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How We Survived?How We Survived?
How We Survived?
24 days ago
Watch Out!Watch Out!
Watch Out!
25 days ago
I NEED your helpI NEED your help
I NEED your help
5 months ago
It ALL paid off!It ALL paid off!
It ALL paid off!
6 months ago
We are SO stuck...We are SO stuck...
We are SO stuck...
6 months ago

Comments • 200

  • Laura Garoutte
    Laura Garoutte Month ago

    +Jon B I'm curious, when yours or any of the other Googan Squad's, content ends up on those cheesy reactionary shows on the non-cable shows, do you guys get paid? Do they actually contact you for right of use?

  • Scott Morgan
    Scott Morgan Month ago

    Hey John B. Do you ever come to Tennessee. I live near Lake Barkley, and Kentucky Lake. If you ever do I would really like the opporunity to meet you someday, as I have seriously enjoyed, and learned so much watching your video's. I'm a disabled veteran and a stay at home dad, so when I get to go fishing I always want to make the most of my trips, and I feel that watching your youtube channel has really helped me do that on the water.

  • hooligan237
    hooligan237 2 months ago

    hey, swing on over to here and read the comments

  • Joey W Edgerton
    Joey W Edgerton 2 months ago

    hey jon the rods you made , you said they would be out online 3 weeks from oct 25 well it has been more than 3 weeks and i live in Ontario Canada on a strict budget so i cant just go to one of the cabellas you sell them at .... basically im asking when these rod actually come out online

  • Zach Martin
    Zach Martin 2 months ago

    Hey man have you ever thought about fishing the Flaming Gorge in Wyoming/Utah? It's so beautiful here and you'll never catch a bigger trout! It seems like something you might try. There are guides in the fishing resort town of Dutch John who will gladly tell you how to destroy trout on a day-by-day, hour-by-hour basis. You would have a great time and make a bitchin' video. Please look into it. I know you're famous, but please don't hesitate to contact me for details.

  • chris grunig
    chris grunig 2 months ago

    Hey Jon if you would mention my name which is chris in your next video it would mean the world to me

  • striking TV
    striking TV 2 months ago

    i am seth 11 years old i am new to youtube i watch your channel ever day i love to fish thank you for making me want to fish and become better at fishing

  • Adam Raby
    Adam Raby 2 months ago

    you should collab with Old Lady Angler and do some fishing in the yak.

  • Jayden Allen
    Jayden Allen 2 months ago

    Thanks John! Your vlog's are great and I'm slowly learning. Mabey some more 'favourite' unboxing videos would be awesome.

  • Kingfisher
    Kingfisher 2 months ago

    Hey Jon, I am a big fan and I am starting a fishing youtube channel, and was wondering if maybe you could give me a shout out in a upcoming video.

  • S.A.L Produc
    S.A.L Produc 2 months ago

    hey man could u give me and my mates a shout out

  • Logan Van Overloop
    Logan Van Overloop 2 months ago

    Whats up man. I live in Illinois about an hour from chicage. Im 18 and am a member at a shooting/fishing club. Except that hardly anyone fishes there and it is private. There are a bunch of huge bass there! even a few 5 pounders. But maily 3+. also there are tons crappie there and every one is over 11 inches. I know tha place would be awesome for a boat/shore fishing video or a sick ice fishing video. So if you are ever back home you can text me at 224-532-0559 or email me at you can take some googans with you too! The bass in my picture was caught on a small overflow from the lake

  • yeej thoj
    yeej thoj 2 months ago

    Can you catch a moon fish

  • airjmc87
    airjmc87 2 months ago

    New lure experiment for next time?

  • Nik Hilarides
    Nik Hilarides 2 months ago

    gopro karma or dji phantom 4?

  • RocketsHockey46
    RocketsHockey46 2 months ago

    Hey Jon. I love your vids. Could you come to the Cabela's in St. Louis next weekend? I am hoping to be there and get your new rod

  • Sponsor Philipe
    Sponsor Philipe 2 months ago

    anyone know what happened to Gary the bass?

  • Logan Williams
    Logan Williams 2 months ago

    hey john whats your po box because i have something really cool to send you

  • Danny Marshall
    Danny Marshall 2 months ago

    Jon B. What is wrong with the BANJO MINNOW!!! Growing up it catch fish everywhere I went. My go to bait. Hooks were not real good. I still have some. That is what all the soft plastic swim baits are.

  • Matthew Armbrustmacher

    Jon! The kids on my block, including my 7 year old, LOVE your vids. You're clean, informational and we learn a ton as amateur fishermen! Make some kids' sized t-shirts, we'd buy several!

  • Military Sniper
    Military Sniper 2 months ago

    will you be selling them again

  • Military Sniper
    Military Sniper 2 months ago

    fuck i didnt get a red braclet

  • JMFishing
    JMFishing 3 months ago

    Sup Jon, just wondering if you ever find yourself in Michigan, hit me up. My buddy and I just started our youtube channel and it would be cool to film with you. Let me know so we can hook you up with some salmon. All the best.

  • Jon Barrick
    Jon Barrick 3 months ago


  • Jon Barrick
    Jon Barrick 3 months ago


  • James Duvall
    James Duvall 3 months ago

    thanks for making amazing videos you are a great inspiration and I for sure will never stop fishing

  • James Duvall
    James Duvall 3 months ago

    hey jon.b i was wondering if you would ever be able to come to Oregon to do some fishing and maybe do a video i know a ton of great spots and since i live in bend which is in central Oregon it is world class fishing

  • Shawn Urban
    Shawn Urban 3 months ago

    PUBG!!! a few games?

  • will mccoy
    will mccoy 3 months ago

    do you want to be second best to lunckerstv???????? cause your almost there

  • Kevin Zeh
    Kevin Zeh 3 months ago

    I think the googan squad should go to one of the big rivers like the Ohio or Mississippi and try to catch monster blue or flathead catfish.

  • 1968Dmiller
    1968Dmiller 3 months ago

    Jon B love all you do. From Champaign, IL and was wondering where you filmed the Striper Mayhem episode and time of the year. Great stuff!!! Denver

  • Chris sucks at Fishing

    Nothing like using someone else's tragedy to get more views! Seriously think about how shitty that is. People are still dying because of destruction from the various hurricanes, but your first fucking thought is "ILL THROW HURRICANE IN MY TITLE AND GET SO MUUUCH MONEY!" Fuck you. There are people dying you fucking piece of shit, and you go try to make money off it. I hope some tragedy hits you soon so that retarded fucking youtubers can make clickbait videos using your pain and suffering.

  • Thomas De Brizzi Jr
    Thomas De Brizzi Jr 3 months ago

    You should write a book....." Diary of Jon B." " A story of a boys journey through fishing"I am a new fisherman age 69....reading a book now .. "What fish don't want u to know"I think a lot of young people would buy it!

  • Jeremy Smith
    Jeremy Smith 3 months ago

    Why dont you keep any of the fish you catch?

  • Lukas Jouck
    Lukas Jouck 3 months ago

    Hey what is the reel you're using al the time?

  • T_C Fishing
    T_C Fishing 3 months ago

    Hey Jon! Love your videos! If ur ever planning ur next holiday come to Australia. Majority of our freshwater fish are practically targeted the same way bass are in America. An example being the Murray Cod which can grow 5'9" in certain conditions. Similar Lures are Spinnerbaits and topwater lures. Other species include Barramundi, Australian bass, Golden perch, Bream and many others. Just a thought and keep up the good work on your videos!

  • ggonguet
    ggonguet 3 months ago

    Man, i could just slap you watching your Africa vids, as much as i enjoyed the editing it's about time you god damn read my comments. IF YOU WANT TO CATCH THE GT OF YOUR LIFETIME AS WELL AS MANY GIANTS, DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND GO FISH IN OMAN

  • LoganLuckyGoliath
    LoganLuckyGoliath 4 months ago

    P.S. Love the videos

  • LoganLuckyGoliath
    LoganLuckyGoliath 4 months ago

    Hey jon my name is logan, I was wondering if u were interested in coming up to my place to catch some solid trout on the fly

  • JD
    JD 4 months ago

    are you still alive

  • JD
    JD 4 months ago
    an amazon product used your picture

  • Tyler Damouth
    Tyler Damouth 4 months ago

    Hey bro if you ever get a chance to come back to southwest mi let me know ive got a lot of great spots that produce monsters!

  • Dusty Vance
    Dusty Vance 4 months ago

    big fan, watch all of your videos. I live in Midwestern ohio. id love to have you fish the creeks here with me. everytime I go I catch multiple 4 to 6 lb smallies within 30 minutes. I have go pro videos and a channel as well to verify. hope this gets to you!dusty

  • Jayb3r33l1ng Huang
    Jayb3r33l1ng Huang 4 months ago

    Yo, Jon B. I think a seller in Amazon used you as their product picture to advertise their lure.
    Here is the website, I am not sure if you gave them permission.

  • Austin Molina
    Austin Molina 4 months ago

    hey john what did u major in college for?

  • 3 MUSKIE
    3 MUSKIE 4 months ago

    Hey Jon would you consider subscribing to my channel...Im doing well boating Muskies but not so well getting subscribers on my channel...Thanks Jon!

  • EvenSteven
    EvenSteven 4 months ago

    dude your subscription number is the devils 666

  • Bobby Lowery
    Bobby Lowery 4 months ago

    hey Jon

  • monohuebs
    monohuebs 4 months ago

    Hey Jon, watched a video and the guy put Alka-Seltzer in a tube to give it bubbles and wiggle the tails. Made me think that you could use a small pump with a needle or even a syringe to inject air into a senko or other soft bait to make it stand up and possibly bubble for a different presentation. Ever played done anything like that? Seems like the next iteration in soft bait fishing is injecting air/sent/attractant into a soft bait. Thoughts?

  • Thomas De Brizzi Jr
    Thomas De Brizzi Jr 4 months ago

    Hey Jon..just a comment. I am 69 years old and just took up fresh water fishing last year..luv it!
    I watch ur site every day.
    Comment I want to make Is that besides your travel, antics etc..I want to learn something so if u can always state the line u use, rig etc....I enjoy your video taping and the music just want to ;learn something as well...for me at my age time is running out (hopefully a long time yet).

  • Barry Roberts
    Barry Roberts 4 months ago

    When you gonna post some more and new Creek Smallies vids?

  • Kate Znamenacek
    Kate Znamenacek 5 months ago

    do more multi spieces chalenges

  • CentralIllinoisAngling

    Jon, do you ever fish Central IL when you're back home? I'm 2 hours south of downtown Chi.

  • Luke Kaiser
    Luke Kaiser 5 months ago

    Is there a spot we can purchase merch from the Googan crew? Lunkers, Ap, JonB.....etc? Would love a T-Shirt or something

  • jakob spoor
    jakob spoor 5 months ago

    hey will you visit oscoda and ill take you were you can catch a 10 pounder with a popper frog i baught a cart load of fishing stuff at goodwill a pack of fake worm, lizards, garlic strik king cray fish, jig trailers all that good stuff :)$$$

    BRADY BECKER 5 months ago

    Hey Jon I literally just thought of this a Carolina reaper fishing challenge. So what u do is order a few Carolina reapers and then either put the whole pepper on the hook or a little bit of it on the hook. And also try to eat one:) every one like this if u agree

  • leia saunderss
    leia saunderss 5 months ago

    Hey jon I dont know what the chances of you actually reading this are but i wanted to let you know that my girlfriend and I have both acquired a keen taste for fishing recently. that can be accredited towards you!! we went out got our fishing licenses, already have fished a few places in our area which is roanoke va and itsfucking terrible, but either way we got rods, lures, so on and so fourth all because of you.
    anyway, were planning a fishing trip down to texas, also due to you! haha, and we plan on going down sometime next year, can you suggest any spots to check out, and also suggest best fishing times of the year in that area? it would be greatly appreciated. weve been practicing our skills quite a bit but havnt got much progress seeing as nothings really biting in roanoke right now. at least now with the resources we have. we have to bank fish and we always get snagged. like literally all the time which is a shitty feeling because we dont want to leave trash in the water so if you had suggestions for that as well it would help. if you read this and respond we would be so grateful

  • chris ireland
    chris ireland 5 months ago

    hey Jon I'm thinking about starting up fishing channel here on youtube and I need to know what type of equipment I have to get in order to this if you get please get back to me on this as soon as you can I would greatly appreciate it.... you are by far one my most favorite youtuber who makes fishing videos.

    • Brian Baird
      Brian Baird 4 months ago

      Most of his vids will have a link to what he is using to film. Just got to look in the descriptions.

  • Reed Finseth
    Reed Finseth 5 months ago

    Hey Jon, I just recently started watching you and you have already become one of my favorite youtubers and have inspired me so much. I am from Mississippi and want to send an open invite to you and the entire googan squad to come and do some of the best pond fishing in the state. I went this morning and pulled out 14 bass in one hour. No dinks and one was over four pounds. Thank you for everything.

  • Wyatt Williams
    Wyatt Williams 5 months ago

    do some big swim bait and glide bait fishing soon i enjoyed those videos

  • Mathias Haugen
    Mathias Haugen 5 months ago

    Hey Jon, where can I get your hoodies? Do you have a website where I can purchase them? Keep on doing your awesome videos!

  • Colton Diefenderfer
    Colton Diefenderfer 5 months ago

    you are a weeeeeeeeeeek behind

  • Diego Elizarraraz
    Diego Elizarraraz 5 months ago

    I used to live near until you moved

  • Diego Elizarraraz
    Diego Elizarraraz 5 months ago

    Hey Jon my birthday is coming up and I was wondering if you can come back to Illinois for my birthday so we can go fishing

  • David Wentling
    David Wentling 5 months ago

    I don't know if you read these comments but here it goes. You are a lucky man doing this as a profession. I really enjoy your videos and enjoy that you try all styles of fishing. Seeing you go and try new styles of fishing, whether it be in England, California fly fishing, or even back to creeks you been before and trying different things, it is really inspiring. Watching your videos and the areas you go fishing in make me want to just leave and go fish. The Googan Squad and friends of the squad help pass the time on my watches; however your videos make me want to go fish. I would enjoy it if there was ever a time I could just spend a day or two fishing with you. You seem like you know how and where to fish and can make any fishing day fun. Anyways; thank you for the videos and the fun personality. Keep it up.

  • Cole huffman
    Cole huffman 5 months ago

    hey jon do you have merch

  • darwon132
    darwon132 5 months ago

    whats your favorite crankbait to use

  • Sharon Flatte
    Sharon Flatte 6 months ago

    i am in dalles

  • bcfishing
    bcfishing 6 months ago

    i wanna see chapter 9!

  • Jesus Rojano
    Jesus Rojano 6 months ago

    hi jon when is your next time you will be fishing in humboldt park because i saw when you you where doing skits for mtb you and kvd ran to the park

  • dallasgoldbug
    dallasgoldbug 6 months ago

    Seems like you are on the right trail. Take a look at my channel, I think you will find it informative.

  • ADNS Pesca com Caiaque

    Inscrito, canal muito bom, gostaria de convidar a conhecer meu humilde canal
    fantastic, Admitted, very good channel, I would like to invite to meet my humble channel

  • [S]-Spencer Knowles
    [S]-Spencer Knowles 6 months ago

    Hey Jon, you should get up to northern New England, the Striper fishing is hot right now.

  • boreales beers
    boreales beers 6 months ago

    hello i am boreales and i like your videos i love bass i live in france and there are no flugs can you give names of flugs pleas or send some flugs too me lol i love you bro

  • mrborrowedtime
    mrborrowedtime 6 months ago

    Jon, you got lots of talent & the gift of gab/narration; funny, well timed, & interesting. you're gonna go far young man! - subscribed.

  • Chris Bak
    Chris Bak 6 months ago

    got your email; will try that

  • Chris Bak
    Chris Bak 6 months ago

    Hey Jon. There's a young rising fishing star that I think you would appreciate meeting. What's the best way to contact you to discuss in detail?

  • InsideMoney Fox
    InsideMoney Fox 6 months ago

    Jon you should DEFINATLY come to hopkinsville KY im not kinding some of our lake have Large Mouth and least 4 and a half
    feet and carp mabey 5 feet and some huge CATS

  • Vern Hall
    Vern Hall 6 months ago

    Favorite Fishing TVclipr. Dude keep up the epic videos. Hoping one day I catch the fish like you!! That being said any tips on TN hot summer bass fishing. How would you fish in the hot extreme temps??

  • Bass Master
    Bass Master 6 months ago

    You ever fish Northern Ontario? Or think about fishing it? You wouldn't be disappointed and it would make a wicked video. Between the scenery and quality and quantity of fish you can't go wrong

  • ggonguet
    ggonguet 6 months ago

    Hey Jon, You guys should save some money and just head on down to Oman, fishing season there is starting up and you will get a chance at your dream GT ;) + tonnes of other monsters. check NBO Oman out

  • Jason Davidson
    Jason Davidson 6 months ago

    Hey I love your videos they have taught me a lot about fishing,but I was wondering what's the best setup for a jig?

  • Putera Amirul
    Putera Amirul 6 months ago

    Hey jon! i am your biggest fan, im just asking if you can let me own 1 of your casting reel. I appreciate if you can give me one, email me when you want to support me. Thanks.

  • Benjamin Cushing
    Benjamin Cushing 6 months ago

    you should go deep sea fishing in the north of norway and while your there make sure to go fishing for some monster salmon in the rivers!!!

  • Loki Ogie
    Loki Ogie 6 months ago

    Hey man, was just wondering what video editing software you use or what program is it?

    • hd fishing
      hd fishing 6 months ago

      he uses adobe premier i think

  • James Marshall
    James Marshall 6 months ago

    Hey Jon, I wanna buy a bait caster and not sure witch one to get can you help me out and tell me witch one you recommend

  • Ohio Ohio 6 months ago

    Hey what type of fishing would like to learn CatfishCreek fishing -not bassOr just bassfishing

  • Big Moe Medina
    Big Moe Medina 6 months ago

    Hi Jon! I have a big dilema between braid and Mono which i think braid is winning the battle but how bout copolymer? Have you used it before? I would to hear your opinion about it. Peace out!

  • Allen Stellabotte
    Allen Stellabotte 6 months ago

    looking to get a new rod and reel. It would have to be a bait caster and I do a little bit of everything from plastic worms crank baits and frogs time to time. I don't want to spend a arm and leg so have any suggestions?

  • Carson Heard
    Carson Heard 7 months ago

    Does anyone know what songs he uses?

  • Nick Marziliano
    Nick Marziliano 7 months ago

    Hey Jon, Have you ever fished the San Joaquin River in Fresno County, California

  • Caleb Reinhold
    Caleb Reinhold 7 months ago

    Dig your channel bro. I fly fish off of Adler Planetarium all the time. Used to film a lot in New England and Miami. Wanting to put together something. Let me know if you're in town. Vimeo = FP Media.

  • motion of fishing
    motion of fishing 7 months ago

    hello Jon, I was wondering if you could give me any advice for my youtube channel
    I just started my fishing channel so I'm new at this

  • 4 wheelers 4 life
    4 wheelers 4 life 7 months ago


  • Rylan T.
    Rylan T. 7 months ago

    hey Jon b if u read this I have wached all your vids ope to grow up like you some day also if you ever need zoom bait my dad works there and could get you some

  • Trace Adams
    Trace Adams 7 months ago

    Hey Jon B.! I was wondering what your email is because TVclip is acting up and it wont show your business email

  • Sidney Crosby Jr.
    Sidney Crosby Jr. 7 months ago

    Hi Jon, my name is David but my TVclip channel is named Georgia Boi. You inspired me to start vloging and doing videos on youtube. I am messaging you to ask if you would subscribe to my channel and start texting me on google hangouts so we can keep in touch. you can text me on hangouts at Georgia Boi. So as always keep fishing, never stop. And I hope to be hearing from you on google hangouts.

    JORDAN HIGHTOWER 7 months ago

    Ehy Jon B whatsup . I'm not much of a bass fisherman, I'm more of a catfishing kinda guy and I was wondering if u would ever wanna come to Arkansas and maybe we both do a bass fishing and catfishing video. I have two friends that bass fish tournaments all over the south and they would love for you to join us and come help us make our first real Vlog.

  • MBNOutdoors NB
    MBNOutdoors NB 7 months ago

    Hey Mr.B now I am aware that you get this a lot, but I have started my own channel and just curious what type of software you would recomend to use to edit videos. All I use is go pros to shoot my vids. I do use the go pro app atm but in need of something better. Thanks a lot and you are the reason I started recording my fishing trips. thanks again! from your friendly neighbour in Canada.

  • NS KL
    NS KL 7 months ago

    Hey Jon! How are you? This is KENTA from JAPAN. I love your video, creative and cool one, I love movie-like video! I'm sure that your video is the best of all! I hope I could enjoy your next movie soon! Take care!

  • Texas Outdoors
    Texas Outdoors 7 months ago

    Hey Jon B. I have been watching your video since i was able to. You inspired me to start my own fishing channel. Can you check it out and see what you think. If not i will understand

  • tacos4every1
    tacos4every1 7 months ago

    Jon were you at the sabine river by toledo bend today? 6/11/2017. If not i saw a guy that looked just like you.

  • Mack Attack Outdoors
    Mack Attack Outdoors 7 months ago

    i live in Dallas, and i have a secret spot that i have to sneak into. If you can come than just respond. I have a TVclip channel, and i would love for you to be in a vid.

  • Bill
    Bill 7 months ago

    Jon, my nine-year-old grandson, an avid fisherman, used to play video games or watch TVclip on games and such. The other day, I found him watching your videos. He's one of your biggest fans now. In fact, he got me hooked (so to speak) and I subscribed. For your age, you are unbelievably talented and have a great presence on camera. Your family must be very proud of you. I look forward to your next creations. But, please, no more comments about "old man shoes". Some of us wear Nike's and Van's (LOL).

  • Jesse Cushman
    Jesse Cushman 7 months ago

    jon do more vids with grant

  • FL Bassin
    FL Bassin 7 months ago

    hey jon b i got some good ponds in orlando fl about 15 minutes away for disney my brother just caught a 10 pounder out of one yesterday we love your vids and think your a huge inspration dm my on instagram if you want to hit up some ponds darrinzurita ig

  • LUNKER HUNTERS Penn • Jersey Bass Club

    Hey man love the videos. I was just wondering what your favorite editing software was? I wanna start making some videos but haven't found a good program I like yet.

  • Keith Anderson
    Keith Anderson 7 months ago

    Hey Jon B., random thought but do you guys have any stickers? If y'all do let me know, id be more than happy to put it on my truck.

  • Ohio Ohio 7 months ago

    Hey I'm a big fane my biggest fish is a 5.75lb large mouth and 2lb small mouth

  • RyanTheDino
    RyanTheDino 7 months ago

    Hi there Jon. B! I love your videos, and I love fishing myself. I have a suggestion on an amazing place you should go. I'm here in Colorado, and there is a large river called Chatfield that I think you would be interested in. There is also the South Platte, and that's where I catch juicy bass. Have a good day!

    • Bill
      Bill 7 months ago

      Ryan, I've fished at Chatfield a couple times and came back empty handed. Can you give me some ideas on where the best fishing is there? What kind of fish are in the lake. I know there are some bass and trout, but are there any catfish or Crappie? Thanks.

  • Jesse Griffin
    Jesse Griffin 7 months ago

    hey jon b i live in the north east heard youre coming up maybe we could go fly fishing

  • EJ Ward
    EJ Ward 7 months ago

    DALLAS Trophy Largemouth: Jon, you might want to take a trip over to Fort Worth for some outstanding bass fishing. The Trinity River runs throughout the area. You will experience excellent fishing. I have detailed information on the better areas to fish. i enjoy your videos. Well done. Thanks.

  • Fish Bros
    Fish Bros 7 months ago

    Hey Jon, I have put a comment on your most recent video but i just wanted to get it out that i would really LOVE it if you made a Netflix series on the Googan Squad cause I've watched all of your videos that i can get ahold of.
    harry fisher

  • JRD Fishing
    JRD Fishing 8 months ago

    What's your last name

  • Gahir13
    Gahir13 8 months ago

    Hey Jon B. you said in one of your videos that you lived in IL, I just moved to IL from MI and would like to know some good spots to fish for bass, I live in the NW suburbs of Chicago.

    • Gahir13
      Gahir13 8 months ago

      If anyone knows where i can do some good fishing in the area of the NW suburbs that would also be helpful.

  • Jesse Griffin
    Jesse Griffin 8 months ago

    Hey Jon B would you please check your email please i sent you something.

  • Daniel cowan
    Daniel cowan 8 months ago

    hey jon i had just made a acount just to subscribe to you and apbassen i hope you get to read all of this and hope you have a wounderfull day

  • Cutler Walsh
    Cutler Walsh 8 months ago

    Jon could you go like tuna fishing or something like that, that would make an awesome video!!! Love you vids, keep up the good work!

  • Davide D'Auria
    Davide D'Auria 8 months ago

    John you should come in italy for some adventure fishing ;)

  • Big Boy Bass Fishing
    Big Boy Bass Fishing 8 months ago

    hey guys im new to youtube videos can yall please give me some tips and help me out thank yall also i watch this channel everyday great stuff

  • Fish Free
    Fish Free 8 months ago

    Hey Jon B, Do you have a business email that you can be reached at?

  • logan morton
    logan morton 8 months ago

    Googan squad needs to have tournament at farm 13/stick marsh in fellsmere, fl. just fished it, lots of big bass to be had.

  • Quit the *itchin and keep on fishin

    awesome videos just subscribed to your channel. I just started mine and am trying to build it check it out. With summer coming there will be some nice videos thanks.

  • william armstrong
    william armstrong 8 months ago

    hey jon.B whats the best bait or lure to use for trout fishing? plz let me know thanks

  • mDogtheInexperiencedFisherman - Martha's Vineyard

    Jon B, I was just directed to your channel from a fishing friend and I have to say your videos rock. I just started fishing a year and a half ago and have started sharing my journey as I learn along the way. I have zero editing skill but have managed to throw some stuff together. I'll be watching much more of your stuff for its entertainment value and constructive value as I hope it will help me learn how to edit my work in order to appeal to a larger audience. Thanks for what you do and sharing our passion of fishing with the world. If you have any tips for a beginner I would greatly appreciate it. And if you ever make it to Martha's Vineyard give me a shout out, maybe we could wet a line together. Rock on.

  • Dalton Burton
    Dalton Burton 8 months ago

    hey Jon B just wondering if you ever look at viewer snapchats?

  • sean holland
    sean holland 8 months ago

    Hey Jon B. Add me on snapchat. sean-holland546. Lets talk fishing !!?!?!?

  • Forrest Emery
    Forrest Emery 8 months ago

    Hey man, love your videos and Instagram. I'm from West Palm beach Florida and I grew up catching all kinds of exotic fish and one of my all time favorites was catching Peacock Bass. I gotta ask if you plan on taking a trip down to get some seriously tight lines. If you would like a suggestion I was out of lake worth West Palm Beach and I grew up on a canal that connected to a park called John Prince park which is notorious for big peacock. Also, a fun, crazy fish to catch by the Everglades in those same canals are alligator gars. My personal challenge for you is to beat my pb of 6 feet 2 inches. Once again keep up the dedication, "keep fishing" and keep the passion for the sport.

  • Ross Buerger
    Ross Buerger 8 months ago

    If you're wondering about the music used in the never stop tour one of the specific songs is "typical day at the office" by Akryl

  • TheHerb
    TheHerb 8 months ago

    Congratz on 500,000!!!!!!!!!!! Hope to be an eighth as good as u one day brother!

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    Lach Myers 8 months ago

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  • June_bug_ basser
    June_bug_ basser 8 months ago

    Hey Jon b I was wandering if you have ever fished in mobile Alabama if not it would be a great place to catch a p.b no doubt man I caught mine just a few days ago at 8.16 giants down here bro. If u and the hogan squad ever decide to come down let me know and I'll show u were the studs are

  • Tyler Drew
    Tyler Drew 9 months ago

    Hey man saw you were fishing with Lawson Lindsey. I fish in the Jupiter area and you gotta come down here and fish the inlet for some monster snook in the summer time. I got a 27ft SeaHunt if u guys wanted to come down here and get on some monster snook.

  • duck Gage
    duck Gage 9 months ago

    By the way it would be not the west coast of idaho

  • Christian Oelschig
    Christian Oelschig 9 months ago

    Where can u get the bags that Peric made

  • royal.bassing
    royal.bassing 9 months ago

    Hey Jon. I just want you to know that the quality of your videos and the knowledge you possess have inspired me to make my own channel. I am slowly paving my own path in becoming a better fisherman and I strive to be as good as you one day. I have joined rochester bassmaster this year and I will be fishing tournaments soon!!!! June 24 and 25th is my first tournament!!!! I want to be an inspiration like yourself. I am an ED nurse and I see so many terrible things happen to people and not only has your videos brought back a deeming quality of peace back to my life but I also want to impact the community in a positive way like you have. Thank you.

  • Braydon Mack
    Braydon Mack 9 months ago

    Hey Jon B. What do you think is the best all around casting rod for bass fishing

  • Zeke O.
    Zeke O. 9 months ago

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  • Curran Cobb
    Curran Cobb 9 months ago

    Please tell me where in the hell that Fisherman's Heaven video was filmed in Austin. Im from there and have yet to have a badass day bass fishing there. would love a good spot to go to next time a go there to visit my parents.

  • 1guy1rodFishing
    1guy1rodFishing 9 months ago

    Hey Jon b. Im trying to start my fishing channel so a shoutout would be awsome plz

  • Cole Maxson
    Cole Maxson 9 months ago

    Hey Jon B. ever since i started watching your music it has just made become much more interested in bass fishing with me being a cat fisherman. But if you would happen to see this comment i would love you to make a bass fishing tip video were you can show what jigs or lures you use in certain types of areas. i would love you to make a video like that for me and other viewers to get some knowledge on what to throw on on your pole in what kind of areas.
    Thanks, Cole Maxson

  • JC Outdoors
    JC Outdoors 9 months ago

    hey at 1:22 in the never stop tour episode 5 there is a sick song, what is it?

  • Matt Noell
    Matt Noell 9 months ago

    Interested in what kind of cam you are using. Some of your shots look head-mounted. Keep up the good work.

  • kennyt8016
    kennyt8016 9 months ago

    what GoPro cameras and set up do you recommend to use for chest mounts, head mounts, and tripod mounts. I live in Lawton Fort Sill, OK. I'm wanting to post vids of my fishing here for family, friends, and any and all viewers of fishing video's for this area. Thanks

  • joel m gonzalez
    joel m gonzalez 9 months ago

    i have a challenge to the googansquad i dont see this in your videos cast a bass blind before you throw the rod then your blind partner have to catch the fish with the nest first team wins likes this to see this challenge came true be the first to doit

  • 2GuysYakin
    2GuysYakin 9 months ago

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  • Jack Erickson
    Jack Erickson 9 months ago

    Yo what´s good Jon. I´m from Crystal Lake IL.and attend Prairie Ridge high school. I know you are from around here due to the lakes you hit up. I was wondering if you might wanna disclose the locations you go to and might wanna hit the ponds with my friends and me if you are back in town anytime soon. Thanks

  • Bret Dannis
    Bret Dannis 9 months ago

    Jon B. im from Illinois and lookin for some quality spots... any suggestions?

  • David Battley
    David Battley 9 months ago

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  • MattyBfishing
    MattyBfishing 9 months ago

    Hey I have a question. I couldn't figure out how to individually message you, so that's why it's on here. I'm stationed at Ft. Drum, and some of the guys and I are big fans. I was wondering if you could give me a little insight. So I personally only have two rods. One is a abu black maxx, 6:4:1, and the other is a quantum axil 5:0:1. Which one of these should I put braid on? All we do is bass fish and I had Berkely vanish on the black maxx and then I put 12lb braid on the black maxx but I think something's wrong, because every so seldom, it'l bird nest, but it'l knot up. I've never had this issue with Fluro or mono on it. We're going on a fishing trip tomorrow, and I'm trying to get my setup straight. Anything helps.

  • samuel Nye
    samuel Nye 9 months ago

    hi! I was just wondering what editing app you use? I'm starting my own youtube channel and I love your videos!

  • rihan asghar
    rihan asghar 9 months ago

    Hi Jon B.
    Please post the tackle you used for tiger fishing in Zambia.

  • Deerhunter6901
    Deerhunter6901 9 months ago

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  • Andrew Thompson
    Andrew Thompson 9 months ago

    if you are around texas check out texas fly caster on youtube. I am from Massachusetts and the one thing i wish i could see more was fly fishing on your channel, you seem interested, but it could be the gateway to all of the new species you talk about wanting to fish. I fly fish for 90% of the fish i catch (after a year and a half of fishing) I catch bass, crappie, trout, pike, etc. get it going dude, its fun!

  • Adam O'Connor
    Adam O'Connor 9 months ago

    Also, what is your email for subscribers to contact you?

  • Adam O'Connor
    Adam O'Connor 9 months ago

    What video editing program do you use, because I highly doubt you use TVclip video editor?

  • Zameer Sardiwalla
    Zameer Sardiwalla 9 months ago

    Hey Jon b my name is Zameer. I love in South Africa. I look forward to all of your videos. I enjoy bass fishing and hope to become as awesome as you. I would like to ask you if you could pls send me down lures for bass fishing I hardly have any lures thank you

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  • Garrett Snell
    Garrett Snell 10 months ago

    Hey Jon B. Looking to get a new Shimano Stradic for saltwater striper fishing, but I am torn between the Ci4 and FK both in the 3000 size. I've searched all over and am looking for an experts opinion. Which one would you go with?

  • awesome tatertot
    awesome tatertot 10 months ago

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  • nick glenn
    nick glenn 10 months ago

    you should come to maryland where my buddy and i fish , some serious fish in our farm ponds

  • SecondStrikeFishing
    SecondStrikeFishing 10 months ago

    Yo Jon I'm sure you don't have to worry about budget much but Walmart has some high quality crank baits and jigs on a crazy sale right now not sure if it's the same in Texas maybe you and the squad could check it out. Anyway thanks for the dope beats and even doper fishing vids. Peace

  • Flip N' Fishin
    Flip N' Fishin 10 months ago

    Hey Jon I'm looking for a very inexpensive camera for fishing. Do you have any suggestions for a good inexpensive camera just to start off with until I can afford something like a gopro?

  • Brian Bower
    Brian Bower 10 months ago

    Hey man saw your video where you took a trip to the shennendoah valley. If you are ever back around that way again, I know a native brook trout stream that is a blast to fly fish.

  • LeejohnnatonFen Los Xaiyasang

    Hey, Jon B. I have a question and I was wondering if you may help me out. So I've been thinking about getting a baitcast reel and I've been looking at the "Shimano Curado 70 Baitcast Reel" and I was wondering what do you think? Also which Shiamno would you recommend? Thank you Jon. B

  • Finesse THE BEST
    Finesse THE BEST 10 months ago

    Hay Jon, i'm wondering if you have ever fished on cape cod, their are slammer striper you can catch off of pee town, some like 50 to 52 inches. Now i don't live their but I go down their like once a year in June. We used sand eal like bait or if their not biting that we use bottom bouncers that we troll behind us with metal wire. IF U HAVEN'T U SHOULD MAKE A VID THEIR. but i would do your research, i haven't been their for almost a whole year, so don't take my word of advise

  • azam ansari
    azam ansari 10 months ago

    Slip bobber R.S Pakistan

  • Fox River Lures and Rods

    Looking to add prostaff to our company. Our product line targets the next generation of fishermen and women. You Tube is a great avenue. Let me know if you would be interested in talking.

  • hecrunchedit327
    hecrunchedit327 10 months ago

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  • The tutorial Man
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  • The tutorial Man
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    • Corey Hartshorne
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      Got my shirt and it fits and feels great. Thank your shipping team for keeping me updated on the status of the order every step of the way.

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  • Fishing and Fossils
    Fishing and Fossils 10 months ago

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    John Michael Hayde 10 months ago

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  • Nick_TheMadFisherman
    Nick_TheMadFisherman 10 months ago

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  • Rikktor123
    Rikktor123 10 months ago

    Hey man love the channel. Noticed you guys slaying some largies in Texas, mad props. I'm in Houston, way down in south Texas, Lake Houston is a big beautiful lake with some real monsters getting caught on the day-low, I doubt you visit your fans just to hang out and fish, but if you ever find yourself in Texas again you won't wanna miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity. Hit me up on my channel if you want some more info. Stay fly and keep filming, peace.

  • Joyce Brookins
    Joyce Brookins 10 months ago

    hey jon b. what was the biggest fish you ever caught. min was a 59 inch sturgeon and i am 11. PS love your vids.

  • joe balentine
    joe balentine 10 months ago

    hey Jon b just wanted to say thank you for posting these videos. they have really helped me learn and understand how to fish.

  • James Tomeny
    James Tomeny 10 months ago

    I noticed you were fishing in Central Texas, what river were you kayaking? Also feel free to message me back if you want to go fish any spots around Austin, or East Texas! I fish every day weekdays around Huntsville weekends around austin.

  • Brandon Widger
    Brandon Widger 10 months ago

    Hey Jon. I am currently a freshmen in college and have a speech on my "dream job" due next week. This speech requires an interview with someone in the field I would like to work in. So I was wondering if you could answer a few questions for me?

  • Chris Fleury
    Chris Fleury 10 months ago

    Just started watching yall this year and loving the content. But since you moved to TX and you do fish in the Austin area fom time to time i think yall should come back for a challenge! I always fish Micro, as in micro fly, micro spinning and spin cast setups. Would love to meet yall and fish with yall in the area. lets say same rod same reel same lb test. larget fish caught. I take every excuse to fish the area so yall should come hit up this area for the weekend.

  • Tradlife Outdoors
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    Hey Jon,
    What app do you use to edit your vids?

  • Zachary Hempsall
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