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  • Kimberly Taylor
    Kimberly Taylor 3 months ago

    At 3 million subs are you going to do a new intro and a new intro song Diamond Eyes - Everything and a face reveal?

  • Hola!!! les jumeaux Dorian et Sibyl

    Hello, It's okay. Your chain is great Come see mine 1 Like + 1 subscription

  • legendariy _thelegendfox112

    IM KYOOT -Dat kid 2018

  • Desire' Phelps
    Desire' Phelps 4 months ago

    Hey kyoot can u make another kids embarrasing parents?

  • bekahsaurusrex
    bekahsaurusrex 4 months ago

    channel rating 100/10

  • Anwa3 - ุงู†ูˆุงุน

    Kyoot chanel top and amen baby

  • willg8686
    willg8686 9 months ago

    why do you have no checkmark yet

  • ania johnson
    ania johnson Year ago

    did you change your channel name

  • Loopdy Loop
    Loopdy Loop Year ago

    By the way, if you dont know what Kyoot Kids means, it means Cute Kids. They just spelled it wierd

    • Kyoot
      Kyoot Year ago


  • B and J.R. films

    kyoot sorry im a small youtuber and i dont know how to make your copyright gone i dont know how to get rid of the add and im not gonna take money from the add and i would really like it if you dont copyright me for some thing i didnt know about

  • Mohamed hichmine

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  • Baby Items List
    Baby Items List Year ago

    Wonderful channel

  • veotj
    veotj 2 years ago

    why is this banned in denmark???

  • Thomas Riddle
    Thomas Riddle 2 years ago

    Y u cannot b in UK?

  • Mr Destroyer
    Mr Destroyer 2 years ago

    i dont even know why i bothered to watch something that sounded funny. btw i live in the uk :-[

  • You Babies
    You Babies 2 years ago

    Hi There!!! Greetings... I have subscribed your channel, it looks great. I have started a channel for my babies. I request you to visit my channel and help me to grow my channel by providing any tips and tricks. Also requesting you to subscribe my channel to keep in touch. Thanks a lot.

  • xxxNetrunnerxxx
    xxxNetrunnerxxx 2 years ago

    Is there a reason that you blocked your tube for Denmark? "The uploader has not made this video available in your country."

    • Schmock _
      Schmock _ 2 years ago

      its also blocked in germany

  • How To Make Sushi
    How To Make Sushi 2 years ago

    Wonderful channel๐Ÿ˜

  • RC Toys Adventure
    RC Toys Adventure 3 years ago

    Nice channel :-)

  • Tony Briggs
    Tony Briggs 3 years ago

    The video featuring the dog leaving after the baby poops is hilarious.

  • Adventure Twinz
    Adventure Twinz 3 years ago

    Would love if you subscribed to my twinz channel.

  • All for children
    All for children 3 years ago

    best channe

  • bosssmik
    bosssmik 3 years ago

    what is the theme song?

  • zamaz99
    zamaz99 3 years ago

    Can someone help me? I've been looking for a clip for ages. It appeared on AFV's 20th or 25th anniversary show (I think 20th). It's a little curly haired (brown hair) girl, maybe 2 or 3. She's sitting in front of a birthday cake and candles, blowing on the candles, and saying "Happy Day!" pfft (blows on candle) Happy Day!" pfft!" Thanks for any leads.

  • Akinori Giongawa
    Akinori Giongawa 3 years ago

    Very fun channel. Want a Jpn kid version.

  • Jack Israelson
    Jack Israelson 4 years ago


  • ื˜ื›ื ืื™ ืžื–ื’ื ื™ื ื‘ื™ืฉืจืืœ

    That's our family's favorite channel :)

  • Trane Francks
    Trane Francks 5 years ago

    Not allowed to watch your videos from Japan? How utterly bizarre. A big thumbs-down for that one!

  • Moca Latte
    Moca Latte 5 years ago

    love your videos please subscribe to my channel thanks xoxo