My Self Reliance
My Self Reliance
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  • Vania
    Vania 3 minutes ago

    Lindo lugar.

  • Brian Weatherman
    Brian Weatherman 8 minutes ago

    Goldens are one of the sweetest dogs! Looks like you got a winner!

  • Pamela Chadwell
    Pamela Chadwell 23 minutes ago

    Thank you

  • viking king
    viking king 37 minutes ago

    I just want to give another channel some love and respect via my self reliance I'm pretty Shure Shawn is ok if I recommend offgridliness!!!!!!!!!! they are AWSOME! also Shawn ,you have inspired me to pursuit to live my life according to my self,living on a boat soon to start aquaphonic Garmin veg's and fish here in Sweden.power to you all!!!!!!

    LKNANML 48 minutes ago

    I really need to stop watching the kitchen videos late at night. Always makes me hungry and gives me odd dreams about BBQing..... Last night a bear with a big spot of missing fur and stitches sat across from me as I put some steak in my mouth and said you better enjoy that while slowly leaving claw marks on the table. I said it was delicious, he smiled and said good. My turn and as he jumped on the table at me I woke up suddenly with a cat 3 inches from my face. Do you have any idea how much a cat looks like a bear when nose to nose in near darkness? Good thing cats land on their feet most of the time.

  • Sort el ba
    Sort el ba 50 minutes ago

    Your the boss! much respect! peace

  • Jason Green
    Jason Green 53 minutes ago

    lol my first thought was dang thats some really tough brisket... now lets see how the rest of the video goes.

  • stflaw
    stflaw Hour ago

    Don't worry too much about the compromises you have to make. Remember, Henry David Thoreau went to his parent's house for dinner every night while he was living at Walden pond.

  • baron hyatt
    baron hyatt Hour ago

    I've been alone my whole fucking wife I'm 55 years old if you're having a problem with loneliness and don't go anywhere by yourself. Also you're not alone you got your dog with you I have nothing it's just me and Air and I was homeless for 10 years so I live by myself in the woods

  • Robert Mauney
    Robert Mauney Hour ago

    I never operate a chain saw without someone around who knows how to apply a tourniquet !

  • Mike Rogers
    Mike Rogers Hour ago

    OMG, I just created a new save file for your corn bread. Awesome, thank you Sir.

  • Helga Belt
    Helga Belt Hour ago

    I think we all need to learn how to enjoy our own company!

  • A Simple Life
    A Simple Life Hour ago

    Glad to see the Swedish Butter Knife on the table Shawn, I do believe it "fits right in."

  • P Hallowell
    P Hallowell Hour ago

    what is that axe? I have never seen one like that.

  • Ecklectic Gal
    Ecklectic Gal Hour ago

    Thank you for all you do. You are a wise, knowledgeable person. We all know people who are very knowledgeable but are not very wise. Because you know the difference, I am willing to listen to your observations and advice. You have learned from the setbacks in your life; they have not defeated you.

  • Yen Chen
    Yen Chen Hour ago

    This person is playing real life minecraft...

  • Ana Paula
    Ana Paula Hour ago

    it's a very popular dish here en northeast of Brazil. yummy :P

  • Karen Blaise
    Karen Blaise Hour ago

    Boy that coffee looks so good!

  • linda dulaney angel
    linda dulaney angel 2 hours ago

    Shawn I am so lonely & Callie is so much company to you sometimes I think you'd like to send her on a short vacation. Ever do I'd keep her with me every minute & take her to town with me & i Love on a beautiful spring fed lake. so keep me in mind & if anyone ever over a you another My vet would vouch for me I need an active companion I am in a wheel chair most of the time but I have a lift in my car & i have a electric wheel chair I could take a puppy if you hear of one I live on Social Security but I talk about Callie so much my brother said I'd pay to ship one if you could find one. my brother travels for his job & although I raised him him loves me & my husband it nearly killed him when my sweet companion died & my brother has looked everywhere here in East Texas & every where he travels he has looked for me an affectionate 4 legged friend as I miss my husband so much & i love dogs. watching you.make coffee & trying to keep Callie from getting her toy. wish I had you address would send her things from time to time.i don't have lots of money but what I wouldn't give for a pet like Callie. Will close Nanny

  • Powder
    Powder 2 hours ago

    Hello from Southeast Texas! You would make a great southerner. Texas has great food! Don't ask me why but I grew up on cast iron and have a lot of them and Mama always said never cook tomatoes in cast iron. Never thought to ask her why. lol

  • Pipa More
    Pipa More 2 hours ago

    Lucky wife!

  • Jiří Jandák
    Jiří Jandák 2 hours ago

    Thank You youtube recommendation, this is one of the best videos I have ever seen in my life. But on the other hand it made me kind of sad about my life.

  • C Moua
    C Moua 2 hours ago

    Another awesome video Shawn! Come on people let’s get that 1 million subscribers! Thank for for the videos!

  • linda dulaney angel
    linda dulaney angel 2 hours ago

    Forgot to tell you I loved your porch. Nanny

  • linda dulaney angel
    linda dulaney angel 2 hours ago

    I may never find you again but have been looking for weeks watch you day. & night on u-tube. Am 75 years old was married nearly 57 to a wonderful man who died about 14 months back. I miss him a lot & was bored with regular TV shows. We went to Alaska 2 times & stayed with friends we looked it. We had talked about moving up there but guess we we just to old. But enjoy your show wish I could see more of your wife but I guess Callie is what I'd love to have or one like her. Don't see many of them in this area of East Texas anyway. But I am now do t take this the wrong way I am money but for no one but my husband & a Karelian Bear Dog that I had for 9 years then lost him. he slept on the bed with us but never got on any other furniture. I nearly died when I lost him then I lost my husband. I am handicapped & everyone thought I would die first & i have Addusons real bad & am a diabetic & pain makes it worst. keep up the good work & i hope I hear from you or your wife. my name is Linda Dulaney Angel I'm so old & raised so many children people often just call me NANNY hope I can find you again. been looking for so long.

  • Lady of the Woods
    Lady of the Woods 2 hours ago

    It’s sept and hot in Missouri now I think your video is just lovely very nice thank you

  • Ross MacSuirtain
    Ross MacSuirtain 2 hours ago

    That butter holder is on the next level!

  • Paulo Pinheiro
    Paulo Pinheiro 2 hours ago

    Show Amigo...

  • 4green fields eire
    4green fields eire 2 hours ago


  • jay kimble
    jay kimble 2 hours ago

    i love the way you unscrew and screw tops of jars

  • Michael Ruocco
    Michael Ruocco 3 hours ago

    What was the knife you were cooking with?

  • Дмитрий Сергеевич

    Умиротворение 👍

  • damnedmadman
    damnedmadman 3 hours ago

    All of the few Canadians I've met in my life were very nice. I guess that thieve could have been a foreigner...

  • ukkijpt
    ukkijpt 3 hours ago

    good..!ollisi mukava päästä kylypemään!!!!

  • matthew haines
    matthew haines 3 hours ago

    I can't be the only man thinking... what am I doing here.?

  • Baburek
    Baburek 3 hours ago

    @00:24:00 beans ✔️

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith 4 hours ago

    amazing what this guy did

  • Virginia Reid
    Virginia Reid 4 hours ago

    Thank you for explaining about the axe handle. The only way I knew of was to pull the handle wedge and use a slightly wider one or replace the handle. Love the sunset with the loon call.

  • Robert Weldon
    Robert Weldon 4 hours ago

    I once had a boss tell me that if I'm paying attention to what others are doing, I'm not doing my job. Those who criticize everything should take that statement to heart. How you build your place is by the method and skill that you wish to use. Let the critics produce evidence that their way is better. I'll bet a dollar that their way is not better at all, other wise there would be evidence. Offering a better method is not critical, that is trying to help..

  • Eric Cole
    Eric Cole 4 hours ago

    I am worried that you make a "dead man " out of your long logs leaning against your cabin . I got injured this way.about 60 years ago . It is a dangerous habit for the sake of an easy future carry of the log. I enjoy your videos and want you around for a long time. Your dog might also get hurt . Please consider my suggestion .

  • Jonny Ray Raygun
    Jonny Ray Raygun 4 hours ago

    List out the cost of all the tools and maintenance of them too would be cool

  • Herman Helmich
    Herman Helmich 4 hours ago

    Masterful Great skills Impressive Very impressive

  • Kimberly Thibodeaux
    Kimberly Thibodeaux 4 hours ago

    I’d love to live like that. Away from all the noise. It’s absolutely beautiful.

  • Ursina MacLellan
    Ursina MacLellan 4 hours ago

    hi there could you explain how you stop the water getting in between the roofs. I would like to add a porch to my shed like that but I am no carpenter. how would I do such a join? thanks.

    PROUD 4 hours ago

    i love your videos and i respect you loads, i'm thinking taking my family to twin lakes for a holiday because what iv'e seen it looks fantastic. keep up the great work. PS i live in England

    XPDN UK 5 hours ago

    This man is living the good life. such a natural and honest way to live. Hats off to you Mr. ATB Mick

  • Sebastian Laczewski
    Sebastian Laczewski 5 hours ago

    Man,gotta love that nice thick bacon!

  • Wayne Wilson
    Wayne Wilson 5 hours ago

    (Suzie) Hi Shawn! Just so you know...(My husband is the most heterosexual man on the planet) I told him the other day that I was half in love with you and he said, " am i!!!" Don't panic...we are a happily married couple in our 70's!! We just love your videos!!!

  • Chris Holtz
    Chris Holtz 5 hours ago

    One does not know just how therapeutic nature truly is until he/she experiences all it has to offer.

  • Your Music
    Your Music 5 hours ago

    i hope i can reach that country before i die :D hehe ( fantasizing here ) :D

  • Your Music
    Your Music 5 hours ago

    my dream is to live there... ( fantasizing here ) :)

  • Daddy Crab
    Daddy Crab 5 hours ago

    It's not easy to shake the world off. It takes time to clear the mind, body and spirit. Most of us probably don't realize how much stress we store in ourselves until it's not there. Getting in the wilderness is the best medicine.

  • Sherri Sweet
    Sherri Sweet 5 hours ago

    Now I'm starving😻😹🙋

  • Sherri Sweet
    Sherri Sweet 5 hours ago

    Love the apples. I'm gonna try that! 💖

  • Daddy Crab
    Daddy Crab 5 hours ago

    Maybe write a book? I'd buy it. Thanks Shawn.

  • Алексей Захаров

    Здравствуйте, сделайте пожалуйста перевод на русский, в виде бегущей строке, заранее спасибо.

  • Cherry Downs
    Cherry Downs 5 hours ago

    Thank you for the loon call and sweet Cali fix!!! What a delicious looking dinner. I'm gluten/corn sensitive, missing my cornbread and beans!

  • Jenn Leigh Wesson
    Jenn Leigh Wesson 5 hours ago

    Why are the planks charred before using them as the final roof layer? And I notice in later videos you have a sink, but I can’t see where it drains out. I LOVE your work, thank you for sharing

  • The Jewelry Store
    The Jewelry Store 5 hours ago

    Good morning 😃 as I watched your video, I was thinking it would be so nice if you would explain what your doing and using while you worked on your project so we understand. The video was so quiet, wish you talked they it. Have a wonderful day and give Cali a hug for me! Liz

  • tinge1954
    tinge1954 5 hours ago

    Got to love ur dog, she is soooooooooooooooooo cute.

  • Corey Blatt
    Corey Blatt 5 hours ago

    Chopping wood up here at my sister's place. Thank you for the idea on the LINSEED OIL for soaking axe handles!

  • Rafael Coleto
    Rafael Coleto 5 hours ago

    Thank you sir for this precious content.

  • Sherryl Keith
    Sherryl Keith 6 hours ago

    On the Avasva you can count on professional help with problems and technical support.

  • Bread_loof
    Bread_loof 6 hours ago

    I love the snow. Coming in from the cold, fresh outdoors, into a warm wooden shack, with the fire crackling and a big warm fur covered bed. Thats the life.

  • Barry Branton
    Barry Branton 6 hours ago

    Being completely self-reliant, self-sufficient and self-sustaining is a great goal for being absolutely independent.

  • John Laccohee-Joslin

    I recall that you bought some footware for Cali because the snow and Ice is no good for their feet. I remember seeing a trip to the south pole where they made canvas boots with two holes for the front two claws Nd a tie up lace to keep them on. It would seem that they all suffer some way or another, we hane plenty of pine trees where we are and out goldie gets the sap stuck to the pads and the fur in his feet. The only thing i can do is sit there and slowly cut away the effected fur. I am not sure but i think that this is also a cause for getting hot spots as basically it terpintine innits raw form , using spirits of anykind i think is a no no, but the problem is ongoing. I notice that Cali is always runnig round among the fir trees, does she get the same problem, and if so how do you get over it. Please keep the videos cominb they are great to watch.

  • T8ERS
    T8ERS 6 hours ago

    I wanted some of that dinner...SO BAD!! LoL

  • Robert Weldon
    Robert Weldon 6 hours ago

    Many years ago a stray Golden decided to adopt us . My wife called her "The Love Puppy". Golden's are extremely devoted to THEIR families, as evident with Cali. What she has though is the opportunity to be all the dog that she is, allowed to run free, but never away, fun to be with and fun to watch,as she tries to get her human to come and play and be as free as she is. Oh how wonderful it would be if we all had a Cali in our lives. I really miss our Christy, gone now 10 years or so/.Shawn be prepared to have your heart broken one day when Cali is gone. It really hurts.

  • Beckywild9
    Beckywild9 6 hours ago

    Well said about the hunting debate. Totally agree that we should be allowed to use firearms to hunt our own meat as long as it's lawful during said hunting season. Some folks might be vegetarian and that might work for them, but I tend to be anemic and I must consume meat or I literally feel ill without meat protein. I like venison but wish I had access to moose meat. It is soooooooo tender and lean. My brother shot a moose in Alaska on my aunt's property who was a geologist there... Yummy! :) Nevertheless, hope I get the opportunity to watch you have a successful hunt in a future video!

  • Sparks W9DKB
    Sparks W9DKB 6 hours ago

    I like how Callie pre-washed that mixing bowl for you!

  • PartyUpLive
    PartyUpLive 6 hours ago

    I LOVE being alone. Not lonely at all. Sometimes yes it would be great to have a friend to hang out with when I am doing nothing outside, camping, etc...but for the most part, I really do enjoy being along. But, If I were to live alone like you, I would definitely have to get a dog. I LOVE animals and I think it would be great to have a dog or two as company. I think a lot of people's problem is people. Not that they hate people, but they prefer either being alone or being with their pets. It's weird when friends want to have big get together and parties, etc... and you don't really want to go because you would rather be at home, alone, doing nothing or whatever you want. And they think you are being rude or a a-hole, but really, you're just not into crowds or even hanging out with a group on a Friday or Saturday night.

  • Joseph Atnip
    Joseph Atnip 6 hours ago

    I just ate breakfast and now all of a sudden I want bacon.... this happens every time I see you cook bacon... :-/ I just cleaned the kitchen and now I'm going to go make a mess again LOL

  • Jack Fahy
    Jack Fahy 6 hours ago

    Are you armed when you go out in the woods ?

  • Igli Fucka
    Igli Fucka 7 hours ago

    Sei bravo e questo lo sai ma, preferisco quando nei video non usi l'accelerazione a me piacciono di più quelli in diretta integrale! Però ripeto sei un fenomeno!👏

  • Mr Mysterious
    Mr Mysterious 7 hours ago

    Black eye beans are delicious when prepared right. I eat them all the time mixed with silverbeet and spinach and then drizzled with olive oil lemon juice and of course salt. Yum

  • TheWildCunt
    TheWildCunt 7 hours ago

    If you are homeless, why dont you just BUILD a house?

  • The Jewelry Store
    The Jewelry Store 7 hours ago

    Yay I’m so happy your going to get a second dog. A husband for Cali hahahahaha. She is going to be soooo happy. I just love people who take care of all animals. I respect them so much and dogs are definitely our most loyal and best friend! Have a wonderful day!! Liz

  • Orlando De Verdad
    Orlando De Verdad 7 hours ago

    Love the dog.. And his toys.

  • bandit12s_
    bandit12s_ 7 hours ago

    Ну, вот сразу видно - человек на заслуженном отдыхе решил себя порадовать - отстоял у станка, лет тридцать, или лет двадцать в "бронике" побегал, теперь получает достойную пенсию и воссоединяется с природой душой и телом !!! :)) Красава ! 👍👍👍

  • Weldon Savoie
    Weldon Savoie 7 hours ago

    This is one of your better videos, and I would agree on this is your home .

  • Primitive Technology Tools

    wow, amazing these videos very best.

  • A Plays
    A Plays 7 hours ago

    God Damn Legend right here

  • Laura Parman
    Laura Parman 8 hours ago

    Have you given much thought to having any animals?

  • hasan maalik
    hasan maalik 8 hours ago

    Delicious.. mouth watering... Yummy 😋😋😋

  • damned1313
    damned1313 8 hours ago

    The dog is a prisoner and he has Stockholm syndrome. Lmao 😂

  • Bigdan100100100
    Bigdan100100100 8 hours ago

    Is it just me or can you actually smell the nature the fire burning and the autumn in this video. Absolutely amazing! If Lord willing when I hit my late 30’s This is what I will do.

  • The Carlsson Life
    The Carlsson Life 8 hours ago

    I enjoyed this so much! What a journey.

  • Сергей Нестеров


  • mike John
    mike John 8 hours ago

    Boredom can result it eating more and a years food is six months. The mind needs things to keep "it self" occupied. Many right now, would be stir crazy without television - internet and phone. What have you done in the last ten years to occupy your self without these things? Try it for one week and see your re-action.

  • janis white
    janis white 8 hours ago

    That splitting axe is really nice. I wish I had one back in the day when I had to split wood for the furnace.

  • นัชนนท์ อ่อนสกุล

    ชอบๆมากเลยครับ​ LOVEUSA​

  • Ayu Sykes
    Ayu Sykes 8 hours ago

    Where you charge your battery ??😁

    ALEIX REGUNAT 8 hours ago


  • PiperCub49
    PiperCub49 8 hours ago

    A huge part of the living you're doing is what you're eating. It would be great if you could mention what in all you're putting in while you're dumping it so that I could get a better idea of what you're making and the proportions. Maybe that's not something you care to do from your end, which I understand, but it would mean a lot to us viewers.

  • CAMO R
    CAMO R 8 hours ago


  • YoHo18
    YoHo18 9 hours ago

    Shawn, just want to ask you a question. How far are you from the nearest city? I mean how long does it take to get to the amenities? I understand you are self reliant. Still... reason for me asking this is that I live in a smaller city in Australia. However, I want to move to a property away from the city which actually reduces my bank loan but at the sametime keeps an option for me to send kids to good schools etc. I can very well work from home...

  • jx hx
    jx hx 9 hours ago

    I thought I was watching a movie starring Kevin Costner. Awesome vidya

  • Stephen Peach
    Stephen Peach 9 hours ago

    incredible video, I loved every second please be proud of what you have achieved and continue to let all of us share your amazing life

  • Lizzie Carter
    Lizzie Carter 9 hours ago

    Love the my off grid log cabin very interested whole series

  • J B
    J B 9 hours ago

    Hey at 4:01 the dog is the only reason I watch this channel. Silly uuuman thinks people are here for him.