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  • Free Fire and PUBG

    I'm From vietnam

  • Андрей Иванов

    золотодобытчики идут к вам)))

  • Jessica April
    Jessica April Hour ago


  • Mntdewmania
    Mntdewmania Hour ago

    Yep, moving to Canada

  • Pubg Bağımlısı

    He found the power stone

  • Ace Face
    Ace Face Hour ago

    His boy looks like my 🌟 kicker Justin tucker 😆 from the ravens

  • Claire Bolton
    Claire Bolton Hour ago

    I think you guys are brilliant and am amazed at the things you find from sunglasses to phones, jewellery and other stuff.

  • yass vlog
    yass vlog Hour ago

    You are good men

  • RavenHawk Coins
    RavenHawk Coins 2 hours ago

    Great vid man. The quality of the underwater shots are top notch!

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith 2 hours ago

    What happened to the ots mask

  • Brienn Meir B. Soriano


  • Ilyass Hamzaoui
    Ilyass Hamzaoui 2 hours ago

    at 9:03 a big nugget was missed

  • Harvey Mosqueda
    Harvey Mosqueda 2 hours ago


  • sylver stacker French

    Waouh très belle pépites

  • Knights Multi-Media
    Knights Multi-Media 2 hours ago

    thanks to big boy lol I am now a subscriber

  • padmanabha swami
    padmanabha swami 2 hours ago

    the chair is for the god (the statue) to sit that is how they treat gods in india. i know this because i am indian. the elephant looking statue is also a god for indians his name is ganesh

  • CollectionMaster
    CollectionMaster 2 hours ago

    While you're in Canada you should consider going to the Lake Superior area and do some agate hunting

  • Tina Abbruzzese
    Tina Abbruzzese 2 hours ago

    Your underwater "Woooo-hooooo" always cracks me up. I love your videos. Keep up the geat work !

  • Grayfox
    Grayfox 2 hours ago

    I kept seeing gold everywhere

  • Jeffrey Ziola
    Jeffrey Ziola 2 hours ago


  • Aiden Velasquez
    Aiden Velasquez 2 hours ago

    The water is pretty and your videos are the best


    Could you give me one of those?

  • Yuckiiiiiiiii
    Yuckiiiiiiiii 2 hours ago

    OMG there was such a big nugget bro u just left it there ....

  • Amy Muscat
    Amy Muscat 2 hours ago

    great finds good on you boys send lots of love and luck your way ♥️♥️♥️

  • Gavin Batterham
    Gavin Batterham 2 hours ago

    They should NOT be issuing fines for something that even THEY themselves do not understand......Refine the rules and be SPECIFIC on what can and cannot be used, not guess on what is compliant or not......again, just a money making exercise.

  • Mr man
    Mr man 2 hours ago

    Damn that's a big backyard

  • MonkeyShred
    MonkeyShred 2 hours ago

    An advert every 2 minutes. Oh my.

  • Jammo6803
    Jammo6803 3 hours ago

    Gold Rush: White Water on a budget

  • Wyatt Gutridge
    Wyatt Gutridge 3 hours ago

    So....... Beautiful.

  • memers 4 life
    memers 4 life 3 hours ago


  • Jess Gibson
    Jess Gibson 3 hours ago

    You can actually see the nugget falling at 9:03 - I thought you were going to miss it there for a second!

  • Jireh 12
    Jireh 12 3 hours ago

    Man your rich😱

  • Corrie Vosspeter
    Corrie Vosspeter 3 hours ago

    Ya eh our Canada is clean not as messed up and dirty like the US waterways

  • Cristina Belloso
    Cristina Belloso 3 hours ago

    Finding 100,000 dollars underwater: 10 views Finding a fidget spinner underwater: 1,000,000,000 views 😂😂😂

  • Mara Judy Tarenio
    Mara Judy Tarenio 3 hours ago

    From Philipines! 1st time to watch your vlogs! Its Fun and Adventures!

  • Lori Sturek
    Lori Sturek 3 hours ago

    You have a nice truck

  • Quinson Timmermans
    Quinson Timmermans 3 hours ago

    Umm anybody catch that 3:49

  • Priyanshu Gupta
    Priyanshu Gupta 3 hours ago


  • Cancerous Cucumbers
    Cancerous Cucumbers 3 hours ago

    That gold in the thumbnaol is cheetos

  • Xzstream
    Xzstream 3 hours ago

    Can i call u a gold digger now😂😂😂😂

  • Shadow
    Shadow 4 hours ago


  • Titus Vogt
    Titus Vogt 4 hours ago


  • Abishai Jesh
    Abishai Jesh 4 hours ago

    Lol medic!!! Im hit!!!

  • Abdullah Al Yami
    Abdullah Al Yami 4 hours ago

    This is the biggest lie. The box was not affected by water. The box was put in water a short time ago.

  • Trevor Editz
    Trevor Editz 4 hours ago

    15:02 I literally fell off my bed 😂😂

  • Jason Radley
    Jason Radley 4 hours ago

    Are all of your guys name Jake?

  • Jason Radley
    Jason Radley 4 hours ago

    At 3.8 I thought I sore a ring?

  • CheeZe
    CheeZe 4 hours ago

    This is awesome

  • CheeZe
    CheeZe 4 hours ago

    Epic vid

  • bernhardtsen74
    bernhardtsen74 4 hours ago

    the underwater footage at 1.24 minute mark is some of the prettiest video shots I have seen this year!!!

  • adrian nicholson
    adrian nicholson 4 hours ago

    have been on his site for some time now you two need to do more together paul a nice guy

  • Trevor Editz
    Trevor Editz 4 hours ago

    How the hell do u keep a bag not full of water inside

  • Tommy Gunz
    Tommy Gunz 4 hours ago

    Good finds

  • Gail Adie
    Gail Adie 4 hours ago

    Yells *"MEDICIC"* as everyone stands around laughing. Lolololol! 😂😂😂

  • Lizii Lizii
    Lizii Lizii 4 hours ago

    „your face touched my foot“ i can‘t😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • الفضولي so
    الفضولي so 4 hours ago


  • Carol F
    Carol F 4 hours ago

    Heck yeah CANADA 🇨🇦

  • Khi Boy
    Khi Boy 4 hours ago

    Sky lander chous

  • bcarelus
    bcarelus 5 hours ago

    3:09 he found gold but didnt see it

  • Paul Barton-Collins
    Paul Barton-Collins 5 hours ago

    DALLMYD: pokes catfish *peta has joined the chat*

  • Swag420vapelord
    Swag420vapelord 5 hours ago

    Grabs claymore realizes it drops the explosive 🗿

  • Sprint Hyper
    Sprint Hyper 5 hours ago

    Hey Jake your so close to 10 mil keep up the awesome videos and work

  • Archana shinha
    Archana shinha 5 hours ago

    You are owesome

  • Archana shinha
    Archana shinha 5 hours ago

    Teri to Nikal padi

  • Paul Barton-Collins
    Paul Barton-Collins 5 hours ago

    Aquaman 2 coming out

  • Rocks Cousteau
    Rocks Cousteau 5 hours ago

    Dude. Your videos are terrible

  • Jasmine Tran
    Jasmine Tran 5 hours ago

    Come to Canada more often! I know some amazing places to go diving! Specially in B.C ☺️

  • Jasmine Tran
    Jasmine Tran 5 hours ago

    Yeah!! British Columbia Canada baby! 🇨🇦 That's me 😊 hope you enjoyed your time here. It's beautiful!

  • Kannon1229
    Kannon1229 5 hours ago

    1:25-2:20 awesome music and pictures!

  • Malfeitor
    Malfeitor 5 hours ago

    4:23 Did you just "boop" him, like you do with thoose little turtles.. :-D

  • Syco Prince
    Syco Prince 5 hours ago

    Hey brother your videos are very short... please make it at least 30 minutes

    • Syco Prince
      Syco Prince 5 hours ago

      And probabky there are many scuba drivers out there but you are my favourite one.... and You are very handsome. And cool man..😁

  • Jonas Mecke
    Jonas Mecke 5 hours ago

    More Gold found than the Hoffmans :D

  • Rene Masajo
    Rene Masajo 6 hours ago

    Skylander chracter kaos

  • Milvid Stridh
    Milvid Stridh 6 hours ago

    16:16 (Precis) (oooooooh) (Ooh*) (Precis*) Black one!

    • Milvid Stridh
      Milvid Stridh 6 hours ago

      The subscription (förklaringen) var längre än meddelandet!

  • Milvid Stridh
    Milvid Stridh 6 hours ago

    15:45 There he is... AAAAAAAAH Brandon... Nah... you don't say... (You*)

  • Quintin Brual
    Quintin Brual 6 hours ago


  • Milvid Stridh
    Milvid Stridh 6 hours ago

    15:33 Your wur... WELCOME!

  • Milvid Stridh
    Milvid Stridh 6 hours ago

    15:11 Schaise! That went fast! (fäst*)

  • Milvid Stridh
    Milvid Stridh 6 hours ago

    5:49 Blä"! 8jg (Blä*)

    ZACCHEO GT 6 hours ago

    I support you Jake #roadto9mil

  • SenCerzz
    SenCerzz 6 hours ago

    Where in Canada?

  • Hello Everybody
    Hello Everybody 6 hours ago

    the water sound is satisfying

  • Фредди xp Deus - Russian digger

    лайк за красоту

  • Khaydan Rikiau
    Khaydan Rikiau 6 hours ago

    Hey that's my I phone x the red one I play fortnite on it and it has my pravisy

  • xoxomia123xoxo mia
    xoxomia123xoxo mia 6 hours ago


  • Dean TM
    Dean TM 6 hours ago

    I don't fall! MEDIC!! 😂😂

  • Teresa Dunavant
    Teresa Dunavant 6 hours ago

    Why didn't you use your small refillable tank?

  • MERLIN/Michael Reynard

    Love the music you have playing when you are under the water...

  • RobloxVlogs
    RobloxVlogs 7 hours ago

    That sounded like my pops car when my younger brothers are riding their bikes next to it

  • Sue Girling
    Sue Girling 7 hours ago

    Hi Jake, awesome work, congrats. Thanks for sharing. x

  • Angelo Dela Torre
    Angelo Dela Torre 7 hours ago

    Who else Thinks This Is Like ASMR ....... No? Just Me? Well.....

  • ああ
    ああ 7 hours ago


  • Jamie Goulty
    Jamie Goulty 7 hours ago

    I have gold in my garden

  •  7 hours ago

    Is it a I phone 6s or 7s or 8s

  • Jeff Caligari
    Jeff Caligari 7 hours ago

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  • The best YouTube kid


  • RUNorDIE64
    RUNorDIE64 7 hours ago

    I don't know why I've been watching and enjoying a floating head and scuba gear go look for phones and other cool stuff for the past year but I love it!

  • Debra Beam
    Debra Beam 7 hours ago

    The disappointment on Brandon's face was too much. Not funny

    • Changarookitty
      Changarookitty 6 hours ago

      I agree... It looked like he was sooo disapointed & gonna cry! Don't prank Jordan anymore..... He's such a nice guy...

  • kenshin491
    kenshin491 8 hours ago

    Dude you should have brought that big gold pipe you guys found before.

  • Cheryl Trudell
    Cheryl Trudell 8 hours ago