My Self Reliance
My Self Reliance
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Fire and Ice
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I'm Exhausted!
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Winter is Coming
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Thanks for everything
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Leaving the Cabin
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An EXPENSIVE blooper!
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Time to Get a 2nd Dog?
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  • Bikas Dasgupta
    Bikas Dasgupta Minute ago

    super loke bro , you are great undoutadly

  • tractor man TP
    tractor man TP 8 minutes ago

    Usually the Black Bears just curious if they have cubs of course, you have to watch them they could turn their back on you and walk away ,and then just turn around and charge you ,but I grew up with black bears in northeast Pennsylvania and usually they're just curious creatures animal don't attack as much as people think everybody's afraid of them but a lot of them just want to satisfy their curiosity that's about it, nice cabin in the woods I'm envious !!

  • fsdsdfsdf xsdfvsdfsdf
    fsdsdfsdf xsdfvsdfsdf 22 minutes ago

    i really want you to make a dog house it would be amazing

  • #루쏘TV #LUSSO TV
    #루쏘TV #LUSSO TV 32 minutes ago

    Make me want to travel after watching your video. It would be fun and interesting if there were anywhere you introduced me.

  • Michael Magee
    Michael Magee 40 minutes ago

    this is my dream! you are my hero! LOVE the videos!

  • Pappa Ciccia
    Pappa Ciccia 41 minute ago

    Wow, just discovered your channel, my husband and I are waiting for our youngest who is 15 to get to 18 then we plan to do something life changing like you, maybe not so adventurous but to sell our business and go for a simple life back in Italy where he is from. I'm from london where we our in the food business, 7 days a week very demanding. Time for a change soon :) thanks for inspiring us.

  • M A S T E R
    M A S T E R 44 minutes ago

    this is real life !

  • Simona Palosan
    Simona Palosan Hour ago

    As a woman I'd say ... what a man!

  • PLATnumb
    PLATnumb Hour ago

    I can barely get out of bed in the morning, let alone cut down trees to build myself a house. This dude GOAT

  • Loida Corales!
    Loida Corales! Hour ago

    Nice to watch this video..

  • Byron Brock
    Byron Brock Hour ago

    My cousin lives up north in Michigan and heats with wood. He drags a plastic sled behind him to collect kindling while walking in the woods. A lot easier than reducing logs to splinters.

  • Nubiazara Rodrigues

    Parabéns muito lindo de ver ....

  • Connie Bucy
    Connie Bucy Hour ago

    I am new to watching your videos. Love them. I especially like how Cali mimics you. If you dig she digs too. If you are collecting wood in jet sled she brings sticks and puts in sled too. And of course like all dogs if you eat she wants to eat too!!! Cali is a sweetie!!!

  • tanya Clark
    tanya Clark Hour ago

    OMG that steak is like a loaf of bread!!!!!

  • Jean Rosel Amari

    Great work

  • Kiss Kata
    Kiss Kata Hour ago

    Dear Sir,Dear Jeremiah! Why I have this little weird feeling You're closer to God in the woods then the rest of us in any church..... Soundtrack felicitous

  • Ammo Tonton
    Ammo Tonton Hour ago

    Amazing !!!!! but you should have a new bedroom for your wife😍 the washing machine remind me the tom and jerry cartoons.

  • Granny 13AD
    Granny 13AD Hour ago

    Lovely almost magical, but no prayer of thanks for your bounty?

  • Rafael
    Rafael Hour ago

    Do you can start building a house in the jungle? You don't need buy a lot of ground? How it's works? I from Brazil, i want to know only. NICE job man!!!

  • rbscholtus
    rbscholtus Hour ago

    Very nice cabin. Was interesting to watch. Where did the ultralight boat come from though?

  • Matilda Martin
    Matilda Martin Hour ago

    Be safe I'm glad you're happier and, more relaxed since your wife is there take. Being in Nature is so Beautiful Almighty God in his Element can't wait for Spring to come for you .!!!***♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  • Tildo
    Tildo 2 hours ago

    Man needs to build.

  • Just Jill D
    Just Jill D 2 hours ago

    Wolves...we live in a small country village surrounded by coyote and ive learned that if you move into an area where there are predators then you must find a way to co-exist.

  • Sam Cox
    Sam Cox 2 hours ago

    Longest dog video ever

  • randy mccormack
    randy mccormack 2 hours ago

    Heath and Happiness so more important then money.

  • Felicita Gonzalez
    Felicita Gonzalez 2 hours ago


  • Lisa Peters
    Lisa Peters 2 hours ago

    Great chennel! I like watching it. Can I ask a question? What kind of paper you are using for the meat?

  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin Smith 3 hours ago

    Hey Shawn looks cold up in the great north!

  • Cosmar RJ
    Cosmar RJ 3 hours ago

    Lucky dog!! So happy!

  • StormBear
    StormBear 4 hours ago

    how long does it take for internet orders of food, furniture and household supplies ?

    LEE YOO 4 hours ago

    he better plants lots of trees

  • cyber fire
    cyber fire 4 hours ago

    i love your dog

  • RJ
    RJ 4 hours ago

    Thanks for this.. I also watched Jim Bairds video with his brother and you. I think around the same path in this one but last year. Im planning my first solo trip on that same route for Sept this year ( nervous but excited to say the least ).. Maybe 8 days to give me a little extra time.. Ordered Jeff's map and paddleplanner to try research route... It is amazing you too have guys like you and Jim etc doing these. Love it all but I'm into the portaging this year :). Keep up this great work, we all appreciate it!! Going in June too but with a friend, or I would be doing this one sooner ;).. 👍

    • RJ
      RJ Hour ago

      If you see this I have one question.. 23 km the first day, how long did that take est? I'm looking at almost 9 hours total and 7 hours paddling? Seems high! Any feedback would be awesome! Thanks in advance

  • Sexy On Skin S.O.S
    Sexy On Skin S.O.S 4 hours ago

    Hey Bud, I would have loved to go with you and build a Tiny home, I know we would have a lot more fun...JUST SAYIN"

  • Sheila Toro
    Sheila Toro 4 hours ago

    what a pleasure! thank you for these videos. Could I ask you what do you use those stones on top of the fireplace for? (12:07) Thank you!

  • frawldog
    frawldog 4 hours ago


  • ভাইসাব Bros

    When you forget what is the purpose of your life you tend to do random **** like this dude

  • Jason Grice
    Jason Grice 4 hours ago

    Here is an example of a man that by force of will and effort creates the life he wants. Decide what you want and get it no matter what it takes or keep dreaming and do nothing. It’s up to you.

  • Hjulhytte
    Hjulhytte 5 hours ago

    WHat's the between the logs? Rock wool and cement?

  • Joel Ley
    Joel Ley 5 hours ago

    I'm sure Callie will eat up the extra attention. lol Thanks for sharing your world with us and providing so many projects for those of us looking for do our own small version of off the grid living.

  • Wayne Blackman
    Wayne Blackman 5 hours ago

    Everything well-planned. The perfect planner.

  • zteknon
    zteknon 5 hours ago

    All the intros should be like this. Started with the music and the dog. Perfect.

  • Gérard Thomeczek
    Gérard Thomeczek 6 hours ago

    Only one thing: SPLENDID.

  • Jarl Balgruuf
    Jarl Balgruuf 6 hours ago

    You sir are in the top 1% of do’ers

  • frawldog
    frawldog 6 hours ago


  • Pierre Pernelle
    Pierre Pernelle 6 hours ago

    The dog controls the drone.

  • `mireya '
    `mireya ' 6 hours ago

    Still waiting for the new video to be upload. Much love from 🇵🇭

  • Mitch Grainger
    Mitch Grainger 7 hours ago

    The only thing missing in this video is a Harmonica :)

  • SexPolice101
    SexPolice101 7 hours ago

    What a beautiful life he is living out there, If only he had a woman with him.

  • Marleen Hansen
    Marleen Hansen 7 hours ago

    Take care. Stay safe.

  • Blakensteina1 Blakensteina1

    fun for a " How To "" video,,, but phony as hell . He must have a vehicle some where ,, are you telling me that he hauled all that stuff hundreds of miles from the big city ?? Wht did he do ?? drag it all in on a skid ?? Ya and the fancy wood stove , the chimney ,, the coppers, 2 canoes , not one , but two !!!, How did ya get em all there ?? Debarking all those logs by hand ?? sure but not within a couple of days . This shit aint even real. He must be a millionaire !! and he would have to own that land ,,otherwise the wardens would come around , tellin him to get the fuk out . Oh not mention the million dollar camera that hes got , and in other videos, here come the Bombardier sno mo !!!! and the ...chainsaw. Ya he owns the land ,, and that's not cheap !!! ya cannot go just anywhere and start chopin dwn trees and build cabins . All in All ,, its still kind of fun to watch a fukin millionaire playin around in the bush. Like I said good "" how to "" video , but phony as hell.

  • Andrew Glagau
    Andrew Glagau 7 hours ago

    Greetings again from your Aussie friend and follower from downunder and upside down :D Please keep doing your videos. They are great and it goes to show people that you don't have to give up even when you've lost almost everything. Life doesn't stop just because things go bad. I could have easily given up when I was diagnosed with full-blown type 2 diabetes and had one foot in the grave (so to speak), but I did my own research and found a cure and most of it was to change my diet and lifestyle. Now I feel better than I did when I was in my 30's and I'm now 60. So, in saying all this, though things go bad, it doesn't mean it has to drag you down and keep you down. You get up and try again and though we may fail in the process, we learn by our mistakes, get up, and keep going.

  • wes cadmore
    wes cadmore 7 hours ago

    thankyou inspiring words

  • JoAnne Scholes
    JoAnne Scholes 7 hours ago


  • Shahadat Khan
    Shahadat Khan 8 hours ago

    This video teaches us the Importance of Routine, Self Belief, Self Discipline and most important "Patience" in Life. Hats off to this man, who saw the phases of real-life and survival. Thank you for uploading this video. God Bless!

  • Field Lily
    Field Lily 8 hours ago


  • Colleen Warburton
    Colleen Warburton 8 hours ago

    I love watching you cook.. yummo

  • Colleen Warburton
    Colleen Warburton 8 hours ago

    I just gotta say owe wow. Was that bread you just made also. I dont know. what was it?

  • Jen 15
    Jen 15 8 hours ago

    Oh my word! The memories this just brought flooding back. In the ‘70’s, I spent 2 weeks every summer with my grandparents on their farm- with their 1940’s washing machine set up out in the wash house. Grandma had a washstand that Papaw had built L’d around it, and she kept three washbasins on it. After the clothes were washed, you ran them through the ringer to the 1st rinse in the 1st basin, swung the wringer arm over and ran them through again into the 2nd, through the wringer again and into a dry basin to be hung out on the line. There was a wide window up behind the washbasin that had a sash you could slide over to open. The clothesline hung just beyond the window, and a mockingbird would come and sit upon the line and serenade us as we did the laundry- pretty much every summer I can remember. Just beyond the line there was a bluebird box, with them always darting in and out. It was utterly magical to a little girl. I was fascinated by the wringer, and Grandma would let me run the clothes through, always admonishing me to be careful- for she had not been paying attention once and run her thumb in and the nail had “come clean off”. She was wonderful. She sang and whistled and had an amazing imagination for coming up with short little stories to entertain a wide-eyed little girl. Laundry day was one of my favorite days of the week. Oh! I was a lucky little girl.

  • Colleen Warburton
    Colleen Warburton 9 hours ago

    Your knowledge is incredible. Like ive said before you are a Jack of all trades

  • Colleen Warburton
    Colleen Warburton 9 hours ago

    What a gorgeous girl Cali is. I love her and she puts a smile on my face, not to mention a giggle also

  • Colleen Warburton
    Colleen Warburton 9 hours ago

    God I wish I could be eating the food your cooking.

  • Colleen Warburton
    Colleen Warburton 9 hours ago


  • visnja pintaric
    visnja pintaric 10 hours ago

    My God ,this washer belongs to museum ,it would be easier to go once a month to laundromat.

  • mhupka
    mhupka 10 hours ago

    This is what a dude in heaven looks like.

  • Bradley B
    Bradley B 10 hours ago

    I’m happy that the dog was there all the years

  • zouzou gh
    zouzou gh 10 hours ago

    ce que j'ai appris de ce type et ce que j'ai pris de lui en regardant cette vidéo c'est la volonté et la persévérance

  • максим комаров

    I don't know your name or how to address you. My name is Maxim I am from Russia. I live in the Siberian city of Omsk in a rural area. I really like your channel and almost watched all the videos. I really like your ability to build and work with wood. It's a pity that there are no subtitles in Russian and what is it about! You have the same problem with ticks as we have in Siberia. Wish you and your loved ones health and success in everything! and Happy new year to you!!!

  • Goldi
    Goldi 10 hours ago

    gosc pokazuje jak sie meczy a ogolnie uzywa drabiny alu i kantowki z tartaku heh

  • Ricardo Bertelli
    Ricardo Bertelli 10 hours ago


  • Ricardo Bertelli
    Ricardo Bertelli 10 hours ago

    Congrats from Brasil...

  • Ray bassman
    Ray bassman 11 hours ago

    It's not cheating to use solar, it's smart.

  • Aleta Geer
    Aleta Geer 11 hours ago

    Yes, that is really a great work out! Doing laundry!

  • Dan Buckler
    Dan Buckler 11 hours ago

    Can you tell me what log carrier you use? I've been looking found a lot of junk ...Thanks

  • Dom Quixote
    Dom Quixote 11 hours ago

    Can you please write a book about your life?

  • Ferdinand The Bull
    Ferdinand The Bull 11 hours ago

    I love CANADA!

  • Sharaf Naufer
    Sharaf Naufer 11 hours ago

    When this guy was 10 he used to tell his parents when to go to bed. and in the morning dropped them both to work before going to school.

  • Ray bassman
    Ray bassman 11 hours ago

    Would have left 2 more logs at top for a stronger header.

  • D Knapp
    D Knapp 11 hours ago

    all you people that dislike this mans videos must be little sissy men that live in mom and dads basement with no outlook for life ....grow a set of nuts and man up or at least get out of that basement and face the real world

  • Ferdinand The Bull
    Ferdinand The Bull 11 hours ago

    Could a bear break through the window?

  • Ray bassman
    Ray bassman 11 hours ago

    Your solar should be enough to charge batteries for a Dewalt sawsall or what ever brand.

  • Ferdinand The Bull
    Ferdinand The Bull 12 hours ago

    Are you retired?

  • Stargell Blackstar
    Stargell Blackstar 12 hours ago

    I used to build cabins like this with my grandfather, we used hand tools but as he got older he started using power tools. the hardest part I would say for me was looking for the right logs, the good ones weren't always in the same area.

  • Buda Blessed
    Buda Blessed 12 hours ago


  • Ev and leo
    Ev and leo 12 hours ago

    You are a chef what kind of meat is that everything looks so delicious

  • Patty Smith
    Patty Smith 12 hours ago

    Dinner looks yummy, Love pasta

  • tennyson effie
    tennyson effie 12 hours ago

    I’ve just found this video....It appeared randomly on my iPad. I love the entire concept; back to basics, close to nature, hard work, self sufficiency a gentle way of life. Beautiful!!!

  • Patty Smith
    Patty Smith 12 hours ago

    Washing is like a good work out, it is so wonderful to see your beautiful wife with you now.

  • Suomes
    Suomes 12 hours ago

    Näyttää helpolta mutta omalta kokemukselta i voin sanoa että vie paljon aikaa ja voimaa

  • Chris Brent
    Chris Brent 13 hours ago

    It does really well thermally. Otherwise all the snow on the roof would have melted so it is keeping heat in.

  • Johnny Z
    Johnny Z 13 hours ago

    Love this

  • Lyndon Reddick
    Lyndon Reddick 13 hours ago

    Looks like Oak bark. Ohh, it's Ash

  • My Favorite Things
    My Favorite Things 13 hours ago

    You are doing great. I always fed my dogs table scapes and their coats were shiny and they were NEVER sick lived long lives.

  • Dick Campbell
    Dick Campbell 13 hours ago

    Your CAMERA PERSON Does a GREAT job 😂😂🤪👍

  • David, Brandle
    David, Brandle 13 hours ago

    Looking for a rural property to build a weekend cabin then sell my house in the overpriced city and retire there when ready.

  • 3a9lani
    3a9lani 13 hours ago

    Even the Dog is having a blast , instead of sitting in a stupid appartement and go for 30min walk in a fucking park or whatever...

  • アンタノワダイ
    アンタノワダイ 13 hours ago

    この糞寒いのに半袖シャツでお仕事とは、丈夫なオッサンだね? つーかよく見たら、いつの時代の洗濯機なのでしょうか?

  • Nucci604
    Nucci604 13 hours ago

    I just saw my retirement days!

  • Charles Wehmer
    Charles Wehmer 13 hours ago

    Pretty awesome. I love watching these kinds of videos. My one questions at this time is; do you feel safe up there so isolated? I think I'd take several of my guns to feel safer. It's sure beautiful though.

  • Princessmia Maya
    Princessmia Maya 13 hours ago

    God bless you and your family Sir Shawn James ..keep it up ..