Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay
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  • lowike you
    lowike you 20 seconds ago

    Come on guys u know the people that do the complaints are fucking actors right?

  • Hypocrisy Hunter
    Hypocrisy Hunter 3 minutes ago


  • François Bultingaire
    François Bultingaire 3 minutes ago

    Never put the barrel on the walking stick

  • Nilisha Pedhamkar
    Nilisha Pedhamkar 5 minutes ago

    It's amazing.... What an empathy.

  • Andrew Gonzalez
    Andrew Gonzalez 8 minutes ago

    25:41 When Minecraft releases a new update

    CT CHEUNG 9 minutes ago


  • Ashley Ugstad
    Ashley Ugstad 15 minutes ago

    Take a shot everytime he says literally

  • Forest
    Forest 16 minutes ago

    So the owners/managers think he planted the mouse their while the bus boy knows the place is infested. As a man on the low end of the totem pole I believe that.

  • Aniket Belsare
    Aniket Belsare 19 minutes ago

    I hear two words in my ear now a days It's dry Its frozen

  • Fan
    Fan 20 minutes ago

    3:20 lol sadcringe

  • si jeferson
    si jeferson 22 minutes ago


  • Antony Colless
    Antony Colless 22 minutes ago

    When cooking is your life , Gordon is your father !! To me , there is no better !! Stay with it guys , !!

  • Ashley Ugstad
    Ashley Ugstad 24 minutes ago

    I'm sorry but there's much better ways to fillet a salmon gordon

  • Casey Phelps
    Casey Phelps 25 minutes ago

    Does anyone know this pork recipe? Please help me!

  • Gaming Boi
    Gaming Boi 27 minutes ago

    6:45 FBI open up

  • foressx
    foressx 30 minutes ago

    This nigga thinks the five second rule works with that dirty ass floor

  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando 32 minutes ago

    Cries in minimum wage*

  • Steve the Killer of Ender Dragons

    36:36 here’s what ya came for.

  • Orkadian
    Orkadian 37 minutes ago

    Is this hunting expedition halal? Oh hang on... I don't give a stuff... I love the smell of bacon in the morning!

  • devendra inakollu
    devendra inakollu 39 minutes ago

    See this one tvclip.biz/video/f0NFbIWJeWM/video.html

  • Almira Gados Ruiz
    Almira Gados Ruiz 39 minutes ago

    "It's not fantastic but it's not bad." Took him long enough to answer, probably thinking about how to criticize her food without hurting her feelings. 😂😂😂

  • ProgangGamer
    ProgangGamer 48 minutes ago

    People: patty Gordon: *PAttEY*

  • Iris Freedom
    Iris Freedom 53 minutes ago

    “God bless America... fuck off fly”

  • Candyfloss
    Candyfloss 54 minutes ago

    39:10 is where the argument starts

  • Vaman Kumar
    Vaman Kumar 54 minutes ago

    Both of them are mouth watering. Can't say without tasting it.

  • Sanctus Manifesto
    Sanctus Manifesto 54 minutes ago

    She's cute

  • Willy Hine
    Willy Hine 54 minutes ago


  • jhonny walker
    jhonny walker 55 minutes ago

    Thats a fancy table

  • Swanand Nilakhe
    Swanand Nilakhe 56 minutes ago

    Next version of Dosa was invented by Gordon Ramsay .... Give him nobel of cookery 😂

  • Sam Worsley
    Sam Worsley Hour ago

    A wheel for that bike so I can get the fuck outta here got me dead🤣🤣

  • Sijuste0
    Sijuste0 Hour ago

    They have no idea we are coming! Cameraman filming from inside the restaurant. Owners act shocked. Ok.

  • Rich Yusi
    Rich Yusi Hour ago

    I like it because of the food that looks really tasty but, I dislike the killing of that gorgeous creatures so I'll be neutral.

  • VPX
    VPX Hour ago

    23 fucking years I wait, for fucking apple concentrate He’s fucking Shakespeare

  • pretty woman
    pretty woman Hour ago

    This sounds about white

  • F A
    F A Hour ago


  • MiLO K
    MiLO K Hour ago

    what episode is this??

  • Flora Edwards
    Flora Edwards Hour ago

    This guy snorted a gram of coke before making this video.

  • Deewagar Baskaran

    Monks eat pork!!!!!

  • Needles Iblis
    Needles Iblis Hour ago

    All these videos do is reinforce my belief that the idea of family is completely fucking overrated.

  • 馬拉蛋
    馬拉蛋 Hour ago

    Abalone mixed with Eggs?? That's absolute dog shit.

  • Etrigan
    Etrigan Hour ago

    It's like these people are retarded if you want to microwave it do it at your own damn home don't charge people over $10 if you're just going to microwave it

  • Jerrysis
    Jerrysis Hour ago

    It looks eatable. She looks bangable.

  • Cha Po
    Cha Po Hour ago

    Ah i saw this guy in The Silience of The Lamb

  • X. Y.
    X. Y. Hour ago

    Micro carrots LMAO

  • Siam- Nam
    Siam- Nam Hour ago

    Who wants to share there birthday on line ? Cash cash cash U have lost the respect of so many jerk It’s all about money now maybe u should take a shit and put it on u tube see if u can cash in on that

  • Leaping Lynx
    Leaping Lynx Hour ago

    356 psychopaths thumb downed this video. Who wouldn't like this? So sweet.

  • Bubbles
    Bubbles Hour ago

    Awkward moment when you spell diarrhoea wrong in the title....

  • Luke Kieburtz
    Luke Kieburtz Hour ago

    What hotel bed doesn't have trace amounts of semen on it, honestly idc as long as it has covers over the mattress and fresh sheets. If they threw out every mattress someone had sex on it would cost way too much.

  • Jodie Walker
    Jodie Walker Hour ago

    Robert:Excuse me Excuse me Gordan:Go on then you pompus f@!# Robert:○~●

  • Love Hurts
    Love Hurts Hour ago

    wuwwww veriii noiceee 😋😚

  • don
    don Hour ago

    Now that is a true New Yorker

  • Matt Hudgens-Haney

    I really hope that owner loses everything. Literally everything, because it's all stolen from his employees. What a fucking monster.

  • Va Dalot
    Va Dalot Hour ago

    Probably you dont know how to make lambsauce

  • Va Dalot
    Va Dalot Hour ago

    He act good to kids and act like a dick face Ramsay family to adult you little shitty lambsauce

  • Hexe aus Belarus


  • Love Hurts
    Love Hurts Hour ago


  • Va Dalot
    Va Dalot Hour ago

    Yeah he's a dick face Ramsey family

  • Va Dalot
    Va Dalot Hour ago

    You fucking dick head lambsauce

  • G G
    G G Hour ago

    3:37 round the outside round the outside #chefjohn

  • Gaming Proness
    Gaming Proness Hour ago

    Gordon is amazing !!!! my heart goes out to him !!!

  • kushagra yadav
    kushagra yadav Hour ago

    I heard of ant chutney from my grandmother in my childhood. She had seen this at brickfield where laborers' kids were collecting these ants. She asked them why are collecting this and they replied to eat. She didn't believe until they saw them making it chutney and eating with rice and roti. And when I heard this from my grandma I didn't believe it too but now after seeing this I can say my grandmother was not lying.

  • Large Bastard
    Large Bastard Hour ago

    That last one was one of the funniest things I've seen in a while.

  • Sherry SmithRice

    You picked the wrong one Gordon. I never saw them wash their hands once through the whole competition. You know they never wash their hands after going to the bathroom.

  • Jovan Spasovski
    Jovan Spasovski Hour ago

    He have wrinkels since he is born

  • Abbas And waqar
    Abbas And waqar Hour ago


  • Dark_Matter
    Dark_Matter 2 hours ago

    He cried and passed out . Wow

  • cory6266
    cory6266 2 hours ago

    Anything from Amy's Baking Company is fucking painful to watch, it's not even funny anymore.

  • Liam Minecraft Building Channel

    Damn she don't even need to dress up for Halloween

  • theater of souls
    theater of souls 2 hours ago


  • Eifie Dreemurr
    Eifie Dreemurr 2 hours ago

    Why is no one talking about how terrible that last one is?

  • dumb student
    dumb student 2 hours ago

    The owner seems like a serial killer

  • DragonPlayzzz Stuff
    DragonPlayzzz Stuff 2 hours ago

    I still dont like that guy

  • Brayden Forbes
    Brayden Forbes 2 hours ago

    11:30 hahah how fuckin cringe smdh

  • Tyler Burrrcharddd
    Tyler Burrrcharddd 2 hours ago

    1:01 Ba fuck me 🤣

  • Dar Der Dor Channel
    Dar Der Dor Channel 2 hours ago

    Wowwww 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Cherry McCall
    Cherry McCall 2 hours ago

    So very nice to make a young lady"s wish come true. Awesome to take time to do this for her.

  • avid final
    avid final 2 hours ago

    Hey gordon, Davie504 is challenging you to a slap bass battle

  • Dan Esp
    Dan Esp 2 hours ago

    45:07 Gordon at the movies.

  • Slimey Crystalline
    Slimey Crystalline 2 hours ago

    Me:* Calls 911* Them:911 whats your emergecy Me: Gordan Ramsay is murderer Them:How? Me:HE STABBED A CRAB TO KILL IT WHEN IT WAS ALIVE Them:OH NAH HE GOING DOWN

  • Isabella
    Isabella 2 hours ago

    She looked like a feline too LMAO

  • Vincent Bosshardt
    Vincent Bosshardt 2 hours ago

    Gordon is the fuckin mannnn

  • Mystorism
    Mystorism 2 hours ago

    No One Cares Gordon

  • Veini Roopchan
    Veini Roopchan 2 hours ago

    Just awsome Gordon. What I love most about you is that even though youre Gordon Fucking Ramsay youre still down to earth and it fills my heart with joy seeing you make this awsome young girl happy and giving her inspiration that she probably truely needs at this time. Just awsome man hats off to ya, respect !

  • Dylan Walker
    Dylan Walker 2 hours ago

    What’s the full video?

  • AKhil kumar Singh
    AKhil kumar Singh 2 hours ago

    This video looks to old.. I think it is about 10-12.. Years ago..

  • Jacob Cass
    Jacob Cass 2 hours ago

    "and that looks amazing" yes, she's his daughter alright.

  • NitSUj
    NitSUj 2 hours ago

    Honestly, Gordon just wastes the owners time about the decor. Like how bout you just stop busting their balls and making them feel worse whilst wasting more time and let them do their thing. It's not like they had the option to change anything once they bought everything.

  • Jason Carbon
    Jason Carbon 2 hours ago

    So is Gordon Ramsay fireproof?

  • Hasan Khair
    Hasan Khair 2 hours ago

    Learn cooking and making sweet Learn how to make sweets in international ways www.minilinkurl.com/1anbc

  • Jazria Walthour
    Jazria Walthour 2 hours ago

    Wow! Amazing job chef! Thanks for being such a blessing to this young lady and her family. ❤️

  • Dyo Romano
    Dyo Romano 2 hours ago

    it really is a CRAP cake...

  • Exterior Shock
    Exterior Shock 2 hours ago

    Gordon stop making me hungry. I just ate dinner

  • Nozy Shark
    Nozy Shark 2 hours ago

    Am I the only one who thinks this is horrible?! Kill the mother for our own taste?! This isn't even needed!

  • Khushboo Hingarajia
    Khushboo Hingarajia 2 hours ago

    Damn! I am hooked to your videos these days😂

  • Hefty Gryphon
    Hefty Gryphon 2 hours ago

    His dog just wanted some beef GIVE HIM THE BEEF

  • Andrew Boilson
    Andrew Boilson 3 hours ago

    Gordon is an amazing guy at heart.

  • A Z
    A Z 3 hours ago

    GR: coffee's RAW!

  • Rus Reppert
    Rus Reppert 3 hours ago

    Grateful for your knowledge Gordon, thank you for all your inspiration! 👊🏻❤️

  • Charisse Marie Toledo


  • Yuan Playz
    Yuan Playz 3 hours ago

    At least he didn’t say R A W!