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  • Fishing Ontario
    Fishing Ontario 2 months ago

    Just wanna say i really enjoy watching your cabin videos , great stuff . As of late i have been searching for land like what u have . The last video i watched was perfect , you narrowed down on how to find what im looking for . Just wanna say thank you and keep up the great job . P.S Being a lover of portaging threw Algonquin park maybe ill bump into you and Doug and Joe , maybe already have lol . Take care !

  • charles williams
    charles williams 2 months ago

    is there a video of your finished cabin

    • My Self Reliance
      My Self Reliance 2 months ago

      There will be one day :) Right now its still under construction. I post updates weekly

  • Tommi H
    Tommi H 2 months ago

    Now your website's shop redirected me to Dutch Green Design website...

  • Robert Rogish
    Robert Rogish 2 months ago

    I enjoyed your video with Joe Robinet - he is a hoot to watch.

  • David Underwood
    David Underwood 2 months ago

    Do you have a list of recommended reading materials for people wanting to learn about building a log cabin? Also, your website is down.

  • Survival will pull thru

    Hello I just saw the video from Joe Robinent Bushcraft. You and I share the same idea of not wanting to have a "basic" 9 to 5 job. I am so jelous of what you are doing with your life. My plan is to move up to Alaska and buy some land in the mountains. But that has to wait tilll im old enough to move out

  • Willy Wonka
    Willy Wonka 2 months ago

    your site is down, and i wanted to chat with your directly and ask a few questions. Starting with your what appears to be Steel canteen and the little fire pot you put underneath it. Whats its name and where did you purchase it? If you would like to chat privately and answer a few questions I have please reach out to me at Im looking for a mentor of sorts for my journey into the wilderness where i will most likely never return once established.

  • Tommi H
    Tommi H 2 months ago

    Your website is down...

  • gregg m
    gregg m 2 months ago

    Hi Shawn, I recently watched your "Solo Bushcraft Camp in Cold November Rain" from last year and left a comment but I don't know if it will get noticed at this point. Here is what I wrote; "See if wing nuts (vs hex nuts) will work to hold the canoe thwart securely, then you could remove the thwart when needed without tools." Lock washers might be needed as well.

  • chris groome
    chris groome 2 months ago

    I just spent my Saturday watching your excellent videos. I think you are so fortunate living in such a beautiful spot. Like Rachael S I was wondering where you acquired some of your tools like the 6"?chisel. And very unlike Alex Little I really enjoyed your sharing your life stories. You did not over do it and I am willing to bet that like myself people the world over could relate to you much better as a result of them. Thank you for all the trouble that you put into your videos and please keep making them. Like you I helped make a cabin in the rockies in my youth and ever since have wanted to do the same for myself.

  • Tim Cisneros
    Tim Cisneros 3 months ago

    Can't seem to find your name anywhere but I haven't watched all your videos. My wife and I bought raw land in Williams Az. and I am building a timber Frame home and workshop. Off-grid for now but I have power at the lot line after the buildig permit is approved the power Co. will bring power to the lot for free. We have rented our entire lives in the San Francisco Bay area and after raising our kids we are finally able to get out of Dodge (so to speak) I am traveling 750 miles every four months to work on the property for 2-3 weeks at a time. It's a five year plan. One question. Can I come over for dinner sometime? Ha! I love to cook and your camp fire setup is perfect! I'm a Blackskmith by trade so the setup you have would be easy for me to build. We do have a 30ft. Travel Trailer that we are hauling each time we go so we aren't exactly "roughing it". Why rough it if you can make yourself comfortable! I gave up tent camping years ago after a camping trip from hell. Good luck my friend. Looking froward to more of your adventure. Tim Cisneros

    • Tim Cisneros
      Tim Cisneros 3 months ago

      Shawn! Found it. Have a great weekend.

  • Alex Little
    Alex Little 3 months ago

    Hello Mr. Reliance. I like the parts of your videos concerned with log cabin building. Your comments about other aspects of your life (or other people's lives) I like a little less. I'm not saying you are wrong, just that I'm more interested in the cabin. I am hoping to do something similar about 60km south of the North Korean border in South Korea. I actually lived in Ottawa and Toronto and as a child I remember a cabin we had on Lake Kashagawigamog. I actually watched the 1969 moon landing from there. I have a couple of questions: 1/ Why have you made your roof so robust? It looks like 2X8s doubled. 2/ Why did you cut all the logs at the front of your cabin flush? You could have left a few sticking out to hang things off. Anyway, thoroughly enjoying your TVclip endeavor. Oh, and one more thing. A few more segments of the inside would be great!

  • 8000km Across Canada - Jakub Muda

    Really COOL videos! :) I look forward to see more videos from your cabin building and I am very curious how it will look when you finish.

  • Rachael S
    Rachael S 3 months ago

    Hi thank you so much for your videos! You are very talented, Im sure I am not the first to liken you to Dick Proenneke but its nice to know there are people out there keeping the craft alive and sharing with the world. Can you recommend a quality manufacturer or online store to buy the chisels and hand tools etc. that you use? Thanks again

  • Grylant
    Grylant 3 months ago

    I just happened across your channel in a recommended list which seemed totally random, but I absolutely love it. Good job and thank you for the knowledge and content that you are providing.

  • Steve Parker
    Steve Parker 3 months ago link to Roy Castillo , your outhouse video

    • My Self Reliance
      My Self Reliance 3 months ago

      Thanks Steve for pointing that out. I will notify TVclip.

  • Oscar Delgado
    Oscar Delgado 4 months ago

    Are there any no permit places in the United States

  • Daryl Moo Young
    Daryl Moo Young 5 months ago

    Hi Shawn love your videos and very happy to hear about your new adventure with Joe and teaching people to build cool shelters and things like that in the woods maybe one day in the future it would be cool to chill with you guys I live in Canada too :-)

  • Mark Chambers
    Mark Chambers 5 months ago

    This is the link to one of the uploaded videos. Hope this helps.

    • bent outofshape
      bent outofshape 4 months ago

      I think that guy Roy has a thing for your videos. I reported him as well! love your videos

    • My Self Reliance
      My Self Reliance 5 months ago

      Thanks again - much appreciated. He has been reported.

  • Mark Chambers
    Mark Chambers 5 months ago

    Hi Shawn,
    FYI, someone with the channel name Roy Castillo has re-uploaded twelve of your excellent videos on his channel. I wanted to make sure you were aware of this in case he doesn't have your permission. My sons and I love your videos. Keep up the great work!. Thanks.

    • My Self Reliance
      My Self Reliance 5 months ago

      If you can send the link to the correct Roy Castillo, that would be great.

    • My Self Reliance
      My Self Reliance 5 months ago

      Thanks for the heads up Mark. There are a lot of Roy Castillo's but I will see if I can find it and report it. I am happy to hear that you and your son are enjoying the videos. I should have another one out shortly.

  • Eric Hamel
    Eric Hamel 5 months ago

    This is inspiring, many thanks.Heat.... i think your cabins could profit from rocket mass heater burner. This could be built under the cabin and heat the floor :)

  • eXplorer
    eXplorer 6 months ago

    Great vids! I like looking earth, explore and calm down...

  • Crown Land Canuck
    Crown Land Canuck 6 months ago

    Hey Shawn. Really enjoy your videos brother. Lots of respect for the things you do and love your outlook on life. I imagine your channel inspires a lot of people, I know it has for me. Keep up the great work!

  • Rudy O
    Rudy O 9 months ago

    Is it possible to do a Vid' on gear and maintenance, for long term use,
    And what gear wold work best for this scenario ?
    Say top 5/6 items.

  • keithadk
    keithadk 9 months ago

    Sorry if this is covered elsewhere, but what kind of canoe pack are you using? I'm speaking of the green one in the 2016 videos. Thanks

  • Steve stemler
    Steve stemler Year ago

    Hi Shawn - I am a new subscriber and really enjoy your videos.
    I am curious what model Swift canoe you own and if you have a
    recommendation for a large person. I am 6'-5" 230lbs.
    Large lake and river use. Fishing.

  • chardpp
    chardpp Year ago

    Hi Shawn,
    I''ve really enjoyed you videos so far and hope to see many more in the future...
    I've noticed you raving about the Kelly Kettle and I've been thinking about getting one for years. My concern is on the size; I like the packability of the Trekker but the water volume of the Scout. If you had to purchase a new Kettle for primarily solo canoeing, would you stick with the Trekker or move up to the Scout? Why?
    Thanks and I hope to see you out in Algonquin one day.
    Hammock Forums: EGL

  • My Self Reliance

  • Ozymandias Ramses II

    Hello fellow Ontarian. I just stumbled across your channel and really like what I see. I live in the Muskoka region, am a camping, canoeing and bushcraft enthusiast who favours Crown land camping and I have a number of videos about that latter, in case you're into Crown land camping. Subbed!
    - Martin

  • Dennis Rogers
    Dennis Rogers 2 years ago

    Thanks for the sub Shawn. Nothing like a canoe cruise in Northern Ontario to waken the spirit and calm the soul. Nice vids and I thank you for the postings. Moose season opens on the 23rd and an week early calf season opening in WMU 46 around Georgian Bay on the 19th. My time for the bush! Pushing 69 and 16 foot Prospector getting a touch heavy but still manage to get through the trips. Prefer the river jaunts over the lake travel.

  • Part 9
    Part 9 2 years ago

    What are your thoughts on the Keewaydin 14 Pack? I have the exact same lay-up and colour scheme in my Pack 13.6 bought a few years ago.

  • David Hach
    David Hach 2 years ago

    That looked like a spectacular trip. I look forward to seeing more adventures like that one. I have been many places in the park but the full length of that river is still one among many places I would like to go. If you are looking to head that way again try the Barron Canyon. Makes for a nice loop trip and lots of great scenery along the way.

    • My Self Reliance
      My Self Reliance 2 years ago

      Good suggestion, I'm thinking about that for this fall.