thanks i never got cold

  • Carlos Magno Menezes De Carvalho

    voce♡♡para mim sempre e eternamente será uma mulher muito linda e muito mais muito linda e especial comparado a diamantes rozas muita linda voce♡♡te adoro para sempre

  • Carlos Magno Menezes De Carvalho

    adoro muito mais muito voce♡♡gostaria de te dizer olhando para os seus olhos e te dizer que adoro muito voce♡♡a Deus☆☆☆☆☆♡♡ mamae♡♡Glória♡♡

  • Carlos Magno Menezes De Carvalho

    não se esqueça jamais de mim não desista de mim jamais ajude-me a ser muito feliz perto de mamae☆☆☆☆♡♡Glória Eu♡♡gosto muito de voce♡♡

  • Carlos Magno Menezes De Carvalho

    pesso por favor que nunca desista de mim mamae☆☆☆☆♡♡Glória nem se passe pela cabeça de mamae☆☆☆☆♡♡Glória em se esquecer de mim não faça isso

  • Carlos Magno Menezes De Carvalho

    gosto muito mais muito de mamae♡♡Glória Menezes sinto um grande carinho por voce🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹sinto muita felicidade por gostar muito de mamae☆☆☆☆♡♡Glória🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  • Carlos Magno Menezes De Carvalho

    Eu☆☆♡♡faria qualquer coisa para te conquistar enchia uma sala so de rozas muito perfumadas para Glória🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹assim

  • Carlos Magno Menezes De Carvalho

    sofro muito porque não tenho uma chansse de ter uma mulher tal boazinha tal educada e tal linda que e' voce♡♡se tivesse muita mais muita condição financeira

  • Carlos Magno Menezes De Carvalho

    Salgueiro-pe 16/09/2019, 19:33 Eu☆☆♡♡simplesmente te adoro gosto muito de doutora Glória Menezes adoro mamae☆☆☆☆Glória Menezes♡♡

  • Connor Lund
    Connor Lund 4 days ago

    I get stomach aches slot and this really helps me. Hope everyone has a great life ahead of time.

  • Køøkie태현
    Køøkie태현 4 days ago

    I’m probably gonna start using this to go to sleep

  • Regina Smith
    Regina Smith 4 days ago

    My cat Augii and I love this! We watch before bed to unwind. Thanks!

  • Eldoprano
    Eldoprano 5 days ago

    Oh, it's soo good! I just love it

  • Terry Stone
    Terry Stone 5 days ago

    I wish the ocana was like that still

  • Toys & Adventures
    Toys & Adventures 5 days ago

    You are the best music.

    IVAN DROZD 5 days ago

    Nice music x

  • Natures Whim
    Natures Whim 5 days ago

    great video bro grats Sept. 2019

  • Bear Grandy
    Bear Grandy 5 days ago


  • Graça e paz
    Graça e paz 5 days ago

    Wow! So beautiful!

  • Николай Шульга

    а кто знает какой это БИОТОП ????

  • Lulu Bisher
    Lulu Bisher 5 days ago

    Who else watching this wrapped up in a soft blanket

  • R A R
    R A R 5 days ago

    I like this stuff, because there's nothing to buy or clean, although it can drive your cats nuts...

  • Maggie nocun
    Maggie nocun 6 days ago

    I love your 😹music l

  • Greggles
    Greggles 6 days ago

    This does not have enough views.

  • Maxi
    Maxi 6 days ago

    Are there some scenes animated?

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  • shadowsinmymind9
    shadowsinmymind9 6 days ago

    Moon jellyfish. There's a bunch at the Boston aquarium

  • Paul Schwarz
    Paul Schwarz 6 days ago

    Princess mononoke is My all time favorite! Better than spirited away But spirited away is a Piece of art too of course! Like almost every other single ghiblie movie

  • Yis Pinto
    Yis Pinto 6 days ago

    I love listening to my broken tv on the wrong HDMI

  • Alexis and Caramel Tinsman

    I’ve watch 1 hour and hour minutes with my cat I live this video

  • Star Wars x EXO Collab

    Today I spayed two of my kittens, they were a little agitated or uncomfortable and I play this on my phone and they fell asleep. Thank you very much you're a life saver!

  • Cobus Byleveld
    Cobus Byleveld 6 days ago

    Awesome, amazingly, beautiful our planet, one question always comes into my mind, what right have any one, to sell this beautiful planet we live on,after all we are all born to live free and happy on this amazing planet. Love and happiness to everyone out there. 🤗

  • William Mack
    William Mack 6 days ago


  • William Mack
    William Mack 6 days ago

    Sep 16 End of No Mrs Rich

  • Koli Moli
    Koli Moli 6 days ago


  • Michael & Paula
    Michael & Paula 6 days ago


  • Alejandra Diaz
    Alejandra Diaz 6 days ago

    I love the music 😍❤️ 💙😘🌞💤😍❤️. And videos

  • Celio Carvalho
    Celio Carvalho 7 days ago

    Muito lindo!!! Parabéns.

  • sugafan88
    sugafan88 7 days ago

    Relaxed my cat right to sleep. Love this

  • Chicken Wings
    Chicken Wings 7 days ago

    I looked up fire music as in rap songs I got this instead

  • Yusef Hawksight
    Yusef Hawksight 7 days ago

    Its getting addictive

  • daniel little
    daniel little 7 days ago

    These are honey bees not bumble bees they are too slim to be bumble bees

  • Chicken - RBLX
    Chicken - RBLX 7 days ago

    Thanks for making me go to bed, I use this as a little nightlight! You're the best Cat Trumpet, continue what you're doing!

  • Evan Moyer
    Evan Moyer 7 days ago

    A masterpiece of a film, but sadly underrated :(

  • Alex meowski
    Alex meowski 7 days ago

    This is content😂

  • serena0001912
    serena0001912 7 days ago

    Hello 😄 Very beautiful flowers👍I love plants💖 Liked and subbed of course from Italy :)

  • Mohammed Khan
    Mohammed Khan 7 days ago

    i'm son of Poseidon god of the sea

  • Lilly Rose Pinheiro

    Feels like I’m listening to the Lion King in the background. ❤️

  • Canal Tranquille
    Canal Tranquille 7 days ago


  • Victor Courteille
    Victor Courteille 8 days ago


  • f r u i t c h a n
    f r u i t c h a n 8 days ago

    Amazing! 1.25

  • luis muñoz pachón


  • Tricky
    Tricky 8 days ago

    Stupid short loop.

  • Caroline McDougall
    Caroline McDougall 8 days ago

    Very nice. thanks.

  • Jeremy Capuyan
    Jeremy Capuyan 8 days ago

    You.. Yes, you.. Pray.. Then close your eyes.. Everything is fine.. Tommorrow will be another day.. And i assure you that all your problems will be solved 😊😊😊😘😘😘 i just want to remind you that life is beautiful and you only have it once 😉

  • Emma Mayflower
    Emma Mayflower 8 days ago

    god I love this so much