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  • Juan Doe
    Juan Doe 57 seconds ago

    We love you Owen. Democrats hate America.

  • Tom Campbell
    Tom Campbell 2 minutes ago

    THEY are CONSUMED with HATE.... so sad....

  • Jeffrey Turner
    Jeffrey Turner 3 minutes ago

    What happened to President Trump, gone, just gone! Trump has never been worth a damn; however, (if it's possible - he got worse) now he's "deliberately" handing America/Americans over to Russia!

  • Aline Mayara
    Aline Mayara 3 minutes ago

    What are those orbs at 0:38? Are they helicopters or something?

  • Vincent Ray
    Vincent Ray 4 minutes ago

    Corruption is the true enemy of the people.

  • Lemano TV
    Lemano TV 5 minutes ago


  • David Lloyd
    David Lloyd 6 minutes ago

    The Democrats have to proceed with the impeachment, because, if they don't, they'll look just like their party simple, a jackass

  • Mike LoVetere
    Mike LoVetere 7 minutes ago

    Where's Nigel?

  • Crystal Morgan
    Crystal Morgan 8 minutes ago


  • v alona
    v alona 8 minutes ago

    If Trump is inocent, why do you have to scream like a maniac in panic mode 😅 makes him even more guilty!

  • Alan Olney
    Alan Olney 9 minutes ago

    Sorry,, but what s wrong with this guy?

  • Larrislove
    Larrislove 9 minutes ago


  • PEC Podcasts
    PEC Podcasts 9 minutes ago

    Worst Subtitles ever....

  • Rex Ruggless
    Rex Ruggless 11 minutes ago

    The cure is the best.

  • mark funk
    mark funk 13 minutes ago

    BOBBY D IS THE MAN !!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Jessyplayz78 v
    Jessyplayz78 v 14 minutes ago

    i hear laurel

  • Smart Phone Fix
    Smart Phone Fix 15 minutes ago

    Haha Czech granddad with stick complaining about cameras he walking fast

  • Erick reyes
    Erick reyes 15 minutes ago

    This bird should make this sound before an EARTHQUAJE strikes...

  • denz
    denz 16 minutes ago

    ha ha this guy...

  • Jason Young
    Jason Young 16 minutes ago

    Brilliant Job !!! Owen Shroyer

  • Peter Ellie
    Peter Ellie 17 minutes ago

    The prime minister can't even take a glance at the photo.

  • Silverw!ng
    Silverw!ng 18 minutes ago

    Aight then. Mom, can I get my glider, I'mma head out to see some mountain with a hole on it

  • Ben Stevinson
    Ben Stevinson 19 minutes ago

    Boris Johnson doesn't Care! Never trust a TORY!!! The Conservatives Don't Care About the Working Classes!!! The Tories never wanted the NHS in the First Place!!!

  • madsamlive
    madsamlive 19 minutes ago

    Word is Frodo managed to destroy the ring

  • YouTuber Doskonałośći
    YouTuber Doskonałośći 20 minutes ago

    Phuk azzam alah

  • IDrovePastYourHouse -
    IDrovePastYourHouse - 21 minute ago

    Tornado warnings on TV when I was three be like

  • Logical Network
    Logical Network 22 minutes ago

    boris a joke.

  • Daz Moz
    Daz Moz 23 minutes ago

    It's an awesome way to meet your maker, when you think about it.

  • Someone Else
    Someone Else 23 minutes ago

    What does she mean by “showing us her bracelet””?!

  • musictomyears8
    musictomyears8 24 minutes ago

    In just ten years, the Tories added more debt than all the debt the UK had accumulated since records began. 1 TRILLION pounds in debt.

  • Ben Stevinson
    Ben Stevinson 24 minutes ago

    The Conservatives Don't Care About the Working Classes they Only Care About Themselves And Their Money! The Tories Leadership has Failed The British People! They Simply Don't Care!

  • Ninica04
    Ninica04 24 minutes ago

    I hear Yary

  • chasman20
    chasman20 25 minutes ago

    Anti-American racist Owen Shroyer is typical of what the Republican party has become.

  • Roy Castillo
    Roy Castillo 27 minutes ago

    Still trying to remake America into a "SOCIALIST " Justice country. How has that "worked" around the world. Sorry about the hate speech... "Work" is hateful speech to some people I should have said "Free"

  • Daniela Camden
    Daniela Camden 27 minutes ago

    I’ve never heard Laurel so many times in my life

  • Logan Helsven
    Logan Helsven 27 minutes ago

    Oh but its fine when the left does it ....

  • mimamo
    mimamo 27 minutes ago

    Why the hell did he take the phone and put it in his pocket?

  • jens behrendt
    jens behrendt 29 minutes ago

    i mean... seriously? ... is this real? ... why isnt he in an asylum by now?

  • Domingo Torres III
    Domingo Torres III 29 minutes ago

    Art Acevedo is a leftist gun control advocate and he needs to be removed from office. None of us want to see such a wanton loss of any life. Although LEO'S know the possible consequences it's what makes it harder on the rest of us. My heart goes out to the officer's family.

  • Tom Campbell
    Tom Campbell 30 minutes ago

    YEARS IN OFFICE: PELOSI - 32 years, NADLER - 27 years, SCHIFF - 20 years. TERM LIMITS NOW !!!!!!!!!!

  • alyccaeve
    alyccaeve 30 minutes ago

    So why are there tours for an active volcano sites, again?

  • Isidro Leal
    Isidro Leal 30 minutes ago

    For some reason this doesn't have 1 billion likes lmao. But brainless buffoons will run over to watch the latest Justin Bieber song. Bieber's music is subpar at best.

  • Brandon Gore
    Brandon Gore 31 minute ago

    I hear Luaral

  • Bea DeMarr
    Bea DeMarr 31 minute ago

    this bird need to stop watching the purge

  • Raymond Mills
    Raymond Mills 35 minutes ago

    this man is disgraceful and a thief he must go

  • Mike LoVetere
    Mike LoVetere 35 minutes ago

    The EU, AKA The 4th Reich!

  • DeccaRecords
    DeccaRecords 37 minutes ago

    It's called *mania*

  • musictomyears8
    musictomyears8 39 minutes ago

    This election is a massive IQ test

  • Edress 7
    Edress 7 39 minutes ago


  • mcr1jp
    mcr1jp 40 minutes ago

    There's a special place in hell for the Tories and their voters

  • BadCommenter
    BadCommenter 40 minutes ago

    Ukip did not become a bigger force 18 months later.

  • Shabnam Akhtar
    Shabnam Akhtar 41 minute ago


  • Hans Oconner
    Hans Oconner 41 minute ago

    Going on and into a volcano which is active is the hight of insanity especially when it has been extremely active in recent weeks and days. The tour companies and operaters should be jailed. This is just greed! I know hindsight doesn't help but this has to rank up up there as an extremely dangerous undertaking! I feel for the families whose loved one's aren't coming home 😔

  • Gambit
    Gambit 42 minutes ago

    Republicans: "Ronald Reagan was the greatest, most respected and most influential President of the modern era" Also Republicans: "Lol who cares what some dead guy said 50 years ago"

  • FFB2006 BBB2001
    FFB2006 BBB2001 43 minutes ago

    It's "Democratic," not "Democrat."

    • FFB2006 BBB2001
      FFB2006 BBB2001 3 minutes ago

      @DRCSTYLE Did they not teach English grammar where you went to school?

      DRCSTYLE 5 minutes ago

      FFB2006 BBB2001 “Democrat” not “Democratic”

  • musictomyears8
    musictomyears8 44 minutes ago

    Boris Johnson is negotiating our NHS with Trump behind our backs and if it weren't for Corbyn we would not have learnt about the secret talks. The middle class is at risk from the Tories. They borrowed 1 TRILLION pounds in just ten years and NOTHING trickled down to us, the ordinary people.

  • Carl Rain
    Carl Rain 44 minutes ago

    Just how the hell has this clown got the position of PM. He's clearly way out of his depth and his silly cartoon character that hes invented has been exposed. It's like a joke if it wasn't so dangerous.

  • Doan Nguyen
    Doan Nguyen 45 minutes ago

    The office is "Space For Hire"

  • musictomyears8
    musictomyears8 45 minutes ago

    And selling our NHS

  • Amalgamated Potato Packing Pocatello

    Green Beret need to remove him.

  • musictomyears8
    musictomyears8 45 minutes ago

    Boris Johnson is a cheap tupperware salesman

  • David Goodland
    David Goodland 45 minutes ago

    Its New Zealands most active volcano, 3 years ago it errupted. Why do people 'visit' it and why do people take their kids to the island. So sad for all involved.

  • Jake Hibbard
    Jake Hibbard 45 minutes ago

    Go Biden!!!

  • Robert Lowe
    Robert Lowe 46 minutes ago

    STOLEN CONCEPT from Dutch fashion student Merel Engelman!

  • musictomyears8
    musictomyears8 47 minutes ago

    He doesn't care. Boris Johnson is negotiating our NHS with Trump behind our backs and if it weren't for Corbyn we would not have learnt about the secret talks. The middle class is at risk from the Tories. They borrowed 1 TRILLION pounds in just ten years and NOTHING trickled down to us, the ordinary people.

  • mysoulisalways lookingforthe truth

    Stupid modern people stupidest generation ever 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️idiocracy Modern people are lost they don’t have values they live a meaningless life materialistic life with artificial love

  • Victoria Allen
    Victoria Allen 49 minutes ago

    You tell it brother!!!!

  • Quantum22
    Quantum22 50 minutes ago

    You people have no idea how deep this statement is, its philosophy

    KALUS DJ 50 minutes ago

    Parasite Anne......🖕🏻

  • Halibut 1
    Halibut 1 50 minutes ago

    Does Pelosi really think she's gonna dupe the public with that B.S.??

  • sarah ameni
    sarah ameni 51 minute ago

    Revenge from nature because of the mosque attack !

  • Mr Observer
    Mr Observer 51 minute ago

    Why was the child on the floor? My own children have often preferred the floor when they've been poorly and despite my prompting, they have remained there. If you go into any nursery you often see children asleep on the floor. Just because this child was on the floor does not necessarily mean something cynical is afoot. There is absolutely no explanation whatsoever in this clip or the description. It seems like just another piece of opportunistic journalism to cause embarrassment to a politician. What do Jack's parents say about this? Have they complained? Do they have an issue or are they and their situation just being exploited by the press vultures?

  • Jedi Andre
    Jedi Andre 52 minutes ago

    Lizard 🦎

  • joseph Ripep JNR
    joseph Ripep JNR 52 minutes ago

    It’s the police that need to make certain amounts of arrest to meet the monthly target

  • Mr Flickapootoyoutoo
    Mr Flickapootoyoutoo 52 minutes ago

    Woman has a Toilet Mouth

  • johnny foreigner
    johnny foreigner 53 minutes ago

    Never mind the 4 year old boy and 30% cut to the council, who cares? We'll get brexit done, so you'll all have to vote for me

  • Yvonne c
    Yvonne c 57 minutes ago

    This is totally BS. Hope the scientists can help him or her...... If the temperature keeping increase like this, the next generation of us will only see polar bear in zoo or no where! Tiger populations can keep increasing in the second-most populous country -india, this proofs the wild animals future is the decision we made today......

  • Julie O
    Julie O 59 minutes ago

    HERE HERE !!!!

  • Bob James
    Bob James 59 minutes ago

    Come Friday Boris will be hopefully lying in his ditch where he belongs sleeping with the 🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛😁

  • Kim Mavrinac
    Kim Mavrinac Hour ago


  • J. Thompson
    J. Thompson Hour ago

    Every word of that - Amen.

  • chonson de rai sontimontal

    جواءري مر من هنا 😊😊😊🤗

  • Heather Rice
    Heather Rice Hour ago

    Well said. I agree however, more than Jerry are guilty of high crimes! The fact they have started a coup is treason itself!

  • SurTic
    SurTic Hour ago

    I wanna jump into the video and kill her so bad

  • theo logical
    theo logical Hour ago

    as usual very disingenuous reporter ,boris said i have not seen it i will study it in a minute ,just trying to make him look stupid as if its his fault ,its the staff at the hospital that allowed it to happen or the parents he could have been put in a wheel chair or a stretcher ,its unfathomable that there was not a trolly wheel chair or stretcher in the hospital,i would like to see the cctv of the whole event that led up too the boy being told or put on the floor ,and people using their children to make a political statement is quite disgusting ,obviously the family are anti boris ,if that was my child i would make such a fuss and complain at the mere suggestion that he should lay on the floor ,and would not let him either ..the media so hypocritical the labour party run wales and the hospitals are in chaos and some of the worst in the country for waiting times and cancellations and services ,i cant recall the guardian challenging corbyn on labours record in wales ,or any other media outlet for that matter,very selective pseudo morallity as usual...... jeremey corbyn stood shoulder to shoulder with terrorists that blew up men women and children on uk soil ,has any showed him a picture of the corpses and asked him how he feels ,

    ILYA HART Hour ago

    A more stupid act and excuse I have not seen yet. Does Britain deserve such a prime minister? I hope that prudent voters will make the right choice.

  • Ohios Finest
    Ohios Finest Hour ago

    Were they digging each others grave

  • Bob James
    Bob James Hour ago

    Boris is an oven ready 🦃

  • Spitfire Hunter
    Spitfire Hunter Hour ago

    Desperate set up from the dirty labour party

  • Jim Goodwin
    Jim Goodwin Hour ago

    What’s Corbyns opinion of the 1400 dead in Stafford hospital.....??

  • stringer 2295
    stringer 2295 Hour ago

    Set up. Corbyn hasn't visited one hospital during the whole campaign.

  • vampire11
    vampire11 Hour ago

    Yea, visit New Zealand. If your not killed on the ski slops or an earthquake, then your killed by a volcano.

  • Dean Hankin
    Dean Hankin Hour ago

    This would of never happened under a socialst government

  • Jimmy Neal
    Jimmy Neal Hour ago

    Jerry Nadler believes that He is actually in control, wait until the United States Military gets involved with these Domestic Enemies! Nadler will not feel so important when he is brought to Justice for committing Treason against America

  • Dan Matherlee
    Dan Matherlee Hour ago

    An American Hero

  • anonymous Glamorous

    How much did trump pay this guy??

  • johnny foreigner

    150 bn dollars of investment "according to a recent report" how come he can't name this report?

  • Abraham Rosales
    Abraham Rosales Hour ago

    He’s from infowars? Lmao that’s all everyone needs to know about this guy’s intelligence.

  • Joe Durt
    Joe Durt Hour ago

    Wtf is he saying...

  • s a
    s a Hour ago

    That was Trump's Circus clown! It's all about mouthing off in the face of authority including the american people's authority. Total disrespect and diversion from the real issues.