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    VICTOR MAYOWA 3 months ago

    you're the best mahn! channel ever, keep it up

  • Nesquick Guy
    Nesquick Guy 4 months ago

    Pls come back hadouken

  • Mideo
    Mideo 4 months ago

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  • Patricio Morales
    Patricio Morales 5 months ago

    Excellent videos but they lack something extreme in disciplines like horse riding, fencing and chess, for example or

  • Joshua Dando
    Joshua Dando 5 months ago

    Why is this just so fucking shit

  • Maz Dela Cerna
    Maz Dela Cerna 5 months ago

    :) :) :)

  • Rousey the Miniature Pinscher


  • Ralph Garrett
    Ralph Garrett 5 months ago

    Amazing Channel you have!!!

  • Aggelos Lazos
    Aggelos Lazos 5 months ago

    subscribe to my channel plz :D i need friends :P you too guyz!!!

  • RyloEleven
    RyloEleven 5 months ago Subscribe to my channel to help me be on People Are Awesome

  • Dp_AbDou Blu AsWell
    Dp_AbDou Blu AsWell 7 months ago

    Plz i need help 😢 I saw a similar video to this about 2 or 3 years ago, and now i couldn't find it Plz help

  • LDB Network
    LDB Network 7 months ago


  • LDB Network
    LDB Network 7 months ago


  • Δημητρα Σ
    Δημητρα Σ 8 months ago

    How can i buy a T-shirt?

  • Bart Johnson
    Bart Johnson 9 months ago

    song was used a while ago sothing aboutbeing written in the stars any one have anideawhat or who sings that

  • Yaku Ñoqa Kani
    Yaku Ñoqa Kani 9 months ago


  • S.B Official
    S.B Official 9 months ago

    Hey awesome! Can i use some of your clips? I will give you credit for that. Please :D

  • No limits
    No limits 10 months ago

    Love your channel!!!

  • Brook
    Brook 10 months ago

    You will help me spin on TVclip

  • sanic ko
    sanic ko 10 months ago

    are you friends with someone called Edward who lives in vietnam.

  • Corey Roberson
    Corey Roberson 11 months ago

    this guys steals your content and renames it on his channel

  • Simo Sezar
    Simo Sezar 11 months ago

    Beautifull chaine 😁 Respect ✌

  • Nini Araujo
    Nini Araujo Year ago

    Hello, Does anyone know the song? "Girl I Grow I did it without you" or "Girl i blow up I did it without one"? It was in a video of People are Awesome, I still know that there was a Clip who someone has surfed (but im not sure) ... It was a gentle male voice, no rap rather (similar) to the song "faded" when the woman sings .... im going crazy i need to know the Song ... plz contact me ...

  • Ivan Simionato
    Ivan Simionato Year ago

    Your channel makes me very happy, is so good seeing how beautiful we human beings can make movement or perform in all kinds of challenges. And all people performing those feats are truly excited and happy, you can fell it and see it in their faces. THANK YOU!!

  • Punim per mesim
    Punim per mesim Year ago

    How can I send you a video .You are the best channel

  • Chillkings Radio

    Hi I would like to be featuring your posts on my site, i hope you wount mind as I will give all credits back to your channel.

  • Blake
    Blake Year ago

    Your vids are epic! Keep posting best of the week, month, year videos!

  • Иван Иванов

    hi, nice videos. may be you know what a music in this video?

  • esteban de leon
    esteban de leon Year ago

    Quiero q vean mi salto y asi ver si estoy calificado para uno de sus videos

  • GrodyMaroon
    GrodyMaroon Year ago

    I love the channel, but I gotta ask. Why hasn't there ever been a "People are Awesome, Old-Fart Edition?"

  • protonjinx
    protonjinx Year ago

    make a disabled edition

  • UbanityTV
    UbanityTV Year ago

    You are the only "People are Awesome"-Channel without Click-baiting Thumbnails. Love your Videos. They are inspiring me in making some own.

  • A. Musakbar
    A. Musakbar Year ago

    It's better if you put the soundtrack as the backsound, and keep the original sound. I mean would you like to make it more natural :) thx

  • Daniel Michael
    Daniel Michael Year ago

    make a botttle flip eddition

  • WePup
    WePup Year ago

    Awesome video collections

  • FREESTYLE kids
    FREESTYLE kids Year ago


  • Ray Wang
    Ray Wang Year ago

    subs everywhere :D

  • Funny Channel
    Funny Channel Year ago

    For more funny video subscribe this

  • Pedro Albrecht
    Pedro Albrecht Year ago

    Where do you pick your songs for the videos? They are awesome!

  • Richárd Zabos
    Richárd Zabos Year ago Hi everybody, i have question, what is that song name?

  • bumblebeast2005
    bumblebeast2005 Year ago

    the oppisite of FailArmy

  • Ilya Olenev
    Ilya Olenev Year ago

    Please track name №2 from "TOP THREE Barefoot Waterskiing, Base Jumping & Downhill Skateboarding" from 1:43!!!

  • puri
    puri Year ago pls give me song name on your fb post and i will ask on every vid till i get a name :'(!!!!

  • Catarina d'Orion

    Best channel ever.

  • JackFace
    JackFace Year ago

    yes they are

  • Spam Warrior!
    Spam Warrior! Year ago

    Why is your old name Hadoukentheband?

  • Broadheader
    Broadheader Year ago

    hi "people are awesome", i love your vids check out mine, i do a lot of archery trickshots; i'd gladly share my vids wit you for future compilations hope to hear from you; Broadheader!

  • Deepak Bagri
    Deepak Bagri Year ago

    Which song add on your first video

  • Sophia nani
    Sophia nani Year ago

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    • Sophia nani
      Sophia nani Year ago

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  • R3ckZ
    R3ckZ Year ago

    i hate and love your channel at the same time. I love it because the people in these vids are awesome af and i want to do the same shit they do but i hate it because im not in the position to do these things.... whatever...This is one of the best Channels on TVclip. Thank you for showing us that people are awesome

  • How To Make Sushi

    Now go for 1 million viewers

  • TheFlyingDutchman

    make a urban climbing video

    CH POWER Year ago


  • MasterHDGamer
    MasterHDGamer Year ago

    800 subs to go to 1 mill

  • anosmianAcrimony

    I like the clips in these videos but the music is always so lame.

  • Beau Johnson
    Beau Johnson Year ago

    in the description theres got to be the name of the song. either there is and i cant see it or its not in there

  • Paulo Cerqueira
    Paulo Cerqueira Year ago

    Hi...Good afternoon We have a local TV show in the city of Três Rios -RJ , which disclose various radical and Olympic sports in the world. I wonder if we can disclose the videos you publish placing all right to shoot at the end of each presentation.

  • TDG
    TDG Year ago

    ╭━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━-╮ ┃ ════════ ● ┃ ┃ SAMSUNG ┃ ┃ ┃ ┃███████████████████████████████████┃ ┃█ Missed call from Abdenour. .:| [█] 17:28 c █┃ ┃█ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ █ ████ ██ ██ █┃ ┃█ ██ █ ██ █ █ █ █ █┃ ┃█ █ █ █ ██ █┃ ┃█ █ █ ██ █ █ █ █┃ ┃█ █ █ ████ ██ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ Sat. 02 Jan. █┃ ┃█ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ 13°C █┃ ┃█ 21°|12° █┃ ┃█ Algiers | Algeria █┃ ┃█ Partly cloudy █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ ╭━━╮ ╭━━╮ ╭---(1)╮ ╭━━╮ █┃ ┃█ ┃ ┃ ┃ █ ┃ ┃ V ┃ ┃ ● ● ┃ █┃ ┃█ ╰━━╯ ╰━━╯ ╰━━╯ ╰━━╯ █┃ ┃█ Phone Contacts Messaging Apps █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ █┃ ┃█ ╭━━━━-╮ █┃ ┃█ ╭-━-╮ ┃ ┃ <━╮ █┃ ┃█ ┃ == ┃ ╰━━━━╯ ━╯ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃███████████████████████████████████┃ ╰━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━-╯ lol

  • Michael Martz
    Michael Martz Year ago

    Still waiting on an answer...

  • Aless Lavagnino González

    I'm here searching a song with the name I don't know but the lyrics are: "This fight for human rights" if someone finds it please notice me :-)

  • April Jeong
    April Jeong Year ago

    Hi, I am a professional Eng-Korean translator. Don't you want to have Korean channel of yours? I can make a subtitle or do voice over to realize it!!! I've been doing the same project with other youtube channels. Let me know if you are interested and then we can discuss.

  • Abby Byrd
    Abby Byrd Year ago

    can you do a video on best saves. it means like if you were about to get hurt somebody would catch in time

    KSHMR Year ago

    how is the intro song called from many of your top 5 videos?

  • Michael Martz
    Michael Martz Year ago

    Umm, how would we be able to get something in a video?

  • Andrew Powell
    Andrew Powell 2 years ago

    So can you do a Radio Control one please? I think that would be really cool!

  • nikolaos galanis
    nikolaos galanis 2 years ago

    Love that trailer

  • simvlacrvm
    simvlacrvm 2 years ago

    Hey, i just want to thank you for bringing back natural selection to humanity. all the deaths of dumb peoples make me happy. thanks for all youve done.

  • Roman Efimov
    Roman Efimov 2 years ago

    is it old channel of HADOUKEN! ?

    • Zangetsai
      Zangetsai 2 years ago

      +Roman Efimov Hadouken did it first and then Jukin' bought (read impossed) ownership over the phrase "People are Awesome" And forced other channels to take down their videos of the same name. This channel is no friend of Hadoukens much much more amazing and much older People are Awesome videos. They stole the idea and used a copyrighted phrase to silence competition. This channel is a pathetic corperate theif.

    • Luis Castillo
      Luis Castillo 2 years ago

      +Roman Efimov Yes, This was the bands channel but once they made people are awesome 2013 it all started from there

  • PCMinecraftGaming
    PCMinecraftGaming 2 years ago

    AWESOME! Just like FailArmy but then the opposite!

  • Perfect TV
    Perfect TV 2 years ago

    And this channel I very like and watch!!!

  • LOL
    LOL 2 years ago

    I admire this channel compile a neat and proper accompaniment tracks :)

  • nir vana
    nir vana 2 years ago

    Best Channel in TVclip.

  • Rajvir Randhawa
    Rajvir Randhawa 2 years ago

    you guys doing great job

  • Jarom Later
    Jarom Later 2 years ago

    Where's the People are Awesome: Musicians version? ;)

  • Roy Boy
    Roy Boy 2 years ago

    Hi i loved all "best of the month" video now i would like to see best of the YEAR video!(if you have time to make one).

    STIXX GOLF 2 years ago

    I’m really enjoying your golf videos!!! Thank you!

  • adrien machado
    adrien machado 2 years ago

    Les gens sont incroyablement cons, il ne faut pas oublier que derrière ses quelques reussites, il y a des milliers de fails avec des humiliations, des blessés et des morts

  • Paul Ebbert
    Paul Ebbert 2 years ago

    These own to Earth athletics can help bring you up; some times going up brings you up too. Helmets have been and still are cool when needed.

  • Sam Sketi
    Sam Sketi 2 years ago

    original and attractive channel .

  • Valaha
    Valaha 2 years ago

    watching these videos reminds me of that my life is sucks.

    • RiseUpBlue
      RiseUpBlue 2 years ago

      +Roy Boy I agree LOL! To Glass half full!

    • Roy Boy
      Roy Boy 2 years ago

      +lordiluvatar86 Hi for me , watching this videos it give me strength to continue and try to live like them(maibe only 1% but still) :) cuz you see those videos show what those ppls love to do the most and that's why they are awesome!

  • moussa GMR
    moussa GMR 2 years ago

    what's the name of the music from top 5 football video ??

  • 宋雨
    宋雨 2 years ago

    hello. May i get your permission to download these videos and put them on a chinese website.i will put the name and link of your channel.

  • versatile potato
    versatile potato 2 years ago

    People Are Awesome (Filipino's Version) PLEASE..!!!

  • versatile potato
    versatile potato 2 years ago


  • Mark Farrow
    Mark Farrow 2 years ago

    Cool Golf Trick shots, great stuff there!

  • Theresa Davis
    Theresa Davis 2 years ago

    I love these videos. I just with a few more woman were featured in them. Not looking for half and half, but a few more would be nice :)

  • ST Awesome
    ST Awesome 2 years ago

    where has hadouken go

    • Luis Castillo
      Luis Castillo 2 years ago

      +ST Awesome Well...THIS IS HADOUKEN 😲 😲 😲 😲

    AUTO LIFE 2 years ago


  • Daniel Acosta
    Daniel Acosta 2 years ago


  • Internet Exploder
    Internet Exploder 2 years ago

    Where did the original People Are Awesome video with the hadouken music go? I can't finish my morning routine without it!

    • Maxx B
      Maxx B 2 years ago

      +Internet Exploder Maybe someone pulled a trademark infringement move on the video. There are some dicks on the Internet.

    • ne0nex
      ne0nex 2 years ago

      +People are Awesome Bring back the original videos please! Thanks! :)

    • ne0nex
      ne0nex 2 years ago

      +Internet Exploder Came in here to ask this very same question. I have been shamelessly getting my friends and family into this channel by showing them the original videos (Mecha Love and Levitate ones) and all of a sudden they're gone. Phew!

    • Internet Exploder
      Internet Exploder 2 years ago

      +People are Awesome Thank lord! I almost had a mental breakdown trying to find it.

    • People are Awesome
      People are Awesome 2 years ago

      +Internet Exploder it will be back soon! :)

  • LordLowe
    LordLowe 2 years ago

    Why did you delete the hadouken videos

  • Southern Boulder
    Southern Boulder 2 years ago

    Cool Channel

    • puri
      puri Year ago pls give me song name on your fb post and i will ask on every vid till i get a name :'(!!!!

    • People are Awesome
      People are Awesome 2 years ago


  • Newt Williams Jr
    Newt Williams Jr 2 years ago

    What happened to the 2013-2014 compilation?! Please put it back up!

  • Stiven Rodjers
    Stiven Rodjers 2 years ago

    Супер канал, но есть маленькое предложение, вы бы не могли выводить название песен и аудиофайлов.

    • People are Awesome
      People are Awesome 2 years ago

      Название песни всегда в описании видео :)

  • The Amazing Zone
    The Amazing Zone 2 years ago

    I love the looks and design of your channel. Thank-you a whole bundle for the inspiring work.

  • Sharol Christen D Silva

    This channel is pretty awesome... Watched most of the videos and now I've got a suggestion.. Please checkout "Most amazing catches in cricket" and do consider adding them in your next video... Thank you..

  • otur1
    otur1 2 years ago

    This channel has been hijacked! Where is Hadouken the band and their music !?

  • Time2Warp
    Time2Warp 2 years ago

    4 million views on facebook from stealing your video.

    • Milo Fultz
      Milo Fultz 2 years ago

      and here as well

  • Daniel
    Daniel 2 years ago

    where has hadouken gone ?

  • Ride or Die
    Ride or Die 2 years ago

    Who want become partner with me?

  • james walsh
    james walsh 3 years ago

    hey, would yu be interested in using one of my tracks for your video check it out. thanks :)

  • Elizabeth Roberts
    Elizabeth Roberts 3 years ago


    EGDKEGD 3 years ago

    Maybe for a future PEOPLE ARE AWESOME video??? Check it out!!! =)

  • Francis Lamontagne
    Francis Lamontagne 3 years ago

    plz subscribe to mee

  • Zhuruguo
    Zhuruguo 3 years ago

    Im gonna deck all you moth fockas in the face you motha focka im bouts to lay you out niggah

  • Suresh Kumar
    Suresh Kumar 3 years ago

    Its very much a motivational video..Thanks a lot and landmark elevated music....

  • Small Business Phone System

    Thanks for the inspiring videos.

  • krux02
    krux02 4 years ago

    I can't listen to your music here in Germany.

  • Régis B. Nonato
    Régis B. Nonato 4 years ago

    PEOPLE ARE AWESOME 2014 Please !!!

  • Mikael Brouillette
    Mikael Brouillette 4 years ago

    Are you going to do another one because it's really AWESOME ;)

  • KwstasBarcelona
    KwstasBarcelona 4 years ago

    please make more videos people are awesome!!!!

  • TMAH
    TMAH 4 years ago

    Will you ever make the Leap of Faith making of video public again??

  • ayoub youx
    ayoub youx 4 years ago li dar jaime lah ikhali lih momito

  • ZilaZ GameZ
    ZilaZ GameZ 4 years ago

    love you :D

  • KFCBucketful
    KFCBucketful 4 years ago


  • KenshinGigaWatts
    KenshinGigaWatts 4 years ago

    have you actually done anything abut street fighter since capcom still owns the rights to the use you guys use

  • Kerem Gogus
    Kerem Gogus 4 years ago

    Levitate is awesome!

  • djdebest
    djdebest 4 years ago

    Great choice of video, It lured me to your channel.. and i like it! These short clips are better to watch then a picture or a music video.

  • Mass Vue
    Mass Vue 4 years ago

    Love The Videos. You're On Your Way

  • MadMacGaming
    MadMacGaming 4 years ago

    Congrats for 123 Videos!! :D

  • Koss Billingham
    Koss Billingham 4 years ago

    Every Weekend is probably one of the best albums that has come out for a very long time. I really like the direction you guys are going in, particularly with the vocals.

  • Joe Bustabade
    Joe Bustabade 4 years ago

    Those people are so fricken awesome

  • Chris Samba
    Chris Samba 4 years ago


  • Brian Tha King
    Brian Tha King 4 years ago


  • Liam Banfield
    Liam Banfield 4 years ago

    your my favorite youtuber dont stop making videos THERE AMAZING!

  • Soren Suicide
    Soren Suicide 4 years ago

    Is there a way for me to email you guys and ask a few questions and try and make an album for you. I mean an album cover for levitate.

  • Max Mustermann
    Max Mustermann 4 years ago

    i love your music but yay seemingly i can't watch any videos anymore since they are blocked in germany -.- i did watch them yesterday now they are blocked wtf?!

  • GregInterforza
    GregInterforza 4 years ago

    Hay man, i like your work . Check my video it may be material for next "people are awesome" /watch?v=WouKbsw4A0I

  • James Darby
    James Darby 4 years ago

    Whose coming to see Hadouken on Tuesday?

  • FreedomStartsHere
    FreedomStartsHere 5 years ago

    Peace and love to you and your channel. If you have the time, check mine out. Thanks :)

  • iRosty
    iRosty 5 years ago

    Nearly all of your videos are blocked in germany right now due to copyright, thats bad :(

  • MrPAAW13
    MrPAAW13 5 years ago

    And thank you Hadouken for these videos which make dream (;

  • MrPAAW13
    MrPAAW13 5 years ago

    Hello (: You can see other videos of " people are awesome " on my account thank you for those who are going to go to see (to visit)

  • MarkVonPlay
    MarkVonPlay 5 years ago

    People are awsome 2013 is closed by the fu**ing german GEMA. I think its YOUR song. Why can they do that?!

  • max šery
    max šery 5 years ago

    eeee Brother Can you get me sucraibers pleaase thanks in advance

  • david havelka
    david havelka 5 years ago

    Hello. Please look at my videos - satin shorts .. S

  • 416mikeyJames
    416mikeyJames 5 years ago

    you brought it back i owe you an apology. I am in your debt, big up t dot sonnnnn

  • 416mikeyJames
    416mikeyJames 5 years ago

    Yo Hadouken You're gay song is only good cause of People are Amazing thanks for being a douche that was my favourite video and I tried to show my mom but your faggety ass complained. You're a fuckin loon. Has anyone heard Levitate without the awesome footage this guys a crank. Fuck you Hadouken fuck you. \/\/\/\/\/\/\/ This fag cancelled cause he's a homo who cancels videos with 50million views. Yo Hadouken the only reason your song has views is from that video. You hack loon. \/\/\/\/\/

  • Corrupt_Apricot
    Corrupt_Apricot 5 years ago

    The People Are Awesome 2013 video is gone! :(

  • JoshuaThe12345678910

    where is people are awesome?

  • MarkVonPlay
    MarkVonPlay 5 years ago

    Bad, the best movie was deleted :(

  • david havelka
    david havelka 5 years ago

    Hello. Please look at my videos - satin shorts

  • Gorez33
    Gorez33 5 years ago

    rock´n roll

  • HDCycling
    HDCycling 5 years ago

    Great Cannel;-))))))))

  • James Paul
    James Paul 5 years ago

    thumbs up, rate, and comment thanks!

  • Larry Bennett
    Larry Bennett 5 years ago

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  • george milsom
    george milsom 5 years ago

    people are awsome

  • Michael Mex
    Michael Mex 5 years ago

    Mica Love

  • Techition
    Techition 5 years ago

    How the HELL aren't you guys topping charts yet? Your music is damned good, you're unique in your style and better than 90% of the big names out there, man, what is wrong with the world, they don't fucking know talent when they see(/hear) it!

  • Jörmungand RX
    Jörmungand RX 5 years ago

    Are the Hadouken! dead? Many people whont new tracks with the super greath keyboard!!! and the best singer of the world. ¿Whot happend haduken? We are waiting a new disk. I have all your discography... We whont to return to songs like: That boy that girl, Liquid Lives, Declatation of War, Lost, Evil, etc...

  • Dragonheart511
    Dragonheart511 5 years ago


  • Logic Duh
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  • Nob40k
    Nob40k 5 years ago

    mecha love

  • roofingtulsapros
    roofingtulsapros 5 years ago

    Crazy Stuff!!

  • RoofingChattanoogaTN

    AWesome Stuff!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amjad Nazeer
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    WOOZY BMX VIDEOS 5 years ago


  • דורית גלוטין

    find this on youtube "hurt loren yuditsky age 6 " she is amazing

  • Matt Noah
    Matt Noah 5 years ago

    Can we borrow this?

  • johnny40000
    johnny40000 5 years ago

    Y U NO ROBOT FIGHTING VIDEO?! seriously i really liked, it where did it go?

  • jkjoli
    jkjoli 5 years ago

    Saw you guys at Reading and you were brilliant! :D

  • Tim Gabriel
    Tim Gabriel 5 years ago

    my beats are god better than god please watch my video

  • Ebiye Jeremy Udo-Udoma

    You should add clips of "Amazing Talent Compilation" by CerebralPrince10 to "People are awesome"

  • Joe Remington
    Joe Remington 5 years ago

    check out my channel and help support my dreams of making music :)

  • jinnai2
    jinnai2 5 years ago

    Hi Hadouken. Why did you blocked "MECHA LOVE" in Poland? I've had it for soo long in my playlist and today I couldn't listen to it :(

  • Jack Watson
    Jack Watson 5 years ago

    hadouken! i love u guys! easily my fav band right now!

  • cgfghf hkjhkj
    cgfghf hkjhkj 5 years ago

    I came here thinking this had something to do with street fighter, i was sadly mistaken. *sigh*

  • MA Music
    MA Music 5 years ago

    60,000th Sub! <3

  • philipp köhler
    philipp köhler 5 years ago

    i love your music

  • SonataSoul
    SonataSoul 5 years ago


  • SonataSoul
    SonataSoul 5 years ago


  • mikkifly
    mikkifly 5 years ago

    great to have u all back..great new single can`t wait for the album to drop.

  •  5 years ago

    what the name of the song in the video ? thank you

  • Magistraex
    Magistraex 5 years ago

    Loved you tonight at lincoln, come again soon PLEASE!!!

  • ScFcTiLLy
    ScFcTiLLy 5 years ago

    Mental last night at the sugarmill, smashed it lads! Nice one for a great gig!:D

  • Kosyo Todorov
    Kosyo Todorov 5 years ago

    Very cool, is cruel ! I LOVE IT ........

  • FluffyInu13
    FluffyInu13 5 years ago

    omg! finally!! new song is amazing!!! come to serbia please!! ❤

  • VlaDZeroOrDie
    VlaDZeroOrDie 5 years ago

    Hey guys, I've been listening to your music since a while ago and I'm about to buy your Discs, but I'm wondering. Do you get more profits if I buy the Disc on my nearest music store or if I buy it over iTunes? Just curios.

  • vantha369
    vantha369 6 years ago

    Hi i just wanna know if i could use your music Mecha Love for my video .please answer.

  • PasingsFreak
    PasingsFreak 6 years ago

    NIce Work !

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    AClubTunes 6 years ago

    wish you a great weekend

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    OllyEnder 6 years ago

    Please support Make Kony Famous 2012

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  • Kasper Walle
    Kasper Walle 6 years ago

    You are referring to the power move in street fighter?

  • DrumsNDJake
    DrumsNDJake 6 years ago

    I <3 Hadouken! You guys are my fave band ever!

  • The Sundancefamily
    The Sundancefamily 6 years ago

    :) Ka Sundance

  • chris ganim
    chris ganim 6 years ago

    coool page

  • aleX Davies
    aleX Davies 6 years ago

    hay, check my music out if you have a spare second :)

  • Gbrlking
    Gbrlking 6 years ago

    people are awsome

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    lvki32 6 years ago

    lol i tried to find this song

  • lvki32
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  • Chaos10110
    Chaos10110 6 years ago

    You should put Dana Linn Bailey into one of your videos for something extreme! :)

  • Chaos10110
    Chaos10110 6 years ago

    You make the best freaking videos out there! You're so good with timing the video clips and the music! :D

  • Joseph Davis
    Joseph Davis 6 years ago

    How about an update from you guys?!!?