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  • cltinseattle1
    cltinseattle1 6 hours ago

    Yeah, my local guitar store has a 522ce 12-fret hanging on the wall that he's had more than a year. He even told me he'd take a few hundred off for me. I dream about that guitar but unless I win the lottery I just don't see it. These are amazing guitars. Thanks Chris.

  • sorencin
    sorencin 6 hours ago

    Chris is your opinion Wich is the better guitar the fsx5 or the acr5. In your opinion. Because nobody has any here in Michigan for me to A/B. Do you think the red label is the one to get over the acr5. Give your honest opinion Wich you would pick. If you would please thanks

  • Ariel Gomez
    Ariel Gomez 7 hours ago

    I hate how delusional people are.. an Epiphone will never sound like a Gibson. I’ve honestly have gone through it all. I’ve bought Epiphones, and upgraded pickups and hardware.. and never have I once obtained the tone of a Gibson. I own a Gibson now, and I would never go back to an Epiphone trying to achieve what it’s not. An Epiphone is good, but different. If you chase tone, I promise you, nothing compares to a Gibson. Maybe a luthiers replica, but they generally cost a lot too.

    PYROLYSIS 212 7 hours ago

    What happened to the grand symphony body shape, the 316, 516 etc?

  • Shawn Paddock
    Shawn Paddock 7 hours ago

    How would you compare the sfx5 to the Martin CEO 7?

  • Cat Sven
    Cat Sven 7 hours ago

    Here’s a serious statement.. I bought a good Honey burst beautiful Epiphone les Paul pro... After few hours !!! I was obsessed..Really loved it.. Someone brought me a Gibson studio to buy if i like it .. compared to the Epiphone STD pro .. By far I preferred the Epiphone in every single aspect .. Don’t know if my Epiphone is that good or all the series is a serious product but I would not change it for anything else .. I own a lot of American fenders.. it can’t be intimidated.. she sounds perfectly and the wood behave perfectly with changing places or seasons .. Maybe it’s about fame .. but I’m not shy to record and gig with it and celebrating it in the front of those pseudo-Gibs worshipers !!

  • Mario Bruneau
    Mario Bruneau 8 hours ago

    WTF tune it!

  • CoolCat
    CoolCat 9 hours ago

    So from both sound and playability (and holding the guitar) - what do you prefer, the 512 or the 514?

  • El Miguel
    El Miguel 9 hours ago

    Hi Chris, are any of these guitars American made ?? I have a problem buying stuff from China, Viet Nam etc. I try to keep it all American as possible.

  • 0719472
    0719472 11 hours ago

    Which one would you choose? 🤔

  • riproar11
    riproar11 11 hours ago

    I knew it! When I was in elementary school my mom bought my brother a small beginner acoustic guitar from China. Everyone in the family played expert piano, trumpet, violin, but none of us got anywhere trying to play that guitar.

  • TranceSFX
    TranceSFX 11 hours ago

    I like that - "don't sue us" disclaimer. Imagine that as a legal defense? Your honour, I was VERY clear in not wanting to be sued.

  • Herve van den Broeck
    Herve van den Broeck 11 hours ago

    I bought my Epiphone dot cherry 8 years ago and I am very happy with it. No quality problems. I have a good Vox amplifier and a Zoom G2nu... I get all kind of sounds i want for less than 1000€. Further more my Epiphone looks great. I am not a professional player so I have a lot of fun for that money.

  • Linkaplir derps
    Linkaplir derps 11 hours ago

    You can get ball end nylon strings and they work fine on steel string guitar

  • Michael Gibson
    Michael Gibson 14 hours ago

    I prefer the FSX830.

  • iplayball27
    iplayball27 14 hours ago

    put a set of nylon strings on it

  • Ivan Manko
    Ivan Manko 14 hours ago

    I realise it is a crappy guitar, but the high action and no dots thing is mostly part of a classical guitar.

  • Xaelith
    Xaelith 14 hours ago

    hey these guys must have gotten there bags done at the same place as the ones Bethesda sent out with the fallout 76 collectors edition

  • Aruesx
    Aruesx 14 hours ago

    Bidge ripping off gave me aniety

  • Sz Bognar
    Sz Bognar 15 hours ago

    Marvellous. I love them all. Did u notice there is no better or worse, the difference is in tone. The feeling, how these things make me feel when I play or write my own material, that might be different.

  • Randomman
    Randomman 15 hours ago

    Amazing intro

  • Louis Capuano
    Louis Capuano 16 hours ago

    solid state is NOT digital. Transistors are analog. Loudspeakers are analog. There may be digital signal processing inside these things but the input and output and amplification are analog.

  • RowdyMoon Magill
    RowdyMoon Magill 16 hours ago

    He didn't come out and say it but I assume with the modern Standard it has a PC Board?

  • Mr. Wolf
    Mr. Wolf 18 hours ago

    ha, if eric clapton had a love child with eric clapton, they'd call him cooper clapton [1:30]

  • Collin Glover
    Collin Glover 18 hours ago

    That little tune you played on the Taylor 12 string was pretty cool!

  • TBP 615
    TBP 615 19 hours ago

    I like my candy apple MIM Standard that I picked up for 400 with a hard case. I think it had a warmer sound than the Player in the side by side. That color though is nice.

  • jantestowy123
    jantestowy123 19 hours ago

    Reminds me of old russian guitar that I've stared with...

  • drie wiel
    drie wiel 21 hour ago

    You should have ordered the $41 luxury model.

  • Lee Gee
    Lee Gee 21 hour ago

    Hairy boi needs more ear and less showing off our of place speed

  • l7opy4uk
    l7opy4uk 21 hour ago

    I watched a tuning process like a horror movie. Heart almost stopped when I heard this crack sound. One of the scariest things I ever seen. Horror movies should step aside.

  • Chris Hirner
    Chris Hirner Day ago

    My daughter is 5 i think it will be ok 😂

  • Cal L
    Cal L Day ago

    I've always felt that mixing a good transducer like K&K with a good sound hole magnetic pickup gave the most usable tone. The Piezo can't seem hide itself no matter what you do. Definitely goo that you can order these without pickups, but that's just my feeling.

  • Sonny R
    Sonny R Day ago

    Still trying to convince us Gibson is better than Epiphone? Keep trying because that's all you can do. Epiphone all day long

  • ichtoza vuzovsky

    I learned on that guitar!

  • Backyard Blacksmith

    Damn, now I want a 3000$ guitar

  • Clayton Yendrey

    Played with the 327 , 517, and my 2002 310CE at the Babcock location today. Frankly the difference between them and my 310 was much greater than the difference between the 327 and 517. The 517 is slightly brighter, the 337 slightly warmer, but it is a subtle rather than dramatic variation. My 310 surprised be by having more “bottom” and slightly more sustain and being brighter as well. I attribute that to the age effect on its top plus the outstanding restoration work done by the Taylor factory when I sent it to them in 2008 (it was an Ebay find, badly abused by a luthier who wasn’t, and considered beyond repair by the local Taylor dealer). Educational, and I’m having a hard time to not obsess about the 327... 😎👍

  • Jake Hussey
    Jake Hussey Day ago

    bruh 8 min in and he still hasnt taken it out the box

  • Ender Gaming
    Ender Gaming Day ago

    The look in his eyes when the bridge started cracking. Sheer terror.

  • Apples & Oranges

    The Yamaha guitar sounds a lot warmer to my ears and a slightly bigger tone Fuller tone. The tailor sounds a little brighter and not quite as robust. both guitars are very well-balanced across the neck tonal Wise from lowest note to highest note. for my own preference I would probably buy the Yamaha. One of the things I liked about the Yamaha when I played it was the rolled edges on on the neck. This made it very comfortable to play and felt broken in it's like an old friend.

  • Daniel Elkovits

    The first person to want a bomb defusal suit while tuning a guitar.

  • Roman Villegas

    The cutaway version of this was my first guitar.

  • Satanic Panda
    Satanic Panda Day ago

    I bought my Rogue RA090 concert acoustic for 60 bucks and it does the job damn fine.

  • Thomas Patrick Parker

    Unlike electric guitars where the sound of the instrument really lies in your pickups and amps, acoustic guitars rely on the wood and construction to sound beautiful. Low end acoustics really do sound and feel completely different from high end ones such as Martin or Taylor.

  • Fragile, Please Handle With Care

    No control over that Gibson guitar sound, all I hear is a mud.

  • Mark Demars
    Mark Demars Day ago

    Sorry, I thought this was a short on the Sword Of Gondor. I’ll move along..

  • Due Season
    Due Season Day ago

    I think I'll buy 3 epiphone 200sce in 3 different colors before I shell out $5k for one guitar. Yes, thats what I'm going to do. You just sold 3 epiphones lol.

  • Chad Thorne
    Chad Thorne Day ago

    Based on the sound comparisons in this video, I'd have to say that I prefer my 2017 Standard D28. It's the real deal. We don't need no steenking carbon fiber bridge plate or liquid metal bridge pins...

  • Sachin Mukhedkar

    One of the best timbre guitar--Cordoba brand!! Sooo sweet.

  • A A
    A A Day ago

    Sounds the same.

  • Seth Oakes
    Seth Oakes Day ago

    Rogue 50 dollar guitar on amazon, 10x better than this trash at the same price basically.

  • Carter Owen
    Carter Owen Day ago

    "Don't you hate that? When you get a rusty G-String" That'ssss what she said

    WINSTONIAN Day ago

    It doesn't matter what guitar you're looking at. Plywood never compares to solid wood. Try looking at Seagull. The Maritime SWS is all solid wood for about $560 USD. I think that's just about the best you can get for the money (for a solid wood instrument), and the build quality is flawless.

  • Imaginary
    Imaginary Day ago

    My all mahogany model went bad very very quickly... over ten bad frets! but i love how this guitar sounds without the rasp

  • Michael Prince
    Michael Prince 2 days ago

    Thanks so much for the review. My ears always seem to prefer Martin and Gibson over Taylor. Lastly, I REALLY appreciate the line in comparisons. The condenser obviously sounds better, but I am shopping strictly for a live player and most reviews don’t plug them in!!

  • Stephen Smith
    Stephen Smith 2 days ago

    Martin, Taylor, and Gibson.

  • william carson
    william carson 2 days ago

    To my ears, the MIM and the MIA sounded very similar. Then the MIJ blew them outta the water. You can tell that Strat was not made for clean tones ☠️😎

  • Pharmer David
    Pharmer David 2 days ago I prefer the less expensive models, without neck binding, although the pickups and hardware might benefit from changing. My two LP Specials, from 1999/2000 don't have neck binding either, like the more expensive versions do. I like the "less is more" style of music AND guitar design. Now I need to get an SG Standard and SG Special, so I'll have both P-90 and humbucker version of both. They are so inexpensive, under $1K, and putting some money into pickups and hardware improvements can make a GREAT guitar. I also don't like the big, chunky rounded necks, much preferring the slim-taper, but not too slim. My 1999 LP Special is almost too thin, but still works with my medium sized hands. The 2000 Lp Special has a larger neck, but still slim-taper, yet it fills my hand better. Chunky necks and smaller frets make it more difficult to play,. so why would I want them..?

  • A Dude And His Watches

    sounds terrible on that Sure mic...the pickups sound pretty darn nice, though. Love the clear bass on these things. Think I might want the true vintage or whatever they are called a little better.

  • Stuart McKandie
    Stuart McKandie 2 days ago

    Martin all the way, the taylor was weak.

  • Jigs Echols
    Jigs Echols 2 days ago

    I love my Jazzmaster but the bridge sucks and I don’t wanna pay for a mastery or staytrem someone please help

  • john see
    john see 2 days ago

    Wow! Had to Google it but it's loo·thee·ur and not loo-theer. Unbelievable mistake. I'm not happy to advise you about this but it should be item 1 in the eleven things you need to know about Martin guitars. Good video in all other respects. Simple error... I'd give you an A-; kinda like a sour note in a symphony... Martin guitars are the BEST, imo, notwithstanding other quality brands.

  • Stephen Smith
    Stephen Smith 2 days ago

    I don't hear the difference myself but I am intrigued by the neck on the Deluxe. I'd like to experience it. Thanks for the demo.

  • The Puppy Channel
    The Puppy Channel 2 days ago

    Is it possible to hook up TWO separate speaker cabs to the Fender GT 200, as long as ohms match ? Disconnecting existing speakers and attach a 1/4" female jack to the speaker wires, to be able to connect 2 cabs. Want more oomph, and stereo separation - which you don't really get with side by side speakers. Obviously warranty would be voided.

  • Mandi Pickett
    Mandi Pickett 2 days ago

    Ovations usually do play nice.

  • arch1e1963
    arch1e1963 2 days ago

    This is hands down the best tone I've seen on a demo of this guitar... amp helps I'm sure but great job!

  • Tony Messer
    Tony Messer 2 days ago

    The attenuation may be worth it alone! I love this. If you use the XLR out does it bypass the speaker connection?

  • Felipe Rodrigues
    Felipe Rodrigues 2 days ago

    i love my A3M.

    NILADRI PODDAR 2 days ago

    Do you ship to india ?

  • Lyd Mo
    Lyd Mo 2 days ago

    I could hear the difference in the sound right away; the Gibson pickups just sound more articulate and clear. Could someone buy the Epi, swap out the pickups to those in the Gibson, and get the same tone to cut through the mix of a live band?

  • Miss Louisiana
    Miss Louisiana 2 days ago

    It is good for first guitar? I'm in love and I want super-duper quality and very smooth sound.

  • John Le
    John Le 2 days ago

    Tuning that guitar is scarier than your worst nightmare.

  • Christo 180
    Christo 180 2 days ago

    Epiphone is way.... better than Gibson!!

  • powbobs
    powbobs 2 days ago

    If you can’t afford a Gibson buy an Epiphone. They’re fine. But don’t play a real Gibson or you will want one.

  • Thetawind
    Thetawind 2 days ago

    Great review. Terrible camera work. I prefer to see the host look me straight in the eye. The 'side look' camera angle is just stupid - not hip at all - it's simply annoying.

  • dennis sollars
    dennis sollars 2 days ago

    One more thought: If I owned a guitar store, I wouldn't carry products that I wouldn't want myself. But I guess it's more important to screw some poor kid out of two years worth of allowance.

  • dennis sollars
    dennis sollars 2 days ago

    Would you buy a new car that needed a "set-up"? Not I. It irritates the Hell out of me, that every time a guitar company comes out with a new line of shit, they also raise the price of their better quality products. How does producing garbage, make your higher-end products any more valuable. I'm talking to you Fender, as well as nearly every other guitar company. These guitars make even an accomplished player, like yourself, sound like a beginner. I'm thinking if your looking to spend $500, buy used, or check-out a company like Michael Kelly. There are other companies that put out great products. I only mentioned Michael Kelly because I've never handled any of their guitars that I didn't like . . . And they're "set-up," when you receive them.

  • Dave Howard
    Dave Howard 2 days ago

    Number 12 You paid by Taylor by any chance??? lol

    • Dave Howard
      Dave Howard Day ago

      haha you deserve it fella! I like your passion for the product!

    • Alamo Music Center
      Alamo Music Center 2 days ago

      No, but they can send me a check if they like. - Chris

  • It's the fox!
    It's the fox! 2 days ago

    isnt the fretboard Walnut on the CD60S? mine has walnut

  • jochar32
    jochar32 2 days ago

    I want to get an electric guitar, is it possible to play a right handed guitar upside down even though it’s not symmetrical (I’m left handed)? Also just plying right handed or buying a left handed guitar isn’t an option :(

  • Brian Snyder
    Brian Snyder 2 days ago

    61 RI is far and away a better guitar

  • It's the fox!
    It's the fox! 2 days ago

    In Croatia the Fender's final price is less than 200$ while the Yamaha FG800 is almost double the fender at 300+$

  • Colin O'Hare
    Colin O'Hare 2 days ago

    Yeah! Totally played differently slowered the tempo to make the Epi sound less interesting. We know it's going to be inferior to the gibson but were looking for a realistic comparrison . Sorry I didn't feel you gave that.

  • May Day
    May Day 2 days ago

    Its pretty obvious tho...but whats matter is budget you have I guess.

  • T. I. N Mateus
    T. I. N Mateus 2 days ago

    Yep, I'm definitely getting the FGX3

  • Piyush Saraf
    Piyush Saraf 3 days ago

    you reviews are wonderful, impartial and very informative in addition to your wonderful playing , Chris !! one question, can you explain how the material of the back or the neck, ( either hpl or solid wood) affect the tonal quality of the guitar ??

  • fredlyr1
    fredlyr1 3 days ago

    Wow! Cheesy! You're trying to sell us a guitar then you insert other ads back to back in the middle.

  • ridho sukma
    ridho sukma 3 days ago

    Taylor Win

  • Wayne Johnson
    Wayne Johnson 3 days ago

    10 things to know about a Taylor.....1-10, buy a scalloped braced Martin.

  • Hugh Jantic-Pantz
    Hugh Jantic-Pantz 3 days ago

    9:57 those do not sell due to the choices from yamaha for $800, I am surprised the $799 Yamaha not on the list , the Chinese Fenders are pretty awful other than sound

  • Will Payne
    Will Payne 3 days ago

    0:04 to 0:56 geez that audio

  • Gijsbertus Laurens van de Vooren

    It's normaal the mid pick-up sound best it's place the soundhole of an acoustic should be.

  • 2010klas
    2010klas 3 days ago

    wtf that Taylor dreadnought with classic guitar tuners

  • Tex Haines
    Tex Haines 3 days ago

    Hard to tell from the video sound on my phone so I tried both in a local store. Bought the GS Mini for the grandchildren - smaller hands, easier playing although I do like the tone of the Martin. Like the sound of a Martin 00-18 better & saving up for one. It's not in this price range. Wondering what the GS Mini Koa e sounds like vs the Martin jr10.

  • Mark Reed
    Mark Reed 3 days ago

    I'd have to give it to the Epiphone and the Yamaha , just my opinion

  • lesterross1
    lesterross1 3 days ago

    Did that Lester Scruggs guy play with Earl Flatt?

    • Robert Newell
      Robert Newell 9 hours ago

      Dang, I just saw the video and was going to make that comment. Lester Scruggs, indeed. I also love the big names missing from the list: Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Stephen Stills, Joni Mitchell, Paul Simon, Neil Young, Vince GIll, all big hitters. You even managed to miss out possibly the original signature guitarist - Gene Autry.

    • Bill Daniels
      Bill Daniels 3 days ago

      In a word... yes.

  • Keith Spillett
    Keith Spillett 3 days ago

    I have an 001XAE, and I love it. Even though it's cheap, for a Martin, there's no mistaking where it's come from. The thing sounds fabulous, and other guitarists are always praising its sound, both acoustic and electric.

  • Onix Junes
    Onix Junes 3 days ago

    Civil war? Too early bro...

  • Scotty
    Scotty 3 days ago

    I like the Epiphone better I'm buying a EJ 200 vs with case for under $400

  • Leo Fender
    Leo Fender 3 days ago

    Epi sound is flat, but Gibson is rich....

  • Joey Chessor
    Joey Chessor 3 days ago

    I'm 68. I learned chords when I was a teenager but got busy raising a family and didn't pick up a guitar for several decades. I picked it back up at 64. I couldn't afford a good guitar when I was young. Now I have 7 guitars: an Ovation Balladeer, Gibson Les Paul Studio, Gibson ES335 studio, Gibson 1973 Heritage Custom, Fender American made Telecaster, Taylor 214ce-N, and tomorrow I'll be getting my Taylor 414ce-R Special Edition. It's a great hobby. BTW, I have watched several of your videos.